Reef tank 8 Foot

After having to pull the tank apart because of a flood threat, I upgraded to a bigger tank. I also added an SPS area. It will be better than it was. It is slowly getting there...

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After having to pull the tank apart because of a flood threat, I upgraded to a bigger tank. I also added an SPS area. It will be better than it was. It is slowly getting there...

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Robert Salinas
Robert Salinas - 4 years ago
Amazing ! Is your Zanclus still alive ? What's your filtration like ? NP Biopellets/Zeovit? ATS
Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi
Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi - 5 years ago
its mind blowing man! I'm a perfectionist in professional making of glass aquariums means a box. I'm new to marine....well a year. how you drop down the nitrates that's question no.1
I'm making a 6 foot tank. should I go for 15"depth with a 3.5 sump at the back or whole 20" depth with small triangle water drains on right and left? please advise
SS SS - 6 years ago
How many heaters do you use? Would one,  300W heater suffice?
Costas Englezopoulos
Costas Englezopoulos - 6 years ago
Amazing .... how do u manage to keep it clean from Algae ??? I am using reverse osmosis, my Phosphates and nitrates are zero, I am having day light for 8 hours per day ... still my rocks are full of Algae... what can I do  ?
Chris Radici
Chris Radici - 7 years ago
one of the best aquariums on YouTube.  Nice Job.
Starting my 200 gallon in 3 weeks...really excited
Manny Freshh
Manny Freshh - 7 years ago
Amazing aquarium. I usually find flaws in most that i see but your is just absolutely stunning.
John Kramer
John Kramer - 7 years ago
really great tank... Well done!
Jason tran
Jason tran - 7 years ago
Spike Boase
Spike Boase - 7 years ago

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Wayne Brear
Wayne Brear - 7 years ago
amazing tank!! doesn't the Morish Idol eat any corals?
Cuako - 7 years ago
Es el tanque mas bonito que yo haya visto! Felicidades!
Nathan Coker
Nathan Coker - 7 years ago
AWESOME! This is my favourite tank on utube
Thomas Ferris
Thomas Ferris - 7 years ago
MrAquariummaster - 7 years ago
Hey how did you got your idol to eat?
Kimlisha Nizna
Kimlisha Nizna - 7 years ago
Love it
Matt Karmazin
Matt Karmazin - 8 years ago
The Morrish Idol looks amazing.
nitrate buster
nitrate buster - 8 years ago
Well done Seeing is believing You have a gorgeous tank :)
rockaway25 - 8 years ago
did the moorish idol survive?? the y usually don't do well even in the largest of setups
Renato Guevara
Renato Guevara - 8 years ago
very nice , i hope to have my reef tank like yours with manny corals and very good placement.

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Dmanning11 - 8 years ago
Very nice, great coral placement
MrPninja - 8 years ago
Awesome tank
Daymo02 - 8 years ago
Oh man what a very nice tank
Rui Man
Rui Man - 8 years ago
I could sit in front and watch that reef tank for hours !
BeautifulClownfish - 8 years ago
I'm a noob with this very expensive hobby. I love your tank. It's so beautiful. Can you check out my tank and let me know what you think. I started back on October 2012.
Astro theultimate
Astro theultimate - 8 years ago
She's a beaut nice job raising your tank.
Mike Graham
Mike Graham - 8 years ago
is that a green slimer or green digi in the back on the left side?
peteninja24 - 8 years ago
awesome just awesome
Sam Nunez
Sam Nunez - 8 years ago
Hey you obviously seem to know what you are doing so I hope you can help me out. What are some really nice and colorful corals (either sps or lps) I could get in my tank with my t5 set up?
MultiBallz2u - 8 years ago
This is fucking beautifull...

