1 YEAR REVIEW - Induction Cooking on a Sailboat - ELECTRICAL BOAT TECH (3 of 7)

Over 1 year ago we dropped propane and went fully electric with an induction stove and electric oven, all powered by Lithium batteries. In this video we do a 1 year review of how it's worked aboard Delos and answer these questions: How is the induction stove and electric oven working out for us? Can we exceed the capacity of the batteries and inverter? What are the benefits and drawbacks of induction cooking on a sailboat? What are the limits of the system? How much power does it use? What is our fallback plan if the system fails? For more details on the gear used for our electrical upgrades please visit: https://svdelos.com/lithium Please subscribe to support our videos! https://www.youtube.com/svdelos/?sub_confirmation=1 Tunes in this episode! Music is one of the hardest things about bringing our episodes together! Check out Epidemic Sound to make your life easier :) http://share.epidemicsound.com/qpsNz

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Over 1 year ago we dropped propane and went fully electric with an induction stove and electric oven, all powered by Lithium batteries. In this video we do a 1 year review of how it's worked aboard Delos and answer these questions: How is the induction stove and electric oven working out for us? Can we exceed the capacity of the batteries and inverter? What are the benefits and drawbacks of induction cooking on a sailboat? What are the limits of the system? How much power does it use? What is our fallback plan if the system fails? For more details on the gear used for our electrical upgrades please visit: https://svdelos.com/lithium Please subscribe to support our videos! https://www.youtube.com/svdelos/?sub_confirmation=1 Tunes in this episode! Music is one of the hardest things about bringing our episodes together! Check out Epidemic Sound to make your life easier :) http://share.epidemicsound.com/qpsNz

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for 1 YEAR REVIEW - Induction Cooking on a Sailboat - ELECTRICAL BOAT TECH (3 of 7)

Richard Osman
Richard Osman - 1 year ago
Is the induction cooktop a 110 or 220v unit that then requires the inverter when being used? Same for the oven?
Patrick P
Patrick P - 1 year ago
Small backup propane camping stove seems the way to go...in case lightning DOES strike.
Leigh Brown
Leigh Brown - 1 year ago
Doing great. Love the information you're sharing. Thanks.
lisa dungey
lisa dungey - 1 year ago
This was awesome thank you
mrtompoe - 1 year ago
Awesome and thank you! I was lucky enough to retire when I was 34 your videos have gave me the strength to tell my wife to fuck off! If you guys are ever in Asia again let me know x
Shane J McNair
Shane J McNair - 1 year ago
You guys are incredible... Prepare, Prepare, Prepare then being able to mechanically improvise when needed. Thank you for sharing
Sir_Dawson - 1 year ago
Very valuable conversation! Thank You
Noel - 1 year ago
Great thanks I was waiting for this x.
Scott Cravens
Scott Cravens - 1 year ago
I love y’alls tech videos.

10. comment for 1 YEAR REVIEW - Induction Cooking on a Sailboat - ELECTRICAL BOAT TECH (3 of 7)

Dee and Allie
Dee and Allie - 1 year ago
We are seriously considering adding a induction cooktop. Thanks for giving this update.
propylaeen - 1 year ago
hey, get a second boat! I guess that would be great :)
Mlchael Ingham
Mlchael Ingham - 1 year ago
Great content captain B.
Monterey Sailor
Monterey Sailor - 1 year ago
Big fan
richard thomson
richard thomson - 1 year ago
I got some friends that have gone induction on their boat, about 12 months ago as well. Only issue they have is that cant use the 'boost ' function on their stove as it maxs out thier inverter. They run multiple small inverters on their boat, that whole video pretty much reminds me of their reasoning for doing it. Propane can be a massive PITA to find in some areas of the pacific.

Many newer luxury cruising boats are coming out with dual gas/induction stove tops
David Bell
David Bell - 1 year ago
Awesome video!
Jim V
Jim V - 1 year ago
good stuff
Calvin Henshaw
Calvin Henshaw - 1 year ago
what is the make and model of the stove top and oven ?
Greg Meir
Greg Meir - 1 year ago
Very Interesting!
ItsVash - 1 year ago
You can get a Chinese electric coil element single pan cooker for $20 bucks online as a backup. They are 650 watts I think, to backup the induction cooker.

20. comment for 1 YEAR REVIEW - Induction Cooking on a Sailboat - ELECTRICAL BOAT TECH (3 of 7)

Lee N
Lee N - 1 year ago
Get a passive thermo cooker, 5 minutes to fry up the onions and potatoes and meat at lunch ad liquid boil for 2-3 minutes, put in thermo container and curry for dinner 4-5 hours later.....
smitty smith
smitty smith - 1 year ago
Enjoy the information
Thomas Blesinger
Thomas Blesinger - 1 year ago
I just love these tech-topics. Keep them coming. How‘s the baby and mum?
Pete McFadyen
Pete McFadyen - 1 year ago
Think about having a heat box on your engine exhaust or your coolant system. We used to heat up MRE's on top of the engine.
JDavis - 1 year ago
love the new segment, boat bits with Brian! Keep em coming!
martialme84 - 1 year ago
08:00 since you´re asking: I am very interested in videos of this kind. Giving us a look at some of these technical details is very nice. Please make more of those.
Nicholas T. Rolander
Nicholas T. Rolander - 1 year ago
electrofying ;-)
Joel Tatham
Joel Tatham - 1 year ago
These really rock guys, thanks very much.
Richard Chasse
Richard Chasse - 1 year ago
Always like the vlogs and topics. This one was especially good as it solidified my going all-electric on our boat when purchased !! Thee tip of a camping stove or extra plug-in convection stove was nice !!
CaptainPetrolburner - 1 year ago
I love these kind of videos.

30. comment for 1 YEAR REVIEW - Induction Cooking on a Sailboat - ELECTRICAL BOAT TECH (3 of 7)

david morrison
david morrison - 1 year ago
Really informative
The Watch Man
The Watch Man - 1 year ago
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Ashley Joyner
Ashley Joyner - 1 year ago
Love this educational videos, but Why do you have to change pots when you get convection stove?
meganote - 1 year ago
I bought a single portable induction burner for the boat, with intentions of ditching the propane stove and tanks. I think it works great, but I haven’t gotten my wife’s buy-in yet. I’m still working on her though... maybe I’ll have her carry a tank next time we have to walk a couple of miles with it to get it filled. What is your solution to avoid having pots slide off the induction burner in roll’y anchorage? Our gas stove has the adjustable pot grabber things on it. Anyone rig a solution for flat cook tops?
twrayl2002 - 1 year ago
I am looking at going completely electric with a generator as a backup. My biggest concerned is lighting which you mentioned. What type of prevention would you recommend.
zheneggmobile - 1 year ago
when you made the switch to lifepo4 and induction and ditched the propane, you made a comment that you thought generator run time would go down, even though you were adding the cooking load. how has that panned out? inquiring minds want to know
PJorge Rod
PJorge Rod - 1 year ago
Hello, do you have news about the effect of Ultrasonic system anti-fouling? Thanks
(〉_〈) arrgh!
(〉_〈) arrgh! - 1 year ago
Pressure cooker!! You guys need an Instant Pot!! Instant Pot Duo Nova 6-Quart 7-in-1, One-Touch Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker and Warmer with New Easy Seal Lid.... These are crazee!!
Networked Television
Networked Television - 1 year ago
Awesome, as ever. :)
see the little things
see the little things - 1 year ago
No heat when cooking is soooo awesome about induction! If we'd have the money to get lithium batteries, we'd definitely do the same, way nicer when it's super hot. Love it!
Brian Sargent
Brian Sargent - 1 year ago
Awesome video check out instapots they work well
John Edwards
John Edwards - 1 year ago
Ran out of propane on one voyage (forgot to refill) so made a penny stove out of two beer cans and ran it on dingy petrol which worked fine if a little smokey on the pots but just for cooking pasta and rice worked fine. got me to the next port at least with coffee.
Fairwind & Godspeed
Fairwind & Godspeed - 1 year ago
Hey guys,
Love these extra info bits.
Might I suggest a topic?
I would be very interested in Brady’s realizations as to the experiences and differences in going from a trusted seasoned second-in-command to becoming the captain of the vessel. How did/does that weigh on him/you and has anything about that transition caught you off guard or pleasantly surprised you?
Thanks for all of your awesome work!
Jack Pitts
Jack Pitts - 1 year ago
Brian/Brady Question...do you have room on board to stow a backup Stove in case your primary goes down? Also, can you use a plug and play toaster oven which generally runs between 1800 and 2300 watts?
Captin7Seas - 1 year ago
Carolyn at The Boat Galley mentioned there was a concern with interference with these systems and navigation equipment - like the auto pilot and or chart plotters - have you experienced any of that while underway?
TheQuietRebel - 1 year ago
These real-world “how to” sailing tech vids are awesome!
Andrew Symons
Andrew Symons - 1 year ago
Cool info guys, thanks a lot.
Professor moptop
Professor moptop - 1 year ago
Love it. Currently going induction on our newly built boat
Brent Meyer
Brent Meyer - 1 year ago
You mentioned the jury was still out on the BBQ grille....Why? Would that not be a good back-up except you would still need to carry propane
TX Rider
TX Rider - 1 year ago
The question I would have is how much does running all electric cooking and such depend on having a lithium ion battery set, and would it work as well with lead acid batteries?

