Abandoned by the Captain of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Fishing Voyage | One Star Reviews

Taji was born and raised in New York, but only recently became aware of a robust fishing community right on his doorstep. As a landsman curious about life at sea, Taji took to Yelp to find one of the worst-rated fishing boats to experience the open water for himself. He stumbled across Captain Dave, whose reviews accuse him and his crew of “false advertising”, “filthy” conditions and worst of all… allegedly torturing sharks. So off Taji went for a day voyage out at sea with the crew — only to be abandoned by Captain Dave himself right before the boat’s departure. A One Star Reviews first! It is Taji’s duty to the people to address negative reviews with the business owner… but who was in charge of the ship?! Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE About VICE: The Definitive Guide To Enlightening Information. From every corner of the planet, our immersive, caustic, ground-breaking and often bizarre stories have changed the way people think about culture, crime, art, parties, fashion, protest, the internet and other subjects that don't even have names yet. Browse the growing library and discover corners of the world you never knew existed. Welcome to VICE. Connect with VICE: Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Click here to get the best of VICE daily: http://bit.ly/1SquZ6v Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice The VICE YouTube Network: VICE: https://www.youtube.com/VICE MUNCHIES: https://www.youtube.com/MUNCHIES VICE News: https://www.youtube.com/VICENews VICELAND: https://www.youtube.com/VICELANDTV Broadly: https://www.youtube.com/Broadly Noisey: https://www.youtube.com/Noisey Motherboard: https://www.youtube.com/MotherboardTV VICE Sports: https://www.youtube.com/NOC i-D: http://www.youtube.com/iDmagazine Waypoint: https://www.youtube.com/Waypoint

Abandoned by the Captain of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Fishing Voyage | One Star Reviews sentiment_very_dissatisfied 1720

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Taji was born and raised in New York, but only recently became aware of a robust fishing community right on his doorstep. As a landsman curious about life at sea, Taji took to Yelp to find one of the worst-rated fishing boats to experience the open water for himself. He stumbled across Captain Dave, whose reviews accuse him and his crew of “false advertising”, “filthy” conditions and worst of all… allegedly torturing sharks. So off Taji went for a day voyage out at sea with the crew — only to be abandoned by Captain Dave himself right before the boat’s departure. A One Star Reviews first! It is Taji’s duty to the people to address negative reviews with the business owner… but who was in charge of the ship?! Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE About VICE: The Definitive Guide To Enlightening Information. From every corner of the planet, our immersive, caustic, ground-breaking and often bizarre stories have changed the way people think about culture, crime, art, parties, fashion, protest, the internet and other subjects that don't even have names yet. Browse the growing library and discover corners of the world you never knew existed. Welcome to VICE. Connect with VICE: Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Click here to get the best of VICE daily: http://bit.ly/1SquZ6v Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice The VICE YouTube Network: VICE: https://www.youtube.com/VICE MUNCHIES: https://www.youtube.com/MUNCHIES VICE News: https://www.youtube.com/VICENews VICELAND: https://www.youtube.com/VICELANDTV Broadly: https://www.youtube.com/Broadly Noisey: https://www.youtube.com/Noisey Motherboard: https://www.youtube.com/MotherboardTV VICE Sports: https://www.youtube.com/NOC i-D: http://www.youtube.com/iDmagazine Waypoint: https://www.youtube.com/Waypoint

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for Abandoned by the Captain of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Fishing Voyage | One Star Reviews

Bari Alshareef
Bari Alshareef - 1 year ago
this guy is really damn awkward, i feel bad for the people when he stands there looking at them and smiling like a child molester
Danger Bear
Danger Bear - 1 year ago
Just seems like a typical, rude, mouthy, unintelligent NY douches
G6 Society
G6 Society - 1 year ago
I learned nothing from this
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones - 1 year ago
I Fucking Love Taji
Luke Wallace
Luke Wallace - 1 year ago
An yeh
FOE1 MOiST - 1 year ago
Taji our there trolling them
Frank Filippone
Frank Filippone - 1 year ago
We live in New York with millions of attitudes! Weather it's a reviewer's attitude or the fishing boat captains attitude! One way or another you dealing with an attitude! As the son of a sport fisherman who loves the sport! Do what my dad says all the time go surf fishing! Stop messing with those boats you can literally cast a line off of any shore and catch some great fish ! you want to boat fish get your own boat! And make one of the worst Investments of your life ! Someone seems like they got the fishing bug
Mark Tang
Mark Tang - 1 year ago
That second captain who went with them is basically frank from it’s always sunny.
ändå - 1 year ago
100 freaking dollars for a miserable boat ride, and the chance of catching some fish species no one cares about?

10. comment for Abandoned by the Captain of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Fishing Voyage | One Star Reviews

Kevin Deharo
Kevin Deharo - 1 year ago
Lol Michael Cera works for vice now
henry kay
henry kay - 1 year ago
That was incredible

You think they do bat mitzvahs??
john cena
john cena - 1 year ago
That guy like the "hoast" of the show is the biggest weirdo/cringe worthy person in the world
H_A_F GAMING - 1 year ago
Spoken like a true fisherman “fishing ain’t catching , its fishing.”
Christopher Finn
Christopher Finn - 1 year ago
Nice captain. I’ve never seen a more personable man.
J J - 1 year ago
Interviewer looks like a younger version of h3h3
Jack Mason
Jack Mason - 1 year ago
Captain Andrew made a 100% come back. He said it right fishin ain’t catchin it’s fishin and at the end of the day u if u enjoy fishing you enjoy being out on the ocean with ur line in the water and that’s what u pay for
Harjot Singh
Harjot Singh - 1 year ago
Fuck Yelp
IcyLike Gucci
IcyLike Gucci - 1 year ago
3:45 Cringe
Edit: I take that back every encounter he had was cringe
IcyLike Gucci
IcyLike Gucci - 1 year ago
Edit: I take that back every encounter he had was cringe
Mateo Roldan Raymond
Mateo Roldan Raymond - 1 year ago
i love the akwardness

20. comment for Abandoned by the Captain of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Fishing Voyage | One Star Reviews

Ryan Blessed
Ryan Blessed - 1 year ago
You don’t fish to catch fish; you fish too think.
thomaz fernando
thomaz fernando - 1 year ago
Is this guy ethan klein's lost brother????????
LDDT - 1 year ago
Strange people
Random Name
Random Name - 1 year ago
I certainly hope captain Dave is just playing the role of a heel
Sunkissed Mami
Sunkissed Mami - 1 year ago
You have to feel it, you have to wait.
Julia M
Julia M - 1 year ago
Did the guys running the boat seem kinda mentally slow to you? I live next door to a assisted living facility and they kind of remind me of them.
Mr ButtCheeks
Mr ButtCheeks - 1 year ago
"everyday i wake up and i say to myself today is gonna be a new story...... and yeh"
Kara Badasski
Kara Badasski - 1 year ago
I think this dude is adorable. I've been binge watching all day.
D R - 1 year ago
Go to yelps worst rated witch n have her put a hex on u
J Lil
J Lil - 1 year ago
Those dudes were just old school . Go fuck yourself godamn millennials

30. comment for Abandoned by the Captain of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Fishing Voyage | One Star Reviews

PG59 FN - 1 year ago
0:28 us a damn coaster you animal
Silly Cell
Silly Cell - 1 year ago
This boat doesn't deserve a 5 stars rating
Ellis Bell
Ellis Bell - 1 year ago
Has it been said that this dude looks exactly like a young H3
Thr33 6ix
Thr33 6ix - 1 year ago
"Todays gonna be a new story" .......
hunter crook
hunter crook - 1 year ago
What an awkward fuckinh dude
Bhokolate Bhip Bookies
Bhokolate Bhip Bookies - 1 year ago
I think its shitty to bad mouth a business like this. Seems like an arrogant dumb ass thing to do, but what did I expect from an arrogant dumb ass channel
Elvis Mekenye
Elvis Mekenye - 1 year ago
U are weirdly funny 2
Was nothing real?
Was nothing real? - 1 year ago
God bless and watch over Daniel
AtomictheMoon - 1 year ago
Okay, after he gave this shit boat a 5 out of 5 stars, I'm just realizing all the videos of this series are a set up. It's just some happy stoner, passive beta male who goes to review "one star reviewed" businesses and gives them all a 5/5 regardless of how terrible the service is. Lame, I thought this was somewhat authentic at first.
BrassTacs - 1 year ago
Hahaha fishin ain’t catching ok
des n
des n - 1 year ago
Am i hallucinating or does the VATS sound from fallout sounds every once in a while lmao
Arka Sengupta
Arka Sengupta - 1 year ago
And yea !!!
Mohammad Khan
Mohammad Khan - 1 year ago
This guy is fucking hilarious....
Erratic Skribble
Erratic Skribble - 1 year ago
what a condescending jerk this host is,
Arturo amigon
Arturo amigon - 1 year ago
The captain himself looks like a whale.
Jack 'o
Jack 'o - 1 year ago
Yo why ethan from H3H3 on vice tho
Three little Fish
Three little Fish - 1 year ago
Wow what a joke
NBTTA Nowbacktotheaction
NBTTA Nowbacktotheaction - 1 year ago
Everything was mint till he chucks the fish 10 feet down onto the water sideways lol
Phillip Greene
Phillip Greene - 1 year ago
What a bunch of f**k faces
John Doe
John Doe - 1 year ago
I would beat the fat off that choding punk

