Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - Pro Tips for Sailing & Naval Combat

If you like what you see, make sure to thumbs up and subscribe! When I didn't think I could possibly love Assassin's Creed more, it's back in full force with pirates. Not only do we get to experience the same thrilling combat and stealth that we've come to love from Assassin's Creed, but this time around we also get to take the naval battles from AC3 to an entirely new level. Enjoy watching as I work my way through the story aiming for 100% sync on all the missions, as well as partaking in a good amount of the general shenanigans that my channel has become known for! Make sure to out my channel for more videos at: All recordings are on Xbox 360 using a Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition

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If you like what you see, make sure to thumbs up and subscribe! When I didn't think I could possibly love Assassin's Creed more, it's back in full force with pirates. Not only do we get to experience the same thrilling combat and stealth that we've come to love from Assassin's Creed, but this time around we also get to take the naval battles from AC3 to an entirely new level. Enjoy watching as I work my way through the story aiming for 100% sync on all the missions, as well as partaking in a good amount of the general shenanigans that my channel has become known for! Make sure to out my channel for more videos at: All recordings are on Xbox 360 using a Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition

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for Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - Pro Tips for Sailing & Naval Combat

Tw010f - 3 years ago
Ok guys I'm here to tech you how to sail (add) ok to start (add) upgrade your ship (add)
UberTheGamer - 3 years ago
I would recommend that as long as you don't need repairs and aren't trying to lower your wanted level, you should send the ship to the fleet because you can salvage the ships you don't want for gems, which are used to repair ships and speed things up. This way you actually get something out of one if the three options instead of uselessly repairing the ship. Another good point is that if one if the three bars is partially damaged it will regenerate, but if one is taken down completely you need to go to a harbour master or board a ship to repair it.
al-rasheed mohadali
al-rasheed mohadali - 3 years ago
how to trigger mortar??
Gooey Reacts
Gooey Reacts - 3 years ago
A great tip to make fire barrels useful is when a ship tries to ram you, you can just go as fast as you can, and when they miss you and go behind you, you can literally just shoot fire barrels onto the ship
csabo1725 - 3 years ago
Across is a word. Acrossed is not.
Doug Murray
Doug Murray - 3 years ago
I couldn't have enjoyed this vid more! Great stuff - Subscribed
BeastHunter 2896
BeastHunter 2896 - 3 years ago
I want know how to change my ship with another ship.
Rikki Demon
Rikki Demon - 3 years ago
BeastHunter 2896 thats not possible in this game mate
Nathan Child
Nathan Child - 4 years ago
Thanks for that this game is gonna be awesome
Renaissance Man
Renaissance Man - 4 years ago
I keep getting attacked by like 3-4 ships at same time! How can I stop this?
Noisy Empire
Noisy Empire - 4 years ago
Renaissance Man If they are smaller ships like Gunboats and Schroos Ram A couple and use swivel on them, Make sure to look behind you and drop the barrels when the enemies are close together. Or you can keep following them and chances are, if Water Tornados hit, it will disable them all and you will not have your Red bounty Meter go up. You just simply farm em.

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Renaissance Man
Renaissance Man - 4 years ago
+FightingCowboy nice write up! I am having trouble in first level Raise the black flag getting killed while trying to defeat a frigate as I have no upgrades except for base hull and cannot buy more until I beat the level. Any ideas how to beat that base level when weak ship?
death legend
death legend - 4 years ago
hey you ship has a good amount of halth and its upgraded did you do that ?. i am not able to upgrade my ship please suggesr i am new in this...not able to complete level 13. where we have to fuck those ships
Kn - 4 years ago
How do you use that telescope thing that is like eagle vision.
dsavereide - 4 years ago
On XBox it's RB.
topcat771 - 4 years ago
hilda bennett
hilda bennett - 4 years ago
guys im getting this game in a couple of days and im wondering if you board a ship can you like make it your personal ship lke the one you use someone pls reply i need help cause i need tips and tricks and by the way im actually a boy
Adam Lopez
Adam Lopez - 4 years ago
hilda bennett you can add it to your fleet but you can not make it the one you personally use
Jøhnny - 4 years ago
holly fuckign bloodt shit,i use to watch every single of ur souls series videos,and i suddenly run into you by watching ranomd assassins creed video,nice to see you again lol
Ssj .Blurr
Ssj .Blurr - 4 years ago
How tf do u dodge when they attack
Ssj .Blurr
Ssj .Blurr - 4 years ago
+scasny i still cant do it
scasny - 4 years ago
well there are 2 basic moves for 2 basic enemies.1 they try to atack from distance i do the same speeding stoping and fast turns.2 they try to ram you.When they go for me i turn that i am paralel to them speed up so the impact is minimal slow down and use heavy shot turn some more and use fire barel.
If you are playng on a console you have no chance to do such fast moves with a controler.
When you counter 2 3 or sometimes 5 and more enemies you must think very fast and react very fast.I play Black flag 5-6 times so i have lot of experience if you are playng for the first time even with full upgrade ship some thask will sems imposible just spend some time and develop moves that works for you.
Ssj .Blurr
Ssj .Blurr - 4 years ago
+scasny i try but its so freakin hard
scasny - 4 years ago
you dont, you just brace for impact to minimized the damage.Best way is to do 8 behinde the ship to avoid damage or big 0 arond the ship if i can draw you a diagram of diferent sailing paths i can make 6 diferent techniques top of my head
South East Bobby
South East Bobby - 4 years ago
thanks for the video i just got back to playing this started it over didn't even know the different cannon options
YoloQ Master
YoloQ Master - 4 years ago
How do u 'charge' like what button to press?
Alaa Asouv
Alaa Asouv - 4 years ago
I finish the game

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Alaa Asouv
Alaa Asouv - 4 years ago
wait what did he say saying the motprters how to use it?
championskyeterrier - 4 years ago
The main thing missing here is a demonstration of how to use the swivel guns during ship to ship combat (before the boarding sequence)
iR2bMLG 99
iR2bMLG 99 - 4 years ago
I used my barely upgraded Jackdaw to board the man of war, I just stick around a battle between 2 countries and be the clean up. But my crew surrendered when I need to kill two more enemies. Lel
El Maxoh
El Maxoh - 4 years ago
Hey man I have a question , is it possible to custime the exterior of your ship ? Like the colors of your ship and the interior as well ? Not the sails but everything else ? If so how do you do it ? thx
UnusualNetwork - 4 years ago
You can customise colour of the sails, look of the wheel thingy and some statues for the front part of the ship, not a lot so just search "Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - Jackdaw Cosmetic Upgrades" you'll find a vid and see if you like what you see :)
El Maxoh
El Maxoh - 4 years ago
" If so how do you do it ?"
UnusualNetwork - 4 years ago
Jast Do it
Jast Do it - 5 years ago
чё бля
Jacob Molyneux
Jacob Molyneux - 5 years ago
with elite heavy shot, can it be fire twice like you can on blsckbeard's ship? or is it automatically fire twice? if not, how can I fire it twice. I have elite heavy shot already btw
last ranger
last ranger - 5 years ago
broadside can be a co cuz when fire the ships move so i have to use speed or mortar to slow them down then use broadsibe then board
K Stoneburgh
K Stoneburgh - 5 years ago
So what's the deal with your fleet? I've never noticed anything happen after I add ships to my (as far as I know) non existent fleet.
aayush chaurasia
aayush chaurasia - 5 years ago
you are not online are you?
Morgenstervenus - 5 years ago
Great video! Thx!!
Cindy the fox
Cindy the fox - 5 years ago
I've completely finished the game

