Sail Life - Preparing the engine compartment for paint & Bosch GEX 150 turbo + GAS 35 - DIY boat

Feel free to check out my other videos. All videos listed chronology: If you new to the channel check out the introduction playlist: Come along as I prepare the engine compartment for paint and take a look at two new awesome tools. GEX 150 Turbo: GAS 35 M: Slibeblade: The Bosch GEX 150 Turbo and the GAS 35 were provided by Bosch free of charge. *** Links *** Sail Life on Patreon: Sail Life on Facebook: Sail Life on Twitter: Sail Life Shop US: (Use this if you want items shipped from the US) Sail Life Shop EU: (Use this if you want items shipped from Europe) Donations for the sandpaper fund:

Sail Life - Preparing the engine compartment for paint & Bosch GEX 150 turbo + GAS 35 - DIY boat sentiment_very_dissatisfied 24

Sailing 6 years ago 24,695 views

Feel free to check out my other videos. All videos listed chronology: If you new to the channel check out the introduction playlist: Come along as I prepare the engine compartment for paint and take a look at two new awesome tools. GEX 150 Turbo: GAS 35 M: Slibeblade: The Bosch GEX 150 Turbo and the GAS 35 were provided by Bosch free of charge. *** Links *** Sail Life on Patreon: Sail Life on Facebook: Sail Life on Twitter: Sail Life Shop US: (Use this if you want items shipped from the US) Sail Life Shop EU: (Use this if you want items shipped from Europe) Donations for the sandpaper fund:

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for Sail Life - Preparing the engine compartment for paint & Bosch GEX 150 turbo + GAS 35 - DIY boat

Sail Life
Sail Life - 6 years ago
Looks like YouTube are having some issues. I see a bunch of people can't get the video to start playing. Usually YouTube works it out :) Try checking again a little later :)
SV Zaya
SV Zaya - 6 years ago
runs fine on PaleMoon (a kind of firefox)
Tonnie Rooker
Tonnie Rooker - 6 years ago
Sail Life I don’t can start the video wat are the problems please You Tube solve dis problem
Eric Antrim
Eric Antrim - 6 years ago
Got it to work by playing through Safari instead of app
Eric Antrim
Eric Antrim - 6 years ago
No go on iPhone or iPad apps.
Robert Soule
Robert Soule - 6 years ago
I was having issues using Safari on my iPad Pro. Switched to Chrome and issues resolved.
magnumxs1100 - 6 years ago
Sail Life I am afraid the video is still not loading, just buffering!
Teri Maunder
Teri Maunder - 6 years ago
Nothing on iPad or iPhone, Apple TV says video unavailable :(
Robin Coke
Robin Coke - 6 years ago
it's only giving me the option to watch in 360p. will try again after work, i need that glorious HD!
Stevie FordRanger
Stevie FordRanger - 6 years ago
Still not working on iPad or iPhone here in Oz.
josh cooper
josh cooper - 6 years ago
It’s the YouTube app that’s not letting it play
Radu Negru
Radu Negru - 6 years ago
is not working
Güncemden - 6 years ago
Still can’t watch :(
kaadeg - 6 years ago
Still not working, but the ads seem to work everytime... come on YouTube get your game together!. Interesting works in the Chrome browser on the iPad, but not the YouTube app...
Andy James
Andy James - 6 years ago
This is defiantly not spiffy I need my weekly dose of Athena please upload again. I needing copious amounts of sanding my spiffy friend lol.
Andy James
Andy James - 6 years ago
Arrrrrrr still not working come on you tube get it sorted.
David Glenn
David Glenn - 6 years ago
It’s 6 hours later and I still can’t view it. You may want to think about setting this one private and re-uploading a new version of it.
Cam Shaft
Cam Shaft - 6 years ago
wont play on my apple tv box, but plays on my laptop, very strange,
I have seen one channel by accident check mark off options by accident, once was not able to view from mobile device.
Evan J
Evan J - 6 years ago
Same problem here! DANG IT!!! (bunch of swearing in Danish)... :)
J Ellington
J Ellington - 6 years ago
Not working here either. I’d be willing to bet there’s something to do with the ad/Bosch in the title some kinda stupid non sense.
Peter Hurwood
Peter Hurwood - 6 years ago
Not working here in the UK. I’ve watched a 30 minute video on my iPad while the iPhone is still trying to stream this week’s eagerly awaited episode. Will try again tomorrow, but maybe there’s a bug and the video needs to be taken down and re-uploaded.
panther105 - 6 years ago
Playing normally for me here in Canada...Hope everyone's playback issues go away....
Unhealthy Life Decisions
Unhealthy Life Decisions - 6 years ago
Yeah still not working at all .
ann mcwilliams
ann mcwilliams - 6 years ago
Mine won’t load either so disappointing as this is my bedtime watching hope it ok for breakfast
Andrew Stacey
Andrew Stacey - 6 years ago
Sorry Mads, Video is the hamster wheel of death, doesn’t seem to want to load. No problem with other videos though, so seems to be specific to this one!
Paul Flanary
Paul Flanary - 6 years ago
YouTube you ***** iiiii **********%*}€$$€ . You had one job
Admin Gull
Admin Gull - 6 years ago
Richard Collins, 360, 720,’s like going up through the grades of paper till you get a perfect finish.
Scott M
Scott M - 6 years ago
Sail Life won’t play in the YouTube app on my iPhone. But plays fine in Safari.
Matt Thor
Matt Thor - 6 years ago
Works on my phone, but not over YouTube to my TV. Very weird. Did you change the video format? I get an 'unsupported video format' error.
William fforbes-Rutt
William fforbes-Rutt - 6 years ago
Please use an other platform than YouTube to post your video’s
Mads Laumann
Mads Laumann - 6 years ago
Not working here either.... dang it! :D
Sail Away
Sail Away - 6 years ago
Damn there goes my sundaynight bedtime video..... doesn’t work here
Paul Hitchman
Paul Hitchman - 6 years ago
It wouldn't play on my Apple TV said unavailable on this device so I watched it on my Samsung S7 Edge... now I can sleep all happy.
Wilf Williams
Wilf Williams - 6 years ago
Aye not working for me . That's thrown my routine out of kilter
Patrick van Wijland
Patrick van Wijland - 6 years ago
Sail Life seems to be an iPad problem
SouthJerseySound - 6 years ago
I could only get low res in the usa but when I bounced through my server in BG its normal.It probably has to do with him uploading in Europe,it usually clears up .
Moe Jaime
Moe Jaime - 6 years ago
Mads you poor boy ! That joke is going to cost you !! next time you visit your girl friend give her Chocolate and maybe a nice Diamond !! lol !
Brenda Pinder
Brenda Pinder - 6 years ago
Hi...not working for me either. I think you will need to take down and reload “the pretty dan spiffy” version!
Trent Cox
Trent Cox - 6 years ago
Finally got it to play on my laptop, but only at 360P.  Could you please upload again and hope that fixes the issues we are all having.
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones - 6 years ago
Still not able to watch, spinning circle of emptiness.... :-(
Marcus Garfunkel
Marcus Garfunkel - 6 years ago
Sail Life not working for me too
cruzader0 - 6 years ago
Other youtubers that have had this issue had to re-upload to get it fixed
ExpeditionTrio - 6 years ago
Your video is the only one not working for me... I wait all week, put my daughter down for a nap, tuned in YouTube on the TV... and now this. Hmmmm, What to do with myself now...
Mikael Ångman
Mikael Ångman - 6 years ago
Doesn't load on my iPad, but it does show up on my PC. I'm however only getting 360p thus far. Youtube, get your digestive waste product in order, I need my weekly dose of sanding!
Ice Hog
Ice Hog - 6 years ago
Mine won't load either. Not to spiffy
Sailing Tryst
Sailing Tryst - 6 years ago
Dang it! It’s the only video that’s not working for me... I’ll check back in this evening.
legend343 - 6 years ago
Not working for me either....
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor - 6 years ago
Funny that all the other channels are loading on my iPad.
T Mart
T Mart - 6 years ago
360p only for me
Michael Tovar
Michael Tovar - 6 years ago
Yeah, keeps buffering, and I'm on a rock solid connection.

Finally got to watch all of it though.