50. comment for Abandoned by the Captain of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Fishing Voyage | One Star Reviews

dwight terbek
dwight terbek - 1 year ago
This guy reminds me of the autistic reporter on the onion news
d radski
d radski - 1 year ago
Kid is the only reason a smart person would watch vice
Kiticana X
Kiticana X - 1 year ago
Dude's literally in the fishing boat from hell and the owner doesn't even do the interview, yet he still gives it 5 stars.
Mr20 west
Mr20 west - 1 year ago
They would make so much more money if they actually gave a damn ..
Bryan Taylor
Bryan Taylor - 1 year ago
Is that the Armenian kid from bad news bears reporting for vice??
Jay - 1 year ago
Dude looks like a budget/healthier Ethan Klein
Andrew pham
Andrew pham - 1 year ago
Peepgame youfuckingseeit
Tanner Adshade
Tanner Adshade - 1 year ago
It’s not a bad boat, sometimes there is no bait like they said because they couldn’t get that bait, when you go on a boat and go out fishing your not guaranteed to catch something and the boat is a nice boat if you look at the commercial fishing boats
Daniel Patrick
Daniel Patrick - 1 year ago
lol it almost broke into an old maddona song at the beginning
GreensOplenty - 1 year ago
the comments are weird.
trash talking people for not entertaining you enough
but throw in a Dave Attell(Insomniac with Dave Attel) and you'll be yelling for more and you know it.
real people are too cool for yuppies ;)
aeroAdvocate - 1 year ago
Looks pleasant overall. Just a typical day on the Jersey shore. :D
Jack Sadaka
Jack Sadaka - 1 year ago
This kids so awkward man wtf
Jack Sadaka
Jack Sadaka - 1 year ago
He took his money bahahahahhaa and shook his hand
Austin - 1 year ago
Hm.... this isn’t “here’s the scoop”. Where’s Philip. #scooooop
Im Daddy
Im Daddy - 1 year ago
owner not present
Instant bad review from me.
Mason Gonzales
Mason Gonzales - 1 year ago
Was that jack Phoenix
Rip jack
Supreme Gamer
Supreme Gamer - 1 year ago
Lmao your in Brooklyn sheepsaybay what ya think it was gonna be like lmao
Matthew - 1 year ago
This is the only good series vice has
Derek Hinderager
Derek Hinderager - 1 year ago
This show makes me cringe so much but I can't stop watching it
Josh Beil
Josh Beil - 1 year ago
Continually staring and saying absolutely nothing, why don’t they just edit it out ? Good video overall but why keep that
Josh Beil
Josh Beil - 1 year ago
Also his green nails?
SoCal Unrated
SoCal Unrated - 1 year ago
This dude paints his nails?
C-Dub's GrubHub
C-Dub's GrubHub - 1 year ago
David E Capps aka the starving artist
David E Capps aka the starving artist - 1 year ago
Captain Dave don’t give a fuck, he just wants to get paid.
Colby - 1 year ago
You New York sons a bitches are miserable rude ass pricks.
TheUnluckyFisherman - 1 year ago
Imagine going on a fishing trip, expecting running water, expecting a bathroom (let alone one with a lock), expecting to WASH YOUR HANDS (?)
I just dont get people nowadays. Of course the boat driver doesn’t wanna be there lmao he’s not fishing, and who wants to be at work?
Tom Messig
Tom Messig - 1 year ago
lol, this is NYC attitude.
BagOfish - 1 year ago
“Fishing ain’t catching, it’s fishing”

best words ever spoken
Blake Barbee
Blake Barbee - 1 year ago
Not in some places with perfect fishing aka Captiva Florida.
Nate Landherr
Nate Landherr - 1 year ago
It's pretty true tbh.
Son of Hermes #SPLASH
Son of Hermes #SPLASH - 1 year ago
BagOfish name checks out
Brittany Barrett
Brittany Barrett - 1 year ago
How did u give them a 5 star rating? They were all so nasty and seemed to only care about the money. All except the little boy.
Clob - 1 year ago
This is the only vice series I still watch, it's good shit. I hope they pay this guy enough.
5 Stars.
Adreno Chrome
Adreno Chrome - 1 year ago
Only person that looked like an adult in that boat: a 14 yr old kid
Hussien 04
Hussien 04 - 1 year ago
Every day i wake up and think to myself today is a new story.............................and yeah
kirill Pukhalskiy
kirill Pukhalskiy - 1 year ago
Welcome to New York
Nanoyo Business
Nanoyo Business - 1 year ago
yeah vice gonna get deleted by me from now on.
mario burca
mario burca - 1 year ago
3:45 the kid is a wiseguy....
Kadoos_0 - 1 year ago
I was scared for my life while watching this for some reason
Zorphix - 1 year ago
This is the most New York thing I've seen
Bridget Roll
Bridget Roll - 1 year ago
Andrew needed to mop the deck with that guppy
TEXAS_DONGER - 1 year ago
This guy is way to awkward to be doing this
m d
m d - 1 year ago
"Thank you"
"No problem"
"Thank you so much"
"Thank you"
Funke House
Funke House - 1 year ago
The reality is to real fisherman and regulars this boat is probably great. Nearly every all day party boat I've ever fished on has old salty dudes like this, it gets frustrating dealing with Johnny rentArod day in day out almost every trip you have to deal with first-time fisherman that cause tons of headaches , go on a few trips in a row and get to know that guys and I guarantee you will end up liking them. I used to go on a boat out of Long Beach and the crew was so grumpy it seemed the first trip, after I started becoming a regular I realized what they dealt with everyday, and I got to know them and they were actually awesome people.
YeastyGeorge - 1 year ago
I need someone to spit in my butthole SO BAD! I really need it!
Nut Master
Nut Master - 1 year ago
Eric Andre but in a documentary.
Matt Murtagh
Matt Murtagh - 1 year ago
Hopefully the kid runs his own boat one day.
Marvin Marvin
Marvin Marvin - 1 year ago
You would be perfect for the googansquad
helio1055 - 1 year ago
damn yankees
Black Friday 8
Black Friday 8 - 1 year ago
Getting advice from that fisherman is like being a Jedi in training.
Gabriel Antonio Tapia-Diaz
Gabriel Antonio Tapia-Diaz - 1 year ago
Phillip Solo did it first
Cahlin D.
Cahlin D. - 1 year ago
If you bait the hook by putting the hook through the live baits eyes and brain, it ceases being live-bait.
Goat Slayer
Goat Slayer - 1 year ago
I wouldn't eat a fish from New York shits nasty probably catch aids or something you filthy rats. Stop breeding and stop moving west
K Boy
K Boy - 1 year ago
Minus 1 star

100. comment for Abandoned by the Captain of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Fishing Voyage | One Star Reviews