30. comment for Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - Pro Tips for Sailing & Naval Combat

Jarrett DeVore
Jarrett DeVore - 5 years ago
Man, id love to live on Marijuana island!!! XD
Shaun Moore
Shaun Moore - 5 years ago
That was a very well spoken and concise video brother. I didn't realize you could tighten the grouping on the round shot. Have you noticed on when boarding bigger ships your counters are glitchy? It happens when there is a lot going on, really annoying when you have a brute and dagger guy fucking you up while you hit counter, lol.
Dream Amram
Dream Amram - 5 years ago
How Do I Ram Other Ships? Please Tell Me!
Dream Amram
Dream Amram - 5 years ago
K Stoneburgh
K Stoneburgh - 5 years ago
You need to have a ram first then just well you know ram them. You can use the chain shot to stun em for a sec too
Arnel Cayabyab
Arnel Cayabyab - 5 years ago
Started playing this recently. Thanks for the great tutorial!
Trent Bailey
Trent Bailey - 5 years ago
I have found that if you are battling a brig, you should use ur heavy shot as they r coming to u and when the r close but not to close go into travel speed for a second or 2 or until it looks like he won't hit u wait for him to be right behind you fire your fire barrels and all 3 should hit
J Royalty
J Royalty - 5 years ago
I don't know if he mentions it in this video (I've yet to watch the whole video) but when battling a fort, take out the boats that attack, but do not board them yet. Leave them until you need health and then go back and board them and select to repair the jackdaw that way you have a health supply sort of. Also those boats will do a lot of damage while you are tackling the fort so its best to get them out of the way in the first place.
Shaun Moore
Shaun Moore - 5 years ago
That's actually a great strategy, I leave them waiting to board in huge fights and for taking forts too.
bertrum pritchard
bertrum pritchard - 5 years ago
If you are reading this can you do me a favour and make a video on how to talk all the forts around the map because I am stuck
The Blue Hair Pirates
The Blue Hair Pirates - 5 years ago
You just got to upgrade your ship alot.
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster - 5 years ago
Hi for those who finished this game is it worth playing till the end? I find it kind of boring to be honest /: I just wanna know if it gets any better or if it's gonna stay the same I've only played a few missions so far
Gooey Reacts
Gooey Reacts - 3 years ago
Adam Lopez
Adam Lopez - 4 years ago
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster yeah I didn't realize until after I posted it lol I'm glad you enjoyed it my man!
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster - 4 years ago
+Adam Lopez it was awhile since I posted that comment. I beat the game and loved it!
Adam Lopez
Adam Lopez - 4 years ago
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster trust me I started playing and I was like damn what a waste of money but then continued and in like 3 more missions it got great
Zylus Tylorean
Zylus Tylorean - 5 years ago
Do you want a spoiler?
K Stoneburgh
K Stoneburgh - 5 years ago
+Zylus Tylorean why heartbreaking?
Zylus Tylorean
Zylus Tylorean - 5 years ago
Worth it, but heartbreaking
XaB Peanut
XaB Peanut - 5 years ago
yes it gets better, its not that good if you don't have your ship yet
The Kaiser
The Kaiser - 5 years ago
This game... unrealisitic as fuck.
K Stoneburgh
K Stoneburgh - 5 years ago
That's why it's a game bro. If you want realism then go outside
The Blue Hair Pirates
The Blue Hair Pirates - 5 years ago
More realistic than black ops 3
Official Fan
Official Fan - 5 years ago
Like almost every game.
jojo bahil
jojo bahil - 5 years ago
+The Kaiser now you're the real pirate
girrafe84 - 5 years ago
Who the fuck cares? It's a game.
Zackary Ward
Zackary Ward - 5 years ago
I only use heavy shot on frigates and man of wars
J. Allen
J. Allen - 5 years ago
Quite good. I actually have almost maxed out my ship without realizing a couple details you put in here. Thanks.
MRGCProductions20996 - 5 years ago
morite de cancer morite de cancer morite de cancer
schlicktown - 5 years ago
nice vid.. very helpful and entertaining 
Kr1tical_Effect - 6 years ago
Thanks, I was confused on how to use motor though
FortVusatunell - 5 years ago
+PTP You're joking, right?
Sameer Nawaz
Sameer Nawaz - 5 years ago
There isn't a motor on a boat
L The Detective
L The Detective - 6 years ago
thank god i decided to do hull armor first. it goes without saying that it's the most important thing you can have. that, and remembering you have a versatile pool of weapons. use the mortars, use the ram, use the chainshot...i feel like alot of people get stuck trying to use the broadside cannons. also...MOVE MOVE MOVE. always be on the move; drive slower ships nuts. good video.
sean house
sean house - 6 years ago
the white whale isnt that bad i got one earlier with lvk 2 harpoons max storage and armor and didnt get hit just when it jumps do minimum amount of power
Rainex - 6 years ago
thank you!
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum - 6 years ago
Go Pikachu!
Thor DeCourcy-Fedder
Thor DeCourcy-Fedder - 6 years ago
You dodge the ram then realese the barrels
Matt O.
Matt O. - 6 years ago
How would you avoid a ship that is trying to ram you from the broadside, I get that a lot :)

50. comment for Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - Pro Tips for Sailing & Naval Combat

