SCARED FOR MY LIFE! Sailing at 22 knots boat speed down HUGE waves (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 105

Yep, La Vagabonde reached 22.7 knots boat speed. We couldn’t believe it. With a max of 28 knots wind behind us from about 120 degrees, we surfed down one wave and then caught the next one in front of that. Before we knew it we were all looking at a 22.7 on the nav gear. I had a close eye on the bows making sure they weren't going to bury, they looked like they might but Riley "promised" me that it was normal and fine!! Matthieu says we could have got 25 knots so looks like Riley will be aiming for that next time… I never thought I’d go this fast on a sail boat. Still in recovery from this wild experience. Very happy to still be here to tell you this tale, to be alive and writing this very description is a miracle. I love you guys, Elayna. Song Credits: 00:08 So It Seems - The Natterjacks - 09:52 Land Of Trees - Get Rid of your Ghosts - 12:24 Under the Sun - Mark Badinson - Videos made by Elayna and Daniel! Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Want the chance to come aboard/unseen footage privileges? Please become a Patron and support our production! Riley on Instagram: Download Elaynas album here! Pick up some official La Vaga merch and help support our journey! Subscribe to our new sexy website for blog posts and updates! Follow us on Twitter! Like Elaynas Music page on the book! FAQ What cameras do we use? BIG CAMERA: OTHER BIG CAMERA: HANDY CAM: GOPRO: DRONE: SELFIE STICK: What software do we use? Premiere Pro

SCARED FOR MY LIFE! Sailing at 22 knots boat speed down HUGE waves (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 105 sentiment_very_dissatisfied 1440

Sailing 6 years ago 1,650,662 views

Yep, La Vagabonde reached 22.7 knots boat speed. We couldn’t believe it. With a max of 28 knots wind behind us from about 120 degrees, we surfed down one wave and then caught the next one in front of that. Before we knew it we were all looking at a 22.7 on the nav gear. I had a close eye on the bows making sure they weren't going to bury, they looked like they might but Riley "promised" me that it was normal and fine!! Matthieu says we could have got 25 knots so looks like Riley will be aiming for that next time… I never thought I’d go this fast on a sail boat. Still in recovery from this wild experience. Very happy to still be here to tell you this tale, to be alive and writing this very description is a miracle. I love you guys, Elayna. Song Credits: 00:08 So It Seems - The Natterjacks - 09:52 Land Of Trees - Get Rid of your Ghosts - 12:24 Under the Sun - Mark Badinson - Videos made by Elayna and Daniel! Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Want the chance to come aboard/unseen footage privileges? Please become a Patron and support our production! Riley on Instagram: Download Elaynas album here! Pick up some official La Vaga merch and help support our journey! Subscribe to our new sexy website for blog posts and updates! Follow us on Twitter! Like Elaynas Music page on the book! FAQ What cameras do we use? BIG CAMERA: OTHER BIG CAMERA: HANDY CAM: GOPRO: DRONE: SELFIE STICK: What software do we use? Premiere Pro

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Most popular comments
for SCARED FOR MY LIFE! Sailing at 22 knots boat speed down HUGE waves (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 105

Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 6 years ago
I subscribe to about 50 channels. Yours is bat FAR the one I love the most!! Keep up the good work and thanks!!
Mkram23 - 5 years ago
Check out YoungBloods pretty much the Australian version of this
Uza Name
Uza Name - 5 years ago
Me too Batman.
Jack Cade
Jack Cade - 5 years ago
I like how they pinned this post that says what they like and ignored those that don't say what they want to hear.

Douglas Quaid
Douglas Quaid - 5 years ago
David Leigh boats name gives me the shitz corny
Carlos Danger
Carlos Danger - 6 years ago
brad campbell did close to 22 on a hobo cat and flipped it good fun
David Leigh
David Leigh - 6 years ago
Then the others must be pretty awful, as this one is a joke!
cartmanrlsusall - 6 years ago
brad campbell don't forget lucky fish
Sully Wunderlich
Sully Wunderlich - 6 years ago
I liked the older videos better
Nathaniel Dull
Nathaniel Dull - 6 years ago
brad campbell of
Tyler - 6 years ago
Only 50 I've subbed to over 2000 been on here for a lot of years and this channel is on my top 5 :)))
Darko - 6 years ago
subscribed to new channel bus life nz :)
jkand - 6 years ago
Same for me too.
Isaac vR.
Isaac vR. - 6 years ago
I would have to agree Uncle Sausage!
Sausage - 6 years ago
Second to Bus Life NZ :)
Darran Walker
Darran Walker - 6 years ago
brad campbell same here . This is my fav YouTube channel
Jorge Rayan
Jorge Rayan - 5 years ago
No fear , respect , navegantes
Eduardo Gavino
Eduardo Gavino - 5 years ago
It is really hard to travel more than 160 nautical miles and 22 knots for beginner. We see your reaction.
John do
John do - 5 years ago
looks like the girl is the only one with brains on board.
Tyy Daymon
Tyy Daymon - 5 years ago
What were you drinking in the green bottle?
Kristina Coveny
Kristina Coveny - 5 years ago
Sooo scary
Andy - 5 years ago
I thought that, when a SB hit 20 Knots,
you were Required to put on Deep Purple - I'm a Highway Star. LOL
Andy - 5 years ago
Put some skies on her, and a Safety line, and WATCH HER SKI...! LOL
Greg Damario
Greg Damario - 5 years ago
Yah. You will have a great deal of fun until you kill your best friend.

10. comment for SCARED FOR MY LIFE! Sailing at 22 knots boat speed down HUGE waves (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 105

ToyChocolate TV
ToyChocolate TV - 5 years ago
bu orospuyu grup sikiyorlar
Carter Wray
Carter Wray - 5 years ago
Intro song?
Ken Lyneham
Ken Lyneham - 5 years ago
I would hazard a guess and say, that hum was generated by your daggerboard.
Great videos of you both living the dream of thousands.
Gnome Trumpsky
Gnome Trumpsky - 5 years ago
Oh, fresh new man bun video.
Joshua Merwin
Joshua Merwin - 5 years ago
Simply amazing
Johnredcorn 1
Johnredcorn 1 - 5 years ago
What happens if you guys were to have a medical emergency would help me able to to u fast enough like a asthma attack or god forbid anything like with your heart I’d be so scared to be honest. I would probly have a panic attack and feel like I can’t breathe and like call 911 and tellem to come to see lol
Penelope Springham
Penelope Springham - 5 years ago
Its reef. Putting a reef in. Not "reeve". Lol.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
That’s what you get for teaching yourself I guess.
Ahmed Aljasem
Ahmed Aljasem - 5 years ago
whats the diferent between the sailing boat and the engine boat ??? is at all about the consuption of the disel ??
Mason Broadhead
Mason Broadhead - 5 years ago
Are u Aussie
sendromtube - 5 years ago
Dear Vagabonde, congrads on your speed record ! A few things to consider; you need to get the bow to rise when you're speeding downwind with waves so that you would not sink the nose. Since you don't have a way to shift weight to the aft of the boat, consider double reefing the main while increasing the head sail, perhaps even flying a code 0.

As far as I could see, the speed was not constant, therefore you sailed around 25AW, what is not a lot of wind, but as some of the other commentators mentioned, probably a good time for tethers. I don't really know who is who but she seems scared and trusts "babe" fully. If babe accidentally goes in to the water, the crew looks like they would not be able to slow the boat down, and do the maneuvers needed for a MOB.

Btw, the line dragging in the water, if it is a drogue then adjust the slack on it. And indeed if it is (I know it is not) then conrads again, that would definitely help if things get out of control. God speed and be safe.

20. comment for SCARED FOR MY LIFE! Sailing at 22 knots boat speed down HUGE waves (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 105

Mimeko - 5 years ago
i am really afraid of boating / sailing or whatever activities on the sea ... like REALLY, but i kind of want to go on a ride with something like your boat >.> probably die on that but .. yea xD
Gabmy - 5 years ago
Why your channel name is in French and English?
awesomeguynamedjon - 5 years ago
I have little to no experience with sailing but that seems FAST AS FUCK!
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee - 5 years ago
Hull speed 17 knots. Was it a double hum? Any way to move ballast aft and surf down those big rippers? That was a stiff one. Broad reached, just keep your nose up so ya's don't bury yourselves in a broach. Those cat's are built for speed.
tune73 - 5 years ago
great fun with all that sail then Bam! she digs in....ouch
Carl Hamilton
Carl Hamilton - 5 years ago
Just curious, would you do this sail the same way again, now when you have +1 year under the captains hat?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
Spurdo Spärde
Spurdo Spärde - 5 years ago
Oh so 22knots huh....

Kieran Sault
Kieran Sault - 5 years ago
The humming noice can be caused from an imperfection in the trailing edge of your rudders. Most of the time it’s nothing to really worry about and you will only really hear it when going fast
Nick HOLMES - 5 years ago
Dangerous yet awesome in the same sentence.
PROplayer plays
PROplayer plays - 5 years ago
1 like = 1 prayer thanks for the heart

30. comment for SCARED FOR MY LIFE! Sailing at 22 knots boat speed down HUGE waves (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 105

Deiker One
Deiker One - 5 years ago
Qué buena está la nena! Lo que es obvio que no tiene idea para navegar.
Jeff Smart
Jeff Smart - 5 years ago
You guys are so entertaining. Great vid. Thanks
Rodney McCaskill
Rodney McCaskill - 5 years ago
Sailing is apparently a lot like flying in the fact that if you do one thing in a video that is outside the realm of someones personal safety code you are immediately crucified. Some of y'all need to take a Xanax I swear. No one died, clearly the boat is fine, say it with me CHILL...
ghostcar - 5 years ago
R looks like Doc Holiday with a white hat.
Samuel Mason
Samuel Mason - 5 years ago
I would fuckin mutiny! serious! that fucking bromance and ego has gotten far too inflated.

I will never donate to patreon. I wanted to sail and learn to and figured I might some day as I just got invested..... but holy shit! to be in seas like that with a captain so reckless HAHA! no.
Rob Harris
Rob Harris - 5 years ago
'Sailing under' was a real and present danger to the old mariners. Running with too much press of sail is dangerous.
Mark Moser
Mark Moser - 5 years ago
Riley... when your girlfriend is scared and conditions as such I really think you should be more prudent. I have been following you for some time and feel you are taking unnecessary risks. I say this in full respect.
Egil Andersen
Egil Andersen - 5 years ago
What a bout lifebelts, its any chance if you fall overboard.
BJEAKE - 5 years ago
"yeees you do"
Samuel Paradis
Samuel Paradis - 5 years ago
the vibration noise is your little keels vibrating due to the high pressure on em !
Adam Robl
Adam Robl - 5 years ago
Loved it guys !!!
But please don't fall overboard , to lose one of you , would be like losing a family member now .
Love you guys .
Joudy Mambu
Joudy Mambu - 5 years ago
Petualangan yang mengasikkan
Ophelia Stumblingbear
Ophelia Stumblingbear - 5 years ago
I wish I could do this type of stuff. It seems so extremely expensive and impossible since I know NOTHING about boating.
Anna Lucia
Anna Lucia - 5 years ago
I don’t know about big boats as I only sail small but when the boat is humming it means that your going as fast as possible as in your using the 5 points of sail ❤️ hope this was helpful xo Anna
gwendalyn gabriel
gwendalyn gabriel - 5 years ago
is she still pregnant
Random 3t
Random 3t - 5 years ago
“I don’t wanna go twenty two knots!”

