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Mike McNamee
Mike McNamee - 3 years ago
fantastic! This inspires me to do an intense reef tank again. the past 7 years i've always had at least one tank but never anything too demanding. just bread and butter fish and soft/lps coral. 12 years back at only 17 years old I had a thriving 125g sps and clam reef with 400w halides, 100g sump/refugium, diy calcium reactor, asm g4 skimmer, effortless water change system etc etc. I miss that. It's so fun watching things grow and once it becomes a mature reef it is a true piece of art years in the making.
VP Reef
VP Reef - 3 years ago
cheers, do it mate!
ReefDudes - 3 years ago
You have a very beautiful tank! I would love to see a video update :D
Stev A
Stev A - 4 years ago
Could you provide some information in the description about your lighting, filtration and flow equipment?
NJReef - 4 years ago
Work of art. Beautiful balance. Thanks for sharing.
Anthony M
Anthony M - 4 years ago
Wow!!!! speechless. This is the most beautiful and healthiest looking coral aquarium I have ever seen. This would be the person I take advice from.
elF3RCH0 - 4 years ago
Amazing reef!!
What would you say is key for achieving great sps polip extension and coral color?
Dumbo Octopus
Dumbo Octopus - 5 years ago
hello what name of the fish that eat sand at 1:23 at he video? with ywllow tail and black head
Johann Garcia
Johann Garcia - 5 years ago
hey my friend why you stop the zeovit ??? are you running biopellets with korallen zutch products??? its work the same way that with zeovit reactor????? thank sorry to many questions about that!!!!! awsome reef tank!!!!
Johann Garcia
Johann Garcia - 5 years ago
+vpreef hi, awsome!!! can you give me your formula please!!!????
Moscow Corals
Moscow Corals - 5 years ago
Great! Thanks for good video.

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Angelica Pu
Angelica Pu - 5 years ago
!!Beautiful Tank!!
Rad Perez
Rad Perez - 5 years ago
Great looking tank, how does it look today? Any updates.... Thanks for sharing
Andre Barbosa
Andre Barbosa - 5 years ago
which substrate you use?
Andre Barbosa
Andre Barbosa - 5 years ago
congratulations ! your reef is very beautiful .
brandon may
brandon may - 5 years ago
beautiful tank, love the naso
Sandipan Biswas
Sandipan Biswas - 5 years ago
The most perfect reef tank i have ever seen!
kotsoym - 5 years ago
What's your thoughts after zeovit to bio pellets?what addititives did you continue to use for spa coloration?
George Kat
George Kat - 5 years ago
i like the MUSIC too.
Freddy Delgado
Freddy Delgado - 5 years ago
Love it !! Is this ur day light ? It looks a little low
MrBaileys38 - 5 years ago
I never get tired of watching this!

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Beto - 6 years ago
What´s the dimensions of this beautiful tank ?
Buddy Sheroka
Buddy Sheroka - 6 years ago
Nice tank happy reefing
Ahmed Mustafa
Ahmed Mustafa - 6 years ago
Tell us if you're going to be selling frags anytime soon! Would be interested! Great tank by the way!
Freddy Delgado
Freddy Delgado - 6 years ago
I love the green frogspawn !
Freddy Delgado
Freddy Delgado - 6 years ago
Amazing tank !! Thanks for sharing !
Jon Mitchell
Jon Mitchell - 6 years ago
What size tank are you running deminsion wise? And lighting?
Stefan Leemeijer
Stefan Leemeijer - 6 years ago
Beautiful creatures!!
Nice tank!!
Beautiful corals!!
Daniel James Harris
Daniel James Harris - 6 years ago
So nice... Well done
Shandon Burney
Shandon Burney - 6 years ago
Vpreef your putting us reefers to shame with this masterpiece. Very nice work. It's minimalistic and inspiring.
יוסי ברהום
יוסי ברהום - 6 years ago
ואוווו.......פשוט מאלף... אני גם רוצה כזה

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ExopMan - 6 years ago
Nice Pearlberry
Ulrik Sommer
Ulrik Sommer - 6 years ago
Woow  this is one healty reef tank :) love the colors :) good work.
it wanna make me go back in to the Hobby :)
Thanks for this video!
VP Reef
VP Reef - 3 years ago
thank you for watching
Mathieu Roy
Mathieu Roy - 6 years ago
Hi Vp why did you change your light systeme? before you have 4 ghl mitras why did ou change ? 
Lee Wood
Lee Wood - 6 years ago
Nice lighting, what colour tubes are you using.
Archprime2099 - 6 years ago
I just watched this whole video once again and was just as amazed and blown away by it as I was the first time I saw it!  Wow amazing you guys really know what you are doing!  I salute you!
Lucas Machado
Lucas Machado - 6 years ago
Lindo, lindo, lindo, Parabéns.
Gecko - 6 years ago
Vraiment magnifique
Steve fish keeping
Steve fish keeping - 6 years ago
Watch my progress guys im after my tank to look similar to this but LPS dominated
500 litres
1x 4 head Hammer
1x candy cane
few sps branching corals
few shrooms