I don't think there's a way to remove the diesel impregnated in that plywood piece. There will always be a residual quantity there.
Stefano Padoan
Stefano Padoan - 6 years ago
same here!
Richard Collins
Richard Collins - 6 years ago
Only showing 360p. How can I see the results of your glorious sanding? LoL ;-)
William Shaw
William Shaw - 6 years ago
Sail Life i
Frank - 6 years ago
Good on ya for getting free gear but it gives your video that advertising touch. Your excitement certainly doesn't hint at unbiased information....
Bob Sneberger
Bob Sneberger - 6 years ago
I fly remote control airplanes, and sometimes we have to pull the oil out of balsa. A trick that we used is K2R Spot lifter. Spray the oil soaked wood with the spot lifter and let it slowly draw out the oil in the wood. The longer it sits, the more time it has to pull out the oil. Brush off the now oil soaked and spot lifter and repeat as necessary. When the spot lifter remains white and dry, all of the oil in the wood will be removed. This system works really well, and it should work on your oil soaked wood. You might be able to get a can of this in your pharmacy.
caerleon9176 - 6 years ago
Plywood is hygroscopic, so if you want to remove the diesel - the only method I know of is to burn it, as in destroying totally. Get a thin sheet of ply, cover over the area, prime and paint or cut it out and replace. Sorry!
Jeff Griglack
Jeff Griglack - 6 years ago
The sander looks great, but $450. Yow! I think I'll stick with what I have. Same with the vacuum.
About the diesel soaked plywood, if you paint it and the paint doesn't stick, the insulation will not adhere either. I don't know how to get diesel out of the plywood. I would probably cut out the plywood and replace it, at least the section with the diesel.
michael d
michael d - 6 years ago
Your mask?
MiQ Bohlin
MiQ Bohlin - 6 years ago
Works great on iPhone.
Glenn Segrest
Glenn Segrest - 6 years ago
Mads, I wonder how that new vac works with your router. Try removal of a thin layer of the ply until you remove the diesel soaked layer(s). I know the other side is done so tearing it all out seems terror-able idea. So router and then glue in a new section, fill and paint. I believe you could layer a few blankets on the cockpit sole now that the boom tent is up and turn on some heat inside the engine compartment. This with blankets along the sides of the port and starboard aft cabins as well as covering up the sail-drive hole should raise the temp enough to do epoxy work in there. In case you don't want to wait until spring to continue.
Thomas Payzant
Thomas Payzant - 6 years ago
Count me in for the meet up Thanks for all you do

10. comment for Sail Life - Preparing the engine compartment for paint & Bosch GEX 150 turbo + GAS 35 - DIY boat

BOB AHLBERG - 6 years ago
lucky you now you can sleep with girl friend on one side and turbo on the other side. great vid thanks for sharing
vanhooler - 6 years ago
Hi mads , isopropanol alcohol will take the diesel out , A few good soakings & a good few wipes.
Learning the Lines
Learning the Lines - 6 years ago
It's about dang time Bosch sponsored you! Congrats!
Starblast1 Bees
Starblast1 Bees - 6 years ago
my guess is most, or the majority, of the diesel sat on the surface and that is what got in the sanding paper the easiest, and the rest of the discoloration (stained) after having been sanded to the raw wood may still yet accept the primer, but that is going to be a bare raw eye decision you have to call for yourself. Do you think bleaching or an acetone based product will take out the petroleum oils if it appears to run deep into the grains of the wood?
Starblast1 Bees
Starblast1 Bees - 6 years ago
Sanding Sponges, come in various grits, has 4 sides with 90 degree angles for corners, and are a lot easyer on the hands and fingers to use than just a plain sheet of sanding paper, helps make sanding go faster. It is a sponge with adhered sanding surfaces.
Velero Albatross
Velero Albatross - 6 years ago
why you don't use mask :( when sanding, take care with u health :)
James Outerbridge
James Outerbridge - 6 years ago
Regarding your diesel staining issue, if you seal the area with several coats of a shellac based primer paint , it will offer you a good surface to apply your next layers of primer and finish coat. Shellac is what is called a can-cover-anything paint. It will also seal in any odours from the offending surface, but 'heck' its your engine compartment so its going to smell of something. good luck.
AK Leviathan III
AK Leviathan III - 6 years ago
I have cleaned diesel stains with acetone. Every day i gave it a good brush and let it vaporize. Repeat for couple days and diesel stain be gone... finish cleaning with warm water and detergent. As to the wood piece, do not remove it. Use epoxy to fill in missing part.
Wake for Me
Wake for Me - 6 years ago
much spiffy, many glorious
Xavier Bell
Xavier Bell - 6 years ago
chin up dude, its all good

20. comment for Sail Life - Preparing the engine compartment for paint & Bosch GEX 150 turbo + GAS 35 - DIY boat

Mr - 6 years ago
Unable to watch
Stephen Wawrzyniec
Stephen Wawrzyniec - 6 years ago
Automotive brake cleaning solvent works well on pulling out diesel,spray it heavy and have it drain onto a rag, soak and dry several times, don't saturate it all at once. The fumes are real bad, you need a vapor rated respirator and a good fan by the rudder post. I used this stuff many times, I once had spilled a gallon of diesel on the carpet in my house, when I was done you could not tell. Which reminds me, dry cleaning solvent would work too. Also, test it on a piece of scrap fiberglass to see if attacks resin.
Stephen Wawrzyniec
Stephen Wawrzyniec - 6 years ago
AHHHHH! Never sand before de-greasing! Tons of potential adhesion problems.
Chase Mixon
Chase Mixon - 6 years ago
To remove diesel from the plywood, buy a thin piece of plywood like a 1/4 inch or 4-5 mil piece then cover it up... :)
Sailing Luana Cordelia
Sailing Luana Cordelia - 6 years ago
Thanks for the new vid. Good luck Mads, diesel... I feel for ya!

All I can think is route it out shallow and epoxy veneer back in. Marine ply wood shouldn't be effected past the first layer due to the glue. I've not had luck covering oil on anything. I cant think wood would be more friendly here.

Also not friendly on paint is spray tack... that stuff will peel paint. So be careful if you are spray tacking the sound proofing in.
PCStuart1 - 6 years ago
Hi Mads, (again)About the 2 different videos, I have had no problem on my Windows 7 laptop.About your rusty steering bits, hmmm the clamp is solid but I suspect the arm off the side is welded onto the clamp, rusty and unsafe weld.Replace it all with 316 SS or Silicon Bronze. save yourself from the breakage later.So when you redesign it, put in some fillets or have the arm full width of the clamp, then taper it to the bearing rodend portion of the arm - essentially a long tapered arm.Cheers, Paul
Neil West
Neil West - 6 years ago
Fire it never fails to get rid of fuel spills and for a bonus, it gets rid of plywood too
Harvey Wilson
Harvey Wilson - 6 years ago
Wow!!... Those new doohickies really do a great job!
Tina Gray
Tina Gray - 6 years ago
Ty for your great videos and your go get em attitude. Just love it!
Richard Leech
Richard Leech - 6 years ago
You make slick, entertaining and highly informative videos Mads, thank you.

30. comment for Sail Life - Preparing the engine compartment for paint & Bosch GEX 150 turbo + GAS 35 - DIY boat

Archibald Tuttle
Archibald Tuttle - 6 years ago
This is a funny tent :-) I think it's about time BOSCH is offering you some sort of sponsoring!
SV Zaya
SV Zaya - 6 years ago
getting diesel out of plywood:

remove plywood from boat
try to air dry it with warm air
soak in petrol for around 18 hours
with a lighted match, toss onto plywood and run
johnnyohness - 6 years ago
You may want to investigate cedar shield made by cedercide. It soaks into the wood and pushes out moisture. Maybe it will push out the diesel?
johnnyohness - 6 years ago
As for the wood in your boat, I doubt that it will ever hold paint, but there may be a bright side to this. The diesel oil, stinky as it may be, could act as a preservative and prevent the wood from rotting.

Good Luck,
Felix Montino
Felix Montino - 6 years ago
Hey Mats, did you asked Bosch for some sponsoring? As there are other youtube-DIYs around who had sponsoreship for some month/years from Bosch, maybe you can be in the game! Check out "get hands dirty":
greeting from Germany pal!
Felix Montino
Felix Montino - 6 years ago
lol ok i should have watched till min 4:30. youre welcome :-D
CHRIS COLOME - 6 years ago
Still not working
freetimeblackhole - 6 years ago
Mads over here in the states we have a powder compound that is used for cleaning up oil spills from the driveway to industrial spills. I have used it on concrete but never wood it removes soaked in oil by an oil eating bacteria. Might be worth a shot to contact them and see if it would be safe for wood.

I have used it with excent results in just a few weeks just not on wood
beabundant - 6 years ago
What have you been doing, listening to Joe's Garage by Frank Zappa? You need to go into the closet with your appliances and don't worry Eva won't mind, she's from Cali so you can identify as an appliance if you want, we'll respect that...Hahaha!
Dax Mich
Dax Mich - 6 years ago
I think there is a consensus the only way to remove diesel out of plywood is set it on fire. The best way to approach it is to replace the piece. that way the OCD won't itch latter!!! :-)
fritzonvespa - 6 years ago
Hi Mads! Great job on the videos. For that small area of rot in the ply, have you considered cutting the ply back past the rot area across the front of the shelf ( parallel to the front edge ), and screwing /epoxy a solid timber member across the face ? Looks like you may need to remove about 30mm....replace with 30mm x 60mm timber for a stronger front edge that would look pretty spiffy!.....if you have a 10mm lip to the top, it would also stop dust/rust/crap from dropping onto the tank and engine area..... extra spiffy !! :-)
Gert Kjaer
Gert Kjaer - 6 years ago
It dosens work no Movie is showing
Mark Fryer
Mark Fryer - 6 years ago
I can't see any reason why the rudder mechanism should be carbon steel. Carbon steel doesn't pit and crevice corrode like stainless where you get localised corrosion - hence exhausts are best in ferritic stainless which doesn't pit and crevice either. Carbon steel will contaminate stainless with iron rich particles which corrode the stainless so always use stainless wire brushes on stainless and use a pickle and passivating cleaner. Can probably get away with painting the carbon steel but contact between the two isn't ideal - at least you can inspect it though.
manfred schmalbach
manfred schmalbach - 6 years ago
There's nothing ghetto with using g-force to variably secure pro tarp, is there?.
frank tartan
frank tartan - 6 years ago
Video played fine for me in Florida USA at 12am and now at 2am. Great as usual! Very spiffy new tools .
irgski - 6 years ago
think you’ve been “demonitized”
B1G J3RM - 6 years ago
Fire works good on most fuels
Alan Whittinghill
Alan Whittinghill - 6 years ago
Still nothing
Bill Van Raam
Bill Van Raam - 6 years ago
Video still is not loading, it’s been m many hours.
steven bloomfield
steven bloomfield - 6 years ago
Can’t load the video?
Scott Jones
Scott Jones - 6 years ago
Still experiencing issues playing, just get the spinning loading circle. I’ve tried a few times and haven’t had problems with other videos.

