Rescuing an adrift catamaran from dismasting on a bridge and a boring monologue.

(#7 of 7) Rescuing an adrift catamaran from dismasting on a bridge! I couldn't believe when we got the call to go and rescue a friend of a friends boat that was adrift. To think what was about to happen sends a shiver down my spine. Anyone ever seen a bridge dismasting? Anyway, here's where I'm leaving La Vagabonde as I fly back to Australia to meet up with Elayna. Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned. Riley. Song Credits: 00:17 Michael Dunstan - Oversupply - 01:36 The Grey Whistle - The Grey Whistle Test - 02:53 Jimmy Pinch - Blood Moon - 04:55 Lucy - Nick Cunningham - 10:52 Basement Lament - Tom Owens - Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!! Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Want the chance to come aboard/unseen footage privileges? Please become a Patron and support our production! Download Elaynas music here! Pick up some official La Vaga merch and help support our journey! Subscribe to our new sexy website for blog posts and updates! Follow us on Twitter! Like Elaynas Music page on the book! FAQ What cameras do we use? BIG CAMERA: OTHER BIG CAMERA: HANDY CAM: GOPRO: DRONE: SELFIE STICK: What software do we use? Premiere Pro Predict Wind

Rescuing an adrift catamaran from dismasting on a bridge and a boring monologue. sentiment_very_dissatisfied 104

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(#7 of 7) Rescuing an adrift catamaran from dismasting on a bridge! I couldn't believe when we got the call to go and rescue a friend of a friends boat that was adrift. To think what was about to happen sends a shiver down my spine. Anyone ever seen a bridge dismasting? Anyway, here's where I'm leaving La Vagabonde as I fly back to Australia to meet up with Elayna. Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned. Riley. Song Credits: 00:17 Michael Dunstan - Oversupply - 01:36 The Grey Whistle - The Grey Whistle Test - 02:53 Jimmy Pinch - Blood Moon - 04:55 Lucy - Nick Cunningham - 10:52 Basement Lament - Tom Owens - Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!! Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Want the chance to come aboard/unseen footage privileges? Please become a Patron and support our production! Download Elaynas music here! Pick up some official La Vaga merch and help support our journey! Subscribe to our new sexy website for blog posts and updates! Follow us on Twitter! Like Elaynas Music page on the book! FAQ What cameras do we use? BIG CAMERA: OTHER BIG CAMERA: HANDY CAM: GOPRO: DRONE: SELFIE STICK: What software do we use? Premiere Pro Predict Wind

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Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 2 years ago
For more information on how to join our crew, check it out here:
Tristan MacRae
Tristan MacRae - 2 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde thanks mate
Simon Thomas
Simon Thomas - 2 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde Do you have your bitcoin address up :)
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 2 years ago
Tristan MacRae on our website mate. PayPal button on the starboard side there.
Chaz *
Chaz * - 2 years ago
My wife and I are 8 months into the baby adventure you two are embarking on. Please check out "mom's on call" it will give you the time you need to continue making vids!!!
Chaniqua Possingham
Chaniqua Possingham - 2 years ago
Sailing La Vagabonde i want to be the babysitter
Tristan MacRae
Tristan MacRae - 2 years ago
wheres the paypall?
Chuck Reynolds
Chuck Reynolds - 2 years ago
quick question - it's per episode? so if yo upload 20 videos a month it's tier-level-cost * 20?
Personally not a fan of patreon (I did hear about the paypal button however) but interested.
Peekaboo hidenseeken
Peekaboo hidenseeken - 2 years ago
I'd like to be the official babysitter!
David Rix
David Rix - 2 years ago
Could "Sailing La Vagabonde" be the first 1 million subscriber channel? I hope so!
57koop - 2 years ago
Great job Riley
Steve Calwell
Steve Calwell - 2 years ago
Parked up in a marina with M/Y Athena. Noice.
Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton - 2 years ago
Big love dude! Done great on your own and love the honesty when you get a good bit of time in front of the camera.
Nuru - 2 years ago
" so I got caught in 38 knots, with full main sail up.....know what I was doing right beforehand ? MEDITATING ! " .... I jus fell off my seat, bruv ;)
Fifi CH
Fifi CH - 2 years ago
Continue as you are!.... Don't have a great set up!!!
H J Wolff
H J Wolff - 2 years ago
Say something about the Carolinas here Riley.

petronics2454 - 2 years ago
Riley, I think you are doing an amazing job:- sailing, educating us on blue water sailing, navigation, filming (what ever else).... and it's all really wonderful so an huge thanks. I have already proffered my congrats to you and Elayna on the recent birth of Lenny and so all the blessings to you both, again. What I did want to add was that I don't mind not getting a response with all you have to do - your patrons are first priority and I totally understand. I reckon your achievements are spectacular and thoroughly, thoughtful and inspiring. From someone who has spent a lot of time on boats. Pete

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Frostbbitten - 2 years ago
So glad to see your boat a mess! We chartered in the Bahamas in Dec and ended up on a Lagoon 39, our last day was a beam reach sail in 33 Kts Dbl reefed and stuff was falling all over the cabin and I thought to myself....I never see this happening on La Vaga, or Curiosity (Wynns). Good to see we aren't alone.
Jacob Bucko
Jacob Bucko - 2 years ago
Hey! How much is an acceptable amount to send on paypal? Id love to donate but don't know if I can commit to patreon.
Magnus Lisborg
Magnus Lisborg - 2 years ago
I hope that one day Elayna will be able to or want to make a professionally made studio cd. I would RUN and buy it directly for sure! That would also feel like a nice way to support you guys.
T DOT - 2 years ago
Dude I can't believe you left the boat there. There be pirates
Kiko - 2 years ago
pure business ! too bad ...
Ben Walwyn
Ben Walwyn - 2 years ago
Have you had discussions with YouTube about whether they're going to disable comments on your videos as soon as the little man comes onboard? They are doing that to other channels.
RB E - 2 years ago
I think you're going to find out that the "little man" is going to be the new star of the show. Everyone loves babies and little kids content. It's all good.
Marc Wolf
Marc Wolf - 2 years ago
Be careful where you fly the drone mate the FAA get really pissy about drone use.... Nice shots btw
Blue Tube
Blue Tube - 2 years ago
Totally enjoyed your videos Riley. Thanks for sharing.
Kimble Mooney
Kimble Mooney - 2 years ago
More inspiration - thanks loads!

