Artist Builds his Dream Sailboat, The Pterodactyl, a Concrete Hull Gaff Rig Schooner

Eddie Landis is an artist who built his own sailboat, the Pterodactyl, a Schooner, using Ferrocement back in the mid 70s. The project took 10 years to complete Become a Patron: The most helpful book I've ever bought: Eddie Follow me on Social Media Business inquires or music submissions: Music: The Hotel Lounge 1 Here We Go Morning Drive 1 Modern Vintage Gypsy 3 Hippies on a bus 2 Oceanic Adventure 2 Source Footage: Edwin Landis Special thanks to the Patrons: Paddy McCann, Iain Price, Abel Zyl, Jens Lennartsson, Amor Gebreel, interlooper42, Reinoud Vaandrager, Alisa DeGeorge, Brian Schneider, Cōsta Boutsikaris, Jude Waguespack, Larry Coonrod, Peter Vollers, Aaron Lane-Davies, Paulo Senra, Jhan Bent, Michael Taddeo, Two Cowboys, Nicholas John Celestin, Curtis Thornburg, Nico Vergara, Yuzuru Sato, Amit Shetty, Jessica Nigri, Ben Sullins, Constance Turner, isaac, Reg Prahalad, Matt Christie, Paul Howson, Philipp Stangenberg, Matt Christie, GlobalAlight, TJ Prince, Kombi Life, Chelsey Lehl, Robert Howell, Steven Larcher, Vilhelm Borg Pedersen, Anders L. Jakobsen, Stefan Kamph, Bert Aerts, Mathew Mcpaul, Anna French, Luke Lewis, Eric A Phillips, Janet Frazier, Maria Cristina Henning, Noah Lone, Craig Mackay, Joyce Smith, Sandra Orwig, and Marc Duncan CAMERA GEAR Shot with (Some or all of these) these are affiliate links :) Canon 5d Mark iv: Canon 70d: Sigma Lens: Gorilla pod: Zoom H5: Rode Video Mic Go: Gopro: Drone: Shoulder Rig: SD Cards: SD Case: Iphone 7

Artist Builds his Dream Sailboat, The Pterodactyl, a Concrete Hull Gaff Rig Schooner sentiment_very_dissatisfied 153

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Eddie Landis is an artist who built his own sailboat, the Pterodactyl, a Schooner, using Ferrocement back in the mid 70s. The project took 10 years to complete Become a Patron: The most helpful book I've ever bought: Eddie Follow me on Social Media Business inquires or music submissions: Music: The Hotel Lounge 1 Here We Go Morning Drive 1 Modern Vintage Gypsy 3 Hippies on a bus 2 Oceanic Adventure 2 Source Footage: Edwin Landis Special thanks to the Patrons: Paddy McCann, Iain Price, Abel Zyl, Jens Lennartsson, Amor Gebreel, interlooper42, Reinoud Vaandrager, Alisa DeGeorge, Brian Schneider, Cōsta Boutsikaris, Jude Waguespack, Larry Coonrod, Peter Vollers, Aaron Lane-Davies, Paulo Senra, Jhan Bent, Michael Taddeo, Two Cowboys, Nicholas John Celestin, Curtis Thornburg, Nico Vergara, Yuzuru Sato, Amit Shetty, Jessica Nigri, Ben Sullins, Constance Turner, isaac, Reg Prahalad, Matt Christie, Paul Howson, Philipp Stangenberg, Matt Christie, GlobalAlight, TJ Prince, Kombi Life, Chelsey Lehl, Robert Howell, Steven Larcher, Vilhelm Borg Pedersen, Anders L. Jakobsen, Stefan Kamph, Bert Aerts, Mathew Mcpaul, Anna French, Luke Lewis, Eric A Phillips, Janet Frazier, Maria Cristina Henning, Noah Lone, Craig Mackay, Joyce Smith, Sandra Orwig, and Marc Duncan CAMERA GEAR Shot with (Some or all of these) these are affiliate links :) Canon 5d Mark iv: Canon 70d: Sigma Lens: Gorilla pod: Zoom H5: Rode Video Mic Go: Gopro: Drone: Shoulder Rig: SD Cards: SD Case: Iphone 7

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for Artist Builds his Dream Sailboat, The Pterodactyl, a Concrete Hull Gaff Rig Schooner

R Michael Boyer
R Michael Boyer - 1 year ago
Excellent film and three cheers for Captain Eddy.
Rimas Meleshyus
Rimas Meleshyus - 1 year ago
Great video,many thanks excellent captain well done video
Ironhead Forge
Ironhead Forge - 2 years ago
that was super motivating to get it done! love the laid back attitude
bob frost
bob frost - 2 years ago
I met a couple of hippee brothers in Anchorage Ak mid 70's that were already accomplished sailors at the ripe old age of 28.They were building a concrete hull in their back yard and at that time melting car barriers for lead ballast.I remember all the rebar and chicken wire.I was only 18 or 19 at the time.They said there was good sailing from Anchorage to Fiji on account of the tradewinds and currents.
Island Mike
Island Mike - 2 years ago
My parents sailed all over the Caribbean when i was a kid..We are even in a book called South of the Caribean..Salt life forever !
Me Me
Me Me - 2 years ago
Energy does not cease with you my friend truly amazing oh my God I guess that's the point you're trying to put out but doesn't matter you're awesome bro
no body
no body - 2 years ago
18:07 nice panning
JP Toutant
JP Toutant - 2 years ago
what a dirty man. to late for him to find the grace of Allah. because too old and idiotic.
Carla Curlee
Carla Curlee - 2 years ago
wow. great video. randomly showed in my feed. I couldnt get enough.

