BOAT LIFE: Hunting For Lunch

(#2 of 7) What to do on a vessel by yourself in the Bahamas? Read and spearfish. You can really get some reading done when you are by yourself on a boat. I had a few odd jobs to do but La Vaga was in pretty good shape and most of the stuff I would need spare parts for anyway so they would wait till we were back in the land of Amazon. Links to see more from our friends: Valentine Thomas: David Langloiss: Song Credits: 00:00 HEEBLAY - Sedona KALI - 01:36 The House Sleeps - Beth - 02:24 River left me dry - Dominic Bennett - 04:51 Sweet Anne - JINGO - 06:33 The Grey Whistle - The Grey Whistle Test - Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!! Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Want the chance to come aboard/unseen footage privileges? Please become a Patron and support our production! Download Elaynas music here! Pick up some official La Vaga merch and help support our journey! Subscribe to our new sexy website for blog posts and updates! Follow us on Twitter! Like Elaynas Music page on the book! FAQ What cameras do we use? BIG CAMERA: OTHER BIG CAMERA: HANDY CAM: GOPRO: DRONE: SELFIE STICK: What software do we use? Premiere Pro Predict Wind

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(#2 of 7) What to do on a vessel by yourself in the Bahamas? Read and spearfish. You can really get some reading done when you are by yourself on a boat. I had a few odd jobs to do but La Vaga was in pretty good shape and most of the stuff I would need spare parts for anyway so they would wait till we were back in the land of Amazon. Links to see more from our friends: Valentine Thomas: David Langloiss: Song Credits: 00:00 HEEBLAY - Sedona KALI - 01:36 The House Sleeps - Beth - 02:24 River left me dry - Dominic Bennett - 04:51 Sweet Anne - JINGO - 06:33 The Grey Whistle - The Grey Whistle Test - Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!! Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Want the chance to come aboard/unseen footage privileges? Please become a Patron and support our production! Download Elaynas music here! Pick up some official La Vaga merch and help support our journey! Subscribe to our new sexy website for blog posts and updates! Follow us on Twitter! Like Elaynas Music page on the book! FAQ What cameras do we use? BIG CAMERA: OTHER BIG CAMERA: HANDY CAM: GOPRO: DRONE: SELFIE STICK: What software do we use? Premiere Pro Predict Wind

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for BOAT LIFE: Hunting For Lunch

Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
Are you enjoying the high quality content of Married At First Sight? Us either.
Join the crew of real people creating real things.
LR Selk
LR Selk - 5 years ago
Sailing La Vagabonde z
bridgeboy513 - 5 years ago
Well done. Life can be lonely when wifey is away. I'm stuck in the desert in a motorhome a hundred fifty miles from civilization, but I can watch you guys! Thank you
Dave Amies
Dave Amies - 5 years ago
+asoka nelson yeah, my daughter told me about Khan Academy, after I found her teaching herself javascript from there when she was in high school, I was so happy to see her learn things like this on her own without being told to.
Calvin H.
Calvin H. - 5 years ago
Riley, you're going to be an awesome dad. Your little man isn't even able to walk yet and you are already wanting to know what online schools are the best! lol. I'd give it at least 4 years before worrying about that, because by then things will have changed. lol. Huge props to you! I never had my dad around, he could care less if I'm even still alive.
claris drouet
claris drouet - 5 years ago
First video seen without El by your side, felt strange. So happy you to spoke! So sorry she did not sleep. Good vid and passing it on is a pleasure!
asoka nelson
asoka nelson - 5 years ago
alexis vlogs
alexis vlogs - 5 years ago
I’m excited for the baby to come!
Eoin Parkinson
Eoin Parkinson - 5 years ago
Id recommend teaching the kiddo computers. I mean it's not hard. If they learn how google works you can just ask them to try code whatever and they use sites like stackoverflow for great tutorials. A simple laptop can harness all the education power you need
Brent N. Hawaii
Brent N. Hawaii - 5 years ago
You mean that show with the engineered drama? Yeah, no. However, I am enjoying these daily short films. So, thanks.
Mick C On Drums
Mick C On Drums - 5 years ago
Probably the vegan’s giving you the thumbs down ! Carry on regardless dude .
topmodd - 5 years ago
Plan the Dive, Dive the Plan...
Sam Tomlinson
Sam Tomlinson - 5 years ago
What sunnies are you running? They are gold
Ryan Withers
Ryan Withers - 5 years ago
The production quality of your videos are proper good. Big thumbs up!! would be honuored if you found time to watch my vids and gave me some tips!!
John Wright
John Wright - 5 years ago
Sorry for a stupid question. When did the tender leak get fixed?
Nick Bylsma
Nick Bylsma - 5 years ago
ABC Mouse is a great online education tool You have to check it out.
Weekend Pirate
Weekend Pirate - 5 years ago
Riley is the assassin of the sea
Mark Vinsant
Mark Vinsant - 5 years ago
Hey mate, that is the 2nd time you've played that clip from the audio book. Being a loyal fan of yours, and being from Alabama, I suggest you visit the state before you alienate some of your viewers with audio book clips that are categorically wrong. Comparing Alabama to Mexico and other 3rd world countries is completely insulting.

10. comment for BOAT LIFE: Hunting For Lunch

Joe Chanes
Joe Chanes - 5 years ago
Stoked to see Valentine get on here! I follow her on instagram and saw a couple months back she had pics with you and i was super excited!!! Solo vids are a plus Riley. I like how you get more technical
Stephanie Stamper
Stephanie Stamper - 5 years ago
You caught your Catfish Hunter. Watch Grumpier Old Men if you don't understand reference LOL
lee coates
lee coates - 5 years ago
do you ever miss a good scotch or wagu beef steak Riley ?
Brad Robb
Brad Robb - 5 years ago
Why does he call her pants? I don’t understand?
Patrick Nardi
Patrick Nardi - 5 years ago
I recommend khan academy. It teaches math for anyone and all grades and ages.
Tiemen Eefting
Tiemen Eefting - 5 years ago
looks awesome the spear fishing, but aren't you scared of sharks
Donald Gibbs
Donald Gibbs - 5 years ago
Hi Riley, I see your still not tying off, come on, if you fall into the water your toast!!!!
Fußballmafia DFB
Fußballmafia DFB - 5 years ago
What about cleaning up the boat
Stanley Nakamoto
Stanley Nakamoto - 5 years ago
good job riley!!
Grinch - 5 years ago
Am I the only one who noticed that's Valentine Thomas who was on Joe Rogan #1162?

20. comment for BOAT LIFE: Hunting For Lunch

taxalterror - 5 years ago
Thanks Riley, Well done on your own, Good video. Cheers. :)
Aleksandras - 5 years ago
anyone here already sick of his gloating and shouts of killing conscious animals?
Aleksandras - 5 years ago
+Wake for Me you're much less than a cricket
Wake for Me
Wake for Me - 5 years ago
Nope... crickets....
Samuel Paradis
Samuel Paradis - 5 years ago
Hey riley.. to what point do you worry about unidentified floating objects like sea containers that are hidden under water ?
James Vail
James Vail - 5 years ago
Riley, Your hart felt service to your patreons is commendable.   My wife continues to

balance the scales of my givingness to the maternal and paternal needs of a family. 

Put up a flag or what ever is need to invite visitors but uninvited is that. 
My wife reminds me not to take the grands or her to questionable locations
or open door visiting. Not what she or the kidos need to learn.  Scheduled planning then re-planning allows for
family growth.  I live in Charleston and look forward to your visit. Will you be up the Cooper, Ashley or Stono? 

Not a sailor yet, rely on motoring.  Your invited to contact me if a motoring need
out of the Ashley area, opportunity arises. 
Early Welcome to the Holly City of Charleston and invited to jibcfamily

Get an idea of where a church that feeds the communities needs is coming from.

Dry Docked out of , James v
John Lenton
John Lenton - 5 years ago
Sailing Zatara is sailing around the world with a bunch of kids. Often see them online doing their schoolwork. Contact them for info about school ... although a ways off for your bub.
Michael Myers
Michael Myers - 5 years ago
Hmmm...the lobster... Shit! Now I'm hungry! :-)
Tegan Burns
Tegan Burns - 5 years ago
You post to one of the best online education systems!! :D
Themagicshell3 - 5 years ago
Wow that’s crazy that you can see one fish multiple times and recognize it! One day we wanna live like that
Brian Cox
Brian Cox - 5 years ago
Check out the Khan Academy
and their TED Talk

By the way, love love love your adventures, i am just about to buy a start sail boat, a 25 footer.
You should check this book Sailing Alone Around the World by Sailing Alone Around the World, you get a real sense of adventure from him, its a great read.
Robert Place
Robert Place - 5 years ago
Check out the Khan Academy, some truly brilliant online teaching resources and if you haven't already check
out the Sailing Totem crew, they've been at this game with kids for a long time now.

