MJ's Reef Tank Plumbing

Here is an overview of how i plumbed my new 234 Gallon tank and 65 Gallon sump. Also includes how I do "semi automatic" water changes, never have to lift a 5 gallon bucket again!!!! Stay Tuned!!!

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Here is an overview of how i plumbed my new 234 Gallon tank and 65 Gallon sump. Also includes how I do "semi automatic" water changes, never have to lift a 5 gallon bucket again!!!! Stay Tuned!!!

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BALD8BIL - 5 years ago
Great looking work I would like to see you do a water changes
muffemod - 5 years ago
I hate the BRS dual reactor :(
Pablo Monti
Pablo Monti - 5 years ago
chefdan87 - 5 years ago
Works great for me you must be too dumb to understand it.
muffemod - 5 years ago
no way man the reactor sux dix!
chefdan87 - 5 years ago
You must not know how to properly use it.
Sparks Reef
Sparks Reef - 5 years ago
David Miller
David Miller - 5 years ago
Nice fore thought on your design.
Shantanu Mathur
Shantanu Mathur - 5 years ago
Super Plumbing! Well planned.
Haoko - 5 years ago
Anyone that can suggest a clay that's safe for the fish but does not require a ceramic oven.
I want to handcraft some detailed rocks for a nano aquarium.
FL SHarkvictim
FL SHarkvictim - 5 years ago
Do you have a saltwater Mixing station below where your tubing is connected and goes back into your tank? See I am doing something similar. I have my saltwater mixing station in my garage and I am going to be running 1'2'' pvc around the house into the way into UP INTO my tank. So it will be semi Automatic. Currently, i JUST mix my salt turn on my pump and use a 25ft house w. a Banjo connector that IS connector my hose THAT fits over my tank sort of like the Python j-tube
thesarv88 - 5 years ago
I think our ideas of silent are different lol
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 5 years ago
mine is when there is no sound, what's yours?
FL SHarkvictim
FL SHarkvictim - 6 years ago
How do you drain the water from your sump the mag 18 correct?

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Sailing Blue Steel
Sailing Blue Steel - 6 years ago
Tea man nice Sump!!!
Eric Jenkins
Eric Jenkins - 6 years ago
I believe you people spend this much money on unnecessary equipment to make yourselves feel as if you have something great I'm running a 90 gallon regular sump with skimmer no fancy pipes with plumbing and my tank with corals look 10 times better my God you people take things to the extreme when you don't have too
FL SHarkvictim
FL SHarkvictim - 6 years ago
Who wants a bunch of boring tubes running your system when you can hard plumbing it instead. Mine is nice and simple in regards to my plumbing my 120 display! Also, I have it where i CAN do my automatic water changes where you dont have to carry around those 5 gallon jugs breaking your back pouring them in. Head over to my channel and you will see how I plumbed my 120.
Rick H
Rick H - 6 years ago
Different strokes for different folks my friend. I like to keep things simple, and yes, some people go overboard, but this system works for him ... and yours works for you so why you talking shit?
Edward Thayer
Edward Thayer - 6 years ago
hello, who made your sump?
apollyonxxx - 6 years ago
Beautifully done
strat1960s - 6 years ago
I love your system.  I'm stepping up from a 16 gal to a 50.  You've given me a lot to think about when setting my sump up.  I'm mostly looking at ways to shut off my return pump, skimmer, and reactors when the level in the sump gets too low or too high.Lets say the level in the sump gets too high.  All my pumps shut off.  How would the water level in the sump go down then?  The high level float is held in place by the water level.  Would I need to manually hold the high level float to turn on the return pump?
004ner - 6 years ago
why do you have one of the skimmer air inlets closed? why not leave both open for more air..?
Rudy Gonzalez
Rudy Gonzalez - 6 years ago
Do you have any check valves on the plumbing?
WeThePeople408 - 6 years ago
I'm blown away... Amazing set up, I'm drooling.
Ralph Garcia
Ralph Garcia - 6 years ago
How many gallons is your tank
aaron belmudez
aaron belmudez - 6 years ago
that plumbing looks amazing!!! I'm definitely going to hard pipe mine as well