10. comment for Artist Builds his Dream Sailboat, The Pterodactyl, a Concrete Hull Gaff Rig Schooner

kollo duke
kollo duke - 2 years ago
shes "Pterodactyl" amazing , and you are just amazing ! thank you for showing some of your stuff about yourself and your boat ...thanks dylan m ...And thank you mr Drake ...
Alex Alexander
Alex Alexander - 2 years ago
I had a chance to get on free "The Wicked Witch" the concrete hull worried me
J Marel
J Marel - 2 years ago
He's living his best life :) LOVE IT!
Denys Kovalenko
Denys Kovalenko - 2 years ago
Русские субтитры пожалуйста
Justin Kyke
Justin Kyke - 2 years ago
Stephen M. Stouter
Stephen M. Stouter - 2 years ago
I would ask where this guy’s weed stash is, but he’s probably got some hid all over the boat
Jersey Devil
Jersey Devil - 2 years ago
I choose the wrong life! I got a plastic bath tub and some tarp for sails. Gona give it a go. I'll fly the colours :D Also where is the grow room??? :P
ken szymkowiak
ken szymkowiak - 2 years ago
Sounds like a Philly boy.
I bet you smoke a lot of weed on that boat!
die Macsmannschaft
die Macsmannschaft - 2 years ago
Why don’t the gentleman buy a plan in a first place?..

20. comment for Artist Builds his Dream Sailboat, The Pterodactyl, a Concrete Hull Gaff Rig Schooner

Danillo Forti
Danillo Forti - 2 years ago
amazing!!! cheers from Brazil!!
tphilosophile - 2 years ago
17 years after learning about quiet a large Concrete Boat left to crumble somewhere in China
I see this!
Still can not get my head around the Hull material
SGCrawlers RC / MyHonchoSG
SGCrawlers RC / MyHonchoSG - 2 years ago
Merica'hell yeah!
Merica'hell yeah! - 2 years ago
Great one!
william avery
william avery - 2 years ago
This man is totally amazing.
quantumac - 2 years ago
Eddie Landis is an inspiring maker and sailor. I wish him fair winds and good luck!
michael scurr
michael scurr - 2 years ago
cool eddie
Henrique - 2 years ago
OMG.... Eddie must be elected the man of the year
Road Journal
Road Journal - 2 years ago
Dude this is really good.... love this guy... the Drake club ILove it.... i'm hang my underware off of my flag post on my Boat as we speak...
terry breedlove
terry breedlove - 2 years ago
I couldn’t even make dinner last night.

30. comment for Artist Builds his Dream Sailboat, The Pterodactyl, a Concrete Hull Gaff Rig Schooner

Andree A
Andree A - 2 years ago
Спасибо за подробный рассказ. Смотрел с большим удовольствием.
El Presidente
El Presidente - 2 years ago
Was the boat used in the 70s during the herion epidemic . Did it have a job?
Dan Harris
Dan Harris - 2 years ago
Probably an amazing boat and person....but for some reason I am fixating on those absolutely disgusting dreadlocks. Must change video.......
Thomas Fundgrube
Thomas Fundgrube - 2 years ago
greetings brother - love what you do!
Fon Hollohan
Fon Hollohan - 2 years ago
Thats pretty impressive Captain Eddy. Your a inspiration I know that much. You definitely built yourself an amazing schooner. How rad is that? apparently very ...
Walter Shumate
Walter Shumate - 2 years ago
well I'm glad to see you got it back together. last time I saw you you had no rig on that craft. you were under power, we were under Sail. and you nearly drove that rock over our 22-footer coming into quartermaster Harbor. if you're going to be chartering that thing, you may want to pay attention to your rules of the road captain. while I appreciate your creative genius, many passengers may look at it as" ghetto trash", or "Ratty" as in the Harley rat bikes. most of all pay attention you'll impress No One by running down another craft!
Conan the Destroyer
Conan the Destroyer - 2 years ago
In the 73 picture you guys look like you play for Kansas.
Jens der Musikus
Jens der Musikus - 2 years ago
Great insight! Thanks!
Anthony Delfos
Anthony Delfos - 2 years ago
Fantastic realy proud of you how you did it al without knowing how to . You show that a scooner is not just a money man thing yea
aljaž husak
aljaž husak - 2 years ago
i love how this takes all the swanky posh bullshit out of sailing and you're left with just a rude, functional, pure... boat.
Allistair Neil
Allistair Neil - 2 years ago
After seeing the bunks and head I decided not to go for a cruise...
Federico Lucchi
Federico Lucchi - 2 years ago
Amazing ship! I never heard of concrete hulls before, but it looks like it works just fine. I'd probably rather sail this than those modern super-expensive yachts with electric winches, auto-pilot, radar, gps maps and all those gadgets which, in the end, ruin all the fun! What's the point in sailing if you're just going to sit down and play on your cellphone?
Joe Casey
Joe Casey - 2 years ago
thanks for making this very good video
Joe Casey
Joe Casey - 2 years ago
thanks for making this very good video
Mevlyn Music
Mevlyn Music - 2 years ago
That boat looks like Charle's house from Charle And The Chocolate Factory. All messed and wonky looking.
Gur Eidens
Gur Eidens - 2 years ago
Great person and boat.
Starblazer - 2 years ago
Hey Capt. Eddy! What kind of maintenance does a concrete hull require?
learrus - 2 years ago
Well I'm working on my fourth boat, and I'm gonna have to put T.D.C. on her now; what a great club to be a part of lolol

So now there are members in Nova Scotia XD
Blackwater Boys
Blackwater Boys - 2 years ago
Wow cool man! Your awesome!
getredytagetredy - 2 years ago
the vessal is ar magnificent and the music rocks like a mofo...