Live stock
purple tang
Flame angel
yellow tang
cleaner wrasse
2 black and white clowns
weekly 50 litre water change
dose with Red Sea A,B,C (when required)
CA 440
KH 12
MG  1350
 This is all work in progress check out my vids any constructive comments are most welcome. Rate and sub. thanks
Daniel Migneault
Daniel Migneault - 6 years ago
Wow! even mother nature has hard time to do better! very beautiful, thanks for sharing that piece of art.
l j
l j - 7 years ago
what is that fish beside the cardinal at 4:04  Beautiful tank
Joel Bierman
Joel Bierman - 7 years ago
This tank looks so good it almost doesn't look real.
Trev Tube
Trev Tube - 7 years ago
That tank looks too good to be true...
CJ'S AQUARIUMS - 7 years ago
Awesome tank man. I subbed! Hope ur updating this soon. Be easy!
CartoonsZ Channel
CartoonsZ Channel - 7 years ago
what lights you use and how often u feed corals?
RRL A - 7 years ago
Wow, this tank is absolutely stunning!
NoSoup4You1 - 7 years ago
How does it look now?
André de Toledo
André de Toledo - 7 years ago
could you please list all the fish in your tank?
billy u
billy u - 7 years ago
just when you think your happy with your own tank, you find a video like this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,breath taking tank you have there
Jordan Perks
Jordan Perks - 7 years ago
Water is uber clear. Well done.
richwong888 - 7 years ago
Wow. What a tank. If my new tank ends up looking half as good, I'll be happy. Can we have an equipment tour?

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macdragon72 - 7 years ago
What a beautiful tank!  What size is it?
Aggzz91 - 7 years ago
That's insane man subbed
dm002a8686 - 7 years ago
Stunning mate... Hope to get mine like that....
Spanish Jo
Spanish Jo - 7 years ago
Super reef tank! May I know what light are u using? May I know what method u use to remove phosphate?
Nick Jene
Nick Jene - 7 years ago
sweet esp the Gem tang! - how do you control nitrates with so many fish?
Tess G
Tess G - 7 years ago
Super nice tank
Erin Pfeiffer
Erin Pfeiffer - 7 years ago
What kind of lighting are you using? your coral looks very healthy!
I'm not any where near owning a system, but doing as much research as I have time for. thanks 
Annie Duncan
Annie Duncan - 7 years ago
Nice fish!!.
Jack .Stravinsky
Jack .Stravinsky - 7 years ago
What is that coral at 4:24, the greenest SPS?  I think your other greenest coral is that encrusting monti right?
Cosh - 7 years ago
That is beautiful
JOURDAN LOPEZ - 7 years ago
Hats off
Christian Schmidt
Christian Schmidt - 7 years ago
Sorry I should if read down ;-)
Christian Schmidt
Christian Schmidt - 7 years ago
What kind of lighting do you have?
jedimaster8691 - 7 years ago
Who are the 3 dumbasses that disliked this??
84neto84 - 7 years ago
Thank for watching!!! thanks for sharing...

Witch is your setup?
XxmrYOYOxX - 7 years ago
Perfect. World class set up.
OC_VILLAIN - 7 years ago
Simply Amazing, And Beautifully arranged. My hat off to,. Bravo.
Wooden Tool Man
Wooden Tool Man - 7 years ago
Sweet looking tank!
Reef N Stuff
Reef N Stuff - 7 years ago
How do u attach your corals, glue or plugs or that paste stuff! Why do u keep your glass so clean? Does your coral lean against the back glass?
TheCAPRICE35 - 7 years ago
very very nice superrrrrr
Albert Oliereserves
Albert Oliereserves - 7 years ago
CrabApples13 - 7 years ago
What lighting are you running?
Glenn Marquina
Glenn Marquina - 7 years ago
Are you still dosing zeovit products?
Darren Gibbard
Darren Gibbard - 7 years ago
A really wonderful tank! Very impressive, and certainly something to aspire to!
Drew Hern
Drew Hern - 7 years ago
Great tank!
Chris Radici
Chris Radici - 7 years ago
by far the best reef tank on YouTube.  Nice work.
I am starting a brand new 175 reef tank in 30 days...any advice?  How much time do you spend on your tank per week?
Arelav - 7 years ago
gmoney1961 - 7 years ago
Did you remove a lot of the sand......looks a lot thinner compared to your previous video?
gmoney1961 - 7 years ago
Beautiful tank
Archprime2099 - 7 years ago
Omg reef boner!  What kind of zoas are those orange with grey rim at 6:20?  I gotta get me some of those.  Wow you have such amazing sps growth it's freaking amazing.  Almost every colony in your tank has grown in like beasts!
ReeferGil - 7 years ago
dioube45 - 7 years ago
Hi! Congratz! you own an amazing tank. What kind of Mitras it is ?
I am looking to buy 3 6200HV. Your video confirm that I will buy those light.
Beto - 7 years ago
One of the best ! Amazing bro !!!
Baandeks - 7 years ago
Holy! Awesome. :-)
BCIPETS GROUP - 7 years ago
Alvin Gay
Alvin Gay - 7 years ago
Great looking tank!
RPAYNE1990 - 7 years ago
Rob's Reef
Rob's Reef - 7 years ago
Scott Tang
Scott Tang - 7 years ago
Yitzhaki Yitzhak
Yitzhaki Yitzhak - 7 years ago
Bravo, one of the bests. Can you please share some info about your system?
Eli Gonzalez
Eli Gonzalez - 7 years ago
What kind of lights are you using
fil0u59 - 7 years ago
Very nice ! I want the same !
Devon Smith
Devon Smith - 7 years ago
6:15, what are those two zoas called? the orange and green with a gray border. and the other zoa with a green eye and orange border.
Rick Linboom
Rick Linboom - 7 years ago
very cool, how many gallons?
KeysRun - 7 years ago

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