20. comment for MJ's Reef Tank Plumbing

CJ'S AQUARIUMS - 6 years ago
Watched this years ago when I was first starting saltwater. Now 2 1/2 years later and more experienced I can finally understand the work u put into this... Any updates on the tank?
Steve Parker
Steve Parker - 6 years ago
NICE! Where are you located? Would hire you to set me up!
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 6 years ago
New Jersey
robertweltonvlogs - 6 years ago
I'm so jealous it's amazing great job!
sylvester7800 - 6 years ago
Very nice build. How did you setup the cool feature of starting the skimmer at a certain water level? My pump isn't fast enough to pump out the sump,and my skimmer overflows. Thanks
sylvester7800 - 6 years ago
+MJ's Channel that's fantastic. Thank you so much
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 6 years ago
all done through the apex and float switches.
Ubaid Shakir
Ubaid Shakir - 6 years ago
best and beautiful tank you have
kms55967 - 6 years ago
neatest plumbing I've seen so far! nice job!
OBI'JUAN - 6 years ago
Great job , better safe than sorry
dazzla2010 - 6 years ago
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 6 years ago
+dazzla2010 Thanks!
J Parker
J Parker - 6 years ago
What did you use to support the pvc
FL SHarkvictim
FL SHarkvictim - 6 years ago
Nice job but way to many 90 elbows which only restricts the flow on your returns. You should of you used all 45's if you do it the proper way and for the very best flow..Other then that looks good mate.

