EVO 12 reef tank kit from Fluval Sea

The EVO 12 is a reef tank designed especially for saltwater aquariums. 13 gallon tank (tank volume is 12 gallon). Touch Sensitive 36 watt LED (14K). The protein skimmer is a separate addition ($60) but the entire kit retails for around $200US excluding the protein skimmer. We covered this tank back in 2014: https://reefbuilders.com/2014/08/30/fluval-sea-evo12-nano-tank/

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The EVO 12 is a reef tank designed especially for saltwater aquariums. 13 gallon tank (tank volume is 12 gallon). Touch Sensitive 36 watt LED (14K). The protein skimmer is a separate addition ($60) but the entire kit retails for around $200US excluding the protein skimmer. We covered this tank back in 2014: https://reefbuilders.com/2014/08/30/fluval-sea-evo12-nano-tank/

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George Arias
George Arias - 4 years ago
Don't follow everything that Fluval agent says. Firstly, the cost of the aquarium is not just $200, beside the protein skimmer you'll still have to buy the heater. Second, the LED set up is not 36 watts, it's actually 16watts. For last, the heater has marked 2 lines on it, 1 indicating the minimal water level and 1 for maximum where it says: "Do not immerse beyond this line". The video shows clearly how the heater is completely immersed under the water becoming that a potential risk for an electric shock 1:49
PD: I own this aquarium.
Deon 0026
Deon 0026 - 4 years ago
Do you need the protein skimmer on such a small tank?
T. Hunt
T. Hunt - 4 years ago
Very well thought out design. Small things like the feeding slot on the lid make me want one. I've got the Evo V right now, and once I get the rock in there full of coral, I plan on upgrading to the Evo XII to get more space for empty rock to fill in.
Russell The Fish Guy
Russell The Fish Guy - 4 years ago
I have the Evo and have had to upgrade the light and pump.
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez - 5 years ago
I have one lighting is 36watts and is great on corrals enough lighting. bought it for $90 AT THIS SIGHThttp://m.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=35271&cmpid=03cseYY&ref=6194&subref=AA&cmpid=PLA_G_6194&gclid=CIyG4qHLzNACFYETgQodALkDuA
German Guido
German Guido - 5 years ago
can i use a timer for the lights?
Mike Zick
Mike Zick - 5 years ago
What are the dimensions of the pedestal base?
EN Reefs
EN Reefs - 5 years ago
can this thing grow sps?
spawnofasmodeus - 5 years ago
do you have to have a skimmer?
uidzero - 5 years ago
I wouldn't expect you do. But if you don't run a skimmer I would plan to up your water changes to account for it. Though with a nano that is never a bad idea anyway.

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Alan Parr
Alan Parr - 5 years ago
I am new to this hobby. I have the Fluval V.., and like it very much. Silly question..., can I use this Evo as freshwater tank? Ty
Michelle Gianni
Michelle Gianni - 5 years ago
Anyone know where I can buy this online or retail store in the USA?
Jonathan Larrabee
Jonathan Larrabee - 5 years ago
Drsfostersmith.com is where I would recommend buying it. It's about $149.99 I believe, and their customer service is fantastic. I would also pick up with protein skimmer while you're already purchasing. (Tank - http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=35271) ( Skimmer - http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=35633)
Luis Rodriguez
Hatters House
Hatters House - 5 years ago
Try petsmart, ebay or their website directly
Travis Helbert
Travis Helbert - 5 years ago
just got two of these tanks. There awesome!!! very nice build quality!!!
Joe I. Fabritz
Joe I. Fabritz - 5 years ago
So you can't use a timer? That's a bust.
WaterspoutsOfTheDeep - 5 years ago
You can use a timer. It saves whatever setting the light was on when you unplug it. You just can't have it timed to go between settings.
Reef & Livebearer Aquatics
Reef & Livebearer Aquatics - 5 years ago
Tank looked awesome at the actual show.
8 Bit Aquarium
8 Bit Aquarium - 5 years ago
Lol 36 watts? More like 15.5, you'll be lucky if you can even grow soft corals.
T. Hunt
T. Hunt - 4 years ago
If you can't grow soft corals or LPS with this light, I'd blame the person not the light.
Victor Cocco
Victor Cocco - 5 years ago
Paradise Reef
WaterspoutsOfTheDeep - 5 years ago
+Paradise Reef
Ya saw it, looking good. I've seen most of bulkreefsupply videos been studying saltwater tank info for around 2 months now. So much shit to it. I actually like the lower flow of the pump on the evo and just added a small powerhead on mine. That way I can stick in a whole tub of denitrate zeolite in the back. The lower flow apparently allows denitrifying bacteria to also then populate inside the zeolite. So I think that will go a long ways in keeping the tank more stable. I got a culture of tropical white worms and  tisbe pods planning on getting the stock high enough then get a mandarin that is by big goal. Probably a clown and a cleaner shrimp too. But no clue what else.  Oh ya doing the little baby brine shrimp feeder for the mandarin too. I know I'm kinda jumping off the deep end lol.