50. comment for Sail Life - Preparing the engine compartment for paint & Bosch GEX 150 turbo + GAS 35 - DIY boat

tonkacaptain - 6 years ago
Watched in 360, but your great attitude and humor still made me smile. Anytime your project plans get derailed I just consider it a cliff hanger for the the next video.
Darrel Walters
Darrel Walters - 6 years ago
Next day still cant see it :-(
Tohn Wyen
Tohn Wyen - 6 years ago
Doesn’t seem to work for mobile Youtube app.
Brian Reid
Brian Reid - 6 years ago
Can not get video to play and it driving me crazy HELP
Philip Whitburn
Philip Whitburn - 6 years ago
I look forward to Monday mornings Australia to catch up on your latest challenges and achievements. Been trying to look at your latest blog but no luck. I hope it’s sorted soon as my Mondays are just not the same without your terrific adventures.
Mz. 420 Momentz
Mz. 420 Momentz - 6 years ago
Was looking forward to watching this after Superbowl LII.
Håkan Jacobsen
Håkan Jacobsen - 6 years ago
Men for fandens også, det er måndag morgen og det virker stadigvæk ikke.
Mike Larson
Mike Larson - 6 years ago
Your new sander looks like the cats meow! Great video!
Roy Wessbecher
Roy Wessbecher - 6 years ago
Ha! Hand sanding CAUSES depression.
Watching someone else do it CURSES it... :-)
Aston Sadgrove
Aston Sadgrove - 6 years ago
Wow, so won’t load on iPhone either. Hmmmm
stimpsonjcat67 - 6 years ago
"9 out of 10 doctors recommend hand sanding..." LOL! There are no good hobbies where hand-sanding isn't the solution. My friend calls this 'polishing the soul'
kevman0111 - 6 years ago
Hit it with some acetone give it a scrub and through primer on it. The acetone wont clean the plywood very deep, but it will get it good enough for the paint to hold. Cover it with the insulation, and its all good. Also I read a comment that said to use some stainless behind your new filter set up and that seems like a pretty good idea. That my 2 cents.
Jim Bigner
Jim Bigner - 6 years ago
That vacuum was quite cool. I noticed you weren't covered in dust after sanding. I haven't seen one like that before.
Sail & Live
Sail & Live - 6 years ago
Still no video!!!!:/...
David Sharp
David Sharp - 6 years ago
cut out the rotten corner near the rudder post. sand it smooth and sister two pieces of wood to the top and bottom as braces.
Wallace Grommet
Wallace Grommet - 6 years ago
David Sharp qqa
Medic Dan
Medic Dan - 6 years ago
Can't watch ur video... have tried 8 different times over 12 hrs
David Sharp
David Sharp - 6 years ago
can you glue a white laminate to the area where the diesel penetrated? Or you could paint a thin piece of plywood and screw it over the oily piece.
Daniel Yount
Daniel Yount - 6 years ago
Nice set of tools to help get the job done.
RA D - 6 years ago
Your video will not stream. I’ve tried playing earlier videos and even your last one and they streamed fine. I think something is wrong with this one.
Chris Lee
Chris Lee - 6 years ago
The saddest thing today. Seeing a line spin around in a circle as your waiting to watch the new Sail Life video.. oh well go to bed and the wake up and watch it before I have to go to work.. WAIT WAIT SOLUTION. Puffin Browser with Youtube works.... IPAD Youtube App not working for video......... but ..PUFFIN browser saves the day.
Shawn Sweet
Shawn Sweet - 6 years ago
Glorious sanding! Nice job!
Finger Gun Studios
Finger Gun Studios - 6 years ago
Love the vidoes! I would suggest that you try to do as AvE and take care not to fall too deep down the free tool rabbit hole. I can't wait to see the cleaned up engine bay; keep up the good work!
Jim H.
Jim H. - 6 years ago
Maybe you could paint the diesel-soaked wood with an oil-base paint. Just work the paint in real good and the diesel will become part of the paint!
YOLO. dk
YOLO. dk - 6 years ago
Hej du
Du kan ikke få diesel ud af træ

Men tag din fræser og fræs ind til friskt træ sæt en " lap" i, så er du også fri for diesel lugten til sommer.

Og angående den lille "hylde" skær det dårlige stykke ud og sæt et nyt stykke i,.
homie789 - 6 years ago
Sorry Mads but there is no way of getting diesel out of well anything once it soaks in. I work with diesel every day and can say that even in clothes it doesn't wash out easily never mind wood that has had years of it. Good luck and can't wait till next weeks video
Ronnie Lovett
Ronnie Lovett - 6 years ago
Won’t start playing must be a bad video
Evan Spading
Evan Spading - 6 years ago
New silica regulations in the US pushed companies to come out with containment. Bosch and Hilti were ahead of the curve and have some good products glad you picked one up.
Kevin Swanson
Kevin Swanson - 6 years ago
i would put silica with resin to fill the rot and i would wrap that plywood with cloth and resin and im sure you wont have a repeat problem ,plus will make it stronger.
Emily Graham
Emily Graham - 6 years ago
BOSCH semi-sponsoship?? That is too coool! And the tent is ghettofabulous for sure lol.
Scale Model Enthusiast
Scale Model Enthusiast - 6 years ago
I guess I’ll try back later, so sad
Zack Menna
Zack Menna - 6 years ago
For some reason you're not able to view this video on Apple TV.
whammond511 - 6 years ago
I've tried 4 times today and can't get your video to load. Any ideas what's going on?
kellymatthewj29 - 6 years ago
I’m depressed still not working
Daniel Edlund
Daniel Edlund - 6 years ago
First and only video that dont work. Madsen please fix!!!!
Paul Quigley
Paul Quigley - 6 years ago
Try spray oven cleaner on that fuel saturation. It works wonders on ridding old military wood rifle stocks soaked in cosmoline grease. Just please ventilate the area. Spray on allow time to lift the oil out of the wood, rinse and repeat as necessary.
Dan L
Dan L - 6 years ago
This is the only good thing I have seen all day... Superbowl Sunday in New England... very sad day today
jhulmer - 6 years ago
I’ve tried for 8 hours to down load but still no luck. I’ll try again tomorrow.
Rottingboards - 6 years ago
Why does your videos only show thumbs up in a thousand at a time increments instead of single counts?
Andrew Himmer
Andrew Himmer - 6 years ago
Another great episode. Although I was wishing you got to painting the primer. I'd glad to see that engineer compartment cleaned up.
Dean Farina
Dean Farina - 6 years ago
Best way to get diesel out of plywood is gasoline...and a match.
It dose weaken the plywood just a tad though...
beachplumb - 6 years ago
I thought you were going to say, "Unlike my last vacuum, this one really sucks!"
beachplumb - 6 years ago
Sorry I'm late to this week's episode. I had to watch my beloved New England Patriots lose in Super Bowl LII
Ken Cousins
Ken Cousins - 6 years ago
I understand that fire is an excellent way of getting diesel out of plywood. YMMV.
midgoog2 - 6 years ago
You Tube appear to insist I am using the wrong ( as in non approved browser ) according to the help page I was sent to.
What I would like to know is ... when did they stop supporting their own product (Google Chrome) , which is my browser of choice!!!
Could someone from the "Google Tube" tech department please explain why 360 p is the max resolution available?
Cheers Eric
Peter Lindstrom
Peter Lindstrom - 6 years ago
very good, fun and informative video.. Thank you Mads !
Chip Bolcik
Chip Bolcik - 6 years ago
For some reason, this particular video only plays on my computer.  Not on my phone, not on my Apple TV.  Strange, huh?  But I love your videos!!!
Robert Garbe
Robert Garbe - 6 years ago
Not working
Peter Coffin
Peter Coffin - 6 years ago
Looks like the US/120V version of the vacuum is the Bosch VAC090AH and wow, I've never wanted a $600 vacuum cleaner more...
Jeffrey Wood
Jeffrey Wood - 6 years ago
Finally Bosch steps up! I am so happy that you finally got some free tools after all free promotion you have given them. :)  
The sanding nets look amazing - i couldn't believe you were able to sand without a mask in that small space. i am waiting for your review but I fairly certain my next tool purchase will be Bosch :)
John Speck
John Speck - 6 years ago
Curious why you say the cockpit is going to see a mix of petro products?

