Nordhavn 43 BOAT TOUR!

Welcome aboard MV Freedom, our 2004 Nordhavn 43 trawler, hull #3! We are proud owners of a spacious, comfortable and sea-worthy vessel and are excited to bring you inside to see the salon, galley, pilot house, state rooms, heads and of course, the ENGINE room fit for a king. If you have any questions or want to see more in a future video, drop a LIKE and a COMMENT below. Safe boating! --------------------------------------- Want to know what we use to create our videos? CHECK OUT OUR AFFILIATE LINKS BELOW: DJI Mavic Air (combo pack) Canon Rebel Canon External Microphone GoPro Hero 7 Black GoPro Hero Session Flexible Tripod for DSLR cameras iPhone & Camera heavy duty mini tripod Microphone for voiceovers (Blue YETI) Video Editing Software — Final Cut Pro 10 (Apple) Social Media Links: Instagram: @mvfreedomseattle

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Welcome aboard MV Freedom, our 2004 Nordhavn 43 trawler, hull #3! We are proud owners of a spacious, comfortable and sea-worthy vessel and are excited to bring you inside to see the salon, galley, pilot house, state rooms, heads and of course, the ENGINE room fit for a king. If you have any questions or want to see more in a future video, drop a LIKE and a COMMENT below. Safe boating! --------------------------------------- Want to know what we use to create our videos? CHECK OUT OUR AFFILIATE LINKS BELOW: DJI Mavic Air (combo pack) Canon Rebel Canon External Microphone GoPro Hero 7 Black GoPro Hero Session Flexible Tripod for DSLR cameras iPhone & Camera heavy duty mini tripod Microphone for voiceovers (Blue YETI) Video Editing Software — Final Cut Pro 10 (Apple) Social Media Links: Instagram: @mvfreedomseattle

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Blake Harrison
Blake Harrison - 9 months ago
I have a question. What do you guys do for a living?
Scott C
Scott C - 10 months ago
On a full tank of fuel at about 8 knots how far can you travel ?
redcinos - 10 months ago
Lovely boat
Palm Trees and Rum
Palm Trees and Rum - 10 months ago
His biggest smile came on when he got to talk about the engine room.
Rob Nee
Rob Nee - 10 months ago
This was a very good tour of an excellent boat! Thank you.
Mfhairstream - 10 months ago
Beautiful boat.
Joseph Atnip
Joseph Atnip - 10 months ago
I was working for a company I can't really talk about what exactly I did but I worked for really wealthy clientele and I was out this gentleman's house and his property manager was talking to me and just happened to say that he was having the owners boat refueled he spent $120,000 on fuel more than I spent on my house now this was at the peak of the fuel crisis and the housing market crash back in like 2008 2009 back on fuel was getting close to $5 a gallon but still it's ridiculous
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 10 months ago
Joseph Atnip fuel is a big one for sure, diesel is always a slightly easier pill to swallow. We remember the days back in 2006-2010 when gas was projected to hit $7-8/gallon which had us both freaked out. Having a longe range trawler makes the fuel thing a lot less stressful though.
Shamanbear Two
Shamanbear Two - 10 months ago
What a work of art. Thanks for the tour.
javiercampelo00 - 11 months ago
Quise decir antigüedad, es lo correcto en español.

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javiercampelo00 - 11 months ago
Felicidades por vuestro trabajo, me encantan los videos, sois buena gente. Saludos desde Cádiz, en el sur de Europa, donde se unen el Atántico y el Mediterráneo, con 3.000 años de antiguedad.
DustyCowdog - 11 months ago
Nice job on the video! I wonder if I had a boat like that, if I could have a wife like that? LOL... You guys are awesome and thanks for the tour. Cheers from Texas!
Greg Barber
Greg Barber - 11 months ago
good job ! well presented and easy to follow
oldmal60 - 11 months ago
Love your boat. Nice layout. Thank you.
Peter Vestergren
Peter Vestergren - 11 months ago
Super relaxed and informative tour of your lovely yacht! And sooo clean and tidy (in spite of two dogs...) which always impresses us. Just one question - Do you miss a fly bridge a lot? Or not at all? Thank's for the tour, stay well and fair winds!!!
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 11 months ago
I don't miss having the flybridge although our weather in the PNW doesn't support using one much.  I have heard even when in areas of warmth and sun that most owners don't use a fly bridge nearly as much as intended.  Some positives to not having one would be a lower center of gravity, less windage, and less electronics/soft goods in the elements needing additional maintenance and care.  I'm sure at times they are quite nice, but you can always find outdoor places to sit and enjoy the boat while underway with wireless autopilot remote and charting apps on a wireless device, so some improvising makes you feel like you have a bridge.
M W - 11 months ago
How many hours per week do you spend cleaning it? It is immaculate, and 14 years old? looks brand new.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 11 months ago
M W thanks for the kind words! Shawn spends 1-2 hours every week washing the exterior and maybe a combined 30-60 minutes doing things on the interior. We’re both pretty tidy people and like to make sure to vacuum and dust every day so the dog hair doesn’t overtake the boat. This is our life so we put a lot of love and care into it!
Fred Haeger
Fred Haeger - 11 months ago
really enjoy your videos....thanks so much for showing us sailing!!
Chris McGann
Chris McGann - 11 months ago
How far down into the hull does the mast go? Also how is it secured or grounded?
asimsparks - 11 months ago
This is not a sailboat mast, hence does not need to go down the hull.
pchansen100 - 11 months ago
Perfect boat! You guys do a great job! I’ve wanted a N43 for years and this just rekindled my desire!!
Jeff Slaven
Jeff Slaven - 11 months ago
What a fabulous craft! Even down to the little office area!
Edit vids there, or use a larger space for that?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 11 months ago
Jeff Slaven thanks for the nice words! We usually use the office as our gear station (camera charging, ready to go, etc) and maybe actual business work for Shawn. Editing usually takes place belly down on the floor behind pilot chair since it’s more comfy there during long stretches of editing.

20. comment for Nordhavn 43 BOAT TOUR!

Satch Mahoney
Satch Mahoney - 11 months ago
Great and thorough job on walkthrough! My compliments to your pretty wife as well! For long cruising nothing beats Nordhavn.
Sebastian Ruß
Sebastian Ruß - 11 months ago
Best hull ever build by Nordhavn.
Right Now with Jim Daws
Right Now with Jim Daws - 11 months ago
That makes for quite a watch my friend. Love the vids.
ilklamoor - 1 year ago
Enjoyed it thank you very much from a land lubber in Yorkshire
Satch Mahoney
Satch Mahoney - 11 months ago
ilklamoor Wow, someone from England that did make a comment bashing the US! Thank you...seriously!
Right Now with Jim Daws
Right Now with Jim Daws - 1 year ago
What's the cruising speed?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 11 months ago
7 Knots
gmcjetpilot - 1 year ago
What's the range and cruise speed and top speed?
Brandon Salyer
Brandon Salyer - 1 year ago
Mr Sully rocks.
Kirsy Spoddig
Kirsy Spoddig - 1 year ago
Awesome video. Well filmed. Love your dogs too. We want this boat!!
marilyn krogh
marilyn krogh - 1 year ago
Enjoyed the tour , thankyou , What cruising range do you have and service intervals on main engine and generator
Living the dream
Kelly Mchenry
Kelly Mchenry - 1 year ago
That one sexy woman. Congratulations!