30. comment for BOAT LIFE: Hunting For Lunch

Angus Elliott
Angus Elliott - 5 years ago
Always inspiring video, thanks
ben middleton
ben middleton - 5 years ago
If i was having a kid these days i think growing up on the ocean would be the way to do it . He will get to start life in the last wilderness with loving parents . Can not see how it could go wrong and hey if he loves land and sea Australia is awesome . I spent seven years there hope to get back next year , great solo vids by the way :)
Thomas Green
Thomas Green - 5 years ago
I am a product of an Alabama education, four years of undergrad and law school so your book can bad mouth Alabama as a third world country, but he is mistaken. Saying that we homeschooled our two kids when we were in Tennesse and later Alabama because of violence in the schools. My children graduated with honors from college, so homing works. If you need information, I am sure my wife work be glad to provide in information.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
Read the book, he doesn’t badmouth Alabama.
Bob Miller
Bob Miller - 5 years ago
Great video, indeed. Thank you !!! Just wondering.....Don´t you utilize any sort of security line while on deck, sailing so fast?? Fair Winds !!
Vlql Vlql
Vlql Vlql - 5 years ago
Québecer fisher woman.. lol
Steve Holett
Steve Holett - 5 years ago
Early Education: People will say - No public schools because I don't want my kid to be brainwashed in X way.... then they do home education and then immediately brain wash their kid to their thinking - whether it's politics, environment, religion or whatever. The key is to truly - truly expose your kid to all points of view - not just liberal - not just conservative - not just vegan -not just "environmentally conscience" (whatever that means) but rather truly provide an open education in which they can decide what to believe and think about the world. Typically people think they're providing an open eduction - when they're just trying to create a robot of their thinking.
nonslave - 5 years ago
Kahn Academy
nonslave - 5 years ago
The primal beast man succeeds...welldone Riley you are a man among men!
Shane Bowman
Shane Bowman - 5 years ago
I was homeschooled my whole life in Hawaii. It gave me the opportunity to surf, sail, and spearfish whenever I wanted. I never used an online program; only hardcopy curriculum and some khan academy videos when I needed explanation with harder math and physics concepts. I received a real high school diploma through a local school, did well on my SAT, and now I’m at the California Maritime Academy pursuing a bachelors. I don’t think you need an online program or people telling you what to do or teach. You’ll be surprised what you can do with just textbooks.
Event Hʘriךּon
Event Hʘriךּon - 5 years ago
my dude Khan Academy is amazing for the sciences! got me through a bad highschool experience and its so easy to understand!
Andrew Felcey
Andrew Felcey - 5 years ago
The groper was just about to file a restraining order on you !!!!
Mike Mc
Mike Mc - 5 years ago
I SO wish I could have heard your American accent impersonation!
big rudy
big rudy - 5 years ago
The story about that fish was awesome hahaha
kastewart1001 - 5 years ago
Tell the truth. You miss her already.
Taji Music
Taji Music - 5 years ago
Loved those b-roll and gopro shots mate! Good one as always
Cptn Uwe's Pirate Tales
Cptn Uwe's Pirate Tales - 5 years ago
I like your video style its pleasing to watch
Aleksander Kac
Aleksander Kac - 5 years ago
What I like (and admire) in Riley is that he never takes more fish than is needed. He never really hoards them, although he certainly seems to be capable to catch more than he actually does. Dinner, some for the freezer or a party with the neighbours, and he is done. I like that a lot in him.
Jonnes __
Jonnes __ - 5 years ago
Riley the deadly fish hunter ;-)
The fish are really stupid. They don't know the dangerous Riley...

Siward Beorn
Siward Beorn - 5 years ago
Doug Ward
Doug Ward - 5 years ago
Riley,, you've come along way in the fishing aspect. Nice job.

50. comment for BOAT LIFE: Hunting For Lunch

Lane Mason
Lane Mason - 5 years ago
We have been using edgenuity it’s an online learning tool place
kc0dxf - 5 years ago
misha frog
misha frog - 5 years ago
Just an observation ! your not exactly starving yourself, fresh caught lobster ect . Got to be an improvement on your batchalor years of baked beans on toast , So Elanya has taught you well.
Charles Pastore
Charles Pastore - 5 years ago
Check out Allen watts when you get a chance . He's on youtube I enjoy listening to him from moment to moment
David Kibler
David Kibler - 5 years ago
My two cents on education is that schools (home or otherwise) are not where you learn about life. School is to learn history, facts, and the basics. It doesn't teach work ethic, integrity, ingenuity, or any of the other traits that make a person independent and strong.

What I've found matters most in life is all the other every day experiences - how you handle adversity and challenges, your daily habits, how you treat and care for others (family and strangers), and how you make them feel.
Israel Moalam
Israel Moalam - 5 years ago
Love your videos guys. Keep up the great work
Abbreviated Reviews
Abbreviated Reviews - 5 years ago
0:25 Yo ho? Dang two days out there alone and you're already a pirate.
Grant Simpson
Grant Simpson - 5 years ago
Valentine!!!!! She's the best!!
CRAIG DE LA REY - 5 years ago
Good homeschooling depends on how good the mom and dad are at teaching their little one :)
Todd Northam
Todd Northam - 5 years ago
tou had to kill tuat one particular fish.that is pure suck as a person
QualeQualeson - 5 years ago
I saw Valentine on Joe Rogan, and like most men I fell a little in love with her. Thank Neptune she's got her resident fckboy there to prevent any excess flirting.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
+QualeQualeson yeah just the fckboy.
QualeQualeson - 5 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde I agree totally and apart from the fckboy part (which was a flippancy added for comedic value) I can't see how I'm misbehaving :) All this time that I followed your channel, I always read between the lines and/or put the content into a wider/deeper context. It's what I do.
So, sometimes my edge cuts a little, (it wouldn't be an edge otherwise) And sometimes my intentions are misinterpreted. But for all the backlash I may receive, I'll never be part of the "picture perfect Facebook postcard crowd" that typically dominates these types of topics. As far as I'm concerned, they don't really manage any kind of truth, and I'd rather be detested than following suit. Thank you for responding.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
QualeQualeson I recognise your name and your always welcome here but please behave, Valentines a fine woman.
J FP - 5 years ago
Classical conversations is a great program for home schooling - we did it and my daughter is now in High School - she constantly raves about how much it did for her.
Etienne Botes
Etienne Botes - 5 years ago
Maybe if it was so rare to see that specific fish that you recall specific situations actually spotting that specific fish, maybe it was not the best to shoot it.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
Etienne Botes not rare in the area just one particularly elusive fish.
shoop dawhoop
shoop dawhoop - 5 years ago
Wasn't valentine on joe rogans podcast a while ago?
Sydney Concerts
Sydney Concerts - 5 years ago
FYI australian companys dont recognise online education as they thibk everyone will just cheap the answers learnt the hard way and have been told by 6 fields of work that online is not worth the time face to face is where its at
Dave Nixon
Dave Nixon - 5 years ago
I don't know who is editing but top notch as always. Keep the short vids coming please :)
Guy Cruls
Guy Cruls - 5 years ago
dude, you keep calling crayfish lobsters!
Angela Vlogs
Angela Vlogs - 5 years ago
Your videos are so relaxing and exciting at the same time :)
57koop - 5 years ago
Nice shot!
Richard Stellar
Richard Stellar - 5 years ago
I want to conduct an interview. I'm an entertainment journalist with around 6 million readers. Please contact me: - check out my articles on The Wrap (
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
Hey mate I’ll check it out. If you email us at I’ll get back to you straight away.
Anthony Alford
Anthony Alford - 5 years ago
As always  thumbs up
Frank Schloß
Frank Schloß - 5 years ago
Looks like on circle has closed. You startet your journey lonley. Now you are sailing alone again. New chapter will start soon. Godspeed
Christopher Webb
Christopher Webb - 5 years ago
I am home-schooled and it is the best thing in the world
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller - 5 years ago
I have given it more thought to your encounter at anchor with two loyal patron's. You should introduce rules of engagement , and they should be available on all of your home pages and Patreon agreement. These are absolutely necessary for your family security. Loving people in general and gratitude for supporters is no reason to take unnecessary risk.
SaxyDan54 - 5 years ago
That vista at 1:44 was spectacular. Others like the spearfishing, I just like seeing you doing the actual sailing, like when you explained how you were going to navigate into the pass. Enjoy!
Martin Air
Martin Air - 5 years ago
Our daughter is named Riley and her nickname is Riles as well...too funny. For Riley (if he hasn't seen it) re Education and the Future, of the top rated Ted Talks from back in 2006, but still as relevant today
andrew hughes
andrew hughes - 5 years ago
did you edit this vid ?,,,, lol it was great
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne - 5 years ago
listening to those audios that guy voice sounds a lot like the occultist "Manly Palmer Hall" ....he has some great work 2 and fine material to check out ..... lots of it.....:)
Darrell Fico
Darrell Fico - 5 years ago
Fantastic Episode!!!
Nick Leason
Nick Leason - 5 years ago
Check out Khan Academy online...
Wout P
Wout P - 5 years ago
For online education I can really recommend . It might not be suited for the little lad when he's young, but when he gets older it might be. Really recommend checking it out! ~W
Helen Bollinger
Helen Bollinger - 5 years ago
Once you dive into the world of homeschooling, you'll be amazed at how many curricula there are and different styles of homeschooling exist.
Pierre Clot
Pierre Clot - 5 years ago
funny i have the feeling that someone s missing......
Bongo 08
Bongo 08 - 5 years ago
What kind of speargun is this?
Jeroen Clemens
Jeroen Clemens - 5 years ago
@E. It seems your accent has become a bit stronger since you are back in Oz... Just as i thought i pretty much understood what you were saying most of the time.
Te Miles
Te Miles - 5 years ago
Khan Academy mate, cheers....good even for yourself....loved this solo sail video
Cam and Jaiden
Cam and Jaiden - 5 years ago
My 10 year old son in our and I travel full time in a caravan and we are child lead educators, or unschoolers it's been coined. I am a formally trained educator and really have had my eyes opened to just how great it is to educate a child using their interests, their questions and the things we come across in daily life rather than a pre-made curriculum. Being able to facilitate a holistic education that is tailored to my sons needs has been the difference between him hating learning, and having a passion and yearning for more knowledge.