100. comment for Sail Life - Preparing the engine compartment for paint & Bosch GEX 150 turbo + GAS 35 - DIY boat

DIANA ATTAWAY - 6 years ago
Bright side of fuel soaked wood,no bugs,termites,etc.
MAL L - 6 years ago
Its amazing how much work can be found in just 38 feet;) you have resilience Mads i'll give u that, keep going!
Stevie FordRanger
Stevie FordRanger - 6 years ago
Refuses to start. 1:30pm AEDT (Australia)
John Key
John Key - 6 years ago
It won’t play for me. I haven’t been this disappointed since Donald trump became president
Wallace Grommet
Wallace Grommet - 6 years ago
6:25pm in Seattle and video still not loading. Strongly suspect the NFL, fearing competition for audience,
will block Sail Life until game has concluded
1958johndeere620 - 6 years ago
What did he say, " Colder then a witches tit " ????????? Ha
Tohn Wyen
Tohn Wyen - 6 years ago
Check out Dust Deputy or equivalent in your part of the world. It help your vac last longer and sustain efficient suction power.
Urban Deployment
Urban Deployment - 6 years ago
Even better, dreaming about your girlfriend using the sander.
Don Harden
Don Harden - 6 years ago
Funny to me is how the commercial plays but not the video
Kenneth McCowen
Kenneth McCowen - 6 years ago
Video never started.
JED - 6 years ago
I wouldn't worry about removing residual diesel from the plywood - just remove the contaminated piece & replace it. Why? If paint won't stick to it, adhesives for insulation won't either. You'll end up having to do something about that after the engine's back in place & in your way. For whatever it's worth, you're going to far with this project to just overlook something like that & leave it.
Pete Williams
Pete Williams - 6 years ago
I'm pretty sure this is my first ever comment on your channel but I just have to say you are awesome, your work is meticulous an dang spiffy and you have MY kind of O.C.D. dude! B-)
Jeremy Stotts
Jeremy Stotts - 6 years ago
Video won’t load
Tim Hanrahan
Tim Hanrahan - 6 years ago
I would just replace the plywood by cutting the affected area out and putting in a patch. I like to cut bad sections out using a jig saw with the blade set at a 45 degree angle. The patch edge also needs to be cut at a 45 degree angle so the two pieces with blend together seamlessly. Use a little thickened epoxy to adhere the two pieces, give the entire area a couple of coats of un-thickened epoxy, paint and call it a day.

It has been great watching you restore your boat. I am getting ready to start on a similar adventure and have learned quite a few tricks from you. When we get our boats in the water, and find ourselves in the same Caribbean anchorage, the drinks are on me. Cheers!
Bill B
Bill B - 6 years ago
Always entertaining and worthwhile watching :-)))
Regarding the plywood, think the diesel has affected the structure of the wood in at the least the outer/upper ply(s) hence the sanding residue - when I had a similar issue in the engine bay of my boat I marked the affected area in a rectangle and used a broad chisel to lift the outer 3mm or so of plys that came away easily, then cut and epoxied in a thin piece of ply and then knocked the surface back with a belt sander. Was pretty quick and I also wasn't too worried about surface perfection because I also just wanted to paint it to give a clean/smooth surface for the self adhesive sound deadening foam that went on top. BB
Mark Coppers
Mark Coppers - 6 years ago
Mads, I'm convinced that your favorite part of all of this is the cleaning.  You just seem to light up when you get to vacuum and clean.  To be fair, I think I must also have a secret cleaner inside of me, as I experience a very strong sense of "Ahhhh, that's better!" when see the finished product.  It feels very good to see Athena's 'under parts' go from dusty/grimy to "spiffy."  Now that I'm all worked up, I think I might go clean the bathroom!  Love your videos!
Khy Chapman
Khy Chapman - 6 years ago
I applaud the ghetto tent on the boat. You just need the final touch of a cable spool yard table with some crushed Bud Light cans strewn around on the ground. Great video, Madds.
GeneSun - 6 years ago
I would soak the area with naptha and then use Pig Mat to absorb both the naptha and diesel back out.
It's amazing stuff for absorbing oils.
Pig Mat comes in two types. One that will absorb only oil base liquids but not water and another that absorbs water base chemical but not oil.
Very handy to have on hand.
peter Engel
peter Engel - 6 years ago
My opinion diesel will not hut the plywood. You can get paint to adhere to the plywood by painting shellac over the affected area. I have done this in the past to stop the diesel from bleeding through the paint.
volkswatson - 6 years ago
Waaaa. I can’t watch. #sadsunday
Scott Chambers
Scott Chambers - 6 years ago
He's like the Bob Ross of boat building
peter Engel
peter Engel - 6 years ago
Mads I have a sign at home that says " Real Danes don't read directions" just wondering.
Brian Jones
Brian Jones - 6 years ago
Hi All, Yes I cannot load and view Mads latest episode..we may have to be patient until Mads wakes up tomorrow and finds the issue..
Can’t wait to see the result of the engine bay , it will be immaculate as usual I will bet hehe
IntermittentSailingWithKids - 6 years ago
Have no good advice about diesel in wood. Maybe try sealing it first with clear epoxy, and then paint over that? Honestly, it would probably take another 25 years of time to separate and degrade, so.... who cares? Sometimes you have to capitulate on things like this, when you know you can get a lot of time out of it. Regarding the low grade steel, seriously who puts that in a boat designed to go to a (salty) sea? I am thinking that goes on the replacement list. Lastly, just one item of safety, especially for hand sanding I would have a mask on..... You have no idea what's in that paint. Otherwise great product review and a good overview of what us older boat people already know. They didn't build them to take them apart again... :)
Proud Boy
Proud Boy - 6 years ago
Still not working!!!!
diy guru
diy guru - 6 years ago
It doesn't matter anyway but clay will take out just heat area and use clay mat may remove most of the oil but going insulate anyway ,good luck on the old girl!!
Mazda rx7
Mazda rx7 - 6 years ago
Best way to remove diesel from plywood is fire. hehehe Naw man just replace it, or cover it up. Best your going to do is remove the surface saturation, the the deeper stuff will find it's way out again. Years ago we used to mix diesel with tar to put on fence posts (the part that goes in the ground) to keep it from rotting out. Diesel sucks the tar right into the wood.
BUT, what you could do is drill into the ply (several places) and see how far the saturation is. If not too deep, you could rout it out and epoxy fill the void. If really deep, rout out, fill with a thin piece of ply and epoxy.
CK H - 6 years ago
Effective way to remove diesel from wood? Burn it. Or replace the wood.
aserta - 6 years ago
Possibly mild steel to prevent damage, tho, then, why can't it be out of duralumin?
bobie gale
bobie gale - 6 years ago
Waiting for Spiffey to enter the room.
Mike Hartmann
Mike Hartmann - 6 years ago
The long term permanent solution to the problem of diesel saturated ply is to cut it out and replace it. The long term problem is that if the plywood really is saturated, eventually the diesel will cause the ply to delaminate. If you just don’t want to deal with the extra work of remove and replace, then I would try a (non flammable) degreaser of some type (here in the USA I have used a product called TSP with moderate success). After removing as much as I could that way, I’d epoxy over the area. This may extend the life of the board a bit, but I must also say I am not optimistic in your case because that plywood is going to be exposed to heat from the motor, which may serve to accelerate delamination.