30. comment for MJ's Reef Tank Plumbing

jose mendoza
jose mendoza - 7 years ago
I like your plumbing blueprint is perfect for me start one
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 6 years ago
Thanks, glad I could help!
Dave Davis
Dave Davis - 7 years ago
Very clean setup. I'm going to be starting a new build sometime in the future and I'll be saving this video as a semi-blueprint for plumbing. Does it still look this clean or is it showing that patina that most sumps get over time.., not that it's a bad thing at all?
Dave Davis
Dave Davis - 6 years ago
Congrats on the move and best of luck with the new build. I will be watching for the next video.
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 6 years ago
Glad my design could help you, I actually moved about 6 months ago and the whole system is now in the basement of my new house. I will have a new video up once I start to put the whole thing back together. I am changing the plumbing entirely as I now have room behind the tank also!
Aaron Armstrong
Aaron Armstrong - 7 years ago
no coral. any interest in growing some or just an interest in water changes?
Bruno_p - 6 years ago
@Aaron Armstrong excactly what i was thinking..
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 6 years ago
This tank was 1 month old when I made the video and it already had a decent amount of corals, but I got into the hobby for the water changes for sure!
scott nunley
scott nunley - 7 years ago
when your sump is prettier than your display!
MrLimwad - 7 years ago
You have no interest in fish really do ya ? How much you pay the plumber to do that ? 10 grand ? Awh you paid 10 grand just to make this vid didn't ya !!
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 6 years ago
well since the plumber is myself, I guess it really doesn't matter how much I paid him, came out of my left pocket and went into my right.
MrLimwad - 7 years ago
You have no interest in fish really do ya ? How much you pay the plumber to do that ? 10 grand ? Awh you paid 10 grand just to make this vid didn't ya !!
dead pat
dead pat - 7 years ago
to me it is clean but impracticable. for one the biggest mistake i see is internal pumps there heat in a tank even with the aquarium chiller its a waste of money.external is the way to go. your piping has to much restrictions ie the 90 bends make that pump work more ie more heat ie more wasted money. "straight flow is the way to go" that is the saying in the hobby a straight pipe works the pump less allowing for a longer like better flow. i personally have 3 in sump line 1 out sump to the tank. i use 1 inch pipe with 1 4ft horizontal 1 inch pipe that bring one half inch into the tank 2 half inch back to the sum. my tank is 80 gallon reef. 4ft by 3ft by 12 inches deep flows about 400 gallons an hour from tank to sum about 800 gallon flow from the sump to the sump. with an external pressure regulated i pull no heat because i listened to the rule straight flow so no need for chiller in florida heat in a room that reaches 85 my tanks highest temp is 81 at the peak lights on 77 lights off.when i do run a chiller it kicks on at most 4 min in an hour so i save big money that way. when i did internal pumps my tank reached 87 degrees. spent the money on the external. by the way my intank circulation is 4000 gph wave movement flow using jabeo rw4 by 3 pumps. will raise intank water 3/4 of in inch and mimics natural water movement better than turbulent flow. straight stream is best for those corals that have no movement. check out an external pump and some RW4 wave pumps.
scott nunley
scott nunley - 7 years ago
your an architect
Robert Rainey
Robert Rainey - 7 years ago
Most beautiful setup & plumbing!
John Kramer
John Kramer - 7 years ago
Keith Washington
Keith Washington - 7 years ago
ugh damn you made saltwater keeping look so damn confusing for me ugh
