Krzysztof Tryc's reef tank - system with NP-reducing BioPellets

Everything about this tank you can find here: Camera Canon 500D

Krzysztof Tryc's reef tank - system with NP-reducing BioPellets sentiment_very_dissatisfied 60

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Everything about this tank you can find here: Camera Canon 500D

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for Krzysztof Tryc's reef tank - system with NP-reducing BioPellets

thierry roger
thierry roger - 4 years ago
all agree, very colorful but very far from the natural, not a thing.
norma rosa Allasia
norma rosa Allasia - 6 years ago
Mi qurido jesus cuanto te busque Amen
Scott Hill
Scott Hill - 6 years ago
Job well done! A+ all the way.
Angela Morante
Angela Morante - 6 years ago
Amazing and inspiring. The most beautiful tank I have ever seen. Great job, Thank you for sharing.
Mighty Polyps
Mighty Polyps - 6 years ago
WOW! JUST WOW!amazing ☺
John John
John John - 6 years ago
I want to say "beautiful" but even that is too little a word. I am simply speechless.
That's what being dedicated to this hobby is all about. Well done!!!!!!!!!
Yoki - 6 years ago
Piekne, ale nie rozumiem kompletnie podjary takimi twardymi koralowcami, akwa wygląda jak z plastiku, milion razy wolę miękkie i ukwiały grzybki itp wtedy rafa żyje , pomijam że jest łatwiejszachodowli
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson - 7 years ago
if something to ood to b true its usually is but now this time :)
im sick of all the guppy lovers here making comends like NOT BAD.
Joke. wanna c they tanks
Anthony M
Anthony M - 5 years ago
Christopher Johnson take a chill pill dude, they are in disbelief because is beautiful.
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson - 7 years ago
this tank looks fake its soo beautifull that is hard to believe its real .
im soo lucky to c it in real thanks u Krzychu  hope the new coral established well now .
do u still run 800 wats of t5? i will b instaling metal hds on my new tank after talking to your friends in the color.
e - 6 years ago
+Christopher Johnson I thought it was fake? fake coral at least....nothing moves....sort of like the tanks built on tanked tv show. beautiful though, like you say

10. comment for Krzysztof Tryc's reef tank - system with NP-reducing BioPellets

xxxseibertxxxx - 7 years ago
Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams - 7 years ago
Naw it's not fake it's a zeo-vit tank.... check it out there are hundreds of people using it and lots of videos....
Robert Stamboli
Robert Stamboli - 7 years ago
ugly music
Mighty Polyps
Mighty Polyps - 6 years ago
I don't think so
Astrid789456123 - 7 years ago
mizune - 7 years ago
Abs Godwin
Abs Godwin - 7 years ago
What will be the best way to clean this tank? I mean like keeping in crystal clear!
shardinio - 7 years ago
+Cole Ellis he has no plants in his aquarium, he uses bio pellets for np reduction. He uses carbon changed out monthly to keep the water clear also
Cole Ellis
Cole Ellis - 7 years ago
He probably doesn't the live Rock and all the plants in his refugium take care of it
Ashley L
Ashley L - 7 years ago
Stunningly beautiful! Congrats on such a amazing tank! I could only hope to have one so nice someday. What song is this? It's beautiful as well
jedimaster8691 - 7 years ago
+Ashley L You are smokin' hot stunningly beautiful as well!
Chris Dial
Chris Dial - 7 years ago
Great Job Krzysztof,  Beautiful tank.   I can't believe all these people thinking the tank is fake lol.  Great to see you awarded with tank of the month!!!  That's saying something there.  You deserve it.
tropicaljf - 8 years ago
What kind of lighting is on that tank?
shardinio - 7 years ago
+Cole Ellis 10 x t5's 80 watts
Cole Ellis
Cole Ellis - 7 years ago
Probally radions
John Alvino
John Alvino - 8 years ago
Nice corals, too bad this whole tank is faked. Notice that none of the fish ever leave the foreground of the display?? That's because there are no corals, that's a bogus backdrop. 
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 7 years ago
Retard alert everyone!
destryx - 7 years ago
you must be an idiot
John Alvino
John Alvino - 8 years ago
+Turbo Reef Ah yes, I stand corrected, comment redacted. Nice work on the tank!
Brian Fuller
Brian Fuller - 8 years ago
+Devin W.  and towards the end of the video you can see the corner of the tank to the left, with the seriatopora visibly in front of it ;)
Devin W.
Devin W. - 8 years ago
I think you need to look closer at about 40 sec the yellow wrasse darts to the back of the tank.

20. comment for Krzysztof Tryc's reef tank - system with NP-reducing BioPellets

CartoonsZ Channel
CartoonsZ Channel - 8 years ago
Robert Scannell
Robert Scannell - 8 years ago
OMG the colors are stunning!!! And those colonies.....8O
Steve fish keeping
Steve fish keeping - 8 years ago
Watch my progress guys im after my tank to look similar to this but LPS dominated
500 litres
1x 4 head Hammer
1x candy cane
few sps branching corals
few shrooms

Live stock
purple tang
Flame angel
yellow tang
cleaner wrasse
2 black and white clowns
weekly 50 litre water change
dose with Red Sea A,B,C (when required)
CA 440
KH 12
MG  1350
 This is all work in progress check out my vids any constructive comments are most welcome. Rate and sub. thanks
Glenn Zamora
Glenn Zamora - 8 years ago
One of the best Reef Tank i've ever seen... Its Beautiful
Reefz Tk
Reefz Tk - 8 years ago
wow amazing
sami buhasan
sami buhasan - 8 years ago
the tank is stunning and u say not bad :/
Charles Spicoli
Charles Spicoli - 8 years ago
Nice tank dude
MadmanMeathead - 8 years ago
Stunning aquarium there. This is the best saltwater reef tank i have ever seen never stop.
Jim Matthews
Jim Matthews - 8 years ago
That is truly a beautiful tank. Well done.
Annie Duncan
Annie Duncan - 8 years ago
Wow Very nice!!.