30. comment for Nordhavn 43 BOAT TOUR!

Loftis Jason
Loftis Jason - 1 year ago
Was there water damage on the ceiling In The wheel house?
Loftis Jason
Loftis Jason - 1 year ago
MV Freedom very nice boat very blessed! Congrats .. love the layout!
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
No it’s the liner that, depending on the weather, gets a little bubbly.
Rockwood Joe
Rockwood Joe - 1 year ago
Saw it too. I think it is just the headliner coming unglued in some places from age.
Richard Ball
Richard Ball - 1 year ago
What's her cruising speed/range? 1200 gallons of fuel, in a trawler... I'm guessing North of 750 Nautical Miles @ 8 knots?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
The range is approximately 2500 - 4000 nautical miles depending on the speed ranging from 8.0 - 5.5 knots respectively. Thanks for watching!
servicarrider - 1 year ago
I didn't know that Adam Carolla lived right here in Seattle. Tell Jay Leno I said, hey. Thanks for the tour, Adam.
servicarrider - 1 year ago
I didn't know that Adam Carolla lived right here in Seattle. Tell Jay Leno I said, hey. Thanks for the tour, Adam.
Stefan woestenberg
Stefan woestenberg - 1 year ago
Very Nice tour. Thnx
Tony hood
Tony hood - 1 year ago
Love the dogs
Tony hood
Tony hood - 1 year ago
Nice boat
justsomeguy - 1 year ago
I saw Nordhavn...I sub'd.
Andy Sparks
Andy Sparks - 1 year ago
As a fan of things well engineered, I do like the Nordhavn boats, they have a "go anywhere safely" feeling about them...... Just now need that lottery win!
Debra Johnson
Debra Johnson - 1 year ago
I'm a new subscriber and love your boat Freedom. Great tour. Thank you.
Vet Doc
Vet Doc - 1 year ago
You two have a very nice Vessel!
Can you tell us more about the Electronics?
What for Charts you use. Was that a Dopplerradar what u used on your Canadatrip?
Thats a cool life on a Trawler!
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
For redundancy and comparison we use 2 charting softwares.  Our Simrad MFD's display charts from Navionics and our PC runs Rosepoint Coastal Explorer which charts can be purchased through their integrated store.  The boat has Simrad radar for displaying navigational hazards in times of poor visibility but we use several weather websites for planning travel conditions - these sites are windy, predict wind, environment Canada, NOAA, etc.
R L - 1 year ago
Does your mast fold? What is your bridge clearance? Great video!!
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
No our mast does not fold.  Some owners have made modifications to make the boat loop capable.  Our boat has an air draft of 35'
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Thank you for watching.  Elizabeth does the videography and editing.
Jamie Lancaster
Jamie Lancaster - 1 year ago
Luhta The Finn
Luhta The Finn - 1 year ago
What a beautiful and clean vessel.
Rio Secco
Rio Secco - 1 year ago
Thank you for the tour of your beautiful boat. One quick question. In your opinion what would be the maximum size boat for an owner-operator?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Hard question to answer. It really depends on budget, the size of family or number of guest you plan you plan to cruise with, amount of time you plan to spend aboard, and how you intend to use the boat. Every boat and owners scenario is different and there's no right answer.
steven cunningham
steven cunningham - 1 year ago
Great video you guys have made well worth watching I think you’ve converted me over to Nordhaven now
Paul George
Paul George - 1 year ago
Excellent tour! New subscriber here! :) What's the range of your boat while motoring? What's your longest open water passage?
dgeorge852 - 1 year ago
Not Ms...... He's the Captain, but She's the ADMIRAL!!!!
wEt SpOnGe
wEt SpOnGe - 1 year ago
Nordhavn boats give me a brain hemorage, just way to small and stubby.

50. comment for Nordhavn 43 BOAT TOUR!

brad busch
brad busch - 1 year ago
Great video can you tell me what kind of range do you get with fully fueled? Thanks
Pete Pras
Pete Pras - 1 year ago
Great tour. An amazing vessel. s/v Tikiti-boo
SNOW GORILLA - 1 year ago
In the 80s I lived aboard a 1941 36' wooden patrol boat in Vancouver and after watching this vid realized I WAS roughing it lol Very Nice
Bad Jesus
Bad Jesus - 1 year ago
Tugboat capt here, in the Caribbean but I live on Whidbey Island. That’s a lot of boat in a compact package, and evidently comfortable. Very nice boat! Enjoy, and stay safe.
wellcraft19 - 1 year ago
Nordhavn is a true top notch builder. Both when it comes to the initial design, but also the execution/construction and installation of all systems. Not cheap (I guess no boat is cheap), but they make boats that are true passage makers as well as excellent liveaboards, making them worth every cent.
Barry Rich
Barry Rich - 1 year ago
Thank you for this amazing video! You should send this as a pitch to yacht brokers on how to better film a tour.

Did you guys look at larger or smaller vessels, and if so, would you mind sharing why you chose this particular length? I'm just curious to hear how you guys narrowed it down to this vessel. There are so many CHOICES out there! Thanks for your time and thanks again for the awesome tour of your vessel!
Barry Rich
Barry Rich - 1 year ago
MV Freedom That's good to know! I'm okay with only two staterooms, but my other half wants to be able to sleep 8. I want the boat to GET AWAY from large groups of people. Thanks for responding so quickly! Have a great day!
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Austin Barry we came from a 40’ Searay and did look at many boats from 40-50”. For the Nordhavn the 43” was the price range that was most affordable and still had great space for the two of us and the dog. Plus, the longer the boat the more maintenance, the more slip fees you’ll pay, the more everything so this was just right. For long range cruising and for the amount of time we spend on the boat this one is perfect. Comfy, plenty of storage, two staterooms, etc..
Mr. FE Dalmatia
Mr. FE Dalmatia - 1 year ago
Only one steering and control
Les Nicholas
Les Nicholas - 1 year ago
What a stunning boat,thanks for the brilliant tour.the room in your 43 is incredible,my boat is 57ft and I don't have third of your space but it is only a 6ft 10inch wide,built for cruising British canal and river's with tidal crossing's occasionally.I have a 40hp Yanmar which has done 3300hrs and never missed a beat.Thanks again for the brilliant tour.
sweetbennyj - 1 year ago
You guys are boring you could learn from sailing noah
Mr. FE Dalmatia
Mr. FE Dalmatia - 1 year ago
U wanna see my big jewish pp pork stick
Fluffnose 339
Fluffnose 339 - 1 year ago
This was probably the best tour, and boat that I've ever seen! I'm thinking about getting a boat when I'm older. If you don't mind me asking, How much was the boat? And also where is does the exhaust exit? Great video and I definitely subscribed!
rnordquest - 1 year ago
Exhaust goes out and up the dry stack, sort of like a tractor.
Brian Michael
Brian Michael - 1 year ago
Great Boat Tour I am curious. Since she is an expedition yacht... What is her range?