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 6 years ago
It is actually very easy, I just like to make things difficult at times!
Mxsnow145 - 7 years ago
You sir, deserve an award. Cleanest setup ive ever seen!
A Mode
A Mode - 7 years ago
Amazing plumbing setup. Well done neat and organized.
Ken Rosecrans
Ken Rosecrans - 7 years ago
nice the tamini tang is looking good...i have an 65 gallon sps reef tank....my sump only has a chiller pump and a return a filter 200 a heater ive tried dosers...they didnt work...i took them off...they didnt keep up with the dosing i set it to. what kind of leds are those?
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 6 years ago
GHL Mitras
SJReefGuy - 7 years ago
you killed it, sumps got me in awe
Ross Wiesner
Ross Wiesner - 7 years ago
Well that is really nice looking test up all the way around. Extremely impressive. So when you do you want to come by and help me out woth my tiny 55gal DT and sump I am working on building. Lol.
Joe C.
Joe C. - 7 years ago
That is one very impressive sump set up...
Rad Ster
Rad Ster - 7 years ago
how is that shit so clean?..... did you just install that one week ago or is there some magic trick?
Shaun Hill
Shaun Hill - 7 years ago
Very nice setup, soon I will be putting together a 190 gal tank, awaiting my sump,skimmer.pumps from Life Reef, your water change system gave me an idea on how to do mine, I've been at ends on how to do this as automated as possible, pump out was tripping me up a touch, but ideas are getting easier watching videos like yours, nice plumbing job by the way.
pit asgard
pit asgard - 7 years ago
Nice and Clean installations!

50. comment for MJ's Reef Tank Plumbing

Lee majors
Lee majors - 7 years ago
what doser are you using........
Crusty rambo
Crusty rambo - 8 years ago
Dude why does everything in your tank look red.. you need to add color to it. Its a nice set up but damn look up reef tanks on te web...
Rigel Martinez
Rigel Martinez - 8 years ago
MJ, thank you. After a week of pausing and note taking my 125 tank plumbing was modeled after your set up and I am very pleased. Thank again.
tiger6102 - 8 years ago
did you make your filter yourself or you got it made by someone?
Kyle McMath
Kyle McMath - 8 years ago
Where did you find the white tail bristletooth? Also, how much did you spend if you don't mind me asking? I've always wanted one.
Street Fighter
Street Fighter - 8 years ago
Nice setup but is it really needed for tank that size no it's not lol
Dp Reloaded
Dp Reloaded - 8 years ago
Is that a 1" on that mag18 return?
Aaron Ross
Aaron Ross - 8 years ago
great plumping and sump, but all the gadgets and filtering for such a boring display tank
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 5 years ago
this was the first week of the tank being set up.
FL SHarkvictim
FL SHarkvictim - 6 years ago
Rick H
Rick H - 6 years ago
I was thinking the same thing. I would have stuffed that tank with colorful acropora and selected better fish stock IMO. But hey! Not my tank. :)
Dan Patriot
Dan Patriot - 8 years ago
looks nice and  man!!! i like it and what i really love to install is the half automatic water change system! but i dont get you well how its works!
Paul M
Paul M - 8 years ago
Very complicated hard to follow. you need a pointer to point at exactly what you are talking about.
Scott Blackburn
Scott Blackburn - 8 years ago
Wow. How does the layman get a setup like that?
TheKendrickJ - 8 years ago
water clarity is beautiful. 
dirk diggler
dirk diggler - 8 years ago
I think it's bad ass that the nicest set up I've seen clean and organized very nice
Walter R.
Walter R. - 8 years ago
What do you think of the GHL doser ?
memorex0027 - 8 years ago
won't the water back siphon after you finish refiling your tank?
JM DF - 8 years ago
Nice clean looking set-up.

