"Alone Together": Singlehanded Sailing, LA to Hawaii and Return.

2017 voyage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5m9yT06Khg ; The book: "Alone Together: Sailing Solo to Hawaii and Beyond" at Amazon.com ; "Book Trailer" video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY3GFaHwRAA Cruise of the Ericson 32-3 "Thelonious", Los Angeles to Kaua'i. Twenty days out, 28 days back in a year of hurricanes and a stationary North Pacific high. Video on the Sailomat steering vane: http://www.ericsonyachts.org/infoexchange/entry.php?217-Offshore-with-the-2014-Sailomat-Wind-Vane-Video

"Alone Together": Singlehanded Sailing, LA to Hawaii and Return. sentiment_very_dissatisfied 145

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2017 voyage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5m9yT06Khg ; The book: "Alone Together: Sailing Solo to Hawaii and Beyond" at Amazon.com ; "Book Trailer" video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY3GFaHwRAA Cruise of the Ericson 32-3 "Thelonious", Los Angeles to Kaua'i. Twenty days out, 28 days back in a year of hurricanes and a stationary North Pacific high. Video on the Sailomat steering vane: http://www.ericsonyachts.org/infoexchange/entry.php?217-Offshore-with-the-2014-Sailomat-Wind-Vane-Video

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darby byrd
darby byrd - 5 years ago
I just finished the book, "AMAZING" thanks Christian for sharing!
Rosik Assatourian
Rosik Assatourian - 4 years ago
darby byrd will
M isterM
M isterM - 5 years ago
got it - thx Christian!
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
ON Amazon and Audible. Here's a "trailer": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY3GFaHwRAA
M isterM
M isterM - 5 years ago
what book??
Danny B
Danny B - 4 years ago
Great video, i have watched more than once, and equally entertaining every time. I am planning to own my own boat, and sail away. someday not too far off.
6r4metroman - 4 years ago
Amazing... :-) Such a wonderful vlog, love your dry sense of humor...
Werner Runge
Werner Runge - 4 years ago
Great video. Great narration! Loved it.
SoloSail Boat
SoloSail Boat - 4 years ago
untie and shove off, Very well said! nothing better!
I never like seeing the destination, I want to just keep going.
996601 996601
996601 996601 - 4 years ago
Step aboard, untie the lines, and shove off. Do it again and again...⛵️
Dara Sugrue
Dara Sugrue - 4 years ago
Just finished the audio book for the second time. Also read the book. Makes me feel the my own aspirations are possible with the right attitude and an all important sense of humour. Cheers C!
Mike Scala
Mike Scala - 4 years ago
I have watched your video about 20 times and I still get a chuckle every time.  When you stir your cocktail with your rigging knife for that shrimp fishy taste, I loose It.  Christian, it takes a set of big ones to sail by  your self and travel the distances you have traveled.  Kudos to you Captain, and I enjoy this video more each time I watch it.  Thank You,  stay healthy, and fair winds.
Jeff Koogs
Jeff Koogs - 4 years ago
Sigh, sounds just like the FAA. As a pilot if anything doesn't work on your airplane you can't fly, even if it's a cigarette lighter. My instructor landed at an airport and noticed an FAA inspector was there and immediately took off. A friend of ours was at the airport and was written up for something minor. My instructor stated that it is easy to overlook something and they will find it. It turns out the our parachute was expired which would have resulted in a fine.

10. comment for "Alone Together": Singlehanded Sailing, LA to Hawaii and Return.

Saptarshi Mondal
Saptarshi Mondal - 4 years ago
very funny man ...I like you sir
Tramb0x - 4 years ago
Nice dancing moves! :D
Jacob - 4 years ago
Love your work, and love the chilled but informative style.  Great work, Christian :)
A & S Forest
A & S Forest - 4 years ago
Great video good for you all the best in future sales
Denver Sailors
Denver Sailors - 4 years ago
Watched this video again after reading your book. When do you sail to Florida via Panama to deliver Thelonious II to her new home (my dock!)? Very entertained by your wise and humorous tales. Thank you!
solar clapson
solar clapson - 4 years ago
Greg Stone
Greg Stone - 4 years ago
Jolly good show matey
alan burns
alan burns - 4 years ago
your videos are great, I'll need to purchase the book
John Doe
John Doe - 4 years ago
Nice video. Good and steady pictures! Thank you!
john Fetzer
john Fetzer - 4 years ago
All I have to say is that you have balls ,,, never sailed , but if I did you would be the guy to show me. Congrad's on the trip !!!!!!!!!!!!!

20. comment for "Alone Together": Singlehanded Sailing, LA to Hawaii and Return.

Lukasz Grzybowski
Lukasz Grzybowski - 4 years ago
Great movie, I'm jealous
elimonjal - 4 years ago
thank you from San Diego. beautiful video.
dona read
dona read - 4 years ago
ianqv - 4 years ago
Awesome video.... inspiring!
PeRMaFROST - 4 years ago
wow...this dude is a role model to me!
Bry B
Bry B - 4 years ago
I find this video very insulting. To listen to that music, music I never heard of and having to watch you dance on top of your boat like a monkey was more than I could stand. And watching you play the stove like a set of drums, what are you a teenager.... AND if you believe that I am serious you are really guillilble and know that I think this was an amazing video and was only joking with my make believe insults.. really enjoyed your video.
David NCW
David NCW - 4 years ago
Had me going! lol
Bug Guy
Bug Guy - 4 years ago
Excellent video! Thank you sir for posting!
Björn Bergerheim
Björn Bergerheim - 4 years ago
What boat is it? I like the layout inside.
Odocksailing - 4 years ago
Thelonius is, I just discovered, a few slips away from me in the Everett Wa Port of Everett Marina. Now Makana. It is a small world. It was pointed out to me by my friend who has an Ericson 38, Pilot Project, and knows of you and your exploits from the Ericson website. Very nice video of your trip and congrats on the same trip on the new E38.
Tony Two Toes
Tony Two Toes - 4 years ago
where did you keep the fishing poles?
John Dagher
John Dagher - 4 years ago
Great adventure indeed!, I hope one day I can do a similar one. Cheers.

30. comment for "Alone Together": Singlehanded Sailing, LA to Hawaii and Return.

zach webber
zach webber - 4 years ago
I get chills from the your narration. I would say inspiring.
Michael Busby
Michael Busby - 4 years ago
your great ! dam flares!
J. C B
J. C B - 4 years ago
Your one heck of a narrator, enjoyed very much
Alberto Mario
Alberto Mario - 4 years ago
Sombitch~ I just saw the million+ views! Wow! But more impressive was the sail. That was quite a treat. Thanks for the video and will see your second trip in a second. Oh, and are you really 78 like Brian Griffin says?
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 4 years ago
Yes, in four years.
A PIRATE'S LIFE - 4 years ago
Wow. Well done. I'm getting getting a wind vane for sure now
fernysyoutube - 4 years ago
898voltaire - 4 years ago
My second of your videos..., and hooked again by the quiet and calm unfold of events...thanks Christian...
Deckie Deckie
Deckie Deckie - 4 years ago
Temistocles would be proud....
Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin - 4 years ago
I guess you are 78 now. Are you still able to sail?
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 4 years ago
Safe Sailing
Safe Sailing - 4 years ago
A modern day poet and philosopher plus valued sailing wisdom. Can't say enough good things. BTW, luv the teapot rhythms.
Sailing SV ANNA MAY - 4 years ago
We also have Ericson sailboat. We always refer to your videos in case we have a question regarding the boat. Hopefully one day we will be knowledgeable enough to do something similar. You are amazing sailor! Thank you for your videos.
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 4 years ago
Please join us at the Ericson Yachts Forum: http://www.ericsonyachts.org/infoexchange/forum.php
carapungo - 4 years ago
What a great documentary. Thanks for sharing.
Cptnxavier - 4 years ago
Wow! What a great adventure. An example to follow. Greetings from México.
Dustin Trinklein
Dustin Trinklein - 4 years ago
The amount of patience you have is inspirational and unbelievable. I would have had a few meltdowns haha. Awesome tale!
cntrailrider - 4 years ago
Thanks for sharing your journey Christian. And your mindset, moods, challenges losses & victories. Very well done - I sure enjoyed it.
Zone Television
Zone Television - 4 years ago
What are your thoughts on something like a Freedom "Cat-Ketch" vessel ?
MultiContrail - 4 years ago
I’m in the planning stages of sailing my Hunter 49 across the North Pacific from San Diego to Hilo. Thank you for sharing your experience, what a great video.
Ed Woiszwillo
Ed Woiszwillo - 4 years ago
Thoroughly enjoyed this video, makes me want to get back on my 36' ketch and head down to the Caribbean, but alas, she's buttoned up for the winter. Come on Spring!
Zachary Blanchard
Zachary Blanchard - 4 years ago
I have a question at night would you just run autopilot and go to sleep, or would you anchor can you anchor out there?
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 4 years ago
The ocean is 3 miles deep, no ship can anchor. Singlehanders sleep an hour or two at a time while the boat sails 24 hours a day.
Zachary Blanchard
Zachary Blanchard - 4 years ago
I know you can but, do most people have enough line for that?
Daniel Patterson
Daniel Patterson - 4 years ago
Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to following your lead.

50. comment for "Alone Together": Singlehanded Sailing, LA to Hawaii and Return.

Lisa Lawhorn
Lisa Lawhorn - 4 years ago
I've been listening to the audio book. Took me only a short time to catch on to the rhythm of your reading and I find it very enjoyable. I catch myself laughing out loud quite routinely. Very cool to see the video of your voyage, thanks for sharing!
Matthew M
Matthew M - 4 years ago
This is a great video .. almost professionally done and produced. In particular, I like that the cuts have the length they should have .... unlike these hyper-nervous half-second cuts of videos promoting races in a more "action"-like scenario.
One shot is of a Kubrick-ian aesthetic: the one taken from the submerged camera, showing the hull from below shimmering in the big blue.
My Cebu
My Cebu - 4 years ago
Christian, what model wind vane auto pilot did you use?
Sailing Brothers
Sailing Brothers - 4 years ago
such a great video!
J Podolski
J Podolski - 4 years ago
very nice clip..educational too. I got contessa 26 and hope to voyage a bit..
What is your self steer windvane? Are you happy with it?
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 4 years ago
2014 Sailomat. All the modern windvanes work well. Avoid 20-year-old specimens from somebody's garage. See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gEJ3RJYiYc
Random Everything
Random Everything - 4 years ago
the "COST" guard. prepare to be fined... i mean boarded.
lysippus - 4 years ago
My compliments to the chef... author, thinker, engineer, captain, sailor, crew-mate, philosopher, etc.. Just finished the book, and re-viewed this video. Wonderful, thanks.
Shawn Munger
Shawn Munger - 4 years ago
John Tibbits is a friend of mine from WA state.
Glad you got to meet him.
Sailing offshore in a couple of years on " Cloud Duster" a Mariner 32 Ketch out of Olympia Wa.
Hawaii, and beyond.
Great video, thanks for sharing.
Very enjoyable!
Fair Winds
josmau12 - 4 years ago
GEezzzzz. those alarm sound in this video. wide awake now
Pi Zen
Pi Zen - 4 years ago
fair winds, much respect!
Nigell Butlerrr
Nigell Butlerrr - 4 years ago
USE  A small spinnaker,less rollllllllllllllllll
Edward Swafford
Edward Swafford - 4 years ago
I watched this (unknowingly) on Thelonius Monk's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tony Clo
Tony Clo - 4 years ago
What a great video. Thanks.
Wandering Goliard
Wandering Goliard - 4 years ago
Just an unbelievably great video. Thank you so much. And the greatest respect to you and your endeavour.
Joe Kiernan
Joe Kiernan - 4 years ago
Christian, you so absolutely nailed it! Your video was so well put together. That bow of a partially sunk fishing boat is going to give me nightmares. A friend and I made that trip to and from Seattle in 2013 on my Alajuela 38. You totally caught the ambience? of the journey! Night watch was looking for lights and communing with a higher power. Sounds stupid now, but wasn't at O dark thirty for 43 night RT.

