Gary's SPS Reef Tank

2014 April Update
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LuxoGear Emergency Whistles with Lanyard

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LuxoGear Emergency Whistles with Lanyard

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NOCO Genius GEN5X2, 2-Bank, 10A (5A/Bank) Smart Marine Battery Charger

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Most popular comments
for Gary's SPS Reef Tank

Niki Liandi
Niki Liandi - 6 years ago
Bro. Great tank....! By the way, can you share the trick to put in a lot of tangs without fight between them? I only have 1 purple tang, and now I cannot add another fish or they will die protecting their area.
Jon Wingfield
Jon Wingfield - 6 years ago
114 members of the Tang Police visited this page.
Easy Peezy
Easy Peezy - 6 years ago
What are the dimensions of this tank? Did you custom order it?
Michael Piccirillo
Michael Piccirillo - 6 years ago

How are you able to keep water so clear being over stocked & directly near a window with shades open- indirect lighting typically causes everything from green water algae blooms to hair algae & diatoms.

Whats in your sump/filters to combat this?
cyruszaydan - 6 years ago
Great tank - ignore the tang police. I'm sure you will move them on when you feel it's time. Brilliant effort mate.
Ezekiel Robinson
Ezekiel Robinson - 6 years ago
The colors are very vibrant in the water is very Crystal Clear seems like you have a very good water parameters
Brady Hubbard
Brady Hubbard - 6 years ago
You should probably add a few more adult tangs in there. I'm not sure you have enough.
Dani Wornath
Dani Wornath - 7 years ago
iam wondering how hw can keep that sohal tang with other tangs , one of the more agressive tangs , but aparently he got lucky with him
Simon Romero
Simon Romero - 7 years ago
spectacular corals and reef in general but overcrowded specially with tangs, sohal and orange shoulder are for a wayyyy bigger tank.

10. comment for Gary's SPS Reef Tank

車勝遠 - 7 years ago
nmjhd1234 - 7 years ago
Hi Gary! First of all awesome tank! Can you tell me what you run your nitrates and phosphate at? I am in the process of maintaining nutrients for a beautiful reef?
Jamey Maddox
Jamey Maddox - 7 years ago
He's obviously not a beginner and knows what tangs need. Anyways who are we to criticize. Every fish we keep in a glass box is a zillion times smaller than the ocean.
Usernam E
Usernam E - 7 years ago
Low frame rate
Lisa Marie Leto
Lisa Marie Leto - 7 years ago
This is the most beautiful tank I have ever seen!!!
DroneDale - 7 years ago
Poor tangs! Why you have to keep them in such a small tank??
FL SHarkvictim
FL SHarkvictim - 7 years ago
Great looking tank Gary and don't take this personal but you have to get a larger tank especally for your Sohal Tangs, they need a min of a 180 to be peaceful or they will ending up stressing out since they need a ton or room to swim. Anyone would love to chime in it would be much appercaited
sugarland77478 - 7 years ago
what lighting are you using?
Zakri Rahman
Zakri Rahman - 7 years ago
how do you keep sps with so many fish? tell me your secret
Гарик  Степанян
Гарик Степанян - 7 years ago
Too much fishes for that small aquarium.

20. comment for Gary's SPS Reef Tank

Andrew W
Andrew W - 7 years ago
Those fish need a much larger tank. WAY too small for tangs
Primo Reef
Primo Reef - 7 years ago
dclulul - 7 years ago
There is no need for words;;;;
bryan potter
bryan potter - 8 years ago
i am gonna start a saltwater tank. I am making the move from fresh to saltwater. everything i have read says its a big no no to keep a tank close to a window. is this true? if it is not a big deal than i can put my tank where i originally want it.
Scott Hill
Scott Hill - 8 years ago
BeachKing - 8 years ago
Do you dose anything consistently i.e. AquaVitro Fuel, Red Sea A&B, Essential Elements?
Ryan Duncan
Ryan Duncan - 8 years ago
Do you have an Instagram?
SinCity Reefing
SinCity Reefing - 8 years ago
who cares about the fish population. as long as you can keep up with the bio load witch looks like you can. great job amazing tank.
Marek Tustin
Marek Tustin - 8 years ago
My friend recommend me using 24 hours UV light in my sump for my reef and fishes 130 gallons fish tank. Do you use one? I will really appreciate your answer.
Reefing Kenny
Reefing Kenny - 8 years ago
Are u doing any new videos on this tank it gorgeous?