Plumbing masterpiece .
Alex Lundy
Alex Lundy - 8 years ago
Liking that HOB fuge.  Hoe 'bout a vidoe of that?
Russel4973 - 8 years ago
Awesome setup. Really clever.
f4fencing - 8 years ago
Very nice set up love the watt you can Do the water changes live with no switching off
John Malveaux
John Malveaux - 8 years ago
Awesome set up!!! Did you have sump custom made? How does your water change mix salt? I am in process of planning a 150 gallon reef set up. I would like to pick your brain for ideas if ok....
max power
max power - 8 years ago
Have you had an issue with heat from the mag 18?
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen - 8 years ago
freaking awesome, craftsmanship puts mine to shame. ONLY suggestion would be less elbows = less restriction. I know you have ample power with those mags...just sayin...
DiepBlueC - 8 years ago
great job, innovative and clean. Looking forward to more progress vids!
Maikel Koetsier
Maikel Koetsier - 8 years ago
Whats the latin name of the tang?
Rozenn Le Roux-Mion
Rozenn Le Roux-Mion - 8 years ago
is plumbing hard to do?
Bryce Bushman
Bryce Bushman - 8 years ago
Well done aquarium set up and great video. Thanks for sharing.
MutatedPixel - 8 years ago
I wish i had the awesomeness to do that...
Estrella del Sur
Estrella del Sur - 8 years ago
amazing very clean job
Solo Reef
Solo Reef - 8 years ago
Awesome plumbing setup!!...definitely some of the best ive seen, good job man!
Gregory Carlos
Gregory Carlos - 9 years ago
Amazing setup! very very nice.
D Smith
D Smith - 9 years ago
Sweet tank dude. Do you ever have problems with the tank being placed in front of your electric radiant heat? I've seen a lot of people do this but it scares the crap out of me. I was afraid I would burn the house down.
Hobbies & Gadgets
Hobbies & Gadgets - 9 years ago
good job
James Ludwig
James Ludwig - 9 years ago
Very nice n clean set up !!
Joe Baras
Joe Baras - 9 years ago
man ur set up is killer dude I love it!!
MrPninja - 9 years ago
Wow very pro looking way above my brain level
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 5 years ago
rbp917 - 9 years ago
Thanks, that is amazing
dan hill
dan hill - 9 years ago
how much $ do you have in this system.
ToastedWalnut - 9 years ago
Impressive setup. Gave me a few Ideas for when i setup my reef after we move. thanks.
Obsidian762 - 9 years ago
I'm literally lost for words. That's an impressive setup.
humanoscilloscope - 9 years ago
The bullocks
Eric Jenkins
Eric Jenkins - 9 years ago
All that is unnecessary
chefdan87 - 5 years ago
Lol, you dont know what the fuck you are talking about. Fuck off troll
Eric Jenkins
Eric Jenkins - 9 years ago
All that is unnecessary
franzchouchou - 9 years ago
Not sure if I understand well but your "semi-automatic" water change setup means 1) that you have a powerful pump always running under pressure in the basement ?
2) that the clean water mixes at some point with the old one ?
samuelxrc - 9 years ago
45 degree
TheReefGuy5 - 9 years ago
that is some of the best plumbing I've ever seen! very clean and professional
fadifanous - 9 years ago
Cool video, wondering who manufactured your sump and was it custom built?
Rozenn Le Roux-Mion
Rozenn Le Roux-Mion - 8 years ago
Bobby Hakimi
Bobby Hakimi - 9 years ago
this is the best setup i have seen so far.. im definitely going to copy this =) god bless you for this amazing video and setup!! 
ROBBIE WILLIAMS - 9 years ago
what chiller is it mate
MontenegroMM - 9 years ago
ok, so do you live anywhere near miami so I can just hire you???
MrCaveman1992 - 9 years ago
Someday ill have a system as complex as this