Schpankme Verimuch
Schpankme Verimuch - 4 years ago
Congratulations on 1+ million views for this video.
Thomas Norman
Thomas Norman - 4 years ago
Jack O' Keeffe
Jack O' Keeffe - 4 years ago
You should have brought a big bag of weed with you, a months worth of munchies, a load of beer and a woman! NOW THATS A GOOD JOURNEY!!
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 4 years ago
NOW you tell me.
Ribavirin9 - 4 years ago
Do this with your family. It will be more inspiring
aadmonk - 4 years ago
What a wonderful journey.Thanks for sharing.
Tetraskele - 4 years ago
Real sailing video. Way to go. Loved your Halyard tool. Have to anticipate that one! : )
Juan Munoz
Juan Munoz - 4 years ago
Great video! Love the humor!!
Kamakiriad66 - 4 years ago
Christian, I notice you don't like equipping dodgers on your boats. Is there a reason for that?
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 4 years ago
It's a luxury not to have to have a dodger. Some climates and crews require them, but they constrict line and winch access, block the view, add windage and to my mind ruin the look of most boats. Many people have never even sailed without one and don;t know what they're missing.
NuffSedEntertainment - 4 years ago
Your Latin dancing MADE this video for me!!!! Thanx
ruckuss12000 ruckuss
ruckuss12000 ruckuss - 4 years ago
so you found the Erickson blue water capable enough for this journey ? did you find it lacking in any respect , i am just curious its nice to see you dont need a million dollar boat to make such a trip
ruckuss12000 ruckuss
ruckuss12000 ruckuss - 4 years ago
dancing at sea , awesome lol
Patrick Maley
Patrick Maley - 4 years ago
Great videos! I'm taking sailing lessons next month and plan on buying a boat soon and they're getting me pretty stoked
George Hand
George Hand - 4 years ago
Thank you for the video, I like your sense of humor and your explanations!,
glorifyhymn - 4 years ago
Awesome video! Thanks!
W3t Wat3r
W3t Wat3r - 4 years ago
I am motivated to buy your book, what an epic!
TexanDog - 4 years ago
Fantastic video! Thanks for sharing!
SirMo - 4 years ago
Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing!
David Cataldo
David Cataldo - 4 years ago
I'm curious? when  / how long do you sleep ? boat on auto pilot? keep getting different answers
Emex Raw
Emex Raw - 4 years ago
What a Great Video of an awesome one of a Time Adventure! All the best for you!
Andrew Van Dellen
Andrew Van Dellen - 4 years ago
As cool as it gets in my book. Thanks for sharing a way to be a class act. It's appreciated.
billiondollardan - 4 years ago
that dancing... LOL nice
michael d
michael d - 4 years ago
A long crossing is  quite an experience! Its all you! Prevent prevent prevent!
Robert Orzech
Robert Orzech - 4 years ago
That was some incredible footage with you up at the bow and the  cam straight at the sun riding the big waves. Those scenes are spectacular and very moving.
STEPHEN PORTER - 4 years ago
why did you take the other vid down I was half way through it?
STEPHEN PORTER - 4 years ago
Christian Williams Christian, thanx, watched it again. We're moving on to a catameran in feb once construction is competed, would love to give you a tour if my previous boat, USS TUCSON
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 4 years ago
Sorry, issues with audio levels. It is now republished here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5m9yT06Khg
R C - 4 years ago
very well produced videos on this channel...and of course fascinating content. Did you not fish on this trip?
Pat Gagne
Pat Gagne - 4 years ago
Awesome video. Thanks for sharing.
juan valdiviezo
juan valdiviezo - 4 years ago
Great content love your videos keep up loading
museen holivay
museen holivay - 4 years ago
Such great narration!! I cannot wait to sail the oceans blue as you have.
J Altenburg
J Altenburg - 4 years ago
Christian, thank you. I really appreciate what you accomplished and documented. Have to mention, I loved seeing the burned toast...
Diane S
Diane S - 4 years ago
What an incredible trip! Thanks so much for sharing. What model Ericson is Thelonious if you don't mind me asking?
Vinnie Sabino
Vinnie Sabino - 4 years ago
Wow, brilliant video and inspirational narrative, follow Delos but this was so enjoyable, you are a single handed hero
MrCitizen14 - 4 years ago
Fantastic! One of the best things I've ever seen on YouTube.
Ayhan ilter
Ayhan ilter - 4 years ago
Very nice. I enjoyed watch this video. Thanks.
Greg Colin
Greg Colin - 4 years ago
Dancing was awesome! Great video!
mk83fkk - 4 years ago
Amazing sailing, beautiful video although I would suggested to wear a life vest.
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 4 years ago
Solo sailors hook in. Life jacket only prolongs a situation.

100. comment for "Alone Together": Singlehanded Sailing, LA to Hawaii and Return.

Dizzy Fritz
Dizzy Fritz - 4 years ago
Nicely done! Great film.
peter mcewen
peter mcewen - 4 years ago
Great video. I learnt a thing or two as well> Superb dancing .
Yerrol Yerrol
Yerrol Yerrol - 4 years ago
Hi Christian congratulations to you!!!
I am from Italy and I am sailor in the mediterranean sea. Wich kind of boat is yours? How many cruise have you done alone? See you!
Pacem Terris
Pacem Terris - 4 years ago
3:20 God is with you :)
Keith B
Keith B - 4 years ago
I was cited for no throwable while singlehanded as well as stowing expired flares with new ones. This was in international waters 200 miles out, not many boats. It's not that there's no one to throw it to you. It's in case you come across a swimmer! They waived my fines when I asked them to.
James Pitts
James Pitts - 4 years ago
Great job! I grew up in Santa Monica. Stepmother owned Casa Escobar Restaurant SM & Malibu. My dad worked for Ratner Bros. meats in SM for 30 years.  SAMOHI 1972. I only say this because I felt apart of your trip for whatever reason!? lol I own a FINN Olympic Class and 1959 Bell Boy 22 ft. my grandfather of Maine left me....Always loved sailing around Marina del Rey. 1980's. In 1990's I lived in Italy and Sailed Lago di Como near our home. Very difficult winds. Anyway, that was very gutsy what you did. I am a tough old Army Sergeant, Nato Command under General Al Haig but, do not think I'd take that risk. You did great. Read an entire book. Worked on your boat. laughed. Danced. and had a great time. Even met some new friends. Take good care. Congrats. Maybe I'll see you in Malibu sometime. I own the only 1981 T-Top Corvette (creamy color. borwn bottom. 2 tone) in Malibu and often go to PARADISE COVE where I grew up. Great memories. The waves use to be much better in SM and Malibu. Floor of ocean must have changed. Will Rogers SM had 6 foot waves in  1967. Today it is like a lake. Happy sailing.
William Applegate
William Applegate - 4 years ago
Just wondering how big is your boat in ft?
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 4 years ago
1985 Ericson 32-III (32 feet).
Derek Auret
Derek Auret - 4 years ago
thank you
Skylar - 4 years ago
Underwater Ally Productions
Underwater Ally Productions - 4 years ago
Fantastic video mate thoroughly enjoyed it! Cheers for the inspiration!
Tommy Johnson
Tommy Johnson - 4 years ago
Great story, just subscribed! @ 6:45, what radar are you running?
Ray Casey
Ray Casey - 4 years ago
omg... what a sage! what an adventurous soul. what an inspiration. bliss... follow your bliss and it will all come together. and just by being your blissful, actionable self... u pull everyone around you (and total strangers on the internet) up to your level of awareness.. awesome!
ilker tomruk
ilker tomruk - 4 years ago
Perfect (turkiye den selam )
Hayze Wolf
Hayze Wolf - 4 years ago
Wow! what an absolutely inspiring story, now I just have to take the journey myself. I love your video, thank you for sharing your experience!
Alalalalalalaallalalalal Alalalalalalaallalalalal
Alalalalalalaallalalalal Alalalalalalaallalalalal - 4 years ago
What a grand adventure. Good for you old fella!
Kevin Gorges
Kevin Gorges - 4 years ago
I admire you. I cant even imagine what it's like out there. Courage you definitely have. Must be so beautiful in solitude like that. God is so there. That's what I think you guys feel. That ocean is God and you're at His mercy.
Everett Padgett
Everett Padgett - 4 years ago
Whhh, your voyage was great! I was with you through the whole video
Ufuk Cehreli
Ufuk Cehreli - 4 years ago
Thank You Christian Williams::::::
Adrian Dye
Adrian Dye - 4 years ago
That was fantastic!
My FREE Frugal Homestead
My FREE Frugal Homestead - 4 years ago
That was some fancy Dancing on deck. Great adventure. Thank you for allowing me aboard.

