Coastalwatch Summer Board Guide 2016/17

Coastalwatch Summer Board Guide full details Hosted by Tim Hanrahan from Aloha Manly Style Video by Matt Johnston

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Coastalwatch Summer Board Guide full details Hosted by Tim Hanrahan from Aloha Manly Style Video by Matt Johnston

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Lucia Seacreature
Lucia Seacreature - 3 years ago
i had the Campbell Brother's / CI Busquit it was 5'7 and it was way too fat board for me...
James Graham
James Graham - 4 years ago
Where is this shop?
James Graham
James Graham - 4 years ago
cheers man
jmlee84 - 4 years ago
'Aloha Manly' @ manly beach, sydney
Augustus Caesar
Augustus Caesar - 4 years ago
How about some info on the Rusty Zeppelin, been eyeing that for a while
Rad-Dad - 5 years ago
This big guy surfs only 30 liters in a groveler? Lost carbon wrap PJ is sick
Trisha Sullivan
Trisha Sullivan - 5 years ago
which one would be the best high performance boar but that it would still work in small waves
Pacheco - 4 years ago
Chilli Churro
Kinlan Boys
Kinlan Boys - 5 years ago
Trisha Sullivan probably the one that costs 1,500
wef 0909
wef 0909 - 5 years ago
Trisha Sullivan go with the Tomo Evo by Firewire. I ride it from waist to 1.5 OH. I ride a 5'4 in LFT. I've ridden many CI boards to custom local shaper boards and this board has met all and more of my expectations. I plan on riding his boars for many years.
daniel vb
daniel vb - 5 years ago
probably models like T-Low and Fever from CI or Monsta Box from JS, it seems that they are basically high performance boards with a flat rocker. Have in mind that I never owned any of these boards tho.

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