30. comment for Krzysztof Tryc's reef tank - system with NP-reducing BioPellets

DREAMBIG - 8 years ago
nvm saw the link. Very impressive tank. It looks so perfect that it looks fake. Amazing job
DREAMBIG - 8 years ago
Is this all real coral? It looks like a combination of background/real coral/fake coral inserts. 
aharon115 - 8 years ago
any updates on this tank for the long term?
Walter Mestre
Walter Mestre - 8 years ago
Awesome tank, and nice quality video.
Whenever I miss my old coral tank I put this video up on the tv and leave it running all day. :)
brian312010 - 8 years ago
This has to be the best set up I've ever seen on YouTube fantastic work 100%
YouWrasse IsMine
YouWrasse IsMine - 8 years ago
Very nicely done!
richwong888 - 8 years ago
Irosh Bandara
Irosh Bandara - 8 years ago
Angels and SPS go together?
Derek Marrs
Derek Marrs - 8 years ago
Put it on fullscreen and 720p. Then look at the light pink coral in the top right, next to the large green colony. You can see the polyps moving.
Jack .Stravinsky
Jack .Stravinsky - 8 years ago
What type of lights are you using?
TheNewtman12003 - 9 years ago
Kaká G
Kaká G - 9 years ago
Wow, very beautiful, I want one just same :p
shechshire - 9 years ago
What's the name of that big turqois SPS?
TheSpongebob281 - 9 years ago
Holy smelly Batman I hate you ;0)
GroggyNoggin - 9 years ago
WOW!!!!! Ummmmmm....... speechless! This is the best sps tank I've ever witnessed. Personally, I would have had some softs ( a few ) mixed in. I am certainly not criticizing, though. This gives me a goal. Absolutely stunning!! Vibrant colors, beautiful fish, just amazing! Thanks for sharing this with us!
VolpeRossauk - 9 years ago
its hypnotic like fire
Sneakers And Reefer
Sneakers And Reefer - 9 years ago
sps coral is hard coral the moving polyps are very tiny
Sneakers And Reefer
Sneakers And Reefer - 9 years ago
sps coral is hard coral the moving polyps are very tiny
Sneakers And Reefer
Sneakers And Reefer - 9 years ago
sps coral is hard coral the moving polyps are very tiny
don olivares
don olivares - 9 years ago
why is the coral not moveing

50. comment for Krzysztof Tryc's reef tank - system with NP-reducing BioPellets

Andy HtwoO
Andy HtwoO - 9 years ago
1st class tank. SPS heaven. Well done. You must be proud .
Sneakers And Reefer
Sneakers And Reefer - 9 years ago
i cant believe there was a fake vs. real debate fake shit never i mean never looks this great
martin niemczyk
martin niemczyk - 9 years ago
v=tlET5OoY_xU That`s his tank in other movie. Most of the corals much smaler then on this movie. Graty Krzysiek!!!
lenso87 - 9 years ago
lenso87 - 9 years ago
Bn n
brohoop - 9 years ago
I stand corrected. I simply looked at it from my ipad--small screen. I should have gone to the website he posted before I shot my mouth off. But gosh--I have NEVER seen a home reef where NOT ONE CORAL moves even slightly. Holy cow. Anyway, I owe Krzysztof an apology.
jperez - 9 years ago
SPS is short for small-polyped stony corals. They grow very slowly compared to the other types of corals (around only a few centimeters every year). That's why we avoid taking them from the wild as much as possible to conserve our dying natural reefs. Instead, we artificially grow them in tanks from very small coral buds, or frags as we call them - this method is called aquaculturing.
brohoop - 9 years ago
You really don't notice that there isn't even one coral moving with the water flow?? You don't notice that the fish are all in a kind of trough--a very narrow column of water and they never move any direction but left to right?? Please tell me you see what I'm talking about. You look smart. And pretty hot, actually. Wanna go out? =)
nematocyte - 9 years ago
Can you explain what that means? I'm working my way into the hobby and would love a short explanation. Thanks!
DDay12G - 9 years ago
Yes. It's SO fake. That's totally why there's a link to the total tank's setup in the description.
Moto Mouse
Moto Mouse - 9 years ago
do you have any problems with the emperor angel nipping or destroying any of the corals?
jperez - 9 years ago
I seriously hope that a huge bulk of those SPS are all aquacultured.
brohoop - 9 years ago
This is sooo fake.
Adrnalnrsh - 9 years ago
About section = link to reefkeeping
Adrnalnrsh - 9 years ago