50. comment for Artist Builds his Dream Sailboat, The Pterodactyl, a Concrete Hull Gaff Rig Schooner

DSAK55 - 2 years ago
He's ready for Waterworld
Antifer Project
Antifer Project - 2 years ago
hobo boat. How can you can live in this stinking dirty mess ?
Gur Eidens
Gur Eidens - 2 years ago
First of all u don't know if it stinks.
And if so, you get used to your own mess and stink, no problem to him.
Hes an awesome person and has a very interesting boat.
RV Curious De Warren
RV Curious De Warren - 2 years ago
Just start, I’m trying
Doc Holle
Doc Holle - 2 years ago
Real life "Capt. Jack Sparrow" great storry and great live ! I like the owners cabine ut the sealing in blue is the true !
Cipher Oceanus
Cipher Oceanus - 2 years ago
davelabine1 - 2 years ago
I love this boat ! Awesome job and it seems to be a reflection of you, well done! I like your advice too,
Ruta Alternativa
Ruta Alternativa - 2 years ago
the word influencer is usualy used ligthley, in your case, you truley are one.
I have a pieace of land were I want to build an alternate living space, but in order to decide , I'll do some traveling in my VW van to see with my own eyes this spaces.. I'm may trade it for a boat at some point.
hangwithdoug - 2 years ago
Hard to imagine a much cooler boat than this one. I love it
Garundi P. McGrundy
Garundi P. McGrundy - 2 years ago
Are you a smoker?
Ragnaro4005 - 2 years ago
i would fly a black flag...
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones - 2 years ago
He has a very interesting hairstyle
Ollie Martin
Ollie Martin - 2 years ago
“Just start”

What wonderful advice for life
Donald Schmenk
Donald Schmenk - 2 years ago
I wanna make one of those with a steam engine added
Pam English
Pam English - 2 years ago
I do too
James Michael
James Michael - 2 years ago
No rollers on the mast. Hauling up them sails is harder.
James Wilson
James Wilson - 2 years ago
stay 50m from shore concrete is not a yacht its a stone and will go to bottom cancer is always drama and its cheap way to die mate, buy f glass at least
Garry Fuller Sr
Garry Fuller Sr - 2 years ago
He's almost living like the Pirates of Old.
Vivienne Pierce
Vivienne Pierce - 2 years ago
Nate Waked
Nate Waked - 2 years ago
Wish I could build a boat like this
quotidianlight - 2 years ago
Thank you! Captain Eddie was so inspiring. I'm gonna embrace my Drakism!
MinidudePerfects !
MinidudePerfects ! - 2 years ago
jeep girl
jeep girl - 2 years ago
Someone should really tell him that he has 2 turds hanging out from his hat
Jazzie Red
Jazzie Red - 2 years ago
A modern-day Leonardo.
The Devil in Frankenstein
The Devil in Frankenstein - 2 years ago
This was an awesome inspiration!!!
ØRJAN BRÅTHEN - 2 years ago
googIed - 3 years ago
This is amazing. A walking shipwreck is captaining a boat.
Gur Eidens
Gur Eidens - 2 years ago
Terrible commentary.
Mark Kurtis
Mark Kurtis - 3 years ago
Thank you for sharing.
Mark Kurtis
Mark Kurtis - 3 years ago
Thank you for sharing.
lfk76 - 3 years ago
Eddie is a real sailor! Very nice video...
Carlos Hafner
Carlos Hafner - 3 years ago
fysherofmen - 3 years ago
I just love this guy! Amazing! Can't even put into words what I am feeling after watching this!
David Dickson
David Dickson - 3 years ago
This is one of the few sailing videos I've ever shared. I loved it. He is a true jack of all trades genius and problem solver. Beautiful ship under sail. I hope to meet him on the water some day.
Sealight Adventures
Sealight Adventures - 3 years ago
Very interesting fellow and boat. I love that rustic look.  My other half on the other hand wouldn't step aboard. Thanks for sharing.
Terrie Cotham
Terrie Cotham - 3 years ago
Thanks for letting us into your life Love your boat
and thanks for posting
Don Carlos Henderson
Don Carlos Henderson - 3 years ago
Captain Ron’s Uncle
erbn frmrdbld
erbn frmrdbld - 3 years ago
now i know what box i belong to, drakeish! this guy is sheer awesomeness.
Derrick sremog
Derrick sremog - 3 years ago
I gotta meet this man one day. Born and raised in Seattle.
SnowmansApartment - 3 years ago
looks pretty messy tho
Steve Mason
Steve Mason - 3 years ago
Great video, good on ya Captain
Aaron ___
Aaron ___ - 3 years ago
More boats please!
Caron Swann
Caron Swann - 3 years ago
Looks a nightmare, may look good to anyone who has never sailed. Disaster waiting to happen. Will not be approved for charter
XxQuality_Jelly - 3 years ago
This dude sounds like he is on meth
schoon111 - 3 years ago
Have you been to sea with that?
Moses Dane
Moses Dane - 3 years ago
schoon111 weather with 65 knot gusts. Check yourself.
מוטי - 3 years ago
very special man
TheBuckStopsHere - 3 years ago
absolutely perfect.
biocybernaut - 3 years ago
His dream boat, but I wouldn't call it a dream boat.
Tim Roberts
Tim Roberts - 3 years ago
This thing is an accident looking for somewhere to happen .…… no way will he get it approved to charter
Web Humans
Web Humans - 3 years ago
great idea to have this
bhhardgr01 - 3 years ago
dune you live in filth.....
Amanda Liverseidge
Amanda Liverseidge - 3 years ago
Greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing.