My tank is in a room with huge windows on two walls so there is a lot of indirect sunlight in the room. So I don't know maybe that will supplement the LED somewhat, and was thinking maybe I could also just do a LED strip and stick it to the roof of the lid to supplement with some other wavelengths easily. You know just find the right wavelengths and slam them all into breadboard something like this they are cheap http://www.jameco.com/z/JE19-100-Point-Solderless-Breadboard-Bus-Strip-2-Pack-_94457.html  then like maybe paint some non toxic epoxy or polyurethane whatever the right stuff is over it to water proof it. Then glue or tape the strip on the hood. I don't think it would even cost much. The thing is the room I have it in I'm in a lot and I don't like the light hanging over a topless tank concept because it will be I'm sure really distracting for me and all the extra light not being contained under the hood type of deal.

lmao I know I went on a bit but I always find what other people are doing interesting so may as well give some detail. I might add a leopard wrasse or six line wrasse. I think I saw you had a leopard.
8 Bit Aquarium
8 Bit Aquarium - 5 years ago
I recommend looking up Bulk Reef Supply on YouTube, and watching their 52 weeks of reefing series, which goes in depth about all aspects of reef keeping. Including different types of lighting from metal halide's to LED's. I am currently using the Aqua Illumination Prime HD on the fluval 13.5, you can see a video of my tank on my channel.
WaterspoutsOfTheDeep - 5 years ago
+Paradise Reef
They give the lumens not the par on the site. So I would think discussing the lumens would be far more accurate than the watts. Watts is power not light. Ya lumens is the brightness we can see. Par is like the lumen spectrum for plants. Florescent and normal bulbs as far as I know give a broad spectrum of light wavelengths and LED are more like single spectrum. So then lumen for LED would be far more representative than lumen for florescent bulb for conversation sake. But the problem is the relation or conversion of lumen to par. No clue. Then there is the 14k and the fact they have the blue LEDs on there. Are they merging the two different LEDs to give the light temperature and so on. Like maybe the white LED's are 6500k and the blue are 25000k and when both on together it reads as 14k to that effect.  Then there is the fact that new LEDs I'm sure are now starting to have way more lumen and par output per watt. It says online corals grow faster the lower the color temp to around 6700k or 6500 yet fluvals comercial new LED they have that I previously mentioned are 25 000k. So I'm really confused.

So what are you using?
8 Bit Aquarium
8 Bit Aquarium - 5 years ago
To be honest, I've never met anyone who used lumens to measure light intensity in a reef tank. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but, aren't lumens only what the human eye perceives? If so then it's absolutely useless for anything photosynthetic. Color spectrum, and PAR is the only thing that should be of concern when it comes to lighting for corals. Watts is also a terrible way to measure lighting for a reef tank, especially LED'S but, when I mentioned watts in my previous post I meant that most high-end LED fixtures that have high wattage usually put out a decent amount of PAR with it. A good LED fixture will not be rated in lumens, and will have their PAR tests listed. Remember, just because a fixture says it is reef capable doesn't mean your reef is going to thrive.
WaterspoutsOfTheDeep - 5 years ago
Really? I thought it's the lumens that matter not the watts. The evo 12 has 1383 lumens. Their for sale 32 watt Marine and Reef 2.0 full spectrum performance LED has 1350 lumen which is actually less even though it has almost double the watts. Also the evo is really different that most tanks in that it's higher is lower so that it is shallower with more surface area to work with in the tank. So that means the LED will be more effective and lose less par rating.

I'm new so help me out what is the issue? The lumens should be higher? A lot higher, if so what should the lumens of a LED be at for this sized tank? It says it's 14 000k light temp and the other is 25 000k. But you only mentioned you had issues with the watts. Really appreciate a reply. Also from my studies it seems like there is a decent light requirement difference between sps and everything else. So I think most people would only want to go up to lps for a tank like this anyways so if you could keep that in mind when recommending the lumens if that is even the issue. Because from everywhere I look sps is high light requirement and lps and everything else seems to be moderate and lower for the most part.
Ghia Power
Ghia Power - 5 years ago
Great work keep the videos coming
Nano_Joe - 5 years ago
I have an unboxing on my channel for a look into what actually does come with the evo 12.
Kevin Costa
Kevin Costa - 5 years ago
Chris is awesome!!!! He was my local Hagen representative, great guy!!!

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