Krzysztof Tryc - reef tank 09-2016

Colombo natural reef salt, reactor with biopellets from DVH (the Netherlands), bacteria Biogro 123 marine from DVH, Colombo colour 1,2,3 (microelements), ATI powermodule 10 x 80W.

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Colombo natural reef salt, reactor with biopellets from DVH (the Netherlands), bacteria Biogro 123 marine from DVH, Colombo colour 1,2,3 (microelements), ATI powermodule 10 x 80W.

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for Krzysztof Tryc - reef tank 09-2016

StudioReef - 4 years ago
Still to this day the best looking tank I have ever seen!
Felipe Araújo
Felipe Araújo - 4 years ago
It's amazing how your reef has been thriving! I have to say that refers like you are the ones that gives me a real inspiration to start on the hobby. I need to go for now but I will tell you later about how I am planing to start my project. Will be great to hear your opinions. I am passioned for design and the composition of your aquascape are gorgeous, well done! By the way you can check my profile and work on Instagram by searching felipearaujo_org and you will understand why I love so much aquascape compositions, corals patterns, lights etc etc :) Thank you very much for sharing!
SinCity Reefing
SinCity Reefing - 4 years ago
All I can say is WOW!!!!!
Krzysztof Tryc
Krzysztof Tryc - 4 years ago
Thank you, Matthew, it's a very nice comment. I had to change quite everything due to the old glass, old electricals cables, old pipes, etc. in January. I had to sell the most of my corals because many new things were very stressful to them. I still have some of my corals, some sps were fragmented, but the tank isn't so impressive as before. It needs time. I'm a perfectionist so it's hard to me to publish something what doesn't satisfy me. Cheers, Krzysztof
Matthew Ray
Matthew Ray - 4 years ago
Please do more current updates on your tank. I miss your videos
gflinski - 5 years ago
So much calcium absorption. Great looking corals.
DEL'S REEF - 5 years ago
love the vid look forward to more just subbed ya
Gerald Ritzmann
Gerald Ritzmann - 5 years ago
Melissa Scharenbroch
Melissa Scharenbroch - 5 years ago
I love all of the colors. Beautiful tank

10. comment for Krzysztof Tryc - reef tank 09-2016

Scott Hill
Scott Hill - 5 years ago
I think this is what everyone envisions their tank to look like when they first get into the hobby. Then reality usually sets in, but not in your case. Great job!
Shandon Burney
Shandon Burney - 5 years ago
Every time I think I'm getting somewhere with Sps I can come here and remind myself how much I suck compared to you.
MAD DOGZ TV - 5 years ago
Cesca's Reef
Cesca's Reef - 5 years ago
Very nice  :)
Rad Perez
Rad Perez - 5 years ago
Wow, amazing happy holidays
Salvatore - 5 years ago
hi, What pipes do you have in your lamp nice greetz
Euro Corals
Euro Corals - 5 years ago
Nice tank Krzysztof, Euro Corals here! We are starting a Reef Aquarium Channel. We like how you filmed the tank. What did you use? was it with a gimbal? Check out our customer tank we made it in our channel.
Pavpro Pro
Pavpro Pro - 5 years ago
Hello Krzysztof, Great and best reef in Europe!!!
Can I ask you, why you were change PS Diuna back to ATI powermodule? Is an intensity of PS was not so good as has ATI PM or anything else?
Thank you
Thi-Le Vo
Thi-Le Vo - 5 years ago
Hello! Do you have any frags of the bright yellow acro towards the middle left fs? I would really like one from you. Thanks!
ARGUS Aquarium Design&Garden
ARGUS Aquarium Design&Garden - 5 years ago
Panie Krzysztofie, najlepszy z najlepszych . Gratuluję :)

20. comment for Krzysztof Tryc - reef tank 09-2016

Ali Kh
Ali Kh - 5 years ago
Wow amazing and best SPS tank in the world, What camera and lens are you using, and we are waiting for your nest video.
dc110770 - 5 years ago
Is this a new tank? Looks amazing! Please can you do a video of your filtration system.
Luke Green
Luke Green - 5 years ago
wow what bulbs are u using nowadays krzyszof?
EgoREEF - 5 years ago
Hi! One question, is better ati powermodule than the pacific sun diuna??
DIY NANO REEF - 5 years ago
Cześć! Bardzo ładnie wygląda ten akwarium! A gdzie pan mieszka? W Warszawie?
thiel valdes
thiel valdes - 5 years ago
Hey mate what does your filtration set up look like?
Claudio de maio
Claudio de maio - 5 years ago
beautiful tank
Ruben Gomez
Ruben Gomez - 5 years ago
Great job, I need some frags! =)
Will Mersa
Will Mersa - 5 years ago
very nice!!!!!!!
Rad Perez
Rad Perez - 5 years ago
Beautiful..... Reef tank..

30. comment for Krzysztof Tryc - reef tank 09-2016

Steve Baxley
Steve Baxley - 5 years ago
Thank you, Beautiful!!
Mike Lemming
Mike Lemming - 5 years ago
Stunning!!! I wish you would do a video showing the filtration and equipment. This tank appears to be running perfectly!!!
Man Cave Reef
Man Cave Reef - 5 years ago
Joseph Berthiaume
Joseph Berthiaume - 5 years ago
Lisa DeMayo
Lisa DeMayo - 5 years ago
Krzysztof- this is the most amazing i've seen! WOW! I sent u a Fb friend request =) -Lisa D.
Jorge Macedo
Jorge Macedo - 5 years ago
Jaw dropping! Thank you for sharing.
Anthony Concialdi
Anthony Concialdi - 5 years ago
Yes please tell us more about your lighting set up. Great job, beautiful SPS Tank
Greg Demos
Greg Demos - 5 years ago
Magnificent! I always turn to your tank for what an Acro, Biopellet, t5 tank in optimum health should look like. fantastic acro selection. Would love to see some video on your sump, and routine care practices particularly with biopellets. -Greg
Djabou - 5 years ago
What are your bulbs ?
SahinurUK - 5 years ago
Krzysztof I was waiting for this new video. Best tank in the world.
brettandelle - 5 years ago
Amazing aquarium, fantastic colours. What tube combo do you use please?
mirekaju - 5 years ago
Bajkowy zbiornik, no ale i właściciel magik.Z każdego krzaka coś pięknego wyrasta.

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