100. comment for Artist Builds his Dream Sailboat, The Pterodactyl, a Concrete Hull Gaff Rig Schooner

Nancy Gebhardt
Nancy Gebhardt - 3 years ago
Let's book a cruse on that.... And due
Nancy Gebhardt
Nancy Gebhardt - 3 years ago
Nancy Gebhardt
Nancy Gebhardt - 3 years ago
What is drug is that man on?
Nancy Gebhardt
Nancy Gebhardt - 3 years ago
LOL.... Are you kidding?
Taka Yama
Taka Yama - 3 years ago
Good video. I wouldn't want to get too far from shore in that old boy's boat. Swimming distance will do.
Osmanefendi - 3 years ago
ıs he a fucking jew
terry bullock
terry bullock - 3 years ago
I'd bet this guy's got a lifetime of stories, adventures and experience. I'd love to see him in more videos.
Lr R
Lr R - 3 years ago
Get a haircut.... you look like a effin tard with that chit hanging off your old head!
My Reality
My Reality - 3 years ago
I never felt as free as I did when I lived on my boat for 11 yrs. Going to do it again in a few years and also build a custom camper truck to see the States when I feel like a break from the water.
bret douglas
bret douglas - 3 years ago
Gregg Powers
Gregg Powers - 3 years ago
GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!
G Forcke
G Forcke - 3 years ago
A real live Jack Sparrow
Event Hʘriךּon
Event Hʘriךּon - 3 years ago
Loving it, but i could only think of three words throuout: Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Dont ask me why.
Elaine Fleureton
Elaine Fleureton - 3 years ago
Radar House
Radar House - 3 years ago
The plumbing fittings made by "Sharkbite" would work great on his copper galley faucet and allow it to swivel.
Jack Hoppy
Jack Hoppy - 3 years ago
Sounds like Bill Murray
Ange Miy
Ange Miy - 3 years ago
This guy is super talented.
Peter Grundy
Peter Grundy - 3 years ago
Beautiful boat built with intrigue ingenuity insight and deep appreciation of what makes the lines of a yacht so pleasing on the eye
A hip Joshua Slocum
ceecrb1 - 3 years ago
jamie hyneman let himself go...
Áron - 3 years ago
the ultimate adventure vheicle whitout a crew and an adventure he is wasting his and his boats time on a lake and letting rot that amazig boat so sad :_ (
Sacred Thyme
Sacred Thyme - 3 years ago
Much LOVE from Whidbey island
Richard Baker
Richard Baker - 3 years ago
I would take a life jacket with me looking at the craftsmanship of this boat. The diesel's exhaust is where sails could tocht it because he likes working boat? It's crude but floats but never been tested in a storm.
Maj. Tom
Maj. Tom - 3 years ago
Is there such a thing as a 'Land Drake'r'?
Or am I forever to be known as a 'barn jobber?'