I have a blog and facebook page where I write a lot about child lead education and how it works. Feel free to check it out at or - If you have any questions, just ask!
Anthea Elise
Anthea Elise - 5 years ago
I am not a parent and have no desire to be any time soon if ever, so take this with a grain of salt. But a while back I got thinking about education and what I'd potentially do if I ever had any of the little blighters. Montessori and Steiner schools appealed to me, where helping children to think for themselves and develop critical thinking skills is important as opposed to "traditional" schooling where kids are taught what to think and what is apparently important to know. I was attracted to that idea, and also homeschooling. But I think there's nothing better than real life , like what you're doing, (not the organised reality that most are used to) to teach people the really important stuff.
On another topic I watched Captain Fantastic recently and think it might be up your alley if you haven't already seen it.
I'd love some more book recommendations from Riley!
MrJoshESL - 5 years ago
So here is a question for you. How come in almost every video recently you are hunting down fish with a spear, cooking and eating it and no bugger makes a fuss? Yet if I was to film myself shooting a rabbit and roasting it over a campfire, there would be a moral outcry and the video would probably get demonetized.
Thumper Hunts
Thumper Hunts - 5 years ago
i cant understand how you guys made so many videos, you had the baby like a month ago but in the videos your still sailing around solo.
1Wj1 - 5 years ago
Khan Academy. And watch Captain Fantastic ;-)
Victoria Craig
Victoria Craig - 5 years ago
So, Riley telling his missus he needs more time like this to himself, to recharge, just as they're about to have a baby, get real! I've always got the vibe he was a bit of a selfish git. Confirmed.
Anna Lee
Anna Lee - 5 years ago
Sailing Zahara do a great job of home schooling check out their channel xxx
Southern Swell 11 Syndicate
Southern Swell 11 Syndicate - 5 years ago
My wife is a super teacher she teaches teachers to be better teachers (35 years +), she would be happy to assist with teaching programs for your young one once you start to educate, the earlier the better. Ps we are both sailors and hope one day to cruise as you do.
Monk Petite
Monk Petite - 5 years ago
Riley thinking kids ..don’t worry again. But it’s good to think about education and future live on board.
This can’t be named problem but it’s a challenge for the parents. So address is with the heart. Teaching on board is done before and proven that most kids grown wiser than regular. Make sure they can interact with others even adults. Don’t spoil them with toys..
let them make there own them kids to be creative. Challenge their brains ..
Nick Thomas
Nick Thomas - 5 years ago
Really good episode
Zulu Zulu
Zulu Zulu - 5 years ago
Riley, check out this school, it is one of the best. This is not a paid advertisement. LOL.
Nick Thomas
Nick Thomas - 5 years ago
Cool maths games
AIR TEEN - 5 years ago
İts not true that you left behind your pregnant wife. Go back Home. YouTube can wait. We can wair.
sibiryak s
sibiryak s - 5 years ago
Good day, I can not understand what is the model of the catamaran?

100. comment for BOAT LIFE: Hunting For Lunch

Ptolemy P-W
Ptolemy P-W - 5 years ago
I bet it feels a bit weird with only you on the boat
sean cox
sean cox - 5 years ago
BYU online is very credited...not sure if they do primary school
Michael Keeble
Michael Keeble - 5 years ago
I can not watch one of your videos without thinking of my uncle as you two are doubles, the eyes as well, which are a rare colour. He even had a caterpillar above hes lip way back.
james daley
james daley - 5 years ago
i'm going spear fishing as soon as i get flippers and goggles ,,
jas gregory
jas gregory - 5 years ago
david is hot af
Stain less
Stain less - 5 years ago
Make sure you listen to his other book. Sapiens, A Brief History of Humankind. It changed the way i look at the world.
Aaron Schroeder
Aaron Schroeder - 5 years ago
Not that this is an option for your nomadic lifestyle but American public school is the worst. You’d think the “most successful” country in the world would have a great education system. Wish I would’ve had another option
Louis Göransson
Louis Göransson - 5 years ago
Hey Riley! I’ve read Hararis other books, who at least in Swedish are called “Sapiens” and “Homo Deus”. Really worth reading.
Matt Clary
Matt Clary - 5 years ago
Yo that shot was perfect
c pate
c pate - 5 years ago
Ellen Fischer on Maui has a really nice vlog...her and her husband raise their children so beautifully and also home school their boys (their girl is still a little itty bitty).....might have some good info you could find inspiring
Kyle Stanphill
Kyle Stanphill - 5 years ago
Riley, this is great stuff. I am very much looking forward to the rest.
Tom Hawkins
Tom Hawkins - 5 years ago
Was that Valentine Thomas? I would love to see an episode with you and her talking about Free diving and Spearfishing!
3879 3870
3879 3870 - 5 years ago
Great video mate
Richard Alexander
Richard Alexander - 5 years ago
Have you referenced this audio book before. For some reason I feel like I’ve heard you talk about this once before. Either way. Have a good one dude. Good-day-mate!
Cory Sherman
Cory Sherman - 5 years ago
These vids make winter survivable in the cold hell of Illinois USA
Sara Taylor
Sara Taylor - 5 years ago
Love how he mentioned Alabama. I received most of my education in a rural town in Alabama, and trust me when I say I am so thankful I was homeschooled for my last three years of high school. I learned so much more, that I never would have been taught in public school, in those three years. Currently, I am set to graduate with Latin honors, and I believe that have a lot to do with the motivation and confidence in the decisions I made while being homeschooled. When you have every possibility at your fingertips you have to be sure the decision you are making is the right one, and stand firm in it, or it will drive you mad!
Alfie Turner
Alfie Turner - 5 years ago
Maths online, manga high good maths stuff
Joe Cross
Joe Cross - 5 years ago
The land of Amazon! LOL....
C Mosca
C Mosca - 5 years ago
Really enjoyed that, thanks.
goulash75 - 5 years ago
Some education sites:
Khan Academy
Reading Eggs
Activity Mom
And when he's a little older,
But as someone else has mentioned, don't worry about it too much. Tech will definitely change in the short time it takes for them to grow up.
My biggest advice as a father would be to make sure you and Elay read books to him every night. This paves the way for a passion for learning (and helps develop language skills ).
PS. We're missing "Pants" too, but loving the solo sailing vids!
Joe Nelo
Joe Nelo - 5 years ago
We want to sail over to Bali and put our son in Green School for a while. I'd be interesting what info you come into for education.
Jim Sullivan
Jim Sullivan - 5 years ago
Great video mate! Thank you! I love the multi-camera shooting and the cut-away to Elayna in Australia! Yeah, keep your kid away from the public schools if you can. Plenty of resources online at the moment to home school. Educate for the future not the past. It's a brave brave world and they say this is "the century of change". I can't think of a better way to grow up. But what do I know?
Chandler Lee
Chandler Lee - 5 years ago
Loved this one guys! That water was looking smooth!
Kirk Rossiter
Kirk Rossiter - 5 years ago
I am online schooled at Liberty Online Academy! Excellent education!
tamara - 5 years ago
Epic days Riley. That grouper looked so tasty. I could not help but have mommy pangs for Elayna flying all that way by her lonesome. She's one tough gal!
Chas Ket
Chas Ket - 5 years ago
Wild Riley you sure got to pretty exciting kill there just think that fish has been living on that Reef for probably 12 years and lamb you ended its life just so you could have lunch
Lisa Ryan
Lisa Ryan - 5 years ago
The New Zealand correspondence school isn't bad. I went to public schools, but I did do some work through them because my school didn't teach those subjects.
Fred Thornes
Fred Thornes - 5 years ago
Keep the kid out of the institutionalized programing. What he can learn from the people that love him and have his best interests at heart, his dad and mom, is all he needs.
Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy - 5 years ago
Hey, been enjoying your videos for years but don't think I've ever commented before. I'm building a small sail boat to learn in with my son and one day we can hopefully graduate to a big one! I am a teacher here in Melbourne so thought I might add in a wee thought that I am sure you have been contemplating. Homeschooling can work and for your situation with the boat and online business it may be the best pathway for your family. But education is more than learning things, it's about learning to work with others and developing socially and emotionally, as a father of a shy 8 year old I have no idea how he would do that in isolation even with great parents ;-) They need other kids around mate - that's the tricky bit. Perhaps you could take the kid out of school for a few months every year to keep the sailing and videos going and then film a bit of land life for the rest of the time, think your followers are locked in now and would be interested in whatever you get up to. Best of luck with it all - parenthood is great, knackering, but great - you'll love it!

