Nano Reef Tank 25 Gallon (Canon EOS 550D Video Test)

First nano reef tank about 9 months old. Video : Canon EOS 550D

Nano Reef Tank 25 Gallon (Canon EOS 550D Video Test) sentiment_very_dissatisfied 160

Reef tank 14 years ago 562,662 views

First nano reef tank about 9 months old. Video : Canon EOS 550D

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Most popular comments
for Nano Reef Tank 25 Gallon (Canon EOS 550D Video Test)

Dejan Pavlovski
Dejan Pavlovski - 6 years ago
So beautiful almost unreal how this function
Aniket Dyall
Aniket Dyall - 6 years ago
Is it salt water? ??
Michael Haggerty
Michael Haggerty - 6 years ago
Dude seriously tangs? Wtf
Trippy Luckz65
Trippy Luckz65 - 6 years ago
Michael Haggerty so its small when he grows up its different anyways no tank can beat the ocean
Abuzer Yarar
Abuzer Yarar - 6 years ago
Barry Hutchinson
Barry Hutchinson - 6 years ago
Does look nice but the water movement is not quite right.
Amber Little
Amber Little - 6 years ago
muy bonito para una foto por que ahí ni tienen espació los peces para andar por todos lados.
Kiz Nova
Kiz Nova - 7 years ago
Poor tangs
iANN Hooo
iANN Hooo - 7 years ago
this is good!
Foyez Ali
Foyez Ali - 7 years ago
Wow ... Such a wonderful tank... i must say. i've some quesions...
1. need to know the size of the tank
2. Do you use sump?
3. the Light system. is it diy?
Chan Jack
Chan Jack - 7 years ago
Foyez Ali the vid says is 25g.

10. comment for Nano Reef Tank 25 Gallon (Canon EOS 550D Video Test)

Amy M-A
Amy M-A - 7 years ago
stunning !
ArtOfBaccarat - 7 years ago
What's that at 1:33? Thanks!~
shechshire - 7 years ago
+Mansa Musa Same thing
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 7 years ago
ArtOfBaccarat Ricordea Florida, not a Yuma.
shechshire - 7 years ago
Yuma Yuma mushroom coral.
cooper makin
cooper makin - 7 years ago
What a stunning tank great job!
GingerGamer - 8 years ago
I'm not trying to be mean, but that regal/blue tang shouldn't be kept in that small of a tank. You could probably get away with a yellow tang in a 29 gallon. Then again I loved this video!
Dave Lazu
Dave Lazu - 7 years ago
Jon Hart all species of tang should be kept in a minimum of 120 gallons. In the wild they swim a lot and can't do so in that small of a tabk
The aquatic keeper
The aquatic keeper - 7 years ago
Thank you so many people shove these guys in small tank i thing a yellow tang should be at least in a 75 not a 25!!!!
Dark Helmet
Dark Helmet - 7 years ago
no, most of those tangs need at least a 90 gallon (kole, bristletooth) most others need 180+
EnVision - 7 years ago
Im not being mean but these comments grind my gears lol. Look at it this way the fish are currentyl small and by the looks of things he probably has another tank because he definitely put a lot of money into this small tank. some people have bigger tanks to move fish into when they grow out of the smaller ones.
GingerGamer - 8 years ago
+Millz Reefing/Gaming oh yeah oops. I keep getting them mixed up. I don't keep tangs, I'm more of the clownfish/Basslets kinda guy.
Ryan Majszak
Ryan Majszak - 8 years ago
who would have guessed that the overstock police would chime in. every tank video on here has someone preaching about the fish in the tank. but I'm going to assume that whoever owns this great looking tank has the experience to understand the max size of their fish and has a plan for them when they get bigger
Mr.Ruffy - 6 years ago
Kai Angrilla yes but this tank looks still overpopulated in comparison to others
Kai Angrilla
Kai Angrilla - 6 years ago
I hate those people that say it's to small for a tang. If the tank has been up for a while and the fish look healthy don't comment about it. Nice reef
Blitzform - 7 years ago
i know, they get on my nerves, half of them dont even own an aquarium, i think they just get a little envious.
Nano Man
Nano Man - 8 years ago
Great looking tank but  the tangs need to be at least 125g IMO
piquesegue - 8 years ago
Some of these fishes become way to big and have nothing to do in such a small tank.That being said, i like the mix of corals and colors, and i can't help thinking of Wong Kar Wai films when looking at yours... maybe the music, or what i can see around the aquarium.  ;o)
Artemis Antoniou
Artemis Antoniou - 8 years ago
the most pretty nano !!!!!!!
Reef Calvetti_
Reef Calvetti_ - 8 years ago
o nano mais bonito que ja vi! parabéns. ..
Robin Burger
Robin Burger - 8 years ago
Awesome little tank. Not sure if i agree with a regal and yellow tang having to share such a small tank though...

20. comment for Nano Reef Tank 25 Gallon (Canon EOS 550D Video Test)

Discus BOL
Discus BOL - 8 years ago
inspirational tank !!!! dont know how you keep up with your parameters in such small tank ???
Santa Monica Filtration
Santa Monica Filtration - 8 years ago
With enough export and flow, you can put a fairly large amount of corals in a small tank (not fish, though).
Adnan Ahmed
Adnan Ahmed - 8 years ago
What is the size of the tank
sgt.robloxpro360 xD
sgt.robloxpro360 xD - 8 years ago
thats life of rich people i wish i had 150,000 bucks for dory n memo
PowerfulLeviB - 8 years ago
Lol horrible comment...

I can get clownfish for less than $40....
ZDG - 8 years ago
+TheReminx way way less. I'm a college student on a super tight budget and i have a tank of the same size. it took me a coupe months to save up but it was really only around 500 bucks
ZDG - 8 years ago
+sgt.robloxpro360 xD i could set this up for 500 bucks... and anyone who calls anemone fish and tangs "dory and memo" shouldn't own them anyways.
sgt.robloxpro360 xD
sgt.robloxpro360 xD - 8 years ago
Rip fish
elscrocho2k - 8 years ago
+TheReminx and its a shame dory and nemo have to live in that tiny tank. sad world
Seho Park
Seho Park - 8 years ago
rak ;)
Draco Storm
Draco Storm - 8 years ago
That is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. I want a tank like that soooo bad.
Juanma Fresno
Juanma Fresno - 9 years ago
TheSamchilders - 9 years ago
Nice setup, watch out for the tang police though!!!!!
Cesar Contreras
Cesar Contreras - 9 years ago
I bought this camera Canon 550D because of this video
ray mcknight
ray mcknight - 9 years ago
For this tank size, for the filter....did i need sump or just hang on filter but i think i dont with the corals....what your advise because i want start to keep nano reef tank...plz any body see thiss just answer...anything
shechshire - 9 years ago
A tank of this size with that kind of bio-load you will need a sump that can house a lot of biological filtration. This kind of system is not recommended for a beginner because it's easy to make mistakes when your new & with this much money invested you will lose a lot of it. You should go with an all in one nano ("innovative marine" or a "biocube") if you want something affordable & includes everything you need. It'll end up being less expensive than buying everything separately. If you want to buy everything separately & you just want some small fish then yes you will only need a hang on the back filter but remember you can't have any corals & only about 4 small fish.

30. comment for Nano Reef Tank 25 Gallon (Canon EOS 550D Video Test)

SantaMonicaHelp Assistant
SantaMonicaHelp Assistant - 9 years ago
Any suggestion for beginners trying to recreate a tank like this one?
hockeycrazy165 - 8 years ago
+SantaMonicaHelp Assistant if you want a small tank make sure you have a huge sump. Would be impossible to have these corals without tons of water
Kai Wyborny
Kai Wyborny - 8 years ago
+SantaMonicaHelp Assistant Beginner no intermediate no total expert yes is is very hard to keep levels in nano tanks with sps and clams tolerable so if your a beginner please avoid replicating this tank.
edpez - 9 years ago
What do you have as the background is it just a mirror? It looks so much better than my plain colored wallpaper
NanoAquatic - 9 years ago
As long as he has a bigger tank to transfer those fish over, should be fine :D Nice tank sir
h hh
h hh - 9 years ago
That water is so clear! Really nice tank, even if (personal opinion) i think that there are too much fish... expecially the tangs, when they'll grow they won't have much space to swim. However, i think that if you have done so in such a beautiful tank with lots of frail anemonae, you're an expert (surely more than me!) who knows what to do. Nice job again!