cnawan - 3 years ago
I want one with wheels :3
KrisRaps - 3 years ago
I Love This gentelmen, I Would Be More Then happy To Met Him Some Day.
I Love his Determination to Make Things, I Saw Myself In Him
KrisRaps - 3 years ago
This is the real boat from The Forest game
Aaron Henderson
Aaron Henderson - 3 years ago
Much respect, Captain Eddie!
Tomatoo - 3 years ago
The man loves his jibs
George David
George David - 3 years ago
0:50 - yeah man, is called LUCK!
labobo - 3 years ago
The mast looked like it's about to break. Seeing all those cracks in it. At least that is what it looked like.
I would have liked to hear the engine, imagine it has a good sound.
Where's the freezer and fridge?! Solar cells? Batteries?
How do you store food? Like milk?
ronadpaugh44 - 3 years ago
Elizabeth Long
Elizabeth Long - 3 years ago
Justin Tyler Lee
Justin Tyler Lee - 3 years ago
Great advice. Thank Captain Eddie.
JimmyJimJimmy JimJimJimJim
JimmyJimJimmy JimJimJimJim - 3 years ago
When I was a kid, back in 1968 or so, I helped build a few ferrocement boats in a yard in Oakland, CA. I call it a yard but it was really little more than a dirt lot on the Alameda estuary . . . just a bunch of hippies living the dream . . . and one engineer. The quality of the build varied tremendously depending on the builder, the engineer had the best one. Everyone, without exception was building with the intention of sailing around the world. Very few did, heck very few even finished their boats. I'm really glad to see that someone not only finished their boat but still sails it! Good job and happy sailing.
javamann1000 - 3 years ago
WW2 concrete boats/ships are still afloat!
jiggermast - 3 years ago
Sir, they don't seem to make 'em like you anymore, a real Empiricist and no mistake, I'm absolutely full of admiration!
Just out of curiosity, is the "Pterodactyl based on Slocum's "Spray"
Patriot Jefferson
Patriot Jefferson - 3 years ago
@ 8:10 I hope you'll tie a rope around that crank & secure the rope to the ship. Don't wait for rough seas to knock it off the boat.
Best wishes
4Freedomrider - 3 years ago
He is a great example of naval free spirit. Love the DYI sailmanship.
0 Mekandrew
0 Mekandrew - 3 years ago
You remind me of a good guy I used to know from P T. Mike Cleary. You two wood have been fun mates. Good job in holding your dream.
jeff davis
jeff davis - 3 years ago
concrete isn't the best bottoms to have they spider then hard to repair.
Anders Jakobsen
Anders Jakobsen - 3 years ago
Fantastic. She's probably strong as hell.- But it had tickle my stomach if the wind blew up,, into busy waters ;-)
Enjoyed the story, the man and the boat.
Greetings from Norway.
Wilhelm K. Roentgen
Wilhelm K. Roentgen - 3 years ago
That guy is awesome!!!! I am so happy that there is still men like this out there. He is clearly living his dream. The world is still all right when people like this exist.
Nathan Hansen
Nathan Hansen - 3 years ago
What an amazing human being with an extraordinarily beautiful ship.
Deckie Deckie
Deckie Deckie - 3 years ago
WOW!!.....Haven't seen a concrete hull ship in about 50yrs.....saw some shrimpers back in the Florida Keys....I was in the Coast Guard then....stationed in Key West....
Ole Larsen
Ole Larsen - 3 years ago
I had a " Build my own Boat " project myself for 10 or 12 years. I did not make a boat, but I got early retirement pension. Not a rare thing to get in this country, pension.
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith - 3 years ago
Dylan I loved the video... Where is he sailing out of, or can you send me a way to say hi and connect
805gregg - 3 years ago
You need to wash your hair it's not teh 80's anymore, why build a slow boat?
Larry Littleton
Larry Littleton - 3 years ago
Thank you for adding the captioning to your video. Makes all your details and dialogue accessible. I appreciate it!
Josef - 3 years ago
Looks and sounds like a homeless guy showing you around his shopping cart. Probably smells like one too with that rat's nest of hair that can't be cleaned.
Chris Adams
Chris Adams - 2 years ago
Move along please. This is way over your head.
Sir Boomsalot
Sir Boomsalot - 2 years ago
Expect this shopping cart is awesome
Patriot Jefferson
Patriot Jefferson - 3 years ago
Josef Roesler , well he DOESN'T appear to be on drugs or a panhandling bum.
However shabby his place is....IT'S HIS OWN PLACE! He's making due with what he has & enjoying it. A lot of memories in building it over the years. It's finally finished & a pretty big deal to build your own boat. This man doesn't care about "keeping up with the Jones's", he's fascinating too.
phuc ewe
phuc ewe - 3 years ago
I'll bet a lot of 'trips' have been taken on that boat.
J Paul DeWolf
J Paul DeWolf - 3 years ago
WOW Bring back memories
Kyrre Forland.
Kyrre Forland. - 3 years ago
Fantastic video. Thanks. Beautiful boat.
tony cantrell
tony cantrell - 3 years ago
d villa
d villa - 3 years ago
what a wonderful inspiring man. his kids must be so proud! :)
CarlottaART - 3 years ago
What an amazing story. Love it!!! Thank you Captain Eddie Landis! Thank you Dylan!!
Kenny Pitts
Kenny Pitts - 3 years ago
You gotta pull the majigger to drop the dangley- doo.
Sailing Free At Last
Sailing Free At Last - 3 years ago
You're an awesome videographer, Dylan! Kudos on a job well done
Simon Turner
Simon Turner - 3 years ago
what a legend!
Greg Mirr
Greg Mirr - 3 years ago
Capt. Eddie - Your a great artist and as inspiration to anyone who ever dreamed of sailing the seven seas ! excellent video
sidwolf2 - 3 years ago
Awesome stuff, Dylan. You do amazing work.
Badger D
Badger D - 3 years ago
What an inspiration!
actech - 3 years ago
The old man and the sea
mwj5368 - 3 years ago
I see this as an actual documentary very well done on what I imagine is a very low budget, quite an accomplishment! I like how Eddie took something from nothing and made it happen by his own ingeniousness. What's also amazing to me, never been on a sailing boat, are people who know sea navigation as I heard you have to know ocean currents and how they effect navigation too. I love sailing ships like this and how beautiful it looks gliding across the sea! What great adventures ahead and also a way he can do random acts of kindness and open the amazing world of sailing and the sea to others and enjoy a whole adventurous years ahead! Thanks for sharing this! Also, I feel Eddie could talk about motivation, inner peace, creativity, and also as an inventor what innovation means to him and how all of that is working in his life. Sounds like a fascinating person with a lot to share with the world! Thanks for creating this fine documentary!
Lamda Softworks
Lamda Softworks - 3 years ago
I like his gimbal on the stove
Kelkschiz - 3 years ago
Love this boat and love this guy, so unconventional brave and pragmatic. Very beautiful in it, own unique way. :) Beautiful video as well.
David Rayburn
David Rayburn - 3 years ago
It don"t get any better than that, So cool!!!!
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor - 3 years ago
Love the stern windows. An item no one builds anymore.
JustBanter - 3 years ago
We could all learn something here - playing some music to call upon the wind, who'd have thought! Maybe even do a rain dance when stuck in the doldrums and you're dying of thirst mid Pacific! lol
Thank you Eddy - a great vid, and what a great philosophy on life.
MrRicmarc - 3 years ago
I added this video to my prepper bugout shtf playlist!
Patriot Jefferson
Patriot Jefferson - 3 years ago
MrRicmarc , I agree. Off grid
Nate Whitfield
Nate Whitfield - 3 years ago
I saw her today in olympia wa!!!!!
Fred Fadungy
Fred Fadungy - 3 years ago
hankashley - 3 years ago
Discovered your channel through Jax Austin. Been enjoying your videos. You're very good at this.
william johnson
william johnson - 3 years ago
Best video yet
Alex Popovic
Alex Popovic - 3 years ago
Mind blowingly cool, I have to meet this guy.
Mr7valentine7 - 3 years ago
Thanks for your vid, Dylan and my very best regards to Eddie Landis! At the beginning of 90-s I built a gaff schooner very much alike to his.
Benjamin sandström
