Setting Up Reef Tank

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Reef tank 6 years ago 304,726 views

BioCube Aquarium Starter Kits - BioCube Aquarium Stand - New Animal Instagram "Kul Farm" - Follow Taras on: Follow Katherine on: Main channel - Business email: FAN MAIL: CRAZY RUSSIAN HACKER P.O. Box 49 Waynesville, NC 28786 DISCLAIMER: In this video description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission.

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Most popular comments
for Setting Up Reef Tank

yup yup
yup yup - 6 years ago
nobody likes lowes
Divided Reality
Divided Reality - 6 years ago
Cool, Home Depot changed their color scheme.
Guy Greatorex
Guy Greatorex - 6 years ago
Put your heater in the back part
xXBossGamesXx EXPBOSS - 6 years ago
Lowes is racist
xXBossGamesXx EXPBOSS - 6 years ago
F the haters
Ashim Saha
Ashim Saha - 6 years ago
We love Russia
no name99
no name99 - 6 years ago
F lowes for discriminating russian
Yooo Fufuuu
Yooo Fufuuu - 6 years ago
U should enter rico reef,,neno contest ..u get free corals and a apex and gift card if u win
Shane Barker
Shane Barker - 6 years ago
Just being ignorant here but what happened to THE CRAZY RUSSIAN

10. comment for Setting Up Reef Tank

Shane Parkins
Shane Parkins - 6 years ago
Heather should be in back compartment
Luka Ninic
Luka Ninic - 6 years ago
that white need to be brown that is good bacteria
Shen Oac
Shen Oac - 6 years ago
Wqs hoping for him to do a science experiment.
Sam Dharmesh
Sam Dharmesh - 6 years ago
Submerge the heater entirely, it can explode if it's outside like that....
korey puffinbarger
korey puffinbarger - 6 years ago
You can put the heater in one of the back space
JJ Aquariums
JJ Aquariums - 6 years ago
Just a tip you can put the heater in the sump area
Gary Montgomery
Gary Montgomery - 6 years ago
I love your other videos I'm glad you are doing a saltwater tank.
Cameron Basford
Cameron Basford - 6 years ago
Put your heater in the return chamber.
DarkZone Attractions
DarkZone Attractions - 6 years ago
Put your heater in the sump
Craig Miller
Craig Miller - 6 years ago
Ive been in the saltwater hobby for a few years. If you have any questions reefcentral is a great place to start! Also find a local forum you can ask questions and go to frag swaps. Its an awesome hobby!

20. comment for Setting Up Reef Tank

spacial2 - 6 years ago
Lowes is a terrible place to shop.
pyronac1 - 6 years ago
are you serious? lows just lost my business for that.
Jason Swanzy
Jason Swanzy - 6 years ago
lol f lowes but thats funny the home depot lol
Lol Jk
Lol Jk - 6 years ago
Disagree with lowes just for his race
Marcel Simon
Marcel Simon - 6 years ago
Put heater in back chamber
Bora - 6 years ago
Did you still buy the buckets or did you leave the buckets there with the home depot sticker still on it?
Final D. Sam
Final D. Sam - 6 years ago
You can install your heater hidden away in the overflow area in back before the filter. Better heating hidden :)
Neepa Shah
Neepa Shah - 6 years ago
Nice video
Neepa Shah
Neepa Shah - 6 years ago
Nice vedio
Ro0per - 6 years ago
that lowe cencorship was hilarious

30. comment for Setting Up Reef Tank

relly laxamana
relly laxamana - 6 years ago
give us an update pls and put so many fish in there
Tobirama 2319
Tobirama 2319 - 6 years ago
Taras a Sav home Depot
Connor Garfield
Connor Garfield - 6 years ago
Nice video
Fish Blueberry Apple Fishy Fish Smoked Fly Head
Fish Blueberry Apple Fishy Fish Smoked Fly Head - 6 years ago
good video
Vivian Veloso
Vivian Veloso - 6 years ago
His getting savage
DeadlyPonySmasher - 6 years ago
you can hide the heater in the pump compartment
Anthony Yao
Anthony Yao - 6 years ago
Pls get a small shark
Emily Rompf
Emily Rompf - 6 years ago
You can probably put the heater in the back compartment with the pump to make to tank look nicer
Isaac Ixtupe
Isaac Ixtupe - 6 years ago
Good luck with your aquarium!
Alanna Millard
Alanna Millard - 6 years ago
Home Depot is much better
Laith Doleh
Laith Doleh - 6 years ago
Lowes is racist to Russians!
LIT AF - 6 years ago
Asuna Ishiwata
Asuna Ishiwata - 6 years ago
Southern Pride Machines
Southern Pride Machines - 6 years ago
home depot
Anna Forhisglory
Anna Forhisglory - 6 years ago
You can ask my brother he after many years got it down, you must have revers osmosis filter, salt water fish is very expensive to loose it is a job to maintain cause filters need cleaning often.
A E B A- T C P R
A E B A- T C P R - 6 years ago
Taras, check out my new “hack” for dogs. Please...?
TheDankSanta - 6 years ago
Youre the funniest guy!
Danny Viveros Romero
Danny Viveros Romero - 6 years ago
Well guys be ready for fish gadget's
Dirk De Lange
Dirk De Lange - 6 years ago
nice video
Nighthawk - 6 years ago
Is be kinda leary of a pressboard stand.