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Jimi Napier
Jimi Napier - 2 years ago
good stuff mate , don't worry about the time management thing with the kid and the rest of your life , it will all pan out perfectly man
Kevin Sterner
Kevin Sterner - 2 years ago
I realize the baby was born awhile ago but congrats. Your adventure just got more exciting.
be pacman
be pacman - 2 years ago
Goal 1, that baby and making a strong bond from day 1 mother, father, baby. A Family!! The rest will come but that child is a blessing for you, the Vagabond family!!! Congrats!!
David Ascher
David Ascher - 2 years ago
"Say something about the Carolinas here Riley . . uh!" Too funny!
James Stader
James Stader - 2 years ago
Just so you know I was a recording engineer here in Los Angekes for 12 years and I have recorded some of my own music. It's not that difficult to make good quality recordins, you'll need a good microphone of course and I prefer a DAT recorder and some kind of mixer. Hit me up for more tips and questions that you might have. Best to both of you. Love James.
bjørn ove torsøy
bjørn ove torsøy - 2 years ago
Grrreattt content, Riley!. From one father to another..; give him the better part of your time,- well manage , and understand ;.)
Bill Smith
Bill Smith - 2 years ago
I did not understand your comment about the Carolinas, would you explain?
Luca Remmel
Luca Remmel - 2 years ago
Riley once shaved his legendary moustache. Now he can wear fancy UGGs made from his moustache.
jeff koon
jeff koon - 2 years ago
You will become a great multitasker, that's what children do for you.
Brandons Adventures
Brandons Adventures - 2 years ago
awesome video I have been enjoying all these vlogs you two are awesome

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Candy Garage
Candy Garage - 2 years ago
I agree, I am looking forward to her music. Its one of the many things that separated you guys and made me immerse myself in your episode.
Brian  O
Brian O - 2 years ago
It's legit. I seen the Len. I'm so happy 4 you 2! Awesome video
Matthew Adkins
Matthew Adkins - 2 years ago
I loved the solo sail videos Riley :) they were amazing
Matthew Adkins
Matthew Adkins - 2 years ago
It’s crazy to think that you sailed right by me xD I pass over that bridge in the beginning ever time I head down there
TUShared - 2 years ago
Babies are pretty resilient, you’ll be fine. Just make sure Yelena gets sleep when the baby sleeps.
TRICIA COLLIER - 2 years ago
2:04 - 2:40 made me laugh out loud. Even had to go back and replay! Death by meditation : )
Tim Hyatt
Tim Hyatt - 2 years ago
loved the single-handed sailing videos, but i was a little sad there were no Bilgey / Great Oven moments :P those were the highlights of the last one you did...
Cabe Irwin
Cabe Irwin - 2 years ago
The picture for this video, looks like Rileys about to John Cena slam that man into the water.
Lance Emil
Lance Emil - 2 years ago
Worry less, do more. You're young - pay attention to now. You'll be glad you did.
Indiana Hoosier
Indiana Hoosier - 2 years ago
Congratulations to you both...
Joe Cole
Joe Cole - 2 years ago
I've done quite a lot of video editing and would be more than happy to edit some episodes for you completely free if you need a helping hand. Email me if you want???
Carlos Nunez
Carlos Nunez - 2 years ago
forget about sleep, I did that while getting my masters (no you tube though) 30 yr ago. Enjoy the TRIP, it's worth it
Suzy Hager
Suzy Hager - 2 years ago
I clicked the thumbs up and I didn't even have my headphone plugged in.
JustifiedPwning - 2 years ago
What did Riley do for a job before YouTube?
Sailforce - 2 years ago
Thought I recognized you on the tender Riley! I was teaching a sailing lesson in that blue J24 that sailed across the shot around 3:10! Hope you enjoyed the city!
Brandon Van Der Heide
Brandon Van Der Heide - 2 years ago
As a parent, I remember (over a decade ago now) all of the very well-meaning statements of friends telling us about how much time I wouldn't have any longer. My advice is this, don't trust them too much. :) The thing is, every parent, every couple is different. The one universal truth I've found for myself and my partner (and all of our other parent friends) is this: If you're driven you'll find a way that works for you to make it all work out. Will you be exhausted? Sure. Are you already prepared from multiple ocean crossings to have at least one of you awake all night? Yup. You might actually find that your lives to this point have nicely prepared you for the challenges ahead. Funny how things work out like that. You'll be fine.
Jacob Arde
Jacob Arde - 2 years ago
you're trying to make it an anchor baby... get it?..
Christine Egeberg
Christine Egeberg - 2 years ago
Great videos Riley!
John Baumgartner
John Baumgartner - 2 years ago
In a previous video i posted a more lengthy idea of parenting, but to summarize what i previously said before as it pertains to what you said at the end...Don't sweat it, everything you are planning will change. That is the only thing you need to know about parenting....Plan to not be able to plan haha. Each and every day will bring new challenges that you didn't think of before. You guys have good heads on your shoulders so do what you can, when you can. I'm sure all of us here will understand.
Jack Poirier
Jack Poirier - 2 years ago
Just hang around the Caribbean for 6 months to get yourselves adjusted to all that's going on.

50. comment for Rescuing an adrift catamaran from dismasting on a bridge and a boring monologue.

Bob Shaw
Bob Shaw - 2 years ago
Riley belated Welcome to America Mate . Hope you like the states until you fly to meet up with Elayna & your new little baby boy Lenny . Congratulations ! Hope your long long flight home to Australia goes well .
Bob Shaw
Bob Shaw - 2 years ago
Very nice of the couple from Columbia to drive to meet you . Hope ya's had a nice lunch together .
Bob Shaw
Bob Shaw - 2 years ago
Whew so glad you all were able to rescue the adrift catamaran before the mast was snapped off by the bridge .
Tom Snow
Tom Snow - 2 years ago
You will learn to sleep less! Congrats on new addition to you little family!
Noemi Kubáň
Noemi Kubáň - 2 years ago
really did enjoy these! :) Good luck
Mark Chippendale
Mark Chippendale - 2 years ago
I just had a thought... and speaking as a parent (and grandparent) there is so much of the early days in a child's life that one of you inevitably miss - and otherwise worthwhile memories - even as just momentary occurrences and random events that you will want to recount to friends and fellow parents, that it might be an idea to routinely keep a lightweight go-pro type of camera on a headband at most times of the day.
Just an idea...
Steve Bradfield
Steve Bradfield - 2 years ago
You handled that discussion well at the end of the video Riley. Good work!
WellieSong - 2 years ago
Superb content quality. You guys work so hard. It's testament to the passion you both have for what you do.
Dave Amies
Dave Amies - 2 years ago
Re Time problem.... plan your second child asap, nothing takes more time than a lonely only child, having 2 especially close together means they play together and take less of your time, it's counter intuitive but true.

