Family Has Been Sailing Around The World Non-Stop For 9 Years

The Gifford family left their home in Washington in 2008 to sail around the world. They have not stopped since. We met up with them in the summer of 2016 in Noank, Connecticut to learn their story and to see how they all live on a 47-foot sailboat. Follow the Giffords on their journey. Special thanks to Aline Escalon for providing some additional footage from her own film, "Totem." Special thanks to Sophie Boudet for providing additional DJI Inspire One drone footage: Business Insider tells you all you need to know about business, finance, tech, science, retail, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: BI on Facebook: BI on Instagram: BI on Twitter:

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The Gifford family left their home in Washington in 2008 to sail around the world. They have not stopped since. We met up with them in the summer of 2016 in Noank, Connecticut to learn their story and to see how they all live on a 47-foot sailboat. Follow the Giffords on their journey. Special thanks to Aline Escalon for providing some additional footage from her own film, "Totem." Special thanks to Sophie Boudet for providing additional DJI Inspire One drone footage: Business Insider tells you all you need to know about business, finance, tech, science, retail, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: BI on Facebook: BI on Instagram: BI on Twitter:

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for Family Has Been Sailing Around The World Non-Stop For 9 Years

Rimas Meleshyus
Rimas Meleshyus - 3 years ago
Great video,many thanks
mike devaney
mike devaney - 3 years ago
i wonder how much they actually homeschool the kids? i'm sure they're travelled but there probably very dumb
mike devaney
mike devaney - 3 years ago
turBINE.......not turBIN you freak!
phayke - 3 years ago
Do they have good education?
phayke - 3 years ago
Why do they have so much or many whatever acne.
JustMe Gaming
JustMe Gaming - 3 years ago
Daniel Kirkland
Daniel Kirkland - 3 years ago
This is just selfish parents
This is child abuse
The Brick /thestopmotionguy
The Brick /thestopmotionguy - 3 years ago
PwnagePk1875 - 3 years ago
"Poverty level income". $25:000 per year? Idiot.

10. comment for Family Has Been Sailing Around The World Non-Stop For 9 Years

hinanochick - 3 years ago
Someone named Cliff Y said it perfectly!!! it is like the movie mosquito coast
Bethany Christensen
Bethany Christensen - 3 years ago
those people need some sunscreen and a dermatologist
Danny waldo
Danny waldo - 3 years ago
I don’t think this is something to brag, I would be ashamed as a parent. This is depriving them of their youth.
Yungsavage 11
Yungsavage 11 - 3 years ago
They look greasy af
Rapture Time Awareness
Rapture Time Awareness - 3 years ago
Rapture - Don't be Fooled March 20th could be Passover! 3rd SUPERMOON at 6:43 pm PDT & 9:43 pm EDT
Lily Talbot
Lily Talbot - 3 years ago
What do they do when a hurricane hits
Tiffany B
Tiffany B - 3 years ago
Yes I am wondering. as we had so much bad weather flooding tsunami, cyclones and severe weather.
AmFilms123 - 3 years ago
Bunch of weirdo parents doing this to their kids & depriving them of essential stable social interactions.
Looun Lao Bottomsby
Looun Lao Bottomsby - 3 years ago
You can tell you all love each other and that is the 98% percent of it! strong mom as the base, good sailor dad and great son :) best fortune!
947969 - 3 years ago
MrMisterMan - 3 years ago
Poor kids probably don't even have any friends. Selfish parents living their dream but screwing over their kids

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762fullmetal - 3 years ago
Non Stop for 9 years ??? how do they get food and clothes?
skankhunt 42
skankhunt 42 - 3 years ago
Ill kill myself if i have to eat dinner with my family how yall do that
J M - 3 years ago
It's remarkable you're doing what a lot of people would love to do. How do you avoid piracy at sea
Nick Mougros
Nick Mougros - 3 years ago
damn. Bunch of haters. Youre bashing this type lf living when some of you probably live in a cat piss smelling, bed bug infested trailer lol
MrMisterMan - 3 years ago
Triggered much?
Zdgd Huhk
Zdgd Huhk - 3 years ago
Sold their home in 2008?
Koichiro Kleps
Koichiro Kleps - 3 years ago
Please get that kid a guitar tuner
4TheRecord - 3 years ago
This will make sense towards the end of the video ;-)
4TheRecord - 3 years ago
non-stop? So they've never had to repair the boat or go get supplies from a dock somewhere?
CrackMonkey - 3 years ago
God imagine having to jack off two feet from your whole family for the last 9 years
Cole Amundson
Cole Amundson - 3 years ago
Okay but come on... that is not a normal childhood to live. Friends??? School??? Sleepovers? Nope none of that. You are stuck on a friggin boat.

30. comment for Family Has Been Sailing Around The World Non-Stop For 9 Years

Nemesis Nemesis
Nemesis Nemesis - 3 years ago
How they make money?
William Pomeroy
William Pomeroy - 3 years ago
Seems a little selfish.
Hallward Hallward
Hallward Hallward - 3 years ago
poor kids...
Jon Paul
Jon Paul - 3 years ago
The men go to the bell end for a wank.
AW - 3 years ago
Really? These parents gave their kids a permanent summer vacation? What were they thinking? There’s no way this is healthy for kids. Children need a solid, stable life, with something called an education. School. With friends. This is just self-indulgent. The kids seem... I don’t know. The mom is crying missing her friends. They live on poverty level income. They put a happy face on it, but deep down this isn’t the life this mom and kids really want. This made me sad.
Joshua Hebert
Joshua Hebert - 3 years ago
For living on a boat constantly those kids dont look very tan.
Joshua Graham
Joshua Graham - 3 years ago
Kids look ill and appear tovhave slight deformations
Markos Tesfaye
Markos Tesfaye - 3 years ago
have you been to Ethiopia or have you seen a SHARK
DANIEL APPLETON - 3 years ago
lot of pedos in these comments.
Joe Theobald
Joe Theobald - 3 years ago
Wind turban?
Wu tang pusheen
Wu tang pusheen - 3 years ago
All that water sailing hey? Lotta field trips ay? Lotta voyaging the seas ay.. Well good for you
Wu tang pusheen
Wu tang pusheen - 3 years ago
I'm not even being sarcampist either
LazySkull - 3 years ago
those poor kids are going to have skin cancer by the time they're 30.
Tiffany B
Tiffany B - 3 years ago
Yep they will for sure get skin cancer. as they are spending way too much time outside and too much vitamins from the sun. How are they going to get shots to prevent disease. They need to go to the dentist, doctor appts. I wonder if they are doing that and how are they getting food.
GOGO MEMES - 3 years ago
This could be a one heck of an adventure WHEN you do this once in a while
Barbara Out
Barbara Out - 3 years ago
trebledc - 3 years ago
This should be a retirment life, i love it, but on the kids, the parents have to send them to school. A voyage always ends and Humans should enjoy the ocean not live on it.
Ron Mico Jacob
Ron Mico Jacob - 3 years ago
Hes looking for OnePiece
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma - 3 years ago
I feel Extreme of anything is not a good Idea. As you miss out on lot of other things. Regardless of what it is, it could be travelling, work,eating or just anything. I agree and disagree on many things yes kids would love to learn different culture but what it matters is at what time of life. Culture learning can be done as a regular kid also. You don't have to physically go to moon to learn about it there are other ways to do that. Eventually these kids have to come back to land and work and make a living out of it so at that point they may feel what they missed unless they decide to spend their whole life on the sea. In the end I want to say if parents or 2 people have a point of view and want to explore their life in their way why are they forcing kids to do the same? these parents were from Washington and spent their good 25-30 years on Land and doing everything whatever normal person does and then they decide to sail and take their kids along with them to follow their passion ? does not make sense to me.
kitty mcpaws
kitty mcpaws - 3 years ago
i would have upgraded my pirate ship
Abhishek Dev
Abhishek Dev - 3 years ago
Did the children go to school?
Surfercurtis - 3 years ago
Mom’s a bit of a butter face.

50. comment for Family Has Been Sailing Around The World Non-Stop For 9 Years

wcatholic1 - 3 years ago
Beaver Retriever
Beaver Retriever - 3 years ago
Them some ugly ass kids
Speed Demons
Speed Demons - 3 years ago
Lol what if someone was sea sick
Caleb Pethtel
Caleb Pethtel - 3 years ago
Although it seems cool to do for a while, honestly the kids need to grow up and get jobs which are mostly on land, so that will be a weird transition. Also I wouldn't be surprised if they have trouble with skin cancer later on in life....
Nate Siwiec
Nate Siwiec - 3 years ago
Actually this is a very selfish act by the parents, living out their dream but knowingly or unknowingly they are cutting their children off from all social and “real-life” activity. The kids are basically living in a dream and when they turn 18 the real world is gonna kick them right in the ass
Robert Sutherland
Robert Sutherland - 3 years ago
5:06 says it all. You need to take a break from sailing. You're children also need some healthy sports...running, throwing, etc. so it seems.
I'm a land person... slalom skiing, swimming...yes. Long boat I can understand they are trying to generate income by posting the video...same as millions on youtube. If it came to isolation I think I'd rather live on an island than a boat, for myself.
I think it's time for a new occupation.
Leonard Breau
Leonard Breau - 3 years ago
The oceans can be treacherous. They have definitely defied the odds by surviving this long.
candymr2 - 3 years ago
Kids look like they have sun spots already...not good
SaltyDad - 3 years ago
Next field trip kids........were being boarded by pirates who are going to hold us hostage until a random is's the next 9 captivity.
Deja Voodoo
Deja Voodoo - 3 years ago
Congrats Mom and Dad! You’re going to be Grandparents! Great! When can we see the kids! Oh, maybe in 9 years.
Florida Man
Florida Man - 3 years ago
Seems like that family really liked the movie Capitan Ron.
Anthony Z
Anthony Z - 3 years ago
What if they want sex?
Chris Paige
Chris Paige - 3 years ago
thier kids look super rough tho lol ugly asses
M C A - 3 years ago
Kid is going to be a Navy SEAL then go to Harvard.