P.S. sorry if my english is terrible, i'm italian.
Mike Bircher
Mike Bircher - 9 years ago
Beautiful reef.  Makes me miss my 200gal reef.  I think it's about time I got back into the hobby.
Ed C
Ed C - 9 years ago
May i know what wave maker you using?
xxxseibertxxxx - 9 years ago
Vortech MP10
mario donaldson
mario donaldson - 9 years ago
That is very beautiful
Bicho Girl Channel
Bicho Girl Channel - 9 years ago
The dory is with life?
OceanboxDesigns - 9 years ago
Awesome tank!!! Beautiful aquascape. Please checkout my channel, just started a 12 gallon long reef let me know what you think.
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson - 9 years ago
Bad ass tank. Fuck the tang police. I almost didn't let my friend who's moving give me a baby tang.

When I found out he was going to freeze it bc no one wanted it I took it in my nano. Has grown a half inch in a little over a month. Now I found someone to buy it.

Nothing is impossible, but I agree fish of that size should not be housed here for long. But you never know the situation, ask questions before you jump all over someone tang police.
Aizat SKA
Aizat SKA - 9 years ago
how to make wave like that?
NanoAquatic - 9 years ago
Vortech does the trick
David Stone
David Stone - 9 years ago
maugerisking05 - 9 years ago
WOW lit with a 120w chinese LED? amazing. Thanks for putting the link in the comments about the lil write up about this dancing tank!
Ngh Lp
Ngh Lp - 9 years ago
Nice Setup, but way to small for those fish :/
Madsen HD
Madsen HD - 10 years ago
Love the tank!
ichisuke ryu
ichisuke ryu - 10 years ago
I really wanted to get a saltwater tank! i'm afraid if i start one i don't have time for holiday anymore... I know how extra care a saltwater tank than planted. With planted tank you can go for weekly water change to every 2weeks or a month..but never with a saltwater tank.
EddieTeddyzz - 9 years ago
i was thinking that when i was starting up my tank
i got no problem with no time for holidays as long as your holidays are not over a month
i got 3 tanks atm 400L 100L and a 56 L all salt water tanks
Dustin Noonan
Dustin Noonan - 10 years ago
Befriend someone In the saltwater community to check your tank while you're gone
REIF ISEPPIC - 10 years ago
Hey mate amazing tank
Jake Daniels
Jake Daniels - 10 years ago  
Before you guys give crap on the range read this it tells you how he keeps them in such a small tank.
Ben Richards
Ben Richards - 10 years ago
What tank is this?
christian Timmermann
christian Timmermann - 10 years ago
This tank is too small for that fishes u got there!!
Ben Maxie
Ben Maxie - 10 years ago
What's the coral at 0:04 ?
Ben Maxie
Ben Maxie - 10 years ago
+2ofEverything Cheers, mate
2ofEverything - 10 years ago
Pulsing/Sliver Xenia

50. comment for Nano Reef Tank 25 Gallon (Canon EOS 550D Video Test)

Daniel Nicolalde
Daniel Nicolalde - 10 years ago
Very nicely done, one of the most natural and beautiful nano tanks I've seen especially for its size.
Joey Butswinkas
Joey Butswinkas - 10 years ago
I love the frogspawn
jacques tetreault
jacques tetreault - 10 years ago
the tanks is extremely small for the tangs get them out of there
hahagager - 7 years ago
7 now
Aldo the Apache
Aldo the Apache - 7 years ago
And then another 3, they're definitely dead.
rycarvz_09 - 10 years ago
Its been 3 years already i think the tangs are dead.
Josh Bell
Josh Bell - 10 years ago
Beautiful work
mevlut cicen
mevlut cicen - 10 years ago
perfect :) tank. what kınd of equıpment your tank?
Rob's Reef
Rob's Reef - 10 years ago
Nicely Done!
Pamfilo22 - 10 years ago
I completely agree with you, like I replied to the other person they will need a bigger home soon. I am just happy to see the fish doing well and no it is not fine for so many fish to be in such a small tank. I do not have saltwater fish only freshwater, but I know most of those fish will out grow the tank. I know he will care for them and move them someday. :)
Ren-Nicole Emanil
Ren-Nicole Emanil - 10 years ago
i love it..
FillUmUpp - 10 years ago
FillUmUpp - 10 years ago
i like the water movement, anyone know what he/she is using?
احمد عبد المنعم حمودة
احمد عبد المنعم حمودة - 10 years ago
veri nice
Garfian Gantara
Garfian Gantara - 10 years ago
really beautiful
Nerdist Aquarist
Nerdist Aquarist - 10 years ago
This tank is so beautiful it's ridiculous
Greg Allen
Greg Allen - 10 years ago
The tank looks amazing and the video was very well done! I do have to give you crap for keeping tangs in a 25 gallon tank though. *sigh*
Eugene Sanchez
Eugene Sanchez - 10 years ago
Wow beautiful, i dont know how you keep it so full seems like too many fish, you either do daily 30% water changes or you have another 50 gallon sump underneath it, hehe beautiful reef !!
Tan Giang
Tan Giang - 10 years ago
Tang Police!!!
Phileas Fogg
Phileas Fogg - 10 years ago
This makes me feel really good, so relaxing!
wildabeeeest - 10 years ago
This is literally the most beautiful nano ive ever seen but i hope you move those tangs to a tank atleast bigger than 75 gallons
Reefer Nanoman
Reefer Nanoman - 10 years ago
One of the best tank and video that I have ever seen! I would just be a bit nervous to have so many fish! Any updates?
Fortis Silicis
Fortis Silicis - 10 years ago
Andy Hu
Andy Hu - 10 years ago
how the fuck is that 25 gallons?
K4Lku - 10 years ago
What brand is this tank???
Pamfilo22 - 10 years ago
Pamfilo22 - 10 years ago
Hahaha calm down there is no need for so much hate. There is such a thing as buying a new home for the fish when they get larger. Yeah it is overstocked and yeah it would be extremely bad if he did not care for them. You can obviously see that he does care more than most fish keepers. Better to be there for a while than not being cared for in a petstore. Have you seen how fish look like at the store? Or even with other owners they die from miscaring for them, yet these live.
john majdic
john majdic - 10 years ago
chill douche, YOLO
Johndelco223 - 10 years ago
This is relaxing man!! Love this .
Jason tran
Jason tran - 10 years ago
LOL this reminds me of hawaii
jay212851 - 10 years ago
That is absolutely moronic. Please go onto any fish forum on the internet and pose that theory, see the replies you get. I am even willing to bet that your local fish store, who generally only care about taking your money, would tell you that is a terrible idea.
jay212851 - 10 years ago
Yes they are incredibly packed with life for their small size, they just happen to be surrounded by the largest aquarium on earth, not a 20 gallon nano aquarium. The coral setup is perfectly fine, although it will just grow more and maybe start to fight for space. However, having one tang in this tank borders on idiocy, while having two is just cruel to tangs. Color has nothing to do with the fact that tangs need tanks that are 4 + feet long to be able to swim their long active laps they like.
jay212851 - 10 years ago
That is utterly retarded. You are saying by giving the fish enough colorful corals that minimum tank size requirements set by marine biologists and tank experts no longer matter? This tank is beautiful, there just happens to be entirely too many fish, many of which get too big to be kept singly in this tank. Under no circumstance should a tang be in a tank that is this small. Borders on cruelty to the fish. Tangs by nature need large, long aquariums (4 feet long) to swim their laps.
Juansix TeenWolf
Juansix TeenWolf - 10 years ago
Please how did you do that
Pepper Spice
Pepper Spice - 10 years ago
Music you picked for the video was great, really suited :)
Kieran Revell-Reade
Kieran Revell-Reade - 10 years ago
Clearly you have never seen a coral reef, which is the most densely populated environments on earth, also, the colouration of these fish demonstrate just how healthy they are.
magicstix0r - 10 years ago
Considering none of the fish are showing signs of stress (which is surprising given he's got two tangs in a tank that small), I'd say they're fine with it.
John Tran
John Tran - 10 years ago
That is so f@ckn EPIC!!
Boywithafishtank - 10 years ago
Guys, stop being so damn negative. If it works for him, it works for him. There are so many different opinions in this hobby, and you can almost anything, if you just are willing to set enough time and effort into it. This tank is not overstocked if the fish are doing well, its only overstocked if the fish are stressed, nitrate/nitrite/ammonia/phosphate is high, or aggression level is high. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with this tank at all. Good job! Dont care what others say.
TekkenGodZafina - 10 years ago
Son, you're stopped by the grammar police. Please return to second grade and understand the difference between, "your" and "you're." Good day.
Rob's Reef
Rob's Reef - 10 years ago
Awesome Nano!
Tuton25 - 10 years ago
To all the tang police out there listen up: Someone with the skill to put a tank together this well must obviously know that these fish CANNOT live out their entire lives in this tank, and has made plans to move the fish as they grow...
Jirayu Jasdanikorn
Jirayu Jasdanikorn - 10 years ago
Tristan J
Tristan J - 10 years ago
Son do you know what I'm stopping you for? You have a 180 tang in a 25 gallon, son your arrested and charged with a $1500 fine, shut down your tank and send yo fish to your LFS, if I catch you doing this again, you'll be in big trouble. ~ Tang Police. Now please take care of your poor fish, and give them a larger home before this kind of situation becomes real, like if you agree.
Peter Kulesza
Peter Kulesza - 11 years ago
There's nothing wrong with tangs in a smaller tank as long as you know that at some point (soon) you will have to trade it back for a smaller one and that way you can indeed keep tangs in smaller tanks.
S Johnson
S Johnson - 11 years ago
Ridwan Lay
Ridwan Lay - 11 years ago
nice tank! n u also got nemo's eggs... !
ScreamingForClemency - 11 years ago
dude. look how small they are. obviously they will have to be moved up to a bigger tank later.
ScreamingForClemency - 11 years ago
ha. nice.
hockeycrazy165 - 11 years ago
your moms
Justin Culbert
Justin Culbert - 11 years ago
Cloud it's pulsing xenia
Elton Nguyen
Elton Nguyen - 11 years ago
What's that coral, the very first with the opening and closing polyps?
wrcrally12 - 11 years ago
awesome looking tank!

