Video of my 500 gallon reef tank. 1/1/2016

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Video of my 500 gallon reef tank. 1/1/2016 sentiment_very_dissatisfied 7

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for Video of my 500 gallon reef tank. 1/1/2016

J Brown
J Brown - 3 years ago
What are the dimensions
slief - 3 years ago
4’x8’x2’ tall.
muffemod - 4 years ago
Damn compression
finpafine - 4 years ago
Everything looks so healthy! Nice setup
Dassd Schsdu
Dassd Schsdu - 4 years ago
Way overcrowded for my taste. Less is more.
RAVINDER S Purba - 5 years ago
You tank looks awesome, I remember watching your videos when you were having issue with Ick in your tank but this is great transformation, I saw video of your Cube as refugium and your frag tank set up, How do you like your DC return pumps?
WAZZA - 5 years ago
Sweet tank dude, just setup a 1100L tank myself and aspire to this level. Just going through coral selections etc now, have about 9 fish, 1 coral banded shrimp and CUC but have a long way to go. But 1 thing i have learned in this hobby (this is my second attempt at marine aquarium) is patience ... patience ... patience and then some more will bode you well.
Thanks for sharing.
archerhill64 - 5 years ago
Have always enjoyed your videos and more so your knowledge from here and Jim's videos. Tank looks outstanding. Well done
marin marinescu
marin marinescu - 5 years ago
Amazing,What is the size of the tank?
slief - 5 years ago
+marin marinescu The display is 480 gallons and the system totals about 650 gallons.
Jon Pickhaver
Jon Pickhaver - 5 years ago
thought I recognised that tank and voice !!! great tank ...

10. comment for Video of my 500 gallon reef tank. 1/1/2016

2008MrsKim - 5 years ago
Oh Man, That powerhead by that nem, is like waving a match by a fire. Not sure if You're crazy or brave !!! Beautiful Tank.
2008MrsKim - 5 years ago
Thank you. It was given to me as it didn't stay still in another persons tank. It is a huge Long tip. I will take your advice and see what needs to happen for it. I love nem talk
slief - 5 years ago
+2008MrsKim That said, I'm not sure what kind in anemone you have but if it's a BTA, then the above would be very applicable. FWIW, I've been keeping BTA's for about 20 years now.
slief - 5 years ago
+2008MrsKim A wandering nem is generally an unhappy nem. They like high flow and intense light. Light would be the first thing to consider. BTA's should not be fed. They are photosynthetic filter feeders and get their needed food for the fish feeding & nutrients in the water. Feeding is a common misconception among hobbyists. Many think feeding BTA's chunks of raw shrimp or silversides is a good thing but it actually stresses the nem out and will cause them to move or split. Stabile water quality & chemistry is a must. Sudden changes in temp or parameters will also cause them to move around or split. Just some food for thought.
2008MrsKim - 5 years ago
Wow, you are so lucky. Mine has been a wandering nem for a while. I have read so many horror stories that just seeing that made me cringe. Glad your guy is happy where he is. You know....It's a beautiful take and a Happy Nem...what more could you ask for right (;
slief - 5 years ago
+2008MrsKim The Anemone has been there for several years right next to the powerhead. He doesn't move and the powerhead pulses on and off. It's never been an issue and doesn't concern me at all. I've had this anemone almost 10 years now. It loves that spot because of the light and flow. If the anemone ever were to touch it, it will pull back immediately.
tony D
tony D - 5 years ago
R e e f f r e d
R e e f f r e d - 5 years ago
Increible tanke!!
Mermaid Ocean
Mermaid Ocean - 5 years ago
how much work is it going from say a 125 or a 240 gal to 500? I have a 3,000 gal one that I use to be a mermaid in...
slief - 4 years ago
+SC Prepper I use a Genesis Renew for my automatic water changes. I just set it for my desired daily water change amount (5 gallons ) and the Renew takes care of the rest. All I need to do is mix up more water once a week. The video in the link below covers all my equipment included my Renew AWC and ATO.
SC Prepper
SC Prepper - 4 years ago
slief how would you go about automating it? im looking at doing a 350g, and needless to say, water changes arent going to be easy. do you just let the evaporation and ato do natural wc's, or do you do some of it manually? maybe like a maitenace vid that shows what you do/ what equipment you have to do it for you? sorry if i sound dumb but right now i only have nanos and fw tanks.
slief - 5 years ago
+Mermaid Ocean I find the bigger the system, the less work because the system is more stable due to the water volume. That said, you do have more glass to clean and water to change. If your system is automated like mine, then the differences are negligible.
StudioReef - 5 years ago
Very Nice Tank! :D
Subbed and thumbs up
Stephen Gordon
Stephen Gordon - 5 years ago
Could you recommend a tank builder?
slief - 5 years ago
+Stephen Gordon That's a tough one. My builder is local and he built my acrylic tank about 20 years ago and he doesn't do glass. I would suggest looking local to you and then doing a Google search to see what kind of reviews they have.
Eddie Maldonado
Eddie Maldonado - 5 years ago
beautiful aquarium!!! have you thought a bought going bigger?? 500 galoons these days is not big anymore!!lol....
Wil Santiago Reefing
Wil Santiago Reefing - 5 years ago
Beautiful tank! Subscribed!
Frederic Vidrequin
Frederic Vidrequin - 5 years ago
Wonderful ! Well done !
MASS Aquariums
MASS Aquariums - 5 years ago
Beautiful tank

20. comment for Video of my 500 gallon reef tank. 1/1/2016

Patrick's Dive and Reef
Patrick's Dive and Reef - 5 years ago
Very nice tank, subbed. Looking forward to seeing more!
Rad Perez
Rad Perez - 5 years ago
Amazing tank, just beautiful....
NEMO20G - 5 years ago
Gorgeous reef tank!!!! I've liked and subscribed please visit my channel and subscribe
mackjr1969 - 5 years ago
Looks good Scott! I need to update my utube channel with a new tank update ! Take a look my tank one year old !
slief - 5 years ago
+mackjr1969 Thanks! I will check your tank out!
Janet Diaz
Janet Diaz - 5 years ago
Hey Slief
Happy New Year....
andy sky
andy sky - 5 years ago
+slief . i never had a protein skimmer for my 90 gallon tank but i maintain water quality good level. My water level is all perfect but my saltwater fish die too often.
slief - 5 years ago
+Janet Diaz Thank you very much! Happy New Years to you too! Best wishes! Scott
Wesley Forbes II
Wesley Forbes II - 5 years ago
Loving it man!
Dee From Brooklyn
Dee From Brooklyn - 5 years ago
great growth in the Monti and frogspawn. mine grow really slowly. . i subbed your channel in deed
Beautiful tank!
C. DF - 5 years ago
Great aquarium!
Steve Diaz
Steve Diaz - 5 years ago
do you have any problems with that lemon peel eating/nipping your corals like frogspawn,zoanthids,lps,softies,torches,hammers etc......????? I've been told that they like to nibble on those type of corals and i should not get one but i really want one any advice?
slief - 5 years ago
+Steve Diaz In a smaller tank, it could possibly be an issue as I know others have had problems with them picking. I do however feed 3 times a day. They get my mysis at 1PM and pellets at 2PM via auto feeders and nori followed by more mysis and LRS fish frenzy at night when I hand feed.
slief - 5 years ago
+Steve Diaz My lemon peel has been a model citizen for the few years I've had it and I've never really noticed it picking at any of the corals.

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