I really love the boats Nordhavn puts out.
Max Richards
Max Richards - 1 year ago
Where do the dogs use the bathroom during long passages? Or do you leave them at home?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Max Richards we always have them with us as they are our kids! So far the longest is a bit over 10 hours and they were fine but we plan to get them p patch trained soon since anything over 8 hours isn’t good for any of us!
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson - 1 year ago
When you guys go away from the boat for extended periods of time, what is the protocol for electrical power? Freezers, etc have to be powered but what if shore power fails, etc? Thank you! Love your videos and thanks for answering questions!
rnordquest - 1 year ago
@Michael There are systems that will send you a text if the power fails, bilge pump comes on, etc. I have a $20 camera at home where I can watch a live feed. You could tune in anytime and see what's going on. You can also rig a light to come on when power goes off so the marina can investigate.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Michael Jackson we honestly never leave it for extended periods so we fortunately haven’t dealt with this. The batteries would get drained and lots of stuff would be in trouble until things got back up and running.
Logan Archer
Logan Archer - 1 year ago
I enjoy your blog keep up the good work
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Logan Archer thanks so much for watching!
rp - 1 year ago
Absolutely love your Freedom! I am looking for something just like this one. Would love to learn more about how you guys landed this trophy of a vessel!
rp - 1 year ago
It was meant to be! She is a beauty and you guys look so happy and free to be part of a new life. I am envious! Congrats
eifion jones
eifion jones - 1 year ago
great boat , and I am a retired merchant navy chief engineer so I do know
Mr. FE Dalmatia
Mr. FE Dalmatia - 1 year ago
Do great boats have one steering and control
Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton - 1 year ago
Great video guys, thanks so much!
etikkboksen - 1 year ago
Very nice you guys:-)
M Armstrong
M Armstrong - 1 year ago
Normally drive without seatbelt on ?
2xtream - 1 year ago
One of the best boats I've seen, very clean, very seaworthy, very beautiful, Cheers-
Rachel Cherniack
Rachel Cherniack - 1 year ago
TrailerPark Supervisor
TrailerPark Supervisor - 1 year ago
Why is the man the captain and the woman is relegated to being the first mate? Sexism is unacceptable in today’s society. Sir, you should be ashamed of yourself.
Russbot Apocalypse 2020
Russbot Apocalypse 2020 - 1 year ago
There are 1200 homeless veterans on the streets of L.A.
You should be ashamed of yourself for wasting oxygen.
charles kimbley
charles kimbley - 1 year ago
Best tour of this Nordhavn 43 that i have seen. May I ask how much can one expect to pay for this dream boat
JohnJacobJingleHimer Schmit
JohnJacobJingleHimer Schmit - 1 year ago
Very good tour.
Fox RodX275
Fox RodX275 - 1 year ago
Does you boat have a stabilizer? Just doing a little research and wondering if it’s an option or do all Nordhavn have them standard.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Yes, we have ABT Trac fins stabilizers. Technically I think it's an option, but I don't think you'll find a Nordhavn without some form of stabilization. They either use active fin, manual paravanes, or both for redundancy. The stabilizers are amazing and I personally wouldn't buy a full displacement boat without them.
Biggun 54
Biggun 54 - 1 year ago
Great video of an awesome boat! I live in Kansas City so I am a longgggg way from the ocean. I will live vicariously through your travels!
ankissy - 1 year ago
Hey guys, love all the videos especially the great drone footage. Shawn, do you do the maintenance on the boat? Can you make a video highlighting what it takes to keep Freedom sea worthy?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
ankissy yes and yes! Stay tuned for videos like that soon!
wontee2 - 1 year ago
Great. Laid back, informative and just the right amount of pleasant background music.
Anusd Otcom
Anusd Otcom - 1 year ago
How much whores and cocaine you do in that
D Lamb
D Lamb - 1 year ago
Super interesting review of your gorgeous boat.
Absolutely lovely. Great in that it looks manageable for the two of you but at the same time seems very big and spacious.
Lucky people.
David Lubs
David Lubs - 1 year ago
Hi, we have boated out of Racine WI since 2004 and wonder if we have crossed paths? Would love to hear about your Lake Michigan experience. We have sold our Formula 34PC and are getting a 45 trawler built (not a Nordy). We really would like to learn about your transition from the speed of Orca to the trawler lifestyle. We are quite concerned about no longer being able to go from Racine to Washington Island in a day. Cruising at 7 kts will be a world of change. How has the change been for you? Keep up the good work!
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Thanks for the comment! We boated in WI from 2005 until we moved to Seattle in 2014 so it's likely our paths crossed. We went from a 24' Glastron "Tide the Knot" to a 36' Carver "Gigi II" to our 40' Searay "Orca (purchased in Seattle) to now our dream boat. Living out in the PNW we honestly love the trawler speed and many times with the Orca went trawler speeds to avoid hitting all of the logs and debris that's common in Puget Sound. While our travel time has more than doubled, we just leave earlier in the morning, pay more attention to tides and/or plan more time for trips if work allows. The time truly flies by when you can relax in a stabilized boat (that's KEY), listen to tunes/podcasts, watch movies or work in the galley to make use of time. Our 10+ hour trips have NEVER felt long even in bad conditions because the Nordhavn is such a beast of a vessel. For Lake Michigan, however, those waters were much more treacherous than anything we've experienced out here since the lake can become like a toilet bowl in high winds. You'll definitely have to plan more around weather and wind than we do, but I'm sure you'll be fine. We always enjoyed weekends in Racine, especially this great italian restaurant a few blocks up! Our main destinations in the summer were Door County and the Western shores of Northern Michigan when a crossing was possible. So many great places, it's just a shame the season is short. Thus, why we made the move out here! Enjoy your new boat and happy boating!
Bill Van Den Ouden
Bill Van Den Ouden - 1 year ago
So I guess the key thing is to get it vented from what you're saying that makes sense and I do appreciate such an awesome responsible fast your videos are unbelievable thank you so much Vegas bill peace enjoy your boat
Bill Van Den Ouden
Bill Van Den Ouden - 1 year ago
I am sorry that I've just got to see your video being two months late I did like all the ice cream in the freezers it almost look like mine freezer this was an awesome walkthrough and you have an awesome boat nordhavn is the best well thought-out I was wondering how do you like your washer dryer combo does it work well I am looking at a 47 or 50 North Haven some have washer dryer some have the combo like you have I was just wondering if you ever got to use it and what your thoughts were good luck with your boat and I hope you travel the world Vegas bill peace
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Hi Bill. Yes we do like our ice cream. Regarding our washer/dryer, we have a Splendide WD2100XC with vented dryer. The combo unit works great and can handle a decent sized load. The time on average to wash and dry takes about 2.5 hours. Certainly if space allowed separate units would be nice, but it sure is nice to have the capability to do laundry on the boat without needing to bring items home or to a laundromat.
Ring Dave
Ring Dave - 1 year ago
Water heater. Cold Water heater to make hot water. duh.
Jim Devlin
Jim Devlin - 1 year ago
hi folks , greetings from Scotland, great video , well presented and informative, and the occasional sighting of the beautiful first mate was a bonus, how about a video of you underway ?
Sean Duggan
Sean Duggan - 11 months ago
Jim Devlin ...there’s loads, just search YouTube for MV Freedom
Magnificent Golden Beast
Magnificent Golden Beast - 1 year ago
It's amazing the things men create. That's a beautiful ship men designed and built so the chick can travel safely and elegantly over the waters. Oh, and her choice of inspirational accent pillows was nice too.
Stephen VanDyke
Stephen VanDyke - 1 year ago
Can you make your own water while under way
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Yes we can. We have a 12VDC water maker that can produce 150 gallons per day.
Colin Davies
Colin Davies - 1 year ago
Incredibly well filmed. Congratulations young lady. (And Sir!)
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson - 1 year ago
How tall are you? I’m 6’4”, was wondering how the feelings of crampiness is or isn’t! Thank you!
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson - 1 year ago
rnordquest thank you!
rnordquest - 1 year ago
@Michael Jackson I'm the same height and live about 60 mi south. The cramp you see is a blessing when seas pick up. The tighter it is, the easier it is to put your hands on something close by and not be tossed about. Increase space, decrease storage. She will adjust. I lived in the cab of a tractor trailer for 2 yrs. It doesn't take long to adjust to the space you have.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Hi Michael. I'm 6'3" and don't feel cramped at all. The boat offers good headroom throughout and the berth in the master stateroom is about 6'3" in length so I don't feel my feet are hanging over. The only place where I notice a height challenge would be the height of the pilothouse windows. To see completly out to the horizon while standing I need to slouch slightly, not a problem when seated in the pilothouse, just when standing.
drmoynihan - 1 year ago
Thank you for this excellent personal tour of your beautiful Nordhavn. Any crazy plans to sail across the ocean and join us for a visit in the West side of the Gulf of Thailand?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Thanks for the nice comment! And yes of course Thailand is on Mrs. Cap's bucket list and we hope to get there by 2022-2023 latest. We've heard it's a magical destination that we cannot wait to arrive at!
O K - 1 year ago
Can u single hand this fairy easily? Docking?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Great question. Single handing around a dock is a bit difficult, mostly because of the distance one needs to run from the pilot house to the boarding doors. I think this could be made easier if the boat had an installed stern thruster and if the thrusters then had a wireless remote. 

