The "Covered" Splashdown Boat at Duinrell in The Netherlands!

Would you prefer a "covered" splashdown boat or an "open" one? Comment below!

The "Covered" Splashdown Boat at Duinrell in The Netherlands! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 39

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Would you prefer a "covered" splashdown boat or an "open" one? Comment below!

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for The "Covered" Splashdown Boat at Duinrell in The Netherlands!

Tracey Beerling
Tracey Beerling - 1 year ago
Looks fun with or without depending on the weather really xxx
Ice Ice Booey
Ice Ice Booey - 1 year ago
Would love to hotbox the shit out of that thing.
Alif N
Alif N - 1 year ago
0:43 covered boat, cause I never tried a covered boat.....
Dion Luk
Dion Luk - 1 year ago
Is duinwel good for adults or just better for kids?
Twaney Dillard
Twaney Dillard - 1 year ago
How do you feel today what on the roller coaster log flume whatever this thing is called
Robert's Channel
Robert's Channel - 1 year ago
Amsterdam Calling
Amsterdam Calling - 1 year ago
Bring back Perilous Plunge to Knott’s Berry Farm!
Oliver Bollmann
Oliver Bollmann - 1 year ago
Wow, that thing moves a tonne of water in splashdown... a ride where the spectators can get more wet than you. :D
Anna - 1 year ago
Covered for sure! I love rides like this but not getting soaked!

10. comment for The "Covered" Splashdown Boat at Duinrell in The Netherlands!

JDog4976 - 1 year ago
Now this is the type of splash ride I could enjoy
AzizTSM - 1 year ago
OldsVistaCruiser - 1 year ago
Hey, Knoebels - you might want to think about adding a third (closed) boat to Skloosh!!
Superior Court
Superior Court - 1 year ago
I wonder if they will ever make it home
Jennyverse - 1 year ago
I'd love to go on that! Really unusual!
Bradley Wright
Bradley Wright - 1 year ago
That would be my favorite water ride. You don't get wet
Lilo 5626
Lilo 5626 - 1 year ago
Is this ride at a normal park or water park
Dennis Veenma
Dennis Veenma - 1 year ago
It is a park with rides and a few coasters and it has a big indoor pool with lots of big and small cool slides its called duinrell
Carla Dickerson
Carla Dickerson - 1 year ago
I'd like to get splashed!
Alex Hermann
Alex Hermann - 1 year ago
It’s so weird cause like since there no wind everyone’s hair just stays in one place and it kind of bothers me
Daniel Goldberg
Daniel Goldberg - 1 year ago
I wanna ride without the cover!

20. comment for The "Covered" Splashdown Boat at Duinrell in The Netherlands!

Francis Nguyen
Francis Nguyen - 1 year ago
I saw the Shoot the Chutes in Mt. Fuji Highland in Japan.
Vincent George
Vincent George - 1 year ago
Uncovered of course
An Interesting Penguin
An Interesting Penguin - 1 year ago
It kinda defeats the purpose of rides like this to offer a way to ride without getting wet.
The Un-Known Musician
The Un-Known Musician - 1 year ago
I went in this.
OldsVistaCruiser - 1 year ago
The first Dutch word I ever learned describes your country: "mooie" (beautiful). As your king likes to say, "If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much." I really like Willem-Alexander - he's a really cool guy.
Robert Kosko
Robert Kosko - 1 year ago
I’m glad they have options. if it was ALL covered or ALL regular, that’s where I would say, “why?”
Michel Colet
Michel Colet - 1 year ago
Plushblue EP
Plushblue EP - 1 year ago
Talk about a car wash taken to a whole new level!
Freekyeight - 1 year ago
Isn't the whole point of a water ride is the chance of getting wet? lol I don't necessarily like getting drenched all the time but i think that is part of the fun when on a water ride.
Chris Caspers
Chris Caspers - 1 year ago
Definitely the closed roof boat.

30. comment for The "Covered" Splashdown Boat at Duinrell in The Netherlands!

Car_enthuzust_for_life on ig
Car_enthuzust_for_life on ig - 1 year ago
im not a fan of water rides so this is perfect for me because you get the experience of a normal water ride just without getting covered in water
ayaz ahmed
ayaz ahmed - 1 year ago
Awesome thanks
Scott Coleman
Scott Coleman - 1 year ago
When your convertible top won't open anymore
Vincent Accetta
Vincent Accetta - 1 year ago
this is flex tape clear "The inside is completely dry"
Androgeos Exeunt
Androgeos Exeunt - 1 year ago
Imagine if the bridge also had the covered/uncovered option...
Kelsey Clark
Kelsey Clark - 1 year ago
What a waist of a good ride... it’s a water ride you are supposed to get wet!! Definitely go uncovered!!!
Theheroneeded Willette
Theheroneeded Willette - 1 year ago
If I can experience it without getting drenched then I love it.
Jay Kay
Jay Kay - 1 year ago
That’s cool
Crescendo Waves
Crescendo Waves - 1 year ago
That's no fun. Can't feel the air rushing past your face
tu z
tu z - 1 year ago
sushifornico - 1 year ago
I think during hot summer I prefer a wet ride, but would try the closed one too
Railfan Andrew
Railfan Andrew - 1 year ago
I'd go on the covered boat
NewsMan 95
NewsMan 95 - 1 year ago
Yggdrasil - 1 year ago
Welcome to Jurassic Park...
SweetCaroline1990 - 1 year ago
The tarp idea is absolutely brilliant! No more squeaky sneakers (hopefully)!
Louis Jost
Louis Jost - 1 year ago
That looks awesome. My mom would definitely enjoy this because she hates getting her hair wet on flume rides like this.
i dunno but yay
i dunno but yay - 1 year ago
Fun Factory
Fun Factory - 1 year ago
Covered in winter, but uncovered in summer
Rosio H
Rosio H - 1 year ago
I like this Covered Ride better... It looks So Fun, I've never been in a Ride like this one
Éric Dugas
Éric Dugas - 1 year ago
I don't know if there will be «covered» boats for Disney's water rides (splash mountain, grizzly river rapids, roaring rapids, etc.).

50. comment for The "Covered" Splashdown Boat at Duinrell in The Netherlands!

Thunder Dash
Thunder Dash - 1 year ago
Great if you're riding with the wedding party and you don't wanna get wet.
David Ng
David Ng - 1 year ago
Oh yeah I remember this. I also remember the Japanese Shoot the Chutes.
Dudhhr McDudhhr
Dudhhr McDudhhr - 1 year ago
Would you choose “unnecessary quotes?”
Stevy A7x
Stevy A7x - 1 year ago
Hb u tell me one ??
Orendi96 - 1 year ago
Should replace the word Covered with Coward
Zodayn - 1 year ago
This is a really good ride, pretty tall and you do slightly come out of your seat when it drops. The open one leaves you absolutely drenched by the way.
Davi Elias
Davi Elias - 1 year ago
Train troublemaker Boi
Train troublemaker Boi - 1 year ago

I am in pure shok
1-Up Remixes
1-Up Remixes - 1 year ago
Jayanta Mukharjee
Jayanta Mukharjee - 1 year ago
Another good video.
Love from Far away India.
Ramon Valencia
Ramon Valencia - 1 year ago
Thats so cool!!
GOGYS - 1 year ago
no views first comment
Ramon Valencia
Ramon Valencia - 1 year ago
Live ur vids
Ramon Valencia
Ramon Valencia - 1 year ago

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