Jack Straw
Jack Straw - 1 year ago
Host is very awkward is scary
B. Winz
B. Winz - 1 year ago
this did NOT deserve a 5 star whatsoever
DOOM - 1 year ago
These guys are just pissed that people actually show up to their money-laundering business.
Kamil Konrad
Kamil Konrad - 1 year ago
hahah must be it
OZZIE STEAK - 1 year ago
I didn't know H3H3 had a bro, epic
DaRT'S Time
DaRT'S Time - 1 year ago
Aang: Monk Gkyotso how do I master the Avatar state?
Monk Gkyotso: "You just wait, you just feel it"
Young Padawan
Young Padawan - 1 year ago
you're like a young ethan klein lmao
Raph - 1 year ago
why is the interviewer so awkward lmao
Jesse Candelora
Jesse Candelora - 1 year ago
As a fisherman from New York, only like 45 minutes from this place, I can honestly say this is the sketchiest trip I've ever seen. What owner doesn't go out on to his own boat?
Learning Now
Learning Now - 1 year ago
sup ethan klien
Spinal Tap
Spinal Tap - 1 year ago
One star reviewed nail salon. I was to see him get some acrylic nails.
Shaina - 1 year ago
I’m uncomfortable for the host
Norma Lawson
Norma Lawson - 1 year ago
A skinnier Ethan from H3H3
B B - 1 year ago
My girlfriend and I went on vacation to Central America and were exploring a remote coastal region. We found a small business from which we could hire a skiff to take us snorkeling. They ended up abandoning us out on the reefs for most of the day. Finally when we were about to make a swim to a nearby uninhabited island (which would have been difficult but doable), they showed up. Dehydrated and terribly sunburned, but otherwise okay. Then the engine dies on the way back to the mainland and we drift for a few hours. It was getting dark but luckily another boat sees us and we hitch a ride on that. Not that it was much consolation, but it didn't cost a cent. Payment wasn't due until we were back on shore so fuck that. My girlfriend never stopped giving me shit about that one. Fair enough, but in my defense there weren't exactly Yelp reviews, yet alone Internet access.
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson - 1 year ago
Stealing ideas smh fucking vice
Justin Cativa
Justin Cativa - 1 year ago
the act of finning a shark in the u.s is illegal
Jordan Little
Jordan Little - 1 year ago
I dont think that goes for all sharks
Frito Lahey
Frito Lahey - 1 year ago
What's up with the guys laying around?
Corn - 1 year ago
There's a rumor that Captain Dave's real name is actually Captain Dick
AmericanMade - 1 year ago
Taji looks like a knockoff Ethan Klein.
forkda crab32
forkda crab32 - 1 year ago
The dude in yellow look's like H3H3 ethan
yung bwoy
yung bwoy - 1 year ago
this man look like h3h3 if he was worked out
Andreas 862
Andreas 862 - 1 year ago
You wrote a review on fishing not on what the fishing voyage. I really think that you are not right for this job. Your communication skills are really bad. Please take no offense, i'm not saying you should be fired. I'm just saying that you should be probably be moved to a different position at Vice.
Anthony Stanneck
Anthony Stanneck - 1 year ago
Sharks don't have felling in there fins
Cordell - 1 year ago
This hurt to watch lol
Ty Sprangs
Ty Sprangs - 1 year ago
That shirtless guy was just a fish. sherpa telling him "you have to feel it."
VivaVortella - 1 year ago
This is like 90% editing
Nathan Giles
Nathan Giles - 1 year ago
This has to be the most awkward episode of them all.
El Chany
El Chany - 1 year ago
What a turd of a report...
Matt Maxfield
Matt Maxfield - 1 year ago
Awkward nodding commencing in 3...2....1...
Yaboy lil bill
Yaboy lil bill - 1 year ago
They torture that shark. Fuck Captain Dave.
Aden Pattison
Aden Pattison - 1 year ago
If H3H3 lost weight
Siddarth A.R
Siddarth A.R - 1 year ago
Definitely whoever gave them a one star is right about it!
Appleguy345 - 1 year ago
He just makes it SO fucking awkward
fr3ddy.g 1400
fr3ddy.g 1400 - 1 year ago
Bro is so awkward
robram44 - 1 year ago
The host only gave five stars because he doesn't know what a fishing trip should be like. I would've given that place negative stars if possible.
Misfit 13
Misfit 13 - 1 year ago
You should go whale hunting on the worlds worst marine conservation .. also know as the SEA shepherd’s.
SkateStain - 1 year ago
1 star dispensary
SkateStain - 1 year ago
The kid definitely cuts the fins cause of boredom
Bailey Fieg
Bailey Fieg - 1 year ago
This dudes a prick lol
Jacob Cottom
Jacob Cottom - 1 year ago
YouTube the double ads are toxic...
Matty Auslander
Matty Auslander - 1 year ago
The host is so awkward with the world's most awkward smile...which makes it perfect
Rx Terps
Rx Terps - 1 year ago
I hope to see this kid own his own fishing business one day .
Ecoboost Deesnuts
Ecoboost Deesnuts - 1 year ago
I just wanna hit this guy in the jaw so hard
Drew Blair
Drew Blair - 1 year ago
kaji did good
Q50S nismo
Q50S nismo - 1 year ago
That was one star ⭐️
ParfaitCell - 1 year ago
3:49 what the hell happened here ???
sketchy roll
sketchy roll - 1 year ago
I bet there was a bunch of illegal fish lol
Jonathan W
Jonathan W - 1 year ago
The host is incredibly awkward, I'd probably not want to be their either.
cjbotts - 1 year ago
Jonathan W Vice has always had these random weirdos do these. Going back to even when everything Vice did was awesome.
Marc Moloney
Marc Moloney - 1 year ago
Superb !
pandabear4565 - 1 year ago
Thats a big guy
VOLCANIA DREAD - 1 year ago
“You had a nice day. You tried. and that’s it”
Sk _bl
Sk _bl - 1 year ago
Everyone loves one star reviews
Jon W
Jon W - 1 year ago
That kid is badass, they still make them tough and rough!
Ian Thomas
Ian Thomas - 1 year ago
This show is single handedly the best show Vice has on their channel. Taji my man, keep up the good work.
Justin's Garage
Justin's Garage - 1 year ago
Eric Landa
Eric Landa - 1 year ago
Can you stop with the 1 Star Videos. I literally paused the ad to comment and leave the video.
Флок Флоук
Флок Флоук - 1 year ago
Thank you fishing.
Luca Williams
Luca Williams - 1 year ago
He looks like full force's father
Allie Caswell
Allie Caswell - 1 year ago
I will never not watch this guys videos.
Steve Morgan
Steve Morgan - 1 year ago
willy is awesome we met him in LA two years ago ..you wouldnt want to say shitty things to his face ...top man ..we love you willy
Ismail Ibrahim
Ismail Ibrahim - 1 year ago
You look like ethan klien with less fupa.cheers
Josiah Clutch
Josiah Clutch - 1 year ago
I feel like they tried to make the video as awkward as possible
Jim Doherty
Jim Doherty - 1 year ago
I liked this
Claire - 1 year ago
4 def too many stars!
vern dawes
vern dawes - 1 year ago
Owner was rude... 5 star review
mohagany coon
mohagany coon - 1 year ago
How is that 5 stars!?!
Cloud Striker
Cloud Striker - 1 year ago
The unlimited nodding by Taji vs Andrew lmao!
None Ya
None Ya - 1 year ago
No fucks given by captain Dave
Bryan Samson
Bryan Samson - 1 year ago
Taji has grown on me, man, please keep making more videos!!!
J J - 1 year ago
Why is Vice paying a guy who allegedly mutilated a live shark? This is terrible
Felix Reuss Sibilis
Felix Reuss Sibilis - 1 year ago
haha this was good. Nice job man
Felipe Santa
Felipe Santa - 1 year ago
Someone explain if that's a common practice to slay baby sharks like that!?
Salomon Carranza
Salomon Carranza - 1 year ago
nodding intensifies
baker3person - 1 year ago
Definitely the best episode because legit none of the employees either gave a shit or had any idea what was going on lol
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez - 1 year ago
Taji: thank you so much for allowing me-