He can’t just be a project manager, or something boring.
No Wallet
No Wallet - 3 years ago
They haven't gotten attacked by Somali pirates yet?
itss charlie
itss charlie - 3 years ago
its all fun in games until a 50 foot wave comes by capsizing the boat and drowning the whole family while they're sleeping
Shadow GT
Shadow GT - 3 years ago
The ocean is salty cause of their throwup when you stay for a long time on a boat
Shadow GT
Shadow GT - 3 years ago
Who would win

A large family boat or some Somalian bois
Ruscus Gron
Ruscus Gron - 3 years ago
Shadow GT depends what weapons each side has. I can see that mom pulling a bazooka out the bunk
Deven Shetty
Deven Shetty - 3 years ago
Is it weird that at my on land house I don’t have everything that they have on their boat house
IStillWill Kill
IStillWill Kill - 3 years ago
Must be close family why they left. To escape persecution from other family and friends.
albert7139 - 3 years ago
9 years is a long time... I would have ran away..
SV Windrush II
SV Windrush II - 3 years ago
All the negative comments on here are uneducated and biased, and mostly out of jealousy because most of these guys are broke and could never afford a yacht let alone cruise the world. You guys are an inspiration to so many and your kids are i am sure more educated about life than most. Hope to see you out their somewhere, your always welcome aboard our yacht Windrush II anytime. Fair winds and following seas to you, from Capt Rob, offshore sailor.
hhds113 - 3 years ago
I think somebody is taking the movie Water World a little too serious.
mc gee
mc gee - 3 years ago
This reminds me of Kensuke’s Kingdom
SB 50cal
SB 50cal - 3 years ago
“They have not stopped since”...

0:27 footage of them, stopped.
Random Apex Moments
Random Apex Moments - 3 years ago
just wait until the Kids get older and horny lmao
Jon P
Jon P - 3 years ago
This is the perfect example of parents enforcing their self interest in life to their kids.
Daniel - 3 years ago
Go see a dermatologist please
Cameron Duquette
Cameron Duquette - 3 years ago
jesus they're so sunburned
RoBoVader - 3 years ago
For the children, wouldn't home schooling be called boat schooling? Just like in Spongebob.
Yep Yep
Yep Yep - 3 years ago
You guys Are Happy I like what you do for your family keep kids together with you good luck guys I wish I have like this wife she's so happy but my life is f**** sorry for my language but good luck guys I wish you guys good wing for good travelling
Yep Yep
Yep Yep - 3 years ago
If I going to have money like you guys I going to travel not 9 years probably at 29 years I never gonna be loved Travel without Money in your Bank Account how much your parents left money for you guys but anyway I like this
Eddie Gee
Eddie Gee - 3 years ago
Wow.. This is so cool.. This has been my dream for a long time
The Rasclrt
The Rasclrt - 3 years ago
They sailed straight past Somalia ...brave af
Tiffany B
Tiffany B - 3 years ago
what do they do during hurricanes and bad weather??
Dawner Yumnam
Dawner Yumnam - 3 years ago
A daring Lifestyle, with lots of adventure.
Bigdaddy 69
Bigdaddy 69 - 3 years ago
The kids have major autism and Down syndrome if I were there parents I would lob them overboard
Tall Thingy
Tall Thingy - 3 years ago
dude they're all burnt af
DashDrones - 3 years ago
It's fun, but has made the kids useless
alex 05
alex 05 - 3 years ago
These kids need socialization...
Luke Tipping
Luke Tipping - 3 years ago
Poverty level income?! $25,000 with no bills or taxes sure does sound hard.
Luke Tipping
Luke Tipping - 3 years ago
Nathan Williams Besides docking fees what else would they have to pay for?
Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams - 3 years ago
Luke Tipping they still have bills to pay
Ahmard Bell
Ahmard Bell - 3 years ago
so how do they go to school ? idk they must be dumb
Alban Sadiki
Alban Sadiki - 3 years ago
Boring boring .........
Rip cord
Rip cord - 3 years ago
“They haven’t stopped ever since”

Itz Gram
Itz Gram - 3 years ago
Only white people I swear
Strong Addictions
Strong Addictions - 3 years ago
Hey that's a beautiful family sized melanoma spot you have there...
brapganistan - 3 years ago
the oldest boy prolly knows how to one pump bust when his sister goes for a pisser
CAS - 3 years ago
Way to get killed in international waters
11jf111j1f1 - 3 years ago
Emma Adams
Emma Adams - 3 years ago
Lol I don’t know how they kids don’t get sun burned they white af
Mohammed - 3 years ago
beware of Somali pirates

100. comment for Family Has Been Sailing Around The World Non-Stop For 9 Years

Brady Kelly
Brady Kelly - 3 years ago
This is so cool this is something I really wanna do I have sailed all my life and this would be my dream please private text me giving me some details on how to start
Alain Franzolini
Alain Franzolini - 3 years ago
all these negative reactions are sheer ignorance
Boris-Smiff - 3 years ago
Those kids are getting a much better education than some school with wild thugs running around causing trouble.
Joseph Dickerson
Joseph Dickerson - 3 years ago
We're do you get a solar cooker?. I'm tossing around cheap ideas for a home of my own. It's extremely difficult. I wanted to get a boat but I need my passport. We're do y'all dock an do you have any trouble
Breen Walshe
Breen Walshe - 3 years ago
Must have Irish blood,with those first name's
真実 - 3 years ago
Wat about school ?
Pilot Melayu
Pilot Melayu - 3 years ago
No school live, pathetic.
TheRoyalSpade 1
TheRoyalSpade 1 - 3 years ago
Imagine if they had a TV and a console and got flamed on a game.
"Where do you live bro!"
"Uhh somewhere around the Indian Ocean."
Waheed Qazi
Waheed Qazi - 3 years ago
it would suck if you lived over seas, , no school, meaning no friends, 2, you cant live a normal childhood, and 3, the internet must suck
lookwhoscomin - 3 years ago
Wind turban??
Ryan Darko
Ryan Darko - 3 years ago
By the way these kids seem extremely bright
Ryan Darko
Ryan Darko - 3 years ago
So it’s like a RV In the ocean
Ryan Darko
Ryan Darko - 3 years ago
Looks amazing
Ryan Darko
Ryan Darko - 3 years ago
In all reality the government probably hates there happiness. Welcome to life
Your local Walmart
Your local Walmart - 3 years ago
Um how do they shower And get food and education
Ryde Mk
Ryde Mk - 3 years ago
They probably called the reporters “Land-Lubbers”
Mark0s - 3 years ago
They should make Youtube videos about their lives and places they stop by. They can make a lot of money with it.
A I - 3 years ago
not sure when this was filmed, but i am pretty sure there is going to be a mutiny from those kids! Imagine being stuck on that boat with those idiots parents!
Mohammad Iqbal
Mohammad Iqbal - 3 years ago
This is sick but I’m safer on
Guess what?

Please like not an option
Jk like if you want not forcing you but please
Ascicouz - 3 years ago
Imagine coming across pirates
FlyGuy Ryan!
FlyGuy Ryan! - 3 years ago
Miss Puff taught them well at boat school.
The_ Joker
The_ Joker - 3 years ago
No room to wank