Benjamin sandström - 3 years ago
if i could say one thing to that man. it would be. you sir. you are cool. respect.
Dat Dang
Dat Dang - 3 years ago
what a gorgeous ship
Imperiale - Wiki Staff
Imperiale - Wiki Staff - 3 years ago
its a boat not a ship
Joe Henderson
Joe Henderson - 3 years ago
what part of the world is his home waters ?
Lee Christofferson
Lee Christofferson - 3 years ago
Hey, great video. WE have never met but we know each other pretty well. My name is Lee, and I'm bit of artist myself. I've sailed boats my whole life , and enjoyed those waters you're sailing on very , very , much. cool boat you've built . that rig looks really fun to single hand , very managable it looks to be . Thanks again for insperation , I am inbetween boats right now .
deezynar - 3 years ago
I remember people building fero-cement boats in the 60's and 70's.  There were 2 of them that were built in my town back then.  I have no idea if they worked well, all I know is they were being worked on for a couple years and then they were gone.  Different owners, different parts of town, but I bet they new each other because those things are so big everyone driving by can see that you're building a fero-cement boat.
Running Fish
Running Fish - 3 years ago
Lol we had 9 on a cal 34
j.j. Buescher
j.j. Buescher - 3 years ago
Fantastic, man you are so clever!
Capt. chinamike, skipper of s/v venceremos, out of San Diego.
Larry Berger
Larry Berger - 3 years ago
Dude, I am so proud of you. You did it! All of us hippie dreamers had our visions. I owned seven boats in my younger days. Around the boatyards was my venue. I was the guy without the motor trying to tack out of the sound. Key West, Cocoanut Grove, Sarasota. But somewhere along the line I got a clear message to turn my back on that hippie vision. And I met this gal, (a sailor, or course) and we had seven children, and now there are twelve grandchildren, and I am landlocked in West Virginia. (No regrets) Around here there are the river rats. But they have no idea about heading for the horizon. You go, dude, I with you in spirit.
Dutch Nomad Couple
Dutch Nomad Couple - 3 years ago
What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing.
Tom Pinion
Tom Pinion - 3 years ago
This guy is my kind of people. Creative, talented, unpretentious and not afraid to live his life the way he damn well pleases.
michaelcsutton - 3 years ago
So cool. A real free spirit.
Joachim Rosendahl
Joachim Rosendahl - 3 years ago
What a dream. My life's dream, actually. To live on a ship like that. How wonderful. It's so great to see that there are people out there doing it. Great inspiration. And what a beautiful ship.
speckspeck - 3 years ago
he has a philly accent i think, i wonder what river i don't think sewage can be discharged at all into waterways
Uhlan - 3 years ago
Was it necessary to reference this guy as a "pirate?" Maybe you should meet some pirate and see how cool they are.
dna194 - 3 years ago
Thank you Capt Eddie. I'm in the middle of an extensive refit on a 54' ketch. All the things I'm being told I "have to" replace is making my head spin. But today, I'm gonna be Drake-ish, I'm gonna just start... Thank you.
dna194 - 3 years ago
And thank you Dylan for making the time to share his story.
Dylan Smothermon
Dylan Smothermon - 3 years ago
That's rad
Radnally - 3 years ago
Love the Drake.
scott langton
scott langton - 3 years ago
Eddie... you rule !
Ruth Archdekin
Ruth Archdekin - 3 years ago
Hey Dylan! My friend Alexis Koome (IG @koomebaya) is an amazing poet, with a beautiful blue bus! And a wicked good story ;) She is currently up on Haida Gwaii..a magical place I have yet to check out myself. Thanks for everything you do, I am so inspired and now beginning my own van journey.
Shantytown Shipwright
Shantytown Shipwright - 3 years ago
I like Drakes style
L E - 3 years ago
That boats got some character
Earth Story
Earth Story - 3 years ago
Wow my dude you are filming such incredible subjects these days! We need to set up a van life filmmaking meetup and have everyone collab on a grand project. That would be wicked awesome. Think of all the caravan shots we could get ;)
trinescape - 3 years ago
What a great video ! talk about having your life sorted out ,i love his philosophy on boating ,using his drake method ,I found that my life echoed his in many ways thank you for posting this you have another subscriber cheers Andy
MrPaupau70 - 3 years ago
Cement hull? Who would have thunk?
Christopher John Taylor
Christopher John Taylor - 3 years ago
Excellent piece, great job Dylan!
O Trader
O Trader - 3 years ago
Fab ship Cap! "A different perspective" indeed! Too bad the rest of the country is mired in Trump shit! I admire your Drakish approach to functional design!
Bruce Carsten
Bruce Carsten - 3 years ago
Great work Dylan, great video, awesome videos, good subject matter. This one hit home as it's in my neighborhood and I'm a life long sailing nut. You got my sub. . I would not take this boat to sea, but it is fine for S. Puget Sound...The skipper is a hoot. Awesome highly entertaining video.
Mystic123be - 3 years ago
I sailed for 12 years, did 3 times The Tall Ships Races, unforgetable experience, swimming in the Fjords of Norway, crossing the Baltic Sea, seeing the dolphins swim along, seeing places you would not normaly see, it gets under your skin
Quodge - 3 years ago
6:40. Quite moving to see someone who is so obviously old wise and inspirational talk like a giddy school boy.
northwoods1986 - 3 years ago
IF your going to be doing tours you need to get the vessel permitted for commercial use, which might be quite difficult w/ a home-made vessel. EVEN if it is in all respects very, very seaworthy and stable. Coast Guard can be very picky and articulate about any minor reason which might make your vessel ineligible for a commercial use permit. There are a lot more rules when it comes to commercial permits than just if you own your own vessel and boat around in it.
Roland Peachie
Roland Peachie - 3 years ago
Love your Boat Captain Eddie, a fitting Boat for an artist, it has style and like a Original piece of Art.
Nomad45fox - 3 years ago
Alf Torp
Alf Torp - 3 years ago
I'd have to have a major stereo system aboard, playing the most epic "pirates" music constantly. along the lines of 16:45 ...
Chandra Hunter-Greulich
Chandra Hunter-Greulich - 2 years ago
I would be terrible on a sail boat. If play only Pirated of the Caribbean
Chandra Hunter-Greulich
Chandra Hunter-Greulich - 2 years ago
Patriot Jefferson funny thing is that Pippi Longstalking is from Germany
Patriot Jefferson
Patriot Jefferson - 3 years ago
Alf Torp , play the song from "The New Adventures of Pippi LongStalking!" (the American movie is the bet, I accidentally order the original foreign film & it was crap!)
The sea life made Pippi a really fun gal
john becay
john becay - 3 years ago
very cool guy and a very cool life....
Erik Conover
Erik Conover - 3 years ago
One of your best videos Dylan
Q Hart
Q Hart - 3 years ago
I love salty old PNW boat hippies!
Elijah Barongan
Elijah Barongan - 3 years ago
He's like a realized fictional character and it's so fuckin awesome.
d. cypher
d. cypher - 3 years ago
nice...thanks. i lived on a live-aboard boat w my folks, and brother...almost ten years. once, during one particular nasty hurricane, we took refuge in a neighbor's ferrous cement sailboat, 51/2 " thick, chinese junk rigged. felt much safer. lol. best ten years of my question.
amir zubair Khan
amir zubair Khan - 3 years ago
thankyou Eddie Landis
Ka - 3 years ago
Captain Eddie is beautiful
ia3767 - 3 years ago
Very nice.
Emiliano Márquez
Emiliano Márquez - 3 years ago
Nice editing man ! also great subject
Visual Traveler
Visual Traveler - 3 years ago
Dylan, your stories and video directing, editing skills are superb. This looks every bit the quality of a story on National Geographic. If I were you I would try to get National Geographic to air this story on their Tv show. You could make a lot of money doing this man. Who knows, they may even hire you for occasional work making and producing stories. It's definitely worth a try.