Dave: where’s your credit card?
Paul Blade
Paul Blade - 1 year ago
Shady group of men I’ve seen. How do they even keep that ship in business
Justyne Greenlaw
Justyne Greenlaw - 1 year ago
Wow hila and ethan’s young Theodore grew up so fast!
averagegamer - 1 year ago
His back looks like a turtle shield
Mr. Moreno
Mr. Moreno - 1 year ago
Man you're just to fucking hilarious!!!
Dr.Abrams - 1 year ago
Willie the junkie is a g
free me
free me - 1 year ago
“I’m scared”
Hamzah S
Hamzah S - 1 year ago
100 dollars....
Review Done
Review Done - 1 year ago
Why does this guy want captain Dave so bad lol.
Jack Hepo
Jack Hepo - 1 year ago
That captains right to man that's fishing, you can fish for hours and not even get a bite that's fishing mate
Goodguy Goodvibes
Goodguy Goodvibes - 1 year ago
This is the boat I need to be on. I bet the captain puts you on all the keepers. Only non fisherman would not like this boat. They arent sharks , they are spiny dogfish.
Clint Redmon
Clint Redmon - 1 year ago
Boom Shakalaka
Boom Shakalaka - 1 year ago
Clint Redmon not true he’s amazing
Lindsay Snoke
Lindsay Snoke - 1 year ago
They obviously held him at gunpoint and told him to give 5 stars
Piedone21 - 1 year ago
The owner says I'm not getting on this boat! Are you crazy?
Piedone21 - 1 year ago
You don't drive a boat. You sail it
Alex Bitcoin
Alex Bitcoin - 1 year ago
lol.. i lived like 5 mins away from there.. Thats Brooklyn! lmao
THATDOGGAMING - 1 year ago
“I’m walking here” energy
Julien Estoppey
Julien Estoppey - 1 year ago
Man the Vegans are going to rage on you
Jesse Palo
Jesse Palo - 1 year ago
I like that little kid.
Googleisshit youtubesucks
Googleisshit youtubesucks - 1 year ago
the interviewer SUCKS
WHereTHeWIldTHingsAReNOt - 1 year ago
This is the best episode
Rob 3232
Rob 3232 - 1 year ago
Taji is the best! Keep up the good work
Jay Bosslingo
Jay Bosslingo - 1 year ago
I’m looking in the comments to see any Ethan Klein references but I can’t find any
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie - 1 year ago
Seemed like a good charter to me
caleb hunter
caleb hunter - 1 year ago
Papa bless Ethan you getting younger with age
Ryan V B
Ryan V B - 1 year ago
Best series on YouTube hands down.
DisplacedHippie - 1 year ago
This is for sure a Mob money laundering front. No doubt. Shady af.
Noah Simon the comedian
Noah Simon the comedian - 1 year ago
I had no idea joe Pesci had an ugly twin that drove a boat for a sub or fishing business
David Than
David Than - 1 year ago
LOL mob front.
Veteran Child
Veteran Child - 1 year ago
five stars? lol The owner was a douche
† SIX4KZERO † - 1 year ago
Fuck taji
Thierry Boucher
Thierry Boucher - 1 year ago
What are you waiting for? Make your own YouTube Chanel ASAP you’re talented and funny
Yeah Yee
Yeah Yee - 1 year ago
It seems the only actually problem was captain Dave
Pasquale Prata
Pasquale Prata - 1 year ago
7:45 i ve never seen anyone hold it like that.
Logan Miller
Logan Miller - 1 year ago
Definitely 2 stars if that
Restoration work
Restoration work - 1 year ago
The kid was very well spoken and polite and mature for his age
Mazer - 1 year ago
Putting a mic on and being filmed is paramount to FREE ADVERTISING!!!
Vodka - 1 year ago
Are we gonna ignore that this man is literally captain d’s
Alexande r
Alexande r - 1 year ago
Captain deez nuts
32stevo - 1 year ago
you don't respect wood
Sasha Kogan
Sasha Kogan - 1 year ago
I fucking live around there that’s in SheepsheadBay, Bklyn
Jim Boonie
Jim Boonie - 1 year ago
Eithan Klein’s son 20 years later
kha wen
kha wen - 1 year ago
Jim Boonie hahahahaha
MaccaBackPacker - 1 year ago
Vice is turning into Buzzfeed...
joe fitness
joe fitness - 1 year ago
Dead sea. Small fish
Naughty Monkey
Naughty Monkey - 1 year ago
8:14 "I can't understand a word he's saying... I think he says "Harry Potter". which makes a degree of sense when you look at Taj haha.. riddle solved
Edi Zaimovic
Edi Zaimovic - 1 year ago
Haha this one was good. I wish the owner did the interview.
CaptDave7 - 1 year ago
Hilarious! To see another vice interview with Capt Dave, check out the videos at the bottom of Capt Dave Online dot com
And Remember - "Fishin' ain't Catchin', It's Fishin'"!
CaptDave7 - 1 year ago
Hilarious! To see another vice interview with Capt Dave, check out the videos at the bottom of Capt Dave Online dot com
And Remember - "Fishin' ain't Catchin', It's Fishin'"!
Janessa - 1 year ago
What a piece of shit boat and everyone in it except the fat guy.
DIX - 1 year ago
5 ⭐️ get TF outta here!
Ara ara
Ara ara - 1 year ago
"I made unbreakable bonds"
Andrew not giving a fish
JoshFindsDiamond - 1 year ago
100% thought this was Ethan Klein in the thumbnail
Bruno Pinho - Segundo Canal
Bruno Pinho - Segundo Canal - 1 year ago
The old man got a point there
Tony Drummond
Tony Drummond - 1 year ago
Captain didn't abandon this person, the owner merely collected the money and then let the boat sail off. Who knows - maybe the guy has multiple ships. Successful business owners I know don't try to do everything themselves - they have employees to help do stuff so they can grow.
apachiepiel YT
apachiepiel YT - 1 year ago
'Driving' a boat
Verithiell - 1 year ago
Cam Mac
Cam Mac - 1 year ago
Baglicker that's a zero star experience
mitchell bailey
mitchell bailey - 1 year ago
Oh hell no. 5 stars? Are out of your mind? That was not 5 star service at all. I have been on a fishing trip and the way they treated you is horrible.
COPY PASTA RAPPA - 1 year ago
True fishing advice, you have to wait, you have to wait
Tom S.
Tom S. - 1 year ago
It should be illegal to kill those sharks
syeduz zaman
syeduz zaman - 1 year ago
3:55 and yeah, the true nyc vibe
cris kranks
cris kranks - 1 year ago
This is the perfect NY fishing experience. 5/5 stars
Shanard Smith
Shanard Smith - 1 year ago
Is this doing a character or is this really him? Genius.
Shanard Smith
Shanard Smith - 1 year ago
@Drew Blair you're exactly right
Drew Blair
Drew Blair - 1 year ago
it's better if we don't know
UnicornBoomMc - 1 year ago
i just realised the workers on the boat are just danny devito's personality split up into differnt people
Vulpes - 1 year ago
4:28 this shits hilarious lmao
Elli Anhna
Elli Anhna - 1 year ago
Umm the host of this show is a seriously awkward guy.
Rx Terps
Rx Terps - 1 year ago
He’s amazing
Mark Romero
Mark Romero - 1 year ago
Right? i hope to be like him one day
K D - 1 year ago
How the fuck is that a five star review all there was in there was a bunch of disrespectful bums running that business who don’t give a shit about their clients.
Ben Waldner
Ben Waldner - 1 year ago
Watch documentary of worst rated journalist.
zac catling
zac catling - 1 year ago
Why was your finger tips green the whole video
troy garcia
troy garcia - 1 year ago
“N yea”
Anth Ony
Anth Ony - 1 year ago
Beginning of the video the kid walks up to that old guy and asks if he can fish right next to him. And the old guy says nothing at all and he looks pissed off. I don't blame him lol, one of the most important rules to fishing is never ever come up and start fishing too close to someone lol
louis 901
louis 901 - 1 year ago
looking at my gut
Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson - 1 year ago
That's one weird host. He's obsessed with 3 reviews from people who don't understand fishing.
Chue Cola
Chue Cola - 1 year ago
8:20 in the back, the guy in the back throws out the exact same fish the dude catches 5 secs later. Coincidence?
Notta Peopleperson
Notta Peopleperson - 1 year ago
The people that leave negative reviews are the people like the interviewer. asking the other people... who are trying to enjoy themselves to teach them how to fish and bait their hook for them... and eeewww I dont wanna touch it... I hope everyone on the boat got their money back for having to deal with you!
Christian Slaatten
Christian Slaatten - 1 year ago
Adam Huxley
Adam Huxley - 1 year ago
Love these episodes do loads Vice!
OneTwenty Official
OneTwenty Official - 1 year ago
@10:12 nice ass bro. great video.
O 9
O 9 - 1 year ago
You remind me of Jeff Fisher from family guy, from your voice to your vibe and the way you talk
WorldWideGamingX - 1 year ago
Fish lose there virginity like the rest of them
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson - 1 year ago
Maybe if you weren't so odd people wouldn't look at you like that lol. They were looking at you like you were not from this planet
Zach G
Zach G - 1 year ago
One star reviews: Lethal Injection
Thee Adjudicator
Thee Adjudicator - 1 year ago
Great Video Taji, although I think you're way too soft on your reviews...I'm giving you 4.5 stars!
Emma Enton
Emma Enton - 1 year ago

i hate how the interviewer tries too hard to make everything awkward and seems to justify it by acting awkward himself.

theres so much better content out there if i wanted to laugh about people, talking about eric andre, h3h3, joe goes, etc those are actually funny
Mandy McManus
Mandy McManus - 1 year ago
It looked like he was getting bites throughout, but didn't realize it.
Paddy Mac
Paddy Mac - 1 year ago
working class people dealing with life in a city that literally turned museum and elite within their lifetimes. I dont condone bad business but i get the feeling the 1 star reviews and the wealthy customer base VICE attracts will only bring business.