Alex Gil
Alex Gil - 6 years ago
Nate Rivers
Nate Rivers - 6 years ago
Cowboy, this is the best video I have ever seen! You Are the Man! I am Subscribing.
You explain if  better then the manual, O Wait what manual?
NinjaDerp 85
NinjaDerp 85 - 6 years ago
How do you unlock uplay?
VegaSands - 6 years ago
Shut the Front Door!  I just want to say I adore all the emails I have received. My PC was down for bit. No internet, but I am up and running once more. I took a break from Black Flag because 1 Legendary ship will not go down. Any way I decided to play AC2 to take a break from that noise. I will return to Black Flag after I get this last seal.  I made all the jumps up to the advanced wall jump in the last tomb. This one I am struggling with a little due to my timing I think,  so I aborted the memory to practice. I think Ezio is feisty but s-o-o-o-o-o cool I love all the different moves you can do with him, in the game that is. So too all the players of Assassin's Creed series keep those videos coming they are a lot of help and I appreciate them. Well got to go don't want to keep Ezio waiting.
Jake Beamson photography
Jake Beamson photography - 6 years ago
Hey cowboy I love the Black flag how do I get upgrades for my ship?? I mean like gold coin ect??? as I need to upgrade my ship asap really before I can carry on with the story
Zachary Shaw
Zachary Shaw - 6 years ago
Definitely the best assassins creed ever made... So much freedom it just seduces you...
X3MIST Gaming
X3MIST Gaming - 6 years ago
I'm starting to really get into Black Flag & this aspect of the game is deeper than I originally thought. I spent almost a day trying to get a convoy with no upgrades to my ship; obviously I was unsuccessful. Thanks for this video; it's really helpful.
Twiiggyman - 6 years ago
9:44 Dat power doe.
Uzumaki.D Luffy
Uzumaki.D Luffy - 6 years ago
Thanks heaps helped a lot keep up the good work
Sabroso Lopez
Sabroso Lopez - 6 years ago
So you can upgrade ship with plans AND money? Would you suggest seeking out the plans instead of buying the upgrades?
Stacey Newark
Stacey Newark - 6 years ago
Complete the wreck to get plans dipshit
Sniper3322 - 6 years ago
Open a certain chest to get plans, not complete the entire wreck
Sky Veid
Sky Veid - 6 years ago
every body you cant yous heavy shot unless you by it for xbox to use morters hold lb and move your look around stick
owenkilleen - 6 years ago
Just recently bought the Game, thanks for this.
Quentin Foxworth
Quentin Foxworth - 6 years ago
Great Video man I had to log in and give props!  Better tutorial than the game developers!
mohammed sarker
mohammed sarker - 6 years ago
Naval combat is best feature of AC3 AND AC4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Blue Hair Pirates
The Blue Hair Pirates - 5 years ago
+mohammed sarker Oh, ok.
mohammed sarker
mohammed sarker - 5 years ago
+Super Saiyan God Yamcha It's a side-mission and it's in a linear playing area. 
The Blue Hair Pirates
The Blue Hair Pirates - 5 years ago
I played through AC3 (not AC4 yet, but I completed rogue) and I dont remeber naval combat. Am I just stupid or is that a dlc?
Kevin P
Kevin P - 6 years ago
Great video
Aanteatur - 6 years ago
Holy shit I never knew about the charge ability...I need to kill the legendary ships still.. 
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma - 6 years ago
If you press and hold l2 you can zoom with your swivel gun while boarding
Spencer Hayes
Spencer Hayes - 6 years ago
21:50 "yeah it was either at salt lagoon, or marijuana island"
Spencer Hayes
Spencer Hayes - 6 years ago
as someone who played pirates of the Caribbean online when i was younger, it was unbelievable satisfying to play a game with similar sea combat that has so much greater graphical fidelity and much more engaging and intense fighting. 
GeorgePottasium - 6 years ago
That literally was the BEST game I ever played as a child. It was immensely exciting and fun-especially when Jolly Rogers? attacked Tortuga, and the different islands, and everyone had to quickly sail there to stop him.  
TheGeneralCheesie - 6 years ago
How long ago did they remove pirates of the caribbean? I tried to go back to it a while ago and was pissed when I found out it was gone
AussieBlokeGordo - 6 years ago
Not a fan of the sailing in AC, for me the last good AC game was Brotherhood. That type of gameplay is the reason I got into AC in the first place, this sailing stuff is just frustrating 
Insatiable Chaos
Insatiable Chaos - 6 years ago
I have a question. Not too long ago I got this game, I was a very low level with like lvl 1 - 2 cannons and a lvl 2 hull or so, I was exploring, then the sky turned foggy and a ship called El Impoluto appeared and whooped my ass. Any advice?
madeline koster
madeline koster - 5 years ago
*Was, until it met the legendary Edward Kenway
max hilman
max hilman - 5 years ago
madeline koster
madeline koster - 5 years ago
+Captain Foxy Some say it's lead by the ghost of Horatio Nelson and it's quartermaster is John Paul Jones himself. gasps
The redstone warrior
The redstone warrior - 6 years ago
I beat man o' war with lvl 2 stuff cause I found it at almost 1 hp XD super lucky
Alex Gil
Alex Gil - 6 years ago
+Captain Foxy cool
Ironlungger - 6 years ago
Yeah... You can't beat those ships until you are just under the max.... Fuckers love to act behind screens lmfao
Lucas Kanso
Lucas Kanso - 6 years ago
+Stacey Newark Oh, congrats then. I (as far as I remember) coundn't handle it 'til upgrade Jackdaw to the maximum level.
Stacey Newark
Stacey Newark - 6 years ago
El impoluto rams u nd it fuckin hurts
Stacey Newark
Stacey Newark - 6 years ago
+Lucas Kanso killed el with lev 2 stuff its easy the 2 manos where challengin nagra just ram it n price circle it while usin round or hard shot
Lucas Kanso
Lucas Kanso - 6 years ago
Run haha! El Impoluto is one of the legendary ships, you can't (at least I coudn't) fight them 'till you upgrade Jackdaw to maximum.
max hilman
max hilman - 6 years ago
get fucked
Ironlungger - 6 years ago
Run! (or SAIL!!! very fast... lol) I can't remember if I tried to fight it, or if you were actually forced to experience that. I just started playing it a couple days ago... I missed what they said about the guns so came to see what the differences were in the "shots".... I'm thinking that Impoluto is one of these Legendary ships I keep hearing about. Having fun now that my stuff is getting up there! Go clear an island or two if you are looking for cash and upgrades. I'm at the point where I need to progress so I can go diving. Good luck and have fun! I know I am!...... PS4 - Ironlungger - Peace
xXxAlmightyForcexXx - 6 years ago
Heres a crazy tip i did to beat high level ships. I get close enough to the ship and get off the ship and swim towards them and kill everyone on the ship. When you swim back to your ship just shoot at the ship and youre ready to board the ship with out fighting the ship.
Bytemare77 - 3 years ago
lol good to know thanks! :D btw this game still looks amazing, on PC max settings.