Love the channel, and look forward to seeing the junior skipper (in a few years)
Frank Schloß
Frank Schloß - 2 years ago
Jeff Slaven
Jeff Slaven - 2 years ago
What's the name of that amazing 60's sounding instrumental. Surfy sounding?
Dale Bartush
Dale Bartush - 2 years ago
you guys should have a patreon per month subscrition, more would sign up. have fun on your trip
leslie holt
leslie holt - 2 years ago
So looking forward to meeting your son. You will inform you're son that as of this video you are a co-superhero I hope? Congrats on the single handed journey
adss70 - 2 years ago
I thought that by now you two would have reached a level of transparency to disclose the real challenges that confront you. You know what I'm referring to.... Your story about the 38knots situation, or the rescue of another catamaran were not the most confronting challenges... it was actually the fact that you could not find where the cold weather clothes were stored at ;)
Jokes aside.. another great vlog. Also, congratulations to the both of you for the new (little) shipmate.
On Tilt Sailing Dale Hudson
On Tilt Sailing Dale Hudson - 2 years ago
I really enjoyed you solo series! In a couple of week I am doing a solo from St Augustine to cape fear! I hope I do s well as you did!
Peter M. Eggers
Peter M. Eggers - 2 years ago
Yeah, Elayna music!
Jason Griffin
Jason Griffin - 2 years ago
Beautiful place been there many years ago
CAMPING 123 Donald Rabon
CAMPING 123 Donald Rabon - 2 years ago
Charleston is 60 miles from my home . Georgetown.... how awesome for you guys to call South Carolina your home for a bit while you regroup.
Jonnes __
Jonnes __ - 2 years ago
GLGL guys!
Monk Petite
Monk Petite - 2 years ago
Awesome!!!! Well done and thanks for sharing... Can’t wait to see you “3” back on the Boat..
Terry Accadia
Terry Accadia - 2 years ago
Awesome for you two to share this special time with us
Itzik Nadel
Itzik Nadel - 2 years ago
Don't worry guy's, you'll be great parents. Promise to follow on whatever rate of videos you will make. I am an avid supporter, and a true believer of your lifestyle. All the best.
Marke Hooker
Marke Hooker - 2 years ago
Can't wait to see the little guy!
Ben Manning
Ben Manning - 2 years ago
Hire someone to edit your videos and run your patreon
Chris Cartin
Chris Cartin - 2 years ago
Hey, really enjoyed this sequence of short vids. They were very 'saily' which was fun to watch as we come into the sailing season in Ireland ;)
Kai Jones
Kai Jones - 2 years ago
Riley you should make some more videos. You two should split the video making.
Brad Larden
Brad Larden - 2 years ago
The solo series was great ! Can't wait for the birth video though. Congratulations to you both !!
marksfirst1 - 2 years ago
The first 3 months with a new bub is the easiest, as all they do is drink, sleep, and sh&t. Its after that all hell breaks loose. I hope Elayna is breast feeding as it makes it so easy to take bub on all sorts of adventures without having to worry about taking bottles and having to heat them up. Brest is best as its always on tap.
Ian Clarke
Ian Clarke - 2 years ago
Well it was fun while it lasted, so long and thanks for all the fish !
Holleran Properties
Holleran Properties - 2 years ago
Congratulations on the newest member of your family!!! What an exciting experience you are about to embark on. The true meaning of love is a new born!!! God Bless Your Family!!! w.w.
jonno Rousseau
jonno Rousseau - 2 years ago
You'll be alright mate, Good luck with the birth of your little guy
Tam Strong
Tam Strong - 2 years ago
I have loved these solo videos and the next one is one I have been waiting for what feels like for ever! Yay time to meet Lenny!
John Falting
John Falting - 2 years ago
Riles, Jordan Petersen and Dave Rubin are producing a new and better Patreon that is going to be cheaper with many more features and less restrictions. They both left Patreon recently with massive revenue. Suggest you have a look at Petersens latest videos he is saying it will be ready early april, might be worth a look.
ratchthed - 2 years ago
As a multi year subscriber.... I think you're doing it right. Well done. Congratulations on you new baby boy and on conquering the puzzle of how to sort out a lifestyle doing what you so dearly love to do. I am proud for you and proud of both of you. Hugs and kisses.... Gilbert
Max - 2 years ago
Hi Guys...Iv'e been following you 2 for ages now....sailor boi from kids are all grown up and have just moved out....I'm an empty nester!!....Luckily I have my sailboat to fill my heart....and mind...... and soul.......I'm so excited for you both.......your videos are amazing and have sustained me through many of the tough times......times when I just wanted to run away....ditch the house and mortgage.......the job.......the daily grind.......enjoy every minute with your beautiful new son........and the flocks of friends and family......the make a human is the most wonderful thing two people can experience.........hang on to your will be the best blast you've ever CAN do this.....a life aquatic ......If anyone can do this it will be you two....God Bless......Love from Westernport Bay
Valerie Llauke
Valerie Llauke - 2 years ago
so fun Riley .. found myself saying "Wonder what Riley's been up to "
oliver beal
oliver beal - 2 years ago
get Stephan on board to help out with everything!!!
Brandon B
Brandon B - 2 years ago
One thing we learned after having our daughter is while it is good to take time to ourselves, the world spins on and a certain amount needs to be paid attention to it. Good on you guys for wanting to continue making the vids.
Mike Gray-Ehnert
Mike Gray-Ehnert - 2 years ago
Riley it was my experience as a new Dad that while stuff takes a he'll of a lot more time, you adapt and cope. You'll be fine, you will sleep less at least not as long. As to music saw an ad on a music vid on you tube about a recording device that plug a into the audio output Jack on ele/ acoustic guitars. Not sure about vocals. Water and a boat and audio gear will be a tough mix. Good luck with that one!
hightechhippie - 2 years ago
Don't sweat the kid, my advice is - teach baby to swim asap, get a flotation devices for when he starts crewing and walking . they have no fear until they are like 3 so , jumping off the boat you got to watch out for. and other than that, just go for it, you got to decide if baby is in videos or not but , life does not have to change that much , your just adding a crew member . its just going to be so exciting for you too, and Us. peace!
Kim Morgenrood
Kim Morgenrood - 2 years ago
I'm so excited to see the next video can't deal
ProGamesPlayer787 - 2 years ago
When ur wife comes back?
sseification - 2 years ago
Talking about masts, these guys produce some great quality masts. Replaced mine about a year ago and never been better.
james daley
james daley - 2 years ago
yee haaa!!! i 'm off to get a pack of stout stubbies , i shell drink to me mateys , to the little riley and elayna who will join the ship ahoey of me mateys ,congradulations u 2 . Soon to be three
Smithsgold - 2 years ago
Great !!!!!
Olivier de Bruin
Olivier de Bruin - 2 years ago
Liked the solo sail vids Riles
Shep Grignard
Shep Grignard - 2 years ago
I put my finger in front of Rileys mustache, just to see what he'd look like without it! Still can't picture it.
Jonesy - 2 years ago
I love it - I just did a 35 episode catch-up binge of SLV.

Congratulations on the baby!
He has Riley's eyes and Elayna's Nose - Perfect combination!
The Most Interesting Man On Youtube
The Most Interesting Man On Youtube - 2 years ago
Crown Tours New Zealand
Crown Tours New Zealand - 2 years ago
If you get to Auckland give us a call at Crown Tours we'll show you around, we'll treat you like a King just not Rodney King :)
smokey mcpots
smokey mcpots - 2 years ago
Ahhh this is so cool!!! I've been following you for ages and I live right behind that big round holiday inn. You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for everything you do! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Gerrit Emanuelson
Gerrit Emanuelson - 2 years ago
Congrats on the baby!

100. comment for Rescuing an adrift catamaran from dismasting on a bridge and a boring monologue.