For my own peace of mind, I must caution you against using a flammable degreaser in an enclosed space like that. A concentration of fumes can lead to a spontaneous flash fire, which, based on personal experience, would be a very, very bad thing.
Emiliano Colombo
Emiliano Colombo - 6 years ago
To be honest, i`m happy to hear that they gave you those tools for free, it’s good to see some help to our favorite soon to be sailor!
Robert Persons
Robert Persons - 6 years ago
You cannot get diesel out of anything. It is impossible.
Having dealt with diesel fuel for years, I've never been able to wash it out of my clothes when I've become soaked in diesel many times. I end up throwing away my apparel. I hope you do find a way.
You're always positive and able to figure out the impossible.... (core, soaking wet this and that) Good luck, I'm waiting for your solution.
Stay positive!
bigblockcutlass123 - 6 years ago
more riot, lot of boat just are not built that good. A little more time and care put into building them. They would last.
Sailing S/V Teak Key Randy Fryling
Sailing S/V Teak Key Randy Fryling - 6 years ago
GREAT new sander love new tools....S/V Teak Key
Sailing Wannabe
Sailing Wannabe - 6 years ago
I wouldn't recommend it but fire would get the diesel unofficial the wood
Stephen Ferguson
Stephen Ferguson - 6 years ago
Video won’t play
Giles Beckley
Giles Beckley - 6 years ago
Just a note about wet and dry vacuums from had won experience - I now only use them for one or the other. If you use them fine particle collection and then use them for sucking up water it can cause real problems with the motors if this is something you do regularly. Having gone through 4 wet and dry vacuums in around 18 months I then bought 2 (1 for each job) and have not had a problem in over 2 years. Buy a cheap wet and dry machine for 'water sucking' duties, and get years of duty from that lovely new vacuum!
Uk Gamer
Uk Gamer - 6 years ago
Sooo many hours and youtube still hasn't made it 4k :(
Karl Grau
Karl Grau - 6 years ago
Just replace plywood
Seamus Reilly
Seamus Reilly - 6 years ago
What’s going on?. Vid not losding
Mark Gallant
Mark Gallant - 6 years ago
I can’t believe after a week of waiting i will not see a sail life video oh mads mads do something lool
ecleveland1 - 6 years ago
By the way it's not just that boat it's all boats! I'm sure you've heard this one before, BOAT stands for "Bust Out Another Thousand". Big or small there is something always to do to a boat.
spencer marshall
spencer marshall - 6 years ago
Diesel fuel flashes at 140 degrees F. If it were me I would break out a heat gun and have at it.
zimtuff - 6 years ago
How much did the vac cleaner cost? Looks good.
bmr4106 - 6 years ago
6:3M, EST, still broke:-(
Lk M
Lk M - 6 years ago
Never saw the vid. Did see the comment on diesel . Insitu vitrification, love saying that. Even used that line at coffee this am. Basically heat the wood and out it comes. Would keep the heat supper low and use time as the helping hand.. the vid may be accessible later , I hope so until then no”Hi Guys” . Love your vids
Axel Sixtysix
Axel Sixtysix - 6 years ago
well about the diesel soaked ply, I would just glue a 3mm ply over the area with polyurethane glue which sticks to anything. Then you get a nice clan surface to paint on. I'm afraid there's nothing you can do with diesel deep soaked into wood, unfortunately...
Todd Dunn
Todd Dunn - 6 years ago
3M Citrus cleaner will completely remove the diesel on the surface. It will leave the boat smelling like oranges, but you can wash the residue off with water. As far as paint goes, Interlux Bilgekote will stick to diesel and oil saturated wood.
Olli K
Olli K - 6 years ago
It's not really removing the diesel from the plywood but the diesel will be gone...replace the plywood.
ecleveland1 - 6 years ago
Make a paste out of plaster of paris and acetone. I've pulled oil out of Granite and wood with this paste. It takes a day or so to pull it out and you may have reapply.
Jake Yaboi
Jake Yaboi - 6 years ago
Still can’t watch in USA:(
pat K
pat K - 6 years ago
My late father always called these projects ( nested projects).
Thomas Gregory
Thomas Gregory - 6 years ago
Hubba hubba! Off to buy me a Bosch tomorrow! Well maybe not tomorrow but I do need a ROS and a few other bits.
Mike Yadrick
Mike Yadrick - 6 years ago
on the ferrous steel steering arm--my suggestion is for you to locate a shop with a Glass Bead Blast cabinet. I recently retired from an Apparatus Repair Shop(large motors, gens and transformers)--the only reason I stayed there for 43 years was that we had Bead Blaster at our convenience. If you have not experienced such a tool I guarantee you will be very impressed. This is a situation where you might have a bottle of Whiskey/Vodka or? for a bit of barter. Mark and photo those attached cables. When the arm has been cleaned, apply something like Zinc Chromate primer,,then your epoxy primer and you're good to go! For removing the diesel from the wood, I have had good luck with a product we in America call "Wisk", its for laundry and is a liquid----if you cannot find that I would try "Dawn" dish washing detergent----this has many uses and a Must-Have for a DIY repair person. Love that new vacuum and sander--have been using a vacuum-sander assy for over 20yrs. Good Luck-------Mikey
evanofelipe - 6 years ago
My Fifth try to view this and still failed to download. Continual buffering, when other video’s run. Presumably others can get it to run. Having since now read down through the comments, I am not alone. Mads, ‘we have no tad da’
Adrian Swanton
Adrian Swanton - 6 years ago
Had same trouble watching , try this copy the link and paste it directly into safari,worked for me
Bill Miller
Bill Miller - 6 years ago
Sill can’t watch. Maybe try to re-upload
Talhern - 6 years ago
Great Vid as usual good sir. I have a solution to your dilemma. :D Perhaps you can have a dream about your girlfriend using your GEX 150 Turbo. :) that way you have both the sexy things in your life in one dream lol.
Fred Grimwood
Fred Grimwood - 6 years ago
Remove the old diesel soaked wood and replace the pieces. The best way if it can be done.
Carl Thor
Carl Thor - 6 years ago
Sorry boss. Diesel is sort of like Devils glue (3M 5200) once it's there, it's there. If someone can come up with a way. As one below put it Epoxy coating. You might try to talk to the guy at Boatworks Today, he would be my idea of who know how to get it fixed or covered.
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez - 6 years ago
I removed cosmoline from a mosin nagant gun stock using "mineral spirits" .
Chris Olsen
Chris Olsen - 6 years ago
Re: Download Trouble. I found a work around for the mobile app downloading issue. Forward the video to yourself as a text. I was able to play it in messages.
jjaus - 6 years ago
I can only play 360p.
The Dude
The Dude - 6 years ago
The only thing I know of for taking care of the diesel would be Kilz. You can get it as a spray or gallon can. Make sure not to get their water based one. The normal stuff is an oil based primer that is purpose built for covering stains and odors. I work as a maintenance tech at an apartment complex. We will sometimes get leaks from our fire sprinkler system which contains propylene glycol. It is pretty nasty stuff as far as seeping through the paint so we have to do a ton of coats with the stuff. It dries in about 15-20 minutes so it is not that bad. Just make sure to have good ventilation and a respirator, it is pretty strong stuff. I'd say to do about 5-10 coats of that, then go with your primer on top, then paint it. Will be golden after that. Also, if you accidentally get it on something use a product called Xylene. It is a medium strength solvent that will get it off pretty quick. I've been able to get Kilz off of hardwood floors with that stuff. I have also seen it under the name Xylol and Dimethylbenzene.
Greg Cripps
Greg Cripps - 6 years ago
A match should get it out but it would be detrimental to the rest of Athena......
phillip morenoo
phillip morenoo - 6 years ago
Unable to download !
Mark Peacock
Mark Peacock - 6 years ago
Blank black screen!
Nichola Knight
Nichola Knight - 6 years ago
The video will not stream to my iPad .....there's a problem somewhere..
Titus Tiger
Titus Tiger - 6 years ago
One of the thoughts I have on almost every tool (vacuum cleaner) is what the future of the when you start sailing

Like which one will you be taking with you when you go sailing and, even, which one could you take... space and power needs related
Ross Craig-Browne
Ross Craig-Browne - 6 years ago
can't get HD - waited several hours
C_R_O_M__________ - 6 years ago
Hi, I'm not sure if that would help but I'd considered cutting out the diesel infested area not only to get rid of the odour and dampness but also to enlarge the access to the engine room from the side. Maybe a removable door?
M B - 6 years ago
Lucky of Bosch to get you to speak on their tools! ;)
Benjamin Von Handorf
Benjamin Von Handorf - 6 years ago
I found your channel while sick a weekend ago... I think I've watched all your Athena videos since then and several of the older ones. While I'm not a sailor and will probably never be, I love your approach and attitude. Your unflappable (at least after editing :) ) response to surprises is an inspiration.

I can't wait to see you float Athena! Keep up the good (hard) work and thanks for sharing it with us!
Terry Harms
Terry Harms - 6 years ago
I like that bosch system a lot, I want one, LOL I am rebuilding a 1969 mci motor home and its looks like I am in need of that set up... Thanks for the show and I am following all of your rebuild on the sail boat, you are doing a great job and thanks for all your vids
Brian Nielsen
Brian Nielsen - 6 years ago
Great job as always, now I don't know a trick on how to removing diesel from a painter I can give you a trick on how to paint.
If you thin your paint it will penetrate into the wood better, even if the paint is thin use the proper thinner and thin it some more, we have all painted a piece of wood and the end grain needed a second coat to look the same as the rest of the wood, its pretty much the same, you thin it, it will "soak" in like a sponge. You will have to coat it many times to get the same look, but it should give you a long lasting job.
Sven Nielsen
Sven Nielsen - 6 years ago
How to get diesel out of plywood... Burn it... It works, I'll guarantee you....
mudcrutched1 - 6 years ago
Even tho I can’t watch Still it’s PRETTY DANG SPIFFY.
R C - 6 years ago
Bosch sponsors a sander and a dust collector for this channel. A wise choice considering theres 37k subs and its basically sanding life! Curious to see how those work for you, thats a torture test for any sander!!
Michael Rizzo
Michael Rizzo - 6 years ago
im sold on both the vac. and sander
William Kizer
William Kizer - 6 years ago
The only way I've ever gotten diesel fuel out of wood required the use of a match.
Finger Gun Studios
Finger Gun Studios - 6 years ago
Diesel doesn't ignite when just exposed to a flame
Unhealthy Life Decisions
Unhealthy Life Decisions - 6 years ago
3Hours it's been up and it's still 360P, good job Youtube.
Bjoern Gothe
Bjoern Gothe - 6 years ago
Hi Mads. Thanks for that video. I use oven cleaner getting oil out of wooden gun stocks. I do not know if this is the right english expression. In german it is called 'Backofenreiniger'.
utz48 - 6 years ago
Best and safest way is to replace the wood, but diesel fuel will begin it vaporize between 52C and 96C. So in theory you could use your heating pad and vacuum to try and extract some of it. But it increases the risk of fire since the hydrocarbon vapors are combustible, probably unlikely in the concentrations you’ll get but never the less it’s still a risk. Personally I’d sand it as best I could then paint over it if you’re not concerned with the possibility of poor paint adhesion since you’re covering with sound deadening materials anyway. Good luck I enjoy your videos. -Brian
William Choy
William Choy - 6 years ago
My iPad YouTube app couldn’t load the video and the comment/reply didn’t work, either.Try using your Chrome browser.
William fforbes-Rutt
William fforbes-Rutt - 6 years ago
Could you post your videos’s on an other platform then YouTube?
Sailing On, Challanger 40
Sailing On, Challanger 40 - 6 years ago
Hi I have worked on boats all my life (dad was a boat builder) and the best way I know to remove diesel from wood is to light it on fire. You might want to remove it from the boat first though.
Dan R
dansetango - 6 years ago
you are very funny !....keep up the good work !!!
Sail Away
Sail Away - 6 years ago
Doesn’t work, dunno how to get trough next week now....
Colin Coady
Colin Coady - 6 years ago
The mild steel arm off your rudder stock should be made from 316 ss, the reason yours is mild steel is cost. I install a fair amount of autopilots and allways use stainless. There normally difficult to get to and it's rare that there inspected, so stainless is a good material for the application, also you can be sure there is no interaction with the stainless rudder stock. Hope it helps.
manfred schmalbach
manfred schmalbach - 6 years ago
Problem with stainless is the making: Stainless tends to weld corrosion which isn't visible until it breaks without any warning sign "out of the blue". You do not want this with a rudder, let alone the auto pilot.
David Macdonald
David Macdonald - 6 years ago
This is just a thought, have you considered turning the engine bay into a sump , in case your seal ever leaks , with Associates sump pump bilge pump .
max x
max x - 6 years ago
And extras water alarm is also not a bad idea
Ruud Hw
Ruud Hw - 6 years ago
Dang it! Won’t load here either. Everything else is working just fine.
William fforbes-Rutt
William fforbes-Rutt - 6 years ago
Could you post your videos’s on an other platform then YouTube?
Tino Senf
Tino Senf - 6 years ago
Sponsored by BOSCH...
max x
max x - 6 years ago
My concern is the diesel fume in the wall. Since the aft cabin will be your`s. You may find yourself with diesel fumes while sleeping. Why not replace the damage section. The aft cabin is not finish anyway. Placing drip container under all filters would also be a good thing to prevent this sort of thing.
Jon Hansen
Jon Hansen - 6 years ago
The standard DEGREASER used by painters forever is TSP or TRISODIUM PHOSPHATE. Sold in the US by Savogran Company at home centers and paint/hardware stores. We used to use it to scrub the floor in an auto shop and I used it for decades for the nastiest pre-paint cleaning jobs like years of cooking grease on kitchen walls. If this doesn't get the diesel off the plywood I doubt anything else will either. Use gloves.
Jp Kalishek
Jp Kalishek - 6 years ago
I also was limited to only 360P resolution on the vid.