100. comment for Nano Reef Tank 25 Gallon (Canon EOS 550D Video Test)

PhenixMedia - 11 years ago
RicksReefs - 11 years ago
water changes do wonders
RicksReefs - 11 years ago
does your tank look as healthy? I don't see any videos that you posted.
RicksReefs - 11 years ago
because until now the tang police hadn't arrived :)
ecronshaw1 - 11 years ago
What are your settings on your Vortech to get the gradual back and forth wave?
40reefer - 11 years ago
@Ernest wegiel, it looks like an mp 10
613joy - 11 years ago
I wonder if it is still up and running with the orginal fish.
Axel Tayson
Axel Tayson - 11 years ago
Lol I was thinking the same thing! Their is a crazy amount of stock in that tank! It looks pretty tho!
Adrian Marchi
Adrian Marchi - 11 years ago
Did I really count 9 fish in a 25 gallon? LOL? Not to mention 2 tangs. proper reef keeping at its finest!
Christian - 11 years ago
It's beautiful, nice job.
Jamesy ツ
Jamesy ツ - 11 years ago
Oh yeah shit.
Alex Noel
Alex Noel - 11 years ago
Nope. Frogspawn.
Iheartsamadams - 11 years ago
beyond gorgeous nano reef! great job!
Jamesy ツ
Jamesy ツ - 11 years ago
Hammer Coral
Pamfilo22 - 11 years ago
The tank the corals and fish I mean yeah people will say too many fish and stuff, but you can prove them wrong by just showing those such beautiful colors. No fish has such bright colors and are unhappy :) lovely tank!
jefke8345 - 11 years ago
To much fish
adam h
adam h - 11 years ago
What's the coral at 0:18, I have one in my tank but I've no idea what it is.
Earnest Fishead
Earnest Fishead - 11 years ago
Nice looking tank but massively overstocked with inappropriate species. I wish people would do their research before keeping animals.
Weazell - 11 years ago
1:36... Pretty sure I dated her in high school
TheDribblefish - 11 years ago
nice video :)
Scott Cleverly
Scott Cleverly - 11 years ago
Cool tank but can u say over crowded Jesus
Triop - 11 years ago
mine, mine, mine, mine, mine.... watch?v=H4BNbHBcnDI
Tom V
Tom V - 11 years ago
please check out my channel if you like nano reefs
Poderoso77 - 11 years ago
That is the best aquarium
Ernest Wegiel
Ernest Wegiel - 11 years ago
what are you using for the wave maker?
RicksReefs - 11 years ago
you dont want them
muffemod - 11 years ago
It's a red hard tube coco worm.
CoeurDuPetitPrince - 11 years ago
Good thing fish dont have developed nervous systems :D
Homur Seempsone
Homur Seempsone - 11 years ago
Fish can't be claustrophobic.
Homur Seempsone
Homur Seempsone - 11 years ago
Never listen to the old coots who tell you to not put tangs in anything under 50 gallons. :^)
Scott W
Scott W - 11 years ago
This looks really cool but I'm telling you right now if i was one of these fish i would want to kill myself living with that many house mates in a tank the size of my kitchen sink. JMO
ichisuke ryu
ichisuke ryu - 11 years ago
THE BEST NANO REEF I'D EVER SEEN! Its like you stole a slice of masterpiece under deep sea. :)
Tobia Piccolo
Tobia Piccolo - 11 years ago
Bellissimissimo, ma è veramente così?
mymovievideos - 11 years ago
I want a tank like this. Show us how to do it
OhmannOcean - 11 years ago
Green Star Polyps
Justin Culbert
Justin Culbert - 11 years ago
What is the coral at 0:29 ?
Felis sylvestris
Felis sylvestris - 11 years ago
fully professional video, tank is stunning, image quality amazing!
ichisuke ryu
ichisuke ryu - 11 years ago
It's like the whole cast of FINDING NEMO!!!! There's Dorryyy!!!
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 11 years ago
If you don't leave right now, i will, oh how do I say this delicately for your little pussy? Oh I remembered, I will rape you, kill you, and then show that to your horror mom, then rape and kill her. Then I'd leave.
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 11 years ago
55 is only 12 inches wide, still too small
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 11 years ago
Hippo tangs need an 180 gallon 6 x 2 x 2 as an adult IMO Yellows, maybe a 75 4 x 18 x 20 (I think) Tank is way overstocked and inappropriately stocked.
EnergizerV2 - 11 years ago
thank you!
Mauro Moreira
Mauro Moreira - 11 years ago
beautiful tank.
EnergizerV2 - 11 years ago
whats the fish at: 0:42 ??
Gustavo Hernandez
Gustavo Hernandez - 11 years ago
This tank is amazing !!super clean keep up the good work
Hung Tran
Hung Tran - 11 years ago
beautiful tank. love the color what light do you use? how many powerhead(s) do you have on this tank?
N Villegas
N Villegas - 11 years ago
BRAVO... blend with music...magnifico !
Simone Lanzano
Simone Lanzano - 11 years ago
oyf709 - 11 years ago
just because those tangs got stunned and stay small doesn't mean it is good for them
oyf709 - 11 years ago
er... a blue tang and a yellow tank in a single 25gallon ?
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas - 11 years ago
so beautiful
ROBBIE WILLIAMS - 11 years ago
Buy them regardless*
ROBBIE WILLIAMS - 11 years ago
Course they get away with it u fucking moron , u cud keep it in a mug Of water if the conditions are right , fact is they need large systems as there big grazers and get very stressed with little swimming space . That's when like pricks like u come in and by them regardless and think nothing of it
vwgolfnutter - 11 years ago
Nice tank, really stunning corals, if i were to add one little criticism it does look a bit over crowded with the amount of fish and size of fish but hopefully you have/had a plan for this anyway.
TiSilver330Ci - 11 years ago
Obviously, at the time, it did ok. I know plenty of people who have smaller tangs in smaller tanks. Had them for YEARS without any problems. What people say about tangs are just a rule of thumb, not law.
ROBBIE WILLIAMS - 11 years ago
i know what a fucking joke, wudnt surprise me if he kept a horse in a shoe box judging by this
Duane Merchant
Duane Merchant - 11 years ago
nice work
Patrick's Aquatics
Patrick's Aquatics - 11 years ago
500th comment and 1000th like right here...nbd
AquaticNatureProjects - 11 years ago
That is an absolutely beautiful aquarium. Amazing video quality, as well. Thumbs up for sure!
Matt Saul
Matt Saul - 11 years ago
I hate when people comment on tangs in a small aquarium. How about everyone relaxe- theres proven ways to get tangs out of a small aquarium without consequences- just enjoy the damn video!. Excellent video- any sump shot? Pellets? Dosing? what are some of your methods?
dumerilsDNA - 11 years ago
how are you getting away with two tangs in there?! awesome looking tank!
fabio carta
fabio carta - 11 years ago
good good good my is italian ...your fish surgery blue (paracanthurus hepatus) is very very beautiful...answers
Alley Lee
Alley Lee - 11 years ago
marvelous..i wonder how do you maintain your amazing...
Felis sylvestris
Felis sylvestris - 11 years ago
Ghent Scott
Ghent Scott - 11 years ago
yeah people saying its overstocked..... possibly. Everyone is getting along. The tangs will stay small due to tank size (maybe not a good thing). But water quality must be really good as tank is clean, clear, and SPS are colored up nicely.
paul armstrong
paul armstrong - 11 years ago
what lights aer being used??
Ciccio De Ciccis
Ciccio De Ciccis - 11 years ago
is possible to have all the names of the corals? I would put them in my own aquarium. thank you very much
Mikhail Magpayo
Mikhail Magpayo - 11 years ago
Wow! This is one of the most colourful nano-reefs I have seen on YouTube! Amazing, are you running a sump? Its so stocked for that size aquarium
Derek W
Derek W - 11 years ago
this is the best reef tank I saw so far in Youtube... everything is very well maintained!!! The music matching is even better~~~ so wonderful! Lovin' IT!!!
MrBossHogOutlaw - 11 years ago