Joseph Gatt
Joseph Gatt - 4 years ago
You're awesome man :)
abstractcritical - 4 years ago
Very inspiring. I did not intend to watch the entire video but I ended up doing just that ! What an amazing experience. That's truly living ! ! !
Jeff Storch
Jeff Storch - 5 years ago
Myles Nicholas
Myles Nicholas - 5 years ago
Where are all the fish?
Roger Andersen
Roger Andersen - 5 years ago
Great video. Loved it
Greg Bishop
Greg Bishop - 5 years ago
Good video
Turner Rentz
Turner Rentz - 5 years ago
" I think our boats can take us anywhere". Yes. True.
D-Gauss - 5 years ago
Loved, loved your little adventure, creative videography and narration ! Did the little birdie hitch a ride with you back to shore or did he fly off ?
BlankUberEverybody - 5 years ago
Enjoying this very much
Emre Gudzevic
Emre Gudzevic - 5 years ago
my dream :(
john hern
john hern - 5 years ago
what a great video! thank you so much!
Lora Tseytlin
Lora Tseytlin - 5 years ago
What boat is it? Looks like a 32ish coastal cruiser
melvin boyce
melvin boyce - 5 years ago
You mentioned never being truly being alone because of the people in your head, I imagine your Mother in the companionway doing the dishes as you and your brother tending the sails and your dad at the tiller crossed your mind a few times. I often do things by myself but I see old friends and family in many places, trees and clouds animals and things they loved. I have enjoyed your adventures and discussions greatly.
nikki price
nikki price - 5 years ago
I would love to do that before I pass away .you see I have lobular carcinoma breast cancer. and that would be a dream come true
Steve Utermahlen
Steve Utermahlen - 5 years ago
Ericson 32? Time going and coming? Been working on my Ericson 32 to do SF to Oahu. Any advice to do or not to do?
markriobr - 5 years ago
Pretty calm and smooth sail he had,,so cool
Joe surfer
Joe surfer - 5 years ago
That was a great video and a great story.
Dick Dixon
Dick Dixon - 5 years ago
I noted on another of your videos that I had just finished your book, Alone Together, and how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. This video compliments the book, or is it the other way round? Anyway, it seems I've known you for many years and yet, its only been a few months. It would be fun to enjoy a brew together and just talk about sailing and such things. Maybe one day.....
Orlando Paço
Orlando Paço - 5 years ago
Awesome! If you ever want to adopt a skipper!..
Daniele Cirigliano
Daniele Cirigliano - 5 years ago
How did you shoot those beautiful scenes beneath the water??
D-Gauss - 5 years ago
By placing the camera in an underwater housing and lowering it with a rope.
Jordon Edwards
Jordon Edwards - 5 years ago
Absolutely amazing... inspirational. Can't wait for this to leave my mind so maybe I might just find it again to watch all over.
FSEVENMAN - 5 years ago
very nice..
Carter forreal
Carter forreal - 5 years ago
this is so inspirational, thanks.
alphasxsignal - 5 years ago
Yep the boat will take you many places like the two on La Vagabonde, they are traveling the world.
alphasxsignal - 5 years ago
Should have a Ham radio on the boat and you could talk to people all over the world.
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Yep, all they need is a ham radio too.
Peter Klopfenstein
Peter Klopfenstein - 5 years ago
yep ... just great ! Thank's for sharing :-)
Depth Charged
Depth Charged - 5 years ago
My dream life, right here. One day...
Maaka McKinney
Maaka McKinney - 5 years ago
Thank you for sharing your adventure. Im going to be singlehandedly sailing Auckland New Zealand to Sydney Australia in 2018. Looking forward to the challenge and great challenge :) happy safe sailing mate :)
Bull Hippo
Bull Hippo - 5 years ago
I watch a lot of sailing videos , most of them I only watch once . Your video draws me back time and time again . Thank You for the great experience of being Human
Harry Draude
Harry Draude - 5 years ago
this was no Adventure this was a pilgrimage and I think all of us desire some form of what u did
may the love of the Almighty follow u always
metalgear386 - 5 years ago
just skip to 7:44
Nick Mayley
Nick Mayley - 5 years ago
Beautiful family, Christian.
Nick Mayley
Nick Mayley - 5 years ago
Beautiful family, Christian.
Nick Mayley
Nick Mayley - 5 years ago
Ds - 5 years ago
Im learning to sail on lake Michigan then plan on sailing the coast down to the gulf
gr8tgradNC1 - 5 years ago
Johnny Rocket
Johnny Rocket - 5 years ago
A H - 5 years ago
watching videos like this with a great narration and video showing your experience is so much more enjoyable than the usual bahamas, caribean videos of people larking about.

great inspirational video for anyone new who wants to learn how to sail. Thankyou for sharing
Brendan Nes
Brendan Nes - 5 years ago
this video made me realize my dream. thank you for taking the time to share with us your wonderful experience
Klaus Cartesius
Klaus Cartesius - 5 years ago
"What happens when a man of today's overconnected world sets off alone across the Pacific at the age of 71", says Amazon about the book. Well, Trump was 70 when elected, but he has a staff, alone at even 60 is risky...
Andy Brown
Andy Brown - 5 years ago
13:38 If you pause you see a bit of a huge wave there off the starboard distance -
Viking AJ
Viking AJ - 5 years ago
This has been a dream of mine to do for a long time
love the sea
No Nonsense Norseman
No Nonsense Norseman - 5 years ago
Not the most exciting sailing video on the internet ... but definitely one of top 5 favorites.
I miss my days of sailing ... the wind, the waves ... the boredom. ;)
Thank you for sharing this short journey with us.
Think it's time for me and my wife to find a boat, cut the lines, and set sail.
No Nonsense Norseman
No Nonsense Norseman - 5 years ago
Since I did .... I guess that's how I feel about and what I see in this video.
Are you saying that this "IS" , THE MOST EXCITING video on YouTube?
D-Gauss - 5 years ago
Must you begin your comment with a negative ?
Philip Schmidt
Philip Schmidt - 5 years ago
Looks like a really fun trip! :) I am looking forward to acquiring a sailboat of my own one day, when I graduate and get a job.
gavdav12 - 5 years ago
this video taught me about life
gavdav12 - 5 years ago
i just thought this video was so neat and very well made. congrats on a nice production and voyage of course
Billyboy - 5 years ago
I need to find a boat to jump on for a ca-hi trip!
Beachcheeka - 5 years ago
Thank you for sharing...
Baheej Ibrahim
Baheej Ibrahim - 5 years ago
You're so awesome ❤️
J J - 5 years ago
Great vid. enjoyed it.
brandon wallace
brandon wallace - 5 years ago
this is definitely me in 30yrs if I'm lucky enough to live til then that is.
mistertarg - 5 years ago
What a wonderful video! Well done, and thank you so much for creating and sharing this.
jojo methuselah
jojo methuselah - 5 years ago
Wonderful to wake up on a Sunday morning and find this in my feed. Thank you!
Håkon Nystrøm
Håkon Nystrøm - 5 years ago
Nice moves!!!
David L.
David L. - 5 years ago
This is epic. Thank you for sharing your adventure!
Ton Brochs
Ton Brochs - 5 years ago
There's nothing in the middle of the sea .... not even flies !!!!. Isn't it adorable ????
TODD ANDERSON - 5 years ago
Thoroughly enjoyed this video! Thank you!
Ilan Friedenbach
Ilan Friedenbach - 5 years ago
Which boat were you using there?
Neal Lojek
Neal Lojek - 5 years ago
This was absolutely fantastic
Don Utterback
Don Utterback - 5 years ago
what a great video appreciate it. .
captmack007 - 5 years ago
great vid I have a Mariner 40 in MdR, "Amethyst"
Sammy -Summer.de
Sammy -Summer.de - 5 years ago
nicht schlecht mit Sonnenschein und Sonnenschirm. =D
Schaut auch gerne auf meinen Kanal =D
ian codling
ian codling - 5 years ago
I sail my small 23 foot junk rig as often as situations allow. 17 times this year. 3 to 4 hours at a time,tide dependent,my creek is mud. I also run a video cam each time i'm out,for my own satisfaction and records. One day I would just love to go bigger and do something like you have done. Time will tell? I'm 79 this year ,but that seems an irrelevant issue.All the best. Great video.
J.R. Campbell
J.R. Campbell - 5 years ago
It may sound terrible but for years I've dreamed of leaving my family for a solo life sailing the seas. The call is truly tormenting for Minnesota country man. Maybe one day soon.
Julie McGillivray
Julie McGillivray - 5 years ago
I enjoyed your film very much. I appreciated your philosophizing, and your cinematography/video editing. Great job! Glad you weren't caught in those hurricanes, too. Good thing your steering pedestal failed!
greg - 5 years ago
is your boat your first choice?
what is your boat?
love your vid.
I'm envious
V35 James
V35 James - 5 years ago
Fantastic video. Fantastic journey. Fantastic message.
StreetTruckinTitan - 5 years ago
Not a better place to stretch your legs, relax and enjoy your time with your children than staying at the Hanalei Colony Resort. Stayed there last year in the most beautiful part of the island.
Loved this video.
James Thompson
James Thompson - 5 years ago
Enjoyed this far more than i thought i would. Thanks.
Christian von Winzland
Christian von Winzland - 5 years ago
Hey Christian... my name is Christian :D ahahaha NICE VID... good DANCE... ahahaha Greetings from Berlin / Germany
Matthew Coddington
Matthew Coddington - 5 years ago
Thank you Mr. Williams. I loved the entire video, especially your parting words at the end. Bravo.
ikonnica - 5 years ago
Love is Here to Stay? Reinhardt, too? Excellent choice of music for such a long trip. "Together we're going a long, long way."
Johannes Liechtenauer
Johannes Liechtenauer - 5 years ago
Christian, good on yer mate! From one salty sea dog to another! Great video.
Petra Horáková Krištofová
Petra Horáková Krištofová - 5 years ago
Just Amazing! Hi from Vienna (Austria/Europe)!
Russian USA
Russian USA - 5 years ago
Nevermind I just read it n description lol
Russian USA
Russian USA - 5 years ago
How big of a boat is this?
Russell Bendon
Russell Bendon - 5 years ago
Well done Sir. I have an Eastward-ho, and want to sail from New York to the Bahamas. Do you have any advise for me?
Mark Schroter
Mark Schroter - 5 years ago
I'll say it again, thank you for taking us along for the ride.
Soupdragon1964 - 5 years ago
This is great, thank-you. I could tell straight away that you're a blue water yachtsman by the high tech sat phone holder you've got!
Latetrain detectorist
Latetrain detectorist - 5 years ago
very well done sir!
southamericanredneck - 5 years ago
You are a fine, fine flamenco dancer. Keep it up.
john Vickers
john Vickers - 5 years ago
Great video, great book. Who's version is that of "love us here to stay" at 5:25. Your narration and musical choices are great too
john Vickers
john Vickers - 5 years ago
Thanks. I spent the morning trying to figure it out by going through youtube clips of Evans, Peterson, Breubeck, and Shearing. Not a bad way to spend the morning. Serves me right for being a sexist.
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Marian McPartland. Ain't she great?
joey b
joey b - 5 years ago
Wow, what an venture. Learned a lot from this. Want to do the same sail once the experience is there. Thank you for sharing you journey, Captain!!.
hp858 - 5 years ago
Excellent, thanks for sharing the adventure!
John Heavner
John Heavner - 5 years ago
I watched this for the second time tonight. Christian, you are as fine a writer as sailor. I hope life is treating you well.
rcpmac - 5 years ago
Nice rainbow at 3:22 . Thanks for the video.
James Bockenstette
James Bockenstette - 5 years ago
The best sailing video I have ever watched. It was engaging. No comments. A story well told.
Kirill Ryabov
Kirill Ryabov - 5 years ago
Awesome sailing. Clean beautiful hull.
M isterM
M isterM - 5 years ago
very very very very inspirational (u can tell i am a writer)
no frills, just following ur heart. luv it and luv ur dance!!!
dggf sddfdf
dggf sddfdf - 5 years ago
will edge
will edge - 5 years ago
What a great doc. Thanks.
Friends of The Jungle
Friends of The Jungle - 5 years ago
great bit inspiring me everyday
willie willaims
willie willaims - 5 years ago
Well done thank you, he's a crazy man dancing Haaaaa love it
Jordi Gadea
Jordi Gadea - 5 years ago
Great video, thanks so much!
Florence Powell
Florence Powell - 5 years ago
One of the best videos on singlehanded sailing I have seen with a very thoughtful and interesting commentary. Living in Kent, England I fear an Atlantic crossing would not be quite as enjoyable!
Matt Sweetnam
Matt Sweetnam - 5 years ago
Oscar C
Oscar C - 5 years ago
Loved every second of your video. If I may ask. Christian. How did you pick your windvane and did it ever cause your grief?
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
I just wanted to avoid the Monitor jungle gym. More on the Sailomat product here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gEJ3RJYiYc No grief. Any recent brand of vane will probably work fine. Avoid old bargain specimens that may be fatigued or missing parts.
I Showed him my dick and called him a fag
I Showed him my dick and called him a fag - 5 years ago
i would love to do this but 2 things