Just thought I'd add that with AI and 4th industrial revolution upon us - interpersonal skills and creativity are going to be the most valuable human traits. I'm sure creativity won't be a problem but the interpersonal skills need a lifetime to develop.
Sharon Labrecque
Sharon Labrecque - 5 years ago
Ask Zatara about home schooling. Their children seem to have done well.
Darcy Brennan
Darcy Brennan - 5 years ago
not to be negative love these videos but one thing I've learnt is never never dive alone
r mcdonough
r mcdonough - 5 years ago
Could you mount a camera on top of the mast to navigate shallows alone? Just curious ...
Es M
Es M - 5 years ago
Thank you, Riley!
no name
no name - 5 years ago
I've successfully raised 4 kids, all genius level. Best thing to teach your kids is how to think not what to think- very deep topic but You'll never go wrong. Current education systems around the world basically teach pure stupidity, I wouldn't trust anything taught in schools as it's a mindset of teaching what to think not how to think. It's basic programming to be successful within systems designed to collapse over time.

good reading material, I think it's a MUST is all books on Holodynamics. It's a theory that should be discussed and debated. it's the best research I've found in my entire life as a researcher.
Kirk & Patrice Wilde
Kirk & Patrice Wilde - 5 years ago
Follow "Worldtowning." They travel and educate their kids online. They help others do the same as a business.
St Stephens Corner
St Stephens Corner - 5 years ago
Why aren’t you wearing safety gear while underway & solo?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
St Stephens Corner same reason I don’t wear a helmet whilst grocery shopping.
Robert Jensen
Robert Jensen - 5 years ago
Riley, when the time comes for schooling to begin, you would be very well served by subscribing to their online education service is about as good as it gets.
Walther Budman
Walther Budman - 5 years ago
Elaina is gunna be mad, when she realizes you burned-off the coating of her (once) nice teflon pan!!!
EdensGardenShed - 5 years ago
We homeschool our two girls. It is so much better if you are able to do it. Schools have 1 teacher to many kids that is why it takes so long each day. Basically it is a day care. Your kid doesn’t get all the attention the whole time. At home you can devote as much time as you like each day to teaching life skills and books. Most days take us 1.5 hrs of actual school work for our 3rd grader.
1984sFinest - 5 years ago
Are you guys mad at me? I haven't watched a single video in probably 6 months because I like to take an entire day and binge watch them back to back.
3 Subs With 0 Videos
3 Subs With 0 Videos - 5 years ago
So he’s just an average... joe?
Daniel Oliver
Daniel Oliver - 5 years ago
Riley i binged on your solo trip from Tonga to New Zealand last night and am definitely a sucker for more short single handed vids. Keep 'em coming!
George Baker
George Baker - 5 years ago
Great food y'all been catching,really nice lifestyle!!
Bruce Wagenberg
Bruce Wagenberg - 5 years ago
When you're alone, do you wear a harness or pfd on deck?
bed51 - 5 years ago
Seeing you drink water which was most likely made with the water maker, I was just wondering if it contains all the minerals you need. How close is it to distilled water? Which you should not drink often.
Music On The Hudson
Music On The Hudson - 5 years ago
George Washington university online high school (I went to GW and I was raised on a sailing catamaran as well - I am 21 now and I will hopefully be graduating in 6 months) ask me more!
victor patiu
victor patiu - 5 years ago
mercy is for the Lord.... industry... is for the man.
Vance Hendricks
Vance Hendricks - 5 years ago
Thanks man. Good stuff.
mark williams
mark williams - 5 years ago
I feel like that lucky lol man's education will be quite vast since u guys sail all over, his love for nature is gonna be a great thing to see over the years if u guys keep up with the videos. Id like to meet y'all one day when I get settled just to learn some sailing cause I've always wanted to get on the open ocean and just keep going n living the best life possible after the rough one I've had so far
Fady Bitar
Fady Bitar - 5 years ago
great vid!!!
Florida Fly Fishing
Florida Fly Fishing - 5 years ago
Riley videos have ADD
Fred Self
Fred Self - 5 years ago
I did not like the talking book's comment about schools in Alabama. I am in AL and highly educated.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
Read the book. He’s not having a crack at Alabama.
Tom Zettel
Tom Zettel - 5 years ago
Riley can you get sick from eating too much coral fish? Tom from Canada
MATT BELDING - 5 years ago
Children will need social surroundings about third or fourth grade. They will need to get away from mom and dad. But hey! what do I know? Just check yourself every so often, and go with what you'all think is best for your son.
Dennis Brown
Dennis Brown - 5 years ago
Great video. Getting you spear fishing down. Great job. I agree with OneEyed Mike about his education. Relax and enjoy.
Debra Livingston
Debra Livingston - 5 years ago
Good stuff, thank you. You should wear the GoPro more often.
Steven Band
Steven Band - 5 years ago
I failed at school in America because I couldn't sit still for 8 hours. Once life removed that constraint, I did well. As a wise man once said, school is not a place for smart people...
Clark Kent
Clark Kent - 5 years ago
Who was on deck at tape time 2:22?
Kenneth Parker
Kenneth Parker - 5 years ago
The most important thing is to instill a love of learning in Lenny. Since you so obviously love learning he will get it by example. Sometime back I gave you a list of Nel Noddings books about education. She is a legend in the field as well as a brilliant philosopher and feminist. Fortunately the schools here in Mt. View, CA and the surrounding area, are outstanding, but in school or out, learning to learn, and to love learning, is the most important component. Lifelong learning is the only way to thrive, or even fully survive, in the modern world. You and Elayna are going to totally rock as parents!
Kellie Harvey
Kellie Harvey - 5 years ago
We use complete education Australia.. few sailors recommended it n weve found it great raising kids on a yacht, all accessed on line can add as much or little as u want eg, maths- knots, fuel costs per mile etc, fish size weight, navigation etc phonetic alphabet, u can teach what u think is appropriate cheers
Commo Mike
Commo Mike - 5 years ago
This vid reminds me of something.... BILGY!!!!!
Commo Mike
Commo Mike - 5 years ago
We have been homeschooling our kids for 7 years now. We have never regretted it!
CapitanCanadia - 5 years ago
Khan academy is the best online education I've ever seen. Some of it maybe a bit complex but as he gets older it will be great for you
HDnayrb - 5 years ago
Wow, that's the same valentine from Joe Rogan. Nice.
David T
David T - 5 years ago
I did Brisbane School of Distance Education for 4 years and it was great.
Rogue Sailing
Rogue Sailing - 5 years ago
You're a Legend bro!
deweyox1 - 5 years ago
Talk to everyone from Sailing Zatara! 4 kids being home schooled on a boat!! You met them at the Miami boat show!!
Hayden Martin
Hayden Martin - 5 years ago
Killed yet another endangered Nassau grouper.
The Hut
The Hut - 5 years ago
awsome video riley how does it feel to be alone on the boat
andy wanner
andy wanner - 5 years ago
Aces! ,Riley
Matt Windleborn
Matt Windleborn - 5 years ago
Oh man alright I live in nz I want to live your guys life style carnt handle this any more hahah. So jealous. I need to visit you guys on the sea
austin swon
austin swon - 5 years ago
Been watching forever. Is that Mars volta playing in the background? What is that amazing song
Dominic Bennett
Dominic Bennett - 5 years ago
All songs are in the description
F G - 5 years ago
I've asked before and never had a reply so I am asking again, do you guys buy fishing licenses wherever you go or do you just take your chances?
asoka nelson
asoka nelson - 5 years ago
asoka nelson
asoka nelson - 5 years ago
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas - 5 years ago
Valentine Thomas!
Raven Mordock
Raven Mordock - 5 years ago
For Online Education: K12 all day everyday. It is amazing! You can work with teachers, other classmates, and the assignments are online. They offer Kindergarten to 12th grade, at least in the U.S. They teach a mainly classical education that's not biased specifically one way or another as far as ideologies are concerned. It's very well rounded. Definitely check it out!
GCM - 5 years ago
nice work! good talks and great cinematography!
David Gillespie
David Gillespie - 5 years ago
Elayna is only home a few hours and her Ozzie accent is back! She was worried she was losing it, naaaaah...
Anthony Patterson
Anthony Patterson - 5 years ago
Hi guys. Elaine is probably watching this thinking, boy I'm missing some good times. Wish I could be there hang out to. Have a great sail. And new family.....
David Fry
David Fry - 5 years ago
Sometimes, a fish that’s that “Wiley” just deserves the respect to survive. Great vids, but discretion is better part of valour....yes?
poruatokin - 5 years ago
With regard to education, I think it is far more important to first focus on socializing with other toddlers as much as possible. My daughter grew up in Japan and went to a day care center from 18 months old starting with an hour per day and building up to full days. This was not, not because of career requirements but because we wanted her to integrate with other kids as early as possible. When it came to kindergarten (age 3) and elementary school (age 6), she was already incredibly confident interacting with other kids and being away from parents. We firmly believed it helped her through her formal education.
R. Madrid
R. Madrid - 5 years ago
Do you ever fish? With like a rod and hook?
Estrella Del Mar
Estrella Del Mar - 5 years ago
Dude, single handing sounds RAD!
ed nesbit
ed nesbit - 5 years ago
you cantell elayna and baby riley are missing but i loved the hunting great job on the tablefare wqith that being said great vidieo riley and happy sails to you
CRS - 5 years ago
Nice shot behind the ear on your White Grouper, Riley!
none ya
none ya - 5 years ago
Assuming u anchor the tender right ? Prolly a stupid question
pat vaillancourt
pat vaillancourt - 5 years ago
David Walsh
David Walsh - 5 years ago
How crazy you must be!!! I don't know how I could stand it; not knowing how Elana and the baby are doing. I can barely type coherently. Are you hiding a lot? I must say it didn't really hit me until my first was born. Then? OMG I felt the responsibility!!! Enjoy this time. They grow so fast!!!! You two got this!!! Hope to see you on the big blue/
jerry wicker
jerry wicker - 5 years ago
That's what I call fishing.
Ian Lebov
Ian Lebov - 5 years ago
Rad video, I love it.
ghostcar - 5 years ago
Love the fist roll ! Man survives ! When he/she’s old enough. Khan Academy- has many many subjects - excellent math - all videos - all free. Check it out.
Dennis Patrick
Dennis Patrick - 5 years ago
I don't think I ever saw how you dealt with your Tender issues? Did you find the leak? Did you buy a new pump?
Just curious.
Love your Solo videos. Fun to include Elayna...
Mike Furtek
Mike Furtek - 5 years ago
Looking forward to seeing the life you make for your child. He will be a underwater hunter as his father.
GeeBee - 5 years ago
You should do a Sailing For Dummies type of video for all the people who love the videos and the two of you, but aren't Sailors themselves!! Cant wait for the little man you guys will do great! lots of love from Canada!!
S/V C.R.
S/V C.R. - 5 years ago
Start with ABC mouse that is fantastic for getting through second grade. After that I found curriculum books on amazon I use those and just wing the stuff they don't cover.
pat vaillancourt
pat vaillancourt - 5 years ago
Christopher McTighe
Christopher McTighe - 5 years ago
