Mizune Reef Tank-September 2015

ZEOvit 900×600×450(mm) ATI Sun Power DimmT5 39wx8 TUNZE stream6105 ×2 TUNZE ComlineWavebox6208

Mizune Reef Tank-September 2015 sentiment_very_dissatisfied 4

Reef tank 7 years ago 64,897 views

ZEOvit 900×600×450(mm) ATI Sun Power DimmT5 39wx8 TUNZE stream6105 ×2 TUNZE ComlineWavebox6208

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for Mizune Reef Tank-September 2015

Ben Wafford
Ben Wafford - 5 years ago
Earth is flat
amold128 - 6 years ago
Hello ... awesome tank, very nice!. Can i ask : what light combinations you use for your 8 tubes?
MAD DOGZ TV - 6 years ago
Dai Takano
Dai Takano - 6 years ago
TRAVELS DOREKART - 6 years ago
Excellent aquarium :)
Henrique dos Santos Gameleira
Henrique dos Santos Gameleira - 6 years ago
I like your tank.. It´s beautiful, very nice
REEF DOCG - 6 years ago
Nice tank!
Question. I just started and I am always hearing from LPS not to purchase angels because they will eat the coral, but every tank I've seen on youtube all have beautiful coral likes yours and all have angel. Why? why do they say this? do you come across this problem?
IronChefItaly - 6 years ago
I don't have any personal experience but I chose not to go with an angel fish because of the very realistic chance that they will begin nipping at sessile corals. Maybe not in the first year, maybe not for 3 years but there are plenty reports of it and the smaller you system is the worse odds as there is less rock work to keep them busy.
Hoods Reef
Hoods Reef - 7 years ago
wat cAmera do u use?
Zebrasoma - 7 years ago
Waow! Awesome! I've subscribed. Please visit my new channel ; )

10. comment for Mizune Reef Tank-September 2015

Rad Perez
Rad Perez - 7 years ago
Beautiful corals, very nice....
Beto Junior.
Beto Junior. - 7 years ago
stunning reef
NEMO20G - 7 years ago
gorgeous tank!! ive liked and subscribed please visit my channel and subscribe :)
meeiu - 7 years ago
Those colors are so pure and intense...NICE!
rumen Nguyen
rumen Nguyen - 7 years ago
beautiful tank .. do u mind sharing what salt do you use thank u
9StickNate - 7 years ago
Great filmwork! Those are some nice looking corals.
OLG OLG - 7 years ago
What kind of lamps are you using and what their location in the lamp?
Jerlo Reef
Jerlo Reef - 7 years ago
Beautifull !
soheil Assadi
soheil Assadi - 7 years ago
Simply Amazing,

May i ask what is your PH?
Goekeli - 7 years ago

20. comment for Mizune Reef Tank-September 2015

ExopMan - 7 years ago
Awesome tank and nice article Jake ;D
Beto - 7 years ago
+mizune Looks like bigger than that ! Well done
ExopMan - 7 years ago
How big is the tank? 120 gallons? Do you have any kind of forum thread with tank specs?

Thanks :)
mizune - 7 years ago
+ExopMan Thank you very much.

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