Your kidding right? T5HO put out tons of light (especially ATI bulbs in an ATI fixture) and the light spread is probably the best spread cause SPS to branch wider not just up.
Adrnalnrsh - 9 years ago
They're ATI - there is a link in the about section.
Adrnalnrsh - 9 years ago
Did you see his tank parameters? That much SPS needs a lot of fish
Felis sylvestris
Felis sylvestris - 9 years ago
Brak słów.
Kamal Mametov
Kamal Mametov - 9 years ago
i want one where can i get?
rfebok - 9 years ago
very beautiful
Sam Nunez
Sam Nunez - 9 years ago
looks like some sort of a staghorn
Danny Trevino
Danny Trevino - 9 years ago
What is that big blue sps?
TheIceDragon - 9 years ago
Most of the fish are schooling fish, so they actually enjoy being kept in groups. Also he is using biopellets (a form of carbon dosing), which serves as a food source for the denitrifying bacteria in the system. This increase the population of these bacteria and much more effective breakdown of ammonia and nitrite is made possible, allowing the tank to have a higher bioload :)
Universal Entertainment
Universal Entertainment - 9 years ago
By far.. The best tank I've ever seen on YouTube and in real life.
Justin Doran
Justin Doran - 9 years ago
the strange thing is that the NP BioPellets really do keep the algae under control. In my case I introduced them, through a reactor and about a week later my algae problem was gone. Then I took the reactor off my system and my algae came back. So I put it back on and currently waiting to do it's thing. Just make sure that the outflow of your reactor is somewhere near your skimmer.
Mindy674 - 9 years ago
How do you keep algae out.I use ro/di water and have live rock can't keep the alage from growing.
BigCizzle1 - 9 years ago
Was that a Back Tang?! Very nice!
Vincent Parziale
Vincent Parziale - 9 years ago
He is always an inspiration! I'm eager to try the bio-pellets myself.
Daymo02 - 9 years ago
Ok that is just beautiful
Majestic AquariumsTV
Majestic AquariumsTV - 9 years ago
Wow! That is the best thank I have ever seen!
Graham Quigley
Graham Quigley - 9 years ago
hi can you tell me the t5 tube combo you are using from front to back please? are they kz t5's?? thnaks also are you a member of the zeovit forum?
Joe Ethridge
Joe Ethridge - 9 years ago
eddie larena
eddie larena - 9 years ago
Man.. lovely acuarium GREAT
Matheus Coreia
Matheus Coreia - 9 years ago
eu tenho um corail nomeu aguari
n8sun1 - 9 years ago
So beautiful. What is that blue sps?
bobbydigital7136 - 9 years ago
the camera does the tank no justice I bet in person people cant stop watching that is so cool
CoralCollectors - 9 years ago
How can people give this a thumbs down! Such an amazing tank!
Andreas Stecher
Andreas Stecher - 9 years ago
wow not bad, wish my AQ would have those colours. Well done.
alex Alex
alex Alex - 9 years ago
Noway ? Under T5 those SPS can't grow this well and healthy they required stronger lighting.
YouSoundButtHurt - 9 years ago
It's not pure SPS since I see some Acans in there... but close. Damn it's impressive.
Ariseykutxu - 9 years ago
Amazing, beautifull reef, how many liters does it has?
Cielos Abiertos Ministerios
Cielos Abiertos Ministerios - 9 years ago
Asianleful - 9 years ago
He's using T5's.
ddio1978 - 9 years ago
You my friend, have a bad ass reef tank! Great job!
Leon 9x21 PS-VR PS4
Leon 9x21 PS-VR PS4 - 9 years ago
bellissima vasca complimenti
alex Alex
alex Alex - 9 years ago
whats the system u running on this tank ? whats ur sump size ? how many gallon ? what kinda led light ru using ? i have a 29g im going to upgrade it in a month but id like to know whats the system u running the water seems nice and clean all coral and fish seems to be happy
errattiq - 9 years ago
Definitely real, the fish do think they are about to get fed that's why they are all up front. Look at the water surface, you can see the reflection of the large sps on the left as well as the large blue acro (I think it's an acropora) in the middle. I have seen a few pure sps tanks like this... It's so intense it looks artificial, but I assure you it isn't. The amount of effort to get to this point is astronomical. Beautiful system Krzysztof. Two thumbs up!
Corvux IX
Corvux IX - 9 years ago
not bad
Arthur jancar wallis
Arthur jancar wallis - 9 years ago
So just take a look at the red fish in 0:12 on the left side of the tank. He comes in and out from de SPS. This tank is NOT fake.
Aqua Man
Aqua Man - 9 years ago