“Oh yes you do”
Benjamin Stein
Benjamin Stein - 5 years ago
I was on my friends boat in Jamaica and we broke the rudders Because of our speed

The vagabond is a strong tuff boat
XL MayHamIsBeast
XL MayHamIsBeast - 5 years ago
Trust me my dads boat 23 n a half foot will easily go down them waves
Zachary Hart
Zachary Hart - 5 years ago
Y’all should get a gimbol for your camera if u don’t already have one
Jessica Rodwell
Jessica Rodwell - 5 years ago
What does knotts mean ?
OCEANHOUND1 - 5 years ago

50. comment for SCARED FOR MY LIFE! Sailing at 22 knots boat speed down HUGE waves (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 105

TaitandStacey Suire
TaitandStacey Suire - 5 years ago
What does knots and what does taking a reve mean?
OCEANHOUND1 - 5 years ago
Taking a reef => reduce mainsail area as wind is getting stronger
Bertl Barm
Bertl Barm - 5 years ago
welcome to the club, l was sailing that speed in the gulf of thailand too with my 52 ft cat
22 knots sounds like a sharp hiss behind the boat
Kim Petersen
Kim Petersen - 5 years ago
I just watched cat greatcircle max out at 27.2kn.
Artemis420 - 5 years ago
Came here to have a look at how fast the titanic was going when she struck the berg.
Earl Snapp
Earl Snapp - 5 years ago
Reaching 22 knots, were you concerned about the dingy?
xxMitchyBOYxx X
xxMitchyBOYxx X - 5 years ago
You think 22 knots is fast and that’s big waves! Come to Western Australia we will show you big seas. We launched our 55ft noosa cat powerboat into the air at 28knots cruising in 6 meter swell and 2 meter waves
Leon Dunphy
Leon Dunphy - 5 years ago
What is this polygamy?
Edgar Müller
Edgar Müller - 5 years ago
Catamaranguru says:
When you are seeing wind speed between 18 and 20 Knots put in the first reef
When the wind gets to 25 knots it is time for reef number 2
When the wind is constantly at 28 to 30 knots put in the third reef
When the wind is blowing above 30 Knots and gusting, it is time to put the jib away completely and sail with a fully reefed mainsail only
In extreme conditions the fully reefed main can be set up to spill wind by luffing which will enable you to sail in very strong winds without damaging the rig or sails.

I say Riley is the sailor!
Tim Rozek
Tim Rozek - 5 years ago
1:30 for teh booty
Fat Roo Productions
Fat Roo Productions - 5 years ago
east coast of France? I hope you're not navigating.
Big Jake
Big Jake - 5 years ago
You guys rock. Nicely done.
Angus Whitehouse
Angus Whitehouse - 5 years ago
Another ducked stupid video showing just how safe they are. Isn't this really smart blonde pregnant?
Good to see you've ignored any safety advice since your channel started, well done.
The hum is the Osolation between the hulls its like the pop you hear on some monos when you plain.
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson - 5 years ago
Not even topless.
Bo Firstenberger
Bo Firstenberger - 5 years ago
Getting it is what we call that yewwwww
artista lestrange
artista lestrange - 5 years ago
This is such a unique channel!!!! I LOVE
Don't even try it
Don't even try it - 5 years ago
Sounds like you drank mead. Very sweet honey flavor with sometimes a bit of a fruity/ spiced taste ;) I drink a lot of different beers and meads and the two combined is sometimes just amazing!
Jason Griffin
Jason Griffin - 5 years ago
You poor thing
Nathanael Finlayson
Nathanael Finlayson - 5 years ago
These videos are very well made. Almost like a show. Great job.
Bill Dixon
Bill Dixon - 5 years ago
lifejackets? Safety lines?
Nalle - 5 years ago
Awesome sailing, wow
Desmond Hume
Desmond Hume - 5 years ago
22 knots!!
Forensic Hypnotist
Forensic Hypnotist - 5 years ago
I really appreciate what you are doing and sharing with these videos.
Luke Williams
Luke Williams - 5 years ago
I hit 14 knots on my dad's 64' gaff-rigged schooner it was intense lol looks like fun
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk - 5 years ago
She's crying she doesn't wanna go 22 than is hopping around saying we did it
John McGuinness
John McGuinness - 5 years ago
Chill Elayna, 22 knots is just warming up. If the boat is not rounding up, go with the flow. The hum is probably the dagger boards
Johnny morris
Johnny morris - 5 years ago
If the boat surfs faster than the wave system and literally plunge into a wavefront, tripping the boat and causing it to flip over, but that's not their biggest problem with only two people on board and not using a harness when out on deck at these speeds if one of them went overboard, by the time the boat got turned around the person in the sea could be 3 miles behind - impossible to find in the seas with tidal currents etc

Train wreck is right .
Smithsgold - 5 years ago
Great video
Kiko Macchiavelli
Kiko Macchiavelli - 5 years ago
Elayna you silly goose if you’re in France and you’re going to Corsica you’re not going to a different country..... lol
brianbirc - 5 years ago
What you do when your BF is the captain? Well same thing when he is driving on long off road trips over 100 or 200 miles. Either shut up or wear the hood over your head. Do not keep whining in the hood or the gag will be used!!
reveluv reveluv
reveluv reveluv - 5 years ago
So irresponsible
Danoz direct
Danoz direct - 5 years ago
Flying along
Charles W
Charles W - 5 years ago
I'm not sure what's more terrifying - the high seas, the gross lack of seamanship or those whiney Australian accents.
Edson Kidwell
Edson Kidwell - 5 years ago
Wind the through the wires makes a tell tail sign as the wind and water broke over the railing. Careful. Over working your hardware
Bob Stone
Bob Stone - 5 years ago
Jesus everyone is salty as hell in this comment section
relativeair - 5 years ago
Hi guys, just discovered the channel via steveo1kinevo as I’m a pilot and spent my life obsessed with and flying aircraft. But I think after watching only a couple of your videos so far I might have a new obsession. You guys live quite the incredible life and very thankful you share it. Opened my mind a lot further
Vincent Gilles
Vincent Gilles - 5 years ago
Hello, Chouchen is a traditional drink from FrenchBrittany. It is a fermented mixture of honey and water. Sometimes some recipes include spices. In the Middle Ages the monks took almost a year to make chouchen. The mixture of water and honey ferments was made at the end of winter in the basement. With spring temperatures the fermentations slowly began to reach the peak in summer. In autumn with a high alcohol content the enzymes disappeared. And slowly there was a natural settling. Bottling was done in winter. A beekeeper friend of mine make chouchen for 20 years. It takes three months to make a good drink. It works according to the moon and the weather. He always works in calm weather, blue sky without wind. Indeed, he noticed that when he operated the start, racking, bottling the days of storms or thunderstorms, the chouchen wasn't so stable in time. He also explained to me having noticed differences of intensity in the fermentation according to the weather. The more the weather is rough, the more intense the fermentation is. Now, he use stainless steel tanks, but he told me that when he used wooden bariques, each one gave different quality and different flavor. If the winds bring you in brittany you will discover a wonderful coast, beautiful islands, good food (galletes de blé noir, Kig-ha-farz, crafts chouchens, ciders, beers) and a land of sailors.
Tsar - 5 years ago
22 knots yet so comfortable !!! gotta love Catamarans
Nick Panciuk
Nick Panciuk - 5 years ago
Holy crap! I was on a one hundred foot brigantine, and our max speed with all sails up was about 15 knots. Wish we had these winds on our five-day trip
Kyle Harvey
Kyle Harvey - 5 years ago
Yo these guys really out here living inside a VSCO filter
schoocg - 5 years ago
‘Scared For My Life’ is an excellent and accurate title for this vid. To many things done wrong and luck was the only thing in your favor averting disaster.
MotorsportsX - 5 years ago
I cant beleive we watch these people having fun, which basically pays them to have fun, instead of having fun outselves.
Aclin - 5 years ago
all i see is pussies in the comments
Hi -lo
Hi -lo - 5 years ago
paul white
paul white - 5 years ago
Bigfoot Where Are You
Bigfoot Where Are You - 5 years ago
Have these people ever heard of “peril on the sea”........?
CHS BASS AND REDS ___ - 5 years ago
Do you guys ever plan on coming to Charleston
Josh Milhench
Josh Milhench - 5 years ago
I started sailing at 8 and at he age of nine I was winning races. I basically sailed everyday and like it’s only 20-30 knots come on
Albert Ciafre
Albert Ciafre - 5 years ago
so how much to charter a trip for 1?
Denfktinso Noyb
Denfktinso Noyb - 5 years ago
Do yourself a favor and throw the wench overboard. You'll thank yourself later.
NOAH GRABOWICZ - 5 years ago
The bay near me has bigger waves than that

100. comment for SCARED FOR MY LIFE! Sailing at 22 knots boat speed down HUGE waves (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 105