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Andreas Stecher
Andreas Stecher - 8 years ago
not bad. wish my tank would look like that
Black Bear North Basketball
Black Bear North Basketball - 8 years ago
Very well done! Does it still look this way? Any problems? Is it double sided?
AquariumsbyZero - 8 years ago
Great looking tank!!
L LIVE - 8 years ago
do you use a sump or a protein skimmer?? or just do the water changes? Thanks! NICE TANK GORGEOUS!!
withmysupersoaker - 8 years ago
Игорь - 8 years ago
вышлите пару кораллов в Донецк
nicolassoleil - 8 years ago
one of the world's greatest private tanks and you only time a minute of it? terrorist!!!
2019freddie - 8 years ago
awesome, well done.
1knightstand007 - 8 years ago
Holy *%*# that's a beautiful tank.can I have some frags pls!:)
fongyfong - 8 years ago
I think he meant 95 percent water change for the sump
saflip969 - 8 years ago
FUC*ING B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!!!!!! looks just as if you took a chunk of the sea and brought home with you. Everything looks HAPPY and HEALTHY. Forget what the so called "expert" aquarist say about your aquarium. you should do an Updated video of this
GaZaLoC1 - 8 years ago
Sweet tank bro beautiful looking healthy what kind of lighting r u using ?
hwnkirby08 - 8 years ago
This is the healthiest system i have seen. great job
funkydeu - 8 years ago
didnt you mean 99.9%?
10GalReef - 8 years ago
Sweet tank! 95% water change sounds like it makes sense. Why would it kill off coral and fish if done right? The waters around wild reefs are constantly being replenished and come on, look at his tank! He/she is on to something.
Jared T
Jared T - 8 years ago
do a video of the 95% water change
Patrick's Aquatics
Patrick's Aquatics - 8 years ago
hey, i don't see how you can do 95% watercanges on that reef. Seems like it would kill your fish, coral, and bio bacteria...if you could make a video on this that would be awesome! gracias hombre!
microiguana - 8 years ago
dude 95%????? what water are u usin bro?? save straight ocean water, i see no way that would work... though your tank does look frikkin stunning. how bout a vid of the process? i wanna see if i can try to replicate its results on mine.. but i probably won't try.
Yak-N-Bass - 8 years ago
95 percent waterchange?can u pleas do a vid of u doing a 95 percent waterhcnage?id love to see it thanks
Steve Brady
Steve Brady - 8 years ago
BEautiful tank! What combo of bulbs are U running? thx...