50. comment for Setting Up Reef Tank

All Puppet master
All Puppet master - 6 years ago
I love his vids like if you do to!
cyrusstinson - 6 years ago
you can hide the heater in the back right part of the filter where the water initially drains into.
Brielle Dior
Brielle Dior - 6 years ago
I didn’t even know you could be shady
Zorro - 6 years ago
No offense but Your YouTube name is crazy "Russian Hacker". Of course Lowe's what's to distance themselves from any reminders of the DNCA leaks.
Garfunkel Black
Garfunkel Black - 6 years ago
grac6650 grac6650
grac6650 grac6650 - 6 years ago
Haha that bucket part made me laugh so hard
damien Cervantes
damien Cervantes - 6 years ago
Lil Pump
STRACKEL - 6 years ago
WOW That so cool!
Deepak Reddy
Deepak Reddy - 6 years ago
Who was watching TV?
Jeff Jakeries
Jeff Jakeries - 6 years ago
Home Depot ftw!
Jack Fearow
Jack Fearow - 6 years ago
Thermal_Sniper X
Thermal_Sniper X - 6 years ago
The lowes one was amazing
Thomas Gerard Bruce MILNE
Thomas Gerard Bruce MILNE - 6 years ago
At least he did his research he looks like he knows what he is doing
Awezome Gaming
Awezome Gaming - 6 years ago
Crazy Russian Zoo anyone
Cloud Watcher
Cloud Watcher - 6 years ago
I'm so excited!!
Gumboy42 - 6 years ago
Put your heater in the over flow (first compartment)
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee - 6 years ago
Taras Nicole Deen
Marc Hering
Marc Hering - 6 years ago
Taras, if you are getting started in salt water or reef tanks, that tank will work, but smaller tanks are actually HARDER to keep since any level changes (ammonia etc) will build up VERY fast and cause havoc much easier versus a larger tank that is less sensitive to fluctuations in levels. Corals require VERY stable water... Best to start with a 30+ gallon if you can
owen rice
owen rice - 6 years ago
You are turning into a zoo lol
Zachary Holmes
Zachary Holmes - 6 years ago
You should maybe put the heater in the back
Axel Geolier
Axel Geolier - 6 years ago
If Lowes doesn't wanna work with you, you should send Home Depot an email and maybe they'll sponsor you for the next video. I'd laugh my a** off if Home Depot made an ad against Lowes, kinda like the Samsung Vs Apple one
Islam Muslims are evil Satans Evil Satans
Islam Muslims are evil Satans Evil Satans - 6 years ago
Enjoy - 6 years ago
Dijana Preniqi
Dijana Preniqi - 6 years ago
Where is your dog
gullsgoalie29 - 6 years ago
Have the same exact tank if you want it to be super clear I️ suggest getting a protein skimmed also
Adam Brockie
Adam Brockie - 6 years ago
Taras... is that true about Lowes?
Zachary O'neill
Zachary O'neill - 6 years ago
Bahahahahahahaha THE RUSSIAN BUCKET
Mohit Prashar
Mohit Prashar - 6 years ago
Awesome vid
Alex Gomez
Alex Gomez - 6 years ago
You should add two clown fish
Greg M
Greg M - 6 years ago
Good luck bud!
Reptiles,Fish,and amphibians
Reptiles,Fish,and amphibians - 6 years ago
Hey more filter sponge and carbon
Chris T
Chris T - 6 years ago
You need more sand ☹️
Rosco's Reef with Scott
Rosco's Reef with Scott - 6 years ago
Very nice start. Nano tanks are a lot of fun to start with, but require a lot more attention than their larger counterparts. All the best and if you ever have any questions look me up.
Shamanka Sonya
Shamanka Sonya - 6 years ago
TheBMH28 - 6 years ago
Hey dude, I've kept reef tanks for 15 years, message me if you get stuck:)
Game tab
Game tab - 6 years ago
i love your videos and keep up the great work that you do
Game tab
Game tab - 6 years ago
tjat reef tank is beutifule
clever name
clever name - 6 years ago
Is the candy called peanut brittle or was it a praline?
gavin young
gavin young - 6 years ago
"It took me about 20 minutes" (looks out window) It's night time.....
Jhon Charvat
Jhon Charvat - 6 years ago
Alyssa Vitiritto
Alyssa Vitiritto - 6 years ago
Emails Lowe’s this video
Joel Gomez
Joel Gomez - 6 years ago
Run a chaeto refugium in one of those compartments or run a nano protein skimmer
Beast _ Gago
Beast _ Gago - 6 years ago
Taras it is very hard to keep you should first went with freshwater
OfficialAidz - 6 years ago
Stick your heater in the back compartments. It makes the overall tank look better but make sure it is fully submerged.
Evan Dexter
Evan Dexter - 6 years ago
The shell might scratch the tank
Evan Dexter
Evan Dexter - 6 years ago
That is so racist
Joaquín Bravo
Joaquín Bravo - 6 years ago
Are you living in NC???? I am studying here and would love to meet you!!
IsMyNameToo LongPlsHelp
IsMyNameToo LongPlsHelp - 6 years ago
Boycott lowes
FishoutofWater - 6 years ago
You'll enjoy it!!
Chase 726
Chase 726 - 6 years ago
As of right now 115 lowes employees have watched this video