Gajraj Singh
Gajraj Singh - 4 years ago
It still works
xXxAlmightyForcexXx - 5 years ago
+Captain Obvious It was a long time ago but I'm sure it still works. Cause the huge ships were a pain to beat head on.
K Stoneburgh
K Stoneburgh - 5 years ago
Geez that works for man o wars?
22techies - 6 years ago
great vid, thanks for the help!
DVD copy of shark tale
DVD copy of shark tale - 6 years ago
or L2
Jacob cummins
Jacob cummins - 6 years ago
How do you use the mortar??? I have bought it but there is no button to use it.
Sai kumar SN
Sai kumar SN - 3 years ago
How to use broadside cannons
VAXIK_DA_DOLPHIN - 5 years ago
Lb in Xbox 360/1
Zachary Shaw
Zachary Shaw - 6 years ago
Hold down Q on the keyboard
Vanpyro Gaming
Vanpyro Gaming - 6 years ago
L2 on PS3/4
Sam Dowding
Sam Dowding - 6 years ago
the elite hull plans need a map you get of a cadaver at nassau which will tell you where the upgrade plan is
VegaSands - 6 years ago
Well shut the front door! Most people my age are into bingo or the casino, me I love these games. even my grandchildren are in awe. This is my first AC game. This video is The Very Best I found that totally explains how to operate the ship and its tools.  Thanks so much.
cburke106 - 6 years ago
You are the coolest grandmother ever...
khryz1 - 6 years ago
I would love to play some coop videogames with my grandma. I hope your grandchildren appreciate you, cause miss, you are a rare breed. :)
Peter - 6 years ago
That's so awesome! Never understood how older people don't get into video games - for me, it's a pretty well-set plan, I know what I'll be doing when I retire XD
George Lazkani
George Lazkani - 6 years ago
how do you use the heavy shot on ps4?
R4eWclan - 6 years ago
elete hull is found in the top left corner
R4eWclan - 6 years ago
you have the best ram! your ship must have a good prosseser
Micah Face
Micah Face - 6 years ago
Is boarding ships the only way to repair your ship, or gain ship health?
Roy Anslem
Roy Anslem - 6 years ago
+Thallanar Rabidtooth And if you sink a ship and get along it you can take it's health (that or it's a glitch i abuse XD)
Thallanar Rabidtooth
Thallanar Rabidtooth - 6 years ago
No, you can repair your Jackdaw at a Harbormaster.
weam shaddad
weam shaddad - 6 years ago
How u used the Heavy Shots?
Peter - 6 years ago
I didn't know it either, but it looks like you use the heavy shots by simply firing without pressing the "aim" button (L2 on PS4 or LT on Xbone), so simply look to the side then press the fire button. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
Plebasaurus Rekt
Plebasaurus Rekt - 6 years ago
Shot broadside whitout aiming, if you aim you dont shot whit the heavy shot
Josh Ly
Josh Ly - 6 years ago
When do I unlocked the uplay? Like how i send it to my fleet. I have an account for uplay or do I hav to progress in the story to unlock the fleet
Plebasaurus Rekt
Plebasaurus Rekt - 6 years ago
You earn it in the story, and then you can go in to your jackdaw and then you can manage you fleet
Brandon Barefoot
Brandon Barefoot - 7 years ago
I absolutely love that you're playing the Wii U version of this game! (You can see by the button icons) I think it's a really undervalued version of the game for those who can't quite afford "next gen" consoles.
Brandon Barefoot
Brandon Barefoot - 6 years ago
Yep, realized that after I had left the video >.<" oops, oh well.
Peter - 6 years ago
He's not, the buttons are for Xbox - A,B,X,Y
Take another look.
AHM0013 - 7 years ago
stupid question, when you fully upgrade the ship what level does it reach? 
Eutalyx Livius
Eutalyx Livius - 6 years ago
+Thallanar Rabidtooth Nah, i've seen Jackdaw's having green text on 60's Men o' War.
Thallanar Rabidtooth
Thallanar Rabidtooth - 6 years ago
Not sure, probably 50 something cuz some Man O' Wars are level 60 and the text is in red. Legendary Ships are around level 75.
James Kaleb Wolfe
James Kaleb Wolfe - 7 years ago
What about upgrading your sails does that even really matter I mean why save your cloth once you've upgraded your crews quarters ?
Thallanar Rabidtooth
Thallanar Rabidtooth - 6 years ago
Your sail color does not affect your ship in any way besides appearance. It's totally cosmetic. I just sell all my cloth, wood and metal (rum and sugar too of course) when I can because I can't upgrade my ship anymore.
CheeseCakeAwakesFTW - 7 years ago
Thank you, I hated the sailing.
Amanpreet Atwal
Amanpreet Atwal - 6 years ago
Orange Banana
Orange Banana - 6 years ago
+Djinn Edwards i like it in ac 4 but not in ac 3 in ac3 u cant reeroam
Orange Banana
Orange Banana - 6 years ago
+josh thomas i hate it in ac 3
Zach - 6 years ago
I hated it to, until yesterday when I liked getting wanted levels and fucking up hunters :3
josh thomas
josh thomas - 6 years ago
really?i can't get enough it
Rickfoxy071 - 7 years ago
how can i use mortars in PC?! --,
Rickfoxy071 - 6 years ago
i was asking for the key! btw, its in "Q"
Plebasaurus Rekt
Plebasaurus Rekt - 6 years ago
You must unlock them first
Nissar Najib
Nissar Najib - 7 years ago
Just started the game ,excellent break down on game mechanics !
007foppe - 7 years ago
How to get new map markers showing up to get your ship upgraded i just started with the boat
Cynane - 7 years ago
I'm sick of being friggin outnumbered when I'm sailing
Yogs - 7 years ago
Your guides are very useful, Cowboy. I do hope to see more from you with guides of Assassin's Creed Unity. Subscribed. :)
Stig Lauren
Stig Lauren - 7 years ago
Your voice sounds exactly like professional bodybuild coach Lee Hayward. good vid by the way!
Skeper NX
Skeper NX - 7 years ago
what swords are these? can u please tell me the damage,combo and speed of it please?
The1ZANDER1 - 7 years ago
many people dont understand that heavy shot is the strongest weapon for battle against big ships, i personally go around a ship in circles and spam heavy shot and if it gets far from me i use mortars and keep going with heavy shot, aint that simple? correct me if im wrong. im talking about people who look for glitches and swim to take down legendary ships.
Sheft - 7 years ago
Thanks dude I finally defeated the god damn HMS Prince it was pissing me off but with your guide I did it thanks bro :D
Gloria Septem
Gloria Septem - 7 years ago
Thanks for the tips :) btw, there was something i was wondering... i think this is when you wanted level hits 3 cross' there's a ship coming after you with red sails. wtf is that?
CDG710 - 7 years ago
Considering the lowest level man o war is lvl 36 the mortar full upgraded can't even take half it's health down, you overrate mortars
Prodigystic prodo
Prodigystic prodo - 7 years ago
I wish you could upgrade your sails to make your ship faster.
Or upgrade your rudder
Thallanar Rabidtooth
Thallanar Rabidtooth - 6 years ago
Yeah, the turning on the Jackdaw is abysmal. Legendary Ships and Man O' Wars turn much quicker and in a smaller radius than the Jackdaw.
James Kaleb Wolfe
James Kaleb Wolfe - 7 years ago
I agree