100. comment for Krzysztof Tryc's reef tank - system with NP-reducing BioPellets

Kevin  Chan
Kevin Chan - 9 years ago
Idiots the fish are all swimming near the front because they think whoever is shooting the video is about to feed them.
kingfisherfleshy - 9 years ago
Hard corals have branches and spaces - fish would be ducking in and out of cover if it was there, and it simply is not. This is fake.
scarhbar23 - 9 years ago
I know next-to-nothing about marine aquariums, but even I know THAT. hahahaha. I bet the fish all think we're fake, because we don't walk through the walls :P
KOOLITUS - 9 years ago
Nathaniel Zirkle
Nathaniel Zirkle - 9 years ago
It's not fake cause it's all SPS coral and have hard skeletons, thats why the fish don't swim through them.
joseph Mendez
joseph Mendez - 9 years ago
How can you say this isnt fake look how the fish never swim threw the corals
anthony simmons
anthony simmons - 9 years ago
This is wonderful, beatiful color, almost looks fake
SolidGoldShows - 9 years ago
Jais Edelmann
Jais Edelmann - 9 years ago
actually its not
DKTV Web - 9 years ago
This is Fake!
ML Thom
ML Thom - 9 years ago
How often do you feed?
KrokoChannel - 9 years ago
some beautiful corals!
Tittylovwr - 9 years ago
Anna Forhisglory
Anna Forhisglory - 9 years ago
seven seas aquarium pros
seven seas aquarium pros - 9 years ago
Very Nice amazing !
Albert Tatlock
Albert Tatlock - 9 years ago
Part 2.. turning into a comedy of Errors. We had high winds that night and when i arrived he had no power, not just that, but he was also keeping lion Fish and other deadly Marine life in the tank, it was dark, we had a small torch and all other equipment. Scary to do in very low light, anyway the power suddenly came back on and the fish startled, mate had his hand in the tank and got stung by a lion fish. Got him an ambulance and carried on myself. Always have a plan B for something like this
Albert Tatlock
Albert Tatlock - 9 years ago
A friend of mine phoned me at 3am to say that his 1200 litre tank had sprung a leak, i told him to first rip off some cellophane wrapping, and put it near to the leak, the water will do the rest and force it into the area where its leaking. he did this and a few mins later called me to say the leak was now just a slow dripping. I quickly drove over to his, just 5 miles way and gave him a hand getting the fish into his reserve tank... part 1
ironmangler - 9 years ago
Fishtank on LSD
AquariumsbyZero - 9 years ago
great looking set up, stunning colors!
chicobalaable - 9 years ago
the best!!!!!
Cheryl Richards
Cheryl Richards - 9 years ago
Wow! You have the magic touch with reef tanks. Absolutely beautiful!!!!
rey castro
rey castro - 9 years ago
Dumb ass
t1a8n7k - 9 years ago
WOW, what vibrant colors this tank has. Very beautiful man, love the big blue staghorn acro you got.
StudioReef - 9 years ago
I beleive that is a blue staghorn acropora
DrMattzilla - 9 years ago
This tank is sick. Ones like these that inspire me to get a tank started
abassett22 - 9 years ago
your an idiot, this corals are all stony corals, they are hard and firm to the touch, the live natually at the tops of reefs and are beaten constantly by waves, they withstand a ton of water movement and stay still the whole time.
Grzegorz Sawera
Grzegorz Sawera - 9 years ago
This is a very well-known reef in Warsaw, yes germany have nice tanks but since farmers can only learn. So to work gentlemen. Even at 10 years of Christopher, and maybe something similar can be done to you
Nick Martinez
Nick Martinez - 9 years ago
This video is a big fake. Watch when the fish turn around the coral is a background. Theres a good amount of flow in the tank but I don't see one coral movement. Even sps corals as strong and hard as those look wud bend and sway wit the current. Good job, not hating jus wana give my opinion.
ap2inthedeep - 9 years ago
its real google it there is a ton of people who follow this tank. it is a very famous reef from germany
ap2inthedeep - 9 years ago
wow you dont have a reef tank do you? this tank is a well documented system. it is all over the world on many different forums. it has won a bunch of awards and was totm.
RulfusTheBear - 9 years ago
its like watching Avatar but underwater
ange062 - 9 years ago
One of the best videos I have seen, and the tank is beyond explanation. So gorgeous, so much SPS growth, so much color, so many active fish, just incredible!!!
Reefphreak - 9 years ago
Aha. I see that now. Sooo many look similar. lol
Dan Eippert
Dan Eippert - 9 years ago
it is actually an imperator angel. notice the complete white circle the Koran only has a semi-cirlce
Reefphreak - 9 years ago
That's a Koran Angelfish
SuperGrowPlants - 9 years ago
wtf are you talking about dumb ass. i never seen that comment before and never replied before fagot. stop thinking so highly of yourself. and if you think that's fake you not only need a life, you need a new brain. the brain you were born with is fucked. now if you have a life you wont reply. fuckyou fairy!
Neon Light
Neon Light - 9 years ago
what fish is that to the bottom right side at 1:04? It's blue with yellow spirals , very nice fish!
SuperGrowPlants - 9 years ago
now thats what im saying MOTHER FUCKERS!
99EbonyRose - 9 years ago
reading through the comments, apparently a lot of people have never seen what real, well-kept coral looks like under the correct lighting......
MarineCritters - 9 years ago
This real, one check the link and there a coral infront of the overflow.
Floggin - 9 years ago
You are a fucking MORON!!!!
RedneckReefJunkie - 9 years ago
people are retarded! you can see several fish swim behind the coral!
Jeffsouthbend - 9 years ago
it is so fake, notice none of the fish swimming in the coral
Jeffsouthbend - 9 years ago
sure you can just put a background on your bare tank. fill with fish, and add standard spectrum light with black light and you will have what you're seeing in this lame attempt at a real reef tank.
Mark147KTM - 9 years ago
this is fake
thatReefGuy - 9 years ago
The Color is just nuts. What Lights are you using?
VeryBadReputation - 9 years ago