everything looks healthy... nothing is acting stressed.... If it works and that what you want..... looks great
holymackerel013 - 11 years ago
I want to build a marine tank as well & I have been researching smaller tanks. I understand they can be quite a challenge. I've also been reading that with nano tanks, there should be more emphasis on the corals and such. Very few fish if any at all... so I was surprised to see this many fish crammed into 25 gallons.
Wankum112 - 11 years ago
soo amazing.-O
tory mikamura
tory mikamura - 11 years ago
Fucking beautiful... Amazing man
muffemod - 11 years ago
Looks like a ricordea mushroom
Chavez - 11 years ago
whats the thing at 1:33 called
K H Fok
K H Fok - 11 years ago
Beautiful reef tank setting with coral and fishes in a small aquarium.
maugerisking05 - 11 years ago
stolen video!!!!!!!!!!
fishymister - 11 years ago
Nice nano tank i wish mine had the lighting and corals like yours
Eli Gonzalez
Eli Gonzalez - 11 years ago
lve the wter movement. what pumps are using to get that great wave motion
soysushi - 11 years ago
Amazing tank. Crystal Clear water. How's the tank doing now? Hopefully anything didn't happen to the tank. It looks like it was running for a long time now when you put up this video. Will be a shame if something unexpected happened
MrBAchompBAchomp - 11 years ago
Amazing tank! I love the water flow Check outmy nno ntank vid, not anwhere ear as cool as yours tho.
chemchris2 - 11 years ago
Yeah how is everything not dead?
emochocolateaddict - 11 years ago
those tangs can grow to 9-12 inches, especially the blue hippo tang, so a 25 gallon tank is not quite large enough to house even one adult tang
Charles Rauch
Charles Rauch - 11 years ago
Wow yellow and blue tang, hope they are going to a larger home soon. Thats like making you live in a 5x8 bathroom only.
likearollinstone85 - 11 years ago
Nice! Where you get that camera?
Jack Fink
Jack Fink - 11 years ago
How much would this exact tank/setup be please have links to buy?
guidedbyechoes - 11 years ago
looks like a tube worm
Milo O'Neill
Milo O'Neill - 11 years ago
What's the problem with having the tangs in the same tank?
Игорь - 11 years ago
шикарный аквариум
Bakerfish17 - 11 years ago
whats the red coral at 0:30
RUBEN C - 11 years ago
Beautiful pice of ocean you got ...... Love it 10+ ;)
1knightstand007 - 11 years ago
Francisco Pino
Francisco Pino - 11 years ago
susk my dick mother fkkrs. ... this tanks is beautifull. congratzzz dude, nice tank..
Jeff S.
Jeff S. - 11 years ago
(taos poster on shoulder) um, yeah, can we talk? Anything more than 10 gal. is NOT A NANO REEF!!! Okay? What I gotta do to get that through people's heads? it's a SMALL reef, but it ain't a nano. Guys like me who successfully kept salt/reef 7-bows going, risked our money and shared the info on how to do it with the rest of you were the hard core muthazz who blazed the trail. So don't put no "25 gallon nano" BS in my face. Man up and do a 7 or less, then you can sit at the grownups table.
Afrankiewicz - 11 years ago
its pretty but yea these people are right, i'd normally side with you but you cant have two tangs which both need over 125 in a 25.....
Nathan Brewer
Nathan Brewer - 11 years ago
I got it, its a wave box, am i right?
Nathan Brewer
Nathan Brewer - 11 years ago
How do you get the water and the corals rock back and forth like that and what do you use, i realy want to get my 65 gallon reef aquarium to do that asap. thanks
Wahaha Chao
Wahaha Chao - 11 years ago
Your need to have more fishes inside. I can still see water.
Chupa cabra
Chupa cabra - 11 years ago
fuck you! how woulld you feel if shove you right back in your mama's pussy!
DeepCover66 - 11 years ago
...gimme a break, KNEW someone would jump on this band wagon.
joseph Mendez
joseph Mendez - 11 years ago
90% of those people who say oh you cant do this you cant do that fail at reefing themselves. So why do they try and tell people what to do. One of the best nano reefs ive seen keep up the good work bro.
5secondfuse - 11 years ago
Fuck the haters! This tank is beautiful. He bought the fish from a pet store where the fish are kept in smaller tanks I'm sure they're more than happy. Crystal clear water and colorful healthy corals. Awesome!
Keith Hargis
Keith Hargis - 11 years ago
Just because someone is able to do something doesn't mean that they should. Very simple rule: educate yourself before putting something else's life into risk. I agree animals are not people, but that doesn't mean that they are in infinite amounts only for our pleasure.
tommy v
tommy v - 11 years ago
it soo beautiful!! i wish i had your diligence !!
lol syke
lol syke - 11 years ago
i dont care... i would love to be one of those tangs anyday =]
iPODtouchUSER1995 - 11 years ago
Yes I can tell what a fish needs and there IS a measuremen on how much it swims. Tangs swim several miles everday and the Paracanthurus hepatus can get one FOOT long and this aquarium is only be about 2 or 3 times as long as the fish will be. Do you want to live in a room in which you can only take three steps? I doubt it. And frankly, I dont care about your opinion because this is animal cruelty. If you need to keep such a tang, he needs an aquarium with a minimun of 15times its bodies lenght
jared harvey
jared harvey - 11 years ago
Simply amazing!!! Nice set up
SUB - 11 years ago
Get off the guys back if he wants to put tangs in a 25 thats his choice and how the hell people can say them tangs are unhappy are idiots u cant say what a fish is feeling people put gold fish in bowls other animals in small cages so fucking what get a grip ppl its his money and his choice. Cool tank mate.
iPODtouchUSER1995 - 11 years ago
Thi is less than 100 litres and yet you still have tangs which are only suitable for tanks beyond one THOUSAND litres.......motherfu***** animal cruelt that is. Give away the tangs!!! In my opinion, a hundred liters is even too small for clown fish!!
Christian Maradona
Christian Maradona - 11 years ago
penyiksaan bener dah..
Jessie Pinkman
Jessie Pinkman - 11 years ago
It makes me really sad to see the majority of tanks proudly displayed on youtube that are overstocked beyond the ridiculous. Some people are unfortunatly given bad information on forums and LFS, others know they are being cruel to the fish, but dont care, this guy is the second one!
wildabeeeest - 11 years ago
i love the tank and everything man, one of my fav nanos ive seen but dude you got 8 fish in there, 2 being tangs, take atleast 5 of em out and dont leave any tangs
derotemine - 11 years ago
as corals that you call?
Aznyoyoboy N
Aznyoyoboy N - 11 years ago
because he can.....
Matt Baar
Matt Baar - 11 years ago
hey just so you know clean water is only good for the aquarist, if you've ever been diving you would know water is not crystal clear and fish breeders never have clear water in their tanks
Noel Bonilla
Noel Bonilla - 11 years ago
Which lamp has the tank
Jared Oliver
Jared Oliver - 11 years ago
probably the most appropriate reef tank music yet
23sicko23 - 11 years ago
in english: when I'm mad my mum puts this on for me
23sicko23 - 11 years ago
to mama meni pusti za smirenje
Bryce Couture
Bryce Couture - 11 years ago
is this still running? , bueatiful tank
Johndelco223 - 11 years ago
What is the name of that song????
derotemine - 11 years ago
someone could tell me the names of the fish?
dexterforensic101 - 11 years ago
capsaicinrain - 11 years ago
If you notice, this channel is for photography. It probably isn't his own tank, therefore none of these comments are getting to the owner.
Michael Berthiaume
Michael Berthiaume - 11 years ago