50. comment for 1 YEAR REVIEW - Induction Cooking on a Sailboat - ELECTRICAL BOAT TECH (3 of 7)

kire nireves
kire nireves - 1 year ago
As an emergency backup, you could keep a single-burner alcohol stove and two 12 oz bottles of denatured alcohol. Moreover, in a pinch, I think you guys know how to distill alcohol, 'mirite? ^_^ Rigging Doctor uses that kind of stove and just did a review. https://youtu.be/6YIRCFePn10
Dean S
Dean S - 1 year ago
No offence to Brady, but I'm missing Brian a bit.
Mike andersen
Mike andersen - 1 year ago
I have used a induction convection set up in my home for years now. A couple more advantages are much faster cooking times, I can cook a pound of hamburger in a little over 1 min (yeah that fast, stir constantly) and lower overall power consumption. The convection is great because the moving air gets rid of any hot or cold spots and also cooks at a lower temperature due to its moving air transfers heat more efficiently. I use skillets on the cook top. Nothing works better with induction. I'll never use a different set up, I've been spoiled.
Jay Johnston
Jay Johnston - 1 year ago
These are awesome Q&As. Thank you for taking the time to tell us what you are experiencing in real life. These videos really do give us ideas of what we can do as well.
Snarky . Live
Snarky . Live - 1 year ago
I installed an induction kitchette in my offroad trailer. I only have one group 30 battery right now, but I rarely have to start the generator when cooking. I need to get 3 more batteries.
Mike Cunliffe
Mike Cunliffe - 1 year ago
awesome series Brian and crew
Francis Moulds
Francis Moulds - 1 year ago
off track
TJ Nugent
TJ Nugent - 1 year ago
Brian, you are a very lucky man to have found Karin. She is a wonderful lady and perfect for you. Many years of happiness for your entire family.
grayghoste78 - 1 year ago
Eat raw noodles...man that is so hard on the teeth. About fell out of my chair laughing.
Chris - 1 year ago
Great jobs guys I was really waiting for this topic
j bowers
j bowers - 1 year ago
I've been known to gnaw on a frozen tater tot or two.
Nancy Jobbins
Nancy Jobbins - 1 year ago
Great info! Love you all!
Ralf Dankert-Paulsen
Ralf Dankert-Paulsen - 1 year ago
Brians Face during the outro looks very similar to a picture of little Sierra you‘ve posted. You can‘t deny your fathership Sir.
I love the tech stuff, I learn so many details from them, please keep them coming.
Cheers to whole Delos Crew and safe travels.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson - 1 year ago
Love these informative videos! Thanks!
Ron Deane
Ron Deane - 1 year ago
Another great tech video. Thanks. What sort (brand & specs) of oven do you have please?
Mike Sandberg
Mike Sandberg - 1 year ago
You are on the right track.
Jose Maria Oliveira
Jose Maria Oliveira - 1 year ago
Have you ever consider the option of a Vorwerk Thermomix? Some time ago I checked its real efficiency and the results were very good (http://killawatthour.blogspot.com/2014/03/bimby-cooking-meal.html).
I am very much interested in this energy subject. I am an Electronics Engineer with post-graduation on Sustainable Energy Systems. Thank you for sharing all this experiences.
By the way, isn't it funny you keep calling "burner" to those areas in the induction stove? :-)
Mike Wheeler
Mike Wheeler - 1 year ago
Yet again s great video! I'm loving the infomational videos just as much as the adventure ones. They certainly show how much you've learnt from equipment and system failures in the past. The propane problems you had previously were so damned annoying that I'd have chucked the damn thing over the side. But as usual you guys figured out a solution.
Anton Ditt
Anton Ditt - 1 year ago
For me not only, but especially those technical vids are on track dead center, because it is real cruising long term testing. Thank you so much!
If it wasn't for the creasy prize a double walled, means insolated pressure cooker would be the pinnacle of energy efficient cooking, btw.
Steve Jones
Steve Jones - 1 year ago
Love it all guys. Stuff really goes south just sail and eat raw noodles lol
joshs199 - 1 year ago
Great video...I have been waiting for Brian to start releasing this really interesting footage they have been working on for along time. Keep up the good work. And Many blessings.
Lost Target
Lost Target - 1 year ago
Absolutely loving this series!
Lifediving - 1 year ago
You guys are talking about that stove and all that I could concentrate on is that bigass Ferrero Roshe chocolate box on the kitchen table!!!! mmmm :)
Jay Perry
Jay Perry - 1 year ago
Great series of videos on power. Super useful, we are trying to decide between 2 solar panels giving us 800W or 3 solar panels giving us 1200W. 3 does create a big wing at the stern and does over hand the sides of the boat bu 0.5m each side.
How do you guys find 3 panels, especially when stern mooring in tight spots!
Jay Perry
Jay Perry - 1 year ago
Did you contact Eamonn on SV Travel Bud regarding the parts for the balooner. He will be in Gran Canaria next week.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos - 1 year ago
The panels for us are okay, but the wind generators hanging over the side can easily be knocked by poles, posts, etc. You might be okay though. We are putting on flexible panels in about 2 months, will let you know how those work out for us :)
etalon3141 - 1 year ago
Good stuff. Yup, and at some point the "what if's" can go too far. If a single battery fails I assume you would pull it out of circuit and reconfigure the bank to get the same voltage but at reduced capacity? I assume the internal BMS's will just take a bad battery out of circuit instantly.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos - 1 year ago
Yep, exactly.
Colin Boniface
Colin Boniface - 1 year ago
This is a brilliant series. If the audience is a little schooled, we can all keep up with your toys Brian. Well done... I do like the lithium batteries. They didn't get a good wrap when they were introduced in planes, but I guess engineering has advanced ten fold since then...
drake theone
drake theone - 1 year ago
A small diesel Pressure stove Like Adam voyage
Jeff Slaven
Jeff Slaven - 1 year ago
I am totally sold on 100% electric. As Brian stated so eloquently, just finding propane sometimes can be an adventure in itself.
Gary Rahn
Gary Rahn - 1 year ago
Do the batteries have a temp. Sensor?
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos - 1 year ago
Yes, both internal and external.
Stuart McCullough
Stuart McCullough - 1 year ago
Excellent video. No marketing b/s, just the facts as they see them. Still the best sailing channel on YouTube.
Snarky . Live
Snarky . Live - 1 year ago
mick mccrohon
mick mccrohon - 1 year ago
can we see the convection oven?
mick mccrohon
mick mccrohon - 1 year ago
I carry a small magnet on my keyring so when I visit OP Shops I can test the pot and pan before I buy. If the magnet sticks it good to go for induction.
My gas oven drives me crazy with its hot spot... I leave a pizza stone on the bottom shelf to try and mitigate the problem... better but not perfect.
mick mccrohon
mick mccrohon - 1 year ago
@Sailing Corina Expedition yea, it's not rocket science and it as frustrating as hell when 90% of the baked item looks perfect and the last 10% is carbon!
Sailing Corina Expedition
Sailing Corina Expedition - 1 year ago
I cant get pizza stones but I found even cookie pans help distribute the heat by placing them on the bottom self. Why can't the manufacturers make something that works better? I'm sure theres a way to add something at the factory.
Food Belly
Food Belly - 1 year ago
We live in a sticks and bricks and we don't own a oven. It saves so much.
Sezai Aydin
Sezai Aydin - 1 year ago
Brian, you are on the right track, keep going like this! Cheers!
Bruce Garrison
Bruce Garrison - 1 year ago
Love it!
robert frederick
robert frederick - 1 year ago
I do not live on a sailboat but I ditched using my counter top electric resistive calrod burners after buying a counter top single induction burner. Here in central Fla its hot 7 - 8 months in the year & using a resistive electric heating element adds much heat to the kitchen whereas the induction cooktop heats only the cook pan & its contents. I cook many meals using a 6 Qt pressure cooker & its very economical & much easier to control the cooking level with the induction cooktop. I recently read that induction cooking uses 60 -70% less energy compared to electric resistive heating elements.
M C - 1 year ago
Gas. Things are always better after I get rid of it.
irecleas - 1 year ago
I love the tech videos
dtonvista - 1 year ago
Really the boat bits videos are great, please keep more coming, it is great that you all take part in the video also.
Bob Taylor
Bob Taylor - 1 year ago
Keep putting out the tech stuff
Blenki McClapper
Blenki McClapper - 1 year ago
does the boat need to be insulated for heat if it were to sail into colder waters like the North Atlantic?
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos - 1 year ago
If sure makes it a lot nicer, otherwise you can get terrible condensation where the hot air meets the cold hull surface. Kind of like a cool glass on a hot day.
PHILUSA - 1 year ago
Nice video
Victor Raymond
Victor Raymond - 1 year ago
We have gone to diesel cooking on our sail boat with a Wallas cooktop. In addition we have a single hob induction stove when we are in warm climates. Not sure I know what you use for your oven. We ended up with a less than stellar but inexpensive toaster oven.
miscreanity - 1 year ago
Have you tried using GoSun.co to cook with?
502You - 1 year ago
parkerfilms1 - 1 year ago
More great information from "The Polymath Afloat". Seriously, is there anything Brian doesn't know or can't do when it comes to technology (yes, sailing is a technology)?
Bjørn Otto Vasbotten
Bjørn Otto Vasbotten - 1 year ago
Every good captain is an Expert in Everything :)
Clare Gross
Clare Gross - 1 year ago
What kind of pots did you have to switch to? Kazza mentioned twice she had to get new pots : ) xo
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos - 1 year ago
Anything magnetic, so no alloys. Standard cast iron works great but is heavy. Most induction friendly pans have a little sticker on the box, and also circles in the base that are used to capture the energy and turn it into heat.
w z
w z - 1 year ago
buy an instant pot
dan macdonald
dan macdonald - 1 year ago
my life seemed down and out six yrs ago but through all my shit ,your the only thing that has leaveld me out . You brought me up in DARK TIMES, then let me know there is a light at the end.I just hope you know how important you are all too us! THANK YOU! don't ever let it end! (I cant spell ,sorry) you all give hope