Elias Simo
Elias Simo - 2 years ago
This guy from Morning tide fishing makes his own music for his channel and it’s absolutely epic. If you want to make your own music for SLV I hope this helps out
thrice1888 - 2 years ago
Hey, is it a rule or something that all sailors and other people involved with boats have to be young and attractive?!? You and Elayna are gorgeous, and every sailor and others or gorgeous too!
On Tilt Sailing Dale Hudson
On Tilt Sailing Dale Hudson - 2 years ago
It is a rule, just look at me to the left!!! I am gorgeous, it is requierd to be a sailor!!
Cole Streit
Cole Streit - 2 years ago
Cannot believe you were here in Charleston and I didn't know about it!
Sydney Concerts
Sydney Concerts - 2 years ago
join a sailing club have set days/weeks where one goes for a educational sail or fun sail whilst the other stays at home with the bub
Frank D
Frank D - 2 years ago
Why are people opposed to Patreon?
Bill Liebert
Bill Liebert - 2 years ago
I am grateful for all the videos you choose to share. Sure, the high edits and sound quality are a bonus, but I lile the "simpler" ones too. :-)
thrice1888 - 2 years ago
How long did it take you to trust the boat’s Autopilot enough to go below deck and sleep?
I don’t think I ever could lol
On Tilt Sailing Dale Hudson
On Tilt Sailing Dale Hudson - 2 years ago
It's not the auto pilot you need to trust, It's the chance of something running into you or you running into something. You only get to sleep minuets at a time!!
goulash75 - 2 years ago
0:42 Mate, Trackie-dacks and uggs? It must be cold!
Love the 7 part series and looking forward to the addition of the new Captain... Cause you know the little one's going to be the one calling the shots for a while. :P
Chilidog - 2 years ago
Congrats to you!! He's such a lucky little man to have you guys looking out for him. It's going to be your most amazing adventure yet!
Carlos Bialet
Carlos Bialet - 2 years ago
I’m so happy for you guys. There is no better feeling of holding the baby for the first time. Congratulations
Snarkapotamus - 2 years ago
Was in Charleston a few months ago. Love the seafood and architecture of the French Quarter but don't really care for the stench of the horse pee that seems to permeate everything down by the market..
Shannon Tilton
Shannon Tilton - 2 years ago
Parenting is a crazy ride don't try to plan for it just enjoy it as it happens and trust me you'll fit it in if it's important
John Armstrong
John Armstrong - 2 years ago
You both practically invented this type of channel. Yes, to everything! More music, more family, more crew, and more miles! My deepest and most sincere thank-you’s and congratulations to you all. I hope your future is as bright as it seems to be. If it is half that, you’re still quite lucky. Cheers!
Henry Grand
Henry Grand - 2 years ago
1:42 Ooops :)
rabbit32073 - 2 years ago
I love watching you guys sail and all, but half the reason I continue to watch is just hoping I get to hear Elayna sing. Absolute voice of an angel, that one. Stoked to hear her music will be on the channel more.
hamster Juan
hamster Juan - 2 years ago
As much as I’d love to support I’m still only 17 but be assured once I’m on my own and stable I will be supporting
Spencer Saunders
Spencer Saunders - 2 years ago
I'll watch you guys on my deathbed
Scot G
Scot G - 2 years ago
Congrats on the beautiful son. You never did really tell us what happened to La Vagabond 1.0.
vk2ig - 2 years ago
Last I heard; they were going to dispose of it via a lottery, but the red tape of officialdom stopped them. Instead they put it up for sale in NZ. Riley did a video on this some time ago.
Chris Palombo
Chris Palombo - 2 years ago
Always Learning Thank you!
Always Learning Thank you! - 2 years ago
You're a good man Riley!
Will W
Will W - 2 years ago
I think two videos a week will be easy as long as the videos contain scenes about baby life on board. Diaper changes are one-man jobs leaving the other parent free to video. Have a happy, healthy baby and the rest of it will take care of itself. I'm sure you have gotten the hang of it by now.
Cliff Mainor
Cliff Mainor - 2 years ago
Good on ya, Riley! Way ta park and get outta Dodge. All the best to you and Elayna and the new addition as you navigate the concepts of early parenthood and incorporate that into your livelihood.
Mike Walker
Mike Walker - 2 years ago
Loved the single sail videos!!
Bill Waterhouse
Bill Waterhouse - 2 years ago
Hey Riley, so much fun last few solo vids. Crazy that LA Vagabonde is here in Charleston, been watching your channel for last couple years I guess and now your boat is right in my home town. Big congrats to you both on the birth of your son. If you ever need a place to lay your heads when you return, look us up, we'd love to have you. PS our boat is at St. Johns on the Stono, be fun to take y'all for cruise of the area. Cheers
Steve Stott
Steve Stott - 2 years ago
Awsome fun watching both your videos back to back .THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR LIFESTYLE WITH US . I looking for ward to seeing your son .u all share so well the way you live .and how you share that with us your fans . Loved the shirt with u and the little one as he's looking over your shoulder. THINKS ARE LOOKING UP IN LIFE FOR ME SO WILL BE COMING A PATRON IN A MOUTH OR TWO HAVE ONE MORE BILL TO PAY OFF . P.s. love your videos LOOKING FORE WARD TO BE COMING PART OF THE sailing ,LA VAGABONDE GREW . YOU BOTH ARE THE BEST . From Steve stott in sutherlin Oregon u.s.a.
David Hendrie
David Hendrie - 2 years ago
What boring monologue?? ❤️
Nathan Kinney
Nathan Kinney - 2 years ago
Live in Charleston y’all should visit here
Shawn Lokkart
Shawn Lokkart - 2 years ago
NeonsStyle - 2 years ago
Riles, you should just drop it down to one a week or one a fortnight. The first 6 months of being a new parent are incredibly draining n it's a time you really should be focusing more on your family and friends. I think everyone here would fully understand. I do get it would cut your income, but hopefully it's enough to give you guys the space and time to adjust to the new family situation. Love the vids, even though I'm a little harsh on safety sometimes lol. I'm sure you guys have talked about it, but there are a lot of nutters out there. So if it were me, I wouldn't be introducing your child to your audience until he or she can decide for themselves if they want that attention.
Andy Moss
Andy Moss - 2 years ago
Welcome to the greatest place on earth.
Alex Hamon
Alex Hamon - 2 years ago
You'll both be more present in his life than most parents can afford to be, even if you've still got to take time for work he won't be far away.
Will Lemons
Will Lemons - 2 years ago
I SAW MY HOUSE FROM YOUR DRONE SHOT!!!! I probably paused this video 20 times just to think, I can't believe my idols were in town and I had no idea! hope you enjoyed Charleston! Can't wait for the next video! Y'all are legends!
MoonBeamGiant - 2 years ago
congratulations guys! glad to see the little mans healthy and hes's going to be one hell of kid! you guys are going to be some of the best parents walking this planet i know it! excited to watch the family home videos of adventuring around the world!
Lee Shand
Lee Shand - 2 years ago
WAIT! Are you wearing Man Ugs? Tell me it aint so!!
Carlyle Brown
Carlyle Brown - 2 years ago
You both are unbelievably incredibly awesome! Keep up the great videos!
oncar1 - 2 years ago
Go back when the nippers a 5 year old, those first years are gross.
Ben_ _Usher
Ben_ _Usher - 2 years ago
Loved seeing Charleston as I race there a lot and seeing that iconic bridge
5150cc C
5150cc C - 2 years ago
Great job Riley! Missing Elayna! Send love back to your family for me!
Padraic McHale
Padraic McHale - 2 years ago
Your solo sailing videos were great! And the little man showing up in the promo at the end made me smile nearly as much as when I got to hold my grandsons. Good on ya!
dee dee maynard
dee dee maynard - 2 years ago
LOVE the baby footage!!
Chef Tyler
Chef Tyler - 2 years ago
Riley tha hero! Enjoy the z's bud
John D
John D - 2 years ago
Columbia, Sc. I work with Butch from there. Great person..
Tray Wolf
Tray Wolf - 2 years ago
I'd be missing her so bad:))
Devon Hutchinson
Devon Hutchinson - 2 years ago
How long are you in Charleston? I live here and just want to see the boat in person!
Ron Coker
Ron Coker - 2 years ago
And baby makes three ... Well done.
Douglas Woodard
Douglas Woodard - 2 years ago
Maybe you should consider adding a nanny to your crew, they could help fill a number of different roles while aboard. Especially someone like Josje.
Kevin Springer
Kevin Springer - 2 years ago
I’m in Charleston right now.
Tenright77 - 2 years ago
Riley, When an island community runs out of cooking fuel, the third world answer is. "Rocket Stoves" molded in 5 gallon buckets from clay or concrete, can also be fashioned from used bricks. (But not sure what was available on the island...) Thanks for sharing the life.
gavin Cane
gavin Cane - 2 years ago
Love your work guys !
Debbie Collins
Debbie Collins - 2 years ago
Riley, I am so happy for you both I been watching for years and still love you both and your work the same as I did when I started watching. God bless you all! Yay a baby! You both will be fine managing it all. Get past the first month or sleep adjusting and the rest will be just fine. ;) I'll do my best to become Crew soon. I don't want to do minimum so I'll squeeze you all in next month hopefully at $25.00 level. I want the goodies too. They look so so Awesome!
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 2 years ago