1 i hate deep water
2 ill kill myself if i had to spend all that time by myself with nothing to do lol
Ed Rosenberger
Ed Rosenberger - 5 years ago
I watched this video several years ago and just finished watching it again.....it was just as interesting and enjoyable as the first time.....thank you again Christian!
Kim Smith
Kim Smith - 5 years ago
Awesome Video!!
The Bay and Beyond Blog
The Bay and Beyond Blog - 5 years ago
One of the best sailing videos on YouTube! I remember watching this for the first time a couple years ago before the thought of seriously pursuing sailing and buying a boat were even ideas in our heads. Truly and inspiration!
Mark Gotham
Mark Gotham - 5 years ago
Tremendous Video and summary......A Life Lesson in soo many ways....Thank You, Mark S.F. Ca....( I race the Bay....Cal 34...)
Mikeb8134 - 5 years ago
You're a really cool man. Thank you for sharing sir.
William O'Connell
William O'Connell - 5 years ago
you are a man's man what a wonderful video and adventure much respect
sdimas73 - 5 years ago
Christian, I think a bicycle helmet is a good idea when sailing solo and working on deck.
Marc Van de Couch
Marc Van de Couch - 5 years ago
this is one of my favourite Videos on YouTube. watching it at least once a week. thank you for sharing your Adventure.
TodaysRealHealth TodaysRealHealth
TodaysRealHealth TodaysRealHealth - 5 years ago
Very cool, just wondering why your not using solar?
Gianni Reina
Gianni Reina - 5 years ago
Great video/story. Thanks for sharing.
Webwiz - 5 years ago
Well......Congratulations on your voyage! I hope it was a good experience, and I think it was. Sorry to see the steering column come apart on you! At least you were able to get back to shore ok.... arghhhh. I'm just now seeing your entertaining video. It's good to see you strapping yourself on when dancing on the deck! Also, good job rescuing the main halyard! I have really not searched for any Ericson videos prior to this, but I'm going to start watching them. I used to own a 30+ in Long Beach but I sold it years ago. Used to single hand it to Catalina. Best, Scot King, son of the designer.
Webwiz - 5 years ago
Yes, Marty is my brother.
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Please join us at the Ericson Yachts forum, http://www.ericsonyachts.org . Martin King is there.
Rip Van
Rip Van - 5 years ago
Best singlehanded sailing video I've seen...
Co Co
Co Co - 5 years ago
This was fantastic! Thank you for sharing!
eviltango - 5 years ago
Very inspiring! thank you
Doug Maverick
Doug Maverick - 5 years ago
Instead of running the diesel engine for the batteries why not get a solar panels?
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Instead of installing an expensive array of solar panels, plus heavy wiring and the necessary controllers, why not just use the $15,000 diesel and 100-amp alternator ? Is the highly efficient auxiliary engine we carry just there so we can back out of the slip? Seriously, solar panels are great for long term-cruising, living on an anchor, being off the grid, or running a deep freeze. For passage-making they are unnecessary complication if you keep electrical consumption low.
Gavin Abrahams
Gavin Abrahams - 5 years ago
awesome sailing .
regards cape town SA
Boatingfriendslist.com - 5 years ago
What a wonderful trip!! Be sure to take an inventory of spare part for the rigging and engine and tools of course. Meet new friends at boatingfriendslist.com...Thanks
Jonny Paget
Jonny Paget - 5 years ago
What a great, great, video, voyage, and narrative!
BMW 3 SERIES DRIVER - 5 years ago
great video Sir
Pieter Spaander
Pieter Spaander - 5 years ago
The moment you started to dance was when I decided to give you a thumbs up. Great sailing video. Pier, the Netherlands.
gonzosierra1 - 5 years ago
I retire in three years and plan to do some sailing myself. Thank you for the inspiration. and the latin music lol
gonzosierra1 - 5 years ago
God willing I will be doing the same in three years when I retire. You made me see the possibilities and the joy of doing!
Locke Finely
Locke Finely - 5 years ago
good job ,.  I couldn't  without  training .
Darryl Sundstrom
Darryl Sundstrom - 5 years ago
How inspiring! Thank you!
Jeff Griggs
Jeff Griggs - 5 years ago
I'd definitely love to learn to sail and be living on the sea for months at a time.
Dry Eagle
Dry Eagle - 5 years ago
YOU JUST WRECKT THE ORANGE JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim Greaves
Tim Greaves - 5 years ago
Spellbound.... thank you for sharing your adventure with the world.
Charles Tomberlin
Charles Tomberlin - 5 years ago
such a great story
Charles Tomberlin
Charles Tomberlin - 5 years ago
you sir are very cool and funny
Heliux15 - 5 years ago
Man. This is cool. Can't wait to set sail someday! I wanna sail the Aegean and Ionian seas to retrace Odysseus' journey! Thanks for the inspiration! ^_^
Roland Peachie
Roland Peachie - 5 years ago
Beautiful !! -- Enjoyed the trip.
Larry Watkins
Larry Watkins - 5 years ago
Great stuff! I was never able to put together a voyage to Hawaii, but I did manage to get to Cabo and La Paz.
Harry Limes
Harry Limes - 5 years ago
Thanks dude, great video.
Kelley Kerr
Kelley Kerr - 5 years ago
have watched a lot of sailing vids on YouTube, favorite so far. your narration was awesome. looked like a wonderful trip, thank you for sharing it with us.
Amoral - 5 years ago
The dancing made me press the subscribe button.
너구리 너구리
너구리 너구리 - 5 years ago
nice video
ToddAndelin - 5 years ago
Interesting and entertaining and reflective but cool and fun.  What an incredible adventure you have to share!
Ja Kim
Ja Kim - 5 years ago
Amazing adventure!
Brian Petersen
Brian Petersen - 5 years ago
You really captured my imagination.... I assume your boat name is referring to Monk. Love your dance on the cabin to the Gypsy Kings music along with your drumming on the teakettle.
Steven Eaton
Steven Eaton - 5 years ago
Wow - what a cool adventure. Thanks for sharing that!
Joe Russell
Joe Russell - 5 years ago
This is very inspiring. Was actually looking on Youtube on the Seacraft Dana 24 and ran across this video. What made me start watching it was the solo trip across the pacific, halfway through the video I realized you were sailing an Ericson 32.. My first sailboat...and only, was a 1985 Ericson 32. Owned it for 3 years, and had to sell it due to financial issues. I loved that boat. Miss it so much. Had so many dreams of taking it down the inside passage from Alaska, down the west coast and either to the Carribean or head west across the Pacific. I too, will be doing this all single handed. Hence, the reason I was looking on youtube about the Dana 24, I am looking to purchase the boat that will take me where I want to go. Next month I turn 52, and I"m not getting any younger. Your humor, demeanor, outlook, resourcefulness, and love of adventure, you could be my mental twin, and that was me sailing to Hawaii on your boat. Thanks for sharing this video. You have stoked the fire in my life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h84M1YZIl-0 is a video on my 32 chasing Dall's Porpoise in Alaska.
John Olsen
John Olsen - 5 years ago
I love your videos
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Hi John.
Already There
Already There - 5 years ago
Have watched this several times. Love it! Good learning experience. Thanks for sharing the fun!
Raemond Coleman
Raemond Coleman - 5 years ago
What an absolutely charming video.
John Hirsch
John Hirsch - 5 years ago
truly beautiful, thank you for sharing your adventure with us and inspiring others to take to the sea.
David Reyes
David Reyes - 5 years ago
Very cool video, I think I shall take up sailing.
Hot80s - 5 years ago
thanks for sharing
gonzo76yu - 5 years ago
What a great video!
rydenisrealandthegovernmentknowsit - 5 years ago
Thanks for permission to come aboard!...really enjoyed the journey with you...had to favorite this one!
San Antonio Cop Watch
San Antonio Cop Watch - 5 years ago
Christian Williams. Yes sir I am following your channel now and I am watching your videos Now! I wish someone, maybe you could make a video on the different sails on a sailboat and why and when you use them. All videos talk about setting the genawa I'm not sure how to spell that, sorry and the main sail the spinnaker... not sure which one is which except the main sail, and when to put them up or take them down? And when the winds are very strong what to do so the boat does not roll over and sink? That would scare the crap out of me... hopefully you can do a video on this to clear up this for a lot of viewers.... thanks
David David
David David - 5 years ago
What is that starting @ 4:31 used to get the fuel into the tank? Thanks
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
"Rattle siphon." $15 and invaluable.
San Antonio Cop Watch
San Antonio Cop Watch - 5 years ago
Christian Williams: Hi I just came across your channel from watching sailing videos, and I have to say this was one of the best and most relaxing videos I've ever watched. You are a brave guy to go it alone for that far and that long I must say. I take it your wife and kids are not into the long passages on the boat? Or is this something you wanted to do alone? Great video and great narration... I am fixing to start more of your videos and I have started following your channel, I know this trip was in 2014 but I hope you are still doing videos, because I am a fan now.. congratulations on your accomplishment and I can't wait to see more.. God Bless and fair winds.
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Life Force
Life Force - 5 years ago
Very kool
Dahiya Playing Cool
Dahiya Playing Cool - 5 years ago
Werner Moeller
Werner Moeller - 5 years ago
Nice trip....
naldis samuels
naldis samuels - 5 years ago
cool dude
nattydreadlocks1973 - 5 years ago
All that and you did not throw out a fishing line once? Amazing. Great video though.
Dannyboo Torres
Dannyboo Torres - 5 years ago
my dream, some day once I'm free from this madness of my illegal sentence, I will get to sail across the Pacific ocean and hopefully sail the world....why be mad at our system for what they did, our system has always been corrupt, I'm hoping I get this chance due to prop 57 to be free after 20 years of madness.....
Deckie Deckie
Deckie Deckie - 5 years ago
Love the narrative...and your moves....Bamboleirooooo!!
Brickstun Ram
Brickstun Ram - 5 years ago
I know absolutely zero about sailing but I fell in love with this video. I have to ask, why do you have to sail north on your way back ?
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Can't sail against trade winds, which blow east to west to Hawaii. To return to continental US, need to go north to find wind going "the other way" to carry you home.
SemperFido9915 - 5 years ago
That was am amazing Vblog! Do you work in academia? You're a natural storyteller. :)
Joe Blow
Joe Blow - 5 years ago
Nice video.
Curt Rayner
Curt Rayner - 5 years ago
Thank you!
wotan237 - 5 years ago
When solo sailing, how do you sleep ?- do you weigh anchor and pull in the sails or something else ?
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
A self-steering mechanism steers while you work the boot, sleep and eat ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gEJ3RJYiYc. ) . The Pacific is several miles deep, anchoring isn't feasible.
The Oscar Report
The Oscar Report - 5 years ago
Ya mad bastard haha. Good on ya.
szaki - 5 years ago
You don't have a short wave radio?
szaki - 5 years ago
You mean, you don't want to know who won the Oscar's, who had the best dress and hair or who the NEW President fired lately, in the middle of the ocean? LOL!
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
SW receiver is a good idea--If you want civilization to intrude. For two-way I use sat phone, not SSB.
Saffron's World
Saffron's World - 5 years ago
At 22:20 those glassy seas mean no sailing today. Been there done that.
Saffron's World
Saffron's World - 5 years ago
As the kids say these days, this video is Super Kauai. No pun intended.
Saffron's World
Saffron's World - 5 years ago
If you were in International Waters, how could the Coast Guard board your boat?
SemperFido9915 - 5 years ago
The US Coast Guard may board any US flagged vessel anywhere in the world. :-/
SemperFido9915 - 5 years ago
The US Coast Guard may board any US flagged vessel, anywhere in the world. :-/
carson smith
carson smith - 5 years ago
Thank you for this Christian. Your story telling and voyage have moved me in an unexpected way. I'm a sailor as well....I lost my job yesterday.....mentally and emotionally I'm lost and yet your story has motivated me to make a passage this coming summer. I hope to find something....answers? I don't know. Maybe I will find myself....whatever that really means or at the very least.....learn something about myself.
big ed
big ed - 5 years ago
great video. couple of things i would have like to have known would be the cost of the repair of the helm and your redneck refrigerator??? that one puzzles