100. comment for Setting Up Reef Tank

Caleb Seebacher
Caleb Seebacher - 6 years ago
Call tanked
Mallissa T
Mallissa T - 6 years ago
LOL That shade at Lowe’s though hahahaha
Overspraycollector - 6 years ago
so a zibfe soiad ned so fui zasta und so a schoafs weibal hom. zefix.
daniel torres
daniel torres - 6 years ago
Lowe's Washington being recess
daniel torres
daniel torres - 6 years ago
Sorry i puted Washington it Washington it was supposed to he was
RazzBazz - 6 years ago
Taras! Can u do a fiah gagdets video when u get ur fish?
Hilal Ariq
Hilal Ariq - 6 years ago
Put the heater in the compartment in the sump so it wouldn't be an eyesore.
NuttyJackJ - 6 years ago
Taras you are savageee. Writing home depot on the bucket actually made me cry
xTheSub - 6 years ago
There is to much water in it
rivera752 - 6 years ago
Home depot!!!
TECHNO MAX - 6 years ago
Hey can u try the wurth products ??
LILIYA stepanchuk
LILIYA stepanchuk - 6 years ago
Savage with the bucket
imprintaftah - 6 years ago
a heater in a reef tank??
Nayeck Veer
Nayeck Veer - 6 years ago
You can also put led lights in the tank for a more organised tank :)
Nayeck Veer
Nayeck Veer - 6 years ago
I suggest to put natural or artificial plants for the fish and you can put small fishes such as guppies
DeezNutz - 6 years ago
I got an aggressive tank.. lion fish are the best.
Ronald Ailak
Ronald Ailak - 6 years ago
Taras taking shots at lowes
TORISH GAMING - 6 years ago
Yes fish stuff
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza - 6 years ago
Savage boi he litary protraded lowes ohohohohoh savage savage savage he’s a savage wow lol
Rip Tide
Rip Tide - 6 years ago
awesome love to see reef tank vids
JessyMetal - 6 years ago
Hey so, you should put your heater in the back part near the filter where the water flows through so it's hidden
On theRoad
On theRoad - 6 years ago
Nobody likes lowes anyway
Home is where the heart is.
Home is where the heart is. - 6 years ago
Lowe's is going to regret its decision
Chupatwo Chupatwo
Chupatwo Chupatwo - 6 years ago
ALLEN HERNANDEZ - 6 years ago
Ask ur friend romand atwood to help u with ur salt water tank he has one
Easy Baking
Easy Baking - 6 years ago
Yes I just got my saltwater tank
William X
William X - 6 years ago
I’m a teen and just finished cycling my Biocube!!!!!! That’s awesome good for
kitty kate
kitty kate - 6 years ago
Men the water should be atleast 1 inch below the black edge
kitty kate
kitty kate - 6 years ago
It actually takes 24 hours
CJ RULZ - 6 years ago
The home depot thing made me laugh lol
Julius Wicked
Julius Wicked - 6 years ago
The Rad Dude Gaming
The Rad Dude Gaming - 6 years ago
/ \
/ \
| Lowes | This Is Lowes 1 Like = 1 egg thrown at them
Raymond's Vlogs
Raymond's Vlogs - 6 years ago
Pasha - 6 years ago
I love how he always smiles when he introduces his videos
bababababa265 - 6 years ago
jerry can
jerry can - 6 years ago
have you had one before?
Patrick Hoang
Patrick Hoang - 6 years ago
99 dislikes from Lowe’s employees from around the world
Brian Ervin
Brian Ervin - 6 years ago
Crazy Russian Reef Tank...
Paskasaurus - 6 years ago
please please please put your lizard in there, it would make such a natural home for him. and a heating lamp/mat. reptiles need those
Emoticons - 6 years ago
Is he going to open a zoo?
Jam S
Jam S - 6 years ago
put the heater at the back! saves more space and looks cleaner ;)
田中ハルト - 6 years ago
Joshua Pendley
Joshua Pendley - 6 years ago
Didn't know you were into reef tanks brother, I'm in Durham if you ever need help with fish or coral. Check out triad reef critters in greensboro
Diro N Ana Castillo
Diro N Ana Castillo - 6 years ago
Ey taras what happened with the hacks and experiments on CrazyRussianHacker
Spirited Ardent Colt
Spirited Ardent Colt - 6 years ago
He's literally getting pets every month!
Trevon Mccarter
Trevon Mccarter - 6 years ago
My boi You have all the stuff you need but if you want corals and stuff you might need a better light btw I bean watching you since i was about 8 or 9 and I think you tank will be great
Adam Rashdan
Adam Rashdan - 6 years ago
U r the BEST Taras
Capta1n Pancak3
Capta1n Pancak3 - 6 years ago
Soon you'll have a zoo taras
KingZero 0
KingZero 0 - 6 years ago
Taras is a savage he gonna start some beef with Lowes
TheMazapan123 - 6 years ago
Taras a savage haha too funny.
op gamer's
op gamer's - 6 years ago
Home depot
Dan Stanford
Dan Stanford - 6 years ago
Did you buy a protein skimmer?
Leonardo Hurtado
Leonardo Hurtado - 6 years ago
Lowe’s ain’t getting my business anymore
peter crane
peter crane - 6 years ago
Hello I’ve been reef keeping for 10 years and love it I had a mini reef like yours with built in filtration had nothing but problems get a uv external canister filter and you will find a lot less problems good luck looking forward to more tank vids
Cozma Raul
Cozma Raul - 6 years ago
Taras BIG ADVICE always clean the filter with water from your aquarium
joshrawks21 - 6 years ago
I thought it took months before you could add snails and stuff into a tank like that? Maybe I'm confusing it to a reef tank?
GD Zerphy
GD Zerphy - 6 years ago
you need real coral
L V - 6 years ago
In soviet Russia, furniture builds you!
Matthew Kerrison
Matthew Kerrison - 6 years ago
My family ha shad a lot of tanks so if u need any help just ask
Abner Garcia
Abner Garcia - 6 years ago
We should organize a march into our local Lowe’s wearing Crazy Russian Hacker Shirts.
KARL DAVIES - 6 years ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Sherk=Life( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Metalci Kiz
Metalci Kiz - 6 years ago
Crazy russian zoo
d4rk0v3 - 6 years ago
Someone get this to a news outlet or something. Lowes being prejudice against a Russian immigrant. That's headline worthy.
MagycRohlyk - 6 years ago
This is literally turning into crazyrussianZOO
Sufyaan Ahmed
Sufyaan Ahmed - 6 years ago
This is awesome tarus. Love that your getting into the hobby.
Marc Hawkins
Marc Hawkins - 6 years ago
Good Start Taras! fish keeping is very addictive. I ended up getting 5 tanks in my tiny bedroom. I had to reduce it back to 1 tank as there was just too much moisture and noise going on
blewyd - 6 years ago
Catfsihnig - 6 years ago
Is this crazy Russian hacker
Catfsihnig - 6 years ago
TheCapedNoob 0
Really? Looks like him
TheCapedNoob 0
TheCapedNoob 0 - 6 years ago
Killer Shark no
Nelson Pretti
Nelson Pretti - 6 years ago
it is always nice to learn with Taras!
irishlad irishlad
irishlad irishlad - 6 years ago
Them dogs get to see some fun stuff..
James First
James First - 6 years ago
Why people shop at Lowes? Home Depot is much better
John Glynn
John Glynn - 6 years ago
you open top of box turn over shake out content on hard floor and boom Aquarium broken (great video,s) thank you
Calico Dan
Calico Dan - 6 years ago
Lowe's falling for this american hysteria over anything russian
D W - 6 years ago
Gotta do your research man, those things are about 10 years late to the party. I do love the bucket modifications though!