Debbie Collins thank you and welcome aboard Debbie. Please contribute only what you can afford and keep hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.
hello - 2 years ago
Thermal imaging camera with super zoom on top of your mast for foggy nights and other situations just saying it could save your lives get it today not tomorrow
Ben Leighton
Ben Leighton - 2 years ago
@Ugg sponsor Riley, he’s a good gent who deserves that plush comfort
Terry Zammit
Terry Zammit - 2 years ago
At first it will be time consuming but soon it will be back to normal.
Ernest Dougherty
Ernest Dougherty - 2 years ago
Another great video Riley as always they have been exciting all week long have loved watching your solar sailling very interesting and definitely was glad that you was there to help out at the end save that catamaran from hitting that bridge can't wait to see you the new young man so happy for y'all as a father of three with my grandbabies believe me you'll never understand how excited I am for you I don't wish all that on you yet lots of laughs I said yet maybe one day but for right now enjoy your young man so happy he will be joining y'all can't wait keep up the great work fairwinds be safe
Josh F
Josh F - 2 years ago
Hands down my favorite channel on YouTube. I live in southern Ohio. I do not own a boat nor do I have any desire to. Yet, somehow, I still love this channel. You all put out incredible content that I thoroughly enjoy!
JC Quick
JC Quick - 2 years ago
Dude you you will figure it out don't over think it, its not really that hard
Gray Eubank
Gray Eubank - 2 years ago
I live in Charleston! Specifically Sullivan’s Island. If y’all need anything while the boat is here I would be happy to help!
Rob Western
Rob Western - 2 years ago
Congratulations to your beautiful family well done Alana it's all chaos from here on in but great chaos I'm sure your going to be a great influence on your new born
Amanda Nicole
Amanda Nicole - 2 years ago
I’m from the Carolinas!!! Hope you enjoy it :)
Mike James
Mike James - 2 years ago
Congratulations on all of it, you two...your solo sail, your new baby, and what will surely be a new chapter in your lives. Take good care of yourselves!
andrew - 2 years ago
Post pictures of the baby
John Gross
John Gross - 2 years ago
Love the stories.
Siward Beorn
Siward Beorn - 2 years ago
chybagus - 2 years ago
Been a stay at home dad for 15 years. Best experience of my life, and the hardest...
Steve Pickett
Steve Pickett - 2 years ago
take care of your life, we matter less than you, we watch you because of who you are, make your life something you want, and we will want to watch it, it will be a..legend..
Northerndj - 2 years ago
sailing Brittney are doing it there child has her own fans
Steven Del carlo
Steven Del carlo - 2 years ago
I think you need more kitchen knives and be happy just being parents be happy you got to be there. There is nothing in life better than being a dad not even fishing. And if you need I'll come crew for you guys. Congratulations again
Wayne McPhail
Wayne McPhail - 2 years ago
Look forward to seeing your son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
californiakayaker N6GRG
californiakayaker N6GRG - 2 years ago
The positivity of your experience will completely demolish any worries you were having in that video. You will be blown away. DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY (must have been written for t an occasion just like this ! (as you now know I'm sure !))
Desmond Hume
Desmond Hume - 2 years ago
Looks cold and miserable! Head south.
Me Now
Me Now - 2 years ago
Nice guitar work.
openmind1335 - 2 years ago
Nice save!!
Richard Chasse
Richard Chasse - 2 years ago
Totally enjoyed them all, Riley !!
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler - 2 years ago
Yes, and I will, and can't wait!
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler - 2 years ago
Ever get to the Pac Northwest?
Daisy H
Daisy H - 2 years ago
I am so freaking excited for the birth video. The world is ready for little Lenny!
Ozzy Virrueta
Ozzy Virrueta - 2 years ago
Dean Lewis
Dean Lewis - 2 years ago
I hope you had a lil fun in my hometown of Charleston. It was such a blessing sailing down at the city marina as a kid and then as an adult. So much to do there. TC and God bless you and the family
Space_Coast_Snapshots - 2 years ago
With all of these vids, working overtime now the kido has arrived
Tosten - 2 years ago
Big job ahead but don't think about it too much just yet. Save that for 10 years from now when you'll have done it all and will look back and wonder how. That being said. I can't think of a single way to abbreviate anything you do without losing something that makes it work. Possibly change the routine to include regular port time to recover with some help? Then you can do the editing and the baby can learn that the entire world isn't swaying.
Bill Law Marshall
Bill Law Marshall - 2 years ago
Nice video. It's nice to see that yall were in Charleston where I live. I saw your boat a few times from a distance. Wish I could have met yall in Charleston but maybe our paths will cross in the future
Michael Lloyd
Michael Lloyd - 2 years ago
You must've let Mad Dog Spearfish off somewhere? I'm sure that he would have climbed aboard the moving container ship and slapped some La Vagabonde stickers on some of the containers if he had been onboard. I like the new website and that's all I'll say about that :o) I got a good laugh at the meditation story. It's kind of sad that Charleston harbor has that kind of trash in it :( The new life has begun! Revel in it!
Lk M
Lk M - 2 years ago
Remember first world parents and third world parents do things differently and first world parents are often wimps, but not always. Keep working and you’ll know what and how and when to take a break.. you two are hard working, enough said.
jrp616 - 2 years ago
Riley, you did a great job on this solo sailing series. I really enjoyed it and appreciate the effort you put into it. needless to say, we all missed Elayna and can't wait for her return with the new star of the show.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 2 years ago
thanks mate! Yeah, looking forward to showing you Lenny tomorrow.
Adam Skinner
Adam Skinner - 2 years ago
Absolute legend
doug furniss
doug furniss - 2 years ago
I think the baby thing will be easyer than you think. Be for you know it he'll be editing the videos.
Roger K. Davis
Roger K. Davis - 2 years ago
The daily solos have been great.
John Norris
John Norris - 2 years ago
I was imaging him being born with a full mustache.
Loo Wood musician producer
Loo Wood musician producer - 2 years ago
Lennon with a mustache?... Imagine all the people, living life in peace. You may call me a dreamer. But I'm not the only one...
glen donaldson
glen donaldson - 2 years ago
New parents always make me laugh when the child falls over, first is the crying and screaming ( that's the parents ) and then the bubble wrap, knee pads and helmet. By the second child you're like "aww your ok, walk it off". By the third child you'll push him over, just so he can experience it for himself. Over time you learn kids bounce.
Greg Pearcey
Greg Pearcey - 2 years ago
While we have you all by yourself.... would you care to share your thoughts about god(s)?
vk2ig - 2 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde Did you hear about the insomniac dyslexic agnostic? Lies awake at night wondering if there is a dog ...
Greg Pearcey
Greg Pearcey - 2 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde I'm reading 21 Lessons for the 21st Century for the third time
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 2 years ago
Greg Pearcey I wouldn’t touch that question with a 12’ headhunter nomad polespear.
Hannah Hart
Hannah Hart - 2 years ago
He is so perfect I’m so excited to see more!!
will mcclung
will mcclung - 2 years ago
Charleston is a beautiful place!! I live in Raleigh NC , but used to live not far from there at one time. Glad you made it safely
Michael Young
Michael Young - 2 years ago
I love the idea of your own music, and featuring Australian artists not known in the U.S.
tamara - 2 years ago
Yay! You made it! Looking forward to seeing your little guy.
Eric Davidson
Eric Davidson - 2 years ago
If you have fun do it. Great video
Stephanie Donabedian
Stephanie Donabedian - 2 years ago
I look forward to more of Elayna’s music!
Steve Crombie
Steve Crombie - 2 years ago
Thanks for the up date Riley.
Eric Eemberson
Eric Eemberson - 2 years ago
I binged watched for 2 solid days. I’m all caught up now. Thx for the vids.
Real Me
Real Me - 2 years ago
Rig the boat up for a production show. Find a production crew turn you into a show.
GUAR45 - 2 years ago
Half as good Elayna is better than most. we will take what we can get.
Dennis Patrick
Dennis Patrick - 2 years ago
So fun to catch a glimpse of Lennon. Great job!!
It will be fun to watch him grow up on your Videos.
I was sailing a sabot at 5 yrs old; so I hope Lennon learns by 4 yrs old!!
Much happiness to you and Elayna from Malibu.
Doug Doty
Doug Doty - 2 years ago
Both of you come across just so deeply sincere in your words and actions, this will never be surpassed with any other format. love you both !!
Ramsay Young
Ramsay Young - 2 years ago
Mate you do not know how much I love these vids and also how much I want to be a patron. Sadly, being a broke student has stopped me from doing so aha. Keep up the good work both of you!
derrick johnston
derrick johnston - 2 years ago
maidelie - 2 years ago
Oh my, the story about 38 knots slamming the boat while you're meditating—hilarious. Love you guys so much!
PurpleBox89 - 2 years ago
Riley in Uggs, omfg, I've seen everything.

