EP 10 - CRAB VS. SNAIL: Reef Tank Battle

Epic battle between a Scarlet Reef Hermit Crab and a Nassarius Snail! Who will win!?

EP 10 - CRAB VS. SNAIL: Reef Tank Battle sentiment_very_dissatisfied 94

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Epic battle between a Scarlet Reef Hermit Crab and a Nassarius Snail! Who will win!?

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Dariusz B.
Dariusz B. - 4 years ago
Did the snail manage to shoot its harpoon?
The crab seems to be a little dazed.
amirul fitri
amirul fitri - 4 years ago
stay strong hermit crab STAY STRONG
Nabataku - 4 years ago
I am not 100%, but looks like that snail stung the crab somehow, paralyzing it for a bit, now it will come down and devour it whole...shell and all. That snail is crazy deadly.
Homur Seempsone
Homur Seempsone - 4 years ago
it won't, nassarius aren't like that.
Dhspat - 4 years ago
The Clash of the Titans!!!
Angelo Maciel
Angelo Maciel - 4 years ago
It's over, hermit. I have the high ground!
Aquarismo Avançado HydraWorks
Aquarismo Avançado HydraWorks - 4 years ago
Stef Stef
Stef Stef - 4 years ago
How many hermit crabs do you have?
Cool maniac Happyguy
Cool maniac Happyguy - 5 years ago
Hermit crabs just aren't salty enough so the snails kill them
marsdog - 6 years ago

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DaBigBo5s - 6 years ago
Haha King of the Mountain
Sofigram 80
Sofigram 80 - 6 years ago
❤ this! too funny!
bruno cline
bruno cline - 7 years ago
its funny watching the snail rule, I was swimming in Hilton head island and found a snail that was very interesting about seven years ago, put it in a bucket then in a 2 gallon aquarium and brought it home good sand sifter I though, so in about a week my 125 gal reef tank fish started vanishing, was watching worlds dangerous animals this little snail was number 5 in the world full blown meat eater, it had web went over that fish would run into it and kill them almost instantly  so after about 500 dollars I found my killer. just thought I would leave you a line to tell about my king snail
FishFingers - 7 years ago
Brilliant. Just had a bad day with my tank. Feel well sad but watched this and laughed my head off. Awesome.
BLUE DAMSEL - 7 years ago
+FishFingers Awww...glad to help cheer you up. I was good and sad  when I lost Peppy too. Got discouraged enough that I thought of giving up the hobby, but we can't let that discourage us. We'll figure this thing out and have a thriving little reef in no time! :)
CJ'S AQUARIUMS - 7 years ago
have mercy i just molted... lmao good stuff :-)
matt hiett
matt hiett - 7 years ago
My vote was on the crab!! :) lol
youtmeme - 4 years ago
Seem enuf vids where the snail eats the crab! Bet on the snail to win.
BLUE DAMSEL - 7 years ago
Haha mine was too, but he was weak from his molt and I guess his legs were still hardening.

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