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Reef Share
Reef Share - 3 years ago
Are you using AI 26 or 52 model in this tank? I could see some noise light on the footage. am I correct?
yllekr123 - 3 years ago
Gorgeous video!
Cam J
Cam J - 3 years ago
1:48 what fish are those
ReefDudes - 3 years ago
Great shots and nice tank!
thonin 17
thonin 17 - 4 years ago
Songe please ?? Verry good job
dudeneedmoney - 4 years ago
What kind of coral is that @ 1:15?
dudeneedmoney - 4 years ago
the coral right before the frogspawn..
cheese wiz
cheese wiz - 4 years ago
dudeneedmoney frogspawn
Sam Ross
Sam Ross - 4 years ago
Fantastic video! At 1:10, are those button anemones? Hitchhikers?
Spivey's NSW Reef
Spivey's NSW Reef - 4 years ago
That camera is awesome it looks better than real life.
Cali Fishliving
Cali Fishliving - 4 years ago
Do you have any issues with your file fish eating coral, want to get one to help out with aiptasia

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Scott Hill
Scott Hill - 5 years ago
Very nice. Love the detail
Jordon Webb
Jordon Webb - 5 years ago
Kass Nathan Starchild
Kass Nathan Starchild - 5 years ago
The music is not in keeping with the scenery! Goodness me!
Ashley L
Ashley L - 5 years ago
Wow.... That is beautiful!! And some serious camera skills:)
easonguerreiro  Pinhi12345678ED
easonguerreiro Pinhi12345678ED - 5 years ago
easonguerreiro BAHIA @gmail com 23/2/2016
My Name Here
My Name Here - 5 years ago
what camera did you use please?
Anthony M
Anthony M - 5 years ago
+My Name Here Actually according to his description a 4k ultara hd gopro
Anthony M
Anthony M - 5 years ago
+My Name Here Probably the Panasonic GH4 or one of the mirrorless Sonys.
Simon Bron
Simon Bron - 5 years ago
sony fdr ax 100
Karl Dulle
Karl Dulle - 5 years ago
Awesome stuff man.. I so wish for camera with that quality! Go pro's 4 k is nothing compared to this!
Brian O'Connor
Brian O'Connor - 6 years ago
great job! my kids love it. 
Joe Prosser
Joe Prosser - 6 years ago
what u got for light?
Simon Bron
Simon Bron - 6 years ago
vertex illumina sr 600
TheRick2325 - 6 years ago
Amazing shots

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Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor - 6 years ago
Amazing video and tank

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