Hey Riley. I've been watching you guys for quite sometime. I'm curious if you have an idea on the shape of the earth being that you've traveled across many oceans?
G E N T L E W O L F - 5 years ago
So awesome! Ive been following Valentine for a long time. Cool to see you guys meet up
David Militz
David Militz - 5 years ago
alohathaxted - 5 years ago
Do you guys over cook all your fish? Advance glycation end products.
Awenda18 - 5 years ago
I kinda like this, "he's there and she's over there" video mash-up! Fresh new perspective!
Reed James
Reed James - 5 years ago
What kind of speargun do you use Riley?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
Reed James Aimrite.
Swapster .com
Swapster .com - 5 years ago
Your boy is going to have the very best education and life possible. Going through the public system is just a total drag in every regard and not good quality.
Scott Holpainen
Scott Holpainen - 5 years ago
My God, man... I love watching you spear fish.
Shifttube - 5 years ago
man it look so uncomfatable being prgo and just look crazy cant weight for him to cut the cord than the ball of nastyness come out after the baby and what he thinks of the bag of nasty they put in a bowl after birth lolololol
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
Shifttube get some sleep.
Ben Thiry
Ben Thiry - 5 years ago
Awesome video once again and Valentine! She is a legend! Cheers from Canada.
Michael Burpoe
Michael Burpoe - 5 years ago
So great seeing Valentine on here! I saw her Insta post a while ago, and had started following her after her appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, so crazy seeing worlds collide!
Shifttube - 5 years ago
man ceral look like choped up sticks with milk lol
Trace Raley
Trace Raley - 5 years ago
What kind of fish was that?
Roger Rarebit
Roger Rarebit - 5 years ago
So like some fish, you too are an ambush predator. For schooling options have a look at what SV Totem did with three young kids on board.
Jim McDonald
Jim McDonald - 5 years ago
Homeschooling mate, no question. We've homeschooled our eight kids, and they've turned out amazing. But I'm biased of course. Don't be frightened of teaching, it's just like showing the little guy one day how to sheet a winch. Lenny will be a wiz on the boat before he's five - you watch. The wonderful thing is it will unfold before you, as quick as that. Might even make a bona fide Crows forward pocket.
Shane Andrews
Shane Andrews - 5 years ago
I’m a junior in high school and khan academy’s been great for me for a while
Nick Panciuk
Nick Panciuk - 5 years ago
Let’s get a video solely on free-diving and spear fishing.
okay Fine
okay Fine - 5 years ago
Well Riley you take care buddy it’s OK to be alone just remember, your wife is always right
Lisa Ryan
Lisa Ryan - 5 years ago
Ralph Cooper
Ralph Cooper - 5 years ago
You know you are going to be cool parent's right? Mom and Dad! Super excited for the family! Much love from the hill's of WV U.S.
Paul H-S
Paul H-S - 5 years ago
Diving alone is sketchy to say the least.
Maxime Demers
Maxime Demers - 5 years ago
She probably told you but Valentine is on a diving tv show here in Quebec called ''Les flots'' you should check it out!
Baker 1971
Baker 1971 - 5 years ago
Wow man. Love the spear fishing. Peace ✌️
Ken K
Ken K - 5 years ago
Nice kill on the first fish. Looks like you got the brain and gave it a quick death.
Hynea - 5 years ago
How does his little boat not float away
Tai Tay
Tai Tay - 5 years ago
After YT cracked down on video that contains children by disabling the comment section, How's your content would be like when the little sailor pops out?
John - 5 years ago
hi Riley i home schooled 3 kids through Penn foster their out of Pennsylvania
and their accredited for when they start collage. thanks for the videos.
Scott Oswald
Scott Oswald - 5 years ago
Did Riley call Elayna "Pants"?
mobiltec - 5 years ago
You might ask Trio Travels about home education. They full time on a cat and have raised their son on it. He seems to be pretty dang smart for his age.
Greg Meir
Greg Meir - 5 years ago
Very good!! Thanks
saltzen961 - 5 years ago
L O B S T E R !!!!!! Yum !!!!!!!!!!!
simon talbot
simon talbot - 5 years ago
Excellent :) (as usual)
RAGE__ AG - 5 years ago
You should come to trinidad and tobago is awesome..Food is amazing
Samuel Kelemen
Samuel Kelemen - 5 years ago
Damn, I went to school in Alabama....
David Colomer
David Colomer - 5 years ago
Although I think you shouldn’t think about it right now, I have never thought homeschooling is a good option. Knowing just 2 people that have gone through the system, I cannot say it’s empirically proven its bad, but just in general. One of them attends my course in university, and although she’s brilliant at mathematics (Istudy maths and physics) she has never had many social interactions because of homeschooling, and as such was as if she had missed half her childhood/teenage years. Another girl I know was homeschooled cause she wanted to be a tennis player and a similar fate arrived, but she was just totally concentrated on success, so it’s a different story. I guess you’ll think about it when he grows up more, but careful with that.
Alex Hamon
Alex Hamon - 5 years ago
I've enjoyed all the lessons I've used Khan academy for. They seek to provide a world class education to anyone in the world with an internet connection for free.
Vagabond Mango
Vagabond Mango - 5 years ago
Haha, the guy said... “or stuck in schools in Alabama” and I’m in Alabama! My grandson will be homeschooled for sure! My daughter was homeschooled in Texas. Thank goodness, I don’t want a family of rednecks who can’t form a proper sentence! Lol
Todd Quick
Todd Quick - 5 years ago
very cool video riley. as before just keep doing what your doing . its fabolous. thank you
Karen Kennedy
Karen Kennedy - 5 years ago
Congratulations on that Grouper!
Christopher Cunningham
Christopher Cunningham - 5 years ago
Try every version of math training that you can find, and when you find the one that likes your child fill the kid as full as you can. You can and will teach them languages as you travel (more the merrier) but math has to be learned find the easiest one they like and there world will be option.
Paul Kinder
Paul Kinder - 5 years ago
valentine is a awesome at spear fishing
Johnredcorn 1
Johnredcorn 1 - 5 years ago
Do u guys do regular fishing
Eric H
Eric H - 5 years ago
that thumbnail...being small...looked like a long-haired blond in black tights leaning over your watch the vid...looked at it again...then seen it for what it was
Will Rannikko
Will Rannikko - 5 years ago
Love the fishing vids riles
jim nickles
jim nickles - 5 years ago
Reilly, it's Not Hard to raise a Boy. First, KEEP him AWAY from Public School. So he won't be subject to all the Negativity, like bullies, peer pressure, and the Pussification all the female staff WILL Bombard him with. Next, teach him to Read WELL, for Reading is CRITICAL. You can Learn ANYTHING Alone IF you can Read. The rest is not too complicated. Teach him all that YOU Know he will Need to be a Good, Solid, QUALITY MAN. To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak The Truth, first, and then of course the mechanical stuff, sailing, weather patterns, Navigation by Hand, etc. And to Rely on ONLY Himself as he gets Old Enough. He will have a Tremendous Advantage with you and Elayna ALONE, because you will relate to him as merely a Small Adult, so he'll Bypass most of the Dumb Kid Stuff. He'll learn to talk WELL early, because you won't talking 'Baby Talk' to him. And he WON'T learn to Cuss. He'll have his Boat Chores, so he'll grow up not being TERRIFIED to DO THINGS, especially Ones that NEED to be Done. Responsible, in other words. And you won't BELIEVE the Shit you'll Teach him just by letting him Watch YOU Do it. Oh, and be CAREFUL what you say, because Kids have Reverse Listening. When you think they're Listening to you, they Are NOT. Likewise, when you're CERTAIN they're Ignoring You, they are Soaking Up Every PARTICLE. NEVER forget this. My daughter Blows My MIND all the time with stuff I taught her when she was little I was SURE she never heard...
Andrew Baumgartner
Andrew Baumgartner - 5 years ago
If you want info about homeschooling on a boat get in touch with sailing Zatara (Youtube). they homeschool 4 kids on their catamaran. In their last video they're at a boat show and you're even there too lol.
Bob Hidley
Bob Hidley - 5 years ago
Geez, Riley, that was a kick in the pants. (that's a ggod thing in the US).
Jason Griffin
Jason Griffin - 5 years ago
I think it's cool the way your doing this video with talking to elay
Steve Crombie
Steve Crombie - 5 years ago
Doesn't take long to miss the ones you love. I'm okay for the first couple of days then I just get a little lonely.
Lori Wagoner
Lori Wagoner - 5 years ago
Speaking as a Mom who home schooled her 3 kids (all adults now) - life on board will be a wealth of REAL life lessons for your wee one!! I didn't use a set curriculum, I just taught them the basic reading, writing & arithmetic and other teachers along the way taught them the rest. "Education" happens all the time. Where I live I meet tons of cruisers that include families with kids. 99% of the time those kids are the most level headed, the best at interacting with ALL ages and always eager to learn more. I am excited for you!
Aboard Aeon
Aboard Aeon - 5 years ago
Nice to see you behaving without Elana....
tony wilks
tony wilks - 5 years ago
Is that Valentine Thomas on your boat?
Isabela Hart
Isabela Hart - 5 years ago
I do homeschooling I love it I learn what I want it helps me not get stressed out.
The Normal One
The Normal One - 5 years ago
What is the name of the chart book that you use?
sandollar77 - 5 years ago
For homeschooling i recommend a curriculum provided by a certified home school called Our Lady of Victory in Post Falls, Idaho. Very good academics.
Tony Mathis
Tony Mathis - 5 years ago
Have you ever considered getting a small shrimp trawl? You could easily pull a 16 footer.
softminimal1 - 5 years ago
Your little man is going to learn so much more on the water with you guys sailing the world.
Britt Martin
Britt Martin - 5 years ago
There is a couple sailing think it sailmslonestar.. their daughter is so educated just from their adventures maybe contact them about schooling
Leo Bard
Leo Bard - 5 years ago
Greetings from Auckland. Homeschooling works, Riley. I helped my 5 through, after realizing how lame the current 'standard education' is. Commitment and common sense are needed, but you could hardly do better than to educate your kids yourself. It's a privilege. Marine engineering for Lennon one day? Who knows what special insight he will have when he's an adult.
jcfartson - 5 years ago
imagine the legend ur son would grow up to be if you died at sea
S Sanata
S Sanata - 5 years ago
These solo vids are superb. I could watch a whole month of this! Action packed. Awesome music. Win.
Padraic McHale
Padraic McHale - 5 years ago
One aspect of the little man's education is the issue of social interaction with other kids. I'm curious to hear how you approach that important feature of childhood.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
Yeah agreed. We've spoken a little about this in the past.
Nicholas Bigney
Nicholas Bigney - 5 years ago
Homeschooling...we did that with uniformly great results, professionally, anyhow. Our kids-who-are-now-standouts are split on the idea. Some hated it and resented it, and some are happy to have been raised with few conventions (Google Cat Bigney, on "The Great Human Race" on Nat Geo channel. She was also just on Discovery in Europe-made a sailboat out of beach trash.) Without exception, all of them are very successful humans...but be aware that when they get to be teens, then is the time to let them find more of their own path. BTW, All the best you both with your little man.
Boat Man
Boat Man - 5 years ago
Looks likely you killed the only living thing in that barren sea floor