So, possible and made easier if we did some upgrades to the thruster/electronics.
Wishfull ThinkN
Wishfull ThinkN - 1 year ago
Excellent tour..the Nordhavn 43 is a wonderful design in a trawler of her size..they are absolute GEMS!
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Thank you Paul. It's a great boat indeed and we're fortunate to have her.
Rich Pickard
Rich Pickard - 1 year ago
What a great video detailing a great boat! Just wondering what kind of fuel mileage do you get with that vessel?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Hi Rich. The fuel capacity of the 43 is 1250 gallons which translates to a range of approximately 2500 - 4000 nautical miles depending on the speed ranging from 8.5 - 5.5 knots respectively... So about 2-3NM miles per gallon. Thanks for watching!
Everyone - 1 year ago
Beautiful boat. A lot of thought went into the design. I have zero experience with boats so the door to the engine room being in the master berth is odd to me but i can understand why that would be potentially. Haha
Must be nice to have money... work my ass off and barely able to afford my pickup truck.
El Sols
El Sols - 1 year ago
Thanks guys. That was great!
nasser nacer
nasser nacer - 1 year ago
hope you the best
Heidi English
Heidi English - 1 year ago
I enjoy your videos so much.
You're living the dream!
Freedom is a beautiful vessel.
Love the boat dogs.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Thank you for watching and for your kind words. Glad you enjoy them.
Jerrett Jackson
Jerrett Jackson - 1 year ago
Nice upgrade from the Sea Ray
Bob Finkenbiner
Bob Finkenbiner - 1 year ago
without a doubt, that was the best "boat tour" of a nordy.... informative, great pace, excellent camera work (steady, slow scans) and the overall a pleasure. you could discuss what elements you like about this boat, versus the big brother 55 or the smaller versions. we've looked at the 55 and think its a bit over the top for just two of us, but worry the 43 may be a bit tight. thoughts?
Bob Finkenbiner
Bob Finkenbiner - 1 year ago
@MV Freedom i know that slip fee, diver and even insurance charge by the foot, and all those items add up. a 20% premium in size has big budget consequences on a monthly basis. The 55 seemed like a nice enough boat, but the there is some interesting message board conversations regarding a 35 foot coastal cruiser with all the Nordhavn quality, without the budget busting expenses. I just can't mentally wrap my head about being "boat poor", having done the same once with a house and learning that bigger isn't always what it's cracked up to. Thanks for sharing your vessel, it's a fantastic boat.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Thanks for the kind comments. We love the 55 but simply can afford $$. The 47 is also great, similar layout to the 43 with slightly more space in each area. Frankly we find the 43' to have enough space for the 2. Thanks for watching!
Andre Swan
Andre Swan - 1 year ago
thank you!

100. comment for Nordhavn 43 BOAT TOUR!

