reef tank build

200 gallon reef tank build

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200 gallon reef tank build

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Reece Hodges
Reece Hodges - 9 years ago
@chrisholliefield31 Fuckin hell get off ur high horse dude.
deathminejr - 9 years ago
nice dude
chrisholliefield31 - 10 years ago
A tank that big that relies on live rock and live SAND and you have a bare bottom tank? WTF!!! Dude reef tanks look like shit without sand! and second your plumbing looks like total shit! Fucking swing joints and 45 degree angles? God damn dude, you put all that money into that tank and you can't take any pride in your work? What a fag
Blair Fritz
Blair Fritz - 10 years ago
i like the way you set up the video! Good job! It kept me interested!!!
Wayne's Fish World
Wayne's Fish World - 11 years ago
you got that tank for free?????
Tony Bigt
Tony Bigt - 11 years ago
***** setup,how about an update???????
Kevin Mosher
Kevin Mosher - 11 years ago
you know it takes a long time for a dead rock to become a live rock through seeding...
Josh Liberman
Josh Liberman - 11 years ago
thats gonna look great when it grows int, but im not a fan of bare bottoms, well at least not in fish tanks ;)
oger boger
oger boger - 11 years ago
was there gravel or sand on the bottom

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miasmablk - 12 years ago
sure thing man
BOILY128 - 12 years ago
lol gfu
miasmablk - 12 years ago
well then post a video of your ultra quiet homemade aquarium setup.
geedunk13 - 12 years ago
cool, i liked the video at the end, very nice tank
BOILY128 - 12 years ago
BOILY128 - 12 years ago
Waaaaaaaaay too loub for my liking
CynicalSavior - 12 years ago
Nice tank and vid but you could have put some music behind it or something to listen to.
corey patterson
corey patterson - 12 years ago
its 2 loud
j123na - 12 years ago
is a 200 gallon tank usually supposed to take up that much space???
tr763 - 12 years ago
must i say overboard....

20. comment for reef tank build

senseibrewster - 12 years ago
nice vid write up!
Mark Elsing
Mark Elsing - 12 years ago
You need to get some substrate on the base of the tank, firstly it is un-natural and secondly you will find that you fish will be more at home, obviously there are other benefits. Looks good though
Inachu Ikimasho
Inachu Ikimasho - 13 years ago
I'm jealous! I got a solid 55 tank with no drill holes in them...... I just have a fluval and a skimmer...
governator45 - 13 years ago
What the pipes on the back? They are his overflows and yes they do do some surface skimming. It's not usually a good idea to plumb it without overflow boxes though. The strainers clog fast, even with 4 of them.
Chris Schmidt
Chris Schmidt - 13 years ago
Is there an ACTUAL reef keeper that knows for sure??? Im really lookin for a response from the owner not just some guy lol.
Chris Schmidt
Chris Schmidt - 13 years ago
Ive been doing my research for a 150 gal Im planning for in the near future. Can you tell me what the pipes are for in the back?(never seen a design like that) And also did you build your refugium yourself or customize anything in it? (if you built it was it worth it and how much $ did you save)??? Hard work paid off - amazing tank.
OldSkool176 - 13 years ago
where did you get that black trimming around the top of your tank....and by the way great job man really really cool...;)
pdasch0 - 13 years ago
wow my tank doesn't compare and i thought mine looked pretty spiffy
JKDMan2000 - 13 years ago
sounds loud
oakleyguy89 - 13 years ago
jesus that is a big reef

30. comment for reef tank build

chavygeeza - 13 years ago
you deserve an award mate. keep it grinding!

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