Count me out
Jusoon - 3 years ago
The days I remember from school are days spent with friends, going to parties, trying to seem appealing to girls, and playing football. I dont see much chance of those kids ever having those kinds of experiences at all. I sail too, I wouldn't rob my children of their social development so I could do it 365 days a year though
Jack Hartzell
Jack Hartzell - 3 years ago
on the one hand its better than paying bills until you die on the other hand those kids look miserable, they need friends
Aquilesquev 29
Aquilesquev 29 - 3 years ago
Well almost everything seems fine excepts the lack of privacy. How that little boy can do their private and sexual things without interruption?
Michael Robins
Michael Robins - 3 years ago
No one is happy, even the mom was crying, si stop it
Oakley Brighton
Oakley Brighton - 3 years ago
The children look as old as their parents
Andi - 3 years ago
Feel sry for the kids
Josito MTL
Josito MTL - 3 years ago
That's parents dream. Not children's.
don jefe
don jefe - 3 years ago
Cult mini Cult
Shane Daniel
Shane Daniel - 3 years ago
Bet they could care less about polar icecaps
Jeff TV
Jeff TV - 3 years ago
He’s had his whole life to practice that guitar and still he can’t do it...somethings wrong there
JOE Bozza
JOE Bozza - 3 years ago
The Girls need vitamin C..Have you heard of scurvy.
diamond angle
diamond angle - 3 years ago
umm what happens in winter when water freezes ?
King_ TaGZ213
King_ TaGZ213 - 3 years ago
Yuck i bet they stink
Mario Looney
Mario Looney - 3 years ago
Would they have to pay water rates..just saying...
BooBoo Boo
BooBoo Boo - 3 years ago
Man, are you aware that you are depriving your children of the lame life style the most people enjoy back home?
Liewei Sha
Liewei Sha - 3 years ago
Flat earthers are triggered
Steve Fox
Steve Fox - 3 years ago
She needs to try living in actual poverty before she opens her mouth and makes statements like that.
Paul McCombie
Paul McCombie - 3 years ago
Wait what about Somalian pirates?
Martin Hong
Martin Hong - 3 years ago
They actually have stopped on land for activities plenty of times.. You gotta learn what "non-stop" means.
qwerty - 3 years ago
Its fake, the world is flat
Mario Looney
Mario Looney - 3 years ago
They been watching too much Waterworld I guess ...
nawidthegamer jeff
nawidthegamer jeff - 3 years ago
haven't they come across Somali pirates
jason lul
jason lul - 3 years ago
Cant be replicated by browsing starts browsing internet
MD Supreme
MD Supreme - 3 years ago
They all look like they have too much sun
Vtheorem - 3 years ago
Siobhan is a boy’s name.
Dude Dude
Dude Dude - 3 years ago
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis - 3 years ago
I'm good
Carl Olsen
Carl Olsen - 3 years ago
25k is way above the poverty line but yeah tell me more about how you struggle compared to homeless people making 500 a year if that
Mr PvZ Plush
Mr PvZ Plush - 3 years ago
16 feb yaay it is 12:00 am yay
Anthony Jonas
Anthony Jonas - 3 years ago
Poor kids want some ass.
CrackerJack Jack
CrackerJack Jack - 3 years ago
For all the time they spend on the boat that boy can't play guitar for shit.
Emilio Martinez
Emilio Martinez - 3 years ago
Their kids will have skin cancer
James Hall
James Hall - 3 years ago
All that time on that boat and he can't tune his guitar? Weird.
AcemanX Ace Wolf™
AcemanX Ace Wolf™ - 3 years ago
These poor kids...i feel so bad for them
The jg guy
The jg guy - 3 years ago
Lucky kids
Jiwoo Jeong
Jiwoo Jeong - 3 years ago
I can tell this a lie because you need food and 8 years nonstop wouldn’t work
Max Sweeney Forsthoefel
Max Sweeney Forsthoefel - 3 years ago
so are they homeschooled
Alpha Tango
Alpha Tango - 3 years ago
I would want to jump off if I was on a shi ppl with my family every day.
Markhor Snakeeater
Markhor Snakeeater - 3 years ago
Water Gipsys , nothing special
ima be honest i would have killed my family
ToXic Vip3rZ
ToXic Vip3rZ - 3 years ago
ellis forrest
ellis forrest - 3 years ago
I wonder how many times they have just woken up on the floor
tony stark
tony stark - 3 years ago
Girls look so fucked up :/
Make America White Again
Make America White Again - 3 years ago
they arent missing out on anything in land school. its just a bunch of vaping retards that lilsten to rap and play fortnite.
Chris Jayson
Chris Jayson - 3 years ago
Family has been developing skin cancer non stop for 9 years
raerist - 3 years ago
thats gotta be some sort of abuse keeping your kids from having a social life
stischer47 - 3 years ago
I applaud them for following their dream but tempering it with "as long as it's a family affair and no one is being dragged along"
Blog Vlog
Blog Vlog - 3 years ago
Its only in dreams for almost all
Valtress - 3 years ago
Do they have Netflix ?
Jeff Daily
Jeff Daily - 3 years ago
Love these kinds of videos. Shows me that this dream, my dream, can ACTUALLY be a reality!
MAX AM - 3 years ago
I'd go mad. Good if you can tolerate such intimacy and constant repetitiveness.
Or if you don't mind meeting those pesky pirates!
Arland Rodenhauser
Arland Rodenhauser - 3 years ago
woah woah woah are u telling me that the kids dont got to school
J Tribble
J Tribble - 3 years ago
them kids gon get skin cancer
Nandini Chakraborty
Nandini Chakraborty - 3 years ago
Bloody bastards..
Crazy Good
Crazy Good - 3 years ago
they probably smell like asz
BigSi 2017
BigSi 2017 - 3 years ago
Not too long, straight to the point, excellent mini docu I really enjoyed.
Chris Mason
Chris Mason - 3 years ago
They're nice on film... but "as long as everyon'es on board.... no body's getting dragged along" I have a hunch these are the super strict parent types that don't care if their kids clearly don't want to be there, they will use punishment into submission to doing what they want and keep cruising. Maybe its an unfair assumption, but its my assumption nonetheless.
Edward Gorham
Edward Gorham - 3 years ago
Why do all the trolls come out for Nice stories? What a wonderful life they made for those kids imagine having the life experience they have at such a young age
deden saputra
deden saputra - 3 years ago
250K is not poverty to me
Josh - 3 years ago
I bet they love playing Family Strokes
ggopw - 3 years ago
White people
Kasbian Vaulks
Kasbian Vaulks - 3 years ago
These kids are basically permanently grounded
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin - 3 years ago
They sailed between Madagascar and mainland Africa, that place is a massive pirate area. Lucky they didn't get caught, raped and murdered.
Steven Morrison
Steven Morrison - 3 years ago
reggie bayard
reggie bayard - 3 years ago
they must be conservitive pro republicans. why? because they sail the high sea's without any toilet paper. another words they think they are above the rest and believe their shit dont stink. edit: also the parents make their kids work for free. sound like a republican for you? donald trump
Vanda Dy
Vanda Dy - 3 years ago
I feel bad for the kids. It's like they have no choice
NoahsDeaths - 3 years ago
It would damn suck if they suddenly caught sea sickness
Erf - 3 years ago
Shit I’ll go live with this crazy ass family instead of going to school, Anyday
Biz Talk With Mike
Biz Talk With Mike - 3 years ago
Interesting but wow not for me. At least get a bigger vessel.
uncleartax - 3 years ago
Depriving that poor boy of some healthy “alone time”
I Putu Oky Ciputra
I Putu Oky Ciputra - 3 years ago
This family is brave and know how to enjoy the life, without think about the fc*kg goverment system. Amazing. Respect. Yay
animal lover
animal lover - 3 years ago
not to be negative but you are depriving you children of making stable new friends just bc u want to do this.
SuckMyNutz 420
SuckMyNutz 420 - 3 years ago
I wanna do this when I get older
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - 3 years ago
Those poor kids.
KarateCaveman - 3 years ago
Son: Dad...when are we going home?