ken may
ken may - 1 year ago
beautiful boat love how roomy it is! I own a small 270 searay how the hell can you afford it LOL I can barely find the cash to keep my boat fueled
Bruce stivaletta
Bruce stivaletta - 1 year ago
Nice video,,
Yumpin Yiminy
Yumpin Yiminy - 1 year ago
I was never nut about the Trawler style or layout. However, efficient for long distance cruising and safe. This is a lot of boat for a 43 footer. I like. Thanks.
c5back9 - 1 year ago
Yumpin Yiminy: Bingo on safety and long range... there used to be a Nordhaven owners club trans Atlantic crossing that involved a couple of dozen boats. I think it was supposed to be an annual event organized by Nordhaven. Several 43s have made the crossing when outfitted with extra bladder tanks for the additional fuel needed to complete the long distance hops between ports (where more fuel can be had). The fact that Nordhaven would sponsor such an event is an indicator of how confident they are about their product.
Barry Rich
Barry Rich - 1 year ago
LegendLength It's for the paravane stabilizer system while underway. Newer vessels have the automated stabilizer in the engine room. It just makes for a more comfortable cruise, especially in open water.
LegendLength - 1 year ago
I don't understand why there's a mast if it's not a sail boat?
MG3 - 1 year ago
Just started looking at the Nordhavns.  Great walk through.
Frank - 1 year ago
Okay - but just don't send these folks any funds via crowd funding or anything else - they don't need it - look for worthy causes.
William Vosburg
William Vosburg - 1 year ago
Love your boat and videos, do you guys deploy your paravanes on long voyages and is it a hassle?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
William Vosburg no we don’t have paravanes. Our stabilization are active fins beneath the hull. We have flopper stoppers we can deploy at anchor to minimize rolling but haven’t had to use it yet.
fiftyfishbottom - 1 year ago
Nice job of outfitting. How nice to have someone so attractive with which to cruise. I did 12k nm single-handed over 3 years, Atlantic Coast and Bahamas. Tour of vessel well done, you obviously have knowledge of subject. Did I see a Bruce anchor, big plus to me toward credibility. Would like to see of your cruising.
clegsta42 - 1 year ago
Sincerely wish I could !!
dannyboytravels - 1 year ago
Cool boat. Great tour. Thanks! I'm now a subscriber!
Sail Before Sunset
Sail Before Sunset - 1 year ago
Great to see a tour of other peoples' yachts - thanks! Perhaps we will see you at some point if you sail south into the Sea of Cortez. We plan to be there sometime in the summer of 2019.
Charles Marik
Charles Marik - 1 year ago
Hmmm, no fuel polisher ? No tool box?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
We have both.. just wasn't covered in the video.
1 BIGGUN - 1 year ago
A nice and compact little ship!
tvae - 1 year ago
Excellent video ! From the beginning to the end, peace is breathed. I hope that a lot of people can learn from Elizabeth ... First Mate, how to do filming inside and outside a boat, that's the way gentlemen. My best wishes for good trips and enjoy the Nordhavn 43. Congratulations!
Jeff Gee
Jeff Gee - 1 year ago
Wow... she’s stunning. The boat is nice too.
Terri Romero
Terri Romero - 1 year ago
You outta visit Port Orchard... You & your Pup's would love it.
Cassidy's Sailing Trawler
Cassidy's Sailing Trawler - 1 year ago
Great walk through guys. We started working on a tour of our Nordhavn 40 a few months ago and never got around to finish editing it. You have provided some motivation!
Yukesh vs
Yukesh vs - 1 year ago
I just watched your video and come @cassidy
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Thank you M/V Cassidy. You guys make excellent videos, we enjoy watching your channel.
DYNABIKE1 - 1 year ago
I know that Nordhavn will be great for Your NW cruises. There was a huge 80+ foot Norhavn here for sale. It's gone now so I guess it SOLD !
DYNABIKE1 - 1 year ago
Hi guys - just found You today. I watched all the videos You have I could find. Boy I would have loved that 400 Sundancer. Love My Sea Rays. Wish I could reminisce with You about Your days boating in Wisconsin. You went West and I went South from Madison to the warm Gulf of Mexico waters. Brought a Sea Ray down here to Corpus Christi and went cruising , fishing , diving in the Gulf.
Jim B
Jim B - 1 year ago
WOW! First, you guys are a great looking young couple! Second, Congratulations on owning a beautiful Nordhavn trawler. My question is, if you haven't already, are you going to shoot video of you taking the boat out to sea? Oh, I have to make additional comments, but very tasteful! To the young gentleman, you made a fantastic choice with your beautiful young lady. I noticed in the video her toenails were well painted, and her bunions were perfectly normal with good looking feet. (so many young women today with bunion problems) I would love to see this gorgeous trawler in the open sea. Thank you again and God Bless!!!...OPPPS! I just subscribed and see you have taken the trawler out, I am going to watch... Woohoo!
0123456mc - 1 year ago
Have a couple of questions:: what’s the fuel burn and what kind of range can you get? P/S. LOVE THE BOAT!! Beautiful!!!!
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Thank you for watching. The range of the 43 is approximately 2500 - 4000 nautical miles depending on the speed ranging from 8.5 - 5.5 knots respectively.
Emery Viazanko
Emery Viazanko - 1 year ago
Nice tour for a great model. Nordhavn should at least buy you a tank of fuel for the thorough tour and explanations.
Commander Emery Viazanko, AP
Naples Sail & Power Squadron
Naples, Florida
Sam Winston James
Sam Winston James - 1 year ago
Nordhavn is my dream boat. This was a blue collar tour, the best type and I loved it. U are very knowledgeable. Thankyou
9551V - 1 year ago
What a perfect cruising yacht. Thanks for sharing your good fortune with us viewers.
chris chrystal
chris chrystal - 1 year ago
Beautiful boat
Marc St.james
Marc St.james - 1 year ago
nice compared to the forty those are three very important feet!
Danny Halstead
Danny Halstead - 1 year ago
Very well done-great boat! Great couple and two lovely canine buddys.
tony - 1 year ago
Wow nice! i have an old holiday manison but cant sail anymore but im very happy with sitting at peace...well wishes to you guys!
HOMadsen - 1 year ago
Very nice layout ! What a cool boat !
Vine Len
Vine Len - 1 year ago
I’ll take it. Please deliver her to Newport, RI at your earliest convenience. Money’s not an option because I don’t have any, but please deliver the boat anyway. Seriously though, beautiful vessel! Enjoyed the video. Good luck and have fun with her.
mynhardt saayman
mynhardt saayman - 1 year ago
New sub here and looking forward binge watching your vids from beginning to end.
Water Trails
Water Trails - 1 year ago
Enjoyed the boat tour, showing what it's has without feeling like a sales pitch. Nice boat!
Lloyd Dahlen
Lloyd Dahlen - 1 year ago
Good tour of your boat, one of the best we seen,thanks
James Hansen
James Hansen - 1 year ago
Very nice video. Like the previous poster your calm and welcoming time was nice to hear. I would like a video on what it is like getting the boat up and running. Also what has been your longest trip?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Thanks for watching. Good suggestion, we'll cover operation in a future video. Our longest trip in the Nordhavn has been our 2018 summer trip to western Vancouver Island; we covered about 500 nautical miles.
Alan Robbins
Alan Robbins - 1 year ago
Beautiful boat. When in the pilothouse, how on earth do you back it out of a slip? Do you have a backup camera?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
We do have a back-up camera, although mainly rely on good communication between captain and first mate using Eartec headsets.
CMallory - 1 year ago
Beautiful Vessel. Time to take her around the world.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Agreed. Hope to do some long range cruising in our future.