In fact, if I was in New York with a few friends and some drinks I could imagine this would be fun!

Fishing is fishing, it's not called 'catching'
Philarise Productions
Philarise Productions - 1 year ago
Fishing aint catching it's fishing. Damn that is the truth
Leonardo Davincrio
Leonardo Davincrio - 1 year ago
This guy looks like a young Ethan Klein
Tyler - 1 year ago
No wonder he sucked so bad then
Nick Star
Nick Star - 1 year ago
Glad I'm not the only one LOL
Jordan - 1 year ago
just abt to comment this
jess leigh
jess leigh - 1 year ago
Leonardo Davincrio He’s not that much younger Ethan is only 34
Jaylin Carter
Jaylin Carter - 1 year ago
5 stars ???
Max Well
Max Well - 1 year ago
Throw the captain over board
RM - 1 year ago
5 starts u gotta be kidding me right
MrOneye - 1 year ago
He met his brother from another mother :D
Dick Sapp
Dick Sapp - 1 year ago
OMFG He was not abandoned. He could use it though. It might teach him some self-reliance. He also needs to internalize lessons learned. "Fishing aint catching" is true. Same with "Hunting aint killing." This kid needs more life experience if he wants to continue reporting. This trip seems like a good start.
Jared Adams
Jared Adams - 1 year ago
And yeah
Will Tremain
Will Tremain - 1 year ago
What is that green shit on tajis fingers??
Craig Reames
Craig Reames - 1 year ago
This hurt to watch
Jason Goldstein
Jason Goldstein - 1 year ago
philip solo
militantman 0911
militantman 0911 - 1 year ago
I would give it 2 stars at most
schutes - 1 year ago
They were so awkward because this guy has no idea how to act normal around people.
The trip seemed fine.
Vlad Impaler
Vlad Impaler - 1 year ago
Hahahahhah soo many snowflakes in the reviews, if only folks knew where their food came,from
M R - 1 year ago
Vice sucks d**k! Also Vice specifically went on that boat to start trouble and the New Yorkers knew that. “Got your credit card number?”
Gcam - 1 year ago
Dave is an obnoxious prick I'd have thrown him overboard to the sharks the fat fuck
oolala fuega
oolala fuega - 1 year ago
Fishing aint catching its fishing

Riley Clish
Riley Clish - 1 year ago
These are the most impatient old men. I hate these old men!
James Randall
James Randall - 1 year ago
Yeah awkward silence is right.. and he seems too concerned with someone putting a bow on the end of a conversation
George Daley
George Daley - 1 year ago
This is the best of vice!
Oletitptip Sm
Oletitptip Sm - 1 year ago
seriously 5 stars !!! This takes no frills to another level ! Everybody on the "ship" seems to have outstanding warrants or the mob is after them or both !
SuicideGehad G'59FTP
SuicideGehad G'59FTP - 1 year ago
Captain Dave aka captain Douche...
Retro booming
Retro booming - 1 year ago
I would give them 2 stars tbh not a one cuz I like the kids enthusiasm
shpend aziri
shpend aziri - 1 year ago
My man looks like ethan from H3H3
fancyfolk89 - 1 year ago
Those sharks looked like babies. They’re shouldn’t of killed them!
CamoKiller - 1 year ago
they are/were baby sharks... so inhumane and bad for the ocean to kill the babies
Fredrik Svärd
Fredrik Svärd - 1 year ago
fancyfolk89 *have
Jeffree Star Fanboi
Jeffree Star Fanboi - 1 year ago
1 star.....
IMustBe Crazy
IMustBe Crazy - 1 year ago
Zach’s Banana
Zach’s Banana - 1 year ago
Vice, report more about war and politics, not this awkward and plain video!
Lars Chue
Lars Chue - 1 year ago
An actual one star.
Gavin Toole
Gavin Toole - 1 year ago
This guy looks like h3h3
Sophia June
Sophia June - 1 year ago
I 100% believe this is actually a pirate crew that, because of tragic financial reasons, must open their fishing boat to tourists who give them bad ratings on Yelp
Terrapin - 1 year ago
i fucking hate taji
Rob Gilligan
Rob Gilligan - 1 year ago
He kind of looks like Ethan from H3H3.
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez - 1 year ago
Love this type of series lol it’s funny
N7 WAR HOUND - 1 year ago
Half these guys seem like rapist
Unwritten CSGO
Unwritten CSGO - 1 year ago
The host needs to work on those ppl skills
Poseidon - 1 year ago
can we get a gofundme for the kid a new boat? and make his own business
Ever Cebrero
Ever Cebrero - 1 year ago
Captain Dave is a asshole lol
Kostadin Kolev
Kostadin Kolev - 1 year ago
Idea taken from PhilipSolo?
Sam Patterson
Sam Patterson - 1 year ago
That was so shit
jenny lee
jenny lee - 1 year ago
What I love about New York is the old timers just don’t give a fuck what the young hip crowd says or cares about
They give absolutely zero fucks about getting millenials or zoomers on their boat.
Antonio Perez
Antonio Perez - 1 year ago
Krish Kumar
Krish Kumar - 1 year ago
This is the funniest shit ever ha ha ha ha!
Max Hill
Max Hill - 1 year ago
oscar carden
oscar carden - 1 year ago
Raymond Contreras
Raymond Contreras - 1 year ago
I could’ve swore Madonna was about to play lol
Ryan Kordell
Ryan Kordell - 1 year ago
The kid that hosts this is the most uncomfortable, awkward, little worm. He's as cringey, if not worse than these businesses he is reviewing. The premise of the show is great, but I'd rather watch Rosanne co-host this with Nick Cannon.
anastasios georgiou
anastasios georgiou - 1 year ago
dis you really put 5 stars.... thats was like no even 1 star likw wtf
Kevin M
Kevin M - 1 year ago
soullegend5 - 1 year ago
This is season 1 episode 2. And the episode before this one is episode 3? Wtf
Rasmustheforest - 1 year ago
This fucking tik tok is holding his rod upside down...
Eugene Pumpernickel
Eugene Pumpernickel - 1 year ago
I can't tell if some of the pauses are fake or if he's purposefully making awkward situations by trying for silent reactions!? Lol
Pepsiman - 1 year ago
Fake they jump-cut alot of their videos vice. Its all fake.
Truth Teller
Truth Teller - 1 year ago
This guy puts the “awkward” in “awkward.” Jesus Fucking Christ.
Truth Teller
Truth Teller - 1 year ago
Mafia front. No doubt about it. You had better not ask these fellas too many questions.
tricktaylor1983 - 1 year ago
I believe kurt cobain told us fish indeed do not have feelings and they're ok to eat. I cant remember the exact quote, its like Something's in the Way.
Dude said "having fun" at the end when he pulled the fish out. Its called fishing not catching is almost as well known as we run a tight ship. 1.5 star from me for those scoring at home
N0TE - 1 year ago
I wonder if this guy is related to Ethan Klein
requiem reese
requiem reese - 1 year ago
draco shut up
Phelan - 1 year ago
draco lmfao i don't think many people are threatened by ethan or this guy
draco - 1 year ago
Say it to his face
draco - 1 year ago
Bruh that's fucked up
Nathan T
Nathan T - 1 year ago
Fishing aint catching. It’s fishing.
Life ain’t winning, it’s living.