Take the tangs out of this tank its way to small for them...hate me if you will...but blue tangs get up to 12+ inches and grow extreamly fast, shortly you will have 2 problems no matter what filtration system you have first, high nigtrogen levens second a fish that can even swim in the tank he is in Blue tangs need 200+ gal yellow tanks 75+ gal plus you are going to add issues to your system by having a damsel in the tank with the clown and tangs damsels get agressive as they age...fix this plz
elton morales
elton morales - 11 years ago
es muy tontito
regfregf - 11 years ago
Cant have those fish in there man...
regfregf - 11 years ago
Was just about to comment on those fish, ++K
23sicko23 - 11 years ago
pre brutalnooo, stari moj ja kad sam probom zaciklirat aq sam se sjebo... cijano bakterija mi je ugusila fragove
Jake Gate
Jake Gate - 11 years ago
mag2194 - 11 years ago
thumbs up if you thinks that fish is best pet!
elF3RCH0 - 11 years ago
I fell in love with this unreal looking reef tank. It almost seems magical. I could just stare at it for hours. I think its just perfect!
Eveonlinenight - 11 years ago
Hi I have just set up a tank the same size as this one and have been looking for advice on how to start it off to get it as nice as this one here any help would be good thanks
Ben Last
Ben Last - 11 years ago
blue/regal tang yellow tang bicolor pseudochromis sixline wrasse ocellaris clown black ocellaris clown and believe thats a bicolor blenny but not 100% sure
Glenwald - 11 years ago
lets see all these nubs show vids of their tanks
Aqua Man
Aqua Man - 11 years ago
Tank is ridiculous.... one of the best on youtube. I can't get the song out of my head, what song is it?
muffemod - 11 years ago
chris isaacson
chris isaacson - 11 years ago
nope, reefing isnt about have the nicest coral, its about providing a good environment for your livestock, which this guy is failing to do.
muffemod - 11 years ago
jealous much?
Piper Thomas
Piper Thomas - 11 years ago
Beautiful tank but you NEED to get those tangs outta there
Peter H
Peter H - 11 years ago
I see this was uploaded in 2010 but well done, that is one impressive tank, unbelievable colours, crystal clear and looks so healthy too. I'm very jealous. I have just got myself a Canon 60D, could I please ask you for suggestions on settings and types of lenses I should be using for aquarium videoing... Also did you have auto focus or did you manually focus these shots? Cheers.
chris isaacson
chris isaacson - 11 years ago
your tanks sucks, and you suck. you fail at reefing.
sad9997 - 11 years ago
Yea Me and this bro have a lot in common. We are both bros who have no idea how to take care of fish. 2 we both yearn to re create finding neemo. 3 all of our fish hate there lives and will die soon.
Danny McCaffrey
Danny McCaffrey - 11 years ago
Wow. I don't think I've seen a tank more beautiful. But from what I read here it's too good to be true.
leo90au - 11 years ago
I have to laugh reading your comment aswell, thing is its the same as it legal to eat dogs in Asia or you can keep an Elephant in a 5m x 5m cage for the rest of its life, people are going to be opinionated and have strong feelings against things that just arnt right, its simple and comparing this to your ocean and 150g tank comparison is idiotic..
Jason Bottin
Jason Bottin - 11 years ago
Beautiful tank, I would love my first tank to look like that, although my fish choice would be slightly different. The corals look amazing.
Joe bob
Joe bob - 11 years ago
Spongebob music lol
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 12 years ago
Amazing tank, but insanely overstocked.
Sam Brumley
Sam Brumley - 12 years ago
lol love the reposting hahahaha! Ya thats a heavy bioload, small tank, and those fish have GOT to be oversized if theyre even alive.
ctenochaetus - 12 years ago
I have mine tangs in 300 litters aquarium for 4 years and are still happy.
ctenochaetus - 12 years ago
As you see this aquarium has Top quality of water and for the fishes is better to have good clean water rather to be in huge aquarium with fool of nitrates. I guess you don't know much about reef aquariums
ctenochaetus - 12 years ago
By the way I like the IMAC too. Old one but nice !
ctenochaetus - 12 years ago
Your Aquarium is beautiful Bravo. Nice cam too I have Nikon D5100 but I think Canon has better video. Thanks for sharing.
Johndelco223 - 12 years ago
What's the name of that song?????
ultramaximus - 12 years ago
Very nice - I love the seamless edges of the tank - very bright and clean
AbbySterry - 12 years ago
0:50 DORY!
Piper Thomas
Piper Thomas - 12 years ago
thank you sooo much! Its so pretty im def getting one when i get my 29 gallon bio cube!
jedimaster8691 - 12 years ago
It's called Xenia. it's a soft coral and can grow super fast and spread everywhere. I've actually grown so much that I cultivate it and trade for other corals.
Piper Thomas
Piper Thomas - 12 years ago
Does anyone know what type of coral the first soft one is? It's the one that is white with orange and opens and closes... Thnx!
dreamthunder - 12 years ago
Where did you purchase your live rock and fish? I love this tank.
fitztheviking - 12 years ago
that torch is so hypnotic. what a lovely tank. really good for nine months.
TheBRikSchitthaus - 12 years ago
Beautiful set up, amazing
Jamie McNicholas
Jamie McNicholas - 12 years ago
whats the maximim number of fish you can put in a 25 gallon, and whats the biggest size?
Cesar Contreras
Cesar Contreras - 12 years ago
I just bought the same camera you have because this video. I cant have same colors as you have, did you edit the video? mine look my video at my channel
BlackMetalHeart85 - 12 years ago
skunkwork209z - 12 years ago
man that a beast tank for a 25 gallon with all that fish and soft corals... i like.
HalogenBurn - 12 years ago
What kind of a tank is this, an Ada? Although I don't think so because of the curved corners. Obvs this guy won't answer, but can anyone else help me out?
dabarman - 12 years ago
nice clip except the 2 tangs in a 25G tank lol
hesis yo
hesis yo - 12 years ago
0-0 so nice!!
Ned Mollenhagen
Ned Mollenhagen - 12 years ago
good stuff wicked tank i love tanks full of softies:)
cbranin45 - 12 years ago
Too many fish. Once they grow. Your fucked lolol
Chris Donohue
Chris Donohue - 12 years ago
way toooooo many fish
coralwilli ulrich
coralwilli ulrich - 12 years ago
I want it
coralwilli ulrich
coralwilli ulrich - 12 years ago
I love your tank:)
Alex Noel
Alex Noel - 12 years ago
I think its the mp10 on a high setting.
Alex Noel
Alex Noel - 12 years ago
recorded your video, have your tunes in my ipod now. Now I will be forever envious of your tank in my car.
Ryan G
Ryan G - 12 years ago
Is it the filter that is making the water slosh back at forth and making the reef move?
450rmack - 12 years ago
looks bigger than 25G. Maybe 40G.
ImFairy - 12 years ago
WOW so beautiful! now i want one for myself!
viry Lopez
viry Lopez - 12 years ago
I officially hated my fish tank. I wished all the fishes just drowned;o
Erik - 12 years ago
2 tangs in 25 gallon tank = cruel.
Matt Meyers
Matt Meyers - 12 years ago
thumbs if you were bobbing your head with the coral in the beginning
DaKingD123 - 12 years ago
@furer42 royal gramma or it could be a fake gramma not much difference
Jamiedowno - 12 years ago
a fan of finding nemo?
suscribe4more - 12 years ago
cool tune
ALP'ie - 12 years ago
@ciaputa You can tell there is an EcoTech Marine Vortech MP10 on the back.
ALP'ie - 12 years ago
At first I was like, Oh nice, cool, nice clown, then I seen the Yellow tang I was like okayyyyyy this guy is crazy, then I seen the Blue Tang and I was like WTF! I am not for those people who tell me I can't keep fish in this or that, but even I can tell you this is wrong.