What kelvin bulbs are you using?
wtube502 - 10 years ago
it does look great, but you guys are killin me sayin fake. just click the link and look at tank, damn.
knz313 - 10 years ago
I see what you mean who does a video and does not show their coral extension I say fake
TheDonkey - 10 years ago
its so good, it looks fake
aikobabi - 10 years ago
ifUdidwoodU - 10 years ago
there is a background behind the tank because if you look at the green montipora capricornis up in the top left hand side it is cut off
ashok ilango
ashok ilango - 10 years ago
is it real.looks like animation.well done.upload more videos.thanks.
JoshA7fold - 10 years ago
How many gallons?
Kris Martin
Kris Martin - 10 years ago
very nice very nice!!!!
Pgr600+ - 10 years ago
The best reef tank
Cheeken LaorLever
Cheeken LaorLever - 10 years ago
25 people are blind.......
czajus07 - 10 years ago
Akwarium moich marzeń ,po prostu super .
Silver Bluff Saloon
Silver Bluff Saloon - 10 years ago
fuffoon - 10 years ago
Very natural, your skill and effort is evident. The corals really grew nicely together. Its very much like an upper surf area reef
emo4elmo - 10 years ago
how could someone dislike this? its such a beautiful piece of work and life.
Lorraine Formosa
Lorraine Formosa - 10 years ago
A beautiful display......thanks
Milena Dorna
Milena Dorna - 10 years ago
ślicznie tu..
Kasa Fhae
Kasa Fhae - 10 years ago
now 24/not me though/didn't know persons had coral reef aquariums/maybe just never thought of such a concept. *SyBlur~
ne0vincent - 10 years ago
probably cause too many fishes in the tank
rachel johns
rachel johns - 10 years ago
One word awesome
meansav - 10 years ago
try being a dictionary first !
meansav - 10 years ago
try being a dictionary first !
MrKillereef - 10 years ago
The color just pops
VascoFL - 10 years ago
Beautiful. How can people not like this?
Ryan Wood
Ryan Wood - 10 years ago
its actually got a mirror backround to make it look bigger 0_0
dekopstuk - 10 years ago
snoeien!!!!, stekjes!!!!
fuffoon - 10 years ago
Nice. Really really nice! Did I mention its nice. Wow. I'm having a color high. Far out.
Giorgio Hernandez
Giorgio Hernandez - 10 years ago
yoyoyouyo55 - 10 years ago
my bad 0:35
Montiman0 - 10 years ago
They would not eat the coral, especially when kept well fed. They may pick at a few corralites, but not "eat" the coral. Most of the time, they only ingest the mucus surrounding the polyps. Any visible damage would not be viewable in this vid.
ne0vincent - 10 years ago
Just paradise
Lance C
Lance C - 10 years ago
and people say emperor's aren't reef safe..
Dennis Nakashima
Dennis Nakashima - 10 years ago
Great job!
Kurt Harris
Kurt Harris - 10 years ago
Beautiful..great job!
BaradielS - 10 years ago
BaradielS - 10 years ago
Wspaniale !!!
BaradielS - 10 years ago
ArizonaFishkeeping - 10 years ago
I'll take some of that...and some of that...and some of that...oh...and a frag of that too!
Wayne's Fish World
Wayne's Fish World - 10 years ago
is it just me or does it look like a background? i mean i know its real and all
nicaextreme - 10 years ago
que pasada !!
Adam Phila
Adam Phila - 10 years ago
bardzo ladne ja jestem wlasnie w trakcie zakladania slonowodnego akwarium mam nadzieje ze jak cos bedzie szlo nie tak to moge zadac pytanie lol !!!!!!
hemley emerson
hemley emerson - 10 years ago
21 people are a bit jealous and like FullmetalAngyl said color blind
hemley emerson
hemley emerson - 10 years ago
This is the best reef aquarium, hands down. must be a monster to clean though.
Theodore Eastman
Theodore Eastman - 10 years ago
This is an absolute work of art! so Beautiful!
wtf79779 - 10 years ago
fajne akwa mam nadzieje ze pan zes jest polak panie krzysiu
FullmetalAngyl - 10 years ago
Why do I have a sudden craving for a fruit Popsicle? 20 people are either jealous, want their own vids to get more votes, both, or colorblind...
denise robles
denise robles - 10 years ago
I believe the tang at 1:15 is a Fowleri tang.
klikak - 10 years ago
i wanna swim in that tank
Ryan Forshaw
Ryan Forshaw - 10 years ago
WWWOOOOOOWWWW! do you have all of the equipment underneath the main aquarium? Usually an aquarium this pristine has a whole room dedicated to skimmers and filters! amazing colours in this aquarium.
Hrocha24 - 10 years ago
GloriaVanderpump - 10 years ago
your reef is amazingly pretty!
SuperMightywhite - 10 years ago
Stunning, truly stunning, if mine looked half as good i'd be a very happy man
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 10 years ago
Actually the fish would have stressed behavior, and they can hide and swim in and out of the corals.
shakoobi - 10 years ago
i just want to understand one thing and all u guys are on this plz answer this simple question and thank u... how can u place an angelfish through all these corals i cant understand the only thing i can read on angelfish is dont place them with corals cause they eat corals...
ThomasVisionVlogs - 10 years ago
Truly Amazing Color. Very good job!
Kyle wong
Kyle wong - 10 years ago
ridiculous color!! omg
Chi Vang
Chi Vang - 10 years ago
A Must See Video is AQUARIUM I.D.!!! Aquarium I.D. is available for both Android and Apple phones!!! Check out AQUARIUM I.D.
pandalillyapps - 10 years ago
one of the best tanks I seen. Check out Aquarium I.D. on Youtube!
brandon429 - 10 years ago
and I have seen a lot
brandon429 - 10 years ago
well I guess its the nicest sps growth i've ever seen
Dave Turner
Dave Turner - 10 years ago
Nice colors on the corals. Kudos on managing the nutrients to maintain those kind of colors with that fish load. I agree the fish are cramped but most rectangular and all wall of rock tanks do that. Look for the square tanks for more natural fish movement and activity. I know this is off topic, but would someone care to share how these guys get so many hits on their tank videos?
kevin2m4 - 10 years ago
@kskizz420 id say this tank is huge and they are only swimming like that because he is using a laser pointer to get them to swim side to side for the video. you can see @0:31 a yellow fish at the top swim behind the coral and disappear. id imagin a guy like this would have done the math on how many fish he can have per displaced water remaining, to avoid costing him big $ in losses.