Syberdav - 6 years ago
you have a kul fish tank
no nobody ok
Matthew Wilson
Matthew Wilson - 6 years ago
It’s YouTube. Of course people are going to judge you. Troll city.
Why Why
Why Why - 6 years ago
He has loads of pets
jo papa henriques
jo papa henriques - 6 years ago
Crazy Russian Savage
S30D X
S30D X - 6 years ago
Best video ever
DORIS MASBACK - 6 years ago
I think you must be a really nice guy. Between the dogs, bird, iguana and now the fish--you have a zoo going on.
Inguz - 6 years ago
Why didn't you wash your sand??
Sun Wukong
Sun Wukong - 6 years ago
Is it glass or plastic?
FishPerson Vblogs
FishPerson Vblogs - 6 years ago
You are now a FishPerson!!!
TheHonorOfGuard - 6 years ago
عبدالعزيز الزيد
عبدالعزيز الزيد - 6 years ago
Put the heater deeper
Dar Mil
Dar Mil - 6 years ago
Aquariums are awesome
Tesla500 Gaming
Tesla500 Gaming - 6 years ago
Taras, Get in touch with Joey from the king of DIY. He knows alot about aquariums and Im sure he wouldn't mind giving you a few pointers or suggestions.
Mark is My dad
Mark is My dad - 6 years ago
That’s kul
OliTechno - 6 years ago
When is the new video coming up??
LuckyGoldSt4r - 6 years ago
Lori Brannon
Lori Brannon - 6 years ago
screw Lowes that upsets me. How dare they disrespect my dude ugh
Nidhi Damle
Nidhi Damle - 6 years ago
Did he say A Q U I R E M N
JOVIED* - 6 years ago
wow ....really great u bought that ....good job...good luck
Anoop P
Anoop P - 6 years ago
Dude you were savage
Jason Andersen
Jason Andersen - 6 years ago
You're going to love it. Except for the stand . It is wobbly with a full tank on top of it
Christian Gutierrez
Christian Gutierrez - 6 years ago
I had a feeling you'd get fish I'm excited to see which ones
vasya pupkin
vasya pupkin - 6 years ago
is americans scared then russians buy tank?
yaboo 2
yaboo 2 - 6 years ago
that home depot thing was savage! I like it
Amusing Tree
Amusing Tree - 6 years ago
The Dracarian
The Dracarian - 6 years ago
Are you gonna get a axolotl?
awesome920 yolo
awesome920 yolo - 6 years ago
Can you plz do a do a video with crazy Russian hacker
HOOLIGAN - 6 years ago
Was that Lowes thing serious or a joke? That's ridiculous if it's true
Jesse Laverdure
Jesse Laverdure - 6 years ago
I lol so hard at the bucket
john phet
john phet - 6 years ago
Hey you should contact this youtuber called coralfish12g he is a pro at this stuff
dogFace RC
dogFace RC - 6 years ago
i think you didnt wash the sand before you put it there.
Master Gamataifu
Master Gamataifu - 6 years ago
So where's the 'Crazy Russian Tank' comment at?
Rizky Jaya
Rizky Jaya - 6 years ago
So many pet :D
Must be happy
Jekabs Vilsons
Jekabs Vilsons - 6 years ago
You should also put some fish
guacamole - 6 years ago
You need more filer media
Nobody Nothing
Nobody Nothing - 6 years ago
Brilliant ;)
Kim .S
Kim .S - 6 years ago
i tought it was an army tank on a reef :D
electronicsNmore - 6 years ago
You're in for A LOT of work with a salt water aquarium. I have a friend that has (2) that are in the hundreds of gallons.
ronerx - 6 years ago
Try to hide the heater in the back, filter area
Extreme COD player
Extreme COD player - 6 years ago
Next Video: Setting up a zoo
EpicSplatz - 6 years ago
Tarus is starting a zoo
Mateusz Fiedosiuk
Mateusz Fiedosiuk - 6 years ago
Taras will host a zoo by the end of the year, he has so many pets rn
Bart van der Hurk
Bart van der Hurk - 6 years ago
Hi taras. The water heater should be under water (totaly). Also the red temp regulator on top
Karam Hawari
Karam Hawari - 6 years ago
1 like = 1 home depot
Phil Williams
Phil Williams - 6 years ago
my friend Krebs likes fish
Wolf Gaming Network
Wolf Gaming Network - 6 years ago
Instead of home Depot it's should have been crazy Russian hardware
Hype Beast
Hype Beast - 6 years ago
Who is ready for some Fish GAJIKS
Mochamad Ridwan Gemilang
Mochamad Ridwan Gemilang - 6 years ago
you can put the heater on back where filtration on it..
Coenie Barnard
Coenie Barnard - 6 years ago
Kyryka - 6 years ago
areesh khan
areesh khan - 6 years ago
Fill it up with turtle and make video
Cornelius Michael
Cornelius Michael - 6 years ago
I love marine lifeform
Cornelius Michael
Cornelius Michael - 6 years ago
Reef tank? Like hydroponics?
NOPE OK - 6 years ago
This is making me want to have my own fishies
Kelly Johnson
Kelly Johnson - 6 years ago
Your amazing
Pataka - 6 years ago
lorning isnt a word
L CB - 6 years ago
sure it is, if you can spell it he can say it his way
Gobble Kronme
Gobble Kronme - 6 years ago
Revanger Gt
Revanger Gt - 6 years ago
I thouht you are actually going to put a reef shark there lol
tponn - 6 years ago
Wow...that stand was TERRIBLY shaky! I wouldn't trust it to hold up a kleenex box! Be careful!
christopher 2000
christopher 2000 - 6 years ago
cool video
imdad ali
imdad ali - 6 years ago
Ozzy - 6 years ago
You can already open a zoo with all of your animals :)
Manticore 78
Manticore 78 - 6 years ago
Lol love your videos
Daniel Valinotti
Daniel Valinotti - 6 years ago
Que plagas son los de Lowest. Algún día se arrepentirán de no trabajar con Taras...
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha - 6 years ago
I don wana work with you either! -->Lopez «Upgrade» HOME DEPOT!!
matthew kyle
matthew kyle - 6 years ago
Looks great thank you for posting
Hasan Soylu
Hasan Soylu - 6 years ago
New brand :)) Home Depot accept everyone works with everybody. Like you say boom :)
george skater
george skater - 6 years ago
Comon fast next part
md humaid
md humaid - 6 years ago
Pls do more fish keeping videos
gleni3000 - 6 years ago
The racism against Russians in the u.s. is off the charts, disgusting.
Dustin Michael
Dustin Michael - 6 years ago
Taras i use to have one of these tanks when i was getting into the hobby i recommend being very careful with the heater as the built in lights in the tank give off a lot of heat so get a temperature gauge or something to monitor that or you will end up killing your fish.
Sunflower Growing
Sunflower Growing - 6 years ago
Finally new many animals First umbrella cockatoo then iguana lizard then now saltwater fish
Eslam Ashour
Eslam Ashour - 6 years ago
Clive Warren
Clive Warren - 6 years ago
That bucket part was funny, screw lowes! I would collude with you any day Taras!
namjesus - 6 years ago
woo that's awesome
Chris Ritchie
Chris Ritchie - 6 years ago
You will want a bigger tank soon
mohd adnan
mohd adnan - 6 years ago
Crazy zoo
vlodiy RO
vlodiy RO - 6 years ago
You are the best you are allways happy and you are macking my day better
Robert Giver
Robert Giver - 6 years ago
Taras is kull
juan tamad
juan tamad - 6 years ago
Lowes racist bucket...
DON'T WATCH - 6 years ago
i am excited about this
please taras make this as a video series
Shitastic Reese
Shitastic Reese - 6 years ago
My mother has the same one In her apt. My family owns a store in Ontario dedicated to salt water aquariums called sealife central
Game Changer
Game Changer - 6 years ago
Anyone watch his Television (right top of video)