wayne persence
wayne persence - 1 year ago
sweet mv, bentley of the sea lol bujt seriously really nice and well equipt
Chuck Thomas
Chuck Thomas - 1 year ago
Really nice boat, good job with the tour.
Captain Jeff Morris
Captain Jeff Morris - 1 year ago
This is the best walk thru video of a Nordhavn or just about any trawler I've seen! Your video was so good and detailed it made my mind race and generated more questions. How tall are you? You look to big to fit in the master bed....? But you made the engine compartment look spacious..... What model and class AIS is that? How much length of chain do you hold in your locker? What size tender do you carry? I love that you can drop your tender port or starboard. I have run multiple yachts in 100' range that don't give that freedom (pun intended). Thank you BOTH for the great video! Just tapped subscribe! Also as a professional yacht captain I must say your trawler looked in very good shape. I watch many brokerage videos where brokers are extolling about the features of some boat and how well its maintained while they are standing in front of filthy windows, dirty decks, or rusty fittings. M/V Freedom looks well cared for in this captain's opinion. I don't know what your plans are, but looking thru your vids and as new subscriber if you're headed south I have done Friday Harbor to La Paz Mexico, hope you're gonna do some traveling from Seattle......
Captain Jeff Morris
Captain Jeff Morris - 1 year ago
@MV Freedom Thank you for the response! 400' of chain is awesome - WOW! Is your music during the car portion and other parts of the video a version of "It feels good to be a Gangsta" by the Gheto Boys? That song was a hit from a favorite movie of mine "Office Space"
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Thank you for the kind note. I'm 6'3" and the master berth is about exactly the same length, so as long as i don't sleep like a complete pencil I'm ok. The AIS is a class B unit from Simrad, model AI50, I believe is now a discontinued model. Our tender is an AVON RIB and is 11'2" length and is a perfect fit if the tender is stored across the beam of the Nordhavn 43, any larger would likely require storing the tender parallel to the boat and possibly hanging some of the tender off the aft end of the boat deck. Regarding the chain locker, the locker is huge! We have 400' of all chain on our anchor and could easily double or triple that amount. The anchor roller and locker is set-up so you could have 2 anchors configured. Thanks again for watching and leaving your comments!
Alex Wray
Alex Wray - 1 year ago
Shawn, did you by chance serve in the Navy? Possibly submarines?
Alex Wray
Alex Wray - 1 year ago
Haha well it’s a pleasure to serve. I pride myself on being able to pick out fellow submariners out of a crowd. This time I was wrong.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
No. If you have, thank you for your service.
Robert - 1 year ago
No water maker?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Yes, we do have a water maker in our cockpit lazarette. We have a DC model that makes 150 gallons per day.
wjha NN
wjha NN - 1 year ago
Great video - thank you for that.
I'm a little wondering: - You are in Seattle, it is November. I would expect snow and ice soon. Shoudn't be a problem in your boat - but when I look around, all the sailboats are still fully equipped for sailing. That seems a little strange? Or am I wrong about your climate?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
We have a temperate climate that is moderated by the Pacific and Puget sound. We rarely see temperatures that dip below freezing levels for extended periods of time... usually just a for few hours during the winter evenings. Our winters are cool, gray and wet, but snow typically only flies in the higher elevations. Summers in the Pacific Northwest are mild and dry during July, August & September. Boating can be enjoyed year round here, especially when you have the protection of a warm and dry pilothouse during the winter season.
Grayland - 1 year ago
She is beautiful, and the boat too... Really enjoyed the tour. I true dream boat.
t vaczy
t vaczy - 1 year ago
Nice video. I enjoyed your show and tell style. It would be interesting to hear you discuss how you decided to choose this boat over the other boats you obviously looked at. Were you particularly attracted to Nordhavn? Were there other brands that you found appealing? What surprises (good and perhaps not so good) have you run into since becoming owners? Thanks for the time you spent making the video.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Great suggestions... thank you! We'll look to answer these questions in a future video.
Don Johnston
Don Johnston - 1 year ago
No dishwasher?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Nope.. That's a manual operation at this time. :)
boat buddy
boat buddy - 1 year ago
I hope you don't have a rubber life boat that would spoil the beauty.
Vickie Helm
Vickie Helm - 1 year ago
spinnaker5514 - 1 year ago
Now I know what I want for Christmas...or what I'll buy if I hit the lottery! LOL! What a beautiful & perfect boat! So well thought out, it seems like no space was wasted any where yet it all looks so beautiful. Great choice!I recently purchased a 50 year old Grand Banks 32' that I am refurbishing. So I love watching these videos for ideas. I know my boat will never be like yours but I'm hoping she'll be an eye catcher when she's done. I just received my new diesel from the Seattle area a little town call Bow. I live in Connecticut so it was a huge leap of faith buying a motor without actually being there to see it. Just had a video to watch. What is the longest trip you have taken? And how long have you owned the boat? I am single and I'm hoping to escape new england for the winters and travel south to warmer weather. At least that's my plan. Who know maybe the Bahama's or Caribbean some day!Good luck with your boat and thanks for the awesome video tour!
Lino Andrade
Lino Andrade - 1 year ago
I won't let you down
I will not give you up
Gotta have some faith in the sound!... Freedom 90'
John Wilson
John Wilson - 1 year ago
Great tour and video. with two staterooms and two heads, I'm assuming you take friends out for an overnight. Does the overall space work well for that? Also, I noticed in your other videos you use a drone for some excellent aerial video work giving a better perspective as to where you are and the relationship of the space around you. What type of drone do you recommend?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
We haven't done any overnight trips yet with guest, however the size of the boat would certainly be comfortable with others. We personally like smaller drones, as we find they're easier to travel with and hence you'll use them more. We have a DJI Spark and DJI Mavic Air. The Mavic has a better gimbal and camera but they both take exceptional footage and they're easy to fly.
Sandy Swanson
Sandy Swanson - 1 year ago
Wonderful tour and beautiful boat! I am learning from your relaxed style. I am starting to make videos for our Facebook page of our travel adventures in the San Juan Is. We hope to see you around sometime.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Sandy Swanson we hope to run into you in the future! We love venturing up to SJI so be sure to give us a shout if you see us!
Terry G
Terry G - 1 year ago
Great tour.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Life is short...BUY THE NORDHAVN!!!
Tom Clark
Tom Clark - 1 year ago
OK, I'm not a trawler guy at all, but that is a beautiful boat in great shape! So why a main + wing engine vs. two mains? Is a single, larger main more efficient than twins? Also, are your dogs pad trained? We haven't been able to get our border collies interested in using the astroturf for anything other than napping.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Efficiency in smaller trawlers is typically better with a single vs dual mains, but some may debate. Another benefit a single offers better prop protection from the keel and maintenance tends to be somewhat less. Are dogs are not pad trained, although we're considering trying to train them.