tonepoet - 10 years ago
This is freakin' chill. Two wishes: I wish it were an hour longer and I wish I were still smoking weed.
goblue8593 - 10 years ago
Are You a girl? Do you want to get married?
Mr Jezz
Mr Jezz - 10 years ago
Beautiful tank. What tubes are you using in your light unit?
acerb45666555 - 10 years ago
Genius job! *****
sindacolele - 10 years ago
Mamma mia...........beautifullllllllllll.
njw1383 - 10 years ago
Wow now that is awesome! This is by far the best reef i've seen! Are all those corals real?
Tuan Bui
Tuan Bui - 10 years ago
How could anyone dislikes this?
RedneckReefJunkie - 10 years ago
i love this tank and im a fan of bio pellets, has any one tried a turf scrubber?
Howard Lu
Howard Lu - 10 years ago
best reef tank ive ever seen. good work!!
RedneckReefJunkie - 10 years ago
i want my new tank to be like this one sps dominated
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 10 years ago
At 0:36 there's a wrasse that goes behind the staghorn coral. Awesome tank!
samsreef - 10 years ago
Gorgeous tank! Love the Anthias school! Is you aquarium still up and running?
cesar333 - 10 years ago
I think you are the envy of all reef hobbyist.
Deke1 - 10 years ago
WOW, amazing!!!
markrose21 - 10 years ago
Although I am quite curious to know which LED's are being used.. The colors really POP. And I'm sure that some sort of post-shoot camera filter is being utilized to saturate those blues and greens.
markrose21 - 10 years ago
I don't think it's a stretch to declare this the most impressive reef tank on youtube to date. I could just sit here all day and watch this tank on a live steam and never get bored. Fantastic job, very, very well done!
Tomillo23 - 10 years ago
michael shore
michael shore - 10 years ago
great tank!
xterrasesc - 10 years ago
this tank is stupid amazing, just amazing
Calliavida - 10 years ago
That's it, I'm moving in.
Marcus Derrickson
Marcus Derrickson - 10 years ago
Ryan D
Ryan D - 10 years ago
Unbelievable tank. Wow
kaboomman100 - 10 years ago
bow down to the master!
ScottsTanks - 10 years ago
@cmjurman1 check the link. From side angles you can see that the staghorn isn't 2d. You have a point that the colors are hard to believe. Outstanding tank
Troy Frost
Troy Frost - 10 years ago
It looks like a mix of real corals and a 2D backround. At 1:03 the Naso Tang moves behind some coral in the tanks center. The frags also look real. But the very bright huge corals, like the Blue Staghorn are clearly fake, the fish would be swimming around them. Very nice tank though and i know firsthand that this took countless hours of dedication, very well done.
allan ramsbottom
allan ramsbottom - 10 years ago
the fish are at front thinking its feeding time lol, they ar,nt daft!!
TheFishTeen - 10 years ago
beutifuul. How long did it take to achieve growth like this? Your SPS are massive.
Ian Das
Ian Das - 10 years ago
Cool tank, but kind of weird the fish all stay at the front of the tank and don't swim in/around the corals...
Dee From Brooklyn
Dee From Brooklyn - 10 years ago
Wish I could afford the Canon 500D. My camera sucks. Lol fantastic Tank
Fah Q Mafaka
Fah Q Mafaka - 10 years ago
@111olbap They are hard corals
ccoetzer - 10 years ago
@prettyinpiiink If "the real hobby" constitutes people like you, then yes, it does make the "real hobby" seem like a joke. You clearly have NO idea whatsoever...
reefadk - 10 years ago
Prettyinpiink ! Im sorry to burst youre tiny bubble try googling his name ;)
Pablo's Tech Tips
Pablo's Tech Tips - 10 years ago
@srt10owner You have some imagination.
srt10owner - 10 years ago
Absolutely amazing!
srt10owner - 10 years ago
@111olbap Since when did 2D backgrounds move with the current?
kenik2 - 10 years ago
Looks like a Disney movie!
Pablo's Tech Tips
Pablo's Tech Tips - 10 years ago
@BIGVIC555 High five.
Pablo's Tech Tips
Pablo's Tech Tips - 10 years ago
Am I the only one who sees something wrong?? Looks more like a 2D background than actual coral..
Nick Smith
Nick Smith - 10 years ago
TheMarkenzo007 - 10 years ago
what lights do u use
Gajolvejr82 - 10 years ago
Absolutely beautiful, you must be watching your tank constantly :-)
Jessie Pinkman
Jessie Pinkman - 10 years ago
Theres no doubt that this tank is beautiful, but for me, I'd like to see some movement there also.....where's the LPS and Softies (just a few) just to bring some movement to the coral.....
Mpompadour - 10 years ago
MESMERIZING!! This is what my dream tank would look like. Just STUNNING! Thanks for the video.
SuperGrowPlants - 10 years ago
@BIGVIC555 WTF? have you seen the fake reefs? they look like shit. this is how a real sps reef looks like, not fake, amazing.
MrPebaa - 10 years ago
Time to start fragging, send a few this way please
BIGVIC555 - 10 years ago
Beautiful, But it looks fake to me. I don't know why but it does.
Austin Ficek
Austin Ficek - 10 years ago
LOVE the colors! great looking set up!!!!
hemley emerson
hemley emerson - 10 years ago
how can you dislike this vid
Alina Maggie Jechorek-Gulley
Alina Maggie Jechorek-Gulley - 10 years ago
Your work is briliant! I am very impressed I wish you the best of luck Krzysztof from Warsaw!How could you ship to Poland amazing coral. I am upgrading my saltwater tank to 100 gallons only coral.Congratulations! Malgorzata Adamczyk Tampa Florida
sweetsugus888 - 10 years ago
TheBogmar - 10 years ago
Brak słów. Widać że Polska solidna robota.
TheRealFirecracker16 - 10 years ago
TheWip140 - 10 years ago
Witam, jaki rodzaj Świetlówek został użyty w tym akwarium Narva, SOLUX itd. bo szukam fajnej kombinacji do akwarium z Malawi i Tanganiką żeby uzyskać podobny efekt oświetlenia zbiornika stylizacja na morskie ?
Mithun Kumar
Mithun Kumar - 10 years ago
Love your tank.
hemley emerson
hemley emerson - 10 years ago
do not do what i did READ THE link over there /
hemley emerson
hemley emerson - 10 years ago
aer rules
michael uehli
michael uehli - 10 years ago
absolutly stunning, i dont think ive ever seen a more vibrant tank. seriously amazing.
justin pierce