knnethm - 6 years ago
This is amazing
Jimmy InMexico
Jimmy InMexico - 6 years ago
Only going to Home Depot from now on
Naman Bhasin
Naman Bhasin - 6 years ago
You are truly savage
Brody C.
Brody C. - 6 years ago
Savage lol (referring to the bucket)
silva1100 - 6 years ago
Get a 3d printer
wilsy007 - 6 years ago
Put the heater inside the overflow at the back this way it's hidden and still does it's job.
Ashish tandukar
Ashish tandukar - 6 years ago
Bryant Aguilar
Bryant Aguilar - 6 years ago
Lol I'm never goingto Lowes anymore
Alex Ostendorf
Alex Ostendorf - 6 years ago
That Lowe's joke got me crying
Jay10 Playz
Jay10 Playz - 6 years ago
If you need help with salt water just tell me
Tapan Crazy
Tapan Crazy - 6 years ago
Loves to home depot lol it was the best thing in your entire video
bob roberts
bob roberts - 6 years ago
lowes is gonna lose some business
GABRIEL CASILLAS - 6 years ago
these russians and their preparations to create homunculi...
MemeJuice - 6 years ago
Nice acwarm
Katherine Hinz
Katherine Hinz - 6 years ago
he should have gotten the guys from Tanked to build him a custom one
Matthew Valadez
Matthew Valadez - 6 years ago
Discrimination against Lowe’s in my opinion
Zero 96
Zero 96 - 6 years ago
Snails are kinda difficult to keep. Bit hermit crabs and chromis are really easy
Cooking With Cows
Cooking With Cows - 6 years ago
What a reefer.
The Collector
The Collector - 6 years ago
did you tighten everything correctly on your stand ? it looks quite unstable and wobbly
Neil Baxter
Neil Baxter - 6 years ago
Miguel Yanez maybe floor was uneven due to the cardboard box
Miguel Yanez
Miguel Yanez - 6 years ago
that water tank is super heavy. i would put it on top of a stronger table/stand
element - 6 years ago
I have the same stand and mine is even worse. It's just the stand
sweetcanada17 - 6 years ago
The Collector - I was about to say the same. It looks very flimsy.
Viggo Wiklund
Viggo Wiklund - 6 years ago
Topa - 6 years ago
Home depot ftw
IM PICKLE RICK - 6 years ago
You need to check the salinity make sure it's .024-.026 and you can place your heater in the over flow to open up some more room
Sam Hirschmann
Sam Hirschmann - 6 years ago
Make a Lowe's disstrack
Clorox Gaming
Clorox Gaming - 6 years ago
Nurali Zhusupov
Nurali Zhusupov - 6 years ago
Положи пираний в аквариум
Blake Flemmer
Blake Flemmer - 6 years ago
I would move your pump to the right side of the tank once you add rock
Josh Hibbs
Josh Hibbs - 6 years ago
AWESOME VIDEO! I have always wanted a nano reef aquarium as well but they are to expensive for me right now. Maybe later on in life I will set one up.
JSTR - 6 years ago
CRH check your business email. Just sent Lowe's an email and a cc to you.
L CB - 6 years ago
JSTR, I want to send an e-mail also, what did you do?
Xecor - 6 years ago
Taras, get smaller aquariums and put Betta fish in them. They are the most beautiful fish you will ever see!
Dj510O - 6 years ago
I kinda actually wanted to see him build the stand
Space Chowder
Space Chowder - 6 years ago
Taras went full savage on Lowe's
Ugandan Knuckles
Ugandan Knuckles - 6 years ago
Crazy Russian Tank
marco de ocampo
marco de ocampo - 6 years ago
i suggest that you do more research into filter media and salt water parameters it will really help in the long run
MukK - 6 years ago
na what loews did is messed up and discriminating
quepiid - 6 years ago
Finally. I have 7 tanks now. 1 reef 4 other saltwater. 2 freshwater.
MWP Gaming
MWP Gaming - 6 years ago
put blue lights on it, it'll give you oceany feeling
YouTubeModerator - 6 years ago
Make a fish room
Young Gamer
Young Gamer - 6 years ago
Ur a savage.
Kamran Hussain
Kamran Hussain - 6 years ago
Crazy Russian zoo
Carlos Vazquez Reyes
Carlos Vazquez Reyes - 6 years ago
Can you further explain what happened with Lowes?
FLAT TIRE - 6 years ago
You shoulda rinsed the sand off till the water ran clear..then put it in bro..just sayin..great job though it looks great!
DUB.REXY21 - 6 years ago
I hope you cycle it properly!!! Happy Fish Keeping
Jean-luc Chessher
Jean-luc Chessher - 6 years ago
Put your heater in the filter
98superhero L
98superhero L - 6 years ago
Did anyone else notice how wobbly that stand was
Donald in New Mexico
Donald in New Mexico - 6 years ago
Screw Lowes.
King - 6 years ago
How many animals do you really need in your household?
CatSpice - 6 years ago
Frayas world
Frayas world - 6 years ago
i actually carnt wait for the next update
da5idnz - 6 years ago
Always go to East Ashville Hardware, before you go to Lowes. You'll help to keep them open, I'm worried they might close...
kris198921 - 6 years ago
Your supposed to let your tank run for 1 month before adding and animals to it.
KRAZYKORBIN - 6 years ago
The acquire um
Sreerag Sukumaran
Sreerag Sukumaran - 6 years ago
he got the lizard ,the dogs ,the snakes, bird and now the fishes!
yader vanegas
yader vanegas - 6 years ago
Home Depot
Cody Foster
Cody Foster - 6 years ago
Hahahha Home Depot
[ITA] Dente
[ITA] Dente - 6 years ago
First bees, than fishes. He's rising an army to conquer the world
j man
j man - 6 years ago
Spongpatthadkrs- - 6 years ago
Devyn Hatchell
Devyn Hatchell - 6 years ago
why Taras why what did that box do to you jk lol
XPGAMIN:D - 6 years ago
Lol look what he did to the bucket home depo
Cesar Soria
Cesar Soria - 6 years ago
FU*****K LOWE´S!!! you are better than they
Zaber Ansary
Zaber Ansary - 6 years ago
Other petty youtubers would have made couple of Whining Drama Videos from that Lowes situation.
Taras is just a Pure Savage Tho Gentleman.
Xenrutcon - 6 years ago
That table looked super sketchy. What brand was that again?
Max Alx
Max Alx - 6 years ago
Aadarsh Belliganud
Aadarsh Belliganud - 6 years ago
Love that Lowe's diss. The laugh after was everthing!!
RANDOM_P4 - 6 years ago
Lowes' gonna lose around 2 million customers.
Cross - 6 years ago
How many freaking let's u gonna have!?!? Are u gonna be one of those couples that have like a ton of animals and never have children?
daniel hedley
daniel hedley - 6 years ago
stuff you lowes haha
mjhonold - 6 years ago
2 thumbs down for LOWES
Blujade 12
Blujade 12 - 6 years ago
1: screw you, Lowe's.
2: +50 boom points for playing the allman brothers in the background.
Jsmash 30
Jsmash 30 - 6 years ago
Lowes, Home Depot, discrimination
Backlash TV
Backlash TV - 6 years ago
You have to wash out the sand before u put it in the tank btw like in that Home Depot bucket just put the sand in the bucket and use a hose to wash it off and pour the water out repeat 10 times
wander last
wander last - 6 years ago
Let me guess your new pet is kind of fish
Alex Grandez
Alex Grandez - 6 years ago
Piranha tank!
luke pm
luke pm - 6 years ago
Get a clown fish
Ivan A
Ivan A - 6 years ago
Poor fishes. Living their entires lifes in a 40x30cm aquarium. Disliked sory
Catray - 6 years ago
Agree he really should have tried to get the biggest tank he can especially if he want to keep sail water life. the smaller the tank the more unstable the water conditions can be. Hope he is prepared for all the work its going to take to keep the system going successfully.