Dad: This is our home son, we are here.
Fanaticalplel Warstarterarea
Fanaticalplel Warstarterarea - 3 years ago
What if someone on the ship is easily seasick
Tom Chrissy
Tom Chrissy - 3 years ago
WHAT ? the earth is flat and they would have fallen off, I saw it in a video on youtube, it must be true
zake pro vlogs
zake pro vlogs - 3 years ago
That’s cool
Grillo Channel
Grillo Channel - 3 years ago
Sounds better than actually is
KOLEKKAZ - 3 years ago
Damn dude I hope he got a gun and I don't mean a pistol cuz them pirates definitely got some AKs.
KOLEKKAZ - 3 years ago
+Mediblade Nope. The one misunderstanding here is you, my friend. Piracy is an act/action, Raider is a ship or a crew member trained to raid. Anime is not a serious source and the false consensus that people do not think that pirates exist is just the cherry on top. Level of your ignorance here lecturing me about technicalities or definitions, seriously? I made a comment about having protection in the sea alluding to the fact that the story is clearly BS prop piece. Judging by the map they traveled around Africa and through East Asia with no security with kids. How old are you?(13-16 yo) Kids disappear in the cities during broad daylight. And your English is questionable difference(noun) is the word you are looking for not different(adj). So please go read a book and I don't mean Harry Potter...
Mediblade - 3 years ago
+KOLEKKAZ You didn't get my point, yes I agree "pirates" exist. But those aren't pirates. Pirates are sea raiders and also pirates have been gone since ages, people don't think pirates still exist. I watch anime and stuff and those even include parts where they say stuff about pirates being non-existant. You are going to be taking a negative part about that being it's from a show. But imo, real pirtates are gone and these are only sea robbers not SEA RAIDERS. There is a different.
KOLEKKAZ - 3 years ago
​+Mediblade Ok so you got but hurt...What are you 16? Watching documentaries doesn't mean you are a history buff, just like couch quarterbacks are not footballers. The fact that you thought that my comment was a joke told me you are not that bright in the first place. Denying that pirates exist in some areas of the world like Somalia and even Haiti is just doubling down on ignorance. There are incidents around Africa you just never hear or ever interested in those cases, do you? Oh by the way Vikings were pirates as well not raiders hahaha
Mediblade - 3 years ago
+KOLEKKAZ I haven't vikings are raiders, doesn't mean if they are from Scandinavia or not and pirates are the same thing not robbers. I am pretty sure I have watched more history than you every will in your life.
KOLEKKAZ - 3 years ago
+Mediblade Oh I'm sure Somali Pirates don't exist... NOT. Dude you confusing Vikings(Danes from Denmark) and Pirates(high seas appropriators ie Robbers). A history lesson for you right there.
Mediblade - 3 years ago
no r/woooshes everybody but just saying vikings/pirates dont exist anymore ;p i get its a joke I LAUGHED AT IT TOO
nick name
nick name - 3 years ago
It sounds very romantic and lovely but the reality is a lot of maintenance, docking fees, no personal space at all, amongst other issues....but for Youtubers it's a big fantasy. Writing and making sails? Good luck with that. I wouldn't sentence my family to that prison.
Builder102 - 3 years ago
Real life waterworld
Paul The Gamer
Paul The Gamer - 3 years ago
I remember field trips because they were unique and different from my regular ass lifestyle. But not having any friends must be lonely af, well maybe you have each other. But I think its the little things that matter. And if I had one day to live, I would probably just do my regular ass things. Hang out with friends, chat with family, play some forza, and thats it. But really, its the little things that matter. If life felt so fast, maybe you werent offering the full amount of compassion you could have gave to the world. Yes I sound like a preacher, yes I related to tuesdays with Morrie. But its the little things that count. Giving is living. And love.
I am a meme
I am a meme - 3 years ago
What if the boat stops working in the middle of the Pacific Ocean
Brodie Mc
Brodie Mc - 3 years ago
These people are living a life most of us could only dream of or mainly have the balls to do I hope one day I can escape my comfort zone and live freely like these people I wish them the best luck
S.A.R. Konning
S.A.R. Konning - 3 years ago
What is the reason to torture to sons living far from humans by 10 years ? Absolutely insanity. The persons needs relationships, socialibility, contact with other people. That boys are visibily sad, his face showing a sad by years. Are the sons a property of fathers ? That childrens has rights to live a normal life like all. When u have a family also u have a ¨ must to do¨ with ur sons, give them a quality of life. An adult must leave their adventures because now he has a responsability with sons, education, sociability, to teach them to live inside society . 5 persons during 1 year cruising on 47 ft sailboat , ok is nice, epic or cool, already 2 years or more is a torture, both father and mother are sick.
Nasir Harvell
Nasir Harvell - 3 years ago
Wow I feel bad for the kids they are probably playing off their emotions like oh it’s fine
No Matter
No Matter - 3 years ago
3:54 so they do stop here and there to make money.
Floppy disk 101
Floppy disk 101 - 3 years ago
The kids are lucky, they don’t have to go to school
pingkoy pakayat
pingkoy pakayat - 3 years ago
How about expenses? Gas? Food? Maintenance?
Mediblade - 3 years ago
they talked about all of these already
Jay Room
Jay Room - 3 years ago
Fake. How can he make sail and so little space, how does he sell it, where are the customers, the ship never goes out of water for maintenance, only a world tour in 9 years ???
EthIN - 3 years ago
I don't like it when people say AND as AYAND . STOP It pls. Also it's a solar panel. Not solar PYANEL
The Sincere Devil
The Sincere Devil - 3 years ago
Sychrari - 3 years ago
They are propably the citizen of atlantis
DriftorDie 0
DriftorDie 0 - 3 years ago
These people are crazy
Saloow - 3 years ago
imagine sleeping in the middle of the night and hear someone take a fat shit,like the shit drops into the water and echos throughout the whole boat
WeeItsNookies - 3 years ago
If you're going to put that much dedication into living in a boat with kids for that many years you'd be better off buying a yacht. Or hell, just steal one. Repaint it change whatever numbers you need and sail around.
CameronWilliams - 3 years ago
Plot Twist : They all get eaten by killer whales
thicc - 3 years ago
why do these kids look like they're 30
Ryan Lynch
Ryan Lynch - 3 years ago
will they ever go to college or something or
Molika Men-Thlang
Molika Men-Thlang - 3 years ago
No education for the kids?
MrTeamTactical - 3 years ago
25 grand a year is poverty? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
Trevor q
Trevor q - 3 years ago
The US poverty line for a family of 5 like them is 30k a year so
Whuzzin Gamont
Whuzzin Gamont - 3 years ago
How are the kids ever going to study or are they even going to sch or college
Jim Halpert
Jim Halpert - 3 years ago
Stan Kormy
Stan Kormy - 3 years ago
Y’all don’t have Starbucks there!
Stan Kormy
Stan Kormy - 3 years ago
Unique family!
Binyamin A
Binyamin A - 3 years ago
Is it legal for kids?
M F - 3 years ago
They must be rich to do that for 9 years I think after 8 years I would be sea sick
Big Bear
Big Bear - 3 years ago
If the parents die for some reason, This is what you call a fucked up kids.
Iam Rx74
Iam Rx74 - 3 years ago
This is more like a water world, except that the world is still in existence. The mother cries and said she misses her friends which gives me a creepy feeling. Thinking about the things that those kids missed out to make them a well-rounded person. Those kids have no choice when they sailed out. They are abducted by their own parents and stole their life away from them. Ideally parents sacrifice everything for their kids, But in this case, the kids gave their life for their parent's selfish reasons unknowingly. Those kids need to be rescued they have a life of their own. This is so wrong in every angle. Let them enjoy life and learn their own mistake. Someone, please rescue those them.
Waxaadan Arag
Waxaadan Arag - 3 years ago
How they deal when ocean storms and high waves. Sometimes it's difficult to sailing on ocean specially bad weather. Be careful guys
legendary Gamer
legendary Gamer - 3 years ago
He is aquaman now
Carmel Joseph
Carmel Joseph - 3 years ago
Bill Green
Bill Green - 3 years ago
I wish them well and hope they continue this 'as long as it is fun'. But only someone form the West could describe $25,000 pa expenditure as poverty level.
Eddie Aguirre
Eddie Aguirre - 3 years ago
jon moore
jon moore - 3 years ago
what a life you have given your family, being a global traveler myself I get it. well done parents
HeresHashy - 3 years ago
Hey let’s never give our kids any room to work out or meet new people instead let keep them locked on a shitty boat from 2005
True Indigo
True Indigo - 3 years ago
What a lovely family and such a nice way of life.
I am Done
I am Done - 3 years ago
lame as white people
Noah Sosebee
Noah Sosebee - 3 years ago
Y’all if I was on that boat I would jump off
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed - 3 years ago
All these people saying the kids aren’t getting an education are stupid. They are probably so bored all they want to do is read. I am concerned how they are going to handle society once they finally see it. I don’t know if you can live a normal life doing that. I do not envy them.
marketa hall
marketa hall - 3 years ago
I think this is amazing, I wish I had the balls to do something like this. They should start a youtube, I would watch!
Solimar Arnocher
Solimar Arnocher - 3 years ago
..........that’s sad because they r there only friends I mean it’s cool for like one year but then I mean always a on boat ..? I mean there ur children
Siward Beorn
Siward Beorn - 3 years ago
John Capshaw
John Capshaw - 3 years ago
you missed NOTHING missing the peer culture as you call it...
Just your average viewer
Just your average viewer - 3 years ago
Only if you're socially awkward which I'm assuming you are
Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance - 3 years ago
What are you spending $2000 + per month on? This is far from the poverty line.
jab ca
jab ca - 3 years ago
???? why are people judging having your kids live an interesting life??? My parents almost did this with me and I wish they did
Noah Sosebee
Noah Sosebee - 3 years ago
jab ca sis that life is interesting... not at all
Una Person
Una Person - 3 years ago
Foolish click bait, none stop ? i am sure i can see them stopped. Bs i say
Lumen Illius
Lumen Illius - 3 years ago
To all the haters attacking and not understanding the freedom of their life. If your ancestors did not escape repressive societies, explore, adventure, and settle in remote places, most of you would not exist! Family can be friends and enjoy each others company, make education fun and engaging, and learn first hand how diverse and broad world perspectives are on a combined yet grand scale. These people have discipline, understanding, and love for the world around them and are not inundated by shallow TV and PC perspectives that are designed to create a society that can easily be controlled! Look at your own answers, perverted, sick, and twisted hate. Can you tell me why? Or why it should continue? You are all cattle in the eyes of the elitists, why not kick the fence open and enjoy the ones you love at the same time?
Barry B. Benson
Barry B. Benson - 3 years ago
Now we know why the sea is so salty, the boy's been busting loads of nut in it.
Indignation92 - 3 years ago
Cant help it, had to laugh
Turbzy - 3 years ago
shit and gay joke
TechnoFilipino oh my god
Just Tina
Just Tina - 3 years ago
+Saagar are u stupid?
mo Gabriel
mo Gabriel - 3 years ago
TechnoFilipino - 3 years ago
+Saagar Because he tasted it already (both of them)
K24 - 3 years ago
+Saagar it is the sea
Saagar - 3 years ago
How do you know it tastes salty ?
Tim Drake
Tim Drake - 3 years ago
I don't care about home schooling or socializing, I just want to know how they kept these kids from killing each other. Two of them share a tiny bed. There's no escape on there. I can't imagine.
Hiram Rosa Jr
Hiram Rosa Jr - 3 years ago
omg they got incest written all over there faces. the dad is holding them captive
Hiram Rosa Jr
Hiram Rosa Jr - 3 years ago
so.. incest then?
James - 3 years ago
What about all the ocean trash?
Kashef Bhatti
Kashef Bhatti - 3 years ago
I think the girls are soon going to be to big to share that tiny bed space
Tee See
Tee See - 3 years ago
*Good for them. Just breaking out of the programming governmental system for a while and learning to be human and free. Lucky lucky lucky!*
X-ians stink
X-ians stink - 3 years ago
Beyond me how anyone can live this way.
GTreconGT - 3 years ago
If anyone is curious as to the long term effects of extended sun exposure on your skin look no further than here. The mom looking like she's aged 20 years over the 9 they have spent outside. Kids also look a lot older than they are.
Dakota Rodriguez
Dakota Rodriguez - 3 years ago
Literally the Wild Thornberries. Awesome.
S R - 3 years ago
They are so sun damaged
Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Kennedy - 3 years ago
Sounds about white
Judgment Proof
Judgment Proof - 3 years ago
I couldn't live like that and I'm sure there's many people who probably couldn't either
Yoyo Lucatero
Yoyo Lucatero - 3 years ago
They just have you be really careful were they go some places ain’t safe ...
Perich29 - 3 years ago
they travel around the world on a 40 ft Greyhound bus that floats.
Marie Mackey
Marie Mackey - 3 years ago
Good bless this family. I would like to do something like this, but on land. ⛵
[ISAF]JerrichoJensen - 3 years ago
"Theres not really a subsitute for the learning that you do by browsing. Theres no substitute for it." Uuuuh.... How about.... Internet browsing? Does she not know what the internet is? These people who still think books are the best source of information man..... Living in the middleages.
Aragorn Stellar
Aragorn Stellar - 3 years ago
I must be nice to be independently wealthy.
Wynn Ahn
Wynn Ahn - 3 years ago
This aint normal its dumb
fake news
fake news - 3 years ago
Kekistani Refugee
Kekistani Refugee - 3 years ago
Beta male dad and genetically inferior mom reproduce and have beta male children who live in a fantasy world. Cool story
Jack Barry
Jack Barry - 3 years ago
Them kids are weird as shit they need to be around other people
twofoureights - 3 years ago
kid needs a classical guitar, steel string acoustic won't last long on water...
Messere Michael
Messere Michael - 3 years ago
You are a teacher. Not only to children but to adults alike.
Lecatte - 3 years ago
I don't get why I keep hearing the argument being made in terms of socialization being "THESE KIDS GET UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES AND DOCK AT 48 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES AND TALK TO STRANGERS AROUND THE WORLD MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER MEET" etc etc as if everyone they've come across in these foreign lands has the ability to converse in English well enough to engage in a full-on conversation with them enough to facilitate good social skills. Unless they spend like months on end learning every single language to a conversational level on each visit they make to speak to everyone, the argument makes no sense to me. All I can imagine happening is "Hey, which way do I go to find the -- oh, you don't, Uhhhh" *Game of charades ensues*. Either way good on them to be able to travel around the world their whole lives, but as something to do with growing kids I wouldn't be to certain about.
Good Samaritan
Good Samaritan - 3 years ago
this may have already done some irreversible legal damage that may result in lawsuits filed by offspring when they grow up and fail to exist with normal society
Cristos Palabras
Cristos Palabras - 3 years ago
Heard about this family years ago... Sad that the kids don't have interpersonal peer relationship development but amazing that they've experienced I their short, rich lives. Would be nice to see what they're all doing 10 years from now.
Jerry - 3 years ago
John Brown
John Brown - 3 years ago
beau Knows
beau Knows - 3 years ago
Im pissed. I thought that kid was gonna do a back flip. Nah, he just jumped backwards.
adrian Jo
adrian Jo - 3 years ago
so can they get "land sick" ?
jess arroyo
jess arroyo - 3 years ago
My question is if they watched avengers infinity already
SCARRIOR - 3 years ago
wind turban xD
DAYZ DiSTORTiON - 3 years ago
Never stopped 1:35
First Last
First Last - 3 years ago
Who does the repair work in the middle of the sea?
m o r g a n b a r r
m o r g a n b a r r - 3 years ago
11 years now
Ala Haddad
Ala Haddad - 3 years ago
Poor kids, they look miserable!
DARSHAN SAHU - 3 years ago
So much friendly culture
DARSHAN SAHU - 3 years ago
I think they miss schools , friends and social life in community but they learn much from around world and different communities and much more
Khalifa Alhuwait
Khalifa Alhuwait - 3 years ago
Is life that boring??
Carl Freeman
Carl Freeman - 3 years ago
Perfect! Well done mom and dad❤️
Y i c h e n g Q u a n
Y i c h e n g Q u a n - 3 years ago
its out of tune
chewchew74 - 3 years ago
Those kids look so bored.
Parker Hargett
Parker Hargett - 3 years ago
Where's Captain Ron ?
How am I supposed to know?
How am I supposed to know? - 3 years ago
Just stay at the dock. Get Uber eats.
ikdaboss - 3 years ago
If the want to ground their kids what term would they use?
0101010101010101ful - 3 years ago
you are watered!
ikdaboss - 3 years ago
As fun as it sounds........the ocean is massive!!! I can't.....i just can't for 9 years!!!
Naula Tyler
Naula Tyler - 3 years ago
Lucky family. what I would give to have a boat that I could just live on and sail around the world in. Hell, I could island hop. No government to bother me, no crazy leftists. Woudnt be worth it.
Koodie Xo
Koodie Xo - 3 years ago
How is the son supposed to beat his meat with no privacy.
willie billie
willie billie - 3 years ago
Smitty - 3 years ago
Jealous, soooooo damn jealous!
Zulfiqar Uddin
Zulfiqar Uddin - 3 years ago
Tom B.
Tom B. - 3 years ago
Zulfiqar Uddin Are you getting lonely and need the company?
Zulfiqar Uddin
Zulfiqar Uddin - 3 years ago
Zulfiqar Uddin
Zulfiqar Uddin - 3 years ago
Tom B.
Tom B. - 3 years ago
Hey_Tammy Pretty strange that teenagers have acne, isn’t it? Must be bad parenting.
Nose Picking Puddle Jumping Window Licker
Nose Picking Puddle Jumping Window Licker - 3 years ago
I bet they watch each other pee over the side of the boat and junk ツ