100. comment for 1 YEAR REVIEW - Induction Cooking on a Sailboat - ELECTRICAL BOAT TECH (3 of 7)

SV Avocet
SV Avocet - 1 year ago
awesome video, we wondered how to use an induction stove... great info!
Ricardo Avena
Ricardo Avena - 1 year ago
nice video Delos, warm regards from Brasil. after the north atlantic road trip why not a south atlantic tour?
jderrida69 - 1 year ago
You are doing a great job with these tech videos. You have a wonderful ability to explain sometimes complex things, without making them complicated. Thanks for the knowledge !!!!!
Anjin- San
Anjin- San - 1 year ago
Great Video. For those of you looking for more answers and advice on marine electrical stuff, be it battery selection, wire gauge, breakers and fuses, Solar charging systems, check out Jeff Cote of Pacific Yacht Systems (His Own Company) https://www.youtube.com/user/PacificYachtSystems/videos. This guy is the GOD of Boat Electrical and a GOLD MINE of information. Go Delos!
J Bench
J Bench - 1 year ago
Loving this series team!
Richard Rice
Richard Rice - 1 year ago
any thoughts of adding a electric moter to delos
Scott Beaudway
Scott Beaudway - 1 year ago
Another great Tech video!
charles jarman II
charles jarman II - 1 year ago
I'm loving the new formats!
Royden Vickers
Royden Vickers - 1 year ago
This channel should have WAY more subs
Donald Burnett
Donald Burnett - 1 year ago
Good info!
Retep Acrat
Retep Acrat - 1 year ago
Always a pleasure.
M Schaap
M Schaap - 1 year ago
More advantages of induction cooking over propane gas are:
- no forming of carbon dioxide and moisture
- no excess heat passing around the pots and pans
- no chance of carbon monoxide poisoning
- no or less need to ventilate the cabin
Strix uralensiskuiken
Strix uralensiskuiken - 1 year ago
@László Zilahi Most people who cook, don't live on a ship.
László Zilahi
László Zilahi - 1 year ago
@Strix uralensiskuiken It has very high probability, that you can find dry areas around a ship.
Strix uralensiskuiken
Strix uralensiskuiken - 1 year ago
On land, in cold/dry areas the extra moisture is a benefit.
Bad Robot
Bad Robot - 1 year ago
I think the moisture from burning gas is a distant second to moisture from boiling liquids
Mac M.
Mac M. - 1 year ago
- no accumulation of heavier-than-air gas in bilge from leak
SV Avocet
SV Avocet - 1 year ago
all interesting points!
Sailing SV BIANKA - 1 year ago
Nice update. Six years ago I found severe corrosion on my boats three burner propane stove. I dismantled most of it and have used a small Coleman burner with 1 pound propane canisters since. The one pound canisters are much easier to find than trying to fill a ten pound tank too. https://biankablog.blogspot.com/2013/07/rethinking-propane-on-board-plan-a.html
Now that I also have a new 3400 watt generator for my Electric Propulsion system I think I will add an induction burner as a backup to the primary system since it seems to work fine on Delos.
Sea Shepherds
Sea Shepherds - 1 year ago
My Favourite Sailors and so happy I found you all. On bad days-You are my joy. I hope it gives you joy.
Luis Roebuck
Luis Roebuck - 1 year ago
always learning from you guys, keep having fun
glassman51 - 1 year ago
Hey Delostribe, And Brian in particular, I really like the tech video series. You have done some really innovative upgrades, many
glassman51 - 1 year ago
Hey Delostribe, And Brian in particular, I really like the tech video series. You have done some really innovative upgrades, many Of which are out of my budget but it is still interesting to see what’s out there, how it works and how reliable it is. Thanks and cheers
SV Avocet
SV Avocet - 1 year ago
Very important to remember!
Stone Cold
Stone Cold - 1 year ago
Great #3 video. Glad you are going into such details. It will make others consider there plans prior to setting up a boat. Mapping out everything will be so helpful for future sailors.
georgeisahuman - 1 year ago
Thanks Breeyawn, these videos are outstanding.
SV Avocet
SV Avocet - 1 year ago
ours are on board, and no rust yet. Just give them a rinse and dry with fresh water when you are done using them and place them in cases. :)
Steve Dohnal
Steve Dohnal - 1 year ago
I am really enjoying these videos, hopefully shortly I will be building an off grid place in the mountains.
Steve Dohnal
Steve Dohnal - 1 year ago
I’m in Colorado. So far, Leadville to Salida area I can afford. I fly fish so trying to be close to water but that can be pricey.
SV Avocet
SV Avocet - 1 year ago
That is awesome! Where abouts? We lived in North Lake Tahoe for 3 years before moving onto our boat. We are now preparing to sail to Alaska... we miss the mountains and trees!
All My Hobbies
All My Hobbies - 1 year ago
I love the videos. You asked about other people's usage my average house uses 50KWH a day so your solar is about 10%. But we heat our house with electric and heat hot water. Lots of people think they can do solar because they do not take into account house heat or hot water if they are on natural gas like most people around here.