Man, sailing in the Bahamas/Caribbean/across the can see the difference, once you head up north in the states, it's ugly. The water's brown, you have to bundle in clothing...and well...isn't that the whole purpose of sailing? Getting away from the dredges of humanity, wearing shorts and relaxing as you relish crystal blue waves that slice against the bow of your ship? Just vague ponderings - still have to finish the vid, but always love to see you guys are still alive and doing well!
rodney sippel
rodney sippel - 2 years ago
Hey you , , Three. . . , lol I'm back again as a Patreon !!! I was feeling so guilty seeing and sharing your Story (mainly cos I,ve being doing it a bit tough) I just had to say thank you !! Love you Fellas !!
Lawrence Gleason
Lawrence Gleason - 2 years ago
Two thumbs up. Meditation story and rescue 5 stars. Great series. Muchos gracias, as they say in Poland and South-East Coober Pedy.
Ian R McAllister
Ian R McAllister - 2 years ago
Been a great series of vlogs Riley - very much enjoyed them. Good Luck in the new three crew adventures!
Todd Rozens
Todd Rozens - 2 years ago
Almost shed a tear. Baby sneak peek at the end. So happy for you.
Lisa Ryan
Lisa Ryan - 2 years ago
If you're on Instagram, they have been sharing photos there too.
Henk pallé
Henk pallé - 2 years ago
gratts on 100m views!
jeff tinsley
jeff tinsley - 2 years ago
Want to welcome you to South Carolina. Wish the best for ya'll.
Kyle - 2 years ago
The videos have been amazing bud
Sdr Dean
Sdr Dean - 2 years ago
I enjoyed your videos as always Riley! And am sooo looking forward to seeing your baby,
Patrick Horgan
Patrick Horgan - 2 years ago
I'm philosophically in favor of Patreon. I remember when it started. I was so happy. The arts were disappearing in schools here in the US, the government was cutting funding for the arts drastically, and many of us wondered how we could help. Through Patreon we can directly be a patron of the arts we care about. That said, they only support a subscription service, not one time payments, and for those like myself who are quite poor to the point of being food insecure, it just doesn't make sense to commit to a monthly payment of even $5 because many times there just won't be any money in the bank when the charge hits. I'm really glad you have the paypal option so that people like me can give as we wish when we can. A reminder from you on a video released quite near the beginning of the month is likely to be a treat. It would probably help if you put the paypal link in the section below your video like you do the Patreon. If you make it hard for people to paypal you some funds, the hurdle might dissuade some. It's the same on your website, you have a link on your sidebar to go to Patreon, but the link to paypal isn't identified as such, (although it is a pretty glassy curved button:) I did a tutorial on making web gradients years ago which taught making buttons like that: (
Eric Kosak
Eric Kosak - 2 years ago
Sounds to me like it is time to sell your boat, and settle down with your family.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 2 years ago
Eric Kosak that is a shocking idea.
john Roossien
john Roossien - 2 years ago
i m glad you re safe with your wife
Kevin trinka
Kevin trinka - 2 years ago
Riley good on ya thinking about things and possibilities about the future. You don't seem stressed and you shouldn't be. Time to enjoy life with another crew member. Cheers
Garry Turgiss
Garry Turgiss - 2 years ago
Frikin great video. Yes. The solo episodes were great as well. Looking forward to the next video. Looks like your having a good bounch through the jungle with Lenny. Question does he get as excited as you when he sees a chicken?
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory - 2 years ago
Much Love.....
taxalterror - 2 years ago
Top job Riley. :)
Daryl Campbell
Daryl Campbell - 2 years ago
You guys will figure out the balance need between family and YouTube. Looking forward to seeing more of the Man Child! Congrats to you all!
allan campbell
allan campbell - 2 years ago
Tthank you perfect again
wjha NN
wjha NN - 2 years ago
Hey, I barly can imagine how much work a video is - must be a lot.
On the other side - my time is also limited.
IMHO it should be enough to have one video a week. Your newborn star will compensate, I assume.