100. comment for Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - Pro Tips for Sailing & Naval Combat

Stefan Lorde
Stefan Lorde - 7 years ago
This video was very helpful for me in terms of knowing what to do with the Legendary Ships. I believe now, that I know what to do, because when I first went up against a Legendary Ship, I died 3 times trying to run away. Now, BEWARE THE JACKDAW!
XDDX OPKX - 7 years ago
Justin Cardiel
Justin Cardiel - 7 years ago
I enjoy picking fights with other ships more than playing the main story. I haven't won a battle against a Legendary ship yet. I was obliterated last time I tried fighting one of those big bastards. I'm going to fully upgrade my ship before fighting them again.
david gaudet
david gaudet - 7 years ago
if you dont need the ship for repair or wanted level send it to your fleet even if you dont need it so you can salvage it for the diamonds you use to repair your fleet and open new ports. and when you sink a ship you get half of the cargo it was carrying
jiefrog - 7 years ago
great video   Thank you :)
jonathan alten
jonathan alten - 7 years ago
His tips suck... ram & use the chain shot then broadside like mad and to make a quick turn, quickly stop your ship while turning the wheel
Shaun Moore
Shaun Moore - 5 years ago
That defeats the purpose of chain shot.
The Blue Hair Pirates
The Blue Hair Pirates - 5 years ago
His combo is better.
The Unidentified
The Unidentified - 7 years ago
Can you show us the Charge Attack move against a convoy or any Man O Wars, I'm very curious about how much damage it does
The Unidentified
The Unidentified - 6 years ago
I already beat the game
Thallanar Rabidtooth
Thallanar Rabidtooth - 6 years ago
It does an insane amount of damage but it's pretty dumb to get close to a Man O' War unless you have the very best protection on your ship. Man O' Wars have an unimaginably tiny turning radius, they'll broadside you before you can broadside them. Your best bet is to remain at a distance so they can't broadside you. Their mortars don't hurt a lot as long as you have decent protection.
UK man loves goddesses
UK man loves goddesses - 7 years ago
Great game. Pity the framerate is so crap on PC.
derek3ton - 7 years ago
23 min video = quick video?  lol
Asterix Obelix
Asterix Obelix - 7 years ago
Great job! It does help me a lot
Themeatballer88 - 7 years ago
I struggle with finding the materials to upgrade it gets kind of hard.
Thallanar Rabidtooth
Thallanar Rabidtooth - 6 years ago
Going to the southern part of the world yields bigger rewards, but also bigger ships. What you're looking for is Frigates and Man O' Wars.. Maybe brigs if you're close to what you need.
Martijn van den Ende
Martijn van den Ende - 7 years ago
Thanks, very helpfull.
Joca - 7 years ago
Another tip, if you board a ship, other enemy ships will cease attack, which is useful if the Jackdaw is low on health.
Eugene the Blue Jean
Eugene the Blue Jean - 3 years ago
I once trapped a brig between the jackdaw and another brig I was boarding, that was helpful
XxJoseGamerProxXD Roblox
XxJoseGamerProxXD Roblox - 4 years ago
Joca I do that with Man O' War
Alexander Torres
Alexander Torres - 7 years ago
Forr ps3 how do i shot mortar shot
Alexander Torres
Alexander Torres - 7 years ago
Joca - 7 years ago
Aim with L2, shoot with R1
KonohanaShuffler - 7 years ago
A useful tip when boarding and using the swivel gun is to use Eagle Vision when you get close. It makes it much easier to spot groups, especially with the Spanish because their yellow clothing blends in fairly well with the wood of the ships
Thallanar Rabidtooth
Thallanar Rabidtooth - 6 years ago
Also try to hit the black powder barrels, they explode when your swivels hit them and can easily wipe out the enemy crew before you set foot on their ship.
Nl4liF3 - 7 years ago
Name of this outfit?
Alexander Tumbev
Alexander Tumbev - 7 years ago
I think it is the privateer one
Alexander Tumbev
Alexander Tumbev - 7 years ago
wait no
Alexander Tumbev
Alexander Tumbev - 7 years ago
The name is Edward Kenway's robes
YouNoob_Smiley - 7 years ago
Chain shot still destroys the sails, you just need to aim it at the sails. I've done it several times before.
TheJonesy1991 - 7 years ago
Would be nice to see your technique on facing a ship like a man o' war without the ram. My ram is n't particularly strong and this technique would lead to obliteration as their cannons are ridiculously powerful.
Dean Engledow
Dean Engledow - 7 years ago
I can not end my sailing battle the first one when he gets his spy glass?  I have sunk a bunch of ships but once I am red those big ships keep pursuing me and I die.. How do I end it?
Preston Holesapple
Preston Holesapple - 7 years ago
lolol you have to go to the blue or green dot
Tea Drinking Top Hat Tipping English Man
Tea Drinking Top Hat Tipping English Man - 7 years ago
you should add other ships to ur fleet and then salvage them for gems
Jesse - 7 years ago
U forgot the swivel guns
L Somerset
L Somerset - 7 years ago
Very helpful, thank you. Prior to this, I was as much use on the ocean waves as a glass drum-kit.
WhiteSnake2205 - 7 years ago
Thanks for the tips, very very good
Jonah Fisher
Jonah Fisher - 7 years ago
Elite hull is in the first wreck you go to to use the diving bell its located in one of the ships
xMalachite c
xMalachite c - 7 years ago
Thank you
Joe Hetherington
Joe Hetherington - 7 years ago
this video is awesome, really good advice. what's a good way of getting money, and in particular, resources? to upgrade my ship. even if I have more than enough money I hardly ever seem to have the other resources. in fact I don't even know what the symbol means lol
shisko - 7 years ago
I hawe a full upgraded ship ;)
The Forehead
The Forehead - 7 years ago
Do you know were you get the elite hull plans are.
Professional Diddler
Professional Diddler - 7 years ago
They are in treasure chest and wrecks.
Mark_115 - 7 years ago
one of the undersea chests in the tutorial dive bell mission with blackbeard
Aidan Spilsbury
Aidan Spilsbury - 7 years ago
Sometimes I add lower level ships to my fleet, so I can sink them for the diamonds!
noteimporta unamierda
noteimporta unamierda - 7 years ago
Lol...that is what u supposed to do all the time...
Rhys Evans
Rhys Evans - 7 years ago
+FiGhTiNCoWBoY what swords and costume do you have? Theyre really cool
Rhys Evans
Rhys Evans - 7 years ago
+FiGhTiNCoWBoY what swords and costume do you have? Theyre really cool
liligman - 7 years ago
Very useful video thanks
DarkJusticeZ - 7 years ago
what buttons are used for each weapon?
isaiah - 7 years ago
that cool
Tom Charles
Tom Charles - 7 years ago
How do you access your mortars?
micko pasay
micko pasay - 7 years ago
L2 then R1 wwen your targeting thing is red
Nobody - 7 years ago
yeah usually it's use the ram, that causes you to turn a bit, which gives you the option to use the heavy shot, then as you get out of the danger zone you use the swivel guns on those weak spots
Rich Homie Tron
Rich Homie Tron - 7 years ago
I just started the game but i dont have the option of sending the ships to Kenway's fleet, it only lets repair the Jackdaw, why ?
Rich Homie Tron
Rich Homie Tron - 7 years ago
+ThePlasticBowl thanks....i am getting in game updates like my pirate ranking online so i guess i am signed in to uplay. 
ThePlasticBowl - 7 years ago
Sequence 4 after the mission "This Old Cove"
Rich Homie Tron
Rich Homie Tron - 7 years ago
I am launching the game via uplay coz i have the pc version, and it shows my username and all. How far do i have to get in the game to unlock this feature ? 
ThePlasticBowl - 7 years ago
You ether havent signed into Uplay or you haven't gotten far enough in the game to send ships to your fleet.
gaddes scott
gaddes scott - 7 years ago
my crew are the notorius ass pirates, scurge of the seven seas, they be after your booty....arrrrrrrrrse.
Copper Dragon
Copper Dragon - 7 years ago
Man, I just got BF today and have been struggling with the naval battles. This is really helpful, so thanks for making this video!
ronan pakai
ronan pakai - 7 years ago
What swords is he using?
Anthony Santacruz
Anthony Santacruz - 7 years ago
What do I prees to use the morter
kirby M
kirby M - 7 years ago
thank you!
tenzo - 7 years ago
Very useful. Thanks for your hard work :)!
Christopher Bichsel
Christopher Bichsel - 7 years ago
This game's amazing. Glad i found this before i started sailing. Thanks alot
Wolfdog07 - 7 years ago
I suck at the little cannon thing when you board so I swing but I suck at those how do I land a swing?
Wolfdog07 - 7 years ago
oh ok thx
Chubzdoomer - 7 years ago
Just wait until your boat is close enough and you'll be able to swing over...
dantesinporno - 7 years ago
You can stop the white whales from damaging your rowboat if you aim straight down in front of your boat and hit it once before it breaches and again as it's body is out of the water. It took 38 harpoons but managed to kill one with just the basic upgrades you don't need any plans for by using this strategy.
ilkerrka - 7 years ago
good vid enjoyed watchin it
floppyflafferd292 - 7 years ago
hey does anyone know how to get rid of those video ads that u cant pause and pla in the middle of your video?
floppyflafferd292 - 5 years ago
+FortVusatunell That was 2013... i got adblock now and anti viruses and i'm not stupid XD
FortVusatunell - 5 years ago
+kingdavid1029 Bruh that's a virus. Get AVG or something.
floppyflafferd292 - 7 years ago
im talking about the ones that are to the side of the video and start to play while your video is playing and you just have to pause the video to let it play out. I already know there spam and stupid virus links
TheGerudan - 7 years ago
Am I the only one who thinks, that they made the ship combat too fast and arcade-style? Sure, it shouldn't be like a realistic simulation, but having the ships turn on the spot while standing still or reloading the cannons in like 3 seconds is really stupid and takes away from the potential tactical depth of the combat. 
Legendoom - 7 years ago
I thought I was the only one saying this. I 150% agree. Oddly enough the one thing that annoyed me most about AC4 is the biggest thing everybody else liked. The naval combat is way too fast.