I would be very interested in how do deal with hot water do you go without a hot shower every day? Heating hot water would probably be one of your larges electrical draws? And if you needed the heat of the boat would you go with a gas heater?
Margaret Frazier
Margaret Frazier - 1 year ago
Love everything you are doing!
Todd Kesler
Todd Kesler - 1 year ago
Brian do you have your batteries in a fire proof box? Or are you worried about them exploding?
Irie Cat
Irie Cat - 1 year ago
Thank you for sharing this information. Also love seeing Senior Brady with a Pirate Republic Brew from The Bahamas! #BAHAMASSTRONG
Louis Rioux
Louis Rioux - 1 year ago
Thank you for the answer
it does make sense that it is mostly 220 v
i am fixing a 44 footer mono hull and i will have to deal with all the electrical ac an dc
your drawing gave me ideas about fixing my system
also on an other subject
the 2 poles you have on your mast , never seen that , but looks a great idea , is that a good way to use whisker poles
and do you recommend that system ,
thank you so much again , happy wind
werswolf - 1 year ago
Thanks so much - best series ever!! Induction saves so much heat in the boat, which is important in Singapore;-)
Rick Ruehl
Rick Ruehl - 1 year ago
The expert on inverters is EVTV Jack Rickard. The chinese manufacturer he works with now treat him with the utmost respect as he has now properly schooled them on decades of real world knowledge on building a great inverter. His RV design chugs along in the above 6kw range and can take a load of 20kw for enough time to kick on a AC compressor.
Great video and hope you get to play and review the starlink gigabit datastream and show it off to the world next summer 2020
OneGenericName - 1 year ago
I've been cooking with a Nuwave2 induction portable cooktop for 4-5 years [from Hearthware, Inc in Libertyville, IL]. Much better than gas or electric stoves. I have even seen them offered occasionally on TV in a 2 for 1 price of $99. They also have cookware made for induction cooktops
umyeahyeahyeah - 1 year ago
Maybe a video about the filming and video editing methods you're using? I've been watching since episode 50 or so, your youtube is great thanks man. Really see the progression in quality over the years. Hey have y'all seen "Forbidden Trim" ? , it's a inexpensive surfer movie made partially by crowdfunding, pretty cool movie (I liked it), they used some cool tricks making their film thought you might find it a interesting watch... : )
dahveed284 - 1 year ago
Yes, these topics are extremely important to cover. Sure, they're not exciting, but its great information for wanna-be cruisers like myself.
SV Avocet
SV Avocet - 1 year ago
We might just be boring but we find this stuff interesting lol!
Rex Orp
Rex Orp - 1 year ago
I really like the electric cooking option. Much more efficient and less hassle. Win win! Thanks for another great video.
jon Kenny
jon Kenny - 1 year ago
Great informative video !!
Suzy Rottencrotch
Suzy Rottencrotch - 1 year ago
Paul Smyers
Paul Smyers - 1 year ago
We are using a 1200w cooktop that we just set on top of our built in propane cooktop :D Maybe some day we'll go all in and rip out the propane and build in some nice electrics.

Have you tried an InstaPot? We've REALLY been enjoying ours. It's just an "intelligent" pressure cooker, but it is really good.

The other thing I like about our electric cooking options is that we can take them out into the cockpit to keep the heat out of the salon/galley.

Even if we remove the propane from the galley I'd like to continue to have a propane grill on the pushpit. But that can have a directly connected tank. I was thinking of putting this on the stern ;)

Nenad Lazarevic
Nenad Lazarevic - 1 year ago
Ahoy mates, thank you for your updates on the electrics on the boat. We are here, waiting to see what are your next plans!
Mark Stewart
Mark Stewart - 1 year ago
Very Good
Daniel Caruana
Daniel Caruana - 1 year ago
Did you find it small having 2 burners for coking a meal for 4 or 6 ppl?
Lisa Bayne
Lisa Bayne - 1 year ago
Thank you for reviewing induction. I'm thinking of going that route, so this was very helpful. Please keep up reviews on all your systems and equipment. I find it immensely valuable.
MrNissesbror - 1 year ago
At 7:42

you do not! eat raw noodels, you drink Beer!! ;)