anyone know how he cooled down the juice box??? what did he use. nitrogen??
Anjo Danoite
Anjo Danoite - 5 years ago
"speechless" ......thanks for sharing .......amazing .....
michaud535 - 5 years ago
Great video! Thanks for sharing!
Andy Greggs
Andy Greggs - 5 years ago
Very inspiring ......
Fernando Carvalho
Fernando Carvalho - 5 years ago
Congratz. Really inspiring
malgyver1 - 5 years ago
A pleasure to watch.
jds232323 - 5 years ago
@ 8:00 awesome!! You made my day!! Thank you for sharing :)
Joe Nimens
Joe Nimens - 5 years ago
Great video. Excellent work. A great adventure... Thank you for sharing.
Jose De Luna
Jose De Luna - 5 years ago
How big/small is your boat?
Nigel Donald
Nigel Donald - 5 years ago
Well done that was excellent.
2000jago - 5 years ago
I absolutely CRAVE this lifestyle of absolute solitude, but am completely apathetic to sailing. :(
Ted Hernandez
Ted Hernandez - 5 years ago
Thank you for sharing your voyage!......Couldn't have come at a better time in my life. Thanks!!
tim r Rollenhagen
tim r Rollenhagen - 5 years ago
just watch you great video, will buy book!..thank you for a very warm story. I wish you only good winds!.....
Kyle Mankes
Kyle Mankes - 5 years ago
This is an amazing video. Very well done. Inspiring for sure.
Wolfpack1254 - 5 years ago
I've sailed coastal waters in florida and Alaska, always scared when the fetch had no Island or reef barrier to reduce the seas.... this fall, bigger Corsair, 28ft, ready for the Abacos.... but sailing to Hawaii? Don't think I'll ever try something that exposed, have to admire this Captain's courage.
Chara - 5 years ago
When I turn older I'm going to sail off to Hawaii after all I am Spanish and we used to sail far from our home
Rob ward
Rob ward - 5 years ago
Fantastic video and respect from a Scouse sailor and adventurer, stay well my friend...
Johnny Bates
Johnny Bates - 5 years ago
great vid. keep it up!
James Girardi
James Girardi - 5 years ago
I enjoyed your video very much. I have a 27' Catalina and don't sail her nearly as much as I should. Great video.
sweetbrandigirl - 5 years ago
Love your narration can't beleive you didn't do any fishing ! I'd been reeling em in and frying em up.
eric liz
eric liz - 5 years ago
Al the Pal
Al the Pal - 5 years ago
I don't know how this came into my recommended list, but glad it did. Thank you for sharing your travels!
leeboy244 - 5 years ago
great video. I didn't care for the music too much .should have played some metallica
Humidor 2016
Humidor 2016 - 5 years ago
Great vid, from an intelligent man. Thanks for the hope we can all one day smell the air bouncing off our sails!!!
gonedeepseafishing - 5 years ago
Your narration reminds me of the old Warren Miller ski films with Warren narrating. Good video. Thanks
keyman keys
keyman keys - 5 years ago
I have a question , is age 62 too old to learn to sail ? I have a pretty beat up ole body too but I have this dream of doing part or all of the Loop . I am age 57 , so that gives me 5 yrs to learn . The closest place I could take lessons is 200 miles away on the Great Lakes .
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay - 5 years ago
I started sailing at 52. My first boat was an Ericson 32-3 same as Christian's. 3 season later I started club racing. We've cruised the long island sound form Manhattan to Block Island. You'll make mistakes and learn along the way. It's like nothing else.
keyman keys
keyman keys - 5 years ago
Good advice , thank you
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Lessons? Nah. Buy any 15-foot dinghy, find a big lake, and figure it out as you have fun. Google will answer every question you have. Fifty-seven is too old to learn to fly an F-15, but not to learn to dance, play the tuba or sail around the world. By 62, you'll have something to do with the rest of your life. And you can't say that about rugby.
RAY PEREZ - 5 years ago
Thanks for sharing your journey. It was inspiring and your narration very charming.
* Firefox
* Firefox - 5 years ago
Christian Williams a man of wisdom - passion - courage - will power - adventure - humor - love - kindness - His Dreams & Visions are for all of us to behold ! Fantastic Journey !
Chip Cash
Chip Cash - 5 years ago
Nice Boat! What can a boat like yours be purchased for?
Thom Hounsell
Thom Hounsell - 5 years ago
Before finding this video, I listened to the audiobook. I really, really loved it. I laughed out loud at times - alarming other subway passengers on occasion. I felt like so engrossed in your story, like a wide-eyed kid clinging to every word. Just loved it. This video provides a nice little summation of the story, and it's nice to see your boat and compare it to the one in my mind. Though, I gotta say, in my mind, you were a much better percussionist! I hope to sail with you again someday.
Paul Cormier
Paul Cormier - 5 years ago
Excellent job editing this video! I really enjoyed watching and imagining myself in your place.
Ann Tuckley
Ann Tuckley - 5 years ago
good video ! I was surprised no dolphins. That wonderful sparrow hitching a ride. . .wow his wings must have been so tired !!!
My fav part was from 24:00 on when the weather changed. The way the sail boat was heeling. . .almost got sea sick! Great !
Jay Fuentes
Jay Fuentes - 5 years ago
Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing
John James
John James - 5 years ago
Great vide,o thanks for taking me along.
ducci bound
ducci bound - 5 years ago
So peaceful..
Geena Antunovic
Geena Antunovic - 5 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing. Loved, the Gypsy Kings dance, nailed it. :)
kayak fishing scotland
kayak fishing scotland - 5 years ago
absolutely fantastic video, one of the best I have watched in fact. what a journey and fantastically captured and narrated. Not at one single point was I bored of watching. The Gypsy Kings part was the best.

well done you.
Terry Peake
Terry Peake - 5 years ago
I fitted AIS, uses such little power and has alarms. Everyone should have them offshore.
John King
John King - 5 years ago
World sailing is great stuff
Andor Koval
Andor Koval - 5 years ago
Fantastic Video you really showed what sailing is about. I wonder what size boat and the Brand name. It looks like a vary nice sail boat.
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
1985 Ericson 32-III sloop. 32' long.
Jacqueline Davison
Jacqueline Davison - 5 years ago
Michael Gilgan
Michael Gilgan - 5 years ago
Love it!! Thanks for sharing so many of the "small" moments. Wonderful.
HahnsMantra - 5 years ago
This is the best 30 minute video I have ever watched. You are a champion sir, my plan is to do the same someday. Thank you for sharing your experience
VeritasVosLiberabit - 5 years ago
Cable tie your halyard shackles.
SassyHershsey SassyHershey
SassyHershsey SassyHershey - 5 years ago
Best sailboat IMO Dana 24 Pacific Sea Craft or a paid off boat. I'm a Maritime Lawyer (retired) served the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, not private industry (yes lobbyist for U.S. flag unions shipbuilding and labor - mostly gone in blue water trades. that's why I feel he's evil...and a fraud. .Sure we all have this dream - but two days into it and you will at least come within hailing distance of honesty - blue water sailing is absurdly expensive and selling your boat is not anywhere near selling a car. Charter first and last. I have no book or Utube channel to sell - keep the dream, much better slip fees or mechanics costs (100 x your car mechanic). Over and Out.
HahnsMantra - 5 years ago
SassyHershsey SassyHershey
Sounds like you never plan on trying to go....you've inspired me even more lol
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Have them roll you over to the solarium, nice warm sun will do you good.
Lois Johnson
Lois Johnson - 5 years ago
I just finished your book and then found this, showing me that the images you created in my mind were accurate. Your words create images, taking me into your trip and your mind. It's a book that will go among my favorites.
choorela - 5 years ago
At 6:36, Electrical emergency buzzing signal alarm, What's this device called? "MANOA" in top of LCD display. Is this an automatic-sailing navigatior?
choorela - 5 years ago
Thank Sir for your kindly replies. God bless you and always Have good luck.
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
It's a "ship alarm": The Vesper Watchmate. {Manoa is the name of an approaching ship). I installed a buzzer to make the warning loud. Ships and many sailboats have transponders now, like airplanes. My screen shows the location, course and speed of other vessels--and ships know the same about me. The Automatic Identification System (AIS), required of large vessels and optional on yachts, has greatly added to the quality of sleep for singlehanders.
Wesley Joel
Wesley Joel - 5 years ago
What a great video.
whitetail - 5 years ago
Loved the video, you're the only one who showed what you did with your trash. Do you discuss this in your book?
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Yes, since the packaging seemed to fill up the boat. Amazing what we buy and then usually toss out the door.
Wesley Aldinger
Wesley Aldinger - 5 years ago
thanks for sharing!