Not so much the cannon reload time, but almost everything about the movement of ships in AC3 was better. The Aquila felt like a real ship and not just a motorboat that could zip around. You had to time your shots so they didn't get caught in a wave, and you couldn't adjust the height of the shot. I swear to god that annoyed the hell out of me. Or, when the Aquila fired, it felt like a real broadside, with the shot moving so fast you couldn't see them and not all firing simultaneously. 
Dan Corcoran
Dan Corcoran - 7 years ago
+Chubzdoomer ac5 is in japan
Ohmz27 - 7 years ago
I think your right. It's still insanely fun, but it would be nicer if battles were more stretched out and a bit more realistic. Like you said, ships turning very very slow or not at all unless having sails unfurled, and cannon reload time being longer - or perhaps depending on how many crew you have, and perhaps being able to shoot only a few cannons that are loaded if desperate etc. It doesn't seem like sailing would be improved, or perhaps even as big as it is now in AC5, I really hope they work on a pure pirate/naval combat game.
Chubzdoomer - 7 years ago
Agreed, it does feel like it has so much more potential.  I hope they improve upon it in AC5 (if sailing returns).
Raymond Blanchard
Raymond Blanchard - 7 years ago
Only had this game a week and i cant stay off the sea stuff.great video.learnt a lot of usefull stuff to try next time.never even realised about the close up cannons.having fun at the min trying to take down a fort.amazing and eye opening game.a credit to Ubisoft.
emergcon - 7 years ago
Yeah. Those legendary ships are cheaters ;) how can a manowar outrun a brigg... it cant... most stupid: i have killed the "brothers in arms" without elite upgrades. but they reappered as i had all the elite upgrades. now they absolutly pown me. sux.

as for tactic: in AC3 you realy got an advantage if youre looking at the winddirections. attacing from the "luv" side (windward) was mutch less difficult than attacing from lee. doesnt realy matter now, cuz as i said, those stupid manowars are using a 1200 diesel engine or something.