ALP'ie - 12 years ago
@furer42 Royal Gramma
Mike Ciaputa
Mike Ciaputa - 12 years ago
looks great. What kind of wave maker do you have?
Toni Stark
Toni Stark - 12 years ago
One Word : Overstocked. And that Heteractis crispa there. In 25 gal... you kidding me ? That anemone will fill half of your tank.
furer42 - 12 years ago
what is the name of the purple-yellow fish?¿ i need to know it! Thanks :)
eatspaste - 12 years ago
well, it's been over a year now since this upload, my guess is that the yellow tang has starved to death, and the blue hippo quickly outgrew the tank and stressed everybody out. I usually don't mind pushing number of fish a bit higher than the standard, especially when the person has as clean a tank as you do. It is obviously well maintained. But you really ran past that and just over did it.
Ian Das
Ian Das - 12 years ago
@DemoManTrey yeah! Mine was a 5 gallon and I had twice that many fish. Who cares if life expectancy should be 10+ years for these fish. They sure were pretty for those two weeks
Timothy Curry
Timothy Curry - 12 years ago
Lol!!! @ 30sec..
IceV - 12 years ago
when did this guy say that the tangs were in there forever???
FreeJump3r - 12 years ago
iPODtouchUSER1995 - 12 years ago
Doctor in 25gal? I´m sorry, but your crazy. Poor fish.
hpolascik - 12 years ago
One word "BEAUTIFUL"
jonathan powell
jonathan powell - 12 years ago
um this is the sexiest lil nano I have seen in a while!!!!!!!!!!!!! color and health of your corals and fish def show you do not need to even comment on half of your comments haha. good job
waterkeeper03 - 12 years ago
@Thatguywithlogic I heard they like, eat the algae err.... whatever...
Sam Sutnovsky
Sam Sutnovsky - 12 years ago
@waterkeeper03 That's due to stunted growth. It's not a good thing.
waterkeeper03 - 12 years ago
@Thatguywithlogic naaaa aaahhh.. I totally heard like, they don't grow when they're in a smaller tank.. err.. whatever..
Sam Sutnovsky
Sam Sutnovsky - 12 years ago
@waterkeeper03 Just about anything if fine TEMPORARILY when small...but everything grows with time.
waterkeeper03 - 12 years ago
I'm just sayin.. both tangs are smaller than the clown @Thatguywithlogic
Sam Sutnovsky
Sam Sutnovsky - 12 years ago
@waterkeeper03 I'm not. Just saying it's pretty stupid. A big fish in a little tank looks really shitty.
waterkeeper03 - 12 years ago
@Thatguywithlogic blahblahblahblahblahblah hope your offended.
Sam Sutnovsky
Sam Sutnovsky - 12 years ago
@waterkeeper03 A wave maker...? Just a guess. 'Tang police' are justified here... A hippo tang gets nearly a foot long. Matter of fact my parents have a 14 year old one that's around 11" It's like keeping a german shephard in a 3x3 cage its whole's not right.
ImSuperTrooper - 12 years ago
@TropheusJon Bicolor Blenny
PowderTangJon - 12 years ago
Sorry, newb here, what's the fish at 0:30? Thanks
iPODtouchUSER1995 - 12 years ago
DOCTORS in 25 gal? Poor fish.......:(
DefiniteAquascapeTV - 12 years ago
Anyone knows what is the type of the illumination in this tank? Is it HQI? The colors are really great! :)
waterkeeper03 - 12 years ago
OMG TANGSSSSSSAAAAAAARRRGGGHGHHHHHHH STFU!! I dunno how you got that wave action going in such a small setup.. but props for that bro. perfection.
aharon115 - 12 years ago
what kind of music is this?
dawojdoijaiwjdi oijdaoiwjdiojwku
dawojdoijaiwjdi oijdaoiwjdiojwku - 12 years ago
What lens did u use?
Mauro Telles
Mauro Telles - 12 years ago
Beautiful coral aquarium. Fantastic.
beinghumangirl - 12 years ago
yay i found nemo
mroshfosh - 12 years ago
Really cool video. What editing software did you us
hemley emerson
hemley emerson - 12 years ago
@MrDrTruffles i am talk to the people that don't see that
ebolaoutkast - 12 years ago
@MrDrTruffles They are too big now.
hemley emerson
hemley emerson - 12 years ago
when the tangs gets bigger he will need a 75+ gallon aquarium
hemley emerson
hemley emerson - 12 years ago
okay, those fish are still small they can live in a 25 for now.
chswkt - 12 years ago
Outstanding, I love the Vortech mp10 action. Clearly you know what you're doing, though that is a lot of live stock for a nano; I don't keep that many fish in my 90 gal. What size is your sump?
ebolaoutkast - 12 years ago
@aerhdcamera They need to be moved now, notice how all the fish just appear rather stressed and crowded.
ebolaoutkast - 12 years ago
For anyone who thinks this means it might be OK to house this many fish in a 25, you're wrong.
agtcottonmouth - 12 years ago
Beautiful! I think its just right, crystal clear
David V.
David V. - 12 years ago
WTF DUDE! Those Fish need at least a ~300L Tank......... How would you feel in a 3m x 3m Room for the rest of your Life??
Daniella3d - 12 years ago
Nice tank but lose the tangs. It's horrible keeping such fish in sush tiny tank. I am not a tang police but even I have a problem seing this.
Dee From Brooklyn
Dee From Brooklyn - 12 years ago
Don't hate, Appreciate. Excellent set up. I like the fact that you didn't set up the usual rock wall. Aquascaping thumbs up
MarkoDphoto - 12 years ago
2 tangs in a 25 gallon tank? wow
michaelermcgowaniv - 12 years ago
do you have a wave machine in there or something?
Jamesy ツ
Jamesy ツ - 12 years ago
tanks to small to house all those fish
raffaelecaruso1997 - 12 years ago
quanti litri è
Bradyz4 - 12 years ago
is it sad that i know most of these fish because of finding nemo.....
MrGuruGuru2 - 12 years ago
how much you pay for the tank?
MannyFresh1x - 12 years ago
Lol tang police
Prawfah - 12 years ago
@ZombehWolf He showing tank at siamreefclub
Lordgringo Don Locco
Lordgringo Don Locco - 12 years ago
Suck my xxxx! Better illiterate than a animal abuser!!! Rot in hell in a little tiny room. Feel the claustrophobia!!!!!!
xKJ77x - 12 years ago
@lordsiringo your an idiot and illiterate
Bob Freshwater
Bob Freshwater - 12 years ago
How Amazing!
hemley emerson
hemley emerson - 12 years ago
EVERYONE he has a healthy tank. Those tangs are small they can live in a 25g. When they get big he will move them!
Lordgringo Don Locco
Lordgringo Don Locco - 12 years ago
horrible seeing those fish in a fucking too small tank!!!!!!!
Giovanni Biondi
Giovanni Biondi - 12 years ago
David Niswonger
David Niswonger - 12 years ago
Tangs need to go
hockeycrazy165 - 12 years ago
Hi what tank are you using
Ivan Barbosa
Ivan Barbosa - 12 years ago
do u use skimmer??
barronredneck - 12 years ago
Nice and clean.
MegaFishGeek - 12 years ago
What type of wavemaker do you have? I really like the setup...may be a little overstocked but everything looked very healthy! Very pretty indeed :)
Brooklyn Kidd
Brooklyn Kidd - 12 years ago
Great Looking Tank, Keep Up The Good Work !
0wnuquik - 12 years ago
charliegrs - 12 years ago
@ZombehWolf Both are awesome!
hardcoreheigan - 12 years ago
To anyone here experienced in reefing (particularly nano reef tanks), what is it like? Also, if someone could name most of the coral species in the video :)
tiagotriga - 12 years ago
Professional!!! Perfect harmony of colors, wildlife, etc. So, how to balance of water tank this way? I from Brazil and have never seen anything like it here... Cool!
StickmanTheBob - 12 years ago
You would need quite a bit of money and a crazy amount of skill to get to this level.
EnjoiYourMeal - 12 years ago
just wondering how your tangs are coming along? I just bought a 30 gallon tank yesterday and was told not to buy them because they would outgrow the tank
TimmyM6825 - 12 years ago
Great Tank!
09Firestrike - 12 years ago
what is ur lighting?
hemley emerson
hemley emerson - 12 years ago
just what are the soft and lfps? Is that frogspawn?
hemley emerson