Thanks, Andrew. ❤️
Jordan and Melissa Salinas
Jordan and Melissa Salinas - 1 year ago
bro you make everything ten times worse with your awkward f**** cringey b***** on some real s***
Pussy slayer 6666
Pussy slayer 6666 - 1 year ago
Fishing isn’t catching its fishing
Mason Elmore
Mason Elmore - 1 year ago
Mandi Price
Mandi Price - 1 year ago
WORST. BUSINESS. EVER. Lazy sloppy fat old money grubbers. They'd make good shark bait!
fredr0fc - 1 year ago
Dave is a fuking douce
Greg Martin
Greg Martin - 1 year ago
This is just a typical charter boat in NY. Been on several there all pretty much like this.if this young guy spent more time with his line in the water instead of running his mouth maybe he would have caught more than 1 fish.
Super terrific R
Super terrific R - 1 year ago
The title should be "Moron does interviews" Only on youtube can this guy get views like this smh
Steve A
Steve A - 1 year ago
why the fuck would you leave them 5 stars
D-MF-L - 1 year ago
That was a solid 2 *
hey now777
hey now777 - 1 year ago
Went full 90s on the production this time lol love it
Laz Arus
Laz Arus - 1 year ago
Anyone who treats animals badly is ignorant.
Vivica Ophelia
Vivica Ophelia - 1 year ago
Fish have feelings too!
Alien - 1 year ago
Not very bright some of these people on the boat, I'd never put my life in the hands of these people.
Shred - 1 year ago
its NYC people are straight up honest , and the SJW's cant handle... snowflakes
Jesus Rosendo
Jesus Rosendo - 1 year ago
Nah man unfortunately those fisherman are rude think their tough excluding the young minor. Those adults have a lot to learn in regards to customer service and physical fitness.
x.Boe.x - 1 year ago
1:10 what happened to his fingernails
Callum Appleton
Callum Appleton - 1 year ago
You probably lost your bait a few times
Max Covfefe
Max Covfefe - 1 year ago
I admit these guys are like trying to talk with low key drug dealers, but in all fairness, had that been my dad's fishing boat this dude might've found himself tossed overboard. Fishing is a thing you do when you DON'T wanna talk. (You'll scare the fish!)
Mammon - 1 year ago
You found the boat the mob uses to dump bodies, congrats.
hrruin 420
hrruin 420 - 1 year ago
Smells fishy to me probably a Money Laundering Front.
Fredrik Svärd
Fredrik Svärd - 1 year ago
"Smells fishy"
GRVY - 1 year ago
hrruin 420 this is how all the boats in NY are nothing shady about it, there’s busy days and dead days and it seems they went out late. Usually the boats that leave at 5am are packed
George Youtube
George Youtube - 1 year ago
Didn’t know Joey Diaz was a part time captain
only one Mr X Only one Mr y
only one Mr X Only one Mr y - 1 year ago
Everyone on that boat is lost. except for the kid.
George Finch
George Finch - 1 year ago
Rx Terps yeah he was a chill dude i would have tipped him
Rx Terps
Rx Terps - 1 year ago
I bet that kid will own his own boat one day and it’s gonna be way better than this
AZ Battle School
AZ Battle School - 1 year ago
How are any of these morons successful. how do they have any money ?what idiots
George Mopo
George Mopo - 1 year ago
finally welcome bqck
Oscar - 1 year ago
Hey it's Ethan Klein
Noble Long
Noble Long - 1 year ago
Haha, they smelt you coming from a mile away like a sardine on a rusty hook!
Dustin Lawson
Dustin Lawson - 1 year ago
This fucking clown vice reporter actually thought the captain lived on the ocean.
oldmillpats44 - 1 year ago
This is the best show since sponge bob
Mark Turnbull
Mark Turnbull - 1 year ago
What a set up that's is you can hire stern of the boat that a new one the tackle tells you everything shit and they way they are with the public pure disgrace but I bet we be surprised how much he makes week doing this looks like they went no distance at all from land cowboy out fit to say the least and he should not have left 5 stars .
George - 1 year ago
The host is really fucking awkward.
FATH3RS4TAN - 1 year ago
Captain Andrew’s a G
Default Name
Default Name - 1 year ago
1 star for sure
FreshAsImIz - 1 year ago
when daniel said "an yea". i felt that..
G O D - 1 year ago
You should really start saying the prices it's irritating
G O D - 1 year ago
@Bza K just saying it's his job to address it n make it clear so we know exactly what's goin on
Bza K
Bza K - 1 year ago
100 dollar if you listen closely
Farid S.
Farid S. - 1 year ago
This guy is the real life Jeff from American Dad
Bonk Bonk
Bonk Bonk - 1 year ago
So vice is doing 'lowest rated X on yelp" that all the youtubers used to do, eh? So youre buzzfeed now.
Kuya Koi
Kuya Koi - 1 year ago
Homie in the beginning built like the thumb from spy kids
Rdeez - 1 year ago
This guy looks like a young Ethan Klein from H3H3 lmao
helm mcgee
helm mcgee - 1 year ago
Snapshot Flo
Snapshot Flo - 1 year ago
5 stars???
Semper Fidelis
Semper Fidelis - 1 year ago
1 star
Cihan Ugur
Cihan Ugur - 1 year ago
Seriously reviewed a fishing charter boat on sheepshead bay? All the boats are good. People who get sea sick and find out they can’t leave and have a terrible time leave 1 star reviews. People who don’t catch shit feel butt hurt and leave one star reviews and people that are animal lovers leave one star reviews. The boat was dirty? Of course it’s dirty your catching fish! Fish blood and guts everywhere, it gets pretty dirty but that’s why you have to come prepared and wear old clothes
Zip Jones
Zip Jones - 1 year ago
Captain Dave, a typical asshole for New York lol
asspounderify - 1 year ago

When you get one-up'd by "Willie the Junkie"

That's gotta sting
asspounderify - 1 year ago

Boss: I don't even want to be here

asspounderify - 1 year ago

Looool this guy literally can't be fucked after he's been paid
Tarik M.
Tarik M. - 1 year ago
Most aggressive fishing trip ever
Captain no beard #1 da best
Captain no beard #1 da best - 1 year ago
Dude he is SO AKWARD
Savage.eddie21 - 1 year ago
Disliked this video because they deserved 0 stars!!!!!! They were rude as hell, damn New Yorkers
highway hero
highway hero - 1 year ago
We gonna glance over the child labor. Underage af. Is it different in NY?
0m3n - 1 year ago
That kid needs his own boat
Tom S
Tom S - 1 year ago
Way to many stars for a bunch of assholes.
Iyan Ijaz
Iyan Ijaz - 1 year ago
"and yeah"
Uros - 1 year ago
Ignorant idiots
S. Harding
S. Harding - 1 year ago
Ethan Klein??
Eddi Haskell
Eddi Haskell - 1 year ago
I can tell Captain Dave is a Trump supporter.
It'sClaireOk - 1 year ago
Is this not just based off a Gus Johnson video about one star reviews?
DeJulius Caesar
DeJulius Caesar - 1 year ago
Worst rated gay strip club
Eugene Young
Eugene Young - 1 year ago
Are New York ppl really like this? This the second video i seen today where they just act like pieces of shit lol is this typical New York attitude?
LesbianNaziHookers - 1 year ago
Mighty generous to give 5 stars when the owner was rude and short with you
KO Films
KO Films - 1 year ago
10 seconds in and I love it
Brandin Grindstaff
Brandin Grindstaff - 1 year ago
Fish don't have feelings, Curt Cobain said so...
Mike Fontana
Mike Fontana - 1 year ago
Everyone seems miserable - real New York shit!
Mike Mullaney
Mike Mullaney - 1 year ago
"Fishin ain't catchin.... It's fishin"
Chris Goree
Chris Goree - 1 year ago
Money laundering business 100%
Alex Hughes
Alex Hughes - 1 year ago
Private charters are much better than party boats. From expierence
CapnAce79 - 1 year ago
Running these boats for years, the captain was spot on. You cant make the fish bite. It is def fishing and not catching.
Lou Vo
Lou Vo - 1 year ago
hey its skinny ethen from h3h3
naptownsfinest2345 - 1 year ago
Loved this fishing adventure ❤️
Matthew Avílez
Matthew Avílez - 1 year ago
His words are few, for the rest of his words go to contemplating the fall of the glorious Soviet Union. But the words he does speak are wise beyond his years
cjbotts - 1 year ago
That dudes absolutely 100% taken a human life. Might have been justified, might not. But I’d bet the house on it
SpaseGoast - 1 year ago
The Russian guy is only 25 though, he's seen some shit.
ORion Meade
ORion Meade - 1 year ago
Philip solo tv did it first
Zack France
Zack France - 1 year ago
Taji is a cringe lordus. But I love him.
avernales121 - 1 year ago
8:37 dudes whole ass just hanging out lmfao epic catch
Sharon Ruiz
Sharon Ruiz - 1 year ago
Aw man this should have been 2 stars at most cmon now I’m worried about the credibility about his reviews
Daan Venninckx | LLN
Daan Venninckx | LLN - 1 year ago
worthless content
ThatOneCarGuy 3
ThatOneCarGuy 3 - 1 year ago
I’m glad this is Vice’s story rather than Buzzfeed’s.
ThatOneCarGuy 3
ThatOneCarGuy 3 - 1 year ago
Thot Slayer I definitely agree, but Vice has some bigger balls when it comes to third-world countries riddled with the entrails of war.
Thot Slayer
Thot Slayer - 1 year ago
ThatOneCarGuy 3 either way, they’re just as shitty as each other
Tristin Farrell
Tristin Farrell - 1 year ago
5 stars, Dave’s a dick, should have given 2.
Caoimhín Mac Cana
Caoimhín Mac Cana - 1 year ago
autistic h3h3 is the worst vice host ever, way too awkward
Floradise - 1 year ago
This was the worst vice interviewer I’ve ever seen. Obviously this interviewer was just trolling them and had no idea how to fish. The crew probably thought that if you don’t know how to fish why the hell would you come onto a commercial boat. Plus, when people fish they want other people to stfu and fish, not have shitty fisherman want to discuss nonsense. What a disgrace to Vice for posting this on their YouTube channel.
Daily Sandwich
Daily Sandwich - 1 year ago
This dude is bad at his job.
He makes the covos so akward
Trae Hammond
Trae Hammond - 1 year ago
Feric N Anf I agree, the akward makes it funny. He kinda reminds me of an Ethan Klien (h3h3) that reviews 1 Star things.
Feric N Anf
Feric N Anf - 1 year ago
Daily Sandwich literally think that’s the point moron. It’s a one star review by an awkward dude. Obviously you missed the point
J Gottberg
J Gottberg - 1 year ago
Bought my ex a fishing voyage for Christmas
max - 1 year ago
The one series that makes me watch vice
T0xiclad - 1 year ago
The kid was more of the captain of the ship
Fernando Sanchez
Fernando Sanchez - 1 year ago
the reason you clicked on the video