Bob Rose
Bob Rose - 1 year ago
Your boat is like new, or better! We are looking at a 2007 sailing boat which looks so tired by comparison, lots of work ahead for us! Has this been a project or was it purchased in this condition. You are very proud and rightly so... We have a black Labrador, who, like us, is going to have to find her sailing feet! Your dogs seem very at home on your boat. Oh, and navigation city at the helm! You can never have enough backup though - it makes life easy at sea. Have fun and thank you for sharing your excitement and proud ownership with us.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Bob Rose wow it looks like you’ve got a lot of exciting boat work ahead to get you moving on your own adventure. We wish you lots of fun and safe travels, and we’re thrilled that you’re inspired by our videos. We’ve been watching sailing vlogs for years like Delos which have been a huge inspiration for us to pursue our dreams at sea. Happy Boating!
Bob Rose
Bob Rose - 1 year ago
@MV Freedom Yes... the P-Patch, aptly named... we've read a lot online about this and hopefully it should be relatively straight forward. Under sail one of the issues for animals is the amount of heel the boat attains. Daisy is prone to being a bit lively and scrabbling with her paws, so indestructible carpet/matting below is required. Our journeys are going to be oceanic - i.e. days or weeks at sea. Lots of planning, practice and patience (3 P's!).
We have a boat under offer and a 43 item list of required and essential items to do, in addition to cleaning! The boat has had only a single owner with money having been spent on specific items like rigging and mast/boom, but we hope to capitalize on this as cleaning and general maintenance are a good way to get to know a boat - and character building!
The electronics need upgrading - hence my comment - and I think I noticed that some of yours is PC based - a route I am also looking to take as redundancy is easier to build in.
Apologies for the long response but you both appear very motivated and your achievements and video blogs reflect this and provide inspiration for the rest of us...well done!
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Good luck with you boat search! Fortunately we bought her in great condition and only had to do some waxing and the usual interior clean up to make her our own. There were 3 previous owners so we were amazed at how well she was cared for. As for the boat dogs, yes, they do great! Next project is going to be getting them trained on the P-patch so we can do some overnight passages. Wish us luck!
Mihalis Vassilas
Mihalis Vassilas - 1 year ago
Nice couple with best boat ever!! love both! let me know if you ever visit Greece..Best wishes!
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Will do! We hope to pull into Greece someday in the next 3-5 years with Freedom, so we'll surely look you up when we do. Thanks for watching!
billinga - 1 year ago
Thank you for sharing. Excellent video and explanation. A video on the normal operation (in action) would be wonderful (data on fuel use, water use daily, stabilization, generator, etc). The video post production is very good also, cuts, panning, framing and music. Like the background music also, Damn it feels good to be a gangster!!
Mark Gilbert
Mark Gilbert - 1 year ago
Neat video walk-through, Shawn & Elizabeth! Your love & appreciation for FREEDOM is understated but clear. Your easy-going but thorough presentation is a boon to others trying to learn more about the Nordhavn line. Thanks!
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Thanks for watching Mark and for the nice comment! We are beyond proud of her and look forward to sharing more of our travels with her in the future. Plus, we still need to get you aboard for that celebratory bubbly soon!
Peter Free
Peter Free - 1 year ago
Very well done video tour beautiful boat
stotas2 - 1 year ago
Awesome boat thanks for sharing
dsmacd46 - 1 year ago
Grew up in Seattle, with lots of time watching boats and boaters Shilshole and Chittenden locks. Have to say, your boat seems unusually clean for a 14-year old craft. You acquire it that way, or have you done a lot of work? Looks new; beautiful!
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
The boat was generally in good condition when we purchased it, but we continue to make improvements and updates.
patrick coleman
patrick coleman - 1 year ago
pretty good tour guys. would have loved to know the range and cruising speed of your boat . cheers
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
The range is approximately 2500 - 4000 nautical miles depending on the speed ranging from 8.5 - 5.5 knots respectively. Thanks for watching!
rherten - 1 year ago
Great videos and great boat - on the wish list! One day..
Greg B
Greg B - 1 year ago
Nice job, music was unobtrusive. Narration and camera work was very good, very natural. Q: only two cabins, sleeps just 4?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Yes it's two cabins to sleep 4 pretty comfortably, but if you had to sleep more the pilot house and salon seating are quite comfortable :)
Joe User
Joe User - 1 year ago
This was a great walk through. There's a bid difference between a proud owner walk through vs. a broker video. You gave us a much better feel for living on the boat. And there was much less selfie obsession with this video which is a plus.
Michael C.
Michael C. - 1 year ago
Great tour and a beautiful boat! Thanks for sharing
Blake Jashewski
Blake Jashewski - 1 year ago
Good tour...ty
nerissea - 1 year ago
Okay. made a second pass after briefly looking at your channel several months back.
No questions, no doubts but, one comment. Absolutely a great job!. True to the boaters
perception of life and looking forward to hopefully many more of your Vids.
Nice job !
AKA JBS Smith - 1 year ago
Excellent vid and tour. I really liked how you took your time and were thorough. There is a guys at the Beaufort, NC docks where I go with either the 40 or 43 that I’ve seen for years. I’ll have to ask him which one it is. Great boat! Your equipment is top notch. Enjoy.
Russ Hendrix
Russ Hendrix - 1 year ago
That is awesome! Hope your gonna put up some more videos
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
We've got lots more planned over the holidays and into next year and beyond! Thanks for watching!
Ryan Conrad
Ryan Conrad - 1 year ago
Great job on the tour and beautiful boat!
philipgillespie80 - 1 year ago
what is the range with your fuel capacity?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
The range is about 3500-4000 nautical miles, so basically we could get to Hawaii on a tank. We're looking forward to that someday soon!
Wander N
Wander N - 1 year ago
Just amazing! You have a fantastic boat. Could you explain what is that you show at 7:37?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
That is the follow up steering that can be used if you don't want to mess with the large wheel. More redundancy which is nice to have.
NY Don
NY Don - 1 year ago
Damn your dogs are lucky.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Yes they are! We're animal lovers so they deserve to have a great life. Mr. Sully is a rescue from a high kill shelter so he's definitely got a good home now aboard MV Freedom!
001humperdink - 1 year ago
Awesome boat. Congrats.
Kurt Antonius
Kurt Antonius - 1 year ago
Nice Video! We hope you enjoy the boat as much as we did. We are the original owners of 4303 and took delivery of the boat when she was brand new. It's nice to see most of the boat looks pretty much like we designed it in 2003.
Kurt Antonius
Formerly Endurance