100. comment for MJ's Reef Tank Plumbing

GastronomicEntity - 9 years ago
Looks good. Youre water change frequency and volume sounds a little high though.
willy wonka
willy wonka - 9 years ago
cjzambito1 - 9 years ago
plumbing is really well thought out good job
hh78hh - 9 years ago
how long have you had the MP40? is it true that after few months it gets noisy and after 12-13 months you may have to change the in-tank part of it?
Jason Kohn
Jason Kohn - 9 years ago
what kind of sump is that, store bought or custom made? Great setup!
madice40 - 9 years ago
Looks great ....good job.......
akhilennium - 9 years ago
Awesome setup....I hope it stays that neat in future...
Ross Faverty
Ross Faverty - 9 years ago
Shamus Constant
Shamus Constant - 9 years ago
Great Job , I'm setting up a 90 gal so thanks for the footage.
mattdiscus - 9 years ago
Great video mate looks fantastic. How did you mount those LED strip lights? I have the same ones but they keep falling off when i use 3M adhesive.
Elitellamaryder - 9 years ago
What kind of refugium and sump is that? Please reply!
orlando gutierrez
orlando gutierrez - 9 years ago
Amazing..wow !! What kind of refugium system is that..??
Doel Gutierrez
Doel Gutierrez - 9 years ago
Such a bad ass sump can't wait to get one like it!
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson - 9 years ago
Woah, seriously well thought out setup! Its given me a bunch of ideas for when I re-plumb my tank!
Adam Tjelmeland
Adam Tjelmeland - 9 years ago
Wow super clean set up!
Otto Juba
Otto Juba - 9 years ago
Sick set up man, nice first tang. Though I would recommend still siphoning the sand every month or two. Your water changing system is leet but neglects detritus buildup in the substrate. But nonetheless, epic tank. I wish I would have started my tank this neat and well thought out as this is..
Dustin Parsons
Dustin Parsons - 9 years ago
what would you estimate the cost of this kind of build to be (Just the plumbing and pumps)
Soulrider2012 - 9 years ago
Very nice job! It's very organized, clean, neat and well laid out. I absolutely love the idea of how you set up the water changes/top off. I'm all for automation where practical and possible. I've put off setting up a larger tank do to the fact that water changes and top offs would be difficult for me in my situation but you've given me some ideas that might just make it possible. Again, nice job.
bfisk89 - 9 years ago
Very impressed. Nice to see for my next build. Well done
mhunter90 - 9 years ago
Super clean, organized & extremely well thought out, I'm thoroughly impressed.
A_ Vasquez_ lift_laugh_love_n_bbq
A_ Vasquez_ lift_laugh_love_n_bbq - 9 years ago
Wow, clean and organized! Wish mine looked that way! Awsome job
Vince Putnam
Vince Putnam - 9 years ago
Great setup. I need to do something with mine to make the overflow quieter. It seems that you like playing with pvc more than your tank though. Get some more fish and corals in that beautiful tank! ;-)
Willy d. aquatics
Willy d. aquatics - 9 years ago
I like it man...messy isnt bad if you know whats what. Maybe some zip ties. Lol
Max Hydro
Max Hydro - 9 years ago
Yo why is everything so messy and ugly?
kerjs02 - 9 years ago
What App are you using on your iPhone to control your pump?
zoofergee - 9 years ago
semi automatic now that's dangerous ha but realy I can only dream of that nice of pluming on a tank
gmoney1961 - 9 years ago
Damn that is sweet......
alexr2324 - 9 years ago
Did you make a schematic of what is actually going on there, it's hard to tell in the video, thanks and nice setup!
Erik McBroom
Erik McBroom - 9 years ago
what pump u use for the water change?
david gualberto
david gualberto - 9 years ago
your over skimming...
Saul Aguirre
Saul Aguirre - 9 years ago
I hate you!!! Lol, I envy you dude. Beautiful tank and well planned and built! Im saving this video for the future when i upgrade to a 200 gallon reef. Your overflow system was what i've been looking for, thank you!
bpalme - 9 years ago
Nice job thanks for posting. I like the sump too.
915Mang - 9 years ago
BayAreaAquatics - 9 years ago
Awesome setup. I wish a semi auto waterchange system was even remotely possible in my house. It must have been fun to make that
Lucy Sarubbi
Lucy Sarubbi - 9 years ago
Where did you get your sump?
mhgrabow - 9 years ago
finally someone crazier than I am...Nice job....
Saurabh Sarang
Saurabh Sarang - 9 years ago
That looks so hi tech. It should have cost a bomb.
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 9 years ago
elite aquatics!
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 9 years ago
thanks man, spent lots of time making sure it would work 100%
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 9 years ago
hahaha dont quit! It much easier to build it when you spend the kind of money i did on this set uP!!!
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 9 years ago
thanks a lot
HammerDownRC - 9 years ago
well done very nice .. hope my 75 comes out as nice....
ELECTRIC TECH - 9 years ago
Wow very nice, gives me something to aspire to
Max Hydro
Max Hydro - 9 years ago
This setup makes me want to quit the hobby. I can't even look at my tank now lol damn nice job sir
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 9 years ago
Thanks!!! Makes me like it even more!!!!!!!
smehr39 - 9 years ago
Nice clean job on the plumbing. But that aquascape and rock is hideous.
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 9 years ago
Dont need one, I have LEDs running under my tank, 2 four foot strips, could light up my whole living room if i wanted to lol
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 9 years ago
It is made by Elite Aquatics and it is a FULLY CUSTOM sump based off of my drawings
Cody Watts
Cody Watts - 9 years ago
Awesome setup
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 9 years ago
I still have yet to add a refugium to the sump because I have not needed it yet. I will only add one if my levels rise above zero!
me26872 - 9 years ago
Nice design of sump. The idea is to filter and grow good bacteria in thi. Where to hang your fuge light?
Picachu's channel Vasquez
Picachu's channel Vasquez - 9 years ago
Wow... this is amazing. just what I like to look for... superb job fellow reef keeper..
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 9 years ago
I honestly have no idea! Lol A lot less with the LEDs rather then the metal halides
eevd350z - 9 years ago
How much is your total energy bill cost just with the entire setup?
MarkoDphoto - 9 years ago
wouldn't i make more sense to pump water out and then replace it with new saltwater?
Master Williams
Master Williams - 10 years ago
Great MJ's looking forward for more videos.
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 10 years ago
Thanks man!
MarineCritters - 10 years ago
Wow that is a setup!, that tang is amazing, never seen one like that before. I subscribed.
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 10 years ago
MJ's Channel
MJ's Channel - 10 years ago
Took a long time to find him!!!
MileHighReefers - 10 years ago
Very nice setup, I'm impressed.
notw21 - 10 years ago
ahhhh where did you get that tang! i want it so bad!

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