30. comment for Gary's SPS Reef Tank

Lisa DeMayo
Lisa DeMayo - 8 years ago
wow, what kind of lighting do you have running?
iadame92 - 8 years ago
beautiful tank my friend. who cares if there's too many fish.
2019freddie - 8 years ago
+iadame92;  people who care about fish?
PERCULA Amphiprion
PERCULA Amphiprion - 8 years ago
+1 for beautiful corals.
-1 for fish population in a so small tank.
Graham Quigley
Graham Quigley - 8 years ago
Nice reef tank but come on the sohal and orange shoulder shouldn't be in there and you know it. shame!
TiSilver330Ci - 8 years ago
Agreed. Those acanthurus tangs do not belong in there. They need a larger tank simply to swim in.

This guys SPS tank might be spot on but fish selection is very questionable, at best.
TheMirelyght - 8 years ago
+Graham Quigley agree....but a lot of guys will bloat their tanks with fish from other tanks they have for vids and pics sometimes. then later move em back.
Bob Gregor
Bob Gregor - 8 years ago
Agreed. Too many fish for that small of a tank
Coyotte1977 - 8 years ago
Ok..stunning corals...but SOHAL ???? In this area ??? No kidding... read basics about tangs - keeping
Andreu Ahn
Andreu Ahn - 8 years ago
It's all about the front to back wide tanks. niiice
Jeff Carreiro
Jeff Carreiro - 8 years ago
how big is that tank bud
Cornish Pig
Cornish Pig - 8 years ago
0 nitrate from that end shot nice
ibi nyth
ibi nyth - 8 years ago
Not enough fish... How about instead of looking forward to the finish product maybe think about the fish
brandon may
brandon may - 8 years ago
beautiful tank!
bulldog111111 - 8 years ago
Nice corals, but WAY too small for some of those fish...and WAY too many fish at should be ashamed!
bulldog111111 - 8 years ago
Nice corals, but WAY too small for some of those fish...and WAY too many fish at should be ashamed
bulldog111111 - 8 years ago
Nice corals, but WAY too small for some of those fish...and WAY too many fish at should be ashamed
Alejo Restrepo
Alejo Restrepo - 8 years ago
Hey, amazing tank.. what type of lighting do you use? LED? how many fixtures?
Steve larman
Steve larman - 8 years ago
Reef&RC - 8 years ago
Nice tank! What lights are you using ?
dc110770 - 8 years ago
Great tank mate, can we have details of your setup
TheReefaholic - 8 years ago
Very Nice...
Maidenheadaquatics Hickstead
Maidenheadaquatics Hickstead - 8 years ago
Steve Uhlman
Steve Uhlman - 8 years ago
WAYYYYY too many fish