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Wow, it's so cool to hear from the original owner(s)! We couldn't be happier to have found Endurance, now Freedom, and have loved every minute on her. We were pleasantly shocked how great of condition she was in when we bought her, so thank YOU for keeping her in great shape! If you're ever in the Seattle area and want to go for a harbor cruise for old times, just let us know in a PM!
Paul Harper
Paul Harper - 1 year ago
Great tour, did I spot water maker controls in the galley? Really like the pilot house design. I work on heavy equipment for a living & the 6068 Deere is a fantastic engine.
Paul Harper
Paul Harper - 1 year ago
@1ST General The luggers have dry exhaust, turbo's add a huge amount of exhaust heat. Non turbo diesels are very simple & reliable.
1ST General
1ST General - 1 year ago
Why is it not turbocharged?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
You did. We have a 12VDC water maker that's capable of making 150 gallons per day. The boat came with the water maker, if I was outfitting I would recommend a higher capacity AC version however they are quite $$$. Glad to hear the 6068 is a robust machine.
Eric Bescoby
Eric Bescoby - 1 year ago
Nice videos. Thanks. What brand and size of dinghy do you have and what motor? I’ve on N4029 and in the throws of a dinghy quandary. We could take this of this site if you’d email me at
Astrodiver 1
Astrodiver 1 - 1 year ago
Great video tour! I was on a Nordhavn 43 a few months ago ( also a 2004 ) I just want to say that yours looks like new compared to the one I was on. We love the layout of the 43 but it's just too small for us, I can't stand up in most of it. Is the dry stack original and stainless?
rnordquest - 1 year ago
Dry stack is a Nordhavn feature.
Greg Farrell
Greg Farrell - 1 year ago
You have a very nice vessel but, it is a Nordhavn! I am so envious! lol
Westsideguy - 1 year ago
Great tour! We live in the same city, and have boats at the same place (EBM), small world. A boater-friend of mine in Seattle told me about your channel! I’m not sure what my next boat will be but I can sense a change coming as I’d like to be out longer and have more creature comforts. This seems like a great boat, but might be more than I’m willing to spend at this time. Thank you for making the time to do a video tour of your boat, she’s lovely! Cheers!
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Wow, small world for sure. If you see us in passing be sure to say hello! We love to meet other boaters, especially others at EBM. Happy Holiday boating!
aasailor - 1 year ago
Love your video. The 43 is what id like to find, but first need to sell the house in Astoria. One question. Are you friends of Bill? Pillows kind of made me think so.
Mr. FE Dalmatia
Mr. FE Dalmatia - 1 year ago
@hbmtr hbmtr likewise since 2005 January 8th
hbmtr hbmtr
hbmtr hbmtr - 1 year ago
Mr. FE Dalmatia not making assumptions. Was just asking. Thx for the advice. Been there done that.
Mr. FE Dalmatia
Mr. FE Dalmatia - 1 year ago
Did u do ur 4th step
Mr. FE Dalmatia
Mr. FE Dalmatia - 1 year ago
@hbmtr hbmtr why would u...they don't look the type of alcholics and look very healthy. ..the pillow was just serenity not the serenity prayer...btw do ur 4th step...
Mr. FE Dalmatia
Mr. FE Dalmatia - 1 year ago
@MV Freedom he's taking about ur serenity pillow and AA has the serenity prayer...he think ur ex alcholics...
hbmtr hbmtr
hbmtr hbmtr - 1 year ago
aasailor I thought the same. I know bill
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Thanks for watching! Bill...not sure! Does he have a Nordy in Seattle? We've been meeting so many great Nordhavn owners since we purchase Freedom but not sure if we've met Bill.
Sverre Koxvold
Sverre Koxvold - 1 year ago
S Newland
S Newland - 1 year ago
Top notch tour, you two! Thanks for sharing.
jeffzee - 1 year ago
That is a great boat. Wonderful layout, it seems so much bigger than 43 ft!
It would be cool to see a video of your start up procedures and maybe also some footage of handling the boat in the marina.
Robert Meyer
Robert Meyer - 1 year ago
I’d be interested in gph at various speeds and when you were in rollers off the west coast of Vancouver how did she handle, any surfing down those waves or deviation in course?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
we'll put that on our list for a future video, great idea!
Rod Buster
Rod Buster - 1 year ago
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta!
Rod Buster
Rod Buster - 1 year ago
@MV Freedom Yes sir! That beat is undeniable! I started rocking as soon as it came on and was waiting for the lyrics, a bat and a copier!
Melissa Hamilton- Cruising Circadia
Melissa Hamilton- Cruising Circadia - 1 year ago
Oh BTW: 3 is the best number!
Melissa Hamilton- Cruising Circadia
Melissa Hamilton- Cruising Circadia - 1 year ago
Thank you for the tour. I can tell that you love the boat.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Melissa Hamilton we sure do love it!
ThisIsGordonMiller - 1 year ago
Fantastic tour! The way you filmed it really gives a sense of the space and flow. Did the layout of the N43 sell you over the N40?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
ThisIsGordonMiller yes we loved the 43 much more than the 40 as the 43 is perfect for 2 adults and 2 dogs. It is surprisingly VERY spacious. When we were on the 40, we felt like it was a bit tight and not something we’d feel comfortable in for years to come. Thanks for watching!
Peter Merritt
Peter Merritt - 1 year ago
I’ve watched quite a few boat tours, this was far and away the best. Your relaxed and informative style was a pleasure to watch. Thanks for taking the time to make this video.
justsomeguy - 11 months ago
@Alan Fay "then"
Alan Fay
Alan Fay - 1 year ago
Well you'd be the expert than!
Captain Simic
Captain Simic - 1 year ago
george lambertson
george lambertson - 1 year ago
Wow very nice Boat the lay out seems easy to use and someone on board is a bit type A personality we can see how the Scott paper towels are perfectly lined the Engine room mine you...gotta love it be safe vlogs are great ...
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
george lambertson good observation about Cap, he loves the boat more than anything and works diligently to keep it in tip top shape! Thanks for watching!
Sverre Koxvold
Sverre Koxvold - 1 year ago
Great tour. Your love of the boat is evident. Blessings on your journeys.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Sverre Koxvold thanks for watching and the nice note! We all love it, boat dogs and all!
Captain Puget
Captain Puget - 1 year ago
Maybe you've been asked this before, but what do you two do for a living to be able to do this at a young age. And good for you.
Judd _S
Judd _S - 1 year ago
I hear they are cheese tycoons from Wisconsin courting Starbucks for their string cheese business! Will know if they get it when a Nordhavn 55 shows up.
Edward Massengale
Edward Massengale - 1 year ago
Beautiful boat, thank you for the tour.
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Thank you for watching. Glad you enjoyed!
steve davis
steve davis - 1 year ago
Thanks so much for the informative tour.  One thing you didn't mention is what is the approximate range given the 1200 gal. of fuel?
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
We get approx. 3500-4000 nautical miles on a tank, so we could get to Hawaii!
MV Freedom
MV Freedom - 1 year ago
Glad you enjoyed the video. The range is approximately 2500 - 4000 nautical miles depending on the speed ranging from 8.5 - 5.5 knots respectively. Thanks for watching!

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Reef tank

29 Gallon Reef Tank - Detailed Tour!

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In this video I introduce you to my tank system as well as its happy inhabitants. All compliments and criticisms are...


Fish Room Tour! Altum Angelfish, Discus, Blue...

222 likes 20,357 views 3 years ago

Here's the second update of my little fish room, filmed on 5/12/17. Lot's of exciting new fish, as well as old...

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