ps: I work at helmsman at a the three-mast schooner at times... 
tapp3r - 7 years ago
Hehe, It took me a whole playthrough of the story before I realized how to use the Swivel Guns! They really do a bad job of explaining it in the game. I was holding shift and then pressing the left mouse button, which instead fired the heavy shot lmao.
Edward Kenway
Edward Kenway - 7 years ago
pc controls for Assassins Creed sucks console controls are better and handable
natt westt
natt westt - 7 years ago
 U should be able to increase the number of gun decks u have
AwESoMeLY kEwL - 7 years ago
u defeated legendary :O damn they beat the shit out of my ship :\ i have all upgrade except for barrels and storage :\ damn !!
AwESoMeLY kEwL - 7 years ago
lol i did defeat them after posting that comment. 
Edward Kenway
Edward Kenway - 7 years ago
when your ship is fully upgraded your ship is on level 45
Thor Hjorth
Thor Hjorth - 7 years ago
they're easy as hell, just use chain shot and ram the shit out of them.
Stijn J
Stijn J - 7 years ago
How you can elite canon plz replay me
cptmorgans - 7 years ago
Fantastic guide, many thanks for taking the time.
SAW240SX - 7 years ago
How do I use the motar? Cuz I have bought them and upgrade them but I don't got the option to shot them. Help? Anyone?
laser14344 - 7 years ago
hold left bumper
PlaySaint - 7 years ago
Awesome Tips I had a question though. Is taking forts as important as it seems? What benefits do I get other than Syn Points?
antonio D
antonio D - 7 years ago
you can go any where without having to fight, unless you want to
TBrocks13 - 7 years ago
Well, other benifits are that it shows locations (you could just sail to them to discover them, but by taking a fort, it displays them automatically for the area the fort is located at). Also, if you sail too close to a fort that you have not defeated (Spanish or English forts) they will likely fire at you because you are a pirate. So by defeating forts, they won't fire on you, they will fire on the Spanish and English ships and also on Hunter ships.
Ridley On Steroids
Ridley On Steroids - 7 years ago
are the controlls less bullshit and enviorments less crash friendly? also is it un-enjoyable to sail as it was in AC3(aka ship taking 10000 years to turn, is slow as shit and not being able to cancel shots) are all the questions i need answered before i start playing because i'll be honest 
AC3's sailing was BAAALS
Ridley On Steroids
Ridley On Steroids - 7 years ago
man, i will probl'y, i know the graphics are freakin beast 
Ridley On Steroids
Ridley On Steroids - 7 years ago
okay i played a bit of AC4 and boom my PC laggs so much i can't play it at but i agree jackdaw is a true beauty to control and the sailing is fun
Muffin - 7 years ago
The Jackdaw handles very well and also moves fast. Yes you can cancel shots and you rarely crash. I never crashed much anyway in AC3 so I don't know how it will be for you. Sailing is improved in this game compared to AC3. It should be as you spend most of your time on your ship so making the sailing enjoyable was a must.
darren otoole
darren otoole - 7 years ago
Awesome video m8 helped me sooo much many thanks
Kylene Peter
Kylene Peter - 7 years ago
why waste successfully captured ships with repairing the Jackdaw when it is full health? I would suggest at least adding it to your fleet and then salvaging it.
Chubzdoomer - 7 years ago
Yep, this is the best option for sure.  Unless your ship is damaged to the point of having lost one or more "bars" (or is very close to having lost one or more in the middle of combat) don't bother repairing it -- it's 100% useless and a complete waste of gems that you could've gotten by capturing the ship for your fleet, then later salvaging it.  Lowering your Wanted level is quite pointless, too, unless the Wanted level is so high that the Hunter ships are kicking your ass.  Otherwise, Hunters are more or less like free resources!
Emil Rydell
Emil Rydell - 7 years ago
I wanna go to Marijuana island
Wood Glue
Wood Glue - 7 years ago
Golden cannons are so ugly. Why can't one just stay with good ole' steel? <.>
lihkan - 7 years ago
Are there no incendiary rounds in this game? Ioved them so much in AC III
Mencke - 7 years ago
The incendiary rounds are the heavy shot, pretty much the same but different name
toonasia - 7 years ago
Thanks for the great video... used the tips u have and managed to get the elite upgrade for the ship n also take the 4 legendary ship...cheers!
chesta baeka
chesta baeka - 7 years ago
Great video (clear and to the point).  I'm finally able to get the game on PC in...13 hours. Nice to know that, thanks to your pointers, I won't be blown out of the water.
123curtis4 - 7 years ago
How they hell you have so much cargo?
123curtis4 - 7 years ago
DJ Knowledge
DJ Knowledge - 7 years ago
Hey bro, can you do a video like Pro tips for combat on land? That would be awesome
Tonystarkfil - 7 years ago
you didn't talk about how you can effectively use ships, especially smaller ones as "health Packs" when taking down forts or big ships. Enemies all leave you alone once you start boarding, then just complete the boarding, choose repair, and get back to it. Also, repairing fixes one bar on your ship's health, but if you had say, a fraction of health left in your second bar, repairing fixes the second and third fully. Not so if you had only your first bar remaining, even if it's full.
Braden DeFries
Braden DeFries - 7 years ago
the hull is not in the wrecks its on a map
thejikusheki - 7 years ago
where were u 3 days ago :D??? this tips could have been handy but im already done with ac4 :D
GRAY_FOX-RR - 7 years ago
Thanks a lot! I was lost as far as how to best use the Jackdaw and did not even know how to use my mortors! Looking forward to fully upgrading my ship
kokichi ouma
kokichi ouma - 7 years ago
nice guide great job :)
scottaification - 7 years ago
I just beat the mission "Locate James kidd" and for some reason I can't upgrade my hull or ANY other item on jackdaws....and i'm sure I have sufficient amount of metal and stuff like that
eooe1 - 7 years ago
Aaron Wilhoite
Aaron Wilhoite - 7 years ago
One tip I would suggest is to actually send every ship you can to the fleet when you start out in Uplay and just scrap all the ones that sell for less than 300 gems till you get all your docks unlocked. The game doesn't really explain how to get gems and once I figured that out I am doing better. It's a different system though so maybe you have a video that explains all that. Liked the video though I didn't know about the shotgun feature lol
Doc_Dumb - 7 years ago
When you upgrade the haul armor all the way your ship is basically metal
Neil Mahon
Neil Mahon - 7 years ago
Christmas hurry up!!!
Grubbier Snow
Grubbier Snow - 7 years ago
Here's another tip:  Go to 'options' and turn everything off except updates if you want a clear screen without the minimap and all the other clutter.  Use 'custom marker' on the main map to pinpoint your destination.
Dm.R - 7 years ago
bracing when ramming is bullshit, you don't have to do that
Allan Lucier
Allan Lucier - 7 years ago
How do you use the morder
nicholas pew die pie
nicholas pew die pie - 7 years ago
you do know that the elite hull is in the Antioch wreck right
MrMagee78 - 7 years ago
Can you explore the entire islands?
AlecHernan - 7 years ago
Map seems a bit small..
Dan Corcoran
Dan Corcoran - 7 years ago
It's 13.5 times the size of gta
Bradley Melancon
Bradley Melancon - 7 years ago
My hevy shot only fires once and I have the elite upgrade
Tonystarkfil - 7 years ago
same here mate.
Perfectblue blue
Perfectblue blue - 7 years ago
Thanks for this usefull information. Helps a lot!