And by the way I hit the like button at once, since "boat bits with Brian" is .... Let's just say: I love the "tecky tecky" parts.
Bob Healy
Bob Healy - 1 year ago
The year flew
Andrew Keir
Andrew Keir - 1 year ago
The other key issue you need to know with induction cooking is the cooking pots and pans need to be magnetic. Copper pots wont work. Glass cookware wont work. When shopping for a fry pan take a magnet with you.
Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS
Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS - 1 year ago
Brian is such a nice, and knowledgeable guy! No wonder Kazza agreed to marry him!
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor - 1 year ago
I'm really wanting to get rid of the gas. Scares me to death.
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor - 1 year ago
I quit eating fast food ages ago.
Coal fired paradise
Coal fired paradise - 1 year ago
no tacobell for you.....
NANOC Ofocclo
NANOC Ofocclo - 1 year ago
Electrical energy management for the systems takes a lot of thinking.
Randy Tahtinen
Randy Tahtinen - 1 year ago
excellent man.
Jttv - 1 year ago
You forgot to mention all the trouble with international propane adapters you went through. and just finding it.
Ed Joy
Ed Joy - 1 year ago
It looks like your stove is a Kenyon. What make/model is the oven?
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos - 1 year ago
Hey Ed, It's this one https://www.cookwithkenyon.com/shop/silken2-2-burner-trimline/ . Hope all is well! Brian
Ron Bumbera
Ron Bumbera - 1 year ago
Very informative. I would wand a gas BBQ with attached high pressure cooktops. I would also want a gas instant hot water heater like the ones we have had on our RVs. Just a nice backup and the hot water heater was very efficient and reliable. Actually the heater was dual fuel.
Safe travels and love your shows
J B - 1 year ago
It’s a very cool system. Propane is a pain.
brunsonr - 1 year ago
On the right track? Yes!
Richard Comeau
Richard Comeau - 1 year ago
Blaž Bohinc
Blaž Bohinc - 1 year ago
Imagine this. By the time we get all 7 tech videos, the crew on board will have already made enough content to power through the whole month uploads. I can't wait to see what's been up with them
Glen Ouellette
Glen Ouellette - 1 year ago
love it
Steven H.
Steven H. - 1 year ago
Just watched the Brian and Karen Q and A from Sweden. Please do another one. Maybe you can introduce the newest crew member?
Ryan Hawley
Ryan Hawley - 1 year ago
Love what you guys do. More videos on your SV systems the better! It appears the consensus in the comments is that we like to know how stuff works and learn from you guys. Keep it coming and happy sailing from Texas!
paul eglinton
paul eglinton - 1 year ago
Nice work. Thank you. One question. How do you feel physically after eating the food cooked through induction, compared to gas Light / heavy? Or just your health and energy levels in general over time. I find microwaving deaden's the chi in the food. Induction? Cheers
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos - 1 year ago
I can't tell any difference, to me it's just heat on the bottom of the pan and I find we can cook stuff a little better because of accurate heat control. Hope that helps!
tenderbastard tenderbastard
tenderbastard tenderbastard - 1 year ago
the dog said, "dried a cat in one...sort of." ~ tenderbastard
Peter Torrey
Peter Torrey - 1 year ago
Delos..always staying true to the boat..the adventure and the crew. Towing the line to what made them so compelling from the get-go. You are a business.. but..you continue to love sailing and the adventure. It shows and I thank you for the enjoyable episodes !
Louis Rioux
Louis Rioux - 1 year ago
hi every one
you said that you have 220 ac power , what voltage is the cook stove and oven
and what system do you have to split the 220 v into 110 , is it the same as a house but with a marine electrical pannel
happy wind Louis
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos - 1 year ago
Hey Louis, all appliances we have including the stove and oven were bought outside the US so they are 220V. I do have a few 110V things, like some tools and a food vacuum bagger. To run those we use a 220V to 110V step down transformer. I think the difference is in a house you can get 220V from 2 phases of 110V (at least in the US anyway) however on Delos we only have single phase power. Hope that helps!
Debra Livingston
Debra Livingston - 1 year ago
Brian, as far as what we want to watch, pretty much anything you make, we will watch.
Vasily Lantukh
Vasily Lantukh - 1 year ago
Looking forward to the next 4!
Sydney Austin
Sydney Austin - 1 year ago
Induction, the serious way to go..
Josh Crawford
Josh Crawford - 1 year ago
Brian’s Bits... excellent series. Wait, did I get the name wrong?
ke4uyp - 1 year ago
Gary LeLacheur
Gary LeLacheur - 1 year ago
Delos is a lesson in how to be seriously responsible and still have fun occasionally. Brian is the man, he is an entrepreneur, who chucked in the treadmill to go sailing but did it responsibly. He talked his younger bro into going along and in the process Brady matured a great deal. They get to New Zealand and Brian spots Kazza. He knows a good thing when he stumbles over it. The rest as they say is history. Theirs is a well balanced exemplar of how to do life. It's a privilege to have an insight into their journey.
SuperLaplander - 1 year ago
Good info, I like it!
S/V Adma
S/V Adma - 1 year ago
Oh, that is what I was looking for, a induction cook top that can only draw below 2000watts. Very keen to go induction too.
John Bakos
John Bakos - 1 year ago
Brian /Brady cool insight on functionality on energy sources of Delos, made me go home and look at my bill for comparison, ladies awesome graphics for the guys to share. Brady side bar, thanks for the help with my lost long sleeve, also thanks Papa Delos for his time. You guys have a awesome Dad. Aloha John Bakos
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Rational Intuitive Mon - 1 year ago
Awesome videos.....
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Robbie Grimes - 1 year ago
Always a great video, Keep up the hard work guys!!!
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Dennis Grosen - 1 year ago
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Pedro Pablo Serrano - 1 year ago
I'm learning a lot. Please keep doing this type of videos. Your knowledge is based on experience and that's the most amazing and valuable thing about this!!
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Don Wilson - 1 year ago
on the right track! thanks!!
Scott Stevison
Scott Stevison - 1 year ago
Love your channel, I wished I would have got into sailing in my younger days and I would have been doing what you are
Paul E. Ester
Paul E. Ester - 1 year ago
These tech episodes are better than seeing Brady's butt any day. :)
furriephillips - 1 year ago
I'm loving these little videos (of course, I also love the 2-hour epics), as they're filled with no nonsense useful shit. I'm looking forward to @SailLife Mads' new galley, which has all these bells & whistles, too.
Therese Hjalmarsson
Therese Hjalmarsson - 1 year ago
They are back in THE boat.they went to Sweden to give birth?
Therese Hjalmarsson
Therese Hjalmarsson - 1 year ago
@André Berger ok thanks
André Berger
André Berger - 1 year ago
I think this was recorded a long time ago. I think they are still in Sweden with their daughter since Brady and Blue just began sailing back across the Atlantic now.
MrAnnadrew - 1 year ago
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Liz Rach - 1 year ago
Enjoyed the detail. Thx
David - 1 year ago
Really enjoy the technical maintenance videos, keep them coming. Have followed your sailing adventures, my dream, since you left Mexico and crossed the Pacific. Paraplegia keeps me on shore, look forward to Friday for my next adventure.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos - 1 year ago
Sending you a lot of love and good vibes David, thank you for watching our videos for so long! It's been a bit of a ride hasn't it? Fair winds- Brian
Joanna Strandström
Joanna Strandström - 1 year ago
Best week ever! Three delos videos in a row! ⛵️ On important subjects if I may add
leslie porter
leslie porter - 1 year ago
Just a idea, have you checked on getting a sun oven ? Free power.
Joseph Buys
Joseph Buys - 1 year ago
I love these more technical bits by Brian and Crew. Great info and keeps it 'real'!
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos - 1 year ago
Joe Buys! Miss you buddy. Next time we swing through whiskey is on me :)
Charles Crain
Charles Crain - 1 year ago
Love the video. Always enjoy learning how things are setup on Delos.
Finca el Moro
Finca el Moro - 1 year ago
Boat bits with Brian, absolutely stand out and its why Delos is by far and away the best and most complete sailing channel, there are only so many sunrises and sunsets we can gawp at and go “awwwwwww” !!! Keep ‘em coming.
curtisdesign - 1 year ago
Love the idea of no propane
bill smith
bill smith - 1 year ago
Brian you should get an airfryer for the boat.
jim E
jim E - 1 year ago
Is there any safety concern with lithium batteries and Lightening strikes. Bursting into flames?
Gerald Bond
Gerald Bond - 1 year ago
On the right track.
Xander Thompson
Xander Thompson - 1 year ago
You guys should totally sell out and sail Greta, somewhere.

Jesus saves.

Earth is flat and would take me an hour to prove it to you.
David Sanders
David Sanders - 1 year ago
What happens if you get hit by lightning? All systems down......time for SUSHI x
Christian Stark
Christian Stark - 1 year ago
Keep it coming...these are super useful.
Cap - 1 year ago
Personally, I like the Sailing Adventure Videos.
arniesea - 1 year ago
Delos mostly stays in the low latitudes so perhaps it is not an issue. But how to you heat the boat in cool weather without propane? Loving the series by the way. So many systems are similar between boats and RVs that these topics are applicable to us "land sailers" as well.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos - 1 year ago
Yeah, we've never had a heater onboard. I guess the AC can be run reverse cycle but that requires the generator so when we were in the southern lattitudes and the cape of good hope we just froze our asses off. If we do more high latitude sailing I would probably put in a proper heating system.
Thomas Whaley
Thomas Whaley - 1 year ago
the electrical topic videos are fab for boaties who want to upgrade and don't want to be the guinea pig! Thnx guys! Whatabout Svalbard?
Paul V
Paul V - 1 year ago
lesabre1972 - 1 year ago
You guys are great please don't stop vids.
Christopher Stube
Christopher Stube - 1 year ago
I wonder if you could save more power by heating the pan up and then putting it in an insulated cozy to simmer rather than turning it down.
MarkLawrenceKiefer - 1 year ago
So now that you have all this would you consider a torqeedo electric motor for Maggie? Allowing you to get rid of gasoline on the boat, or is the ability to plane Maggie too important?
Richard Stock
Richard Stock - 1 year ago
Love this stuff
Robert Seidel
Robert Seidel - 1 year ago
Have been interested in this idea for tiny home application! Thank you for the experienced follow up and details on your adaptation to it!
Ben Moody
Ben Moody - 1 year ago
Boat bits with Brian is amazing, I know 7 will not be enough for my fix!
libertastoo2 - 1 year ago
Can you comment on lightning prevention and protection? I have one of those dopey fuzzy lightning deterrents, but doubt it would really do anything. I am quite scared of getting hit by lightning at anchor or on passage. Sometimes we put cell phones (with our back up nav) and a handheld VHF in the microwave as protection. Would that really save them from a direct strike? I've also heard (sailor lore) that chain rhode is bad because it attracts lightning when anchored (but line wouldn't provide as good a ground). Comments on any of that?
Christopher Young
Christopher Young - 1 year ago
Great video! I pretty much cook everything with an induction cooktop and pressure cooker when I'm hooked up to shore power. You are inspiring me to get lithium batteries and a more substantial inverter so I can do this when cruising.
mike Francis
mike Francis - 1 year ago
Don't know if you are aware but more and more marina's in USA and Canada are banning any type of cooking with propane, or open flame. To many incidents of burning boats because of flare ups. Another great video, thanks
carolina beacher
carolina beacher - 1 year ago
watching these episodes has me looking at full size convection ovens, i picked up a nuwave oven, i dont like the bulkiness of it, i do love that i can cook a 5 lb chicken in 30 minutes from frozen to done, but it takes another 20 minutes to clean the thing :)
Brian Brown
Brian Brown - 1 year ago
Excellent as usual!!!
Mash Code
Mash Code - 1 year ago
If all else fails "Eat raw noodles!" Haha
Joe Conforti
Joe Conforti - 1 year ago
As a back up to the main stove or for cooking on deck check out the "Air Fryers" on Amazon or any big
box store. Mine is 1250 whats and cooks most anything in a compressed amount of time as compared to
a regular oven. It would be comparable to a microwave in time and comparable to regular oven in taste.
Ross Ehalt
Ross Ehalt - 1 year ago
You look thin. Is the Swedish lifestyle getting you all leaned out?
S Smith
S Smith - 1 year ago
Great video and well done for showing it can be done effectively and increase comfort on board!