justin pierce - 10 years ago
@xterrasesc its so perfect it looks fake or animated oor something
Hey We're Filming Here
Hey We're Filming Here - 10 years ago
How many gallons?
xterrasesc - 10 years ago
this tank is just disgustingly amazing.
TheKrispyK - 10 years ago
curious, could you post a link as to where one could purchase the lighting system you use?
kngri13 - 10 years ago
what song is??'
Corei14 - 10 years ago
TheReefChannel - 10 years ago
Very nice ... but .. don't the corals fight ? Anyway very nice.
RWalleyTX - 10 years ago
10,000 later and pulling out all your get this haha j/k very nice!
Ramila Con.
Ramila Con. - 10 years ago
Beautiful and amazing! Best Reef on youtube, I love it!
bigglikeinit - 10 years ago
this is 100th time ive seen this video and all i can say is WOW WOW WOW!
Hobbies & Gadgets
Hobbies & Gadgets - 10 years ago
I like this tank
hemley emerson
hemley emerson - 10 years ago
what are the sps in your tank?
hemley emerson
hemley emerson - 10 years ago
amazing. how many gallons?
tony london
tony london - 10 years ago
gobsmacked i am!!! 1 of the best tanks iv ever seen & i live in london england,iv had lots of fresh water tanks but in the passed,iv just set up a 160Ltr salt water tank its been 3 days all i have in it is internal pump & heater & live sand letting it cycle i can only dream of what you have going on as i wont be adding sumps or anything fancy ill be watching out for your posts please keep us all updated on your tank & goings on :)
OCReefer - 10 years ago
where are you located? id love to pick up some frags :) haha anyways beautiful tank! great work
Random21 - 10 years ago
oscarcr80 - 10 years ago
omg, that´s spectacular!!, I´m worldless. I wish I had an aquarium like yours.
Richard B
Richard B - 10 years ago
the green coral on the left, is that a green birdsnest?
steogorman - 10 years ago
how many gallon man looks great
David Letourneau
David Letourneau - 10 years ago
you using a 25k?
Tony Alonso Jr
Tony Alonso Jr - 10 years ago
How many gallons is your tank.Nice tank
CiArA LEwiNSki
CiArA LEwiNSki - 10 years ago
THATS SO AMAZING!!!! i want one so bad!!!!
samubabe101 - 10 years ago
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson - 10 years ago
so perfect the background looks fake :-) How long has this tank been running?
TypOPositiv - 10 years ago
that is an amazing reef tank!
Alexander Hallberg
Alexander Hallberg - 10 years ago
One of the most beautiful sps-tank I've ever seen. Great video!
chau truong
chau truong - 10 years ago
PristineQueen - 10 years ago
very nice!
EX - 10 years ago
Very very beautiful and thanks for sharing!
Tokyuuu - 10 years ago
@BigSkrufAudi SPS coral :P
GripzNGatz - 10 years ago
Awesome growth, you should be very proud!!
Paul Staudinger
Paul Staudinger - 10 years ago
what is the large blue coral with tree limbs
waffleman95 - 10 years ago
Is it okay to mix anemones with coral like that?by the way that is a piece of heaven u got in that tank right there, livin the dream
SerenityGamesToo - 10 years ago
Very, very nice. I'm always amazed at how some people do so well with tanks like these. Just gorgeous.
fadifanous - 10 years ago
Gorgeous reef!!! Two thumbs up!!!
dzidek1606 - 10 years ago
AquaticCastle - 10 years ago
@TimeSplittersChimp I have a Biocube and I have a 30 gal long running right now. The biocube was easier to set up the the long runs better. The difference is I have a 20 gal sump under the long, which is full of coralline algae, red mangroves, live rocks, extra substrate, and last but not least, a much larger protein skimmer than will fit in the back of my Biocube. I clean the tank about once a week and give an extra rub to the sides about half way through the week.
Dan Bowen
Dan Bowen - 10 years ago
rollie602 - 10 years ago
wow..really beautiful...what type of lighting did u use?
proformer - 10 years ago
Amazing tank, great work!
Tokyuuu - 10 years ago
Wow your SPSs are beautiful. The color is so vivid. Way to keep up a healthy tank! cheers!
sayhello2pedro - 10 years ago
I could fall in love with this tank all day...sublime, thank you for the video.
battoflitsa123 - 10 years ago
hazmittens - 10 years ago
Beautiful Korean Angelfish! superb tank. The colours are surreal.
Tuton25 - 10 years ago
I like the fact that you have big peices of coral rather than sticking a peice in every little crack
Bret K
Bret K - 10 years ago
Let a Humphead Parrotfish go in there! HAHA
Hiron 681
Hiron 681 - 10 years ago
bellissimo vale tutti i soldi spesi per allestirlo
lawzsocom - 10 years ago
looks like a traffic jam in there (ha ha).
lawzsocom - 10 years ago
Nice tank very well done I could do the same if I had the cash. Just a 55 gallon alone with decent stuff in it will run atleast $1500.
TheErtsj - 10 years ago
EX - 10 years ago
oh man, that is so nice it hurts my heart.
Bud Spencer JR
Bud Spencer JR - 10 years ago
buaaaaaffffffff very very very veryyyyy x 100000000 beautifull
Jacob Hoffman
Jacob Hoffman - 10 years ago
Love the Emperor angel! Great tank
Jais Edelmann
Jais Edelmann - 10 years ago
I love this reef, acropora is the shizzle! :)
chunkylover817 - 10 years ago
that light blue SPS in the middle of the tank, WHAT IS IT??
Paul Roadz
Paul Roadz - 10 years ago
thats just a great thing, when i move to my new house im gona have a big garage with a no wife and kids zone and im gonna start putting together a project like this, fantastic man love it .
Jonathan Romero
Jonathan Romero - 10 years ago
holy shit
silverstreek1234 - 10 years ago
goddamn. so beautiful.
artur383 - 10 years ago
BAJECZNE !!!! - Wielki SZACUN !
Nathan Brewer
Nathan Brewer - 10 years ago
What is the kind of lighting is being use to bring out the colors and how many gallons is this tank, its beautiful. i have a 65 gallon reef tank and my goal is to get it looking as good as this one is, but i have a long way to go, i also want a school of fish to swim back and forth like these do, but is my tank big enough for it.
oCaveman - 10 years ago
very nice. The colors are amazing
MrPebaa - 10 years ago
I just jizzed in my pants.
sean roche
sean roche - 10 years ago
wow amazing who are the 4 haters?