Keep up the info vids.
Dribrom Sunrock
Dribrom Sunrock - 7 years ago
I most say that I'm a bit disappointed that they dumbed down the combat and made it way too arcade
ZombiesLogic - 7 years ago
Does anyone else get annoyed when they park their ship right next to the ship then board and the ships separate by 20m? 
wherareI - 7 years ago
+PlayaYoungThugz  Just as he says in the video set yourself up for a broadside shot at close range but instead of aiming just click the shoot button.
wherareI - 7 years ago
The game is great and I liked Kenway as a character. I liked seeing his evolution as a character.  Really the first character we actually see change significantly in the course of one game (Ezio changed plenty but it was over a much longer course) though he was never really a full fledged assassin in my mind.  He could be very stealthy when the mission demanded it or he wanted to but he still felt more like a pirate than an assassin at the end of the game.  I also thought it was funny that the templars were apparently actually losing for once until apparently you screw the assassins over by helping (sort of) a traitor assassin screw them over by giving information to the Templar (Sorry to anyone who hasn't started playing this yet but seriously it's the first thing that happens in the game so I don't consider it much of a spoiler.)
Azir - 7 years ago
Pro Tip (White Whale): Upgrade your harpoon once, then upgrade the number you can carry. When the whale goes under water and is about to come up, look for bubbles then a rupture (will look like foam), that's where it will rise. Pelt that area with harpoons the moment you see a little of the whale and continue to hit the whale as it emerges from the water. If you connect 3 times with a harpoon it will real away from you, thus taking no damage.
callum marshall
callum marshall - 7 years ago
Is there naval online pvp
James Dunning
James Dunning - 7 years ago
You just press R1 when the camera faces the side
Ronald Veryu
Ronald Veryu - 7 years ago
how to do heavy shot?
freij jensen
freij jensen - 7 years ago
gettting this game in 2 hours!!
Calico Jack
Calico Jack - 7 years ago
thats what i wanna know. i still dunno how to do it and ive been playing the game since release.
Юлиан Лазаров
Юлиан Лазаров - 7 years ago
Nick - 7 years ago
Anyone else want Jack Sparrow's outfit ? ( I know about the copyright but....)
Sessh0maru - 7 years ago
@fightincowboy713 I'm just so glad you're making videos for ACIV. Your videos for Borderlands 2 was very helpful and entertaining.
DomMcVee - 7 years ago
To kill a white whale you don't need the elite harpoon if you have a good and fast aim.
Shane Parish
Shane Parish - 7 years ago
I hope that they get a good area that shows how empty the sea is, I don't want to always be able to see land or other ships sometimes i just want to feel the spite and loneliness of the lovely sea
David Lloyd
David Lloyd - 7 years ago
Best ac4 gameplay on YouTube keep up the good work
WayTooManyControls - 7 years ago
LB on xbox or R1 on ps3
Lewis Hill
Lewis Hill - 7 years ago
Awesome video!
Ethan H
Ethan H - 7 years ago
the chain shot immobilizes them for half a second but it also slows the ship down after that
Ethan H
Ethan H - 7 years ago
to be ultimately brutal, get right behind a ship, fire the chain shot just before you ram them, then heat shot, then just as you pass them, unleash fire barrels, I almost never just put them down, I typically wait until they are right behind me then I basically throw the barrels at them, and that does a ton of damage
Preston Jenkins
Preston Jenkins - 7 years ago
How do you use mortars? I can't figure out how to activate them
Anders Songe-Møller
Anders Songe-Møller - 7 years ago
rookieroo24 - 7 years ago
Don't lower your wanted level, just repair or keep the ship for the fleet. Once the Pirate Hunters show up, you will always get metal from them. Most I've seen a ship carry is 100 metal/wood, but when you get nine of those in a row it builds fast.
mryupjup - 7 years ago
mryupjup - 7 years ago
you are avery helpfull guide! which games are you planning to do guides on in the future?
mryupjup - 7 years ago
what are good tactics to take down legendary ships?
mryupjup - 7 years ago
Another good strategy is when you are in a hard fight take down all the small ships (like forts with ship support) they work as lifes when you are low and bad damaged just speed away and board and repair your ship
mryupjup - 7 years ago
sail in the more dangereus areas and loot them and if you have alot of friends playing this game youll vind more convoys who will drop 10000 gold.
mryupjup - 7 years ago
can someone tell me how to do do dubble killstreaks?
CryZen - 7 years ago
how did u get so much upgrades so fast?
Asian Pogo
Asian Pogo - 7 years ago
I wish I could upgrade, but I can't because I don't have enough resources and I can't find big shipa with a lot of resources any suggestions
ctrlbrk - 7 years ago
Could you do a video about fleets and strategy on adding to your fleet? AC4 on order for PS4, 12 days left!
Fat Morph
Fat Morph - 7 years ago
*list not lodt
Fat Morph
Fat Morph - 7 years ago
Got a bug where i can't start the contract in serranilla it's in the lodt of activities when i press r2 but i can't find the contract giver also theres always one brute english soldier standing in the fort and there's no friendly fort icon on the map of the fort so cant fast travel to it either.
kaynzi Q
kaynzi Q - 7 years ago
The sailing is free roam just like the regular free roam right?
Eric Xu
Eric Xu - 7 years ago
In the upgrade menu, what are the icons and numbers on the top? And how do you get more of each?
Roy Dorgelo
Roy Dorgelo - 7 years ago
The elite upgrade plans can be obtained by using the diving bell near shipwrecks(you can locate them on the map, search for dive bell icons) and i believe they can be found when you find treasure with treasure maps
Stacky3350 - 7 years ago
really great vid, but what should your strategy be if you haven't yet gotten the jackdaw upgraded to beast mode?
BooceMeister - 7 years ago
I got the game on the 26th but I am no where near you :D
Nebula - 7 years ago
Hello Cowboy, do you remember where you got the Elite Hull plan?
Kevin Cantor
Kevin Cantor - 7 years ago
Thanks Amigo!
majesty327 - 7 years ago
That dropping-anchor-and-turning motion is called "Club-hauling". It's a naval move where you get a ship that's chasing you on one of your sides so you can blast her belly into kingdom-come.
lewiswallace22 - 7 years ago
Can you just randomly find man o' wars in the south?
ولد عتييه الهيلا 511
ولد عتييه الهيلا 511 - 7 years ago
shadowgouhl5000 - 7 years ago
I would advise not to keep putting man-o-war's into your fleet. Remember that there are ships that can out sail them.
OKCRampage35 - 7 years ago
Cowboy sould do a live steam on ac4 again if he is up to it
Kevin navarro
Kevin navarro - 7 years ago
Pls do another five hour livestream
John Girdano
John Girdano - 7 years ago
hull strength is found with a treasure map, not sure which one though sorry
Simon k
Simon k - 7 years ago
What are the swords you are using cowboy?
FDNY, Hook & Ladder 118
FDNY, Hook & Ladder 118 - 7 years ago
luck I don't get it till tomorrow
killarviper - 7 years ago
You earned a sub :D love your videos!
Rodrigo Fernandes
Rodrigo Fernandes - 7 years ago
Pls do a free roam series!
gumby644 - 7 years ago
I bought a death vessel or somethin like that from the in game dlc store and i love it it has black sails a cool wheel and a weird lookin g figurehead
Andrew IceShard
Andrew IceShard - 7 years ago
Getting AC4 today and this video has already helped.
Nomad2001 - 7 years ago
mradamoooooo - 7 years ago
ShotgunGuiz - 7 years ago
White whales are pretty easy i killed 2 without taking damage i just harpoon them when they jump up. And they run away instead of hitting me.
zZbaylessZz - 7 years ago
Could u try to slip in sails or somthin or i can wait to get game myself,ps the elite harpoon upgrades r on marowana island
zZbaylessZz - 7 years ago
Oh yah no1 will show appearance upgrades for the jackdaw
zZbaylessZz - 7 years ago
Awsome nice vid thx for help on upgrade plan
vincent van loon
vincent van loon - 7 years ago
Pretty good!

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to Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - Pro Tips for Sailing & Naval Combat

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About Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - Pro Tips for Sailing & Naval Combat

The "Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - Pro Tips for Sailing & Naval Combat" video is part of the Sealing, tipps, boating category, which contains similar videos like this one.

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