Fire works to get fuels out of wood.
Work really well.
Granted it'd burn the wood as well, but you'd be sure and certain it is all out.
Seriously, I doubt you will get much diesel out of the wood. If it isn't replaced, it will pretty much stay there. If it isn't causing a smell issue, or structural issues, I'd not worry overmuch and just cover it with sound and heat insulation. iirc you mentioned you were relocating the filter system, right? Maybe a "wash" of very thin oil based paint would cover it over, but I don't think that would work well with your other primer.
Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
Bill Karoly
Bill Karoly - 6 years ago
A match will do the job. Cut out that section of plywood and replace it.
Jeremy Holovacs
Jeremy Holovacs - 6 years ago
Fire. Gets diesel out of plywood every time.
Blackwater Sailor
Blackwater Sailor - 6 years ago
Another great video Mads, shame about the 5 min Bosch commercial at the start though. These 20 mins are so precious, please don't waste time telling us about free tools that I can't afford :-(
Roger Bannister
Roger Bannister - 6 years ago
Thanks for another interesting video! Is fiberglassing the interior of the engine compartment an option?
58dorsett - 6 years ago
You could try heating the diesel soaked panel with hot air, then immediately applying engine degreaser which will draw the degreaser into the pores of the wood as it cools over night, then thoroughly flush with hot water to remove the degreaser and diesel that it carries. Acetone works well to dilute petroleum, however if the acetone is not removed in a liquid state, it vaporizes leaving the petroleum product behind. A good trick when painting is to preheat the areas to be painted which drives out the moisture in the substrate, and immediately paint while still warm, and the paint will be drawn in as it cools instead of merely covering the surface it will bond better. This strategy also works well with slow set epoxy.
Raymond Gignac
Raymond Gignac - 6 years ago
Still can’t open.......
ElgarL - 6 years ago
Use a blowtorch or a hot air gun paint stripper on the diesel contaminated plywood. It will evaporate it so you can then get a good bond with the primer.
There is not enough diesel in there to ignite so just heat the wood until it begins to brown.
I used this method on my narrow-boat.
William fforbes-Rutt
William fforbes-Rutt - 6 years ago
Could you post your videos on a other platform than YouTube!
KS Vlogs
KS Vlogs - 6 years ago
The video does not stream. Can you create a solution ?
kellymatthewj29 - 6 years ago
Still not working
Marshall Browne
Marshall Browne - 6 years ago
Definitely check all the steering and rudder post stuff while you have such wonderful access to them.  Great tool and as always video too.
Julius Fretter
Julius Fretter - 6 years ago
Thank you your vids are like a Weekend ritual
John Cusick
John Cusick - 6 years ago
that bosch sander and vac are excellent, so nice and quick work. unfortunately way beyong my budget however, will have to stick with fogging up dust goggles, moist masks, dust everywhere
John Cusick
John Cusick - 6 years ago
also i need to mount a new brass skin fitting for my electric bilge pump on my 1988 jenneau's hull, its above the waterline. should i use sikaflex or butyl tape? thanks
Phil Rusciano
Phil Rusciano - 6 years ago
use a small hand propane torch. Will remove diesel and possibly offending piece of plywood. Just a thought while shaving!!!
Mike L Hawaii
Mike L Hawaii - 6 years ago
I would love to work for you Mads, I would spend 99% of my time listening to you yammer and 1% of time doing actual work.
Curtis Bridges
Curtis Bridges - 6 years ago
Mads, it's time to repaint the stern of the boat. She's officially no longer from "Scotland". I shed a tear for my ancestors. Time for a new point of origin for Athena!!!
psychollek - 6 years ago
I've been always wandering when bosch will contact you and send some stuff finally. Good job bosch, this is social media done right !

As for removing diesel from plywood - I do know that fire works really well at least with the petrol soaked plywood - it does remove the plywood in the process unfortunately.
Lucky Goose
Lucky Goose - 6 years ago
Ya, you have to use the Bosh 5897-23  diesel soaked plywood remover tool.
Steven Hepple
Steven Hepple - 6 years ago
Its on 360 p only at the moment ?
David Spelmans
David Spelmans - 6 years ago
Mads, did you know what was wrong with the boat when you bought it? In my opinion the owner should have give you money to sail it out of Scotland. Man, what an Hercules work you are doing there! All my respect, guy ;)
Brent Cameron
Brent Cameron - 6 years ago
Nice tools... and thought I might treat myself to one of those beautiful little shop vac's as my trusty Rigid is getting a bit noisy and I could use two anyway until I checked out the price of a similar one in Canada... $981!!!  Then I looked up the sander... $550!    Of course to that, we also have to add 13% tax.   Ouch!
max x
max x - 6 years ago
Good sponsor :-)
mdaddley - 6 years ago
Mads is that paint oil based? If so it will go over the diesel just fine...
Steve Gem
Steve Gem - 6 years ago
Hey mads, get out your multi-tool ,and cut off a 2-inch slice off the front edge of that rotten piece of plywood, then get out your biscuit joiner and biscuit on a 2-inch slice of hardwood. problem solved ! even if it's a taper cut should work just fine
LandyAndy62 - 6 years ago
Video wouldn't play on iPhone, but works fine on a MacBook. 