One good thing to know is that many domestic induction cooktops now have built-in power limit options to suit different home wiring setups, so that when using the cooktop you don't risk overloading your circuits at home. This is very useful on a boat as it provides additional protection from overloading the inverter.
Whether an induction cooktop has this feature can typically be found buried in the manual, but it's already common across the Miele & Siemens/Bosch induction ranges, to name a few.

What would be interested to know is whether a switch to induction from propane/LPG, with the obvious safety benefits, could potentially reduce insurance premiums?
Another question -- does the induction cooktop have any negative effect on the electronics onboard, such as interference?
srq lisa
srq lisa - 1 year ago
i always wondered since bread is so hard to make when humidity is a factor that always changes how do you deal with this? Brian you look like a happy daddy. : ) peace
ElementalMaker - 1 year ago
Brian you must be in editing beast mode!
Roger Stone
Roger Stone - 1 year ago
He was editing these in Sweden, waiting for Karin to deliver. Good internet access!
Jokkezation - 1 year ago
This sideshow-series is amazing
swiMClub7 - 1 year ago
Every video these guys make is enjoyable to watch. Every. One.
Tomaltach O'Fearghail
Tomaltach O'Fearghail - 1 year ago
Where've ya been? I'm old, and IF I grow up I'd like to be like Bri. :-)
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kire nireves - 1 year ago
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paymaker11 - 1 year ago
Crispin Swainston Harrison oh yes the ask about the stove and brain turns to Karen
SY Ronja
SY Ronja - 1 year ago
I like it! I like it a lot :-) sounds familiar Brian? Keep on with your excellent work. Thanks a lot.
Peter Frebold
Peter Frebold - 1 year ago
.... your comment about heat from a gas stove .... always wondered why cruisers did not set up an outside cooking station to keep the heat out of the galley, cabin .... found this quite interesting and liked that you compared the convection to gas oven .... like the Idea of having a generator for backup ..... you have mentioned before about going electric before, which from limited reading think that this is the way to go. There are those out there that go solely electric, I would only do it if there was a backup generator that if in dire need would be your backup .... electric is right there, no messing getting an engine started .... great video .... have fun be safe, save our oceans .....
Phat-N-Sweaty SlowAssEddie
Phat-N-Sweaty SlowAssEddie - 1 year ago
have any of your mast ever been struck by lightning or anything on the boat i should ask??? or do you know of any other cruisers that have been struck.... what would happen if you did experiance that??? aslo do you have any drills out at sea, like fire drills or man overboard drills??? keep rockin guys, love this show and i look forward to it every week... be safe and Brian and Kazz i hope you are also well... Brady and Blue i hope the new crew is still working out and you guys are rockin out at sea.. no punn 8] o/
Bob mack
Bob mack - 1 year ago
Love the tech episodes! I’ve learned a bunch about solar power systems( y’all make it simple). We already use induction cooktops so maybe a convection oven will be in our future! Thank you for teaching us and letting us vicariously through your adventures.
Stein Varjord
Stein Varjord - 1 year ago
One more benefit is that gas releases a lot of moisture in the air. Not a big problem when it’s hot and all is open, but in chillier climates, that is really noticeable. The gas makes cooking about twice as steamy...
johnboylong40 - 1 year ago
Sailing Emerald Steel stopped using the oven. It ran a long time and used a lot of gas and cooked them out in the galley. Good info as usual guys.
Philip Nelson
Philip Nelson - 1 year ago
Is your inverter 110V or 220V? Do you have an opinion on 110 vs 220? Excellent videos guys and gals.
Philip Nelson
Philip Nelson - 1 year ago
Did you remove all of the propane plumbing when you went induction?
allied1394 - 1 year ago
Convection is always the way to go cooks quicker cooks better so much easier. Propane is a lot of work getting the bottles and it can be dangerous so eliminating that is a win
Jimmy Gallop
Jimmy Gallop - 1 year ago
big one
Michael - 1 year ago
Why don't you guys use a insta-pot they are so efficient.....8 or 12 minute and you are done
Steven Flink
Steven Flink - 1 year ago
love the educational video keep them coming.
HeymynameisMitch - 1 year ago
Brian, try WinSCP over Filezilla. I was glad that I made the switch.
Tom Kolmer
Tom Kolmer - 1 year ago
Very informative. Very nice
Gary Davis
Gary Davis - 1 year ago
Do you have any issues with so many charging devices wired to the lithium batteries? I know its common to have same vendor solar and shore/gen power charges wired to the batteries (Victron MPPT and Multipurpose inverter), but do they play nice with the wind chargers? Seems the wind chargers would have to have to be programmed to the same charging algorithm as the Victron equipment. Otherwise, one charging voltage might interfere with the other?
Joe Goodman
Joe Goodman - 1 year ago
always great :)
Joey Newton
Joey Newton - 1 year ago
Thanks for another great video!
Andrew - 1 year ago
I liked the look on Brian's face when asked the lightning question, pretty much "Yeah, and what if we're torpedoed and sunk, you plan for what you can possibly handle and don't worry about the rest"
Jeff Stark
Jeff Stark - 1 year ago
I'm really enjoying these videos =)
Gary Davis
Gary Davis - 1 year ago
Awesome. Love these tech videos!
John Clamshell SP
John Clamshell SP - 1 year ago
Good morning Delos crew. Thank you for all the great videos. 60107 says hi!
G11713 - 1 year ago
Whoa! Lightening vulnerability had not fully crossed my mind. Is there any possibility for a lightening pool on a sailboat?
Tiger Magician
Tiger Magician - 1 year ago
Po Sho Delos , i installed a two element ...full blast induction unit on my boat along with the oven.
As you mentioned i like the heat being generated inside the cooking pots and not overheating the
Inside of the boat. Also in my high latitude sailing, not having water vapour released into the interior
Means i no longer need to run the dehumidifier near as much. Chimo .....
shaggys - 1 year ago
Douglas Montgomery
Douglas Montgomery - 1 year ago
Or get a "both" - Combo unit like the Ninja Foodi Deluxe
Imad Gharib
Imad Gharib - 1 year ago
have you had the chance to know the sex of the baby? am I the first to try to guess the gender? IT IS AAAAAA beautiful GIRL!!!!!!!!!
she will enjoy insha allah being with such a lovely family! God bless you all!!!!
Blazer02LS - 1 year ago
No problem, the youtube videos run about 7-8 months behind real time. If you go to the instagram pages they have you can see the baby.
Blazer02LS - 1 year ago
You mean their daughter Sierra. Born in August.
InspiredByLife 434
InspiredByLife 434 - 1 year ago
LOVE TO ALL 434! Keep up the great work like always! You guys are so inspirational!!! Fair winds and following seas my dudes and dudettes!!! James Deny! Yeeee yee
Paul Vincent
Paul Vincent - 1 year ago
We love are induction.. did you know cast iron pans work also? Cheers crew!
JT Lissner
JT Lissner - 1 year ago
All good on the changes as looks the way to go but would have kept the BBQ on the LPG, gut feeling is you will miss it to the point of reverting that one item back. The camping stove is a great plan B and rocks a wok too. Keep the tech episodes coming and can't wait for the next episode of the crew sailing on. Hope you three in the cold are well.
Robert Mills
Robert Mills - 1 year ago
Great series fella's. Rum floater drinks on me next time!
Paul Baillie
Paul Baillie - 1 year ago
Your on the right track
Catta Callhammar
Catta Callhammar - 1 year ago
We got induction in our house like 10 years ago. It took quite a while, with lots of burned food, to get used to it. It is just SO different and A LOT faster than anything else. But now I cant imagine going back to the old hotstove. We even have a propande-burner right next to it but the induction is so good we never use it. When (5 years from now) we buy a boat, we are SO going full electric. I love my induction-stove!
Jack Visser
Jack Visser - 1 year ago
TY for the Excellent Videos
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ting tong - 1 year ago
Great info ...Love the technical stuff...Thanks.
juhosattanen - 1 year ago
loving this mini-series
Richard Seagrist
Richard Seagrist - 1 year ago
Hi. I met you at the Annapolis boat show. I am refitting a Hans Christian 38, and I am planning on putting in an induction cook top and convection microwave. This episode was very useful to me and has triggered some questions. Awhile ago, I purchased a 2000 watt Inverter/charger (still not used) and have been considering returning it and purchasing a 2500w one for the reasons you mentioned in this video. You however have a 3k inverter/charger. I do not have a generator and probably will not have one; the boat is smaller than yours and does not have the space available for one. Do have suggestions or thoughts for my situation? I always thought I would never use both the stove and the oven at the same time. That seemed to be the logical solution. Thoughts?
msnpassjan2004 - 1 year ago
I did not know they make an induction top pressure cooker, nice find !
Iron Horse
Iron Horse - 1 year ago
It actually is just a pressure cooker that happens to be sitting on top of an induction stove, not an induction top pressure cooker. There isn't anything "Inductiony" (i'm not sure that's a real word) about the pressure cooker itself.
judy lutz
judy lutz - 1 year ago
Boring...I’m ready for the baby to join the crew and sail on.
Prankishsquire - 1 year ago
I'd want the camp stove all the time for cooking on the beach or the deck. A back-up electrical burner is a good idea though, tea on deck when folks are sleeping in the salon.
Jordan Worm
Jordan Worm - 1 year ago
I am really loving these extra info videos!