I told you before: Babies are delivered for beginners, but improving extremely fast. And they grow extremely fast. So please enjoy the time with the newborn.
Jim Cooney
Jim Cooney - 2 years ago
I hope you realize a baby as a full-time job by itself good luck wish you the best
HerBeauty`sInsideOut - 2 years ago
can`t wait!!!
Randy McCugh
Randy McCugh - 2 years ago
First, congrats on the birth of your son. Please remember that God and family come first. I think you two will be able to work out the rest. Looking forward to seeing your next videos.
Wilfred Darr
Wilfred Darr - 2 years ago
+Daisy H Ahhh. I'm off continent so I hadn't heard that part of the story. Last row I heard was when they got the new boat and a bunch of people didn't think they deserved to get support while driving around an expensive boat. Thanks you'll for bringing me up to speed. I'll have to look into it.
Daisy H
Daisy H - 2 years ago
Actually, I think the situation that RIley is referring to is that some people don't want to support Patreon as a platform anymore due to some controversial decisions Patreon has made lately, but they would still like to support Riley and Elena in a similar way elsewhere. (AKA through Paypal) They're still happy and willing to support them monetarily - just not through Patreon!
Eric Julier
Eric Julier - 2 years ago
It has to due with patreon and their censorship. Nothing to do with supporting their content.
Roland Thelefty
Roland Thelefty - 2 years ago
I could be wrong but I think what he meant was they have issues with patreon itself, but still want to show some love. If not i'm totally with you on that one!
koekoek575 - 2 years ago
as you are behind in these videos you know by now babies are pretty easy as long as their well-fed get their sleep and nappie changed (that is I believe how ausies call diapers nappie) go with the flow and trust your gut instincts and you guys will be brilliant parents.
George Baker
George Baker - 2 years ago
Great job helping others,Congratulations on the newest member of your family eagerly awaiting on his arrival!!
thomaskingclark - 2 years ago
Ahhh, little baby in shirt photo
RJs Salty Adventures
RJs Salty Adventures - 2 years ago
I think we should just start calling you "Captain Smooth". LOL Seriousluy tho, it seems that no matter what gets thrown at you, you handle it with grace. Very well done Riley. You have no idea how much you have taught an old dog like myself over the past 9 mths or so. Thanks and as always... KEEP ON SAILIN ON! cheers RJ
Hayden W
Hayden W - 2 years ago
All the best and good luck with your new son.
Claude C
Claude C - 2 years ago
So thrilled for you. With Riley and Elayna as parents, the little guy is in for a unique adventure. :)
pat vaillancourt
pat vaillancourt - 2 years ago
Bob Down
Bob Down - 2 years ago
Nice boat, but bugger that exposed helm
pat vaillancourt
pat vaillancourt - 2 years ago
K Simpson
K Simpson - 2 years ago
Congratulations! So very happy all is well and everything came out beautifully!
MsSarah208 - 2 years ago
Was the adrift cat from Ketchum ID????? my mom is from there!!!! How cool! Love the videos!
Scott Petrone
Scott Petrone - 2 years ago
Excellent Riley! Can't wait for your other half. Oh yeah and Lenny.
Dean  Jones
Dean Jones - 2 years ago
Australia and Australians must be so proud that you both are among their many cultural ambassadors.
Atlantique Océan
Atlantique Océan - 2 years ago
felis .. to your new baby
Drew S
Drew S - 2 years ago
i wish i was a patreon you guys parked your boat about 3 hours from me haha hope charleston treats you well, although i know you're just passing through
Bill Hilderbrand
Bill Hilderbrand - 2 years ago
It will be so nice doing the YouTube videos of lenny that at anytime he can view them easily.
The videos of ellana swimming like a fish when she was pregnant it's all good stuff just keep having fun like you two always do.
I have fun just watching your videos and seeing a couple that truly enjoys each other riley you will make a great day as well just make sure to change poop diapers as well I have no doubt that you will be a great dad that I would of wanted for myself, carry on mate you will be fine
Fantastic Calamity
Fantastic Calamity - 2 years ago
The solo series was dope AF mate. Missing Elayna tho. Cant wait to meet the little man. Thanks for another great upload. Check you on the flip side.
J B - 2 years ago
One video per week seems ambitious with baby onboard, but two... good luck!
willy wilson
willy wilson - 2 years ago
Loved watching you sail solo this week, and I’m so happy and excited for you guys! Congrats to the both of you!
Stuart Simmons
Stuart Simmons - 2 years ago
Awesome and awe inspiring
DirtRoadTraveler - 2 years ago
Robert Colvin
Robert Colvin - 2 years ago
Single handed sailing videos have been great. Thanks for sharing...
Ridgely Brewer
Ridgely Brewer - 2 years ago
I live in Charleston!!
Greg Turner
Greg Turner - 2 years ago
At 6:30min into the video you said, "The other goal we've got for ourselves is for Elena to be producing" - And I thought you were going to say "more babies"!!!
pat vaillancourt
pat vaillancourt - 2 years ago
Michael Kilby
Michael Kilby - 2 years ago
So when you single-handed sail and I assume auto pilot while you sleep. How do you avoid getting run over by a cargo ship or other craft? Regarding family/work- knowing you two via YouTube- you’ll make the right choice most of the time. Many of us have regrets about those choices- always choose family first. No do overs in life...
Charly Farly
Charly Farly - 2 years ago
When the sprog arrives you'll have to get used to plenty of sleepless nights, a MUST is to learn quickly how to fit a nappy (diaper) I learnt on a doll!! Measuring is also useful when mixing the formula (baby food). Anyway 'nuff of that, we ALL look forward to more sailing adventures with yours truly + the addition and WE wish you both +1 all the health and happyness you could wish for. Love you guys.
Ethan Heffernan
Ethan Heffernan - 2 years ago
Charly Farly Lennon was born a while back, last year. Check their instagram.
Cindy Hofer
Cindy Hofer - 2 years ago
Congratulations the baby is beautiful!!!!!!
Jordyn Iannone
Jordyn Iannone - 2 years ago
You guys make me so happy. Right now my boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 years. Our dream is to do something like you two. To drop everything and travel the world. Keep it up man and have a safe trip. ♥️
Paul DeMarco
Paul DeMarco - 2 years ago
Can I buy you a beer here in Charleston?
TurnTimeTable - 2 years ago
I love the meditation story!
h d
h d - 2 years ago
What is the basic argument of those opposed to Patreon?
Jttv - 2 years ago
The founder is a shithead atm
Cam and Jaiden
Cam and Jaiden - 2 years ago
Am having my kid free time in years for my birthday, so after a morning of meditation and a run, now binge watching your 7 series solo sailing vids. Not a bad way to spend a birthday!
Cam and Jaiden
Cam and Jaiden - 2 years ago
+Jon Doe Thank you! As a full time traveller ( in a caravan) with a 10 year old Autistic boy, it's been lovely to have some time to myself to reflect on the past and set goals for the future.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - 2 years ago
Cam and Jaiden - Happy birthday! Many happy returns!
Arni Stein
Arni Stein - 2 years ago
Great video, as always!
Ben Koly
Ben Koly - 2 years ago
You should sail further north to southern Delaware!
Mike Warner
Mike Warner - 2 years ago
David linch music
Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson - 2 years ago
I am not against Patreon or anything like that just can't afford it at this time
Chimi Changa
Chimi Changa - 2 years ago
Likes and comments boost SLV in the youtube algorithm
So we poor folk can still contribute
Kelly Shell
Kelly Shell - 2 years ago
Same :/
Wilfred Darr
Wilfred Darr - 2 years ago
soving - 2 years ago
Your authenticity and transparency will continue to propel SLV. Thanks for staying grounded and in touch with your viewers. A model for aspiring YouTube creators.
Brendon Johnson
Brendon Johnson - 2 years ago
Riley I'm a Charleston local! Beers are on me mate!
ybot77 - 2 years ago
Open a subscribestar and have it identical to patreon so it's a backup and for people who refuse to use patreon
Highland Green Fla. US
Highland Green Fla. US - 2 years ago
✨T✨H✨U✨M✨B✨S U✨P
Leon Berthold
Leon Berthold - 2 years ago
Yoo Riley why don’t you put out your fishing rods anymore?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 2 years ago
Leon Berthold freezers are always full of fish from spearing. Also single handed means you are tired, always. So it’s hard to pull down sails, clean, fillet in 20+ knots.
pat vaillancourt
pat vaillancourt - 2 years ago
Cheryl Sibson
Cheryl Sibson - 2 years ago
Rilley, the friends I know had given diving lessons to people because of they were requested diving lessons aboard their boat, you in your case, have a ton to offer, guitar or singing lessons, diving lessons, or cooking lessons, Meditation classes, lessons on boat safety onboard with young children, as well as singing as well as providing sail trips for others, there's a ton of things you can do in your future, you and Elayna are gonna have a bright future, you'll figure this out, from what I can see, you can master many things, but now if I can be a master of one thing, that would be good lol ok I mastered 3 grown daughters, and a granddaughter, now what lol
Wesley Eiseman
Wesley Eiseman - 2 years ago
Wish yall the best.
Tyler Heal
Tyler Heal - 2 years ago
Great video Captain! Happy you made it to port. Cheers
mike A
mike A - 2 years ago
Wow the little man is hear. He looks good your like is going to change for the better. I have been with you two from the start. I can't believe your up to 611,000. sub's. way to go you tow ops three. what is little man's name?
Dave Lyon
Dave Lyon - 2 years ago
I was one of the people complaining about patrion. I'm not a big fan of paypal either, but I'll drop you a couple of bucks over there. Thanks for listening to your fans.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 2 years ago
I had mild industrial deafness from offshore work which has morphed nicely into selective hearing.
Dave Lyon
Dave Lyon - 2 years ago
I found the link on your sexy new website. :)
Dave Lyon
Dave Lyon - 2 years ago
I didn't see your paypal address in the notes. :(
Scott Liusa
Scott Liusa - 2 years ago
Be safe!
T K - 2 years ago
I have enjoys your solo vids and Ms. E's Updates!!
Random Someone
Random Someone - 2 years ago
Very excited to see the little one, and very happy you are so aware of how things will change after he arrives. (Yes i know it was a while ago)
Eric Gallipo
Eric Gallipo - 2 years ago
Gonna add some SLV baby merch?
Ronnie Barrow
Ronnie Barrow - 2 years ago
Good sail.
Jason Sackett
Jason Sackett - 2 years ago
Threes no turning back now let the sleepless nights begin.....
CHISWICK W4 CAM - 2 years ago
Loved your single handed series Riley, I’m buying a 41ft boat next month and u have inspired me to try out single handed and maybe cross part of the med!!
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 2 years ago
CHISWICK W4 CAM excellent. Go slow learn a lot you’ll be fine.
Anne Caulder
Anne Caulder - 2 years ago
I’m filing bankruptcy in a few weeks so don’t tell them I’m a Patron, just limited to $6 per month.
Ernest Dougherty
Ernest Dougherty - 2 years ago
I'm sort of in the same boat with you brother fully understand where you're coming from I would love to give on patreon I believe in it but we have three kids and nine grandbabies they take up anything that we could give but we always give a thumbs up always
Woodrow W.
Woodrow W. - 2 years ago
me too brothers. now disabled commercial diver.. from diving. thumbs up always!!
Gary Sherman
Gary Sherman - 2 years ago
ed nesbit
ed nesbit - 2 years ago
thats what ive been communicating to you guys your lives are getting ready to completly change for the better every spare second you have will now be taken but its the most beautiful thing that can happen in life belive me
John B
John B - 2 years ago
For 1 second I heard Lenny Cry. Pretty cool!
LadyPene - 2 years ago
So excited to finally getting to meet Lennon! :D Delighted to hear that Elayna's music will feature more in upcoming videos. Love you all xxx
TheMorganMonroeShow - 2 years ago
Sweeet!!! It just dropped lol. Thanks Riley.
Greg Appelgren
Greg Appelgren - 2 years ago
As a boater I have always lended assistance. Then one recent day I needed much help myself. It’s great to be part of the boating world.
Lisa Ryan
Lisa Ryan - 2 years ago
Huge part of being a community is helping others. Because we never know when we will ever need help ourselves.
Cptn Uwe's Pirate Tales
Cptn Uwe's Pirate Tales - 2 years ago
thanks congrats dad and mom
Penny Hansen
Penny Hansen - 2 years ago
Your videos continue to amaze me! Just started watching and I love y’all so much!
flynomo - 2 years ago
I miss the woman
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 2 years ago
back tomorrow ;)
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson - 2 years ago
I've really enjoyed following along your solo sail videos this week.
SVOLST - 2 years ago
G King
G King - 2 years ago
Sleep forever? Forever is code for "DEAD"!
LucyField - 2 years ago
Can’t wait to meet Lenny
Santo Saunders
Santo Saunders - 2 years ago
Can you come to Australia to do a fan meetup?
vk2ig - 2 years ago
+Jon Doe they're back on the boat now - check Elayna's Instagram.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - 2 years ago
Santo Saunders - They're in Australia now!
Corz clips 7M5
Corz clips 7M5 - 2 years ago
good job
lazzz B
lazzz B - 2 years ago
Love u guys I want to be like your guys when I’m older❤️
goulash75 - 2 years ago
Me too... and I'm 44.
Jf Mc
Jf Mc - 2 years ago
FIRST of the free people!!