Another thought on your diesel contaminated plywood - can you paint it with an oil based paint, then paint over it with your primer??
Deck Hand
Deck Hand - 6 years ago
maybe try aceton - at least you may get the surface clean for bonding. Fun to see the 150 mm grinder and a propper vacuum. I use a Festool Rotex 150 E and a CT Mini Vacuum since years for mulitpurpose (polishing gelcoat, sanding, etc.): great tools! I hope the Bosch tools are as good.
spinnaker5514 - 6 years ago
I see the green cockpit drain houses are criss crossed to the opposite side of the hull. Can anyone explain why that is? I'm guessing it's so water doesn't come into the cockpit when healed over??? Couldn't this be accomplished with a simple one way valve thus cleaning up the space with less hose and the cost of less hose as well? Please let me know your thoughts.Also, how did you get Bosch to sponsor your new tools? Did you contact them and ask or did they some how find you? BTW I have two Bosch sanders that I am very please with as well. I burned up a Dewalt the first day on my boats bottom and when I went to return it they refused as they said that was extended continous use and therefore abbussive. I didn't think so. There is nothing in the manuel about limiting the run time! Thanks for another great video! Can't wait to meet Ava!
Alex Couto
Alex Couto - 6 years ago
Mads, please please accept an energy boost from all of us. Those hurdles although shameful and frustrating for you are always a lesson to be learned for us all. Keep up the good work! (Ps: nice joke the with the Bosh sander, Eva must be a nice girl for sure!)
LandyAndy62 - 6 years ago
Two ways to get diesel out of wood: soak it in solvent for months, or set fire to it :-( I go with your though, just clean it up as best you can, and then paint it. On the bright side, its not going to rot is it!
CK H - 6 years ago
Ha. "Take this for a spin".
Bonnie Schlecht
Bonnie Schlecht - 6 years ago
A can,t view it will not down load or play
SouthJerseySound - 6 years ago
Mads-Brake Clean should clean that enough for a epoxy paint ,I've used it to get diesel oil out of everything and I dont know if you saw my previous comments but if its not too late,save the stainless from the old tanks.It was in good enough shape and it makes GREAT mounts and backing plates.Just cut it into sheets.
SouthJerseySound - 6 years ago
Also congratulations on the free gear,you are one youtuber that deserves it.
Leandro André
Leandro André - 6 years ago
your videos used to be really good but now i feel like they are just getting boring :( maybe next week...
Trisha Lee
Trisha Lee - 6 years ago
please wear a mask at all times :(
Mark Bernier
Mark Bernier - 6 years ago
If someone has a magical way to get diesel out of plywood I'd like to know it too. Just cut it out. On that vacuum, the autostart is a great feature. What I am wondering about is the life and cost of the filters.
Cabin Cruiser LittleBigTime
Cabin Cruiser LittleBigTime - 6 years ago
Will the diesel soaked wood cause an odor problem?
GhillieLand - 6 years ago
Bob Mullins
Bob Mullins - 6 years ago
Kudos to Bosch for sending you that spiffy sander.  as for the stain this shellack based product will cover oil based stains & all sorts of other stains too. not super expensive & can be given several coats in pretty short order. dries super quick, but ruins brushes so use a 'disposable'
Derek O'Brian
Derek O'Brian - 6 years ago
Acetone will remove diesel and every other oil or grease. Use it a lot . Start it with brush from upper part , 2 - 3 inches above the stain area . - Don't pioson yourself - good ventilation .
........... And btw. - remove all rusty metals from your boat. Rust weaken a fiberglass and even cause decomposition. You are doing very good job , so far.
Henry Morgan
Henry Morgan - 6 years ago
Don't worry about rotten wood.  You know we never want you to stop making videos!  Lol!
5Stringslinger - 6 years ago
Yeah. Kind of a mixed bag with this.
Straight from AvE sight, I woud say you sold yourself out, taking that Bosch Tools *cough*industrywhore*cough*.
But since it's you, working all weekend, every weekend, I gotta cut you some slack for taking that tools that are not just for testing, but save you some time and making life a tiny bit easyer.
So congrats on that new hardware. Keep it up!
Adam D
Adam D - 6 years ago
Advertising of the future! Still better than the home shopping network!
myermedia - 6 years ago
It highly unlikely you will be able to 'remove' the diesel from the plywood. You can however 'seal it in' to get a good paint surface to bond. As others have mentioned if the paint doesn't bond, the insulation glued to it will not bond either.. Look into this product. I've used it with great success. It may also be a viable product to use, along with their wood restore product to fix up that plywood corner should you elect to not remove the rudder shaft.
rog mags
rog mags - 6 years ago
hose begone ? does that come in a paste or spray ?
mmanut - 6 years ago
Your channel has turned into a tool advertisement. Don’t like it!!!
Life On The Mold - Building a 40 Foot Catamaran
Life On The Mold - Building a 40 Foot Catamaran - 6 years ago
Good to see you getting into the hand sanding Madds.Taadaaa.Fingerprints be gone.
Kirk Beaumont
Kirk Beaumont - 6 years ago
Ahhh.. Glorious sanding!
nbadhorse - 6 years ago
Coop W
Coop W - 6 years ago
Fire will get that diesel out for sure.
Sailing Norma
Sailing Norma - 6 years ago
Danget youtube.! Our popcorn is getting cold.!
White Boi.
White Boi. - 6 years ago
You are proper OCD
Adam D
Adam D - 6 years ago
Does it take one to know one? haha
- FreeSpirit -
- FreeSpirit - - 6 years ago
☝Maybe using Owatrol oil ''' D1 ''' and than ''' D2 ''
~ Greetings from the Netherlands ~ I like your videos very much ~
Stephen Davison
Stephen Davison - 6 years ago
Have you tried turning it off and on again ?
Cptn Uwe's Pirate Tales
Cptn Uwe's Pirate Tales - 6 years ago
thankyou , yes for some stupid reason google and youTube decided it would be fun to sign in everytime you use it, for security reasons of course.
Bryant D
Bryant D - 6 years ago
I suspect you might truly dream of Ava sanding away with that new GEX 150, kind of like one of those scantly clad bikini models washing a car, except Ave would be bundled up entirely for a Denmark winter! :) :) Thanks always for sharing your work!
gillywild - 6 years ago
Not viewable in Germany :(
SV Barry Duckworth
SV Barry Duckworth - 6 years ago
Awesome video. I want to run out and buy a Bosch vacuum like that now as well as the turbo-encabulator sander. I should have done this 2 years ago when I started my own refit instead of the crappy little Ryobi and using the Rigid wet-vac I already had. It would have saved a lot of work. I kick myself for being cheap then, and now it is too late since we are just a few months from untying the lines and that is too much equipment to take along on the boat.

As for the diesel in the wood, as others have suggested there is likely a primer solution that has been formulated just for this very issue. Now is the time to talk to your local marine paint representative and expert. They will likely have a product they can recommend which will be able to prime the oily plywood and encapsulate it while sticking well without peeling. Then you can cover that with another primer such as 2-part epoxy before using whatever it is you plan on using for your final coat here in the engine room. I'm sure you are not the first person to need to paint oily plywood on a boat so an easy primer solution is likely to be on the market.

Giving free product advise and support is the job of these higher-up paint representatives to help with these questions. Professional painters even use this resource when they have questions or issues themselves. Maybe you might even make a contact there, who might be interested in working out another sponsorship deal with Sail Life. That would be awesome. Once you get one real sponsorship deal like the one from Bosch the ice has been broken and other companies will then take you more seriously when considering sponsoring you too. You have a great vlog with a ton of active subscribers. You richly deserve to reap all the benefits of your hard work and dedication here and now.

Finally, that plywood rot doesn't look too bad and seems to be localized in that small corner. I personally would probably just cut it back to good wood, taper it out, and then fiberglass it back to rebuild and reinforce the shelf area and tab it back in securely. It surely will be much easier and faster than trying to replace the whole piece, and it will be a stronger repair than it was when new. Once it is fared in and everything is painted it will be invisible and better than new.
Kraals - 6 years ago
While this is not a standard boat process the principle is the same.  I have used this process and it works very well.  In the video he mentions it is a messy, smelly process.  Well yes and no.  Acetone is acetone, the whiting compound does not smell.  It may take more than one application to achieve the result you desire, but it's easy and goes quickly.  Good luck.
SV Barry Duckworth
SV Barry Duckworth - 6 years ago
It sounds like a good workable solution, maybe combined with a primer formulated to securely cover any diesel that doesn't draw all the way out of the wood fibers. As mentioned by others there is a product called Killz here in the US that I've used with great success in the past. I am sure there is something in Denmark that is similar.
Kraals - 6 years ago
The acetone causes the oil to migrate out of the wood fibers and the whiting powder is highly absorbent and pulls the acetone containing the oil to the surface.  The acetone evaporates quickly leaving the dry powder on the surface.  A few minutes later you brush the oil soaked whiting powder away and viola'  I've used this a couple of times.  It works.
SV Barry Duckworth
SV Barry Duckworth - 6 years ago
Acetone should help a lot all by itself. I have never used this whiting compound but I did use straight oxalic acid (wood bleach) on my sole and it did a very good job of getting out stains from diesel and other things that were spilled onto the sole and got past whatever urethane or epoxy coating Hallberg-Rassy originally used where it got scratched or penetrated at dents in the wood.
Edward Massengale
Edward Massengale - 6 years ago
Another great video Mads. However from someone thats been married for a very long time, the sander comparison to the new lady may come back and bite you. She better have a great Valentines day is my suggestion! My Sunday is complete, thank you very much.
SV Barry Duckworth
SV Barry Duckworth - 6 years ago
If the new young lady has a problem with something as silly as that then now is the time to find out, before it is too late.
JJH - 6 years ago
triple check : 360 for me too
John Beskow
John Beskow - 6 years ago
Re: Holes in cockpit might they have been a failed exploration with an emergency steering position in mind ? Is this an
item you would give consideration to ? Much easier than lashing a bunk board to a spinnaker pole ah the good old days.
Hakan Sagerkrans
Hakan Sagerkrans - 6 years ago
Ohhh Mads, I feel your pain so much right now. I have the same scene on our boats refit, you remove one thing that needs to be fixed only to find two more things to fix"behind".
How lucky are we not???? Hahaha
Must love sailing
Must love sailing - 6 years ago
Must agree, started out with the cabin sole wound up into a complete rebuild of the 34' wrought spot. Including the mast.
Kyle McCann
Kyle McCann - 6 years ago
Can't help but thinking your a bit of a Bosch fanboy Mads :)
manfred schmalbach
manfred schmalbach - 6 years ago
SV Barry Duckworth I learnt at the very beginning that the cheapest repair at the end is the one You do not have to buy Your tools twice for, plus two more expensive tools just to additionally repair what You f**ked up with the bloody cheap tool You got in the first place.
SV Barry Duckworth
SV Barry Duckworth - 6 years ago
Bosch and Hilti are really the two major brands that are seen everywhere in the serious commercial construction trades here in the US, other than Milwaukee (Techtronic Industries owned) and a bit of DeWalt (Stanley/Black & Decker owned) There are a few others like Makita but that seems to have peaked 10 or so years ago. Their early battery drills were popular back when they first came out, along with the Panasonic (Matsushita) battery drills -but not seen as much any more around here.

