Reef Tank Crash! Bottom Collapse!

210 gallon coral reef dead...

Reef Tank Crash! Bottom Collapse! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 0

Reef tank 3 years ago 1,526 views

210 gallon coral reef dead...

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George Arias
George Arias - 3 years ago
Damn... that's so sad. I wonder how long can a coral live/resist out of the water...
2019freddie - 3 years ago
oh man sorry to see this. best wishes from England.
Brock Lowe
Brock Lowe - 3 years ago
Wow you truly have lost so much money!
tomas dx
tomas dx - 3 years ago
Sorry man :(
Maybe the hard plumbing was applying pressure on the bottom and caused it to break.
Don’t give up!!!!
SomeDumbGamer - 3 years ago
That's the risk with big tanks. They look gorgeous but there's a risk of this.
João Frederico Oewel
João Frederico Oewel - 3 years ago
Tempered glass can not be used in aquarium
D Howard
D Howard - 3 years ago
Umm why?  Most large tanks have tempered glass on the bottom.  Much stronger than normal glass.
Reefish keeper
Reefish keeper - 3 years ago
remove some heavy corals
zoeith6 - 3 years ago
Was the bottom pre drilled? Was it tempered glass? I am def going acrylic if I go over my current 100 gallon
Mo Reefer
Mo Reefer - 3 years ago
Bro that's a reefer worst dream

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montgomery burns
montgomery burns - 3 years ago
Damn man that sucks.
WW CC - 3 years ago
I am so sorry for your lose. How long have you been running your tank? How many pounds of rock in your tank?
Reef Medic
Reef Medic - 3 years ago
Thanks man sucks pretty bad...The livestock was 5 years old about 200lbs of rock. The tank was only 6 mouths old!!
Infamous Aquatics
Infamous Aquatics - 3 years ago
These are reef goals right here! I love huge colonies of coral. So sorry for the lose. What caused the glass to fail? Any of it covered? Some tough corals you have there! Time to bounce back man!
Infamous Aquatics
Infamous Aquatics - 3 years ago
Damn. IMO That is not right. You make a tank for this stuff. I feel like you should believe in your product enough to cover it. Thats a shame on them..... Best wishes man. Looking forward to the bounce back
Cesca's Reef
Cesca's Reef - 3 years ago
So sorry to see this sad story. Glad to see that you are recovering from such a disaster   :)

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