ϟϟ White Power ϟϟ
Hai Dao
Hai Dao - 3 years ago
After watching this, I want to sell my house and get a boat.
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs - 3 years ago

cocobana29 - 3 years ago
What a cool family!
Chaos - 3 years ago
Wait so how do you get food

Go to Walmart?
Mediblade - 3 years ago
James Haywood
James Haywood - 3 years ago
They presumably have to hop between ports, restocking at each one.
William Jones
William Jones - 3 years ago
Good folks
--cLAsic-- - 3 years ago
I couldnt imagine being a 13 yr old boy living on a boat with 4 other people . Me time is out of the question . no long showers
will crow
will crow - 3 years ago
This is heroic. Smaller minds, weaker souls and those dependent on others for their self worth will look at this and scoff. There is not enough of this out there. Courage, cheerfulness and resolve. No one gets a free pass at life, but a life worth living is a challenge and a joy and is it's own reward.
diaz - 3 years ago
They on a whole ass mission
Ismael Nowick
Ismael Nowick - 3 years ago
They should make a YouTube channel. They would grow a following and all sorts of potential for income
Coluurful C;
Coluurful C; - 3 years ago
What happens if the parents pass? And the kids don’t know shit
Eternity - 3 years ago
Eileene Clark
Eileene Clark - 3 years ago
1/29/19....WONDER how these kids would test to be able to enter a regular school or college?
HOW will these kids "relate" to other kids/young adults as time goes on?
MIGHT be fun/educational for a summer but I can't see it as a regular 24/7/365 lifestyle.
But interesting video & strange lifestyle.
Max Sharp
Max Sharp - 3 years ago
Captain Ron!
King Gabe Gomes
King Gabe Gomes - 3 years ago
Pirates have entered the chat
2.0 Goblin
2.0 Goblin - 3 years ago
irene lee
irene lee - 3 years ago
Well with all the bullying drugs and alcohol in school on land u are safer in a boat with fishies.
bruh sound effect #2
bruh sound effect #2 - 3 years ago
The guitar piece at the end made me simultaneously fard and shid
FructoseComa - 3 years ago
Alexander - 3 years ago
Careful when passing Somalia guys
DERICKBLAIR4 - 3 years ago
jesus you gotta really love one another
Rhylan Weekley
Rhylan Weekley - 3 years ago
What’s a field trip is it a American thing
g berry
g berry - 3 years ago
That boy needs guitar lessons. Tune that thing, will you lol
Oldglen Sea
Oldglen Sea - 3 years ago
Poor things! Are they lost? Their kids certainly will be for the rest of their lives!
Mundo S
Mundo S - 3 years ago
How dare these people to not live under the norms of society. This is unacceptable! Their children are not learning under government approved institutions, but from real life experiences. How will they learn about conformity? What if they develop independent thoughts? Seeing people from different cultures and religions will corrupt their minds... how will they grow up to believe in American media? We can't have these children grow up to have a perspective of things that's different from everyone else.
teejay Trujillo
teejay Trujillo - 3 years ago
+Henri Bergeron They don't just stay on the boat.
Henri Bergeron
Henri Bergeron - 3 years ago
I’m saying the norms of society must be accepted in order to live within the society. Because I have knowledge of one thing does not mean I have knowledge of all things. Just because I can make a sandwich doesn’t mean I’m ready to go on a cooking show and make a 5 course meal.
BK Forever
BK Forever - 3 years ago
shut up...hater
Monitice - 3 years ago
+Henri Bergeron You sound really arrogant as if you hold the absolute truth. Can you then enlighten me our purpose and how everything works in this universe, while you're at it?
Henri Bergeron
Henri Bergeron - 3 years ago
If you want to throw society away go right ahead. Make yourself a mud hut and hiss at people when they walk by. Teach your kids how to build a mud hut. But just know that when you want to try to reconnect with society you will be shunned. These kids will lack social skills, knowledge of current events, and an understanding of how the world TRULY works. An understanding of human nature and what people are like. That’s fine as long as they live in their bubble but when they try to live in this horrible society they won’t do very well.
Jason Finch
Jason Finch - 3 years ago
Mundo S Nice strawman
Monitice - 3 years ago
School is important, I get that. But you can learn the things school teaches you by yourself.
If anything, elementary school is the most crucial. So you can to learn to write and basic mathematics.
Twoevete07 - 3 years ago
I already wasted my fcking life under government school because none of the teachers taught us students well
Pristine Parr
Pristine Parr - 3 years ago
The best comment by far. And i will now leave the comments section and this high note. Some people get it, some people don't
Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance - 3 years ago
Spot on. Just 4 likes says everything about how threatened people feel about their choices.
Fantasy Thief
Fantasy Thief - 3 years ago
Yes because kids born in Spain believe in the American media
Smebuloch Rodriguezgaumule
Smebuloch Rodriguezgaumule - 3 years ago
How do they earn money??!?!?
Dan - 3 years ago
I live with less than $25k a year... O.o I'm poor
NoKoTho - 3 years ago
Karl Hungus
Karl Hungus - 3 years ago
What a great education and gift for all family members. They are very lucky.
GamersGamingGames - 3 years ago
Learn this one neat trick