Tyler Gaitan
Tyler Gaitan - 6 years ago
CRH is a savage
Enrique Samnasia
Enrique Samnasia - 6 years ago
Tarsehdbiedbwdberdj relncrevc
Bryan Gonzalez
Bryan Gonzalez - 6 years ago
Hey taras can you do fish tank hacks in the future
Kieran Dillon
Kieran Dillon - 6 years ago
And after the vid (hence free product) it was drained of most the water and put under heat lamps in his utility room to cultivate  skunk weed. His favourite gadgikt!!
Owen Weller
Owen Weller - 6 years ago
Yaa he's finally getting fish
Supakit Janta
Supakit Janta - 6 years ago
more vid of this reef tank pls i like it
dangitbobby0001 - 6 years ago
F you Lowes!!!
Jacob - 6 years ago
I like chicken
I like chicken - 6 years ago
“Home Depot” hahaha
foggy doggo
foggy doggo - 6 years ago
Lol home depot
TheAstronomyDude - 6 years ago
Are you opening a zoo ?
lukespread - 6 years ago
Boycott Lowes!!!
Gavin Lee
Gavin Lee - 6 years ago
ffs next video is gonna be titled "I opened a zoo" lol <3 Taras
Entertainment Hobbyist
Entertainment Hobbyist - 6 years ago
That's tiny if ur gonna get fish that grow big. I was expecting a really big tank lol
Jake ZG
Jake ZG - 6 years ago
Woo! welcome to the hobby!
Snyder Tools
Snyder Tools - 6 years ago
Rinse your sand next time before putting into the tank
OldeOne deESuhrim
OldeOne deESuhrim - 6 years ago
Ask your pet shop about nitrifying bacteria.
VaciousVindicator - 6 years ago
When you want pet fishes but also want a new video up
Dominic Strain
Dominic Strain - 6 years ago
You need some more things in those compartments like some plants or biological filter media
Mike Notarnicola
Mike Notarnicola - 6 years ago
I love aquariums!
Jonny Rager
Jonny Rager - 6 years ago
Man, F*ck Lowe’s. Tara’s is the chillest YouTuber out there.
mr moschops
mr moschops - 6 years ago
Taras your a savage I like how you changed the Lowe’s sign to home depot
Brandon Rodriguez
Brandon Rodriguez - 6 years ago
Trying to get a green card. So what English do u know? Taras, BOOM
Tommy Morena
Tommy Morena - 6 years ago
he’s so petty
James Pajestka
James Pajestka - 6 years ago
Home Depot
Jack's aquarium
Jack's aquarium - 6 years ago
Got the same tank
ReefSpy - 6 years ago
So happy to see you setting up a reef tank. If you have any questions, please ask, we have a really good youtube reefing community and we can make sure you get the right fish and corals for your setup. Good luck and Happy Reefing!
Eric Jung
Eric Jung - 6 years ago
daniel Payseno
daniel Payseno - 6 years ago
Should put the heater in the overflow/filter in the back so its hidden.
Carole Morin
Carole Morin - 6 years ago
I want more!!! Please film the rest of your setup.
Waterford### M
Waterford### M - 6 years ago
Hahaha you the boss for roasting lows lol
Steven Hoelscher
Steven Hoelscher - 6 years ago
Be sure to do research on snail types. Some multiply like CRAZY.
Blues14 kouki
Blues14 kouki - 6 years ago
Fischertommy1 - 6 years ago
No mercy with Lowes... Very funny
Tzara86 - 6 years ago
Lowes will regret this decision
Sik Brandon
Sik Brandon - 6 years ago
Love the tank
Edward Chang
Edward Chang - 6 years ago
Home Depot? Huge thumbs up for me.
Lowes? You be the judge...
Blake22022 - 6 years ago
This Lowes thing should be on the news, that's super racist..
King Kellen
King Kellen - 6 years ago
Don't Sub To Me
Don't Sub To Me - 6 years ago
White Weasel
White Weasel - 6 years ago
Haha I love the Home Depot bucket Tarus. That was the highlight of my day
Rohan Balani
Rohan Balani - 6 years ago
Why are these type of videos so entertaining lol
Don Pice
Don Pice - 6 years ago
Turn the tank diagonally in the corner so you get 3 sides instead of 2
ill have Uh, uhhh
ill have Uh, uhhh - 6 years ago
Good luck taras. Reef aquariums are quite a challenge.
Eli Collins
Eli Collins - 6 years ago
Yay fishies soon
usa gamer
usa gamer - 6 years ago
You should put a go pro in the tank when u get fish
MJ DeNardo
MJ DeNardo - 6 years ago
Message me if you need help, Iv been keeping a reef for a while now and I'm happy that you're finally getting one and sharing this hobby with all your subscribers! Msg me if you need anything!
Doyoung Lee
Doyoung Lee - 6 years ago
When he writes Home Depot on the lowes bucket
Rafael Hernandez
Rafael Hernandez - 6 years ago
Nice tank I have a 93 gallon cube...look up coralfish12g on YouTube he has helpful videos on reef tanks
Frosty! - 6 years ago
Pffft. Lowes who?
C' thulu
C' thulu - 6 years ago
Looking forward to see the tank progress. This is really cool
Bryan Galaviz
Bryan Galaviz - 6 years ago
37 dislikes are lowes employees
happyfixer d.i.y
happyfixer d.i.y - 6 years ago
Nice!! I love aquariums I wonder what your going to get
Bryan Galaviz
Bryan Galaviz - 6 years ago
This should be on your main
Josh the gamer
Josh the gamer - 6 years ago
Sorry for my language
TDT500 Games
TDT500 Games - 6 years ago
racist lowes
Leonardo Zuniga
Leonardo Zuniga - 6 years ago
Taras is such a Savage.
6god - 6 years ago
Home Depot ftw!
Black Jesus
Black Jesus - 6 years ago
Taras is a savage
Nicholas Coulter
Nicholas Coulter - 6 years ago
You Rex to take out some water so were it is at haft way on the pump or you need a oxygen pump
k24dog - 6 years ago
I love your videos bro!
You don't know who I am
You don't know who I am - 6 years ago
Yooo im hyped
Chun Meng Quek
Chun Meng Quek - 6 years ago
Hi! I have a few suggestions for you. You can hide the heater in the filter compartment to make it more tidy while still functioning properly.
Zigg - 6 years ago
Christopher Moore
Christopher Moore - 6 years ago
IrishEyesBlackDragon - 6 years ago
I'm just wondering how you guys can afford all of these things?
L CB - 6 years ago
He's a multi-millionaire man, research his bio
Jarod Boening
Jarod Boening - 6 years ago
I hope you know what you are doing
Juan Manuel
Juan Manuel - 6 years ago
The heater can go in a back chamber where the pump is for estetic and I think you should consider getting a protein skimmer that goes too in a back chamber.
The Samasquatch
The Samasquatch - 6 years ago
Hit up Joey from king of DIY
K Requa
K Requa - 6 years ago
Why you keep getting new animals first it was a bird than a lizard now a fish tank
Nate M
Nate M - 6 years ago
Triggered Nope
Triggered Nope - 6 years ago
True slavs put vodka in the tank
Deborah Langley
Deborah Langley - 6 years ago
Oh I love tanks of fish
Jacob Potter
Jacob Potter - 6 years ago
He spelled it "Home Depott"
Shiro Amakusa
Shiro Amakusa - 6 years ago
I thnk he wrote "Home Depot!"
Yashdeep Hirpara
Yashdeep Hirpara - 6 years ago
In Russia..water tank fills you up !
Charles Hensley
Charles Hensley - 6 years ago
Hugo wants to help.
The Greg Playz
The Greg Playz - 6 years ago
Kenny Allenberg
Kenny Allenberg - 6 years ago
Home depot i like
Ray Bondi Jr
Ray Bondi Jr - 6 years ago
About time
Kim Jong Fun
Kim Jong Fun - 6 years ago
There's a bit to much water in it, you want it about a inch or 2 lower.