Jack Cade
Jack Cade - 5 years ago
Trying to sink the boat so they can let insurance pay it off?
Daniel Troyer
Daniel Troyer - 5 years ago
Theatlantateen yeah it died when I got to Malta..
maddocmuc maddocmuc
maddocmuc maddocmuc - 5 years ago
20+ knots on a catamaran for the first time without knowing the envelope of your ship, no harness, no life jacket, earphones on, a forgotten Code D up the mast, a frightened girl, no one near the main sheet for an emergency release, surprised that the coffee machine tipped over, still filming for getting views/dollars....what could possibly go wrong?
This is a role model for getting views on youtube but not for sailing...
Dan Cera
Dan Cera - 5 years ago
Lol my first cruise ship ride was on that cruise ship you guys passed
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse - 5 years ago
One of these days you idiots are gonna capsize that thing. That's another big downside of catamarans; you don't know you're about to flip, until you flip.
Николай Нижегородец
Николай Нижегородец - 5 years ago
О чем они говорят?
Frank O' Bean
Frank O' Bean - 5 years ago
im catching up, why don't you get electric winches?
Arthur Katz
Arthur Katz - 5 years ago
So fast
fanatictsx - 5 years ago
Best advertisement for buying a cat i ever saw...
Matt Andrews
Matt Andrews - 5 years ago
yeah thats cool because you reach that speed, but that is so dangerous because its your home and not just a home it can get lives away.
Rich Shields
Rich Shields - 5 years ago
Published on 911 lol
Neila Ramos
Neila Ramos - 5 years ago
Hello guys, I like your videos let me know when you are coming back to Florida it would be nice to meet you guys thanks
Westy - 5 years ago
The hum happens when you are plaining!!!!
Serpent Noose
Serpent Noose - 5 years ago
two trust fund sailers playing pirates get capsized full tilt late
john smith
john smith - 5 years ago
How do a bunch of twentysomethings who can't sail afford a boat like this?
T.B.A.R.R.O. - 5 years ago
Did you get any info on the "hum."
FrothGiant - 5 years ago
No life vests on No safety lines and then sitting on the back of the bouncing boat at water level in those conditions .. Drinking head phones on and i never saw a shot of the boats speed at 22 knots ..not very safe sailing at all
DD826 - 5 years ago
that was surfing, not sailing, lol
Mae Manu
Mae Manu - 5 years ago
I will be crazy if I was in that boat .
common jones
common jones - 5 years ago
my guess is the wind through the rigging is possibly the humming sound.
Klara Alfredsson
Klara Alfredsson - 5 years ago
Im used to going 62 knots :)))
Harald Jönsson
Harald Jönsson - 5 years ago
1.30 youre welcome
Lyfan Deth
Lyfan Deth - 5 years ago
Outremer will not be amused if you flip the boat. Real men DO reef, in fact real SAILORS reef by the polars and don't guess about it.
nilfisktun - 5 years ago
Unsafe sailing honestly.. No lifejacket, clip in.. If something gives, you are done for sitting inside the cab :o
MauMau Thompson
MauMau Thompson - 5 years ago
The "weird hum" is the boat on a plane. Happens on all boats when they plane.
christopher kettler
christopher kettler - 5 years ago
Wasnt the boat made to go that speed
Termet - 5 years ago
22 knots, i dinghy sail in that haha!
barebare - 5 years ago
So many safety nazis here... Good vid, looked fun!
ray Nic
ray Nic - 5 years ago
I am kind of amazed on how none of these sailing channels list any information on their boat or equipement, the only info they provide is camera gear, music and social media. Are not these 'sailing' channels?
ray Nic
ray Nic - 5 years ago
Wow, I never thought that that would be a rub. For me the stories very incomplete without boat and equipment info. Plus, didn't you guys get sponsored by a 'Cat' company? And I can't see the difference between saying what camera you use than what boat you use. If you wanted to, you could always do a little product placement, that will get people in a tizzy, ha-ha.

Anyway, 22 knots., very cool. I hope you guys have time to cruise the
Adriatic and Aegean seas. The med is crazy beautiful, Italia, Dalmatian coast, Greece...fantastic.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
I can’t talk about my boat, everyone says it’s advertising. But it isn’t. ☹️
Michael Exman
Michael Exman - 5 years ago
Somone is freaking
Mlle Lola
Mlle Lola - 5 years ago
Vous êtes des voileux ou dés gratteurs de couille de chiens ? Bien venu dans la Méditerranée
:/ - 5 years ago
You know they smashing when everyone asleep
Thomas Gibbs
Thomas Gibbs - 5 years ago
You should have life jackets.
Ian Lauver
Ian Lauver - 5 years ago
On that pig you have nothing to worry about
Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison - 5 years ago
I have a sailor most of my life, and have a fair amount of heavy weather sailing. Why did you choose not to reef the main and depower the rig?
:/ - 5 years ago
Jim Morrison why not
Drone Wild
Drone Wild - 5 years ago
The hand of God and wrath of Mother Nature is going to supply a painful reminder soon - Elayna’s zero gravity / weightlessness with no sound was a near death experience - You were floating / lifting the entire hull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Death is near
Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes
Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes - 5 years ago
What a load of horse shit. Don’t waste your time with this garbage. The title is a total scam. They are having a wine drinking party on this “scared for my life” video.
PrimeRibGaming - 5 years ago
Scared for your life? I was moving 30 knots across 5-6ft swells in a SeaSwirl Striper 1851CC DC WA. 18 1/2 boat. Of course, the brand is SeaSwirl, and it is one of the sturdiest brand of boats made, but still.
MYBUMBUM3 - 5 years ago
How do they finance all this ? I mean only the kat prolly cost half a million ?
indemniman 162
indemniman 162 - 5 years ago
Just subscribed, your adventure is crazy cool.
Daniel Farnworth
Daniel Farnworth - 5 years ago
The kardashians of the ocean waves and they want you to pay for this stupidity
bilyd333 - 5 years ago
Continuing on these antics is going to cost someone. No life jackets. Completely overpowered cat. High winds. No reading. And laughing about it. Obviously you have absolutely no respect for yourself or others. Your childish decision will kill someone. Sad. Pathetic. If you want to kill yourself fine. Go for it. Don't take others with you. Claiming you love someone and then endangering their life while laughing about it is the sign of a mentality unstable person. Disgusting.
Speedy Gangster
Speedy Gangster - 5 years ago
Wow men, lots of love from Pakistan
Martin Lang
Martin Lang - 5 years ago
Yerr, that speed hum is normal, and feel/hear it in the right situations, from Hobie 16 to 46 foot masthead sloop.
Never knock back a bit of speed. By the way this 46 foot monohull did approx 24 knots (22, is the last marker and the stopper is roughly 24) this was downwind surfing with a massive rooster tail in the Sydney/Hobart in the last 1980's on masthead sloop yacht Impatience.
This was with Main and Spinnaker ("Kite"), but with no Blooper. I was not on board but my father was. My fastest on board was again downwind surfing peaking at 15 knots and being on the helm at that speed was a damm good rush.
22 is a fine speed, this is why I love cats. I love dogs too, don't get me wrong.
Experiences like that you treasure for life.
I'm sure you could beat it.
fergal farrelly
fergal farrelly - 5 years ago
Has anyone ever heard of human consumption of dolfin meat? It's like they are way to intelligent for that. They would never bite a hook. They are not hunted like wales that i ever heard of.
David InPerris
David InPerris - 5 years ago
Fantastic! How do you keep the batteries charged? Nice vessel there.
Natalie Smith
Natalie Smith - 5 years ago
Y'all seem like awesome people. Would love to go sailing with y'all.
justieml8 - 5 years ago
Hey Mustache throw on a life preserver you ningcompoop!
EDOGG H201600
EDOGG H201600 - 5 years ago
So amazing watching you guys. I DREAM of being able to sail with my wife and some others on some sailboat someday. It looks like a dream out there on the sea . So beautiful
Spencer Winston
Spencer Winston - 5 years ago
Please wear a life preserver. Hard to concentrate on the majestic scenery when we are worried about you. The dolphins can't be your only hope if one is thrown overboard.
Spencer Winston
Spencer Winston - 5 years ago
Majestic scenery, but please wear life preservers. The dolphins can not be your best hope if for some reason one is overboard. Probability suggests that you will have an incident on the waters when you will have wished you were wearing a safety precaution. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Safe travels. US subscriber.
Adam Weatherbee
Adam Weatherbee - 5 years ago
Wow, more rich kids sailing
srq lisa
srq lisa - 5 years ago
oh my and no safety lines or life vest on when they are outside, they are nuts.
Fabio Annes
Fabio Annes - 5 years ago
Very Good! Very Nice!
Redwood Playz
Redwood Playz - 5 years ago
The hum is the boat parsing it’s hull speed and trying to plane
M G - 5 years ago
That boat be speed humming. They don’t say humming along for no reason.
Slippin Jimmy
Slippin Jimmy - 5 years ago
REEF! Not Reeve! Damn your eyes anyway!
Sugarsail1 - 5 years ago
22 knots is in the sweet spot, sail it like you stole it.... oh wait
Tiger - 5 years ago
The humm are the ruder probably
Dave Roberts
Dave Roberts - 5 years ago
Have you guys talked to Outremer about high speeds while sailing. All I can think of is what if something breaks while you are surfing along very fast. Say the auto pilot or a steering fitting. The forces involved are great and the accident potential rises with speed. Take Care. A watcher in Newfoundland.
Klop Herald
Klop Herald - 5 years ago
With this boat no problem..
cameron Gibbs
cameron Gibbs - 5 years ago
The hum is probably the auto helm
Tad P
Tad P - 5 years ago
That humming is the boards cavatating more than likely. Or as we call it in the cat racing community... "Thats the fat lady, and she's warming up."
Mik Szekely
Mik Szekely - 5 years ago
Sacred of what.... What a bullshit title. These people are living the dream. Respect
Aussie Detectorist
Aussie Detectorist - 5 years ago
I just watched this again to see Elayna freak out haha. Very funny....
Grant Grove
Grant Grove - 5 years ago
We saw those speeds a few times on our Manta 42 "Reality", fun to go fast but I didn't get to relax much.
Vermont's Own Boy
Vermont's Own Boy - 5 years ago
The humming sound heard at the higher speeds sounds like a vibration or flutter in the skeg/centerboard, or some other foil-shaped object moving through the water. Used to get a similar sound in my laser's centerboard when sailing/surfing at speed.
Jaakko Tenhunen
Jaakko Tenhunen - 5 years ago
What am I actually watching here? Proof that any hipster can sail around the world?
mrnickbig1 - 5 years ago
What is a code D? Is is a brand of spinnaker or something?
Pierce H
Pierce H - 5 years ago
Hell yeah hammer on that thing, give us riggers some shit to fix when you park it
Seedless Grapes
Seedless Grapes - 5 years ago
damn hauling ass
A.A Ron Yo man
A.A Ron Yo man - 5 years ago
Cati guys get a life start leaning that’s what’s fun
Joshua Fuglsang
Joshua Fuglsang - 5 years ago
Maybe some explanation of the sailing terminology would be useful, as i think not everyone knows each of the terms? Examples would be "taking a reef reduces the size of the sail and slows the boat", "22 knots is about 40kmph", starboard, windward, line, halyard, etc..
The AceGhetz
The AceGhetz - 5 years ago
how many time from corsica ?
Patricia Mamani
Patricia Mamani - 5 years ago
It must be very exciting to live like that. Great video.
Zeh games
Zeh games - 5 years ago
Nice Dynaudio speakers u got, What model is it??
Rolly Polly
Rolly Polly - 5 years ago
Cruising cat surfing down waves? Scary, that P word...
fingerhorn4 - 5 years ago
What a bunch of irresponsible idiots. This is why people drown, or get rescued at huge expense, or trash their boats. Not one person wearing a safety line or even a bouyancy aid, no proper system or allotment of functions, no-one sure who is on deck and who is not, no wind strategy, late stowing of sails, imprudent and potentially catastrophic lack of reefing EARLY rather than when it is too late. The list goes on. Obviously too much wealth and too little seamanship. She's also right: all it takes is a bad combination of waves and troughs and the bow could bury. Madness.
Ethan Elliott
Ethan Elliott - 6 years ago
22 knots isn't even that bad though. i sailed in a pacer (about like 1/4 the size of your boat) when it was 30 gusting 35 knots
Timothy Wells
Timothy Wells - 6 years ago
What you xdo when your man the captain take him down to the hall and start giving him some amazing head and let the friend stear the ship
Names - 6 years ago
2:35 well thats an interesting way to loose a finger
Ben Pearre
Ben Pearre - 6 years ago
Beautiful! Looks like a blast! I usually love to push hard, too, but I kind of lean toward the idea that the best time to put in a reef is as soon as someone onboard would be happier with a reef. (Especially an experienced sailor, but regardless.) Something about enthusiastic consent, perhaps? Glad all was well in the end!
Stanislav Kostarnov
Stanislav Kostarnov - 6 years ago
that looked like some Rolex Race speed to me, wow
great sailing and a beautiful, strong, boat.
by the way were you actually trampolining off the crests of those waves at any point?
seemed like a real wild ride, glad you are safe!
clyde Morris
clyde Morris - 6 years ago
lots of small harbors in korsika and Elba.
we rented a smal kat of elba and RACED ab and down the coast VERY fast for one day.
the only thing i notice is that you dont have the clear waters and clean air we used to have in 70's. welcome to environmental changes. yes yes you get winds like that.. it's a thrill in a kat. nice speed. dont be afraid.
LittleMuscled Beast
LittleMuscled Beast - 6 years ago
Hi guys question, you guys think is better a catamaran or a regular sailboat for crossing the ocean ?
Steve Fisch
Steve Fisch - 6 years ago
Thank you so much for the great content. I am now a subscriber. I am homebound due to a brain injury and when I watch your videos I feel as if I'm with you and can almost feel the wind in my hair. I wish I could be as free as you. Thanks to you though I feel free. Much love to you both and GOD speed.
goodwinlaw - 6 years ago
I remember as a teenager racing cats, we weren't really racing until we heard that hum. That told us we were perfectly trimmed and getting everything we could out of the boat. Exciting to hear that because THAT is when we were really sailing!
zombi111980 - 6 years ago
Seems like the women is the only one with a functioning Brain...
sympaticosympatico - 6 years ago
What an age we live in! Sailing the world on the dime of Youtube addicts.
RRRobelt Nest
RRRobelt Nest - 6 years ago
Now thats sailing
RRRobelt Nest
RRRobelt Nest - 6 years ago
Now thats sailing
Yogi - 6 years ago
These vids are so therapeutic for me.. been studying all week for final exams and watching these vids let me escape the stress for a bit.. best of luck with all your adventures
Denise Lynn
Denise Lynn - 6 years ago
What in the world are you going to do when you hit a storm...?
B.R. HHH - 6 years ago
Need more booty shots of elayna; lying on the deck in a bikini, swiming/snorkeling a la the Jessica Alba scene in 'Into the Blue"...such an amazing body.