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
Michael Nagy
Michael Nagy - 5 years ago
You so miss her!
Dominic Bennett
Dominic Bennett - 5 years ago
Thanks much for the feature SLV!!!
nuget102 - 5 years ago
As someone planning to go extended sailing and has a 3 year old I am VERY interested in what you find on online education and what not. Me and my fiancee were wanting to do home schooling even if we lived on land, so it is something we have been looking into.
Calo Q.
Calo Q. - 5 years ago
Married at first sight huh. It'll rot your brain. My wife watches that crap, thats why I'm leaving her soon. I might go to the mountains or head for the ocean. God knows.
Jon Dupont
Jon Dupont - 5 years ago
You are a legend mate.cheers thanks for the videos
BSKeeble - 5 years ago
So Riley let me get this straight you are taking advice from a guy who included Alabama as an uneducated place to live. I have 5 kids and all of them are very smart and very successful. All educated in Alabama. My Granddaughter just took the ACT for the first time as a 10th grader and scored a 28 with no practice and no one is buying off coaches and college administrators. She will get to go to any college she wants by the time she graduates High School. I would look for advice from people that know what they are talking about. That's advice from someone who has lived here my entire life was educated here and have done alright by the Grace of God. BTW I like sailing and own a sailboat right here in central Alabama that's why I watch your videos. I hope to continue but comments like that will make me move on. That's the same kind of arrogance that causes problems all over the world.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
BSKeeble you’ll have to read the book. He is absolutely not at all setting up a 15 yo for prejudice against any place. He is talking about technology moving so fast that education anywhere not being able to keep up.
BSKeeble - 5 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde My point is not to give a 15 year old advice that automatically sets him or her up for prejudices against any place that may be a wonderful place. I travel all over the US from New Hampshire to Miami to California and all places in between. I meet a lot of people from many different educational backgrounds. It's not what your education is but what you do with it. Good guidance comes from people that care about you and steer you in the right direction, someone who will help you navigate the world. Kinda like what you do with La Vagabonde. You just put out a video about dodging reefs you gently steered your boat around danger. Kids are the same way.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
You are seeing offence where there is none. Yuval said it was advice for young people in an outdated school and clearly picked three places from three very different countries and cultures around the world. Just pretend he said california (because he easily could have) and see if you have the same emotional response.
Ghost Lynxx
Ghost Lynxx - 5 years ago
A website for science I use it for Biology its called Pearson Realize
William Lilliott
William Lilliott - 5 years ago
Very good job boat handling and filming. Just a joy to watch and very relaxing. Lots of water shots and quality fishing videos. You are the Man.
Karl Fair
Karl Fair - 5 years ago
The Well Trained Mind, is a good start. My kids have been living aboard all their lives and both home schooled. My daughter is a second year Midshipman. My son at 16 is getting his US Sailing instructor qualification. Stay engaged with your son, avoid electronic babysitters. Teach him reading and logical thinking, he will do great.
David Ascher
David Ascher - 5 years ago
Aloha Papa - Every time I see you on La Vagabonde with slippers on your feet my head explodes. I'm so curious to know why? I know you are unlikely to answer the question, but comments help with the YT algorithm, right?
David Ascher
David Ascher - 5 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde Rajah that, Riley. Thanks and fair winds!
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
feels good on my feet...???
Zach Mullen
Zach Mullen - 5 years ago
Haha Yo! Ho! Hahaha epic
manta1969manta - 5 years ago
Missing Elaine. ..Raily, you are good, but, not to dangerous for you travel alone?
Over The Limits
Over The Limits - 5 years ago
Hey Buddy!
I was actually homeschooled until grade 10 when I jumped into community college. My parents wanted us kids to be as well rounded individuals as possible. My mum basically taught us how to teach ourselves. Look up The Robinson Curriculum if you’re interested. And in our area we were able to go to the public school for sports so we were always around other kids. It was a win win
John Falting
John Falting - 5 years ago
PS Your Elanamusic FB link in the contents is a broken link (think its got an extra c)
John Falting
John Falting - 5 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde yes the late Tim amazing guy, I played footy with Matt for 5 years in Tanunda, won a flag with him, top bloke. Small world
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
+John Falting both mate.
John Falting
John Falting - 5 years ago
think its just pants surname
John Falting
John Falting - 5 years ago
Riles are you related to Tim or Matt Whitelum?
moz - 5 years ago
a truly magical 8 minutes, cheers Riles !
warren rubin
warren rubin - 5 years ago
Riley I like that shot you made to get that fish. Into the gills and out through the face.
Stay safe. Cheers
TheSilverizzy - 5 years ago
take a tea spoon and drop it fish will be on it
Simao W
Simao W - 5 years ago
Damn you guys are living the life ......... just wait until you have a baby it will the roughest sea you will cross but well worth it. God bless you ❤️⚓️
Jeroen Clemens
Jeroen Clemens - 5 years ago
As a dad, i've always wondered why people do this. Warn future parents about how rough it's gonna be. What's the point there? Breeze or storm, it is what it is. As with all things in life there are ups and downs to every wave we encounter... So we just ride them.
Bisho Culaj
Bisho Culaj - 5 years ago
Simao W they Already did mate
Marc Andre Robert
Marc Andre Robert - 5 years ago
By the way, it's KEBEC and not kwaybec so kebeker and not kouaybeker. Thank you.
Andreas Weber
Andreas Weber - 5 years ago
Luke - 5 years ago
Love it
James Gilliland
James Gilliland - 5 years ago
Looks like you are eating your way to the states.
Jacob - 5 years ago
Loving these single sail videos !
John Falting
John Falting - 5 years ago
should also read Jordon Peterson 12 rules for life I love all his work
Bill Law Marshall
Bill Law Marshall - 5 years ago
Nice video. Hope yall have a great night
mdbailey57 - 5 years ago
You should contact the Sailing Zatara family. They have four kids and are live aboard cruisers and do home schooling on board. The kids are older now, but they have been sailing for some time.
Chris - 5 years ago
I can't remember but I'm sure you have said it at some point but how many weeks/months behind real life are these? :) Love from Sweden
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
After baby is born back to 2 weeks.
OneEyed Mike
OneEyed Mike - 5 years ago
Excellent video. As a teacher, I say don't worry about school yet. Enjoy his infancy and toddler years. You and Mom are natural educators. By the time he is 4 there will be newer education models on the net, and you will have years to find one to begin with. Also, don't get all hooked into one program. Things change and so do you all. God Bless, TY for all the sharing you do.
Commo Mike
Commo Mike - 5 years ago
Well said!! Second this!
Rebecca P
Rebecca P - 5 years ago
OneEyed Mike Excellent advice! Couldn’t of said it better myself.
Doug Doty
Doug Doty - 5 years ago
Tell us how you prepared it !!!
Leslie Holmes
Leslie Holmes - 5 years ago
Salt Life
Salt Life - 5 years ago
Loving the daily vids. Cheers
Mads møller
Mads møller - 5 years ago
What's up with the Pants nickname?
goulash75 - 5 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde I'm none the wiser. What the heck is Mads møller buukie and buuke town? Is that Mad Dog's brother?
Wesley Eiseman
Wesley Eiseman - 5 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde I think that's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing and spending the time to reply.
Mads møller
Mads møller - 5 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde Oh okay, thought it was some aussie thing of some sort ;)
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
Mads møller buukie and buuke town. It’s those sort of relationship things you cringe at afterwards but if you pull it all out there’s no footage.
Wesley Eiseman
Wesley Eiseman - 5 years ago
Yeah, thought the same thing. What's up with that and did she day Boo Town or Boot Town
Maria Donk
Maria Donk - 5 years ago
My sister and I were both home-schooled and from the age of 11/13 we were unschooled. My sister speaks 3 languages and is a junior doctor. I have 3 Diplomas in hairdressing, massage therapy and SPFX makeup artistry and live a very successful life. My mum taught us the many important life lessons through many different experiences. We had friends of all ages and from all sorts of places. I loved my childhood and have only ever looked at my homeschooling/unschooling background with gratitude. I hope you guys find the right thing for your family.
Peter Vela
Peter Vela - 5 years ago
Riley, it's quite obvious to see that both you and Elena stay in quite good shape while on the seas. What kinds of workouts do you guys do besides swimming?
Dean  Jones
Dean Jones - 5 years ago
As you ponder the best path forward for your "little man", you might want to watch this (Humans Need Not Apply) :
Dean  Jones
Dean Jones - 5 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde I appreciate your response, but I'm not that Dean Jones -- Australian cricketing legend. However, I hope the video gave you both something to consider when deciding on how best to prepare your "little man" for the future.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
Really appreciated your 210 Vs India at Madras.
Rain Coast
Rain Coast - 5 years ago
Now that right there is one lucky 'dawg'! lol Looking forward to a full episode with Lenny you two.
Terry Zammit
Terry Zammit - 5 years ago
And in regards to your child's education, in a traditional sense where a child goes to school it takes alot of attention from the parents to teach their kids about work ethic . She is 16 has a part time which she was promoted to supervisor in under a year. She is a honor roll student and focused on being a doctor. I drive a forklift and her mom's a hairstylist . Parental support is key. Plus the kids joining the workforce today are pathetic. If you show your son how to do all the things you do he will make all those other kids look pathetic!
Cameron Swan
Cameron Swan - 5 years ago
12laiton - 5 years ago
Would you not wear a harness if sailing alone Incase u do fall off?
Marc Andre Robert
Marc Andre Robert - 5 years ago
Hi guys.( This useless comment is meant to help my favorite sailors with their YouTube statistics revenue. Youtube factors in the number of 1 LIKE 2 COMMENT 3 SHARE .) It's easy to help, click like and say HI GUYS!
Satoshi Satoshi
Satoshi Satoshi - 5 years ago
Best book about children's education is "How Children Learn' by John Holt
TurnTimeTable - 5 years ago
Great-now I'm hungry
Grumpy Kitten
Grumpy Kitten - 5 years ago
its so cool how you can solo sale the catamaran is it harder or easier than the sailing yacht ?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
max throttle
max throttle - 5 years ago
That looked so yummy
Steve lemke
Steve lemke - 5 years ago
Did anyone else see Riley's mustache twitch out an S.O.S. ?
flynomo - 5 years ago
If you send me the lobster, I’ll subscribe.
Scrap5000 - 5 years ago
So, let me get this straight: Elena goes off to have your baby, and you immediately start hanging with a chick is bikini?