This is a lifestyle I would love to eventually live, and having this cool information at hand to get into my head now is really nice.
Hillary Horn
Hillary Horn - 1 year ago
Thank you for the follow up- i have been wondering how the induction cooktop has been working for you. Also appreciate the discussion of redundancies! Keep ‘em coming. Nothing beats actual cruising experience for testing these ideas!
Atlantis Atlantidas
Atlantis Atlantidas - 1 year ago
It will be nice if you could go over the camera systems you use and suggestions or comparisons. Great videos awesome places.
Itsp3rsonal - 1 year ago
great series
Bubba Gail
Bubba Gail - 1 year ago
Other than a portable induction plate you could store an electric skillet or pot just for emergencies and always have canned goods that could be eaten cold just to survive.
Jeffery Drew
Jeffery Drew - 1 year ago
Hi I ben waching your u2 volds for 2yrs now I like tham and
I wanna walk about sailing in what you guys do to have fun I have joy your talks like you're talking now about going total life 3 I was curious if you go a propulsion as well Out of curiosity how much dead end up costing you if you don't mind me asking
AwakeInAnacortes - 1 year ago
Thanks for another informative video!
tamara - 1 year ago
I love these reviews and your explanations are comprehensible to a woman who has no electronic knowledge. I think it's wonderful that you can live aboard Delos and have all the modern comforts while powering with wind and sun. Your fossil fuel consumption is so minimal now. That's truly inspiring.
Rick H
Rick H - 1 year ago
Good job gentleman simple and to the point. The added heat to the interior of the cabin and finding propane is enough advantages to switch. Dont use my gas stove in the house when the air con on, its summer time that what barbeques are for.
Stephen DesRoches
Stephen DesRoches - 1 year ago
"Boat Bits with Brian" is Breathtaking! A little spice on my weekly SV Delos meal! Love 'em!! Keep 'em coming!
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Kia Kaha - 1 year ago
Great topics guys. Thanks so much for these knowledge downloads.
And daily posts... talk about spoilt
Robert Beger
Robert Beger - 1 year ago
You guys are still my Number 1 sailing site. Besides the entertainment, adventure, and beautiful visuals, Brian's knowledge especially of the boat and her systems is rock solid and has definitely helped my understanding of the electrical systems. Doing your own re-rigging before the Indian Ocean was will always stand out as an amazing educational experience. Delos is still the best boat layout I've ever seen. Cockpit, galley, salon, engine compartment. Haven't seen better yet. Keep up the good work!
Andrew Rex
Andrew Rex - 1 year ago
I really enjoy these tech ones. If you're taking requests I'd love to know your IT setup for the boat. You must have terabytes of storage alone? How do you protect it from surges etc?
Andrew Rex
Andrew Rex - 1 year ago
@Tim Hyatt yeah, I am sure it's more complicated than that. Either way it's be nice to see the technical side of it.
Tim Hyatt
Tim Hyatt - 1 year ago
one of the episodes a while back, they talked about having external usb drives for storage, so that would cover a lot of that...
George Minton
George Minton - 1 year ago
Take PVC pipe bigger than your hose and run your propane hose through it to prevent wear when boat rocks if you still use it since you use the electric stove.
volkan volkan
volkan volkan - 1 year ago
You guys are doing a great job!
Dravous Wild
Dravous Wild - 1 year ago
my in-laws have one at their home....It 'works' but gas is an order of magnitude better IMO.
Sean - 1 year ago
Hahhaha, holy shit how many Ferro Rocher chocolates do you guys have there.
Thomas Hatfield
Thomas Hatfield - 1 year ago
If you have a multi zone induction hob then you can have multiple pots at full temp. More heat resistant with the multi zone ones
Annoson - 1 year ago
is the Inverter / Battery powerfull enough to run the watermaker without the generator?
RainCity84 - 1 year ago
@Dennis Patrick They still use the genset to add power in, its not fully replaced yet. That would take a lot more solar which would really start to get hard to place practically. Plus lose some redundancy of having 3 kinds of energy productions, solar, genset and wind. Especially for blue water world sailors, redundancy is really Important but not the same for a day sailor. I don't think we are quite there yet to really replace gensets, especially considering it just runs off the diesel that is always still needed for propulsion. I know there are a few experimental all electric boats but full EV isn't there yet. Hopefully in the next 20 years we'll be there.
Dennis Patrick
Dennis Patrick - 1 year ago
Check the previous vlog from yesterday. I believe Brian and Brady pointed out that they use the generator to make water...The Vlog was all about their power on the boat. Batteries, wind, solar, generator.
Traveling Terry
Traveling Terry - 1 year ago
I live in my RV and have been using a portable induction cooker for years. It's a 1800 watt unit but I almost never run it on high. I can boil water faster with the induction cooker than a gas burner and what's nice about it is when it's hot, I can just unplug it and take it outside to cook something and not heat up the inside of the RV.  I dry camp a lot and really enjoy cooking with the induction cooker knowing its all being powered from the sun.
It would be great if you showed more detail on the electric stove, maybe even a shot of the nomenclature ...Thanks.
Thomas Hatfield
Thomas Hatfield - 1 year ago
Ahhhh another episode. You guys are making my week. Keep up the good work. Big up Delos crew. Salty devil's
Dave currie
Dave currie - 1 year ago
An outstanding wealth of knowledge and experience as always Thank you
Clive Stamp
Clive Stamp - 1 year ago
Great video thanks . Why not put Amazon links to your devices like induction and oven etc
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos - 1 year ago
pamadams8 - 1 year ago
I would love to see a cooking/baking show!...maybe kazza's sticky chocolate cake recipe!
And Brady's mexican recipes!
Jason Masters
Jason Masters - 1 year ago
The knowledge and experience that you guys share is fantastic. thanks for doing these videos.
R. Miller
R. Miller - 1 year ago
I watched when you installed the "toaster oven" and it looks like the Breville. I bought one last year and it's a really good oven.
Zach DuPan
Zach DuPan - 1 year ago
These videos are so awesome. Thank you Brian and crew!
cheerdiver - 1 year ago
Luv ya, comment 17 that's a Q.
David C
David C - 1 year ago
Natural gas cook tops rock while propane cook tops and natural gas/propane ovens suck. I can't stand the smell of propane on a gas cook top and oven inside an enclosed area. Electric stoves suck whereas electric ovens rock (convection electric is even better). Induction cook tops are an awesome alternative for the cook top - they heat up and cool down fast. On a boat - I would dump the gas in a heart beat for an induction cook top. Electric convection oven is an easy "hell yes". I guess the whole issue on a boat is - do you / will you have the power to run it all and not turn your power grid into molten slag or worse! Great video Brian. I like the set up you have installed on Delos. Thanks!
Most interesting topic and one close to my heart. Cooking. Definitely going to investigate an electric oven. Haven't had much success with the gas oven - burnt at the back, raw at the front.
Kombi Life
Kombi Life - 1 year ago
Thank you for making this and sharing it guys, very interesting and useful!
Antonio Sanchez Montes
Antonio Sanchez Montes - 1 year ago
Great info, thanks
Eric Epstein
Eric Epstein - 1 year ago
Just as good as the other two. I like your level of detail and how you refer to your own experience vs. repeating industry specs.
Janine Leach
Janine Leach - 1 year ago
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself
Allen Sturdivant
Allen Sturdivant - 1 year ago
the lithium appears to have many advantages. Other than cost, what are some of the disadvantages like the possibility of fire due to rapid discharge and how have they been addressed by the manufactueres and installation/integration design
zheneggmobile - 1 year ago
with the lifepo4 chemistry they put in, fire dangers are non issues. safer than standard lead acid. it is the other lipo chemistries that have big issues with thermal runaway...
Lennie Demuth
Lennie Demuth - 1 year ago
These tech videos are great. Info and instruction are clear and useful for future decision and design/build. thanyou guys for all you do to entertain and encourage us on our personal adventures. Many thumbs up!!!!!!
The Sailing Kiwi
The Sailing Kiwi - 1 year ago
brilliant content Brian and team Delos, thank you
Toney Brothers
Toney Brothers - 1 year ago
Another great infovideo,
Mike Berg
Mike Berg - 1 year ago
Curious as to how much power your dive compressor and water maker use that you can only run them on generator power. Is it the surge power from the motor's that prevent using on batteries or the inverter capacity? If the oven's using 1300W you'd think you could run a motor capable of operating a compressor or water maker? I'm sure I've missed something in my thinking :)
Mark Davis
Mark Davis - 1 year ago
I don't know what dive compressor Delos has, but they pretty typically draw around 15-20 amps at 220-240v and it takes probably around 40-60 amps to start it off. Given their 3k inverter produces around 13 amps at the 220 volts it wouldn't be enough to start or run the compressor. Even if they had the inverter power to start and run the motor, it takes 20ish minutes to fill a scuba tank from one of these smaller compressors. So it would drain the batteries too much to be worth it.