Yea..i said it! Shes got an incredible body and is a gorgeous girl. (Time for YT'rs to "hate hate hate"- D. Chapelle
Reggie Rightwing
Reggie Rightwing - 6 years ago
Where you 2 get all your money from ? White privilege lol
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
spike duncan
spike duncan - 6 years ago
Nothing better than getting drunk at 20 knots
stianthebear - 6 years ago
Looks like you guys are having a blast :) What ws the nameof the drink you got? Ever thought about sailing along the coast ofNorway?
jbchess1 - 6 years ago
I think Napolian Bonapart was born in Corsica
Los Vogtos
Los Vogtos - 6 years ago
Horrible Skipper! Not reefing at 22 knots speed when a crew member is so scared is irresponsible.
Mambo Jambo
Mambo Jambo - 6 years ago
Funfact. The humming is air going through the inside of the mast.
bob grant
bob grant - 6 years ago
She could use a good teabagging
Scott Chism
Scott Chism - 6 years ago
What a life you have.. you guys seem so happy.. what more can you ask for out of life . YOUR so lucky to be out of this rat race.. smooth sailing to you all and be safe
Crusty Burger
Crusty Burger - 6 years ago
So basically your usain bolt on a boat
Srecko Grgic
Srecko Grgic - 6 years ago
...quand des BCBG font de la voile.....des écouteurs pendant un coup de vent?...
beugzy ham
beugzy ham - 6 years ago
Rowan Sanderson
Rowan Sanderson - 6 years ago
Nice cattermaran
Shawn Weed
Shawn Weed - 6 years ago
Sailing looks complicated...beautiful boat and adventure though!
Dirk Myers
Dirk Myers - 6 years ago
When you going to marry that girl!
Matt Leibherr
Matt Leibherr - 6 years ago
Hey guys, been watching your videos for a while and have loved every single one and am super inspired.