what a great adventure you had. (:
SenatorPerry - 5 years ago
I listened to your book on my ride back and forth to work at about 2 hours a day. Thank you for this video, which led me to the book, and your efforts in documenting the trip. I really enjoyed it.
LACHLAN FORSTER - 5 years ago
What is the make/model of your yacht??
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Patrick Reilly
Patrick Reilly - 5 years ago
Hey Mr.CW,
I really enjoyed your video.
You always said 'WE'. I'll just assume you meant you and the voices in your head... or maybe the boat? Anyway, thanks.
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Daniel Berry
Daniel Berry - 5 years ago
Wow, fantastic vlog of your transpacific voyage, and I thoroughly enjoyed your dry wit. It's videos like yours that inspire me, and with the 'Help of Heaven', I hope to buy my own boat and start single-handing within the next few years. Thank-you Christian...
btsmanman - 5 years ago
Hey great video Christian, gets me dreaming. I'm wondering how you approach a long journey like as far as weather is concerned? (keep in mind I'm totally new at this). I mean, I could understand planning for maybe a 7 day trip, as the weather projected could be reasonably accurate, and you could avoid certain storms. But how do you approach much longer passages?
btsmanman - 5 years ago
Wow, thanks for the reply! And thanks for the info. I"m really excited to get into this!
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Every part of the ocean has recorded seasonal averages. You plan a passage during a "friendly" season. En route, GRib files and surface analysis charts provide timely information for routing. Gales when they appear can be dodged or endured. Hurricanes to be avoided at all costs. The idea, for most cruisers, is to choose a route and season that makes dangerous weather very unlikely.
Nate McDaniel
Nate McDaniel - 5 years ago
What's your next adventure?
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Heading off somewhere in June. Still working on the new boat.
Danger Panda
Danger Panda - 5 years ago
i appreciate you for doing this and recording it in HD so that we could watch
David Ray
David Ray - 5 years ago
that was cool
mathew dragatsis
mathew dragatsis - 5 years ago
Wonderful Video!
1984gama - 5 years ago
Amazing ! in miles, similar to Valparaiso (Chi) - Easter Island !
Greetings from Chile !
Chris Kreitlein
Chris Kreitlein - 5 years ago
Christian, you used a 2 micron instead of the 30 micron fuel filter and it got clogged.... Pleas explain, but I assume the 2 micron got cloggged whereas the 30 micron would have let more contaminate through to the engine and not clogged. Is that correct? Do you happen to know at what micron will the injectors clog? I have a big perkins 4-236 and am curious....
Shawn Munger
Shawn Munger - 4 years ago
Chris Kreitlein
Bigger partials are filtered out by the 30 mic. Filter.
And a 2 mic. Filter is usually installed on the engine for the smaller partials, before entering the injection pump.
Carry spares, and have your fuel tank inspected and cleaned if nessessary, before you leave.
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
The usual recommendation is 10 micron on the primary and 10 on the secondary. Or 2-micron on the secondary. Thirty micron on the primary clogs slower, and hurts nothing. I'm not a diesel mechanic, but many of our engines also did duty on tractors or in industrial settings, and it seems to me that sailboat auxiliaries are about the cleanest environment an engine would ever be in. Plowing fields 12 hours a day in a cloud of dust we ain't. Choice of filtration level might most depend on whether the yacht fuel tank is full of crud and causes frequent changes, or whether you can run all year with a 2-micron primary.
gitr dun
gitr dun - 5 years ago
well done ! I enjoyed sharing your adventure.
Marc Sawyer
Marc Sawyer - 5 years ago
Do you go through more wild weather going from Alaska to Phillipines know it's real cold in Alaska in winter and summer in phillipines ,please answer even though it's a dream
Deckie Deckie
Deckie Deckie - 5 years ago
You do have a good life ...man!
Deckie Deckie
Deckie Deckie - 5 years ago
Bruce - 5 years ago
Nice video, I am jealous.  My sailing and long ago has been limited to coastal sailing.  I have a couple questions as someone who has not done an ocean crossing.  How one sailing alone and doing an ocean crossing gets to sleep, I would be concerned with taking my eyes off the ocean for too long of hitting large debris or another boat? Also, what about trimming sails and tacking if it would become necessary?  Peace & happy travels.
Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown - 5 years ago
Christian Williams
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Automatic self-steering makes it possible to sleep and work the boat as if there were another crew member on board. As for hitting something while asleep, it is statistically unlikely. The statistics get more persuasive as you get more tired....
- LedGaRRagE -
- LedGaRRagE - - 5 years ago
Zachlod-Motorsport GmbH Jürgen R. Zachlod
Zachlod-Motorsport GmbH Jürgen R. Zachlod - 5 years ago
Cool guy! Thank you for this great video!
GDMHification - 5 years ago
8:00 twerk something
Walter BikerSailor
Walter BikerSailor - 5 years ago
what an honest, entertaining and informative video. Hats off to skipper
Greg Rohde
Greg Rohde - 5 years ago
Enjoyed your narrative & trip. Great to see an Ericson and guys our age make the trip. I have a 32 MkII up in SF. Your MkIII, a better boat imho. Seems the wind vane steering worked really well too
Kane Fogel
Kane Fogel - 5 years ago
your doking like in 1960
Patrick EH
Patrick EH - 5 years ago
Should use solar panels for electricity. ;)
Ryan Mcdermott
Ryan Mcdermott - 5 years ago
You never have to refuel it.
Patrick EH
Patrick EH - 5 years ago
+Christian Williams
I thought you were living aboard.
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
This is a popular recommendation, often accompanied by finger-wagging. What I ask, then, is why do I have a $15,000 diesel engine with 100-amp alternator.? Is the engine just along for the ride? Is it too delicate to use 45-minutes a day? Is a solar array more fun, with its heavy wiring and complex overcharge protections? Seriously, solar is necessary for live-aboard, or long periods at anchor. For passage-making, where you are likely to plug into a dock on arrival, solar doesn't make much sense unless the yacht's electrical loads--deep freeze, Tesla plug-in and maybe a heliarc welding machine--overwhelm an engine charge every day or two.
puddingebola - 5 years ago
4:17 Rainbow behind his right ear. Present earlier in the shot also.
alex bowling
alex bowling - 5 years ago
enjoyed your great sailing and considered narration a lot. many thanks, what a fantastic trip.
Bryan J.L.
Bryan J.L. - 5 years ago
You sir are an inspiration, and I agree w/the others a bad ass. Wow those Northern California currents were ripping. Of couse I live way up there and am just beginning....as you say though, our boats will take us anywhere, just have to push off. Thanks for that.
Philip Hughes
Philip Hughes - 5 years ago
Well Done. Took me back some 30 years when I sailed alone from Jacksonville, Florida to Brermuda on a 28' sailboat
J. Edward Bondellio
J. Edward Bondellio - 5 years ago
Thank you! Inspiring and you made me laugh.
Abe Alexander
Abe Alexander - 5 years ago
Favorite quote: "Well this is where I've been and this is what I've done, don't ya see!" 28:04
Tristan Harmsen
Tristan Harmsen - 5 years ago
Nice moves!
Alfredo Ocho
Alfredo Ocho - 5 years ago
Excellent story! Congratulations!
MrFysik - 5 years ago
Love our choice of literature!
R Lo
R Lo - 5 years ago
That steering pedestal coming apart was divine intervention!
You would have been caught in the middle of that Hurricane
R Lo
R Lo - 5 years ago
What was with the whole 4th amendment violating incursion by the Coast Guard??? Was that a voluntary search or did they force that upon you?
Robert Bayliss
Robert Bayliss - 5 years ago
The USCG can board a vessel at any time in US waters or as art of a military action. They are there to protect and they do it in accordance with US law and Maritime Law. They do not force anything without just cause.
In 1985 I was sailing northward several hours south of Naples Fl. when hailed by USCG to heave to and prepare to be boarded. I was under emergency steerage due to a broken steering chain and requested permission to maintain minimum speed for control. They quickly agreed and came along side, requesting all hands on deck.
Once on board, I presented them with my papers and they ASKED if they could "inspect" the boat. 10 minutes later they had checked all my equipment, inspected every nook and crevice, and were on their way, leaving me with a Notice of Inspection. I had no violations. I could not have asked for a more friendly inspection under any circumstance. These were professionals of the highest caliber and I salute them with my sincere thanks.
The next day I read in the newspaper that 453 bales of marijuana had been recovered in the exact area where I was boarded. Apparently a "mother ship" had made a drop, but no one showed up to collect it. So, even though I did not  know why they hailed me, they did what my tax dollars are paid for.
fluiddynamicist - 5 years ago
Read the book... a fascinating account of events inside and outside the inner you! I admire your wordsmithship (if there is such a word) skills . All I can say - Bravo...I learned a lot!
charvillatxmx - 5 years ago
Fantastic video, I sail CFJs in Marina Del Rey from the marine aquatic center, Ill look out for the thelonious
Thom Koval
Thom Koval - 5 years ago
Great adventure and commentary that helped not only to see but also to feel what it's like to be, alone together.
Corey Colberg
Corey Colberg - 5 years ago
So if Christian would have lost his balance and fallen overboard, he wouldn't be able to catch back up to the boat swimming, would he? Is there any failsafe so if he falls the boat doesn't keep on sailing on?? I can't image he could stop the boat very easy and without anyone else onboard would he be fish food?
Corey Colberg
Corey Colberg - 5 years ago
Great! I went back through and I noticed this time that you had the Orange harness on almost all the time. Thanks for the quick reply!
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Safety tether always on when out of the cockpit. If sailor washed overboard by seas, provides chance to climb back aboard. The technique and gear requires practice. Singlehander must remain attached to boat to have chance of self-rescue in anything but a flat calm.
Jorge Garza
Jorge Garza - 5 years ago
MyGolden30 - 5 years ago
I loved this ... AWESOME space of time!!!!!
Dave Bass
Dave Bass - 5 years ago
You sir have struck a chord in my world. Excellent presentation and straightforward unpolished, direct message to the adventuress and sane sailor. Tears and cheers for a poignant and touching record of a crossing alone with an intimate partner, your vessel. cheers.
glenn sarconi
glenn sarconi - 5 years ago
lived In Kauai and  I am from south bay los Angeles .I always dreamed about sailing back to Kauai .when I lived there I lived on the north shore and people would park their nice sail boats in the bays and come ashore for supplies ..I am disabled for the past ten years from a work injury .every one has left me and I'm alone all the time in a town I know nothing about [Covina ca] far from the sea I grew up around .I dream of sailing back to Kauai and your video has help answer some of my questions .mainly about sleeping and other ships .I'm alone all the time anyway so that's not going to be a problem .people think I'm nuts when I say I'm going to do that when I get a chance .your video has helped me know I'm not and it is what I need to do to restore my soul . thanks for the video great work very watchable .
Plebasaurus Rekt
Plebasaurus Rekt - 5 years ago
you should still try though, never give up without trying.
Plebasaurus Rekt
Plebasaurus Rekt - 5 years ago
its still possible for you to sail, it just depends on how limited you are with your body.
for example, a lot of newer boats have electrical winches for all the lines onboard, just hold a button and the winch does the rest for you. And you could install them on older boats too if a new boat is too expensive.
the thing that might be hard for you is climbing up and down from the cockpit and so on.
glenn sarconi
glenn sarconi - 5 years ago
yes, you are correct we all know what boat stands for [ bust out another thousand ] and what you are talking about is what stops me along with being disabled .I do have money I was hurt at work due to no fault of my own .I have been looking for a good sail boat but am well aware of the upkeep .just had another surgery and my dream seems further than ever .how do you feel about rentals or sail away? dudes pay you to take their sail boats to Hawaii ?? you are right though it might not be physically possible I'm stuck in bed all the time .hope to get strong enough to try .even if I don,t make it at least I tried .
glenn sarconi
glenn sarconi - 5 years ago
thank you !! same to you as well .
U.S.Slave - 5 years ago
if your disabled I wouldn't suggest doing it alone as I don't see how it would be physically possible. also if ya aren't working any job which idk but if not don't think if would be affordable. my buddy bought a cheap boat but wound up putting thousands into it to make it sea worthy and was telling me how much it cost to bring on land to redo hull every couple years to keep sea worthy was 2500 1st time and as with inflation would probably be over 3 2nd time. idk man for me think would be better just to do cruise ship situation
kearney family london
kearney family london - 5 years ago
S/V Cooper Dude that
S/V Cooper Dude
S/V Cooper Dude - 5 years ago
I hope you get to live your dream! I am working on it as well.
Leonardo Cossio
Leonardo Cossio - 5 years ago
awesome video
fluiddynamicist - 5 years ago
Christian, I think I saw your videos several times... and today the book arrived. Can't wait... Any new adventures coming up any time soon? My best, safe travels... hopefully we can catch up somewhere...
Dukain Manning
Dukain Manning - 5 years ago
One of these days. A truly great film.
Adventures of an old Seadog
Adventures of an old Seadog - 5 years ago
Loved your video. The narration was first class.
M Brouwer
M Brouwer - 5 years ago
nice music are you alone? great yob you have save travels
Brian Sørensen
Brian Sørensen - 5 years ago
Poetically beautiful..Confirms my urge to go across the Atlantic
T Fish
T Fish - 5 years ago
What a wonderful video!  Thank you.   You have inspired me to venture further on my sailboat.
And what a surprise for me when I saw the condo you stayed at in Kauai.  Hanalei Colony Resort.  Not only did I stay in that resort a couple years ago but also in that exact same unit you were in.  My photos from the balcony exactly matched your shots in the video.  What a coincidence!  Anyway, thanks again for sharing your adventure.
nunolc - 5 years ago
What wind pilot did you use?
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Sailing JAEKA
Sailing JAEKA - 5 years ago
You are the one, we current sailors, should take an example from!
Sky High Pizza
Sky High Pizza - 5 years ago
You are my hero
billy fatbowe
billy fatbowe - 5 years ago
...I found your wit to be sublime...
..Especially the sardine flavor...loL...
...You should be the one doing those...
...Most interesting man commercials....;/--),,,,,,,,,,
dred311 - 5 years ago
Nice job.
Avy Alioua
Avy Alioua - 5 years ago
how big is the sailboat?
Michael S
Michael S - 5 years ago
What boat are you on sir? I'm beyond curious. Fantastic video!
Michael S
Michael S - 5 years ago
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Lou Reis
Lou Reis - 5 years ago
Great video, and more importantly a great story. Thanks for sharing.
snudilicious - 5 years ago
Fabulous; simply fabulous.
Ryan Barnett
Ryan Barnett - 5 years ago
Absolutely loved this video!!! I am planning to do this same trip! Thanks for making this video to inspire the rest of us!
Payador Perseguido
Payador Perseguido - 5 years ago
Is there auto an autopilot on?
Payador Perseguido
Payador Perseguido - 5 years ago
+Christian Williams Thanks for the quick answer :)
Christian Williams
Payador Perseguido
Payador Perseguido - 5 years ago
You, sir, are DA MAN!
kiakio11111 - 5 years ago
Amazing account, I can't to do similar things one day!
Steve Mario
Steve Mario - 5 years ago
I really enjoyed this. Thank you
Petrol Head
Petrol Head - 5 years ago
A delightful video thank you ....
Keil Drescher
Keil Drescher - 5 years ago
I so much enjoyed this video. I loved the narration and the thoughts you chose to share. I've become addicted to looking for sailing videos as I look toward my own adventures, and I've never found anything that resonated to me like your adventure. Thanks so much for sharing!
Ryan Wolsey
Ryan Wolsey - 5 years ago
You are a remarkable man.
Deane B
Deane B - 5 years ago
Very good video, one of the best I've seen and I've seen a thousand of them.
Steve Goodin
Steve Goodin - 5 years ago
Great Video Chris. What a wonderful adventure, you must be Very proud. Perfect timing on the breakdown, someone was looking out for you.
Island Hopper
Island Hopper - 5 years ago
You looked as cute as Heck dancing and I knew in a second that was The Gypsy Kings, love them and your film.
Davidchurch93 - 5 years ago
8:00 12 days in, sea madness has start to set in. Great video and impressive journey.
Sailor376also - 5 years ago
To commiserate,,