Also you should probably empty the tank to about halfway and refill it with fresh water about once or twice a month.

And if you use tap water buy some "tap safe" from the pet shop that makes tap water safe for the fish or whatever you get
CrankyPants - 6 years ago
Lowes is being that petty? How ridiculous.
electronzapdotcom - 6 years ago
That's great what you did with the Lowes buckets lol. Excited to see what you do with the tanks. I am out of space but I want fish tanks.
Kevin Hargrove
Kevin Hargrove - 6 years ago
Yeah man screw Lowe's
Kelly McClure
Kelly McClure - 6 years ago
Also be prepared to spend a bunch of $$$$$$$$$$
pheonix gaming
pheonix gaming - 6 years ago
You can put the heater in the return pump compartment
Bryce Bramer's Aquariums
Bryce Bramer's Aquariums - 6 years ago
Very cool
SuperLongNameThatGoogleSurprisinglyLetMeHave - 6 years ago
So you're setting up your own kul zoo by now?
Murphy Carlson
Murphy Carlson - 6 years ago
Im never shopping at lows again I never knew they're a racist company should have realize never seen a black guy working at Lowe's
Kelly McClure
Kelly McClure - 6 years ago
You should always glue the wood together along with the cams they send with it
Mike Williams
Mike Williams - 6 years ago
Looks like fun! But a lot of work!
Kahlest Enoch
Kahlest Enoch - 6 years ago
My brother had a huge one of those, I would recommend that you get an expert out the first few times to change the water and clean filters and teach you how to do it properly it isn't as straight forward as you think.
Crypto Database
Crypto Database - 6 years ago
That thing is what, $200 or so? You'd figure they could at least give you a sturdy stand for it. The water alone will weigh over 225 pounds and that has to hold it lol.
Karan Hirji
Karan Hirji - 6 years ago
eric vlogs boii
eric vlogs boii - 6 years ago
Hey welcome to my labortorory and today I got a refit tank gagct let’s charcuterie dis out boom
Lisa Lynn
Lisa Lynn - 6 years ago
If that is true about Lowes?, then I will never go back. Home Depot is just across the street from them.
Mason Seitz
Mason Seitz - 6 years ago
I recommend upgrading the filter because saltwater fish need very clean water get a filter that can handle double what you tank is rated for
B. Eder
B. Eder - 6 years ago
You need the Diver and Clam Shell!
Amar Abidali
Amar Abidali - 6 years ago
As long as you frequently test the water parameters at the start you should be fine, when you are more experienced then you wouldn't need to check the water parameters as often.
DimplyShoe642 - 6 years ago
no its reeeeeef rank
sheena kombasseril
sheena kombasseril - 6 years ago
Wooah i had the same aqarium but much bigger..
Haladur Phox
Haladur Phox - 6 years ago
That stand looks a bit flimsy to me.
Daniel Garlick
Daniel Garlick - 6 years ago
What are you planning on keeping in this aquarium? There is a lot involved in salt water aquariums ESPECIALLY if you want to keep coral, you seem to be missing alot of equipment if you plan on keeping any coral or specific fish, watch some reefkeeping tutorials on youtube they will give you a lot of needed information. The tank should cycle for a few months before you add any fish or coral, please look into properly cycling your tank before adding anything.
Catray - 6 years ago
I totally agree !!
combatguy1234 - 6 years ago
put your heater in one of the back compartments
SavageWolfie - 6 years ago
Lowes is messed up
杨茜雅 - 6 years ago
I want to watch the rest of the video....
Chrissy P
Chrissy P - 6 years ago
Felipe Revuelta
Felipe Revuelta - 6 years ago
BOOM! Thumbs up for Home Depot!
Kawaii_Lyla - 6 years ago
Home depot is superior anyways
Kawaii_Lyla - 6 years ago
Oh my god i screeched whenever he talked about the Lowes thing
TheCapedNoob 0
TheCapedNoob 0 - 6 years ago
lowe's gonna lose some customers for doing that to Taras.
Lui Benedict Martin
Lui Benedict Martin - 6 years ago
TheCapedNoob youre right
Lucas Miller
Lucas Miller - 6 years ago
Good for you Taras with the Lowe’s thing
illfaptothis - 6 years ago
hey taras r u eating ur vitamins?
MR.Electronic - 6 years ago
Well done with the cube Taras!
Sharleen Playz
Sharleen Playz - 6 years ago
Yes! I have the exact same water pump and heater for my fish tank! Gonna look awesome!
Alex M
Alex M - 6 years ago
SkilfulAutumn45 - 6 years ago
You should do a PC build
Unlucky - 6 years ago
Please the most important thing about this starting out is to make sure to CYCLE THE AQUARIUM before you put in fish!!
Unlucky - 6 years ago
Also you can put that heater in the filter compartment so it isn't showing in your tank
Jillian Leigh
Jillian Leigh - 6 years ago
That Lowes shade
The green gypsie
The green gypsie - 6 years ago
seed the tank and get a clean up crew :))
Tina Marie Farmer
Tina Marie Farmer - 6 years ago
pssh i just quit shopping lowes
Uknown Helper
Uknown Helper - 6 years ago
I love seeing all this super cool things like gadgets animals and fish and beyond
Níðhöggr - 6 years ago
Lowes voted for killary Clinton. These hypocrite democrats. Dear dear.
Taras you can play them at their game and use the race card for discrimination against Russians. Do it!
William Arno
William Arno - 6 years ago
Taras is becoming Dr Dolittle..
airjaff - 6 years ago
I know a lot about fish and aquariums, jumping in to a reef take will fail miserably!
Ryan Lindstadt
Ryan Lindstadt - 6 years ago
My dad make fish tanks and that is one that he make and by his company
SirPlay - 6 years ago
Only plants, no fishes!
Aa Al
Aa Al - 6 years ago
Tara's is strait savage for the lowes bucket
diasmall - 6 years ago
tighten up that stand! tanks are HEAVY. and it was wobbling!
Paulo Almeida
Paulo Almeida - 6 years ago
im the only who doesn't understand the lowe's ''joke'' ?
Kirkland22 - 6 years ago
Lowe's & Home Depot are direct competitors in the US.
Herb Kazzaz
Herb Kazzaz - 6 years ago
I love the thing about lowls
Geoff Carr
Geoff Carr - 6 years ago
You have a mini zoo going on over there.
dogs, snails, crabs, lizards, cows, birds n bees..... what did I miss? Lol.