I found a beautiful yacht here in Melbourne for a steal, minimal work needed (maybe 10k) and am in the process of buying it now..... now to learn how to sail!
David Leigh
David Leigh - 6 years ago
Amazing bunch of trustafarian incompetents. And you idiots lap it up!!!
crispin aske
crispin aske - 6 years ago
line over the stern, am I that old that none of you younger generation of sailors have thought of a walkers log.??
Lucho Delbosque
Lucho Delbosque - 6 years ago
Chouchenn d'Armor - what a wonderful gift! Can't think of a more perfect setting for such a beverage...
Kyle Venter
Kyle Venter - 6 years ago
Should have said, "As the Seagull fly's". Lol.
Rick Kent
Rick Kent - 6 years ago
J  ,your eye brows are turning into puppy dog tails WTF...good vid............................
Alexander Ray
Alexander Ray - 6 years ago
This could be a 'what not to do' video on sailing. I have sailed since I was 12 years old, and this is terrible. Clip on, wear a life preserver. Do you have any idea how difficult turning a boat that size around at 18 k is? You guys are pretty, and personable. Love the videos. If you are going to be 'role models,' get the 'role' part correct. If that was my boat, I would be furious.
B W - 5 years ago
Dude, chill. I lived sailed/lived aboard for 8 years and never clipped it. Surfed down waves. Everybody does there own thing. Do yours.
Boatwithdogs - 6 years ago
Pure terror never looked so appealing!
Richard Dalmau
Richard Dalmau - 6 years ago
The Coast Guard book says..... You must wear a Life Jacket...... any way i play lottery every weekend.
Liam Hathaway
Liam Hathaway - 6 years ago
How can they afford the boat??
61spindrift - 6 years ago
I agree with many of the comments, you guys are arrogant and cocky. Your lack of safety is embarrassing to your fan base. Sure you got a cool boat and very lucky the manufacturer believed in you guys to market his brand else you never could afford a boat of that caliber. Did you forget what happened to your last boat? Just so you know many that watch you are fellow or past cruisers and some, like myself, have completed the same voyage but with much more respect for crew safety and respect for the elements. My voyage was 25 years ago in a 33ft mono-hull my wife and I paid 30k for. There was no internet and no way to monetize the trip. Just old fashion good sailing, safety and respect for nature.
victor van dyke
victor van dyke - 6 years ago
Wow, fantastic journey! How lucky you are!
Matthew Cunningham
Matthew Cunningham - 6 years ago
Now that you've had the cat for awhile how does not compare to the mono hull is there anywhere you wouldn't take it.
sailingmylifeaway - 6 years ago
Dynamo hum.... crazy fast
GazLowe - 6 years ago
Capt. Riley is now Capt. Wreckless. His pursuit of an adrenaline rush completely ignored the safety of his crew and his boat. Particularly concerning was his dismissal of his girlfriend's emotional state and concerns for her own safety. In other words...he was an arse. And for those in these comments that are encouraging his behaviour, need a serious whack on the back of the head as well. They managed to escape this situation...this time. They may not be as lucky next time....and it was luck. The cat was massively overpowered on a following sea. Darwin theory is waiting for you Riley...I just hope you don't take your friends with you.
Roll Damn Tide
Roll Damn Tide - 6 years ago
Typical hipster lol
Kevin Swanson
Kevin Swanson - 6 years ago
rileys nic name the flying ausie
Gor Gor The Destroyer C
Gor Gor The Destroyer C - 6 years ago
you guys are great, and i love watching you guys on an amazing journey, but PLEASE, PLEASE, slow it down. I know from experience.
Farmer Joe
Farmer Joe - 6 years ago
All the guys, oh shit yeah 22 knots
Ryan McClintock
Ryan McClintock - 6 years ago
Having Daniel filming has been a game changer, both in the previous episode when I really felt his presence in filming you both walking down the road with the sunsetting in front of you, keeping the depth of field shallow, to this episode where we'd not have seen much of this at all without him. He's also pretty funny when on camera. Great hire!
coyote - 6 years ago
Who is the wonderful introduction singer love his voice and music ?
Colum Nolan
Colum Nolan - 6 years ago
That's the life. These guys are superstars
Finn Liland
Finn Liland - 6 years ago
A Good captain redusere sailing when crew are afraid.
Y T - 6 years ago
Idfk Bro
Idfk Bro - 6 years ago
The humming is just the rigging
Lotte Schreck
Lotte Schreck - 6 years ago
I enjoy your videos so much, they are really inspiring to travel more. I always wanna head off when I watch them. Also I really like that you always put the songs down in the description because you have an awesome taste in music!!! love what you are doing and keep on sailing :)
Stephen J Payne
Stephen J Payne - 6 years ago
Really good cinematography in this one.
Alex Gambino
Alex Gambino - 6 years ago
I don’t give two shits about your safety but you arrogance towards the power of nature is shocking if one of you falls off with no life jacket or buoyancy aid you would be dead quickly especially as you wouldn’t easily be able to turn around
Philip Olsen
Philip Olsen - 6 years ago
if you are scared for life for sailing 22 knots in a 43.5 foot at 60-80cm waves.... try doing it in a 12 feet speedboat, 40 Hp going about 60-70km/h? :D :P
Peter Sobol
Peter Sobol - 6 years ago
If your crew is that uncomfortable with the speed and load, then its time to put the reef in like she's asking, not belittle her concerns. What a jerk, she should dump him.
Lawrence D
Lawrence D - 6 years ago
Crazy! I love this episode. I would so dig flying thru 22 knots - Epic!
alphasxsignal - 6 years ago
You can push it to hard. Its not worth it.
Joshua Gordon
Joshua Gordon - 6 years ago
So cool that you are in your new Cat!...Still, I would not hang kitchen knives on a magnet on the wall of any vessel!! 22knts!! ama- zing!
Matthew Taheri
Matthew Taheri - 6 years ago
I love that you show and narrate your mistakes to help others learn. That's big of you guys.
MANUEL PEÑUÑURI - 6 years ago
Rolling Tattoo Therapy
Rolling Tattoo Therapy - 6 years ago
woooooow the outremer is flying with you ! Feels like being with you on the boat ! Keep speed sailing !
ag.onewheel G
ag.onewheel G - 6 years ago
This boat is pirate bait lmao
marvin O'Neale
marvin O'Neale - 6 years ago
Gold digger pranks
cvcoco - 6 years ago
The girl was correct---without reefing youre risking burying the bow and flipping the boat. Many catamarans have been rescued for that very thing. Why not listen to her when she is right? I was scared for all of you. Dumb.
Alex McKoy
Alex McKoy - 6 years ago
The hum might be from the rudders.
sunjabib ahladeen
sunjabib ahladeen - 6 years ago
baaabe noowwweee nnnnooooowwweeeeee - throw her overboard and keep fang'in it mate.
Youtuber ForFun
Youtuber ForFun - 6 years ago
You have to be the luckiest two people on the planet. You are living my dream. Stay safe!
Jeff Voight
Jeff Voight - 6 years ago
An old sailing instructor once told me, "Humanity didn't conquer the globe by going *slow*."
jaanus jurisoo
jaanus jurisoo - 6 years ago
Nice vessel mate.. how long? Have fun & stay safe..
Michael Redmond
Michael Redmond - 6 years ago
Just letting you know but that humming is the boat plaining, which is quite a feat considering that your boat is probably a displacement boat, it’s not a bad thing though
golden Warrior
golden Warrior - 6 years ago
Reef the main sail
Larry Slemp
Larry Slemp - 6 years ago
You gotta' be kidding me!!
Nick Carter
Nick Carter - 6 years ago
You guys must be teh owner's nightmare on maintenance costs.
Howard Blasingame
Howard Blasingame - 6 years ago
La Vagabonde looks like a dream to sail.
Thomas Olsson
Thomas Olsson - 6 years ago
The hum = daggerboards vibrating in high speed?
jacotolkien - 6 years ago
joe dick
joe dick - 6 years ago
How much dose it cost to sail with you guys for a week. And how many people can I bring with?
Surfpapo - 6 years ago
You guys are dumb stay in dry land
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Quality comment.
yabadoo - 6 years ago
How do you guys get the internet while at see? or is it a case of waiting till you reach land and using internet cafe etc ?
Stéphane Arseneault
Stéphane Arseneault - 6 years ago
was the hum the propeller? I engage my tarnsmition in reverse when this happens and it stops
Stéphane Arseneault
Stéphane Arseneault - 6 years ago
can't find it
montauktimelord - 6 years ago
See my post 2 weeks previously for explanation
Christian Noll
Christian Noll - 6 years ago
About time you guys caught some "real" wind!
Christian Noll
Christian Noll - 6 years ago
Yep. Every point on the Corsican cost has a tower which the Pizzans (from Pisa) and Genoans (from Genoa) fought and died over. Of course you went to Corsica!
Gunawan Wibisono
Gunawan Wibisono - 6 years ago
just tellin me if you heading for BALi
Adventureguy - 6 years ago
hi do you do holidays sailing cruising it was my dream to sail
ole mariner
ole mariner - 6 years ago
Hey Riley, what was your procedure in reefing the mainsail?  Did you furl the genoa , turn to weather and then reef or did you reef going down wind?  Being a new cat owner I'm just curious.  Loved the vid?
Grady Lester
Grady Lester - 6 years ago
I love your boat! What a great life experience.
David Leigh
David Leigh - 6 years ago
'Just got 22 knots'. Camera pans through the window to show a relatively calm sea and the boat doing about 10 knots. Get real you guys!
David Leigh
David Leigh - 6 years ago
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
You need to research this more.
Roger K. Davis
Roger K. Davis - 6 years ago
This is the best episode.
Charles Clements
Charles Clements - 6 years ago
Do you know what a tragedy is?  It is a cumulation of errors.  So far you are up to three.  Keep pushing it and we will be hearing about you on the news how it was that you were lost.
Charles Clements
Charles Clements - 6 years ago
Naw, that wasn't a prediction.  That was a horrible experience.  That was how I lost my uncle in a boating accident.  Have you ever read  BOATUS?  Have yo ever heard of the periodical SEA WORTHY?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
I love reading about people predicting my death. Thanks for writing in mate.
Frediskiwi - 6 years ago
Dam how big is ur boat
Dennis MacDonald
Dennis MacDonald - 6 years ago
Amazing video best I've seen
Marc - 6 years ago
haha years ago I was sailing at Toulon / Hyeres with my Optimist :D
Teun Binkhorst
Teun Binkhorst - 6 years ago
Corsica isn't another country from France
barbara Corcoran
barbara Corcoran - 6 years ago
you guys are living my dream I can't wait to start sailing the world once I have my passive income sorted completely.
jodyroper - 6 years ago
It's all fun and games until someone dies.
montauktimelord - 6 years ago