You know the one's responsible for all the success of this channel ;-)
Erik Smither
Erik Smither - 2 years ago
Is Wild Oats XI really rocking an SLV sticker or is that photo shop? Great work on these episodes Riley really enjoyed all 7! Do you have any reading recommendations for meditation? Keep it up!
kaeptnjoker - 2 years ago
Yeah, that one caught me off guard too. But considering the picture before that is a horse with the sticker on it's forehead... ;)
flyingzucchini - 2 years ago
Alby Mangels would be proud - top work son.
Bob Caverly
Bob Caverly - 2 years ago
You might have been surprised at how tough the rig on that Lagoon would have been. MANY years ago (54?) our family sailboat, a Columbia 24, was caught in no wind and the auxiliary engine wouldn't start - compounded by the hand starter cord then broke! Long story, made short - we wound up getting sucked into a bridge and the upper stays were rubbing against the bridge while the tide tried to push us under. We were heeled about 35-40 degrees and now completely stuck even if we could have started the engine - at that point the prop would have been out of the water! We were stuck there for about 30 min when a local deep sea sport fishing boat came by (turned out my Dad new the captain from our local marina!) got a line to us and was able to pull us out. Towed us to where we could drop anchor (the depth where this happened was about 60' and we had no where near enough anchor rode to hold in that depth!); my Dad was able to easily then get the engine started and we motored on home. Back to the point - after a VERY thorough inspection of the rig we only replaced the upper main shroud - and that mostly out of an abundance of caution! Sailboats are tough!! :)
Steve Loop
Steve Loop - 2 years ago
Charleston is such a unique town, Been there once and loved the charm of it all. funny on the meditating narrative during the storm with Elayna there :) Cool on ya for going to lunch with the fans there.

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