Non-Photosynthetic Reef Tank

Spotlight on the non-photosynthetic reef tank at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California More Information on this tank can be found here:

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Spotlight on the non-photosynthetic reef tank at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California More Information on this tank can be found here:

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Xavier Frisbey
Xavier Frisbey - 3 years ago
Feeding this tank must be quite a chore.
Reef Gaming
Reef Gaming - 3 years ago
Wow this look like natural reef
jedimaster8691 - 5 years ago
You can see this kind of tank in Oregon. Ive been thinking of adding a powerful chiller to a tank, and adding these types of corals and fish. They live and thrive at temps below 70 f.....
Doug C
Doug C - 5 years ago
I know this is an old video but what is that song? That beat was dope. sounded like DJ Krush maybe?
Creative Soup
Creative Soup - 4 years ago
+Doug C If Eyes Where Ears" by Dday One
CartoonsZ Channel
CartoonsZ Channel - 5 years ago
Non-Photosynthetic mean they dont care what lighting you have? only feeding?
Jared Roscoe
Jared Roscoe - 5 years ago
+ika manashvili It means that light is not their main way to grow.You feed them stuff like shrimp and silversides ( small fish) for them to get their nutrients to grow.You can still have lights,it just wont benefit them.
Gloday81 - 5 years ago
Nice tank and music
TheHypercasual - 6 years ago
very very cool. I love unique set ups like this. all the firefish together are cool too
Hector Ceniceros
Hector Ceniceros - 6 years ago
Wtf? Thats crazy colorful!
Dendrochirus zebra
Dendrochirus zebra - 7 years ago
Amazing tank!

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anarchyclayman - 7 years ago
beautiful, what kind of phyto are you using?
soldierman57 - 7 years ago
yes me again hey if any throughts that would be a big help. 40 gallon tank will be set up with sand so I xan switch out the gravel in the 55..well I have not wrote so much since I dont know.......Think Iam ranbleing sorry do have a GREAT TANK and I would like one too
soldierman57 - 7 years ago
me again, so if you could help me out with what I should be getting first,there are so many to chose from really don't know where to start,oh I do have 2 leather corals, clowns,anemones, etc,it has a undergravel filter w/power heads ,back filter and a 4 stage filter w/UV,live rock,clean up crews,,coral banned shimp,cleaner shimps,6 line wrasse,corallightamd the led lights for moon look,change water once aweek just to be safe,it has rock for the botton not sand but after doing the 20 gal I like t
soldierman57 - 7 years ago
hey that is a GREAT Tank !, Iam new with the corals,have not had any before what are the ones you have in this tank,I like a lot of colors,have alot of fish in my 55 gal and have a 20 gal tank for the kitchen(wife says its hers) but I do the water changes etc(lol) and she feeds them.Iam a disable vet so I look at my tanks a lot (better than ) Iam going to get a 200 or 300 gallon tank soon but first think I should work on the 55 with not want to have all them lights
chick magnet
chick magnet - 8 years ago
thankyou i am currently setting up a 180 or up still not sure what size to do but its gonna be big for a nps, i have expierence with cultureing phyto but what about rotifers how much ml's would i be dosing every week
melevsreef - 8 years ago
A 40g drum isn't the same as a harbor. The results you'd get wouldn't be nearly what the people at the Aquarium of the Pacific. They feed this tank all day long, and have plenty of water on hand to change it out. Talk with them next time you visit to learn how they care for this tank.
chick magnet
chick magnet - 8 years ago
could i pump water into a 40 gallon drum with mangroves chaeto for a month until i do a water change so that the plankton from the beach help feed the corals,thats what they do ive been there they have a harbor right in back
VeryBadReputation - 8 years ago
Any info on how this aquarium is being fed? Even the most remote coral looks healthy. Do they target feed them or is the water just rich in nutrients?
ebolaoutkast - 8 years ago
EX - 8 years ago
This tank must be fed alot especially with the dendro's, do you what kind of volume of water that cycles through it 24/7 to keep the nutrients at a non toxic level? This is the most impressive non photo tank I have ever had the good fortune to see, thx for posting it.

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slateflash - 9 years ago
i'm amazed at the variety of species there
sydpooh - 9 years ago
mosuhu - 9 years ago
This is simply amazing. I never thought you could have such a colourful reef tank which didn't rely on LIGHT! LOVE IT!
procharged70cutlass - 9 years ago
@FallensReef means they just dont use it to make food , they dont have zoanthelle
jjohnson4001 - 9 years ago
That's an amazing aquarium!!! No the animals in the tank wouldn't die if exposed to light most are found deep but where some light still reaches them.
DougJ - 9 years ago
Arelav - 9 years ago
Wooooooow!!Fantastica !!!!!!!! !it's my dream!
TyTy200 - 10 years ago
hmmm what if you put some of them in light .??? I am guessing they would die?
Sabine's reef tales
Sabine's reef tales - 10 years ago
wow this tank is gorgeous! The animals seems very healthy for most of the colonies. That would be very interesting if the Pacific Aquarium share its recipe to feed all those ungry and fragile mouths!
Brady Dean
Brady Dean - 10 years ago
Ive been their!!!!!!!!!

30. comment for Non-Photosynthetic Reef Tank

aaron95 - 10 years ago
yep just food, and from the size of that tank, a lot..of food
nerdkiller75 - 10 years ago
oneromile - 10 years ago
AWESOME!! Great vid! Keep 'em coming.

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