Hardcore bro...hard...core.
Cre8sumthing - 5 years ago
And you're all sailors. Bikinis are damn near formal wear.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
Settle down lads Valentine was on Davids boat and they are just friends.
Luke - 5 years ago
Scrap5000 lmao
Andrew Foden
Andrew Foden - 5 years ago
When it comes to school what is missing in most schools is life skills.Like how to handle financial matters and look after yourself , in public schools individual attention from teachers ,the classes are to large and you are trained to comply and follow the herd.
Bill Law Marshall
Bill Law Marshall - 5 years ago
Also some schools don't teach historical things anymore either
FergusWarderGames - 5 years ago
I can reccomend manga high
Calculated Perspective
Calculated Perspective - 5 years ago
I love the nickname "pants". I'm going to have to steal this from you Riley and use in the future. :D
Rebecca P
Rebecca P - 5 years ago
Calculated Perspective #couplegoals
Don Wilson
Don Wilson - 5 years ago
Mad Dog is really a very calm bookish fellow...but grouper beware he will plan an attack and you are LUNCH!!!
AviNation - 5 years ago
I trust this channel so much I like the video before the add is finished
Terry Zammit
Terry Zammit - 5 years ago
Gotta say Riley, even solo your vids are awesome. I love these short more frequent videos!
Leo Iezzi
Leo Iezzi - 5 years ago
"I didn't just stumble accross a fish.....that's lunch" I laughed at that when you did haha! Nice catch!
Cheryl Sibson
Cheryl Sibson - 5 years ago
Brilliant video's maybe you can watch for whales March is supposed to be prime whale season?
Anne winning
Anne winning - 5 years ago
Super that you have some new friends - of like minds
Riley Hannah
Riley Hannah - 5 years ago
Was homeschooled the last 5 years and loved it surfed and went spearfishing every morning then did my school work all afternoon then went to work in the night. Was way better learning about the Ocean ever morning then waking up dreading going to school
vc l
vc l - 5 years ago
Go Riley!!!!
Third Nebula
Third Nebula - 5 years ago
As someone who is currently in the modern education system the one thing I can recommend is that when the time comes, USE THE ONLINE STUFF. Books are good and books contain information that is laid out in a cohesive way, but the volume of information on all manner of subjects is ludacris on the internet. Worksheets, tutors, libraries, anything can be found online. Personally things like Khan Academy have helped me tremendously, but I don't know what the landscape will be like when Lenny is ready. Just look for it and I know that the little man will receive a world class schooling experience from the high seas.
Bill Lauber
Bill Lauber - 5 years ago
Excellent filming dude! Well done and thanks again.
Third Nebula
Third Nebula - 5 years ago
As someone who is currently in the modern education system the one thing I can recommend is that when the time comes, USE THE ONLINE STUFF. Books are good and books contain information that is later out in a cohesive way, but the volume of information on all manner of subjects is ludacris on the internet. Worksheets, tutors, libraries, anything can be found online. Just look for it and I know that the little man will receive a world class schooling experience from the high seas.
Bill Law Marshall
Bill Law Marshall - 5 years ago
I do project based learning in school. I am given my work every Monday with the goal of getting all of my work done on Thursday so I don't have to go to school on Friday's. That could maybe work as a good home school system for Lenny when he gets older
Joseph Durand
Joseph Durand - 5 years ago
Another great video. Thanks.
simon talbot
simon talbot - 5 years ago
You can never get sick of eating fish :)
PaoPao TheCat
PaoPao TheCat - 5 years ago
Im early
Lk M
Lk M - 5 years ago
This style looks so much more enjoyable, nobody and pick and chose , who and when to visit. Good on U
Sailing Jiggers
Sailing Jiggers - 5 years ago
i really love your vids you lot really inspire me so we all braught a br 44 marisios and i really hope u come to the uk plz
Siward Beorn
Siward Beorn - 5 years ago
Dustan Balkcom
Dustan Balkcom - 5 years ago
Di Grenier I’m with you! I have an 8 year old and a 4 year old in Montessori and we are all wild about it.
Arif Kamal
Arif Kamal - 5 years ago
Tai DaSilva-Jenkins
Tai DaSilva-Jenkins - 5 years ago
BBC BITESIZE, best way to homeschool
Walking Zed's Push Bike
Walking Zed's Push Bike - 5 years ago
00:54 Riley, with you being an Aussie, I would have thought that of all people you would have known that the best deterrent for flies, with that sort of hat would be to have some corks hanging via a bit of string, around the brim?! :'D

