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Craig Babineaux
Craig Babineaux - 3 years ago
To each their own but that looks boring. Mixed reefs look better at least their is movement with the corals.
Daniel Bernard O'kelly Rodriguez
Daniel Bernard O'kelly Rodriguez - 3 years ago
Hi, How are does roleadro chinese led lights
working? Im thinking on buying two for my tank.
Kevin van Doesburg
Kevin van Doesburg - 3 years ago
Beautyfull!!!!! AWESOME Reefscape
SahinurUK - 3 years ago
Beautiful reef. What is the nitrate and phosphate levels in this tank?
What's under the hood
Roland Chavez
Roland Chavez - 3 years ago
What settings do you use on your MP40 and Gyre?
Narcosis corals
Narcosis corals - 3 years ago
What temp do u keep the tank
Reef Tank
Reef Tank - 3 years ago
narcosis corals I love to maintain around 25 degree
Viet Truong
Viet Truong - 3 years ago
Nice reef.
p/s: just skip the 1:20 frames
Reef Tank
Reef Tank - 3 years ago
Viet Truong Hahaha. It was a mistake mate. Hope you enjoy the tank more than me haha
reef guy 92
reef guy 92 - 3 years ago
absolutely STUNNING!!

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Eugene Chornenky
Eugene Chornenky - 4 years ago
Nice tank...!!! Like from me !!!
Reefgrrl - 4 years ago
Wow, this is gorgeous. I'm in awe. Of course I had to subscribe!
Northwestern Reefer
Northwestern Reefer - 4 years ago
nice tank. I have subbed you
Henry Torres
Henry Torres - 4 years ago
Beautiful tank. But the next time be careful with your mirror. Moron. Ji ji ji
Reef Tank
Reef Tank - 3 years ago
Henry Torres Hahaha. I will take note of my surrounding next time.
Mark Kuzelka
Mark Kuzelka - 4 years ago
What are the dimensions of this tank? It is awesome.
Reef Tank
Reef Tank - 3 years ago
Mark Kuzelka My tank dimensions is 3ft by 2ft by 1.8ft
J Carey
J Carey - 4 years ago
T5 with LED supplement
Reef Tank
Reef Tank - 4 years ago
j Carey Thank you bro
Frederick Jennifer Joswick
Frederick Jennifer Joswick - 4 years ago
Looks like Zeovit system, well done
Reef Tank
Reef Tank - 4 years ago
Frederick Jennifer Joswick Nope. just a normal system with AIO biopellet
Ellery Wong
Ellery Wong - 4 years ago
Great setup - How old is the system?
Reef Tank
Reef Tank - 4 years ago
Ellery Wong 8months bro!
Morteza Naeibi
Morteza Naeibi - 4 years ago
WOW , Beautiful Tank

Do you use Aquaforest Method and products ?
Reef Tank
Reef Tank - 4 years ago
Morteza Naeibi Yes I did.
Rasmus Kok
Rasmus Kok - 4 years ago
speedos.. llol

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Cesca's Reef
Cesca's Reef - 4 years ago
Great set up I subscribed  :)
Rad Perez
Rad Perez - 4 years ago
Beautiful reef, amazing.....
Fernando Reyes
Fernando Reyes - 4 years ago
Very nice reef tank!
Reefing with Reefer
Reefing with Reefer - 4 years ago
amazing tank omg the sps :) i'm subbed for sure .. i hope i can get my tank this nice one day :) very very nice tank
Ricardo Santos
Ricardo Santos - 4 years ago
+Reef Tank Beautiful tank and lovely colorful acroporas! Subscribed!
What's your lamp combination?
Reef Tank
Reef Tank - 4 years ago
Paul Blaney your tank will come bro!
Young Tank
Young Tank - 4 years ago
Awesome tank
SunCity Reefer
SunCity Reefer - 4 years ago
CJ'S AQUARIUMS - 4 years ago

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