50. comment for Gary's SPS Reef Tank

JLards - 8 years ago
never mind tang police, call tangFBI tangCIA tangNATIONALGUARD lol
beautiful aquarium mate
Lucas Gaines
Lucas Gaines - 8 years ago
Great tank, how many gallons does it hold?
Brandelis - 9 years ago
Lol, you have a sohal tang in there.. plus this music makes me want to kill someone.
Prestige Reef
Prestige Reef - 9 years ago
One of the most beautiful tanks I've seen
M.R. Hawks
M.R. Hawks - 9 years ago
How many gallons does it hold? It's just beautiful.
Matias Milne
Matias Milne - 9 years ago
Hi, i really liker your tank and even more your light setup, please can you sent me your schudele?
Spencer Strait
Spencer Strait - 9 years ago
I just wanna say that the orange tang is perfectly fine in a tank that size. The sohal tang might be too big but there are no problems with the amount of tangs. As long as they don't beet up on eachother, there should be problem. I love the tank btw.
heh lawf
heh lawf - 9 years ago
super nice looking tank.  but there are some fish in there that need a bigger tank than that
Hesham Subuh
Hesham Subuh - 9 years ago
wow nice tank   . have you ever had algae problems with it . notice it was next to a window and was curious .   
ToastedWalnut - 9 years ago
Beautiful tank. But seriously find a home for your tangs... That is ridiculous. 
Martins Reef
Martins Reef - 9 years ago
Tank Looks Great What size is it
ajcanale - 9 years ago
Great tank (with exception of the Sohal and Orange Shoulder)  but close the blinds next time damn. 
Horace Guidry
Horace Guidry - 9 years ago
Great tank bro, you did an awesome job...I'm inspired.
Kai Wyborny
Kai Wyborny - 9 years ago
i would love it if you would check out my channel
10DSM - 9 years ago
very nice. Few questions, whats your source of light for the tank? reason being it looks like led lighting and iv been coached led's aren't very good at growing sps....which is obviously wrong considering the state of your tank. Also is that a 60g cube or 93g?
jesse hernandez
jesse hernandez - 9 years ago
Poor sohal and orange shoulder. Need bigger homes for each.
Antonio Setragni
Antonio Setragni - 9 years ago
IDK how big your tank is, but doesn't look big enough for 9 tangs. Everything else about the tank is amazing tho. GJ.
Layla M
Layla M - 9 years ago
the tank is amazing by far the prettiest tank I've seen in awhile  love the vivid color of it you did amazing I'm jelous
DeVille C. Cook
DeVille C. Cook - 9 years ago
Need more videos plzzzzzzzzz!
420skidrow - 9 years ago
im sorry to said this but you look like a a fagget gary
Andy's Reef
Andy's Reef - 8 years ago
At least he doesn't look like a fish
lixsajoe - 9 years ago
Damn I love cube tanks and yours is one I would strive for. Great job u know ur stuff. I wish I could keep that many fish in my tank they just add that real reef feel to a tank
EnVision - 9 years ago
Did you add the yellow tangs at the same time? I have a much larger tank and wanted to add 2 or 3 but wasnt sure it would be possible.
Gary lo
Gary lo - 9 years ago
Buddy Sheroka
Buddy Sheroka - 9 years ago
Yo man your tank is absolutely breathtaking bro I really like it man you did a great job happy reefing
The Natural Bridge
The Natural Bridge - 9 years ago
Looking at corals brings out a special feeling in me, a grand feeling. The truth is I have enjoyed looking at reefs much more since I have read the Present. It is a book that aims to help you see life as clearly as you can see the corals. It is a book about truth and life. Search the book up on google and you will find it is on a truth contest website.
ronnie dacanay
ronnie dacanay - 9 years ago
I'm not encouraging you to do things like what I did.I'm just sharing you my knowledge and experement and I succeded.