The hum will be from the dagger boards and is familiar to most dinghy sailors. The trailing edge of a dagger board sheds rapidly alternating vortices, the frequency of which depends on : 1. boat speed; 2. exact shape/width of the trailing edge. Most of the time this is not audible. However, when the vortex shedding frequency matches the structural resonant frequency of the board, the board vibrates, producing an audible hum, which is why it only happens over a narrow speed range. It is nothing to worry about, and it is not cavitation.
destuers - 6 years ago
Sail in silence ❤️ Any captain would put you right under the water with that stupid voice
Hugh Norman
Hugh Norman - 6 years ago
Put it in a pony tail
Ong Beng Hock
Ong Beng Hock - 6 years ago
When you do about 22knots, is your dagger board put down? ??
Fu kun when
Fu kun when - 6 years ago
Try 37 knots on a 72' Crowther starboard reach with mountain swells running under you oh wait that was exhilarating watching the hulls wake rooster tail ... I was so sacred I climbed the main and blew a joint....
Laststop Tohell
Laststop Tohell - 6 years ago
very anoying girl! Sorry!
Christopher Joyner
Christopher Joyner - 6 years ago
You people are great ,I captain my Newport,my lady and I will head out to the Caribbean next year
Peter Herbert
Peter Herbert - 6 years ago
it's the same country...
Edward Myers
Edward Myers - 6 years ago
Guy has the wrong girlfriend she should be in a trapeze on the windward rail not crying
M7_XxAngusproxX - 6 years ago
U guys from New Zealand
Stephen J Payne
Stephen J Payne - 6 years ago
Finn Ciszewski
Finn Ciszewski - 6 years ago
20 knots is slow I have gone 52 knots
milesjcool 23
milesjcool 23 - 6 years ago
I went 30 knots in Caribbean
Keto Lisa
Keto Lisa - 6 years ago
Reilly is a COWARD? Do it!
Keto Lisa
Keto Lisa - 6 years ago
Reilly u are a chicken shit! Propose to Allyna rt now!!!
Keto Lisa
Keto Lisa - 6 years ago
Reilly you chicken shit! Your mate made an honest woman of his how about you? What are u waiting for???
Gary White
Gary White - 6 years ago
I know that hummmm. Times to remember
RHP9898 - 6 years ago
Guys, fun aside you have to be very careful in cats as they don't transmit the same 'signals' as monohulls:
Earl Lewis
Earl Lewis - 6 years ago
She has a mustache......just sayin
Peter Signorini
Peter Signorini - 6 years ago
Calvi is gorgeous!!
fin screenname
fin screenname - 6 years ago
Sail boaters ....22 knots .... settle down now.
Tom Golder
Tom Golder - 6 years ago
what boat do you have? im looking at getting a j109 and is this a good choise please get back asap btw love your videos x
Jameson Cross
Jameson Cross - 6 years ago
Smooth seas do not make experienced sailors. That looks like fun to me!
The Desert Sailor
The Desert Sailor - 6 years ago
When do you guys feel it is so much wind that you should throw on your life jackets? Would you ever have to use jacklines especially when you go forward? This is amazing!
Steve Okon
Steve Okon - 6 years ago
Very intense ! 22kts !!
FF GAMING KING - 6 years ago
I was on that cruise ship love to you guys
nyiesah - 6 years ago
Rule of thumb when sailing catamarans if you feel like saying woohoo you're going too fast
Logan Czarnecki
Logan Czarnecki - 6 years ago
thanks guys you inspired me and my dad to possibly be getting our first sailboat in a month or two either a lagoon 52 or sunreef 62
Jane Weeks
Jane Weeks - 6 years ago
love the speed record!!! CATs rock!!
VoB - 6 years ago
22 down wave is totally OK :) When it goes above 27-28 than it becomes really fun :D
Ryan Barnett
Ryan Barnett - 6 years ago
What is the name of the drink?
Max Life
Max Life - 6 years ago
You guys are awesome..
Adrian Aguayo
Adrian Aguayo - 6 years ago
What kind of boat is that ?
oliver clifton
oliver clifton - 6 years ago
Not sure about your big boat but in the laser the humming just means your plaining
Buck Shot
Buck Shot - 6 years ago
Unfortunately 9 out of 10 vessels I've responded to in distress are blow boats. God they think they are invincible for some strange reason.
el moto von brapp brapp
el moto von brapp brapp - 6 years ago
mehhhh and the commotion was ??
Richard lawrence
Richard lawrence - 6 years ago
Your freekin sailing!!!!!
T Oadaly
T Oadaly - 6 years ago
With just 2 people on board, I'd have a life jacket and be attached to the boat anytime I went on deck in anything but the lightes of winds....just sayin'
zeckmon3 - 6 years ago
Boats sized of that survive a rogue wave. Yeah.
Young GRAVY - 6 years ago
Why hav I never come across this channel it’s so cool omg I can’t stop watching I subbed
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+Christopher Lopez share us with your friends mate!
Daniel Trejo
Daniel Trejo - 6 years ago
Holy crap that production value! I guess the comment's gonna be buried but I hope you guys do see it, such amazing editing and story and timing, top notch, props especially to Daniel
unnew - 6 years ago
What boat is this
Julian Heim
Julian Heim - 6 years ago
That weird hum can be you surfing
christopher wilson
christopher wilson - 6 years ago
Hope you guys wear SPOTS if someone falls off at that speed you won't find them without one.
Jason Fennell
Jason Fennell - 6 years ago
I find it interesting that there are all these comments and not 1 reply back....hhahahaha...suckers.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith - 6 years ago
Please be harnessed and tied to the boat in open water. The fact you forgot about a light wind sail aloft shows just how close you wonderful folks are to a cascaded calamity.
Rob Of Gabriola
Rob Of Gabriola - 6 years ago
I love your videos, but in all seriousness, if a crew member says, “I’m scared. We should reef,” then friggin’ listen to her! It was painful to watch. There is no need to prove how brave you are at someone else’ expense.
Lightning Mc wopper '
Lightning Mc wopper ' - 6 years ago
That hum you hear from the boat is a good thing, don’t worry about it
Atti Olsson
Atti Olsson - 6 years ago
Were are the Life jackets??? Jerks!!!!
blueseacaro - 6 years ago
WOW!!! Awesome - love it! x
Best system: WinWindows
Best system: WinWindows - 6 years ago
22kn? Thats best conditions
Pooka - 6 years ago
Just sailed my 35ft catilina in 23 kn winds np
Kevin Boyle
Kevin Boyle - 6 years ago
Great video! Enjoyed !
Angélique Godet
Angélique Godet - 6 years ago
i love the fact that you drink chouchen , from where i'm from :) :)
Ultimate Bro
Ultimate Bro - 6 years ago
Ain’t that a catamaran
Björn Lillpers
Björn Lillpers - 6 years ago
Wear a life vest ffs...
Drew Leibowiz
Drew Leibowiz - 6 years ago
The "hum" sound is the boat "sort of planning", but more so the "bubbles/voids" in the water cavitating against the hull. Used to sail an O'day 39 that hummed at 14knots
Roman P
Roman P - 6 years ago
Hey I saw some people looking to move there boats. I am fully licensed and insured. I tow boats for a living I have 3 boat trailers let me know 215 869 5060
saafrican - 6 years ago
biocybernaut - 6 years ago
Of course this is a 100 foot race yacht, but this is what 38 knots looks like:
Greg B
Greg B - 6 years ago
She's cute as a button!
Leo DeBruyn
Leo DeBruyn - 6 years ago
This episode has made the jump from entertainment to art. It’s brilliant.
blech71 - 6 years ago
Love the Dynaudio bookshelf speakers just chillin!
Olle börner
Olle börner - 6 years ago
Where are your life vest at?
RetiredAtenPilot - 6 years ago
LOl ,had to throw up in my mouth when I saw Mr Millennial hipster with the man bun........
Pepijn Root
Pepijn Root - 6 years ago
I love Corsica i have been there 6/7 times go to sandflorant its beauty full
durider - 6 years ago
I love that boat how much do they go for?
Jane Ridley
Jane Ridley - 6 years ago
How often do you guys practice man over board drills? I was worried seeing you going that fast if one of you had gone over board.
gess ges
gess ges - 6 years ago
Good to watch guys. ,but one gybe and it's all over for the rig ,the auto steering failed at some time as they do it no going to be good , at that speeds you need to be at attention on deck near wheel Believe me I have been in these situations , it's not fun
Michiel Lombaers
Michiel Lombaers - 6 years ago
The humming sound  can be when you approach hull speed.
Josh Tonkin
Josh Tonkin - 6 years ago
Humming sound is not an issue! Just means you're absolutely flying! love that feeling
krazy bzs
krazy bzs - 6 years ago
The sun is destroying your beautiful skin .. but I guess it’s worth it when your sailing La vagabonde.
Sailing Rad Mode
Sailing Rad Mode - 6 years ago
Dudes, I can't imagine going that fast on a sailboat. :O Cool vid!
MrFlyersfan28 - 6 years ago
How much acid do you guys take
Rich Mountains
Rich Mountains - 6 years ago
Its J.Crim here.
In 1975 I sailed from San Diego to Honolulu with my hand built 19' mini cutter.
At 5 points I hit 28 knots in flat seas. They call it God's wind and it lasted for 15 hours.
Your doing GREAT !!!
Nico Kux
Nico Kux - 6 years ago
Nice adventure. Have you worked out what the humming was ? I believe it was your centre board ; )     Did I see correctly: your speargun was already loaded when you hopped in the water ? thats big no no !
Le Kybalion
Le Kybalion - 6 years ago
Sorry, what is the mame of that place? Greetings.
Tom Harris
Tom Harris - 6 years ago
What a life
Joe - 6 years ago
isn't it extremly dangerous, that no one is wearing a swim west? I mean if someone goes over board with that wind, you are probably dead until the ship turns around and finds you, no?
randsholman - 6 years ago
Thanks, I really enjoyed this video, and I even subscribed, which is something that never do!
J Paul DeWolf
J Paul DeWolf - 6 years ago
I'll not sail with you
James Bruno
James Bruno - 6 years ago
East coast of France?
Cammystar123 - 6 years ago
i was sailing a open bic in 36 knots regatta with russel couts
Ian Jones
Ian Jones - 6 years ago
She changed....
cartmanrlsusall - 6 years ago
One of the ways to lose your sailing partner is doing things that make them uncomfortable, cruising is supposed to be fun,not terrifying
cartmanrlsusall - 6 years ago
That heavy old fiberglass is tough stuff, no one can doubt the strength of that hull design.
matt sc
matt sc - 6 years ago
I wish I had your life, how did you get here?
Wolf - 6 years ago
20 knots is only 40 km/h that's not fast
Jean Studer
Jean Studer - 6 years ago
trop de commentaires , paerlez moins
G .Weber
G .Weber - 6 years ago
Thank God you're all OK! And thank God you were on a Cat... if this had been a monohull, NOPE.
jontibloom - 6 years ago
Broad reach ....the most fun you can have when sailing
Mort Weiss
Mort Weiss - 6 years ago
All the scurrying about and worried looks and gestures - -AND - - - Theres NO Freakin white caps even - WTF?
Robert Hersey
Robert Hersey - 6 years ago
You are one sexy young lady.. there is nothing sexier than natural beauty
No make up and still better looking than most.. and down to earth at that..
Many good looking ladies are so stuck on themselves which makes them an ugly person..