Benedict Holland
Benedict Holland - 1 year ago
The most awkward Vice investigation ever
J - 1 year ago
why does he look like h3h3
Cannon Lord
Cannon Lord - 1 year ago
this dude hilarious..
Bert2368 - 1 year ago
mustafa ibrahim
mustafa ibrahim - 1 year ago
Ethan Kleins lost son.
Necramonium - 1 year ago
"I dont wanna be here!" There's your reason for the number 1 rating reviews, people that dont care for their jobs, people catch up to that.
MrJBZY70 - 1 year ago
Who uses yelp anymore? Google reviews is better!
Sanjeev Verma
Sanjeev Verma - 1 year ago
the host is such a novice
topopops - 1 year ago
“Catching ain’t fishing, it’s catching”
Hans Choa
Hans Choa - 1 year ago
What's the green stuff in your fingernail?
Joy Joy
Joy Joy - 1 year ago
This was awful and dry
UnCleT215 - 1 year ago
The host is a weirdo.. guaranteed virgin too
Christo Lupo
Christo Lupo - 1 year ago
One star, well earned...
Richard Conner
Richard Conner - 1 year ago
Jonathan Lara
Jonathan Lara - 1 year ago
Jonathan Lara
Jonathan Lara - 1 year ago
Jonathan Lara
Jonathan Lara - 1 year ago
Jonathan Lara
Jonathan Lara - 1 year ago
ali battla
ali battla - 1 year ago
Awesome video. Love this dude
MeatBombMMB - 1 year ago
Well, that was terrifying. Holy jesus. With that face, I'd never go in front of a camera. :P
Esteban Garita
Esteban Garita - 1 year ago
Just relax, have a beer, enjoy the day, cast your line and if you catch something, good, and if not, thats fine too, its all about enjoying the day.
Ezgar Panzón
Ezgar Panzón - 1 year ago
“Is there ways to deal with failure” damn if vox doesn’t get a participation trophy they might hurt themself maybe that fish was caught by another person
Flanz Jonez
Flanz Jonez - 1 year ago
Yo are you the little kid with the Aztec name in Billy Bob's Bad News Bears?
Funki - 1 year ago
I thought captain Dave's irresponsiveness with lead to a NO Star.
Jlitt1129 - 1 year ago
This loser can't catch a fish
Retz - 1 year ago
He literally has to manually type everyone's credit card info in to get paid... if that isn't beyond sketch I don't know what is.
I bet he has a grand plan to stock-pile all this credit card info and then cash out and flee to Mexico or someshit.
Retz - 1 year ago
@Truth Teller I wouldn't be surprised if every once and a while he took out the good ol' credit card book and ordered a pizza or something with a random card. That's probably what he does, buys small things here and there so he doesn't get caught.
Truth Teller
Truth Teller - 1 year ago
I seriously wouldn’t doubt it. Whenever people get hit with fraudulent shit on their credit cards, it’s usually from some shit like this. He’s probably storing all the numbers. The guy is obviously a soulless asshole.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson - 1 year ago
Gotta be a front.
Martin Desrocher
Martin Desrocher - 1 year ago
now those guys are real people persons ! one thing is for sure i would of told "Junky" - you know i don't know
why they don't call you "Smilley" and i would of called him Smilley the whole time and made sure everyone heard me too !
Spencer Shortwave
Spencer Shortwave - 1 year ago
Former Georgia governor and current Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue apparently has a side hustle.
R C - 1 year ago
Looked fine to me .
greeneyez lite
greeneyez lite - 1 year ago
Interviewer is a dumbass
Enjin Multiverse Game Previews
Enjin Multiverse Game Previews - 1 year ago
This episode is the best of the worst of yelp!
Kind Man
Kind Man - 1 year ago
imagine coming to america and wanting to go fishing, it's some dude yelling in your face about credit cards, PAY UP!! lmao
Harley Bartolo
Harley Bartolo - 1 year ago
How is this  5 star...... 3 at best!
L ol
L ol - 1 year ago
This guy's so awkward...it's hilarious lol
rhett saylors
rhett saylors - 1 year ago
Taj now has a new best friend...captain andrew. Vice is makin the workd better and better
Matt Trollston
Matt Trollston - 1 year ago
1:05 What the hell is on your fingertips!?
Gondar - 1 year ago
Stanley Garcia
Stanley Garcia - 1 year ago
Every episode this dude is on is unbearable - Dude is just awkward, it's like 4 pumps and your out while calmly trying to explain to the girl why you're having performance issues.
Gurgen Mkrtchian
Gurgen Mkrtchian - 1 year ago
This dude has to be the most awkward person loll
Bully Billy
Bully Billy - 1 year ago
Vice is terrible, they need to give up
Haddon Assink
Haddon Assink - 1 year ago
This was the best episode yet lol
Shania Larkin
Shania Larkin - 1 year ago
@3:47 im fucking dead
Christopher Adam
Christopher Adam - 1 year ago
$100 your fuckin crazy..... I wouldn't have went If them coke-headed Yankees paid me $100
Brett Johnson
Brett Johnson - 1 year ago
Seem like a bunch of moody pricks
noble_eagle - 1 year ago
This segment is the best thing about Vice
jason - 1 year ago
i would’ve rated that 1 star too everyone was being a douch and they just wanna grab your money
WastedTalent - 1 year ago
They thought Taji was gay or something cuz they didnt wanna come within 2 feet of him.
The Last True Patriot 69
The Last True Patriot 69 - 1 year ago
Why do you dress like you have never dressed yourself lol
TunaPlusMayo - 1 year ago
I hate everything about the host of these segments. Especially the mole on his face. Just save up and remove it already.
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 1 year ago
Taji was is really awkward
joe dante
joe dante - 1 year ago
the guy who works for vice doing the interviews is a whiney annoying douchbag. he most likely lied and told them he just wanted to do a video about fishing then throws the bad reviews in their face and makes a video called "worst rated fishing voyage" and edits the video to show the worst 10 minutes from a 4 hour trip and still ends up showing most of the reviews were nonsense. a bunch of rich tourists and manhattan yuppies crying on yelp about stuff that happens on every charter fishing boat no matter who the captain or owner is. Edit: im from brooklyn and go out on charter boats so I was curious and looked at the reviews. all the bad reviews are from people who purchased "travel zoo groupons" in 2013! they were angry because groupon didn't mention a surcharge in the ads. a documentary in 2019 about bad reviews from 2013? here is the link: https://www.yelp.com/biz/captain-dave-brooklyn-2?osq=Fishing%20Charter
Bin Aladen
Bin Aladen - 1 year ago
why the fuck he just kept nodding like that?
jay - 1 year ago
That's a boat not a ship. The kid was right.
Reginald Gordon
Reginald Gordon - 1 year ago
Anyone who fish on a regular bases knows that bait shops are not going to have tour bait of choice every time
Carive Productions
Carive Productions - 1 year ago
So killing baby sharks gets you 5 stars? Awful.
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great - 1 year ago
I picture this being Ethan from H3H3 in the early 1990’s
A Cow
A Cow - 1 year ago
I’ve known about vice before and watched quite a bit about vice and I was recently in turkey and saw a dude with a vice hat on who looked familiar to taji. Can someone confirm?
Just Travels
Just Travels - 1 year ago
I've seen this boat in Goodfellas before...
Mayor of Mischief
Mayor of Mischief - 1 year ago
I don’t know what about this experience caused you to rate this fishing trip 5 stars.
Kevin C
Kevin C - 1 year ago
8:39 Release the Crack'en !
Ethan Aschman
Ethan Aschman - 1 year ago
Fish do not have feelings
Otto von Wolf
Otto von Wolf - 1 year ago
The owner seemed like a massive douchebag, he had absolutely no interest in anything our friend had to say, just wanted his money. I was pretty disappointed with that. I'm not sure if this deserved a 5 star review, maybe like a 3, from what I saw in the video.
Nicholas Kasper
Nicholas Kasper - 1 year ago
I can't even explain how much i appreciate and like the 80's/90's electronic background music.
GetTheFuck0ffMyLawn - 1 year ago
“This is Willy the Junkie”