hemley emerson - 12 years ago
What type of corals are those? Awesome tank!!!!
Jason - 12 years ago
Me and my girlfriend are really wanting to start a salt water aquarium. How much did it cost you to get your tank like that? Or how much do you think I would need to get something close to that? It is very beautiful!
vinamel97 - 12 years ago
whats he song called
Johndelco223 - 12 years ago
Love the tank.. What's the name of that song???
CiArA LEwiNSki
CiArA LEwiNSki - 12 years ago
how many gallons?
wolverine - 12 years ago
aah haha...the tank from finding nemo!
Mike Morehouse
Mike Morehouse - 12 years ago
Great tank, feel really bad for the tangs though
zharnotczar - 12 years ago
Feel sorry for the tangs, but your coral are awesome.
tiagotriga - 12 years ago
Muito Maravilhoso! um dos aqua mais lindos que já vi, congratulation
Ingvar Sigurdsson
Ingvar Sigurdsson - 12 years ago
Where can I buy a tank like this?
Jibber Yoda
Jibber Yoda - 12 years ago
super awesome looking tank. love the waves.
Federico Elías
Federico Elías - 12 years ago
Amazing, this is perfect, loved it.
Özdemir Şarman
Özdemir Şarman - 12 years ago
MannyFresh1x - 12 years ago
whats ur fiiltration
Jordan Rivington
Jordan Rivington - 12 years ago
@HBschultz If you have any interest in keeping fish, YOU SHOULD!!! Great tank, but I guess I am a tang police too.
Toan Duong
Toan Duong - 12 years ago
aquafront - 12 years ago
Hey great looking tank whats the maintenance like on this?
elliriyanna - 12 years ago
Its beautiful but some of those do not look appropriate for a 25 gallon.
ZiggyHungga - 12 years ago
Awesome :D
jean carlos
jean carlos - 12 years ago
is very nice. what lighting you have?
Dan Bowen
Dan Bowen - 12 years ago
Wow, what a wonderful and great design! This is one of the best looking tank I have ever seen.......makes me want to get my own......Thanks for posting GREAT JOB and anyone that does not think this is a great looking tank is a little sick in the head! LOVE a up-date video.... :-)
P Paul
P Paul - 12 years ago
whoever disliked this is just a straight up dick
longmage4 - 12 years ago
Nice tank.
Betopillo - 12 years ago
everything´s happiness in there
Master Mascolo
Master Mascolo - 12 years ago
hepatus and zebrasoma are not fish for 25 gallon
Michael Bisaga
Michael Bisaga - 12 years ago
I was wondering - how do you get the wave action in the tank?
230jjordan - 12 years ago
nice tank, i can tell you take good care of it cos those tangs look pretty content I must say. They'll probably need moving in a couple years though
Sakda Sawangnet
Sakda Sawangnet - 12 years ago
- - TYBFg4ZbSYg&NR=1
Austin Castle
Austin Castle - 12 years ago
Dont hate on this guy!! His tank is the shit and if you have any complaints file it in your ass ! TY......
Anastasia Glover
Anastasia Glover - 12 years ago
Fantastic filming and beautiful tank. Definately inspired me to pursue the Canon 550D.. If you don't mind me asking, what is your occupation? Thanks.
soash - 12 years ago
awesome setup.
Grenald Alves
Grenald Alves - 12 years ago
you have got a beautiful tank sir... i wish mine were even 10 percent as nices as yours.
J- roc
J- roc - 12 years ago
Looks like a screen saver
ExopMan - 12 years ago
I love how al the comments i can see a ragging on haters (tang police) and yet i cant find one hate comments, sooo jealous, u must have some kind of sump right? Either that or ur god
AquaticCastle - 12 years ago
That's a very nice display. Everything seems to be oscillating. I'm sure the big fish everyone is complaining about will find a bigger home later when they need it.
MasterJezzie - 12 years ago
One of the best tank I've seen.... To all haters, make sure you have a better tank than this one before you post negative comments as if you are the best reef keeper.
johnherrera305 - 12 years ago
Haters on here are incredible.
kumarsa108 - 12 years ago
What does the tank look like now? Is it still going strong?
Ruairi Quinn
Ruairi Quinn - 12 years ago
Ne naw ne naw tang police alert
HBschultz - 12 years ago
This is by far the best reef tank ive have ever seen! It cant get any better And who cares if the fish are to big!
Ricardo Aguilar Osorio
Ricardo Aguilar Osorio - 12 years ago
Es uno de los mejores acuarios que he visto, es hermoso, muchas felicidades, y también tu cámara tiene una muy buena resolución :)
KIXEL - 12 years ago
WTF ???!! What a nice tank !
P Mills
P Mills - 12 years ago
Beautiful tank, video! Great job
Nathan Brewer
Nathan Brewer - 12 years ago
What i want to know how do you get the corals rock back in forth like that, is it a trick with the current pumps, i must know. i have a reef tank and i'm always looking ways to improve my reef aquarium.
Kyle Beasley
Kyle Beasley - 12 years ago
Definitely overstocked fish wise but beautiful coral
Adam Muro
Adam Muro - 12 years ago
What's the bicolor blenny sitting on?
anarchyclayman - 12 years ago
beautiful tank. well done. all good reefers overstock their tanks.
hotsauce2007 - 12 years ago
man, this is a big example how to put two amazing hobby in the same video, photo and reef...amazing video...
ExopMan - 12 years ago
AtticusDoodlePoo - 12 years ago
@skullchruser The tank is beautiful, I dunno about the comments about him being a good fish keeper or the fish being happy. I just see that he has enough money to buy good filtration or can pay someone to care for the tank. Just because the juvenile fish is alive, doesn't mean it will thrive to adulthood in a 25g tank. And the pet store didn't tell me that, common sense did. They will sell you a whale for a 10g if it means then will make a dollar. I mean they do normally have a whole ocean.
jerry lui
jerry lui - 12 years ago
Your black clown is an orange face! That's so awesome! :D
Khash Khatami
Khash Khatami - 12 years ago
too small for tangs, get a bigger tank
dirtycontour1 - 12 years ago
very nice tank, but I dont know about those tangs in such a small tank...
Alex Chen
Alex Chen - 12 years ago
very nice tank! watch out, i sense the tang police here.
Lawton Jordan
Lawton Jordan - 12 years ago
Would be a great clown tank though
Lawton Jordan
Lawton Jordan - 12 years ago
Pathetic that you would keep 2 Tangs in a tank that small.
gil - 12 years ago
Your a dumbass, do some research before you go and throw in a hippo and yellow tang in a 25 gallon nano!!
Cookie~Tummy - 12 years ago
Love it <3
scott haviaras
scott haviaras - 12 years ago
Beautiful Tank! :~)
Ted G.
Ted G. - 12 years ago
I would say overstocked but I think the only you are doing a good job of handling the enviornment :) What I am worried about is the yellow tang and the blue regal. They need a larger living space! their body will only grow to a size that the enviornment permits (tank size) Therefore a 25 gallon stunts their growth resulting in a stressful and short life. Please get them in a bigger tank. Other than that your tank is beautiful
schirmoau - 12 years ago
Yeah awesome setup to vid very cool!!!
RaNuschka - 12 years ago
nice tank, BUT what are you going to to with the hepatus or the flavescens when they grow bigger?!
SpektiNygard - 12 years ago
One of the nicest tanks, I´ve seen! How many times do you change your water? I'm a beginner with reef tanks!!!
ksalmi72 - 12 years ago
Arent you worried about the anemonies possibly killing the fish besides clownfish?
wssher - 12 years ago
This tank looks really good, better than most larger tanks I've seen. TBH the tangs are the only thing I worry about. People have heard this a million times but tangs need a lot of space (70 gallon minimum long tank). When there isn't enough space they stress out and we get Ich which tangs are known to get more easily than other fish. Regardless this tank is amazing, watching it constantly and keeping up with it must be a pain. I know it is with my 30 Gallon. Hope it's well atm.