May you have many blessings and with much inner peace. ✌
conpoet - 3 years ago
Your editing skills are top notch. Awesome videos dude.
dabprod - 3 years ago
This guy will never die from high blood pressure.
People with high stress life styles that have a breakdown should go spend a week hanging out and sailing with him.

Great video, thanks for posting. Where does he live?
jeff theriault
jeff theriault - 2 years ago
Port Townsend is in Puget Sound, Washington state
jnia fowler
jnia fowler - 3 years ago
I call it my "one pot wonder." You wonder what's in it and why it tastes so good. :) Love your boat.
Steve Mahr
Steve Mahr - 3 years ago
Another compelling documentary Dylan. You have a true gift for storytelling. And what a character the Captain is! Well done!
this girl Coronado
this girl Coronado - 3 years ago
Vicki Magaster
Vicki Magaster - 3 years ago
I want one!!
Bus Life NZ
Bus Life NZ - 3 years ago
That's awesome!
Drumiverse - 3 years ago
My favourite so far, super inspiring!
Michael Ball
Michael Ball - 3 years ago
Until 1:57 I was afraid that was ear hair... or chest hair.
OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY - 3 years ago
McKenzie - 3 years ago
Up until :34, I thought the man was Bill Murray
Sarah Tree
Sarah Tree - 3 years ago
Sign me up! I want to sail on the magic ship! RVs are fun too. I always say that an RV is just an upside down boat with wheels.
A Million Toms
A Million Toms - 3 years ago
It's pretty mental to think where this channel has gone since the S.America/NYC vlogs and that you're doing all this as a one man show. Congrats mate
Dryden Joss
Dryden Joss - 3 years ago
getting a wes anderson aesthetic feel from this
Precious Pecans
Precious Pecans - 3 years ago
"This is my mentor Drake. He's dead now."
Precious Pecans
Precious Pecans - 3 years ago
YESYESYES LOL (also, are you excited about Isle of Dogs?)
ocripcurrent - 3 years ago
I was intrigued about "Drakeism" so I searched out a little further: Here's a cool blogpost about his history in brief. What a legend!
Ashlee - 3 years ago
I like Captain Eddie :)
Paulyv93 - 3 years ago
What an eccentric fellow
Victor Principe
Victor Principe - 3 years ago
I need to find my star to follow. I cant wait to find it.
Levi Allen
Levi Allen - 3 years ago
This is so rad. One of my favourites so far!
EB A - 2 years ago
Ian Pledge
Ian Pledge - 2 years ago
Needs to cut the crap out of his hair
Mulo - 3 years ago
Rumour has it he spoons his sails!
Mulo - 3 years ago
arumrunner haha yep
arumrunner - 3 years ago
Dave & Muppy RV & Vlog Channel
Dave & Muppy RV & Vlog Channel - 3 years ago
he spooned the window right in front of the camera
Different Media.
Different Media. - 3 years ago
hahah Capt eddy is such a character! great video Dylan, inspiring for my film making
Andrew Felcey
Andrew Felcey - 3 years ago
would Not go to sea with this guy !!!!
Chris Adams
Chris Adams - 2 years ago
I have. And he"d still be my 1st choice.
unicycle master
unicycle master - 3 years ago
boat life vidoes now?
Im just a snail
Im just a snail - 3 years ago
this is awesome, what an amazing dude
Air Gliss
Air Gliss - 3 years ago
Life on the road update?
Air Gliss
Air Gliss - 3 years ago
Dylan Magaster that's all I wanted. Thanks bro
FLORB - 3 years ago
I'm still living
José Daniel Mourão
José Daniel Mourão - 3 years ago
You're quickly turning into one of, if not my favourite youtube channel! In every video, you show a different story, and it's just so alluring to me that I just can't stop watching! Also, the editing is on point, especially for the type of videos you put out. Great work! ;)
Jonatan Gutz
Jonatan Gutz - 3 years ago
MisterBassBoost - 3 years ago
Excellent video
Matthew Kern
Matthew Kern - 3 years ago
You guys don't know how HAPPY I am!!!!!! I was waiting for today's video to come out so I could (obviously watch it and) comment that he should do one on a boat, specifically a tall ship like this! Thank you Dylan, thank you thank you thank you
OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY - 3 years ago
Rixanne H
Rixanne H - 3 years ago
He is so inspiring! so are you. I cant believe he built that! It's so amazing. I absolutely LOVE the picture from the 70s. Every guy I ever dated in high school had a dad or older brother who dressed like that :D I am a water person, born and bred in San Diego on the beach. If I could live on the water, I would. I envy and admire him. Thank you again for a beautiful video! My heart soared with the drone on this one <3
SouthJerseySound - 2 years ago
There's room aboard my boat but I'm on the east coast headed towards Europe.
tony smario
tony smario - 3 years ago
IF you cold live on the water...never been a better time to 'escape' the land in every sense of the word.
Cpt. Mirones
Cpt. Mirones - 3 years ago
you could try hiring up on a cargo sailing vessel like Tress Hombress, Nordlys, Grayhound, Avontuur, Kwai, Ceiba,Brigantes, Cecilie, The Spirite of Rotterdam and many more.

