Reef Tank ATI T5 Bulb Upgrade Comparison

I switched from factory bulbs that came with my 6 bulb T5 fixture to 6 ATI bulbs. I am very happy with the upgrade.

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Reef tank 7 years ago 21,201 views

I switched from factory bulbs that came with my 6 bulb T5 fixture to 6 ATI bulbs. I am very happy with the upgrade.

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REEFER JAMES - 5 years ago
I have the AB Special & Coral Plus, Nice Bulbs. But keep in mind, The corals popping, and seeing colors is not what gives Corals their growth. Some tend to forget that actinics do little except for a pleasing view so everyone has them. In all reality, Coral's achieve better growth in the 10,000 to 12,000 k range and even 14K. 14,000K will give you some blue but still has the white that will give you good growth if not better than 25K.  This has been proven with Metal Halides. That is why those who use Metal Halides have superior growth because most Halides are run in the 10 - 12K range. Your tank looks like it was doing great with your old bulbs. The problem lies because everyone wants the blueish purple look because it looks cool, but not necessarily the best spectrum. Spectacular growth & color will be better in the 10 - 14K range. But people abandon this for the bluish "in-look".  I have ran just 8600K - 10K for years and had great results. But the aqua blue specials are better because it will add a touch of blue spectrum to the mix. With all that being said, it is now just a matter of personal choice. In the old days, Actinics were mainly used just for the dawn & dusk effect with just 10-12K during the day. I still use this method to this day. Your tank is looking killer and looks like it is doing great with your Regular bulbs. 6 months is a bit early to change bulbs. 10 - 12 months can be had with no issues. But if your just wanting the Bluish look, then do what works best for you. Nice reef dude.
REEFER JAMES - 4 years ago
Whatever you say pro. Which isn't much.
stealthballer - 4 years ago
It's clear you don't. You are arrogant about anecdotal nonsense from 07.
We have long since moved on from kelvin ratings.
REEFER JAMES - 4 years ago

I'm both. and I cited my info to Stealthballer.
REEFER JAMES - 4 years ago
I don't think you fully understand lighting.
The NM ratings are only for UltraViolet Lighting. Ultraviolet lighting is mainly for looks. Yes, some bottom dwelling corals such as Clams, etc,,, use this because UltraViolet penetrates farther down below the water surface. But the majority of Corals thrive the most between the Kelvin of 6800K to 18,000K with the Kelvin between 10,000K and 18,000K being the preferred range. Chlorophyll is only produced during daylight hours is it not? Photosynthesis occurs only in the presence of daylight. Actinics are so highly misunderstood from so much bad info out there these days. WetWebMedia has the info I stated from the experts all throughout the Reef Lighting Section. Here is the link and quote from the forum.

About the 48th thread down:

Actinics - necessity in the reef? 1/08/07 Hi Guys, <Hello, Jason. Graham with you tonight.> I had a quick question about lighting, I currently have both a 4x96w PC kit with a dual daylight and a dual actinic. <plenty of light for a 30gal. Enough as far as I can tell, without a species list.> I have recently acquired a 1x175w 14k MH kit that I am going to install as I like the color better. <Wow, does acquired mean free?> Would my tank benefit if I kept the actinics in along with the MH? <Yes and no. Actually, I think that this topic is well covered here in the FAQs. Suffice to say that corals don't grow from the presence of actinic (420-450nm) light. They require light in the daylight spectra to really kick-butt. Don't forget to acclimatize the sessiles to the HID lighting!>> Also, I do currently have an assortment of corals. Sorry I forgot to mention, its a 30gal tank. I will probably be upgrading soon to something bigger. <I do love upgrades... fun!> Thanks for your help and keep up the great work. Thanks again, Jay <Thank you for the kind words, Jason. Happy lighting! -Graham T.>
stealthballer - 4 years ago
Peaks are at 420-460 and then I forget what the red end peaks are at for chlorophyll, but that means you are wrong and I have seen some evidences that 380-419nm maybe also be beneficial
KYfishguy - 5 years ago
+COMINATYALIVE Can you cite your knowledge or are you just an armchair expert?
Reefkid247 - 6 years ago
What fixture do u hava
Evan Snedecor
Evan Snedecor - 6 years ago
Corals love the blue light also.
Jrod82 - 6 years ago
What fixture do u have?
Frank N
Frank N - 6 years ago
thanks man I going to run them on my 75.
Donovan Miller
Donovan Miller - 7 years ago
Nice looking.  Big difference.
Nash Jacquez
Nash Jacquez - 7 years ago
Thanks for sharing.
David L
David L - 7 years ago
That upgrade was well worth it!  Wow
CombatJigs - 7 years ago
Very nice, good upgrade.

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