Ray Brillant
Ray Brillant - 12 years ago
coral at 1:39 is pulsing xenia
PandaBoy977 - 12 years ago
@illestcolombian7 this tank is fine i wish the you tube losers with no lives would apreciate the greatness of a nice tank get a life!!!!!
squirrelkiller247 - 12 years ago
get the tangs out of there. it seems like everyone from china overstocks their tanks
John Young
John Young - 12 years ago
Looks mega, what lighting are you using?
Ryan W
Ryan W - 12 years ago
if u do a water change every 3 days hell be okay
WWpictures100 - 12 years ago
Tang!! Y!!
Son Of Harry
Son Of Harry - 12 years ago
Amazing how people believe that you could keep corals like that in an over stocked tank. Light feeds and frequent water changes will keep them happy. Congratulations you should be very proud of what you have achieved.
PandaBoy977 - 12 years ago
guy below me. you are a Fuckin Idiot. im pretty sure if the tank is overstocked the nitrates would spike and kill most of the corals and fish. Ur just an idiot
muffemod - 13 years ago
@AnonSupb dot com
ETCPOOL - 13 years ago
everything seems so happy :)
Chris Valencia
Chris Valencia - 13 years ago
Looks like an Amazing tank!! Makes me wanna start a salt water tank
Josh - 13 years ago
is this using the original lens that comes with the T2i (550D) or did you buy a different one?
Doug Tham
Doug Tham - 13 years ago
thats a very beautiful tank! overstock is no problem as long as u have an oversized protein skimmer ;D
Grupo Folklorico Viva Mexico Toronto's own Mexican Folk Dance Group
Grupo Folklorico Viva Mexico Toronto's own Mexican Folk Dance Group - 13 years ago
great tank!! tell me what is the name of that coral at 1:39.. ?? thanks
zx45zx - 13 years ago
Amazing tank man, everything looks great! How do you keep your spiral wire coral looking so healthy? How often do you feed it?
sk8er1113 - 13 years ago
Peanut - 13 years ago
I wish to have a tank as beautiful as yours someday ^_ ^
Emmanuel Judalet
Emmanuel Judalet - 13 years ago
magnifique ce nano
Judd Cameron
Judd Cameron - 13 years ago
i love your camra
rarity - 13 years ago
thanks for putting up a video of your great looking tank. I wouldn't give a rat s ass about all the nay sayers. It's your tank and you are doing a wonderful job with it. absolutely stunning!
Zero Yeti
Zero Yeti - 13 years ago
great tank, man
Laurent31270 - 13 years ago
Hepathus and Flavescens in 25g? Are you crazy ? With this size you can only have 2 ocellaris...
DRZLLZRD - 13 years ago
Nice tank setup but it ruined it for me when I noticed you have TWO tangs in there. You could look for similarly colored fish that would be much better suited for your limited space. One thing is to be a good reefer and another one is to be a compassionate reefer. Just because you can go and buy those fish doesn't mean you should. Upgrade your tank or upgrade your heart and sell them to someone with a larger tank.
Bohemianh - 13 years ago
looks good, you need a bigger tank
Visvac Firvin
Visvac Firvin - 13 years ago
OMG...can we even setup a tank like this....amazing...
cahernand1 - 13 years ago
Yeah it's overstocked, but if ur maintaining ur levels where they should b at, why do people even care! Nice tank, keep it up! How many gallons is it btw?
Tekhelet75 - 13 years ago
Wow! Beautiful setup and fishes, plus great video quality.
andy rojas
andy rojas - 13 years ago
25 gallons is TOO unstable water evaporation and contaminates would accumulate at an alarming rate over hours not days , i have a 30g and i have to make at least 6 g changes every 7 days. i only have couple of dartfish and gobies mostly corals and i use RO/DI water ur stll missing a heater and a uv sterilizer, having too many fish can cause diseases such as ich to occur. i love the set up though its beautiful but unpractical.
andy rojas
andy rojas - 13 years ago
25 gallons is was TOO unstable water evaporation and contaminates would accumulate at an alarming rate over hours not days , i have a 30g and i have to make at least 6 g changes every 7 days. i only have couple of dartfish and gobies mostly corals and i use RO/DI water ur stll missing a heater and a uv sterilizer, having too many fish can cause diseases such as ich to occur. i love the set up though its beautiful but unpractical.
hifoo45 - 13 years ago
Pretty tank no doubt, but those tangs need a bigger home. They aren't meant to be confined to a 25gallon tank.
TheKingPhisher - 13 years ago
@corallite Wrong? the damn comments, everyone and their grandmother is saying the tank is OVERSTOCKED!!! It's overstocked with fish AND coral that's why it looks ARTIFICIAL not NATURAL at all. Go snorkeling sometime then get back to me....
Reef Builders
Reef Builders - 13 years ago
@TheKingPhisher Wrong, it look more natural because of the moderate live rock usage. I keep reef tanks to grow corals, not to have a bunch of pet rocks.
MegaFishGeek - 13 years ago
how is your yellow tang doing in the 25 gallon system?
C.Urchin Gaming
C.Urchin Gaming - 13 years ago
very nice ricordea! AND AMAZING TANK!
darmwild - 13 years ago
nice but this tank is too small for this fishes , i like to see the adult doctorfishes in this tank haha ;-)
aztecknight81 - 13 years ago
I dont care what people say about your tank, I think is one of the best tanks I've ever seen. Fish look healthy, not stressed, corals look colorful, no algae, no red slime, fish are not fighting or aggressive. I can also understand why you dont fill the tank all the way up, so that you can have the vortech doing waves. BEST TANK EVER!!!!
waqas42 - 13 years ago
please remove the tangs, ur torturing them. They need swimming space.
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 13 years ago
@artyfotography nice tank bit much fish i just wanted to askvhow do you keep the water and glass so clean and whats the song?!
joelcube - 13 years ago
can you do some more updates like new stuff and filter system!
joelcube - 13 years ago
Can you make a vid of your filtration and other equipment and pogress of your tank :)
KOSE NANAT - 13 years ago
Obviously this tank is NOT fish overloaded since it's THRIVING. So stfu all the ppl saying it's overloaded
Alex Bautista
Alex Bautista - 13 years ago
omfg this tank is so perfect. . .i wish i can get mine like that!!!
Brian Howard
Brian Howard - 13 years ago
best tank on youtube
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen - 13 years ago
Nice work there! I love it. Despite having a 'fish overload', this reef beats the crap out of the thousands of nanos i have seen on youtube.
TheKingPhisher - 13 years ago
looks artificial because not enough rocks.
Sitthikorn Boonsong
Sitthikorn Boonsong - 13 years ago
@puck126 My tank 24 x 15 x 18 inches. Filter tank 12 x 24 x 10 inches. Skimmer Bubble Megus 800 Litres Lighting : LED 120 W. Vortech mp10 Salt : H2O Pump : Reef Octopus
Sitthikorn Boonsong
Sitthikorn Boonsong - 13 years ago
@PUAShaman Yes ... It's too much for fish ... but i've taking a very good care for them ... also change for clean water in every 10 days.
Sitthikorn Boonsong
Sitthikorn Boonsong - 13 years ago
@Henry59611 Lighting LED 120W (from China)
Sitthikorn Boonsong
Sitthikorn Boonsong - 13 years ago
@dony3000 LED 120 W Vortech mp10 --> YES
dony3000 - 13 years ago
@dony3000 excuse you have a 250w lumenarc? vortech mp10? tnx ;) and compliments..
dony3000 - 13 years ago
FANTASTIC..i love it
bigbama34 - 13 years ago
Very Nice!
Henry59611 - 13 years ago
Fantastic Reef, please let us know more, what are the specs? (lighting etc?)
Fisharecool11 - 13 years ago

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