Race Tips - Roll Tack

Here we break down some of the fundamental ingredients of a good roll tack.

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Here we break down some of the fundamental ingredients of a good roll tack.

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Redsiana - 3 years ago
The skipper makes me think of a modern Guybrush Threepwood (in the looks, not the helplessness).
Hasby JoJo-Barnes
Hasby JoJo-Barnes - 7 years ago
Thank you sooo much, this was perfect. JUST WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. Me and mmy skipper are the best now. THANK YOOOOUUU
randombadger41 - 8 years ago
why hand switch so early?? in heavy wind you just loose control and it's really easy to sail with the tiller behind your back, and then once comfortable, you can switch. it's way easier and you can trim the main and steer easily one handed if you have any strength at all.
Patrick Rynne
Patrick Rynne - 9 years ago
@Sailingismylife1 it is okay to wait until the jib backwinds when in very light conditions. But as the wind increases, you will want to initiate your roll earlier and earlier. How I remember it is that if the jib is backwinded, it means the sail is trying to flip the boat in the same way you are trying to roll it. Only use as much of this force from the sail as you need. If you use too much (roll too late), the boat will heel too much and the tack with be inefficient. Hope that helps!
Sailingismylife1 - 9 years ago
how i was taught was as crew when the jib back winds come to the side if the skipper and lean all the way out then once it is fully rolled go up and help flatten with the skipper is that a bad thing to not come in and then roll how u guys did
Patrick Rynne
Patrick Rynne - 10 years ago
respect the opinion but completely disagree. In a boat like an opti, laser, 470 etc in a big course fleet racing situation, you can get away with doing the hand switch after the flatten, but it is not top level boat handling. While flattening, the skipper should be focused on proper mainsheet trim, and precise weight placement along with efficient steering...that simply won't happen as well if you're crossed up.

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