If i got my hatteras up to 22knts. It would burn 25gal an hour... she is a thirsty old gal..
donn GREG
donn GREG - 6 years ago
"That weird hum ".... been on a Wilderness 40 (monohull) at 28 knots.... went through two hum stages as it increased speed... the whole boat shook. It was the keel resonating. Pretty kool really.
xxx yyy
xxx yyy - 6 years ago
She has a nice butt ...but they are risking the safety of their ship and their health by sailing in this manner.
boris bakkum
boris bakkum - 6 years ago
What type of boat is that?
Melissa Kishel
Melissa Kishel - 6 years ago
I totally lost respect for you guys as sailors. I think your captain, Reilly, put himself and the crew at risk either for his own selfish need to prove something to himself or for ratings. I thought Reilly acted irresponsible and in a dangerous manner. One wave and you could of turned the boat over.Also you were all on deck without any safety gear. People have mentioned that to you before.We will no longer be watching your channel. It wasn't an epic sail. It was just stupid.You got lucky this time.
North Graphics
North Graphics - 6 years ago
Elayna, please take your rings off whilst sailing. You could easily loose a finger if a ring gets caught on a sheet.
North Graphics
North Graphics - 6 years ago
Google "avulsion injury". It is the most common form of injury. It happens when something gets caught on a ring and nearly tears a finger off. It's been known to happen when dropping anchors as well. On a more positive note, your vlogs are wonderful! Congratulations on your new yacht, she's a beauty! I would love to send you a battleflag with your SLV logo to fly from your headstay! Give me a shout at
North Graphics
North Graphics - 6 years ago
Rings can get snagged on them quite easily, especially the styles that Elayna wears with lot's of details.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+North Graphics riley here. How does a ring get caught on a rope? Honest question. We were told not to wear jewellery offshore and believe me I have seen machinery and jewellery photographs of skinned fingers but I don't know how a ring could get caught on a sheet (rope)?
Thomas Skinner
Thomas Skinner - 6 years ago
the humming means that the boat is going fast and that is something does go wrong shit will hit the fan
just to let you know
Giorgia Fornari
Giorgia Fornari - 6 years ago
what does it mean to take a reef? sorry I'm sailing-illiterate
Lr R
Lr R - 6 years ago
That was sweet! I would have kept it going.... might have topped 25..... now that's moving!
Jusgo360 Virtual Tours
Jusgo360 Virtual Tours - 6 years ago
Awesome. 22 knots is hauling it. I will keep my fingers crossed that this happens again, Riley.
Subbed Channels
Subbed Channels - 6 years ago
close to fav episode
Carry on sailing
Carry on sailing - 6 years ago
Its unbelievable how opinionated people are in life. I race bikes cause nothing, nothing makes me feel that good. If I felt to have a joint and a drink whilst doing 20 knots then no one will stop me, that is the whole point of getting away from funt cases, that is the point of sailing to me anyway. Good luck to you and I hope you guys spend a lifetime together if you feel to do so. You are inspiring.
AUS BOAT FUN - 6 years ago
Another great video --- Fantastic !!! Hope to see you guys when you sail down to OZ!
Gary Colyer
Gary Colyer - 6 years ago
I'd love to do 22 knots on that beautiful ship!
Jack Frick
Jack Frick - 6 years ago
Hey Guys! It is a bit too late but you should have stopped at Ile du Levant, right next to Porquerolles as it is a nudist island ! Riley would have been in his element!
serg jay
serg jay - 6 years ago
they both fucking her
golden Warrior
golden Warrior - 6 years ago
Out dome reefs in the main sail
Teh_ Major
Teh_ Major - 6 years ago
Wow guys! that looked awesome. That Delicious beverage sounds like mead.
gheumann - 6 years ago
What's that hum? If it is coming from a daggerboard or rudder, it is hydrodynamic flutter and just like in aerodynamics can severely strain a part and lead to total failure. Take it seriously.
John Singletary
John Singletary - 6 years ago
Why aren't your dagger boards down?
Barefoot Captain
Barefoot Captain - 6 years ago
Hold that thought... We just hit 13.9kts running down-wind with the screecher only south of Coffs Harbour... Thats pretty fast for my fat lady of a cat :-) Yeeewwww
Barefoot Captain
Barefoot Captain - 6 years ago
Nope... Just topped out at 16.8kts... Ha, what fun... Got a shot on the Mast-camera -
paxwallacejazz - 6 years ago
Spoiled rich kids who cares?
Frank Rice
Frank Rice - 6 years ago
Putsomething out back to slow the boat down .they make a tool for that very thing forgot the name of it
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze - 6 years ago
What was the tune at the end?
nickUK88 - 6 years ago
Rich kid idiots
Tom Christman
Tom Christman - 6 years ago
Now that is sailing! None of this 6 knots stuff.
theo simondetti
theo simondetti - 6 years ago
The hum is when you start planning or surfing the wave
Barefoot Captain
Barefoot Captain - 6 years ago
While my sailing cat could not boast the same performance as yours due to the amount of dive and camera gear I have a habit of loading onboard I still get excited when I hit 9 or 10 knots and the bridle starts buzzing :-)
Sam P-K
Sam P-K - 6 years ago
Her voice makes me wanna kill myself
Barefoot Captain
Barefoot Captain - 6 years ago
Hey Riley, I think that buzzing noise you heard was your bowsprit bridle vibrating, I get the same on my catamaran. When you run fast downwind or even on a beam-reach and the bow is being pushed down the water rushing past your dyneema lines buzzes and hums.
Paula Zemeckis
Paula Zemeckis - 6 years ago
and someone throw me a long line and a slalom ski!
Paula Zemeckis
Paula Zemeckis - 6 years ago
crazy Austrians, I think....aqua wake turbulence!
Dai Jones
Dai Jones - 6 years ago
SPARKY 1 - 6 years ago
10:51, 2 Dolphins, Outstanding!
JBG TRAVELS - 6 years ago
Why is 22 knots scary? Great channel
Scott Rowlison
Scott Rowlison - 6 years ago
Living the dream. Well done and done well!,,,
Turner Rentz
Turner Rentz - 6 years ago
22 knots ssssmokin'!
ParryKathryn - 6 years ago
I love the wind noise! so great xx
Troy Davis
Troy Davis - 6 years ago
Great teamwork. Good for you guys. Thanks for posting!
bozman69au - 6 years ago
Just subscribed....Aussies!!! Your living the dream...Love the vids :)
Bogumil Baranowski
Bogumil Baranowski - 6 years ago
Great channel, big fan, how do you get your music?
Jonathan Hartfield
Jonathan Hartfield - 6 years ago
Did Elayna really said a bad word?!
Will Schwenger
Will Schwenger - 6 years ago
That auto pilot is insanely good, that was a super relaxed looking 18 knts.
Robert Nyikes
Robert Nyikes - 6 years ago
Loved it, I could see the adrenaline in your eyes.
John J Cox III
John J Cox III - 6 years ago
You, Riley, are extremely lucky. You have a Beautiful and Talented First Mate. A wonderful yacht. BUT, you also have NO common sense. Not only do you risk your life, the life of the crew and your yacht in a foolish bid for speed, but you choose to drink alcoholic beverages while doing so. I am a former US Coast Guradsman who, at 19 years of age, pulled six bodies from a sinking powerboat in the Atlantic off the Jersey Shore in the 1950's. Mastered by a drunken owner who wanted to impress his guests with his boats speed, the boat broke up in the rough seas. EVERYONE DIED! I find your actions reprehensible. If I were in a position to do so, I would cancel your Outremere contract immediately and see that you were BEACHED FOREVER!
The Old Coastie.
John Tambascio
John Tambascio - 6 years ago
centerboard hummmin, keel vibration, stress, its fine go for it
cleodane2 - 6 years ago
Love Daniel's touch on the vids - you're so arty!
Patrick Thomson
Patrick Thomson - 6 years ago
Hi, Pat Thomson here love the videos, keep it real. Harness? Dragged until dead...., lifejacket, float until eaten by sharks, or hypothermia.... 
You can't learn by others experiences, you must earn those experiences yourself. We all must learn our limits, they can not be imposed by others, remember mother nature is the all powerful, respect her and know when to hide. On another note, if you, any of you, are interested in residual income working your own hours, where you want to be, email me
Rhythm Knight
Rhythm Knight - 6 years ago
Sometimes her over emotional reactions and music get under my skin, the modern woman really tries to get her hands on everything. Is their anything left to be manly or will all males be beta eventually?
Roadstar Delta
Roadstar Delta - 6 years ago
In conditions like this - WEAR your life jackets.
Do the math over a glass of wine. Assume it takes, say, 120 seconds to notice a MOB, then 30 seconds to get to the helm and switch the auto helm off, then another 60 seconds to turn the boat into the wind. How far are you away at say 15 knots? (Close to a nm, about 1,600 metres.)
Also, life-jackets do not only assist the person overboard with flotation, they also aid the skipper / 1st mate because they add visibility to the MOB, including to other boats. When things go wrong, it happens at the worst time, and it happens FAST.
Roadstar Delta
Roadstar Delta - 6 years ago
And clip in.
ovive08 - 6 years ago
Recommend that you secure your dingy when underway. You will loose it sooner or later if you continue to let it flop around.
Piotr Gesolovic
Piotr Gesolovic - 6 years ago
Are these yuppies serious?? This is about the most pathetic excuse for self-aggrandisement I have ever seen. The wind speed seems to be about 19kts Mr and Mrs Topknot are almost orgasmic with self-satisfaction that they have managed to take a reef in - excuse me but what planet do these underachievers live on? How sad that anyone watches more than one video!
olivier saillard
olivier saillard - 6 years ago
Bonjour Elayna and Riley, yes toi many overfishing in corsica. But it's thé better place in France go on the south tout Tizzano and Bonifacio. You will like it ;+) Enjoy
Vampire Slayer
Vampire Slayer - 6 years ago
In steep seas this is exactly how cats flip. They "nose in".
CK H - 6 years ago
Cats are fine but without keel support they are prone to rudder loss. And while they will sail on with one rudder, they can't handle heavy weather with only one. It seems that a simple wire circuit running the length of each rudder, set to trip an alarm when broken, would be a simple, cheap fix and a big help. Does your boat have any indicator or system to alert a rudder loss?
B Hopkins
B Hopkins - 6 years ago
Hi SLV your excitement at seeing the Dolphins was matched by ours last week as we sailed from Mallaig on the west coast of Scotland to Tobermory , we had a pod of about 15-20 bowride our boat for about 3nm off the isle of Muck (yes it really is called that). Have more sailing fun,
jerome Mingus
jerome Mingus - 6 years ago
la corse est la plus elle ile au monde
jerome Mingus
jerome Mingus - 6 years ago
la plus belle !!
Frank Stocker
Frank Stocker - 6 years ago
If you even think about a reef put it in, you can always take it out.
James P
James P - 6 years ago
Why the hell don't any of you wear harnesses or lifejackets in that speed?
Jason Button
Jason Button - 6 years ago
Just joined, love following all the fun people around the world sailing, love your video, what causes the hum?
Jan Erik Kristiansen
Jan Erik Kristiansen - 6 years ago
Funny how 22 knots are the "thing".
It's not like it's the fastest cat around, I think 74 knots is the record so far with "Hydroptere", but that thing is even bigger and have foils to cut through the water as well, but hell yeah, let's leisurely ease your way through the seven seas :)
Mine will have foils if I get to create one, definitely
Mfanawemkosi Fakudze
Mfanawemkosi Fakudze - 6 years ago
After watching this video, you guys are nuts not to be wearing safety gear and being tied into safety lines. I hope you guys have a lot of life insurance because if one of you is lost at sea it will be hard to pay off the boat.
Mfanawemkosi Fakudze
Mfanawemkosi Fakudze - 6 years ago
One thing I am not keen about the Outremere design is that you have to be on deck for major sail handling task. For a two couple operation I would prefer all sail handling be managed from the cockpit.
Dan Denali
Dan Denali - 6 years ago
Now THIS is a sailing video!!! Best one yet!!!!!! I loved it! Reminds me of the first 70 videos when it was almost all about sailing. Love love love it!!!!!
Memorable Sailing
Memorable Sailing - 6 years ago
Love the video. The captains love it when they are going extremely fast.
Jonathan bailey
Jonathan bailey - 6 years ago
The hum is the cavities and irregularities of the hull and rudders.
jmconnollyus - 6 years ago
Did you figure out the humming? On my little POS 22 footer, when things start humming, it's usually the rigging singing -- at least that what I call it. The hull speed, waves and tension of the rig are all on the same harmonic and you get vibration as a result. In my case, I don't THINK the rig is too loose or too tight -- just about right. Only happens some times when everything falls in line.

