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Sonoran Reef
Sonoran Reef - 4 years ago
I like seeing weekly videos and have been trying to keep to that schedule myself. Look forward to watching more of yours
Thomas Godley
Thomas Godley - 4 years ago
Hey Eric thanks for pointing out this website. Im freshwater but aquarium info is good.
brinks128 - 4 years ago
Awesome video.... being straight forward is the best way..
Pablo's Reef
Pablo's Reef - 4 years ago
That is an awesome tank brother!!!
montgomery burns
montgomery burns - 4 years ago
Nice tank bro !!!
iliriano6 - 4 years ago
Nice tank man. Do you have a vib about your sump section. Thks.
Rico's Reeftank
Rico's Reeftank - 4 years ago
iliriano6 no, but I will be doing one soon.
Fisnik M.
Fisnik M. - 4 years ago

yo Rico whatz ap... how you doing...
finaly found your channel...
great vids men...
i mean,,, your Tank ist many lights years far away from our tanks....
you sump, corals animals,,, the whole thing men....
i don even have a fucking sump men... CJ´s sump is still dry...
deamn we never gonna get your level ...

go ahead make vids men... yout tank, your front-end shows that you can run the fucking show men!

see ya

#Rossy's Reeftank
#Rossy's Reeftank - 4 years ago
Love your videos! Liked and Subbed!!
Dlucks - 4 years ago

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Mark Kreger
Mark Kreger - 4 years ago
Good point about patience. If you don't have it, you're going to kill things, spend a lot of money and learn the hard way. I've been a reefer since well before the YouTube days and did plenty of learning the hard way. Patience and maintenance makes for good reefing. You can drop some serious coin on a lot of things that don't matter.
Patience and maintenance.
Electric Reef
Electric Reef - 4 years ago
Rico! Great videos! Very wise information being put out. Also, your setup looks great. Don't know how I made it this far without hearing about your channel. Subbed you to follow along. Just started a channel of my own build and love for the hobby. Go check it out and give me a shoutout if you could. Electric Reef
Man Cave Reef
Man Cave Reef - 4 years ago
that's a badass tank. I subscribed to your chanel.
worm5406 - 4 years ago
I like seeing weekly videos, even if it is a small one. At least once a month update (vlog style) works nicely. To discuss ups and downs work nicely in a video. ALSO.. Fix that chair it squeaks when you move left and right. HAHAHA. Keep up the good work. Glad to see other people want to be honest instead of PC talk. I have been lurking for a while, now I am a subscriber, with notification when you post new content (Clicked on the bell.) Hope your back gets better. Look forward to your next video.
JCReefs - 4 years ago
just stumble across your channel beautiful tank by the way just subbed look forward to seeing future vids on this tank
Mike Lemming
Mike Lemming - 4 years ago
Good video Rico! Your tank is ridiculous! I think you should start doing How To videos and share some of that knowledge with us! I would love to hear how you would deal with green hair algae as I have a small algae problem in my reef. Also, I would love yo see a run down video of all the equipment you are using! Cheers to 2017 bro!
Nado - 4 years ago
It was great having you on the Shack last Wednesday Rico! Looking forward to seeing there as a regular. You dropped some major knowledge on the Shack in such a short time.
Rico's Reeftank
Rico's Reeftank - 4 years ago
Nado I will definitely try to be there this Wednesday.
Blackbookproduct10ns - 4 years ago
Quick question about the 300 DD...I've heard and saw from some people that with this tank when it's full, you can see the cross bracing submerged in the water but I don't see that with yours. How did you get around that?
Rico's Reeftank
Rico's Reeftank - 4 years ago
Blackbookproduct10ns adjusting the flow going into the tank with ball valve usually it's caused by more flow going in vs. coming out so you have to adjust with ball valves sometimes I run my flow high that's when i see the braces when I want to do a quicker water exchange but 9 times Outta 10 I like low-flow going in and coming out.I hope this helps. ps.. or you can downsize your return pump.
Rob Burgess
Rob Burgess - 4 years ago
Hey Rico, Sweet Tank man! Great videos and I really like that they run long. You have great success and I try to take in all the knowledge people like you have. One tiny detail can be the difference between success and failure in this hobby. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge
dudesreef - 4 years ago
Great talk the other night on the feed and great video, thumbs up! I personally like seeing weekly 5 minute videos or monthly 15-20 minute ones, but that's just me, but I do glance at a ton of tank footage when I'm not busy looking at my tanks all the time.

P.s damn your squeaky chair hahah

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Jorge Torres
Jorge Torres - 4 years ago
blogs are cool.. your reef is badass man
oceanslide - 4 years ago
Any videos of your equipment/sump?
eric olsen
eric olsen - 4 years ago
Great video bro. Freemen loved it. I just won't to learn about how everyone runs their tank and equipment. Don't care about vlogs. I want to learn about the science and your techniques and equipment you like and hate. "alkalinity" love it. teach me want you mean.
Timbo's Reef
Timbo's Reef - 4 years ago
Yasser Aloy
Yasser Aloy - 4 years ago
Yeah Rico man lots fun that day great discussion real cool talking to you all and for me don't mind a vid everyday man really is all about knowledge and learning something new everyday
dannysreeftank - 4 years ago
such an awesome tank!
DrOfWelshMagic - 4 years ago
I only come on youtube (daily) to see if anyone has uploaded a new reefing video, whether it be informative, update of new acquisitions or just chillin in the  livestream. I'm still learning so hungry for information of any kind, but who isn't in this hobby to some degree. MUCHOS RESPECTOS regards your tank dude... one of the best I've seen.
CJ'S AQUARIUMS - 4 years ago
2-3 videos a month are enough for me... noticed the less you post the more people play attention. Vlog style like your doing now is def interesting enough man... end of the day.. just keep doing what you do.. people will want to see it.. raw, uncut, and real....

I have the reef shack every weds starting around 8ish... whenever you are free def come hang.. its the best realtime forum on youtube! lol...

Be Eazy!
Dee From Brooklyn
Dee From Brooklyn - 4 years ago
Love your video. . make as many vids as you feel good making. I'd like a tour of your tank. . What's your favorite area of your tank? You film then I'll film
SPS Junkie
SPS Junkie - 4 years ago
once a week, once every two weeks. keeps me motivated to Reef

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DC Reefer
DC Reefer - 4 years ago
I really enjoy this reef. I like seeing some reef tanks once a week. but to keep my attention it has to be a journey more so than just talking and showing a still steady shot of the tank. So I try to make my video interesting and a story of what I've experienced. So i would say at least once a week. As I now look forward to editing I also want to get a camera that really shows what I'm seeing and a clear view of the details of my journey
Reefgrrl - 4 years ago
I was on that Reef Shack the other night, and I learned so much from the questions and answers you were involved in! I'm planning a new build very soon and listening to your thoughts on dosing and reactors, was super useful. Thanks for that!

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