Ceiba is currently beeing build in Costa Rica and is intended to sail the Pacific Line from Costra Rica up to Canada and Back down past Hawaii.
or you could become a Shareholder of a CSV, Ceiba sells their shares for 100 USD to enable a larger audience to purchase them. The other Shares are usally at around 1000€ ( Avonture, Nordly) 1250€ Tress Hombress and 3000€ for the Massiv Clipper 'The Spirite of Rotterdam'
onlycasual1 - 3 years ago
Some really great content coming out from this channel recently.
X Y - 3 years ago
Good video Dylan. Well done! I dig.
Wail Jojo
Wail Jojo - 3 years ago
MrSovietGreen - 3 years ago
Fred reiselust
Fred reiselust - 3 years ago
FLORB - 3 years ago
Who now wants to roam the planet by Schooner? I know I do.
EB A - 2 years ago
I'm in. Contact me at
Chandra Hunter-Greulich
Chandra Hunter-Greulich - 2 years ago
And now, a year later, you are sailing the Mediterranean
Rico Gutierrez
Rico Gutierrez - 2 years ago
Too small. Maybe on a windjammer.
Mary Ellen Cook
Mary Ellen Cook - 2 years ago
I love her name ! PTERODACTYL! This guy is the Willie Nelson of schooner captains. Gotta love it!
hangwithdoug - 2 years ago
I love this boat. I'd totally sail the world in it.
Moses Dane
Moses Dane - 2 years ago
whats your boat construction material of choice? steel? glass? wood? there are many great facets to each...and each have their own negative attributes as well.
Titan Army
Titan Army - 3 years ago
woudnt leave port on a concrete boat
꧂Oddish꧂ - 3 years ago
yarrrg! will there be booty?
David Uribe
David Uribe - 3 years ago
I've been dying to go sailing for more than a decade now... just a little bit longer I think =)
Trevor H
Trevor H - 3 years ago
Pfft, Junks are the way to go. Or Turtles.

But yeah, great boat, and build.
Justin Tyler Lee
Justin Tyler Lee - 3 years ago
Who gets to be Admiral?
Sailing Tranquility Bay
Sailing Tranquility Bay - 3 years ago
We've been roaming the planet on our sailboat for 12 years now. It's a great way to live cheaply and explore places that most people will never have access to. Building or refitting your own dreamboat is a great way to realize your own life's adventure.
M’ aiq
M’ aiq - 3 years ago
cole moore if I had a crew I'd go for a frigate
Acorn To Arabella
Acorn To Arabella - 3 years ago
We do! But on a Ketch. This is a pretty cool story. We are doing more or less the same thing but with a little less "Drakism". Haha
Chris Parlow
Chris Parlow - 3 years ago
Dylan Magaster -- big 10-4 on that. I know how you fill could do it the rest of my life
India Lyell
India Lyell - 3 years ago
I came back from doing just that two months ago, on a three mast gaff schooner, from The Netherlands to the Carribean and back. They were the best six months of my life. We had less space per person than is legal for a prisoner, the night watches were cold and sometimes we couldn't shower for weeks, but I was the happiest I've ever been. If you have had it at the back of your mind for a while, just do it. You won't regret it, I promise. I'm definitely not going to be finished with the ocean anytime soon.
Jack Sabbath
Jack Sabbath - 3 years ago
What an amazing first home :)
Wicked Salty
Wicked Salty - 3 years ago
Just bought a sloop with my girlfriend, going to be sailing her back to MA next weekend and then sailing her down the east coast of the U.S. and to the Caribbean this year! We'll be living on her full time as well, our first real home together :) we're excited!
cole moore
cole moore - 3 years ago
Schooners are nice looking, but I'd take a more updated & modern sailing ship to venture the sea's :) unless i had my pirate crew with me.... then schooner it is.
Samual Whittemore
Samual Whittemore - 3 years ago
Dylan Magaster Buying a plywood catamaran....see you in the ocean!
Stephanie Zoltick
Stephanie Zoltick - 3 years ago
ill go with u
Jack Sabbath
Jack Sabbath - 3 years ago
I don't know if I would, but I'd watch you do it
Niaa _\\//
Niaa _\\// - 3 years ago
I'm in love with your channel's content. greetings from Greece
sckar - 2 years ago
Post Watermalone
Post Watermalone - 3 years ago
insert generic comment about being first
Tiberiu Nicolae
Tiberiu Nicolae - 2 years ago
Post Watermalone Insert generic comment about your mom

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