Boat rental company hates them
Ray Mak
Ray Mak - 3 years ago
What about pirates?!
BK Forever
BK Forever - 3 years ago
butt pirates
that guy no skill 9 likes
that guy no skill
that guy no skill - 3 years ago
Could Be Anybody
Could Be Anybody - 3 years ago
The hell u only have 5 likes
Ray Mak
Ray Mak - 3 years ago
Amazing life they have
Andrew Gaston
Andrew Gaston - 3 years ago
Best places are on land
Alan ymhoffi
Alan ymhoffi - 3 years ago
Crazy nuts
Derek Ferdinandi
Derek Ferdinandi - 3 years ago
Soooo, the kids are mentally and socially undeveloped then...perfect.
Flat Foot
Flat Foot - 3 years ago
Sorry retards, that is NOT good for those kids! Sooner or later they will be very sorry for not having a "normal"social life. Parents are assholes.
dude - 3 years ago
dains Bunker
dains Bunker - 3 years ago
so how do they make money?
Rob Barnes
Rob Barnes - 3 years ago
I hate when selfish parents bring their kids into their selfish wants. Shame on you
Porter Moss
Porter Moss - 3 years ago
Derick Hanna
Derick Hanna - 3 years ago
The comment section is filled with losers. The first thing I remarked to my wife while watching this was how educated and well spoken each of the children were. This is a beautiful family living out a truly unique and wonderful experience together. The kids, especially, are not missing out on anything that they cannot get later in life...if I could have had the opportunity to sail around the world as a child I would have taken it in a heartbeat. Cheers! You guys help keep the dream alive.
Mirela Kinney
Mirela Kinney - 3 years ago
Ur family sucks shit
William Brooks
William Brooks - 3 years ago
How do you pay for this?
Steve Gibson
Steve Gibson - 3 years ago
wonder when the tax man will catch up with them
フランシスコ回転 - 3 years ago
Poor children... They need education.
jutubaeh - 3 years ago
pRiffillyched pvnx ^^

