marine aquarium reef tank 55gallon 200L

korean mixed reef-T(h)ank u

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korean mixed reef-T(h)ank u

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for marine aquarium reef tank 55gallon 200L

YOUx0GAMER - 5 years ago
What is the size of this tank?
Peter marc
Peter marc - 8 years ago
Nice Video, but the music...?¿? are you serious? WTF
Dušan Mosný
Dušan Mosný - 9 years ago
are hepatus and flavescens in 200 l ok togather?...aren t they agressive stressed..?
dclulul - 10 years ago
음악땜에 만두가 목에 걸린다 ㅊㅊㅊㅊ
Daniel Leon
Daniel Leon - 10 years ago
Veryy Nice!
Frank Vadala
Frank Vadala - 10 years ago
Amazing mixed reef tank. Looks killer! Nice work
NuclearHoneyFun - 10 years ago
awesome as f*ck....

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