ronnie dacanay
ronnie dacanay - 9 years ago
I have a reeftank with corals and anemone for my clown.without calcium reactor or dosing chemicals.I used spenach or malunggay leaves rich in calcium and other nutrients for corals needs.boiled for 5 mins.and pour in my refugium when it colds.repeat every week and messure the exact amount of nutrients and the water condition.I use also boiled seaweeds rich in calcium..potasium magnesium copper and other nutrients.I run my reeftank for years and every quarter of the month for water corals are doing fine and healthy and all my bioloads from cowrie down to my chaeto and mangrove refugium.
SantaMonicaHelp Assistant
SantaMonicaHelp Assistant - 9 years ago
Looks great. Do you have any fights in there?
urbanrat84 - 9 years ago
Very impressive! How do you clean your glass?
jedimaster8691 - 9 years ago
But I still "thumbs up" your video. Awesome tank!
Agung Sutanto
Agung Sutanto - 9 years ago
hey, nice tank! What do you need to have a tank like that? and how to maintain it?
Jeff A
Jeff A - 9 years ago
awesome tank curious what light you are using? thank you
jedimaster8691 - 9 years ago
I love this tank 90%. Exception is the Sohal Tang. It needs at LEAST a 6 foot tank length to swim in. Better is a 12 foot tank length. This is a 'surge' fish. They thrive on fast open waters. Dammit man, read up and study up before you put fish in your tank!
brsund06 - 9 years ago
I have to agree Sohal tang deserves a bigger home.  A good sps keeper should know better.
Nghia Tran
Nghia Tran - 9 years ago
I'm in awe. Your tank is jaw dropping. Please give us some more information about it. I have Radion pros too but I haven't found a color temperature that I like that is nice as yours. Please send me your Radion schedule at Thanks and your tank is truly an inspiration as I have a small rimless tank too and I hope that it looks as half as good as yours
Jeremy Charlton
Jeremy Charlton - 9 years ago
Your tank is overstocked....your aquarist skills are mad weak.
Daniel Manning
Daniel Manning - 9 years ago
It doesn't show what is underneath or feeding habits..... by the look of that SPS it doesn't seem overstocked.
osvyE - 9 years ago
Hi, can you please tell me what you feed your fish ? how often ? and how much ? Best tank in youtube !!
Bommie - 9 years ago
Very nice tank! But I agree if u pay attention some tangs are just swimming against the glass....they want more room to swim. : (
Rafael Panham
Rafael Panham - 9 years ago
Top of the top reef
Johnnie Nuby
Johnnie Nuby - 9 years ago
Looks Nice.. I HATE TANG POLICE. . Always have something to say.. The tank look flawless..
Daan Hijmans
Daan Hijmans - 9 years ago
That's a big clown! Nice
David Ladds
David Ladds - 9 years ago
9 dislikes on this video.... What on earth are they for???!!! ..can only think jealousy as this is a really nice tank, good work
Reid Smith
Reid Smith - 9 years ago
dear god that is flawless
Stefan Leemeijer
Stefan Leemeijer - 9 years ago
Element Customs
Element Customs - 9 years ago
Amazing tank.
Nic Chauvin
Nic Chauvin - 9 years ago
This is amazing!  We really need a longer video so we can take it all in.  What kind of clowns are those?  I've never seen such rich colors on a clown before.
Mason Hacker
Mason Hacker - 9 years ago
Fantastic tank! What kind is it?
Gallons? Brand?
Thank you!
davidrx795 - 9 years ago
Tang police Lololol
786free1 - 9 years ago
Why did you choose not to have a deep sand bed?
Chau Nguyen
Chau Nguyen - 9 years ago
Can you tell us your filtration setup?
Brandelis - 9 years ago
Yep someone needs to hit him in the head with the tang hammer. WAY too many tangs in this tiny tank. Just because you have pretty corals doesn't mean you have the capacity to keep all those tangs this is ridiculous.

