Reef Tank Clean Up Crew (Day 37)

added clean up crew. 2 Red Scarlet Hermit Crab 1 Nerite Snail 1 Nassarius Snail 2 Cerith Snail 2 Red-Striped Trochus Snail 2 Astrea Snail 3 Bumblebee Snail

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added clean up crew. 2 Red Scarlet Hermit Crab 1 Nerite Snail 1 Nassarius Snail 2 Cerith Snail 2 Red-Striped Trochus Snail 2 Astrea Snail 3 Bumblebee Snail

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Hasim 030
Hasim 030 - 3 years ago
If the alg is gone what do youbdo with the cuc ? Throw it away or something
kxracer704 - 3 years ago
Introducing the correct amount of inverts for your CUC will allow them to live in the tank for many years. This will allow them to clean up the algae bloom that is currently there and then simply maintain the algae to a minimum in a well balanced reef aquarium.
Mike E
Mike E - 4 years ago
Where is your live rock from that algae on it is awsome
Liam Manlowe
Liam Manlowe - 4 years ago
How long do you drip acclimate
Joe Scrivens
Joe Scrivens - 6 years ago
not to burst your bubble (pun intended), but i dont believe that any of them eat that hair algae.... get an emerald crab for that.
mralex070 - 4 years ago
Trochus snails do he got them.
Joe Scrivens
Joe Scrivens - 6 years ago
bumblebees move fast but when they find a spot they like they just sit there LOL
Joe Scrivens
Joe Scrivens - 6 years ago
did the snails do the trick?
leo ll
leo ll - 7 years ago
I think the shrimp is throwing up gang signs.
leo ll
leo ll - 7 years ago
Jeff Xu
Jeff Xu - 7 years ago

10. comment for Reef Tank Clean Up Crew (Day 37)

kxracer704 - 8 years ago
4 turbos is too many. I personally wouldnt put any turbos in a ten gal. They get too big. The additional seriths would be fine though. Replace your turbos with astreas (3-4).
Shaheer Khan
Shaheer Khan - 8 years ago
I have 4 turbo snails, 4 Nassarius snails and 1 cleaning shrimp in 10 gallon. Is that too much? I was thinking to include 2 cerith snail as well? or is that a bad idea..
Drew Slapz
Drew Slapz - 8 years ago
Nice!! Excited bout my crew coming in the mail, check out my first vid! Subbed btw
atticus27 - 8 years ago
how long did you wait til you got CUC? did you wait til there's alot of algae?
Khorne19 - 8 years ago
obviously never taken an invertebrate biology class. they have extremely sensitive circulatory systems, and are very subject to osmotic shock.
Ian Burke
Ian Burke - 8 years ago
My clean up crew is 6 blue legged hermit crabs and 14 snail. In particular I have 1 zebra, 3 trochus, 1 pyramido, 3 mexican, one cerith, 4 snorkel and 2 red banded. They all get along pretty well.
TikiTak321 - 8 years ago
Very true.
TikiTak321 - 8 years ago
No, no need to acclimate snails. They can survive almost all conditions.
TikiTak321 - 8 years ago
To be honest, snails do not need to be acclimated. They are very hardy, unlike fish. Snails are pests and will survive and breed in even the harshest environments. I found a few snails living my pipes for years.
shellos10 - 8 years ago
Bumble bee snails are slower than most snails (I learned that from expeiriance)

20. comment for Reef Tank Clean Up Crew (Day 37)

TropicalKIng1990 - 8 years ago
realy cool
TheMinecrafterMedia - 8 years ago
how much does the tank u have cost to buy and take care of
vinnyCPdragon - 9 years ago
=O eh, i don't think that is a copepod. i think what you have there is an amphipod on crack...giant reef roach, and that one looks albino xD keep it, they are parasitic though.
Powerman2442 - 9 years ago
@ExopMan It's not about the cost it's about giving the animals proper care, noob.
209bdawg - 9 years ago
@hieunguyen17 you cant do this i tried even thought this isnt my vid
Hieu Nguyen
Hieu Nguyen - 9 years ago
this might be a stupid question, but i'm new. my power head doesn't come for another three weeks, so i was wondering if i could mix my salt mix and water with a canister filter and just take all of the filtering layers out, so it'll just circulate
50CalPaintballSniper - 9 years ago
I know this is unrelated but I don't know how many people will agree with me... But when aquarium store employees write on the bag with permanent marker.... it forces me to remove them specimens from the bag and change my acclimation process. Thats toxic to the tank. awesome biocube... super jealous
Brooklyn Kidd
Brooklyn Kidd - 9 years ago
Which Tank Is That You Are Using?
Tempdoom - 9 years ago
@ExopMan i think he doesnt want them to die. its not about the money, they dont deserve to die because someone is irresponsible and cant wait half an hour to acclimate their snails.
ExopMan - 9 years ago
wow, ur a noob lol, full on drip acclimation for dome $2 snails, unnecessary

30. comment for Reef Tank Clean Up Crew (Day 37)

deathminejr - 9 years ago
You should set them on the rocks cause snails cant grip sand
kxracer704 - 9 years ago
@igotyoubeat yes the hermits sometimes do go after the snails for the shells. thats why you should always throw in some extra empty shells for the hermits
Benjamin Buss
Benjamin Buss - 9 years ago
The hermit crabs will not mess with the shrimp. I have had my hermit crabs try to attack the snails once so they could take the shell. One did manage to kill my snail and take the shell
kxracer704 - 10 years ago
@famousstunners no... just chemi-pure elite and purigen
CI321 - 10 years ago
what would u say a good clean up crew for a 75 gal reef tank? picking up the tank in a week & 1/2
Joe O
Joe O - 10 years ago
Hey great video! We talked at That pet place today. Thanks again for all your help.
Michael akins
Michael akins - 10 years ago
good looking live rock
abaneyone - 10 years ago
Nice tank! Is it a ten gallon? I have a new five gallon that I set up a few months ago. I'm ready to add a clean up crew to it now. I'm getting all my creatures from the wild, about a 2 and a half hour drive one way from my home. At 2:54 in the video on the right side if the tank I see you have a bit of red slime algae growing. For sure those critters will take care of it.
Wilby1977 - 10 years ago
I like watchin this...a good learning clip. Very interesting a very cool hobby.

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