.vväD if. . . wan phyne day the wales GönneRGöh uv ön them v ?
FSAUDIOGUY - 3 years ago
I see the comment section is still full of the (same sick twisted assholes per usual)! Get a life and leave your parents basement you small minded trolls!
Akin Dele
Akin Dele - 3 years ago
Much Respect
Wayne Coogan
Wayne Coogan - 3 years ago
They must have worked with stock options or inherited... It takes money to just travel like that.
Julian Overton
Julian Overton - 3 years ago
I live in WA, and I can say that this doesn't surprise me at all. Washingtonians are weird. So I give this video a huge thumbs UP!!!
Mark Fennessy
Mark Fennessy - 3 years ago
Democrats hate this vid
robert alanis
robert alanis - 3 years ago
These kids are so lucky to be living away from deranged individuals that comment on YouTube
tradehead - 3 years ago
you could not pay me enough to go even nine days
YungChip030 - 3 years ago
So little homie hasn’t gotten sucked off in a decade sheesh
Pierre-Alexis Cossart
Pierre-Alexis Cossart - 3 years ago
OMG all of them seem to have their skin really damaged by the sun ...
ethan - 3 years ago
how do u jerk off
jb6167 - 3 years ago
Kids already know more about the world than the vast majority of middle aged adults who live that 9-5 suburban life.
Russell Montminy
Russell Montminy - 3 years ago
I don't agree with this life style. There are so many negatives about leaves me speechless.  It's an unnatural way of life to subject your children to and will I believe do harm for them as they grow older.
marin - 3 years ago
never seen my name spelt like mairen before. weird.
James fritz
James fritz - 3 years ago
They need to socialize,
James fritz
James fritz - 3 years ago
Must be fealthy rich
Dee Thacker
Dee Thacker - 3 years ago
Must be nice to have a shit load of CASH 2 be able 2 do this 9 years long time
Bonzi Buddy
Bonzi Buddy - 3 years ago
Has this family been murdered by Somali pirates yet?
Nicholas Hesketh
Nicholas Hesketh - 3 years ago
It's ok if you have the money to do it .
Steven Stone
Steven Stone - 3 years ago
Notice anything a little off with this family ??   They are all transgendered , that's why they are being featured .  Those are not girls, they are boys . And the mother is definitely a  MTF .  The are trying to normalize  this lifestyle . Do your transvestigations on all celebrities , talk show host, Food Network celebs .   Its a huge deception in 2019 .
Trappy The Finesse God
Trappy The Finesse God - 3 years ago
what a blessing it would be to live like this
Cole Trick
Cole Trick - 3 years ago
Take these poor kids back to land where they can have normal friends and enhance there social skills
Francisco Abreu
Francisco Abreu - 3 years ago
For the love of God, avoid the sun. 'While sunlight damages your skin, it also damages your eyes. ... But the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation aren't just present in the summer or when it is bright out; sun exposure in the winter, when it's overcast, and in the morning and evening all can cause eye damage, and the results are cumulative. 'You may think if you didn’t burn, you didn’t sustain any damage. Or if you didn’t turn pink at all you weren’t harmed. This is false. Every second you are in the sun does some damage to your skin. Any amount of sun exposure is damaging. sunlight damages your skin, it also damages your eyes.
David Kim
David Kim - 3 years ago
“On land,” it’s like they’re talking about a whole different world...
Simon Gowan
Simon Gowan - 3 years ago
Think u need a bigger boat like
Graham Whittle
Graham Whittle - 3 years ago
You do that dream when your kids are older and married
Graham Whittle
Graham Whittle - 3 years ago
That's selfish has mum and dad got a education and the kids are thick as two short planks and how are the kids going to get street wise go playing football go cinama go bowling go out on the bikes with there friends meat girls meat boys the just like gypsies really why did they not wait until the kids were older Graham in lake district England
bubba - 3 years ago
Yeah, but will they blend?
No internet
Wunschel Ledesma TV
Wunschel Ledesma TV - 3 years ago
1:36 .... Whats happening after the pcture... (Or before)2
Zom Bee Nature
Zom Bee Nature - 3 years ago
Hey, that was a barracuda nibbling on the lens
True Grit
True Grit - 3 years ago
Trapped on a boat that long is not fun for a kid. You find yourself talking non-sense things. The parents are actually selfish people.
True Grit
True Grit - 3 years ago
They all have super red skin indicating premature skin aging.
Ben Wolff
Ben Wolff - 3 years ago
All those kids are freaks
ᴠᴇʀᴛɪx ɢɢ
ᴠᴇʀᴛɪx ɢɢ - 3 years ago
My fear is getting sea and home sick
LaProfetesse - 3 years ago
Their lives seem to be a little stressful. You can see the mom has aged a lot.
LaProfetesse - 3 years ago
That's just ridiculous.
Terence Wu
Terence Wu - 3 years ago
i am not sure this is the best environment for children. i can see how this lifestyle can provide a unique perspective, but how will they interact with others when they return to regular society? Also, the look a bit dirty. The hair and skin seem to have issues.
Anyways, its cool what they are doing.
pulakification - 3 years ago
Watching this made me feel my life ain’t that bad after all ..
davetileguy - 3 years ago
Awsome !!!
jimmy e
jimmy e - 3 years ago
You're gonna need a bigger boat
Freya Richmond
Freya Richmond - 3 years ago
selfish parents,should of done drugs and left their kids to make their own choices
MrMindchasm - 3 years ago
How do these ghosts survive the sunlight?
Anita Sanford
Anita Sanford - 3 years ago
Heck no,nope, never, no way.
Larry Emert
Larry Emert - 3 years ago
Good for those kids, no social media, learn to work, learn to get by on very little. they will be successful
aaacat - 3 years ago
some weird ass redneck family living like gypsies in the ocean
Farmer - 3 years ago
How do they afford that
James Mandas
James Mandas - 3 years ago
Very cool his that they succeeded at this dream and to pass on the pros and cons to future adventurers. I think it's like going on vacation - good to go, good to come back.
rewah rewah
rewah rewah - 3 years ago
The sea you fear wow what a harty family.
SS Swaery
SS Swaery - 3 years ago
Damm dat MILF has some nice americaN bleech teeth
Jack Kodiak
Jack Kodiak - 3 years ago
Nice vid. Brave, unusual, folks to do this sort of thing, family and all on the open water and seas- that's meant as a positive comment. I wish you the best and hope it all works out well for you. You might look into Patreons and see if you could make extra money to pay your way there?
Michael R.
Michael R. - 3 years ago
No book, teacher, or school could ever replace the real life experience around the world. Those kids have travel and have learn more in their short lives than most have in our lifetime.
Think about it.
Steffano Ducati
Steffano Ducati - 3 years ago
villagelightsmith - 3 years ago
Google Rogue Waves, 30 meter waves. Besides that, the moorages are all tied up by the whitie-didies who occasionally get out in their plastic boats. These people live on a minimum income, and such people are not really welcome in many places, except for the novelty they provide.
Mark Strauss
Mark Strauss - 3 years ago
Do you guys have a patreon account? Seems like a lot of long-term cruisers will use this platform to fund the ongoing adventures.
Paul Nguyen
Paul Nguyen - 3 years ago
Why does the girls draw furrys?
Cracker - 3 years ago
If I were these kids, I think I'd be pretty pissed at my parents.
joseph Rapoza
joseph Rapoza - 3 years ago
Alexander LaVey
Alexander LaVey - 3 years ago
“I have a guitar.” *only plays it once for the very first time in this video
Chad Apprentice Sieng Bang
Chad Apprentice Sieng Bang - 3 years ago
Call end of Somali pirate
Liam Pearson
Liam Pearson - 3 years ago
5:10 Yeah bud, this is not going to help at all with future careers, BECAUSE YOU ARE TRAPPED ON A BOAT.
Liam Pearson
Liam Pearson - 3 years ago
So...... they have no social life and are stuck in a 3 foot bedroom for the rest of their life. Also, they look like the got scurvy.
djangorheinhardt - 3 years ago
Why have the thickos,reading and posting messages on this forum regressed into sexual innuendo and vulgarity. They really are disgusting and I suspect 95 % are jealous ,jobless failures.This family,sailing round the world are a credit to themselves and an example to all of us in how to not waste our time on this earth but to use it in a fantastic worthy way.When they pass away they will be really fulfilled and satisfied with probably no regrets.The failing ,vulgar scum and illiterates posting on here will have many regrets,being severely uneducated one of them.
bigcountry Wrenn
bigcountry Wrenn - 3 years ago
And how do you afford not to work lol
Logan Howell
Logan Howell - 3 years ago
i guarantee these kids are going to grow up being wonderful human beings because they've seen the problems in the world. They have an understanding of teamwork, diversity, and different ethnic groups. they live the minimalist lifestyle
David Stunning
David Stunning - 3 years ago
wow so many immature comments...
Cross Blood
Cross Blood - 3 years ago
Zamri Zamri
Zamri Zamri - 3 years ago
WOW. Heavenly life
MorganHornets - 3 years ago
If everyday is special, none of them are. Syndrome
Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson - 3 years ago
That's so selfish of the parents. Who would put their kids through something like that?
Edward Robinson
Edward Robinson - 3 years ago
Sounds great but financially its got to be a nightmare....
ted siarkowski
ted siarkowski - 3 years ago
I'm totally astonished by the negative comments by the narrow minded sheep..these kids look so healthy and well adjusted, I could only wish I had such good parents as these two growing up..these kids have seen the world! Not from a book but in person..they will always thank and love their parents..for the adventure of several hats off
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson - 3 years ago
What kind of health insurance can do they have?
Rombout Versluijs
Rombout Versluijs - 3 years ago
"we live of a poverty income"? I wonder what keeps flowing their cash though. They probably made some money selling everything and their costs are much lower of course. But still 9 years? Bizar how they can still generate income which is supporting them, thats astonishing! Kids seem to be enjoying it a lot! They got a pretty cool life i guess
The jukebox
The jukebox - 3 years ago
That family should have started a patron account before posting this video.
The jukebox
The jukebox - 3 years ago
I’m not judging them when I say I cant imagine myself peeing and pooping into the ocean without feeling terribly guilty.. That’s me.
John G. Adams
John G. Adams - 3 years ago
What an amazing experience that would be
Cam - 3 years ago
Wow social skills... zero job skills or references and zero life skills outside of an isolated existance on a yacht. Congratulations you have successfully and completely screwed your children out of any possibility of a secure future.
RustyBoy - 3 years ago
5:06 is she ok?
M O - 3 years ago
What a life experience.
Ninja Is Cool
Ninja Is Cool - 3 years ago
I would be vomiting every 2 minutes
mia condia
mia condia - 3 years ago
Good stuff, I'm envious, God bless you all
Richard Kocksworthy
Richard Kocksworthy - 3 years ago
Really no substitute for adding extra weight to a already overburdened boat with a outdated bunch of books full of lies.
Anything Really
Anything Really - 3 years ago
Imagine that you lost your home and job in 2008. What should we do hun? Let`s buy a boat and never look back. haha. No thanks.
josh jordan
josh jordan - 3 years ago
Beer ill taste good.
opentrunks - 3 years ago
Nothing wrong with this. Kids seem well educated and i didn't see them staring at cell phones or video games, and the parents aren't stationed in a cubicle farm all day so all that probably breeds resentment among the viewers. You couldn't pay me to do it but good for them.
Erry Zuhairi
Erry Zuhairi - 3 years ago
Their kids look sick. Like really sick imo
Alex C.
Alex C. - 3 years ago
Don’t they belong in school?
Evagoblog - 3 years ago
What is wrong with people on these forums? The comments are similar to one about a family that lived very remotely, those kids didn't socialize with others but were very bright and entrepreneurial, yet those who did not know, were pitying them. Why do so many people think that if you do not live a conventional life that something has to be wrong with your life or your children's? The parents are still married, like their work, and they and the kids seem happy with their life so what is the problem??? And for the people saying one guy made up the story about being the son's classmate on another youtube video about them, it says the son is now going to Lewis and Clark college and had high SAT and ACT scores so shows that he WAS well schooled (for a time they went to land school in Australia.)
Victoria Welch
Victoria Welch - 3 years ago
I'm sure this a hell of an adventure but after a while, it must lose it's appeal.they can't tell me that they're still having as much fun as they were at the beginning. My god after 10 yrs, they've probably got the ocean memorized by now. How does one NOT get tired of being on the water this long??
watchin - 3 years ago
I was skeptical, but they all seem level headed. Mom and Dad seem intelligent, well-thought out, educated, emotionally stable as well as their kids. Just because it's different or not your cup of tea doesn't invalidate it.
Mark ledesma
Mark ledesma - 3 years ago
if i had kids i'd rather they finish school and get a jjob and they can always join when they have vacations
Dirty Turtle
Dirty Turtle - 3 years ago
Oh yeah yeah
RH flipbassing
RH flipbassing - 3 years ago
what about there education
Douglas McCarty
Douglas McCarty - 3 years ago
I was never at sea until almost 2 years ago. I'm now 68 and love it. Some have asked how i afford it.having been a long haul driver I Sold everything including my house and car and bought a new catamaran. When i retired I had a couple of million in the bank and no bills, no mortgage.There are 10 on this boat and we all share expenses on everything from food to fuel and any repairs The cat is 34.5 meters long If i can do it anyone can, if you want it bad enough.
Dashiell - 3 years ago
Skin cancer
slimjim355 - 3 years ago
I hope the parents AND KIDS will avoid skin cancer but I'm not very optimistic.....
Elijah Orozco
Elijah Orozco - 3 years ago
How do they travel to other countries without going through the entry process
Like they just shore illegally?
David Wilson
David Wilson - 3 years ago
Use hats and sunscreen on your children.
togethertothebottom - 3 years ago
that looks fun... NOT
David Beresford
David Beresford - 3 years ago
Not good for the kids selfishness from the parents
naointeressaawdasdasda - 3 years ago
The Brazilian Schurman family lived longer in a boat and sailed around the world with kids back in the 90's when was WAY more difficult to do it. Those guys are FANCY compared to them back there with LITTLE 8 yo kids ...
Marcus Monks
Marcus Monks - 3 years ago
Think of all the money they most of saved
Jay'ne - 3 years ago
Nope, for 6 months great but years no thanks especially in a small yacht. I'd go stark raving mad with no space and a powerful
hurricane they must have encountered would seal the --- thanks but no thanks
Nipple Flicker 29
Nipple Flicker 29 - 3 years ago
All fun n games till the somoli pirates getcha
Stop Pretending I am Not An Obtuse Triangle
Stop Pretending I am Not An Obtuse Triangle - 3 years ago
I like how he calls it "peer culture". Oh you mean being a human? It isnt "culture", every single place on earth has "peer culture" because it's normal human behaviour
Klaas J
Klaas J - 3 years ago
So they took 8 years to get from Washington to Noank, Connecticut.
James Brozik
James Brozik - 3 years ago
Interesting and I advocate = Keep as many distractions in the news as possible so nothing gets done with Washington's plus 1,500 member elite pedophile clique. Traffic the kids, rape some, kill some, drink some adrenalin rich blood and protect each other. Do not let deplorables demand drainage of the SWAMP !!!!!
ex0duzz - 3 years ago
Wow this is my dream in life, to own a house boat and sail around the world forever exploring..
Albert Carpenter
Albert Carpenter - 3 years ago
I only clicked on this video for the comments lol
InsaneNyon - 3 years ago
when the kids parents are going at it , the kids hear lmao
KNJWarrior - 3 years ago
the better question is he subscribed to pewdiepie
halley0413 9837
halley0413 9837 - 3 years ago
Those legs of the voyages that happen on the open ocean must be absolutely terrifying. I am specially in awe of the children, not the parents. I think the parents are nuts to do the cruising for 8 years. I think the children are soaring spirits and I can't wait to see what they make of their lives.
MrMisterMan - 3 years ago
They are going to kill their parents when they get home for robbing them of their child hood
P W - 3 years ago
What a bunch of horse shit . You should know what these people really do.
William Laudeman
William Laudeman - 3 years ago
God bless you all! Ignore the critics who have never done anything so alive and wonderfilled.
Rick Joneshy
Rick Joneshy - 3 years ago
Sad way to bring up kids.
Aaron Atkins
Aaron Atkins - 3 years ago
im here for the bead necklaces
Hollo WaldFee
Hollo WaldFee - 3 years ago
I did sail around the atlantic ocean for almost a year and in that time I learned so much more about geography, culture, physics and mathematics, biology, languages, cultures that ANY school could teach me in 10 years...
Randy McLean
Randy McLean - 3 years ago
We cruisers call kids "Land Anchors" for a really good reason.
timdivine - 3 years ago
This is not a good way for these kids to live, these parents are being selfish.
Khalid Raihan
Khalid Raihan - 3 years ago
Fred Chapin
Fred Chapin - 3 years ago
Corey Mondello
Corey Mondello - 3 years ago
That sailboat is bigger than my apartment!
IFilmAlways - 3 years ago
So they must be millionaires? Where do they earn any money, or college for the kids, etc?
Vanessa Larik
Vanessa Larik - 3 years ago
cant tell if incest or yes
Michael Kuhl
Michael Kuhl - 3 years ago
Nice, if you can afford to do it.
ddavel5441 - 3 years ago
To bad for the kids. Hope they escape this madness some day.
Dank Meme
Dank Meme - 3 years ago
My mans had to be born in Alabama only then incest would make sense.
PlacecheckersHD Official
PlacecheckersHD Official - 3 years ago
How they're never stranded on the ocean?
Andy Ly
Andy Ly - 3 years ago
Only one question.