And, please, if you're gonna reef while going 22 knots, please either hook in or put on a jacket or BOTH! You're beautiful people and it'd be a shame if you became fish food.
goboats - 6 years ago
fkn idiots
Crop Psycles
Crop Psycles - 6 years ago
Awesome!!!  we used to get a hum at 12knots (from excessive play from the rudder within the rudder stock) in our sloop going down a swell; we are now selling the boat that got my brother and I from US to AUS back in 2011...end of an era.  great watching you both!  All the best :)
Moondyne .Joe
Moondyne .Joe - 6 years ago
Hi Guys Great Video I think under those conditions I would be spreading Burly and attracting the fish LOL ! You mentioned towards the end of the video about coming into moor at 10 knots Have you considered Led Marine grade Spotlights?
I did a search on AliExpress to see what they had

Maybe it is time to invest in a few for the boat for such situations or other general ones,
 I also could imagine on very calm nights at sea the chance of some excellent Pictures and videos could be had also so many ideas of great pics as well
Love the Videos keep up the Great work
Tony from Western Australia
Doug !
Doug ! - 6 years ago
A couple things, the odds of locating someone who goes overboard is quite low so something like this would help.

While speed is fun it does come at the expense of reduced sail/rigging life-$$$$.

Taking a sailing cat which by design is light and fast to the north pole is like-
GAZOO - 6 years ago
Slow the boat down. Waaaa waaa. STFU & go make a sandwich
derrick johnston
derrick johnston - 6 years ago
off shore I always put the tender on the trampoline. Just saying I've had mine where waves was slapping it and the following sea was really close... surprised you didn't go faster after a reef...Took my gen down in 22 knt wind put a storm jib up and reefed my main got 5 more knts...a steady 13 knt trip with following off quarter Stern. Nice video don't pitch pool ay..I call confused sea's in a catamaran widow maker's..
ThisNarrowboatAdventure - 6 years ago
I am so excited to see Corsica, I lived their as a baby and don't remember it and just know all my dads amazing stories!
Glen Peters
Glen Peters - 6 years ago
Hi Guys, As usual your videos are great fun to watch and made to a really nice standard. By pure chance I had to pause this video at 9:44 when my wife HAD to ask me a question, upon returning to finish watching the video two things caught my eye FIRST, just how uneven is Elayna's hair - by my reckoning the left hand side is at least 20 -30 ml longer than the right and secondly Elayna's belly button must be the biggest innie on the planet. I see only one solution Riley has to first of all,,,,, take up hairdressing and finally (in the privacy of your own catamaran) find out just how many glasses of that french stuff fit in that innie. Thanks for yet another great video and keep having fun.
Edward Lees SunRiseCars
Edward Lees SunRiseCars - 6 years ago
Go for it Riley... this is the joy of owning a fast cat...
Ed Sunderland
Ed Sunderland - 6 years ago
Well thanks for sharing your trip. I no longer miss the fake news channels with brave Americans always showing us what can be done and providing interesting and entertaining content.
unclejack123 - 6 years ago
back in the day (early '60s)we used to get "humming" from surfboard skegs(fins) when going really fast. I'd suspect a dagger board(fluttering). ......................... JRW
Luca Tutino
Luca Tutino - 6 years ago
Well done, great boat and great sailing!
I confess I got scared at 2 things:
- 1: those huge knives hanging in the open visible at 5:14 and 6:45. I would not like to see one of those flying across the room! Or somebody bumping on them... If you need so many large knives, I strongly suggest getting them protected and in a secured drawer during navigation.
- 2: (I might be wrong but looks very common in videos) the apparent scarce attention to what lies ahead. Max visibility is <3 miles to the horizon if you are 6 feet standing at sea level, waves can hide even tall objects for several minutes, at 22 knots you can cover 1 mile in less than 6 minutes, and from sight to collision in case of opposite direction the time available can be just one-half of it: just 2-3 minutes!! Even if you have a radar with an acoustic alarm (do you?), you cannot be sure it would see a sailboat in those conditions.
Harry Pemberton
Harry Pemberton - 6 years ago
Your living the dream .. love you two rock on xx
michael d
michael d - 6 years ago
Sea Anchor?
rossipop - 6 years ago
about time you started to break the mould and fu*kabout  with this new boat...... much love .....
Toni Casa Esmeralda
Toni Casa Esmeralda - 6 years ago
This is typical this time of year. There was no rain in south Italy for 45 days. So the weather changed and ended a huge drought with a massive wind lightning storm, it rained about 1ft in an hour! :) The winds are the tail end of the storm. Enjoy the Adriatic while it lasts. Last December gail force winds and snow in Africa shutdown alot of sailing.
Winded Voyage
Winded Voyage - 6 years ago
Vive la Mediterranée!
Michael Wallace
Michael Wallace - 6 years ago
I would have loved to see the small round window down the middle of the hull at water level at those speeds. I'll bet the water was just ripping by.
Chesca is Lost
Chesca is Lost - 6 years ago
Yessss. This is what you guys do best! Loved this video. More epic sailing please :D
Rick - 6 years ago
One of my favorite vids so far. Ya'll guy's have fun! Rick & Amy From Baton Rouge Louisiana. Cheers
Sam Debey
Sam Debey - 6 years ago
Go through the Suez Canal and down the Red Sea and a hop and skip across the Indian Ocean to get to the Seychelles and stay with my family in at Anse Royal (AMAZING ANCHORAGE) for a few days! Whatdoyasay? You'll make it eventually I'm sure! Offer valid for at least a couple of years :) See you then haha.
SV Hellas
SV Hellas - 6 years ago
Riley has the best laugh ever
EdgarP01 - 6 years ago
The shuddering/vibrations are caused when the boat hits its maximum speeds in the conditions that you're in. If you hear it, your doing good :)
c2ucomputers - 6 years ago
Btw that's the south coast of France
john wheeler
john wheeler - 6 years ago
Weather in the med can change so quickly, be mindfull take care
Unified Awareness
Unified Awareness - 6 years ago
Have you ever consider the Sydney to Hobart later in life. I would Love to join you on one of your trips but I wouldn't be much use except feeding the fish with the inner contents of my stomach, this mammal only has land legs. Keep up the good work.
Heidi Snyder
Heidi Snyder - 6 years ago
Seriously ... wtf are you trying to prove by not reefing when it is clearly time to reef?? It is standard in the cruising world in order to avoid discomfort, trouble and maintain safety that when you are thinking about reefing or trying to convince your partner that it is time to reef, it is usually PAST the time to be reefing!! I am mid-episode, and I don't know what happens next, but with coffee pot flying and "what's that" noises happening, you have got to ease off on the testosterone and do the right thing - REEF for God's sake, and reef adequately so you don't get into much bigger trouble. Just my 2 cents!
buryitdeep - 6 years ago
Larriken sailing. All good until he slips over the side.
The Original Groover
The Original Groover - 6 years ago
The humming is possibly from hitting the resonance frequency of the rigging. Its caused by von karman vortex shedding. Could be wrong but it might be a place to start.
steveo1kinevo - 6 years ago
I have the Need, the Need for Speed!!
Matt mathews
Matt mathews - 5 years ago
Love ya Steveo
charles V
charles V - 5 years ago
steveo1kinevo nice to see you here mate, I watch your channel as well! Cheers!
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson - 6 years ago
steveo1kinevo fancy seeing you here!
mics1106 -
mics1106 - - 6 years ago
steveo1kinevo didn't it "I feel the need"?
zoffinger - 6 years ago
When you live life so fully like that, you scare people (see comments) I for one, love seeing you pushing the envelope. Damned if you do either way, Riles. Why not, live it up?
Willow Houben
Willow Houben - 6 years ago
Me too. You are fantastic and this video was tops.
Harry's Cocktail Adventure
Harry's Cocktail Adventure - 6 years ago
gtags1 - 6 years ago
As a power boater I laugh at 22 knots but I know that is booking on a sale boat!
Ebb Tide
Ebb Tide - 6 years ago
your hum is likely the center board
Lore Jacobs
Lore Jacobs - 6 years ago
drink anxiety contractor indian difference performer pond crack.
Felipe Scheid
Felipe Scheid - 6 years ago
Can´t wait for sirocco winds ! 22 knots faster than a J class, my dream sloop boat goes 14 knots max !
Andrzej Jankowski
Andrzej Jankowski - 6 years ago
Hi masters of the World :) I will be sailing close to you between 25th of September till at least 15th of October around Ligurian coast ( Genova, Portofino, Cinque Terre) so I hope you visit this beautiful spots on your way. Hope to meet you there :) with my Hallberg Rassy 352 SY Malena, best regards, Andy
Robert Orzech
Robert Orzech - 6 years ago
I would like to see a " man overboard exercise " at 20 knots  !
Guillermo Abengoechea
Guillermo Abengoechea - 6 years ago
what the hell happened to the latest live video?
William Carroll
William Carroll - 6 years ago
First time comment: Y'all are absolutely epic. Have have been watching your videos since "YouTube Couple Land MILLION DOLLAR YACHT" now I am gonna start from the beginning. Cant wait to get home and have the wife watch with me. You guys keep doing what you do.
Paal Karsten Nandrup Lie.
Paal Karsten Nandrup Lie. - 6 years ago
Skip here she have now clu what so ever.
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory - 6 years ago
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory - 6 years ago
And how can you forget a cell that's blowing in your face in front of your face just like this Matrix that were all f**** plugged in to get out of your subconscious and f**** live the heart chakra be the leaf suck the oxygen and f**** make your journey happen
Calvin H.
Calvin H. - 6 years ago
That was sweet!! I'd love running 22+ knots.. It's exciting and gets your heart to pumping, and lets you know your alive! lol.. Peace!!
dejanira2 - 6 years ago
Another knot and you would have had the record speed in an Outremer 45.
frank babbage
frank babbage - 6 years ago
Amateurs - pure and guys need to get a full refresh on sailing cats...
OohzyJohnDow - 6 years ago
I enjoyed the video as it was thrilling and had moments of raw human response to irregular situations. I am not a sailor myself and after reading the comments I was made aware of some possible scary scenarios and am now wondering if the guys on the boat should indeed wear more life saving gear?
The Sailing Family
The Sailing Family - 6 years ago
Looks like a highspeed cat - wow really fast!
Imabeliever 2
Imabeliever 2 - 6 years ago
It's cute that 22 knots seems scary to you. We water ski BEHIND the boat at that speed! lol Granted, we don't ski in 10 ft. swells. ;-)
Valden23 - 6 years ago
Elayna, that feeling of being weightless comes from Riley pulling off this sort of sailing manoeuvre.
But don't worry, you only feel weightless when the hull is coming back down. :-)
Christopher Jerard
Christopher Jerard - 6 years ago
Love what you guys are putting out there. So good! Check out @roam on instagram. Great story right now about Travis Rice and Ian Walsh (snowboarder and surfer) sailing from Tahiti to Hawaii via the Line Island Chain in Gunboat48.
John Quinn
John Quinn - 6 years ago
Great video! This is the first time I felt almost like I was there with you experiencing the actual sailing
Kevin Karges
Kevin Karges - 6 years ago
Now you're chooching with maximum skookums like those Volvo/Penta racers! That harmonic vibration you're hearing is most likely the dagger boards & rudders experiencing dynamic pressure from turbulent velocity through ocean. My hobie used to do that too on a fast pass while flying a hull or doing the 'wild thing'. That should be OK as long as they don't clip anything solid.... like say a whale? SLV performing like a true Starship!
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory - 6 years ago
Connection to the source of true love energy and F-bomb in your captain will probably get what you want
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory - 6 years ago
And I sorry I don't mean no derogatory comment there we're all one3 as onE
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory - 6 years ago
Booga Booga baby thank you for your post
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory - 6 years ago
Power UPppppp~~!!!
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory - 6 years ago
Just got pie power back Florida
Henry de Beer
Henry de Beer - 6 years ago
I agree with some of the comments...this video reminds me of the original videos. Totally agree that it is so much better than the tourist walking around stuff of late. Come on guys, this is what you should be filming! Loved it.
Nick Sullivan
Nick Sullivan - 6 years ago
This has been by far my the most exciting mediterranean sailing episode. I was suspect like many when you guys brought Daniel on board, but between the three I think you get both the look and feel of the video's that Riley and Eleyna shot back in the day and no longer miss out on these sorts of events because this would be hard for just two people to capture in the way you did - sick, awesome, filthy, loving it!
discoverydavid - 6 years ago
Ill get hammered by any Corsican for saying this but it's regarded as part of France not "another country." Did you try the 'casgiu merzu' cheese...definitely not for Eleyna or any tree hugger!
pdutube - 6 years ago
Was that line trailing in the water for a man overboard contingency?
Hawks fan
Hawks fan - 6 years ago
Good luck. Looks like a great life.
Dnak Meem
Dnak Meem - 6 years ago
Surfing baby, yeehaa
jose miguel Bey Kahn
jose miguel Bey Kahn - 6 years ago
Elayna .....un toque de amor.......
Love touch!!!!.....
Korsika is sooo beautiful.....go to Porto Vechio......a Beach call Palombaggia
RamblingDragon - 6 years ago
What is it Elayna wants to do around 4:52? I'm unfamiliar with the term, and the CC isn't helping.
RamblingDragon - 6 years ago
Thanks, I can here it now. I kept hearing "reeve" which didn't make any sense.
Kathy Smith
Kathy Smith - 6 years ago
she wants to reef (sail thing)

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