You'll have fun with the aquarium. I had one for years. Very beautiful and relaxing to watch.
sam chavez
sam chavez - 6 years ago
Im curious is he getting all these pets for content?!
TheCapedNoob 0
TheCapedNoob 0 - 6 years ago
sam chavez Katherine and Taras love Animals a lot!
JO 8A - 6 years ago
Fish Tank cooool get some Russian fish
night drifter 377
night drifter 377 - 6 years ago
The reason Lowe's didn't help you is because your a Russian!?!?...Wow that's pretty Racist coming from them....
Horror Readings by G.M. Danielson
Horror Readings by G.M. Danielson - 6 years ago
The way is says "Bi-cube size 32" totally made my day.
Reefs 2 Morphs hunt
Reefs 2 Morphs hunt - 6 years ago
I sent ya pm on Facebook if you need any help with the tank let me know. I got some stuff I'd like to send you
ArcticGamer - 6 years ago
This is a cool project. Nice work. :P
I will say, that the stand looked very unsteady, and considering you just put ALOT of weight on it, in the form of water, you should have probably reinforced it first.
MistRTibbles - 6 years ago
YOOOO Taras throwing mad shade at Lowe's. Love it.
MistRTibbles - 6 years ago
TheCapedNoob 0
the russian twink
TheCapedNoob 0
TheCapedNoob 0 - 6 years ago
MistRTibbles Yo Aleks is that you?
PureSoda - 6 years ago
U actually have the same one I have
kitsis andreas
kitsis andreas - 6 years ago
oh snap. fish tank gadgets incoming?
Nugget Dugget
Nugget Dugget - 6 years ago
I love how Taras crossed out Lowes and put Home Depot on the bucket LOL
HammerMan 029
HammerMan 029 - 6 years ago
When will you do an update on your bees??? Love the vids man :D
Jason Setley
Jason Setley - 6 years ago
Show us part 2
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla - 6 years ago
I love this man
Gothic Wigga
Gothic Wigga - 6 years ago
lil pump
Noob 101
Noob 101 - 6 years ago
Nemo will escape
Adam Weyant
Adam Weyant - 6 years ago
Fish tank ok or watch it with your bird you might get hungry or the reptile if he gets out lol my family had several fish tanks
jody024 - 6 years ago
Take that Lowe's! Hahahaha!
M. brc
M. brc - 6 years ago
watch out that thing looks so flimsy. try to tighten up screws
Josh Grieco
Josh Grieco - 6 years ago
You need to see the king of diy videos on fish tanks
Darkforce 5
Darkforce 5 - 6 years ago
Lowes are straight up rascist!
Danofr - 6 years ago
You have a zoo in your home! Grettings from Argentina ;)
Kevin Hosea
Kevin Hosea - 6 years ago
"Wow it's a big one" that's what she said
Mike - 6 years ago
I started one two years ago and they are a ton of fun. One thing I wish I would have learned early was to buy Red Sea Coral Pro salt. By far the best salt to purchase for any reef tank.
Matthew Ward
Matthew Ward - 6 years ago
Wow if lowes really said that I'm never shopping there again. Im outraged.
s_ r
s_ r - 6 years ago
32 gallon salt water is going to be hard to maintain for first timer. i would get experienced in fresh water fish keeping first. i been keeping fish for 13 years now just trying to help you out
Steve Florida Native
Steve Florida Native - 6 years ago
If you devote a lot of time to this it is very enjoyable:)
Bo3 slayer
Bo3 slayer - 6 years ago
Wow so lowes does wana work with you because your Russian wow
Nerri Zenitroc
Nerri Zenitroc - 6 years ago
Nerri Zenitroc
Nerri Zenitroc - 6 years ago
BLEACH DRINKER 123 - 6 years ago
v3ktör147 - 6 years ago
Fizzy Bombz
Fizzy Bombz - 6 years ago
Check out my fizzy bombs :)
Piston Cup
Piston Cup - 6 years ago
tarus is a savage for putting tape and writing home depot
megaollie98 - 6 years ago
Get a shark
Anime Aunty
Anime Aunty - 6 years ago
TARAS! When r u getting horses?!
Dalton Duphorne
Dalton Duphorne - 6 years ago
Boycotting Lowes
Nova Synergy
Nova Synergy - 6 years ago
He should have written Hoes Lol
Isaac Orchard
Isaac Orchard - 6 years ago
aren`t hermit crabs land crabs? i remember seeing them at the pet store but they were just in some sand
Tyler D
Tyler D - 6 years ago

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