laugh190 - 10 years ago
This is amazing....
lee williams
lee williams - 10 years ago
this tank just blew my mind how any one can dislike it i dont know
pimpjuice739 - 10 years ago
Simply WOW
J henniker
J henniker - 11 years ago
seriatopora caliendrum?
J henniker
J henniker - 11 years ago
What is the large green colony on the left. really nice tank btw
HoppyfishPerse001 - 11 years ago
Fryd Boy
Fryd Boy - 11 years ago
without that site to prove it, I would'nt believe it
Avery Graham
Avery Graham - 11 years ago
your fish make it look like the coral is a background,
Gerd Koetje
Gerd Koetje - 11 years ago
Very nice tank
OCReefer - 11 years ago
@reefermadnesss lol im trying to give some inspiration, but my soft/lps tank does have good pop with my t5's but i will admit not as pretty as my 120g sps tank.
Darryl Vanacker
Darryl Vanacker - 11 years ago
@OCReefer Just as vibrant with soft corals!? I dont think so....
OCReefer - 11 years ago
@TimeSplittersChimp for something easy to setup and run i recommend a jbj28 nanocube that is led. find one on craigslist for cheap. To cycle a tank its usually 2-3 weeks. sometime later or earlier. You wont really want to grow sps corals like the ones in the videos but will be able to do the soft corals which can look just as beautiful and vibrant!
TimeSplittersChimp - 11 years ago
I really want to start a small tank with just 3 clownfish and maybe 1 or 2 more things. I am just a bit put off by how hard it looks or at least seems to look, is it hard to manage one of these tanks, cleaning, building it ect. How long does it take to get the tank set up and the coral growing and looking beautiful like that and how long before you can add fish after setting it up ? and one last thing, how do you clean it and how often ?
colossuses - 11 years ago
Absolutely great. Well done - I'd sell it on DVD;~)
andrew - 11 years ago
This is the most beautiful SPS tank around. Do you carbon dose?
Fritz Jagr
Fritz Jagr - 11 years ago
holy.... holy hell. This is EPIC.
soverjas - 11 years ago
wow holy sps A++++
Nikki Miller
Nikki Miller - 11 years ago
the most amazing tank ever!!!! Love the colors!!!
mein riff
mein riff - 11 years ago
Alex Chen
Alex Chen - 11 years ago
idk y this reminds me of avatar
djzombie11 - 11 years ago
holy crap!!! if i was a fish i would love to live in ur tank...i just started mine, check it out n tips or comments r welcomed...thank you-
BigNastyreborn - 11 years ago
to many corals lol
Mosco Kafackled
Mosco Kafackled - 11 years ago
Your corals are stunningly beautiful!
Lachlan Cooper
Lachlan Cooper - 11 years ago
this shit is amazing
Arnaldo Colon
Arnaldo Colon - 11 years ago
did you grow your sps with halides first and then t5?
Eduardo Jimenez
Eduardo Jimenez - 11 years ago
Your tank literally brought me to tears. Wonderful husbandry. Keep up what you are doing.
Wilfredo Cuevas
Wilfredo Cuevas - 11 years ago
Just incredible... Good job with that aquarium... It's wonderful...
neker rivera
neker rivera - 11 years ago
xterrasesc - 11 years ago
OHH WOW....What lighting is used...look at those colors. Nice selection of fish.
Benjamin Alldridge
Benjamin Alldridge - 11 years ago
Krzysztof - this is probably the nicest private aquarium anywhere in the world and has been for many years. You've done brilliant things in giving us all something to aspire to :)
Fabiano Pfeilsticker
Fabiano Pfeilsticker - 11 years ago
Jamis Santos
Jamis Santos - 11 years ago
i have a question im new to the hobby and this is my question will an internal sponge filter with powerhead work on a pico reef
neker rivera
neker rivera - 11 years ago
ALP'ie - 11 years ago
Whoa, never thought id say this but... that looks like too much coral! =D All in all simply spectacular!
Kim Richards
Kim Richards - 11 years ago
Hey what is the key to salt water, I have freshwater planted but would love to do something like this!
MrPalythoa - 11 years ago
Looks like 2 people have never kept SPS
VeryBadReputation - 11 years ago
How long has this tank been running? Where this SPS once frags or did you get them like this?
ReefCollege - 11 years ago
Pedro Taveras
Pedro Taveras - 11 years ago
holy mother of acropora
Conrad Sienkiewicz
Conrad Sienkiewicz - 11 years ago
If this is real.... WWWOOOOOWWW GOOD JOB!!!
procharged70cutlass - 11 years ago
@000reloaded they are anthias
Thomas Coleman
Thomas Coleman - 11 years ago
what tube colours do you run? Where do you have your tunze's in the tank?
Kent Nguyen
Kent Nguyen - 11 years ago
How can anyone dislike this video! It's freaken awesomizer!
UltimateKeylogger Keylogger
UltimateKeylogger Keylogger - 11 years ago
damn stunning tank.
Justin Muffley
Justin Muffley - 11 years ago
Can I come visit that tank, beautiful
Justin Muffley
Justin Muffley - 11 years ago
I want to come visit you, that is beautiful. Nice job!!!
tinytim797 - 11 years ago
Awesome background, try real corals though.
core zhu
core zhu - 11 years ago
omg one tree by sps ,and the color is so beautiful
Matthew Lloyd
Matthew Lloyd - 11 years ago
beautiful tank!!
Tim Stone
Tim Stone - 11 years ago
Krzysztof, congrats on TOTM mate. your system is incredible. --sbreefer
cutietwo22 - 11 years ago
I wanna see the corals up close pls:)
Lara Martin
Lara Martin - 11 years ago
This isn't real coral. But it is a real aquarium.
normad2000 - 11 years ago
Piekne gratulacje!
pokolec - 11 years ago
szacunek od ŁSAiT
Blair Fritz
Blair Fritz - 11 years ago
its so nice it looks fake! but its real! Awesome tank!
CARLOS OCASIO - 11 years ago
BIGVIC555 - 11 years ago
LOL mulvaney81 I got suckered into it as well into I read your post.
John Silverman
John Silverman - 11 years ago
zielonymintaj - 11 years ago
Awesome tank... :)
gmoney1961 - 11 years ago
Now I can fully appreciate why you won "Tank of the Month"......AMAZING!!!!
dc110770 - 11 years ago
WoW! Are these bio-pellets used instead of dosing with zeovit?
Adam Brewton
Adam Brewton - 12 years ago
@dannydmaria i agree wit u completely
Pedro Gomes
Pedro Gomes - 12 years ago
WOWWWWWW whats your lighting ?
dannydmaria - 12 years ago
Best sps tank i have seen!

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