Water maker is more reasonable to run on the batteries as they typically draw < 10 amps running, but it wouldn't be a good use of the batteries likely which is more probably why they just run the generator. It can take quite a bit of time to fill the water tank(s) so it could easily draw the batteries too low to be worth it.
Janne Peltonen
Janne Peltonen - 1 year ago
The point about not getting the boat heated is a really good one, never thought about that. I remember being a bit sceptical about the induction system, glad to hear it's been working well!
stimpsonjcat67 - 1 year ago
<binge mode engaged>
stimpsonjcat67 - 1 year ago
@Rickard Öberg binge mode can only be engaged when there are multiple episodes one hasn't watched. Like this series getting 3 of 7 released all at once...or if you've been dead for a few weeks and missed the regular episodes.
Rickard Öberg
Rickard Öberg - 1 year ago
Is there any other mode?
S C Yz
S C Yz - 1 year ago
The oven doesn't use induction does it? I'd figure it's just heating elements, probably top and bottom - bake/broil.
Joe Cat
Joe Cat - 1 year ago
@Roger Stone This is a case of using a word to name something that is incorrect sorta like calling a facial tissue a Kleenex. I have a small oven that is both a conventional & convection oven. It has heating elements on the top and bottom and a fan that runs when set to. They're using the word convection to describe any oven that circulates the air inside with a fan to even out the heat thru out the inside of the oven. You are correct about the England and US, we both speak English but very different words are used for naming things, boot-trunk, spanner-wrench and so on.
Roger Stone
Roger Stone - 1 year ago
@Joe Cat Maybe it's a difference between English and American naming, but a convection oven here has heating elements in the walls and the whole oven gets hot. Convection means the hottest air rises so the top part of the inside will be hotter than lower down. That's the traditional oven. A fan oven doesn't have heating elements in the side walls, it has an element behind the rear wall and a fan which drives the heated air out into the main cooking part of the oven. The air is being moved around by the fan, NOT by convection.
Richard Gleason
Richard Gleason - 1 year ago
Joe Cat fan oven seems to be a term used in Britain but is essentially the same as convection. A fan moving the air in the oven or convecting thus preventing hot/cold spots. Result....lower cooking temp and or shorter cooking time.
nelio SAMch
nelio SAMch - 1 year ago
The Gosun grill takes about two hours to cook, but it doesn't need propen, electricity or wood. Just the Sun light. Excellent for backup.
S C Yz
S C Yz - 1 year ago
@Joe Cat, Well, interestingly you can use a "dutch oven" to bake things. And one of those would work on an induction stove. But I do know what you mean.

And as to Delos' reply, I once had, and now have, a convection oven so I'm familiar with them. However, it did not occur to me that you might have a convection oven on Delos. But it make complete sense.
Tree L. Bolling
Tree L. Bolling - 1 year ago
@Roger Stone a convection oven has a fan to blow the air around in the oven. What you are calling a "fan" oven is what's known as a convection oven.
Joe Cat
Joe Cat - 1 year ago
induction uses electromagnetic field to make the pot or pan get hot & cook your food, that doesn't work for baking.
Joe Cat
Joe Cat - 1 year ago
@Roger Stone what's the difference a convection oven has a fan to circulate the air inside. Never heard of a fan oven.
Roger Stone
Roger Stone - 1 year ago
@Gary Davis Fan oven, I would have thought, would be better - because in a convection oven the top of the oven will be hotter than lower down; whereas with a fan the heat is pretty evenly distributed. Gives you more control.
Gary Davis
Gary Davis - 1 year ago
@Sailing SV Delos Electric convection oven is the way to go. Been using one for ~12 years now. We find it cooks faster with lower heat. Our rule of thumb is 75% of the temp and 75% of the time you use for normal oven.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos - 1 year ago
Right, just convection with is basically hot air blown around by a fan :)
Zebahdy - 1 year ago
You mentioned having a failure of the gas solenoid in the past. Obviously not a problem for you now you cook electric, but for your readers still on gas I asked my gas man what to do if the solenoid stops working. The instructions from the gas man are

remove nut from solenoid coil

remove coil from valve stem

undue the Stainless steel nut / assembly/ stem

when apart remove the plunger pad and spring

re-fit the stainless nut assembly/tube/stem

The solenoid will now have free flow without power.

Hopefully this will never be necessary
Janne Peltonen
Janne Peltonen - 1 year ago
That's why there's a gas sensor / alarm installed somewhere down in the boat. Saved my boat at least once (after having installed a new cooker and the connection between the pipe and the cooker got loose in high seas while cooking). Also, you can just simply suffocate if there's enough gas floating at the bottom of the boat while you're asleep...

We just have two mechanical valves in our very simple propane system, one at the tank connector and one in the pentry cupboard near the stove. The one in the pentry is closed whenever the stove is not in use; the one at the tank is closed whenever we leave the boat for a longer period.
Sailing SV Delos
Sailing SV Delos - 1 year ago
Good to know, but since propane is heavier than air it tends to settle in bilges. I have heard some horror stories of boat decks being blown off so I always wanted to make sure the solenoid was closed off....

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