For some reason I do not know,, I went for a canoe trip this year. (I do own a sailboat and I am planning a trans-Atlantic)

My canoe trip covered the route of John Wesley Powell,, and more. I was under weigh for nearly three months, often miles or days away from people.

I watched your diary because I own a sailboat,, but I liked it because of the canoe trip. My canoe trip,, although solo,, was all about people. People that I had known for 4 days,, felt as if I had known them for 40 years,,, and I hoped I would know them for the next 40 years. Families, and brothers and sisters that I was just meeting. Even though many nights were spent on beaches, in a tent, where the stars were my closet companions.

Alone together makes perfect sense.
Lehmann Peters
Lehmann Peters - 5 years ago
Very cool indeed! I'm looking forward to this sometime in the next few years.
Ameen Al-shehry
Ameen Al-shehry - 5 years ago
Hello dear, how many feet is your boat?
Lars Pardo
Lars Pardo - 5 years ago
sails show it's a Ericson 32
Iban Arm
Iban Arm - 5 years ago
Kettle drumming hahaha - Love your humour
Iban Arm
Iban Arm - 5 years ago
back again - The cocktail ! brilliant !
Iban Arm
Iban Arm - 5 years ago
Absolutely brilliant what no company drives you too, loved the Tijuana dance session. Great format and video. Thank you
Sailing Isabella
Sailing Isabella - 5 years ago
Alone together...please explain the title?
Patrick Reilly
Patrick Reilly - 5 years ago
Sailing Myall:
Dave Mason. Great album.
'Shouldn't have took more than you gave'.
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
SANDMAN XIV - 5 years ago
Great job. Really makes us land lovers jealous. Couldn't help thinking all during the video ; how many years it took of learning to sail  - to get the ability to do this-wonderful.
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Yes, but people also get interested, buy a first boat, train and learn, and shove off across oceans. They do fine. All it really takes, I have concluded, is commitment and the ability to listen.
WWYD78 - 5 years ago
great job.
WWYD78 - 5 years ago
great job.
Kawidaddy 710
Kawidaddy 710 - 5 years ago
What a Great watch. Thanks for sharing
wailinburnin - 5 years ago
Great documentary record of your voyage, loved the rhythm of the editing and your whole "trip" looks great. A sincere congratulations and thank you for making this video. Here's something different for your enjoyment, a singlehanding song from a Caribbean gunkholing single-hander: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCTN9xSwt6s
Berty Worcester
Berty Worcester - 5 years ago
Quality , well done , Mark uk
whoyoukidding1 - 5 years ago
About a third of the way through, I started to think I'd seen this video before. Yes, I realized, I had. But I watched it again and enjoyed it just as much. What an enjoyable video! A well done journal of a great voyage.
Distance Shooter
Distance Shooter - 5 years ago
Sail! How the world was discovered. Far side of the world.
LIX 59
LIX 59 - 5 years ago
What gave the USCG the right to board your boat at 60 miles out ??
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
USCG is federal law enforcement and can board any US vessel anywhere. Crews need practice--it is not a simple procedure even (especially) for a small boat in typical conditions. Would you prefer being rescued in a gale by a crew trained only by books? The open sea isn't a highway, different traditions and needs apply. More here: http://www.uscg.mil/d1/prevention/navinfo/navinfo/documents/enforcement.pdf
John Pender
John Pender - 5 years ago
What an amazing video. Thank for taking the time to make it. Have you read anything from Mortimer j Adler?
moomman89 - 5 years ago
I'm old and no money laxfan727.But I do have a you tube and watching all these channels about sailing make me rich.Thanks Christian Williams for the ride.I don't have a boat.But I have Jesus.Hope you do to.Read the Bible and know Him.
Scott Lane
Scott Lane - 5 years ago
nicely done sir
Марина Пушкина
Марина Пушкина - 5 years ago
Замечательный видеоролик!!! Очень хорошо снято!
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Cipher Oceanus
Cipher Oceanus - 5 years ago
Jack Dawson
Jack Dawson - 5 years ago
Technically you cant be alone if there is a second person around.
Tem Tagesson
Tem Tagesson - 5 years ago
Great video. Thanks for sharing,
Karl Schmitz
Karl Schmitz - 5 years ago
What a great video, truly inspiring. Nice work, great fun.
ThePojster - 5 years ago
I imagine my grandfather would be doing this now if he didn't have to move from Annapolis to San Antonio. What an amazing adventure! I am happy it all ended as wonderful as planned!
Todd Hurrell
Todd Hurrell - 5 years ago
what a great adventure! Thank you for sharing it!
Greg Polansky
Greg Polansky - 5 years ago
@7:45, LOL, awesome
wlcsp - 5 years ago
Did you ever sleep during the trip ?
Darcy Dilbart
Darcy Dilbart - 5 years ago
Great stuff! Love the dance - and you are right about the spaghetti sauce.
David Barneby
David Barneby - 5 years ago
Thank You Christian Williams , I have so enjoyed this film , it takes me back to younger years and my experience of cruising between Britain and France . A lovely well made film !!!
Richard Dyer
Richard Dyer - 5 years ago
Oh my gosh. I laughed so hard. thanks for your humor, mate!
BigV - 5 years ago
Why do that? Are we landing in Normandy again :-)
John Rogers
John Rogers - 5 years ago
"Our Imaginations can take us anywhere, As easy as Kiss my Ass, Climb Aboard Toss off The Chains and enjoy the Ride" ;)
Matt de Oliveira
Matt de Oliveira - 5 years ago
Why did the Coast Guard board?
SunFlower - 5 years ago
Eagleaton the coast guard doesn't board ships for safety. They board ships looking for drugs.
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Note: I deleted the subsequent raft of rambling armchair legal interpretations of CG jurisdiction and the threat posed to civilization by the skillful rescue of sailors at sea.
Eagleaton - 5 years ago
+Matt de Oliveira it's not stupid when they are the ones that have to come get you 1,000 miles from no where because you didn't prep properly for your trip...
Matt de Oliveira
Matt de Oliveira - 5 years ago
+Mr Barwick Well that's stupid.
Mr Barwick
Mr Barwick - 5 years ago
The US Coast Guard can board any US ship even in international waters, anytime they want. Without probable cause or a warrant.
Read more here
Joseph Nicholas
Joseph Nicholas - 5 years ago
Very nice video. As a former Islander 32 owner I was delighted to see that progress has made transponders affordable. That sure take a lot of worry out of sailing. I don´t see myself doing this from NY to the Azores though.
Pat - 5 years ago
how come you never fished?
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Landing a beautiful wahoo and then throwing most of it away had no appeal (no refrigeration, only one stomach).
Dean Collins
Dean Collins - 5 years ago
Beautifully shot and edited. Very sweet vision.
shaggybreeks - 5 years ago
Hehe, it looked like you arrived on Kauai, had dinner, and took off again. Also, I was expecting some high drama with the weather. Nice voyage.
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez - 5 years ago
Wow! What an absolutely IN-CREDIBLE video! I hung on to each second of the entire 29 and 1/2 minutes. What an adventure! What an accomplishment! Thank you for sharing! Glad you made it to HI and back, safely! I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! WoW!
deChelca Cynn
deChelca Cynn - 5 years ago
I really enjoyed that, Mr. Williams! Thank you so much!
grimog76 - 5 years ago
very nice video! what's the boat? greetings from Italy.
D Carlson
D Carlson - 5 years ago
This is one of the best things I've ever watched.... not even sure why. I felt I was there with you. Gonna check out the book for sure. :)
Ryan Nichols
Ryan Nichols - 5 years ago
Great video mate, top effort!
Viktor Lundqvist
Viktor Lundqvist - 5 years ago
What a journey and what a fantastic way of taking us with you!
SkydiveCarpathian - 5 years ago
Picking up some Patrick O'Brian references here and there...
Winstan - 5 years ago
Austin Keen
Austin Keen - 5 years ago
Truly enjoyed watching this! Well done video!
Pete Custer
Pete Custer - 5 years ago
I really enjoyed watching this. Thank you for sharing your journey and thoughts.
Schizo-Vreni Food and Travel
Schizo-Vreni Food and Travel - 5 years ago
Senordave13 - 5 years ago
Amazing adventure! Thanks for sharing your experience.
ooozif - 5 years ago
What books were you reading? The Greek ones sound really interesting
jigglymabob - 5 years ago
when that jazz music came on, it was almost blissful.. i wanna go sailing
Kevins93cobra - 5 years ago
Just watched the whole video. You have one amazing journey. Your editing and voice over was well done and made for a very enjoyable video. Thanks for taking me along with you.
Guywithcrazyideas - 5 years ago
He's a smart adventurous man.
101101 - 5 years ago
Good video, did not open this with the expectation of watching all 30 minutes.
Eggy - 5 years ago
Wow amazing. Makes we want to start sailing.
Plebasaurus Rekt
Plebasaurus Rekt - 5 years ago
Corky, this might be hella late, but it depends on how sporty youre trying to sail. If you buy a small sailingboat thats meant to go fast, youre supposed to lean over the side to act as a counterwieght. That might ruin it for ya if youve got a bad back. But if youre back is really bad, it could get in the way for less sporty boats too as youre constantly sitting on a hard surface for an extended period of time. Idk about you but that can really get in the way for some.