I’m out
Christiaan Duvenhage
Christiaan Duvenhage - 1 year ago
that is cruel must be closed down
titlewave - 1 year ago
“i live on land too, i don’t wanna be here”
oCynxcal - 1 year ago
no one saw Taj’s whole asscrack out at 8:40??? lmaooo
Ben Koster
Ben Koster - 1 year ago
99% sure they're doing something illegal and captain Dave's fishing trips are just for tax purposes.
Kieran Etheridge
Kieran Etheridge - 1 year ago
"I don't wanna be here either" - Captain Andrew
Kanye Twitty
Kanye Twitty - 1 year ago
The wisest words.
Kieran Etheridge
Kieran Etheridge - 1 year ago
Who the hell actually leaves a bad review for a dirty fishing boat?! I have never been on a "clean" fishing boat
Scott L
Scott L - 1 year ago
I've paid a lot of money for fishing charters in my life and every single one, you have to earn their trust and respect. Each rod/reel combo is worth probably $200 and one asshole can lose that and there's no way to recoup it if it gets tossed/dropped/knocked over the side. It's a tough business because those boats cost a fortune to acquire and operate/maintain. Bait, fuel, tackle, food, mooring, etc. It's not for the casual tourist. Being on a boat is literally life and death and a lot of people have a cavalier attitude to the people working the boat. It can be stressful and when you and your peers are stressed the last thing you want is a person who is oblivious to these stressors asking stupid questions and not taking cues.
Eric Loyd
Eric Loyd - 1 year ago
Poor (we run a tight boat) Daniels only role models are retarded (theres a trick, just gotta feel it...)Willy and "I dont like doin that stuff" Andrews
strideryoko - 1 year ago
Ethan Klein is lookin great.
mike gonzo
mike gonzo - 1 year ago
News flash to millennials...boomers and Xers Hate answering all your " I'm a supposedly grown man with woman like questions because I've never done anything manly in my entire life" for fucked sake.... deal with failure like a man... drink heavily and beat your wife and kids
surferdjnj - 1 year ago
So the news here is some Yelp reviews are bullshit, and this is what counts as news now?
Matt Gonzalez
Matt Gonzalez - 1 year ago
turtle on a boat
Geloskie - 1 year ago
I wonder who’s going to be taji’s last pin of the decade?
Jen Draper
Jen Draper - 1 year ago
Whoever edits these videos... I’m your biggest fan.
Blake VanDamage
Blake VanDamage - 1 year ago
It's the mirlurk queen!!!
ᴏ s ᴋ ᴀ ʀ
ᴏ s ᴋ ᴀ ʀ - 1 year ago
Owner refuses to speak until he’s paid.

gets paid

Alright I’m staying on land
Lol no Go away
Lol no Go away - 1 year ago
@Andreas 862 that's not what hes saying, The problem is he said he'd talk on camera once he got paid then as soon as he got paid he pegged it
Andreas 862
Andreas 862 - 1 year ago
Where is the problem with that? He does own it... The problem is that he doesn't have reliable people making sure everything works good
Backwoody Ben
Backwoody Ben - 1 year ago
New Yorks finest
Dr. YouTube
Dr. YouTube - 1 year ago
Joel Sterling
Joel Sterling - 1 year ago
The one star reviews came from people who thought there would be high-end hookers aboard.
multitoolish - 1 year ago
Love Dave, no BS there. Just don't mess with his $
de0509 - 1 year ago
Wow. Havent watched this series for a long time. I forgot how punchable that face is. But thats what makes the series so awesome
Derpsterio29 - 1 year ago
This is the intern they don't know what to do with so they try to torture him for entertainment
Florens - 1 year ago
If he wouldn‘t be a reporter for vice he would propably be the worst customer on yelp
Nicolas Edwards
Nicolas Edwards - 1 year ago
Found yelps worst rated media outlet. Hey vice, you want to give some feedback to how you outed sources in hostile countries?
All right
All right - 1 year ago
MrFusion - 1 year ago
"these guys rented out the stern". While everyone else is fishing there pulling "drop offs" out the water at the back lol.. Definitely a Mob front.
bulldog micro
bulldog micro - 1 year ago
@aRnA cockrOACHH they ain't dropping fish back in the water, they droppin bodybags, son.
aRnA cockrOACHH
aRnA cockrOACHH - 1 year ago
MrFusion what do you mean?
Chris Meme
Chris Meme - 1 year ago
This kid looks like a turtle no cap
gary ybc
gary ybc - 1 year ago
You're frickin awkward
Afro Boi
Afro Boi - 1 year ago
wait why are they releasing the fish and then outa nowhere I saw a baby shark get bodied
Se7eN Cureton Thin Beard Reviews
Se7eN Cureton Thin Beard Reviews - 1 year ago
Salty dogs man. OG’s don’t give a fuck if you didn’t get a bite. There old school ruff necks.
It’s fun to be on the water. Just hopefully it isn’t a 9hr, ruff water day.
Luke Hunter
Luke Hunter - 1 year ago
Ahahahahah, I love how he's awkwardly nodding his head nonstop without the other people saying anything !! xDDDD
Entertaining fish cruise on a ship full of weirdos!! :9
Joshua Telemaque
Joshua Telemaque - 1 year ago
I went on Captain Dave's ship with a summer camp I worked with, I thought the staff did a great job with the kids. They changed lines, helped the kids with their needs etc. My only complaints were that the bathroom was filthy with no running water. Also, the water was filled with small sharks. The entire time we were there, we caught no actual fish. The camp of around 40 kids and eight counselors caught 6 or 7 sharks. Ultimately, I thought it was a good time.
Aidan McInerney
Aidan McInerney - 1 year ago
All I want to know is why he is not using a coaster on that nice table at the Vice office. Thumbs down.
911 Tech
911 Tech - 1 year ago
Capt. Dave probably did the right thing by staying silent. Many people that go out on party boats have totally unrealistic expectations and to address them all would be rather impossible. I used to private charter a lot in my youth and I think that is the way to go if you can team up with some friends to cover the cost. Party boats are hit and miss and with the few I have been on the other passengers are usually main issue.
ParryHotter - 1 year ago
10000% a laundering front for an eastern european mob or something hahahaha
Comically obvious
ParryHotter - 1 year ago
@You buggin Everything about the vibe of it was clearly false and when the kid spoke about fishing it sounded like he'd been told to say that to make it seem like it's actually something they do (watch that bit again especially and you'll see what i mean)
You buggin
You buggin - 1 year ago
whatisdrugs What gave it away
Truth Teller
Truth Teller - 1 year ago
Nothing gets done at those docks without one of the 5 Italian families giving it the okay.
ParryHotter - 1 year ago
@Anton Frieser nah this part of new york is rife with eastern european mafias and that fat guy on the boat definitely is
Anton Frieser
Anton Frieser - 1 year ago
whatisdrugs eastern European? Have you even been to New York, more like italian.
David wasneverthere?
David wasneverthere? - 1 year ago
Road rage in New York
Train - 1 year ago
The experience honestly didn't seem that bad.
Spibz Smokez Midz
Spibz Smokez Midz - 1 year ago
Try yelps worst rated strip club

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