Reef Tank Feeding Frenzy

This is my 600 gallon reef tank, it's residents are shown feeding on some raw clams.

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This is my 600 gallon reef tank, it's residents are shown feeding on some raw clams.

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tristaryul - 9 years ago
Great way to attract them all at the same time, they all look fat and healthy. There seems to be a bit of agression between the Blue Hippo Tangs? Very nice tank indeed... Cheers Eric
Sadistic Steel
Sadistic Steel - 9 years ago
love it , how can u take care of 600 gallons? & r u doing that all by yourself? wow am not really a tang kind of person but this changes my unliking a little
Ryan Lawrence
Ryan Lawrence - 10 years ago
beautiful tank. I wish mine was 600 gallons!
Haley Cooke
Haley Cooke - 10 years ago
tangs and butterflies an rabbitfish are amazing
alex golovin
alex golovin - 10 years ago
Ericka Niemann
Ericka Niemann - 10 years ago
beautiful tank!
Johnny Black
Johnny Black - 10 years ago
Copperband is the most awesome fish ever, love to watch for hours! Nice Tank!
Rose  Jerwell
Rose Jerwell - 11 years ago
Huh, I have had one for a very long time and it is doing very well.
Rose  Jerwell
Rose Jerwell - 11 years ago
if you mean the yellow fish with the black dot on the body and then white face , black stripes is a rabbit fish. i know you asked 7 months ago.

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CoralMan24 - 11 years ago
beautiful show tank how long has it been established?
transammike - 12 years ago
The copperband doesn't bother your corals?
Raymond Severns
Raymond Severns - 12 years ago
It looks like hes feeding the fish clams. very cool nice tank and fish.:)
silverbullet37 - 12 years ago
Joe, your the fish god! I hope your little skimmer can hang! I don't see any water motion, either! All kidding aside, what a wonderfull piece of the reef! Congrats! JPG

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