100. comment for Gary's SPS Reef Tank

m3rob7 - 9 years ago
Wayyyyy too small for that Sohal and orange shoulder. Common man...
Badmudaphucka - 7 years ago
What that the fish can't swim in?
Nuclearbeagle - 7 years ago
He might have a 1 trillion gallon sump
786free1 - 9 years ago
Gary, please do a video on your light and filtration.
786free1 - 9 years ago
Love your tank. What lighting and filtration do you use to get the best out of the livestock?
Fredrik Haave Andersen
Fredrik Haave Andersen - 9 years ago
Can you send the light spectrum/schedule on my email?
Johnson H
Johnson H - 9 years ago
awsm tank n as well all marine lovely...
Johnson H
Johnson H - 9 years ago
i wanna to know the procedure to make setup of salt water aquarium... plz send the procedure..
Johnson H
Johnson H - 9 years ago
i wanna to know the procedure to make setup of salt water aquarium... plz send the procedure..
JM DF - 9 years ago
Beautiful ! 
Matt Saul
Matt Saul - 9 years ago
Do you "experts" really think someone with this much success would be unaware of the inevitability of those fish out growing this tank? He's clearly not new to the hobby and I'm sure has plans to move/sell/trade those fish. Beautiful tank by the way- keep it up!
Tess G
Tess G - 9 years ago
I like your tank, it's so nice and clean.
Seriousam - 9 years ago
Wow! Stunning. No holidays for you ;) how do you get your SPS so vibrant!
ROBBIE WILLIAMS - 9 years ago
them tangs must be on suicide watch , live in a chicken coop for a day then ponder your thoughts when you look at them
neker rivera
neker rivera - 9 years ago
SeptemberTHC - 9 years ago
why have the tank next to a window? I heard that's not good and it increases algae growth.
Gary lo
Gary lo - 9 years ago
My fish algae is very poor!!
Laurent Catel
Laurent Catel - 9 years ago
Magnifiques accroporas...
Sublimes. Avez vous des contacts pour acheter des boutures ?
Laurent ( France )
Beto - 9 years ago
Nice tank but the sohal and orange shoulder is too big for a tank this size
Dmitry Tumanov
Dmitry Tumanov - 9 years ago
Especially the sohal tang, being one of the largest tangs he'd need a lot more room. Even a 300 gallon six footer is way to small for this pup.
SUNSHINE NETWORK T.V. - 9 years ago
Very nice
Gary Jenkins
Gary Jenkins - 10 years ago
Love your aquarium, just got radions for my 120, can you please email me your spectrum and light schedule settings to and thanks in advance
dm002a8686 - 10 years ago
My dream tank it's stunning great work
Gary lo
Gary lo - 9 years ago
Thank You!!
David McMahon
David McMahon - 10 years ago
Hi Gary

Awesome tank mate,  can you please share your light schedule with me, as I am struggling to find anything decent to set my radions at.

thanks Gary
BRADS REEF - 10 years ago
Dude, your tank is amazing, simply stunning, I can't imagine the time and effort you put into this, great vid! Just subbed, need to see more of this tank in the future!
Gary lo
Gary lo - 9 years ago
Thank You!!
tonyy33055 - 10 years ago
Really nice tank. This hobby has many great minds.
Gary lo
Gary lo - 9 years ago
Thank You!!
Solo Reef
Solo Reef - 10 years ago
Wow!...Absolutely stunning Sps tank!!
Gary lo
Gary lo - 9 years ago
Thank You!!
Primo Reef Acrylics
Primo Reef Acrylics - 10 years ago
WOW, what size is that tank. You did a fantastic job. 
Gary lo
Gary lo - 10 years ago
Its 108cm x 81cm x 68cm.
gmoney1961 - 10 years ago
Beautiful tank!!!
Gary lo
Gary lo - 10 years ago
DeVille C. Cook
DeVille C. Cook - 10 years ago
What size tank. ..
Where can I find more info?
Gary lo
Gary lo - 10 years ago
110cm x 81cm x 68cm
My Facebook Fans Page
Wesley Forbes II
Wesley Forbes II - 10 years ago
From what I remember, are you running Radions? If so can you please send me your spectrum and light schedule?
NRG 1337
NRG 1337 - 6 years ago
Wesley Forbes II would you guys share it with me? I Love the Light in this tank and my Radions Look completely mad! :/
Wesley Forbes II
Wesley Forbes II - 10 years ago
No problem it's:

Thanks, your tank is beautiful!
Gary lo
Gary lo - 10 years ago
I need your e-mail
Cochise Star
Cochise Star - 10 years ago
Beautiful tank and its clean as heaven! WOW WHTS THE SECRET?LOL
Gary lo
Gary lo - 10 years ago
Thank you!!
I hope u like!!

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