How many languages are they fluent in?
Tracy Drennan
Tracy Drennan - 3 years ago
Liz C
Liz C - 3 years ago
So many questions. When are the kids going to live THEIR life???
Eric S
Eric S - 3 years ago
They are living THEIR life.
John McDaniel
John McDaniel - 3 years ago
If only they could all be vapid little trots obsessed with fashion and snapchat. Then they'd be happy! LOL
Nick Mougros
Nick Mougros - 3 years ago
Anyguy4321 oh hoy "cuckservative" Does your mom know your on the internet?
fabio alameti
fabio alameti - 3 years ago
Liz C they are living life you dumb cub
indiaariel2u - 3 years ago
+mark bowman And all that can still happen even if a parent makes the decisions for their kid. Kids are people too, so some choices (especially the one's regarding their future and career etc.) are not meant for the parent alone to decide on.
Jitro WS
Jitro WS - 3 years ago
Why you watch? Childdream?
Orlando Rodriguez
Orlando Rodriguez - 3 years ago
mark bowman that’s true. I will soon be a lawyer and my sister is a doctor. My parents didn’t raise me to be their friend. They were strict, made decisions for me and always for my benefit. It worked out for me and I am glad my parents pushed me. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.
mark bowman
mark bowman - 3 years ago
+Anyguy4321 Capitalistism isnt perfect, but its the best we have. Those who have nothing, have never worked and are entitled to free stuff tend to be socialists.
mark bowman
mark bowman - 3 years ago
+Martin Hong Very easily. you apply. If you need certain grades to get to college or university you simply pay an exam board to do a test at any school or at one of their centers.
Anyguy4321 - 3 years ago
+mark bowman Dumbass cuckservative always have to bring politics into everything. It wasn't the young people that exploded the debt, sent the economy into a decade-long recession, and are now trying to doom the world by pretending climate change doesn't exist.

If they are socialists, it's only because the "capitalists" blew their credibility with endless debt and wars.
teodelfuego - 3 years ago
Martin Hong It happens all the time. You take entrance exams.
Martin Hong
Martin Hong - 3 years ago
+mark bowman how can someone attend college without going to elementary and high school first?
Mint y
Mint y - 3 years ago
Cognitive Dissonance I don’t think you seem to comprehend the meaning of condescending. The original commenter obviously expressed her thoughts on the younger kids’ futures and if this was really THEIR dream or their parent’s. Whereas the reply, saying something like “Their life is way better than yours” is a bit condescending in my opinion. I don’t know, maybe I misread it. But speaking on other people’s parts does not sit well with me lol
Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance - 3 years ago
+Mint y The initial question was condescending - the response fitted the question.
Mint y
Mint y - 3 years ago
FSAUDIOGUY no need to be so condescending
FSAUDIOGUY - 3 years ago
They are living it of the best you could ever hope for!
mark bowman
mark bowman - 3 years ago
the boy is now attending college I believe. If you have kids, you make the choices for them. They are kids, parents who say they will raise their kids like they are friends are the worst parents around, their kids tend to be the worst kids too. When you dont make the choices for them, you end up with teen pregnancies, criminal records, obese, lazy , selfrightouse bastards who want socialism so they can get everything for free. (statistics being many more young people want socialism than older people).
Thomas Riley
Thomas Riley - 3 years ago
Must be rich
Andrew - 3 years ago
These experts in the comments claiming they are depriving their kids... I just have to laugh. These parents are giving these kids an experience of a lifetime. They get to sail the world, learn different cultures, and will experience more in their journey with their parents than most do in their entire lives. Just because they're not going to traditional schools (because our school system is just SO great anyway...), does not mean they are not learning.
Seis Nueve
Seis Nueve - 3 years ago
yes , sailing the world with your family would be a heck of an adventure.... but just for a year, not 9 years.... and like the kid said... he will eventually have to study something to find a proper career. and i hate to break it to you but sailing the world for 9 years is not a degree nor a diploma.
Henri Bergeron
Henri Bergeron - 3 years ago
Syed Mohd Agil
Wow. You truly blew my mind. I have never heard anyone use the word “dumbtard” before. You must be a descendent of Shakespeare my friend.
Will Turner
Will Turner - 3 years ago
+Monitice lol what?
Monitice - 3 years ago
+Noah Sosebee You may be an expert of 5th grade, but are you an expert of 6th grade though?
Monitice - 3 years ago
+Will Turner "The kids didn't chose this."

Okay then, did you choose to be born in this world?
Did you choose to go to school?
Did you choose your parents?
Will Turner
Will Turner - 3 years ago
Well not everybody had a miserable experience in school like I assume you did based off how bitter you sound. A lot of us actually enjoyed playing sports, making childhood friends, having a first boy/girlfriend and many more meaningful experiences. Once these kids go back on land to live they will definitely feel as though they missed out on so many things...and for what? to sail on the ocean..? You can do that anytime in your life. You can only be a kid once. And remember, the kids didn't chose this, the parents did.
Syed Mohd Agil
Syed Mohd Agil - 3 years ago
+Andrew I really agree with you, and don't forget that the kids are SO LUCKY because they don't have to see how cruel the people in the land are
Syed Mohd Agil
Syed Mohd Agil - 3 years ago
+Noah Sosebee that grade won't help on different perspective dumbtard
Andrew - 3 years ago
+Noah Sosebee I'm not arguing with a 10 year old. When you have a little larger view on the world we can speak.
Noah Sosebee
Noah Sosebee - 3 years ago
Andrew depriving child form proper school, a home, and a social life isn’t healthy ~and yes I’m basically a expert because I got all 100s in the 5th grade
Andrew - 3 years ago
+Hiram Rosa Jr is anyone commenting on these videos? No, just random people passing judgment because they live a different life than the vast population. People always hate on people who chafe against the norm.
Hiram Rosa Jr
Hiram Rosa Jr - 3 years ago
so you are expert?
Mic's Page
Mic's Page - 3 years ago
That's called passive income.
G M - 3 years ago
what do you during the 2007-2008 financial crises, you f*** off from the land and sail the vast blue see and become an expat and not pay your debt to the creditors.
Big Boar PH
Big Boar PH - 3 years ago
Sounds like life of good pirates in one piece.
Ashley Cruz
Ashley Cruz - 3 years ago
i would not do things like this
to my kids
its stealing the normal life of kids
give them the life what it should really be ... like normal kids do
M Jave
M Jave - 3 years ago
You guys can have more videos than National geography and earn living by that, just couple of GoPro some editing of sea creatures, beaches, cultures and daily dramas of boat whatever you like to post or not will make more subscribers on instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc
Anthony Morrocu
Anthony Morrocu - 3 years ago
Who knows he coulda busted her first nut in the Indian Ocean? Pacific? Atlantic? Who know?!
tzk121 - 3 years ago
Wow, this so wonderful! Like the mom said, as long as everyone is happy and on board with this lifestyle, it's a great alternative. I would have loved this when I was child or when I was raising my children but most people (myself included) are too trapped in modern day lifestyles to do this long term. A whole summer would be ideal though...such a lovely concept to live life so carefree.
Bryan Peralta
Bryan Peralta - 3 years ago
5:25 using the wrong map, earth is flat.
J Thomas
J Thomas - 3 years ago
Wind turban, eh?
Edgar Montes
Edgar Montes - 3 years ago
they should add me on instagram @machoalien
Country63 - 3 years ago
So basically they flush there shit overboard that’s great for the echo system
B R - 3 years ago
Field trips were terrible.
Cliff Yablonski
Cliff Yablonski - 3 years ago
It's now going on ELEVEN years and latest news is the parents plan to keep going forever. This is monstrous child abuse, there will be a horror movie made about these assholes some day and what they've done to their kids.
Superman - 3 years ago
This family doesn't have guns for protection? The open seas can be dangerous with pirates and other sea criminals. There should be a weapons cache on the boat, and the whole family should have access to a rifle. Only common sense to ensure that the family has a means for self defense.
Earl Powell
Earl Powell - 3 years ago
Aaaaaaaaaamen! Nothing better than browsing! The problem with a Google search is you only get the subject you wanted. Browsing for a topic in an encyclopedia introduces you to a new subject every turn of the page. Magic happens!
Hulphaids Stik'ieds
Hulphaids Stik'ieds - 3 years ago
2:45 hanging on the wall is what they use to beat the children into submission.

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