But there are solutions for most of the things in life so you should still try if youre still interested! :)
Corkeus It'llpannus
Corkeus It'llpannus - 5 years ago
cool Tanner, good on you man. Im kinda planning to do the same. Just curious tho, is it hard on you physically? ive got a bad back so im sort of limited on certain things.
Tanner 1126
Tanner 1126 - 5 years ago
Eggy I started sailing last month and purchased a used Naples Sabot for around $400 ( a 1 - 2ish person boat) and it's really fun and I am hoping in the future to make a journey like in this video, I highly encourage you to go to your nearest lake or ocean and see if they rent sail boats! It's really relaxing and enjoyable! Make sure to watch some videos on how to sail first though ( what I did ) Have fun!

Tanner Getz
Franklin Rice
Franklin Rice - 5 years ago
some times we find our selfs and when we do we keep looking
AIIUserNamesInvalid - 5 years ago
the ocean is so beautiful yet so terrifying. so much darkness below; you can't see anything but you know about all those creatures that live there, many of whom could kill you without much effort.
jelksy - 5 years ago
Great video
any name
any name - 5 years ago
have you ever had problems with pirates?...
polymoon - 5 years ago
There's is hardly any pirates in the pacific. Especially while heading to some were as common to Hawaii
laxfan727 - 5 years ago
Being old and rich must be awesome. No where you gotta be and all the time and money to do what you want.
keith todd
keith todd - 5 years ago
I would say he is rich-with-life. Getting out there and doing it. Not letting the "BUT'S" get in the way.
shaggybreeks - 5 years ago
Being young and rich is better.
shaggybreeks - 5 years ago
Last sentence is wrong. Helping the very rich become richer, does not help the average person get ahead. To the contrary, just take the time to look at how the economy has done under Republicans vs. Democrats during the last 40 years.
nahnahnah - 5 years ago
What rich old guy knows how to fix a diesel engine 7 days out at sea. Get yourself a 401k, make some low-risk bets on the market and middle-class you can have your very own sailboat when you retire. Oh, and vote republican.
Loquacious&Bodacious - 5 years ago
Where is the quote at the end from?
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
And the chorus girls, don;t forget them.
sean mortaz
sean mortaz - 5 years ago
in an era where my attention span has reduced to 2-3 minutes max, i was GLUED for 30 mins enjoying every second of this. thanks a bunch for posting (islander 36, colombia 50, shields 30).
Tanner 1126
Tanner 1126 - 5 years ago
sean mortaz SAME
Ace Sul
Ace Sul - 5 years ago
Very interesting and inspiring documentary. However, I have a question. Is it normal for so much stuff to break in less than 2 weeks of sailing. The Polynesians made it there with less.
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - 5 years ago
Cruisers carry spares for almost everything, and maintenance is constantnoffshore. Details of Thelonious subsequent refit here: http://www.ericsonyachts.org/infoexchange/entry.php?218-Refitting-Thelonious
Ace Sul
Ace Sul - 5 years ago
+Colin Richard Sure, I understand the Polynesian history. It was more of a flippant joke than anything. It still seems odd that so much stuff broke. Are these boats made for these kinds of solo journeys
Scott Banks
Scott Banks - 5 years ago
no wheel and or weather vane steering. all of our comforts we try and bring add to the chances of things not being the same upon return as when left. but the mind and body is stronger for it and our boat too i pray
Colin H Richard
Colin H Richard - 5 years ago
If you've never sailed singlehandedly, you'll never know. It's a very unique situation. Polynesians has scores of unbroken generations of maritime knowledge and very rarely, if ever, sailed alone.
splashplan bike
splashplan bike - 5 years ago
What a great showing good man! Thank you for sharing.
William Calfee
William Calfee - 5 years ago
Nice video Capt. We use plastic zip ties on all of our shackles now. Learned the hard way. The shackle on our main sheet came undone. Someone later said, "They are designed to be undone." So lock them with a zip tie. 7 years later we have switched to a soft shackle, which has a shorter life, but is lighter up high, doesn't abrade the mast when reefed and, although it is easy to undo, will not come undone under load. keep sailing and movie making...
Israel Castro
Israel Castro - 5 years ago
Mr Williams, you are a true sailor who understands the days at sea and the heart at home.
Jason - 5 years ago
just finished your book..excellent read
Joseph Kagan
Joseph Kagan - 5 years ago
I'm surprised that so far out in the pacific there was so little wind.
SuperChloeGymnast - 5 years ago
love this video! You had a new subscriber even before the Gypsy Kings :) Greetings from Palm Beach, FL as we have a possible hurricane heading our way. Safe travels!
Brian Benninghoff
Brian Benninghoff - 5 years ago
What a great adventure...thank you for sharing your travels with the world! Inspiration you have given me!!! Thank you sir!!! Brian Atlanta GA
Jihadi_ Wizard
Jihadi_ Wizard - 5 years ago
You should make documentaries
SV Scotch'Nwater
SV Scotch'Nwater - 5 years ago
Patrick Patterson
Patrick Patterson - 5 years ago
Awesome video! Thank you for that. I especially love your dancing to the Gypsy Kings. Cheers!
jsaenzMusic - 5 years ago
Outstanding video. Exactly what I was looking for and an example of how I want to spend my last decades-sailing around Central/South America and the Caribbean. Thank you!
Charles Ray
Charles Ray - 5 years ago
I have an Ericson 26 and have seriously considered sailing her to Hawaii, then to Tahiti. I bought it for $230, but would like to refit her to make the trip. She is a 1968 boat, in great shape, except she needs new sails and a new outboard motor. Very stiff and dry. Wonder if I should do it?
Sam Bowyer
Sam Bowyer - 5 years ago
Great work I've just started sailing and you've inspired me to keep it up for the rest of my life well done
Steven Smith
Steven Smith - 5 years ago
Wow, maybe the broken pedestal was dumb luck? Weathering Iselle and Julio at sea would've made my life was too interesting.
Pedro Marinez
Pedro Marinez - 5 years ago
eso es vida
Dennis MacDonald
Dennis MacDonald - 6 years ago
Think it possible solo sailing in 27 footer
Christian Williams
Dennis MacDonald
Dennis MacDonald - 5 years ago
whoyoukidding1 - 5 years ago
There's a vid of three young guys crossing the Atlantic in a 27' sailboat (Albin Vega I think). I believe it's called Odessa. Look it up on YouTube.
Colin H Richard
Colin H Richard - 5 years ago
Yes, and without an engine - I do this on my Catalina 27 with long oars, but I have many years of experience. Go to your local marina and take classes, starting in an 8' dinghy, read and practice as much as you can, and work your way up!
Beowulf 59
Beowulf 59 - 6 years ago
What a lovely video. I have never sailed before. If only i could live my life again. You are an inspiration Sir.
Tim Marsolais
Tim Marsolais - 6 years ago
Right now, you may be my favorite person on the planet . . . . Fair winds, and following seas.
Chris B
Chris B - 6 years ago
Excellent video Christian. I loved your dancing.
charles elderson ferreira
charles elderson ferreira - 6 years ago
What a nice vídeo! Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us!
Ibrahim El Toukhy
Ibrahim El Toukhy - 6 years ago
great video and production. Also a great professional experienced sailor. Bravo christian:)
Leonard Carter
Leonard Carter - 6 years ago
Great Video!!!!!!!
Jerry Mungo
Jerry Mungo - 6 years ago
No Marcus Aurelius nor Epictetus?
Sailing Talisman
Sailing Talisman - 6 years ago
Greetings from Australia. I loved your video & your journey !!
Gregory Davi
Gregory Davi - 6 years ago
Thank you Mr. Williams. My 2 year old son and I woke up this morning to watch this trip. He hardly ever stays put to watch a video like this, but captivated him and we both watched your trip to Kauaii. After having sailed the Bahamas this gives inspiration to go take a bolder trip, perhaps not alone though;). Thanks for this sneak peek into this adventure.
Austin Harris
Austin Harris - 6 years ago
Wow!!! Very inspirational, thanks so much for allowing me to live through you. I will make my dreams come true.
Allan f
Allan f - 6 years ago
Cameron Garrison
Cameron Garrison - 6 years ago
Very good movie sir
sirlandsalot - 6 years ago
I love this vid, I have watched it 3 times now.
Doug Ryan
Doug Ryan - 6 years ago
Best content I've ever viewed on YouTube. Expertly produced, and expertly sailed. Thanks!
Dindufius Nuffingus
Dindufius Nuffingus - 6 years ago
Excellent ending narration and perspective
JoachimderZweite - 6 years ago
It is wonderful that you read the great classical writers as few do that anymore. I read Homer in Greek and I loved his "wine dark sea." This was a beautiful video about going down to the sea in ships.

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