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Jonathan .N
Jonathan .N - 8 years ago
i give you props a tank like this always needs maintenance how do you find the time to do it?
jordam joffe
jordam joffe - 8 years ago
that is the best looking tank i have ever seen
zzkambe - 8 years ago
Alex Bautista
Alex Bautista - 8 years ago
suscribed ;)
filmlvr25 - 8 years ago
One of the best i've seen!
Adam Phila
Adam Phila - 8 years ago
dm002a8686 - 8 years ago
Best tank on YouTube buddy. Love it.
556diplomacy - 8 years ago
If he is getting his water from the ocean, I could see the ninety five percent changes working... Sure he would be removing all the beneficial bacteria, but unlike RO water, the water from the ocean would be replacing that bacteria... It could, however introduce diseases, but it seams to be working well for him. I'm envious my tank is tiny by comparison
Josh - 8 years ago
how are you able to take out 95% of the water with out any of the coral being out of water? your sump must be HUGE!!!!! like over 1000 gallons
cutietwo22 - 8 years ago
oh no I have never had a moorish idol, nor will I ever risk trying one. They are beautiful tho...
glenNHKskate - 8 years ago
Beautiful... What kind of lights do you have?
SlippityDoo - 8 years ago
I watch these videos looking for entertainment but always leave with envy. Calling this tank amazing would be an insult and an understatement, absolutley stunning. :)
mrpmj00 - 9 years ago
Congrats on keeping the moorish idol alive. Mine starved after 2 weeks in my 100 gallons fowlr tank.
PowderTangJon - 9 years ago
Powder blue AND Powder brown. It's good to have a 8 foot tank!
fredeau le recif du belon
fredeau le recif du belon - 9 years ago
quelle joli bac, felicitation :-)
cutietwo22 - 9 years ago
I see you have a Moorish Idol. just curious to see how long it's lived for and what you feed it. I know they can be very hard to keep in captivity, mostpeople say to leave them in the ocean. You have a very large tank and it looks very happy and healthy. So it must be eating something:) Gorgeous tank!
Dom L.
Dom L. - 9 years ago
this is a very well done aquarium. good job!
Mike Nickerson
Mike Nickerson - 9 years ago
Very nice tank great work
1jaedon - 9 years ago
Really nice tank! If u dont mind me asking what do u dose your system with?
The Last Spycrab
The Last Spycrab - 9 years ago
im doing 50% water changes every 2 weeks. it makes a huge difference. I feed quite a bit.
steogorman - 9 years ago
the best tank on youtube.. great job
Jared Smith
Jared Smith - 9 years ago
@jaimeduerme dang nice work! You should donate me your old water:) im sure its still clean water haha
Jaime Andueza
Jaime Andueza - 9 years ago
Clearly I am crazy enough to try it once, and sane enough to keep on doing it :)
UltimateKeylogger Keylogger
UltimateKeylogger Keylogger - 9 years ago
WTF do 95% water changes? Are u crazy?
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen - 9 years ago
Nice mix setup!
ReefCollege - 9 years ago
Love this reef
TypOPositiv - 9 years ago
Wow! After seeing this, I realize I am not worthy! That is an amazing work of art!
wolf3047 - 9 years ago
How many gallons is this?
Jaime Andueza
Jaime Andueza - 9 years ago
@timbahlaya Thank you :) The water changes are done in the one hit. It takes 5 min to drain it and 10 minutes to refill it. I make sure the PH and temperature are the same in both lots of water and the rest is history. I found a guy that collects the water from the ocean and does the full operation for a very reasonable amount of $.He has all the right tools, thus the speed. I have been doing this now for over a year and I can assure you that there was an immediate improvement in the coral
Jaime Andueza
Jaime Andueza - 9 years ago
health and look the moment I started with this regime. I have never lost a fish or coral due to shock, so it cannot be bad. As "nlreeftank" mentions below, it is not necessary to do this, but it works for me. I encourage you to do it if you have the means.
timbahlaya - 9 years ago
Those are some of the most beautiful corals I've seen in a home reef! As for the 95% WC every 3 weeks... you couldn't mean all at once? If you do, mind elaborating?
Gerd Koetje
Gerd Koetje - 9 years ago
you dont need to change 95% of your water mate
Daniel James Harris
Daniel James Harris - 9 years ago
Thats an amazing tank!!! I love all the morphs you have!!! Beautifull tank!!!
Jaime Andueza
Jaime Andueza - 9 years ago
@judgedread1966 Thank you mate! I don't have a site as yet...maybe one day in the near future...:)
Jaime Andueza
Jaime Andueza - 9 years ago
@megafishtank1 I kept that Moorish Idol for 6 months. I had to give it away because is was a very fat and hungry fish that was making a meal of a few corals... he ate pellets like it was its most natural food. He has since then doubled his size and is doing really well. I have kept a couple of Moorish idols over the years and the trick has always been to make them used to eating pellets before introducing them into the main tank. They get fat easy and do really well on that food only...
save oursharks
save oursharks - 9 years ago
very healthy system, how long have you had the moorish idol
Robert Borg
Robert Borg - 9 years ago
WOW.Are those corals ALIVE?:)
HoppyfishPerse001 - 9 years ago
Why don't u put some citron gobies on the hard corals. It feels lively,too.
Chessimator - 9 years ago
Great tank, good colour selection and balance of different corals. Well done.
Jaime Andueza
Jaime Andueza - 9 years ago
@peregrine0508 The lighting system I have is pretty cheap. I have 8 light fittings X 2 T5s each that cover the full top of the tank. If anything they are pretty average. I think the trick is good water and lots of feeding. To keep the water clean and in good conditions, I change 95% of the water every 3 weeks. I only add Calcium and Reef Builder. I also run an ozonizer for 3 hours per day to keep the water nice and clear.
DreamReefer UK
DreamReefer UK - 9 years ago
Wow very nice selection of fish and coral
vlad vunich
vlad vunich - 9 years ago
mate what a cracker of a tank!! perfect example of tank that has sps with lps and softies in the same tank as sps healthy and doing well together. do you have a site where i can follow your regime and get tips from how you run it?
ARies AJ
ARies AJ - 9 years ago
Waw. Awesome tank. Very colorful. Nice selection of fishes.
Chris - 9 years ago
whats that big thing called at 27 seconds
mein riff
mein riff - 9 years ago
mein riff
mein riff - 9 years ago
djzombie11 - 9 years ago
Mopar32985 - 9 years ago
beautiful sps colonies. Very nice tank
Gerd Koetje
Gerd Koetje - 9 years ago
nice tank very colorfull
admirehomes - 9 years ago

100. comment for Reef tank 8 Foot

UstadZed - 9 years ago
Wow.. thats all i can say.. this is an incredible tank.
ReefCollege - 9 years ago

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