Understanding Aluminum Welded Boats

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DEEREMEYER1 - 3 years ago
Those water separators really going to get water out of the gas going to those outboards? Generally fuel-water separators are only of much use in diesel fuel systems.
DEEREMEYER1 - 3 years ago
So where does the "bow" start?
DEEREMEYER1 - 3 years ago
Hmm. I thought sheet metal thickness was designated in "gauge" rather than "fractiomals". What do the "specs" say about aluminum boats in saltwater?
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith - 3 years ago
Great presentation! Thanks.
pseudopetrus - 3 years ago
I like wood boats!
lore lore
lore lore - 4 years ago
Oscar Zamora
Oscar Zamora - 4 years ago
05:22 persistent chem trails and they're right there in full view.
carcio santos
carcio santos - 4 years ago
what's up buddy? Is your aluminum welding boat being eaten skin salty? because the marsia is eating mine, especially the welds
DIY Tutorials And More
DIY Tutorials And More - 3 years ago
carcio santos are you talking about that flakey whit corrosion if so they have used a more weld filler however to help prevent and delay this by years is to put a nylic coating its a special clear
Sorin Petcu
Sorin Petcu - 4 years ago
I understand you are making super boats and you are a super dude (or vice-versa), but what's the deal that I can't open your website from Romania? Maybe you only sell your spaceships on Mars? Is it that trying to get perfection, leads to paranoia? It certainly did, dude! Who wants to buy a life saving s...t, from a paranoic, though...
Back Waters and Back Roads
Back Waters and Back Roads - 4 years ago
What on earth are you talking about ?
Maury Ginsburg
Maury Ginsburg - 4 years ago
Sorin Petcu
They were scared the Roma would steal the website :D

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Stuntman Mike
Stuntman Mike - 4 years ago
3:20 opens a beer
aerial zorrilla
aerial zorrilla - 4 years ago
no he didn't
CastFromTheHip - 4 years ago
Awesome, thanks!
Russ G
Russ G - 4 years ago
It's pronounced "gunnel" not "gun-wale!'
DIY Tutorials And More
DIY Tutorials And More - 3 years ago
Russ G it is called both there’s spelling for both gunnel and gunwhale I prefer gunnel its in the dictionary
Rick Campbell
Maury Ginsburg
Maury Ginsburg - 4 years ago
He's an American! He he not expected to have an understanding of English! Or geography!
Ünal Gün
Ünal Gün - 4 years ago
jechu r
jechu r - 4 years ago
serious chemtrails
gumby 8888
gumby 8888 - 4 years ago
well when you get a trade in that you can sale for around 5k let me know
Uriah Keating
Uriah Keating - 4 years ago
Only doctors can afford these.
Kirk Williams
Kirk Williams - 4 years ago
Not try at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Canada First Party
The Canada First Party - 4 years ago
I want one of these ; there very nice for our west coast waters
Edward L.
Edward L. - 5 years ago
Thank you. I purchased an Edge Marine OS 23 after comparing it with the North River sea hawk 22. The Edge had a much better ride, turned sharper without cavitating , and is a much better looking boat. Also came with a built-in radar tower/rocket launcher, transom door and crab davit that costs extra on the NR
Gerrell Bradshaw
Gerrell Bradshaw - 4 years ago
Is Edge Marine still in business?
FELLAGET TUNIS - 5 years ago

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Thomas Van den heuvel
Thomas Van den heuvel - 5 years ago
is the aluminum used on a 60 ft boat also 0.25 inch?
万古刀 - 4 years ago
sure not, but not huge of different. It also uses different thick of al board for different part of boat.
Andrew Ooms
Andrew Ooms - 5 years ago
thank you for the informational video. helped me out a lot
alanna Partin
alanna Partin - 5 years ago
To bad North River Boats are OVER RATED for what they CLAIM they are

a equal dollar Fiberglass is actually STRONGER
biaggiwins - 3 years ago
@Shelby Pickenpaugh I'll take that bet
Matt Akridge
Matt Akridge - 4 years ago
wcresponder because of weight and cost. fiberglass is also a very slow process. the yard I work at produces a 450ft aluminum trimaran every 6 months, does it make it stronger, no!
wcresponder - 4 years ago
Why aren't warships made from fibreglass?
wcresponder - 4 years ago
ysesq - 5 years ago
until you run over some logs or rocks and sink your plastic toy.
Shelby Pickenpaugh
Shelby Pickenpaugh - 5 years ago
WRONG MrAmerican.... A .250 sheet aluminum will BREAK LONG before same weight in glass composite
MrAmerican - 5 years ago
False I am sure everyone that has dealed with bolth materials will agree with me

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