edit: sorted some typos.
Riley Hannah
Riley Hannah - 5 years ago
Kenneth M
Kenneth M - 5 years ago
It’s now confirmed! Riley is a true fish HUNTER. Great to see you having fun on your own.
K Simpson
K Simpson - 5 years ago
I would be in tears every night before closing my eyes! You never know what you will miss until it's gone.
Snipeah - 5 years ago
SQUISH - 5 years ago
340th view lets goooo
Audrey L
Audrey L - 5 years ago
I love the videos all week!!! Counting down to meet Lennon! ❤️
Bisho Culaj
Bisho Culaj - 5 years ago
Audrey L check his Instagram
Tristan D'Ornellas
Tristan D'Ornellas - 5 years ago
Great video I really admire how good you are by yourself
DRUXTON BMX - 5 years ago
Love the video
Sailing Winifred
Sailing Winifred - 5 years ago
Awesome - was just going to bed!
Ryan Huff
Ryan Huff - 5 years ago
Love u
toast - 5 years ago
glad to be early (:
Have Wheels will Sail
Have Wheels will Sail - 5 years ago
was it just me or was that attempted accent more like Mexican ! :)
pat vaillancourt
pat vaillancourt - 5 years ago
Brubeck Desmond
Brubeck Desmond - 5 years ago
No he couldn't remember how to do the American
Skyline Photography | Aerial & Real Estate Photography
Skyline Photography | Aerial & Real Estate Photography - 5 years ago
Brilliant shot mate!
Paul Sebastian Saliba
Paul Sebastian Saliba - 5 years ago
Twinkl has got some amazing resources for teaching!

Also some great Apps that can be downloaded on tables/phones like Bee Bot (for when he's a bit older and ScratchJR. Both these things will help learning about Algorithms.

At a later stage you might want to look at getting one of these, they're waterproof an d a great source of Education

Last one, this website has got some amazing resources for home schooling too!

All this coming from a music and IT teacher :) all the best!
Anne Caulder
Anne Caulder - 5 years ago
Greetings! We are in the U.S. and home schooled each of our boys for different reasons and in different circumstances. Older was home schooled for high school with an accredited school with workbooks to purchase. He now has a Masters Degree. Younger son was home schooled in earlier years, attended traditional school, then a blended charter school for high school. This included half class time and half online. He is still figuring out the next step, but our plan is to work a partial year, and spend several months of the year traveling before I am too old! With research, I am confident you and Elayna will find the best situation for Lenny. It is individual and I do not believe all must travel the same path with no choice or options. There is also something to be said for practical life skills which are gained outside of classrooms. Safe travels!

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