I prefer Bosch because of the ability to find spare parts easily and not too expensively. They last fairly well in production use and don't just fall apart. I could easily be a fanboy although I'm too cheap to buy the high-quality tools when the low-grade stuff works OK and I'm not using it that heavily in personal home/boat use.
manfred schmalbach
manfred schmalbach - 6 years ago
I have to buy my (blue) Bosch products and I am an openly frenetic fanboy, too.
Most impressive: I still could get ANY spare part for my more than 30 year old GST 85 PE during a recent rebuild; they offer single screws in OEM quality ... That's the way You do business: for people like me, 100 bucks more for a new one isn't important as long as I know I could keep it going strong for decades with this sort of spare part policy. Not even Makita has it to that extend. So: two options to buy a keeper, with Bosch (blue = professional) one of them - don't think twice, no matter what price. (End fan rant)
SV Barry Duckworth
SV Barry Duckworth - 6 years ago
I would be a fanboy too if they gave me free tools. I admit that I am a WestMarine fanboy myself because of the awesome Pro account discount I get.
Kyle McCann
Kyle McCann - 6 years ago
Ah I just seen that they sponsored the tools - Congrats!
per hallsmark
per hallsmark - 6 years ago
For all that glorious sanding... there must be some work music... may I suggest :
Robert Orzech
Robert Orzech - 6 years ago
What about using oil based exterior paint ?
Robert Aderholdt
Robert Aderholdt - 6 years ago
Sorry about the rotten plywood. But if it's any consolation: "That looks like a good job for mad Mads!":-)
adrian thorpe
adrian thorpe - 6 years ago
yes 360, but loaded fine from uk
harland fazardo
harland fazardo - 6 years ago
Oil base paint might work in the oil soaked area?
Robert Aleardi
Robert Aleardi - 6 years ago
Why don't you just cut-out the small rotted area in that plywood and then epoxy in a small piece of plywood. Instead taking out the whole piece of plywood, I think you make extra work for yourself. That area is not critical to the integrity of the hull.
Dan Polhill
Dan Polhill - 6 years ago
adrian thorpe
adrian thorpe - 6 years ago
same as tank base
DesertSquid - 6 years ago
adding to the others, you could just cut out the rot, build a mold around the cut out, and just fill with epoxy/406. Don't over think it.
Jean-François Meilleur
Jean-François Meilleur - 6 years ago
Agreed! And use soaking epoxy!
Davide Grego
Davide Grego - 6 years ago
I agree too!!
adrian thorpe
adrian thorpe - 6 years ago
Greg Mirr
Greg Mirr - 6 years ago
Mads - My friend who builds " off road race-cars " told me they seldom use stainless because it can be brittle when receiving heavy abuse . Although in your steerage compartment those brackets were probably a budget issue ...only guessing
Matthew Fetherston
Matthew Fetherston - 6 years ago
Ahh dohickie
Malcolm Muirhead
Malcolm Muirhead - 6 years ago
as has already been said, I would cut the section of contamination out. your energy and enthusiasm is amazing, I undertook a small boat rebuild 6.5m bilge keel and, without a rotten deck it took me nine years (one year out to rebuild an old land rover) so for you to be thinking of splashing so soon is a miracle
best regards
bull010163 - 6 years ago
No problems loading. Top bloke. More power to your elbow.
Makhoe van der Vlugt
Makhoe van der Vlugt - 6 years ago
Are you a lot more confident now that you have gotten to grips with the unseen places in the hull?
rcpmac - 6 years ago
I found numerous posts in cruisers forum referencing a product called RUSTLOCK which members have used successfully to prime diesel impregnated wood.
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell - 6 years ago
How thick is the FG that makes the motor mounts ?
formerly 987946216430
formerly 987946216430 - 6 years ago
Hi Mads, I'm no professional boat guy by anymeans, but I think your epoxy primer will cover/seal any issues with the plywood by the diesel filter. as long as there isn't any staining on the opposite side of the plywood I wouldn't worry about it. very cool to have a company reward a customer who is using their tools. Cheers from PEI Canada, Bryan.
al math
al math - 6 years ago
Thumbs up from me wish I could give some advice with the diesel issue
Taner Göbülük
Taner Göbülük - 6 years ago
good content
R L - 6 years ago
360p no HD Upload? ;)
Hanford Creek
Hanford Creek - 6 years ago
In the States we have a product called Killz (sp?) It is used as a substrate over just about anything before priming, including oily surfaces. Check it out.
Jeremiah Rathbun
Jeremiah Rathbun - 6 years ago
Hanford Creek, I agree. Killz works great for this application. I've used Killz to block water damage without rot many times. It stops black mold, seals the wood wonderfully, and primes for topcoat of paint.
John Norris
John Norris - 6 years ago
I can't think of a way to totally remove diesel from wood. You may be able to reduce it but since you have a vertical surface that would be really tough. I'd either leave it alone, primer /paint and wait to see how it works, or replace the effected wood.

I wonder if cutting out a few sections with a large hole saw and replacing them with new material would retain the structural strength component of that bulkhead?
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell - 6 years ago
Hi Mads, As usual another great video.
There is so much to be learned from the disassembly of a boat.
There is nothing that will remove diesel from wood without destroying the wood. Wasted effort.
I would like to ask about methods.
Please don't take as a derogatory it is not. It is understood it is a choice.
Would it have been easier to just gut the interior of the boat and rebuild from scratch?
just in a labor sense. I am sure it would be more expensive because nothing is saved.
But in what you have when finished it would all be new. Which is good and bad depending on sentimentality or originality.
Nothing of the original would remain.
OldSalt John
OldSalt John - 6 years ago
Hi Mads,

Coming along nicely.
Sorry about your bad luck with that wet piece of plywood, but you really didn't think it would be easy.
It IS a boat and nothing is really easy there.

Congrats on the new toys. . errrrr. . . tools. Happy sanding, may your new shop vac suck forever.

Thanks for sharing,

RealLuckless - 6 years ago
Technically speaking, fire would get the diesel out... But sadly it tends to take a number of other important bits of wood with it.
eyes333333 - 6 years ago
Loading fine in New Zeland
Tinker Tailor
Tinker Tailor - 6 years ago
Mads, I believe fire is good for removing diesel from wood
James Davis
James Davis - 6 years ago
The total cost of this rebuild is going to be enormous - really mind boggling! And what will you do with all these tools when you eventually go sailing?
Not criticising at all I've been watching with interest from the beginning and in my opinion this is one of the best channels on YouTube.
max x
max x - 6 years ago
He made a video on the cost of the refit.
Jones haase
Jones haase - 6 years ago
would a Oil-based lacker work?
David Dickmeyer
David Dickmeyer - 6 years ago
Jones haase. There is no such thing as oil based lacquer....
Hinch55 - 6 years ago
Entertaining video as always. It was a little short on sanding, however. :D
Jason R
Jason R - 6 years ago
I agree, I only watch these videos for the sanding ;)
Mason Stapleton
Mason Stapleton - 6 years ago
I want to share a story because I think you will find it interesting, I've brought a 19ft sailboat of a guy and been storing it in his marine and two days ago he asked if i wanted to buy 27ft, everything inside needs putting back together but it should be fun
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis - 6 years ago
Regarding the deisel ply, go to a good paint store and ask for a quailty sealing primer, that worked well for me (same problem when converting used van to camper) 4yrs ago and still good today, very good luck thank you for time and effort you put in to get a good video for us, best regards Chris.
jmb180 - 6 years ago
Not working for me either.
jmb180 - 6 years ago
Plays in browser, but not in the YT app...
Thom Stevens
Thom Stevens - 6 years ago
There is a discussion of applying a specialty epoxy over oil contaminated wood that might help you:
Nomad5d - 6 years ago
Those are some fancy toys. It looks you have the Rolls-Royce of shop vacs
Ruud & Andrea Beerman
Ruud & Andrea Beerman - 6 years ago
Cleaning the diesel soaked wood with 1:1 hot water - ammonia would decrease the wood before painting it.
Travis Massingale
Travis Massingale - 6 years ago
Looks fine to me Mad's here in the USA............ Of course it is in 360p and not your normal HD ;-)
josh cooper
josh cooper - 6 years ago
The adds play just fine lol go figure
Paul - 6 years ago
I love watching your videos. Not much you can do once diesel fuel soaks into plywood or any type of wood. It’s like using an oil based finish, it soaks in the wood fibers and is permanent.
ChrisK - 6 years ago
bosch ftw
Armin Helbach
Armin Helbach - 6 years ago
I had similar situation with diesel and plywood. I washed it with acetone and than coated with west system epoxy. Than panted. Never came off, I am very happy with the result.
Massimo Formisano
Massimo Formisano - 6 years ago
The easiest way to take the diesel out from the plywood is to burn it. Just joking :) I really love your videos!!! They are the only positive thing on Sunday :)
Jack Patteeuw
Jack Patteeuw - 6 years ago
Is there a functional equivalent to the word "ghetto" in Danish ?

Stock up on some extra filters for your vacuum. I don't think you will be sanding any drywall compound or something that makes extremely fine dust, but you might want to buy one HEPA filter anyway.

You need a sanding adapter for your multi-tool ! They work very well and will eliminate a lot of hand sanding.

I know it is not your "style", but if the only part of that plywood that is rotting is that one spot, cut it out and make a patch. If you can get a 45° cut on the part you are removing and make a reasonable close cut on the plug including the bevel, you can just epoxy it in place and save a lot of time.
Ioannis Hadjiioannou
Ioannis Hadjiioannou - 6 years ago
You had better have a plan that includes an awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Sir for that comment of yours…
Chris Jones
Chris Jones - 6 years ago
I agree. Something like an awesome extension cord, or possibly a couple of packs of those glorious, glorious sandpaper packs should be enough to keep that Bosch Turbo sander happy.....

Oh, you meant for the girlfriend. Sorry, nevermind...
Felipe Navarro
Felipe Navarro - 6 years ago
New sanding machine for The Sandman!
Robert Charles
Robert Charles - 6 years ago
Used for years to remove 100 year accumulations of oil from gunstocks. Oven cleaners work too but not as well. Easy-off brand in the US is what I've used.
Sauli Liirus
Sauli Liirus - 6 years ago
Did not work on the app on iPhone.
Works fine in browser.
thereidss - 6 years ago
Won’t load for me either.
Bill Moran
Bill Moran - 6 years ago
So ... where did you learn English from? "Ghetto to the umpteenth degree" is the most Americanized-sounding slang term I can think of. It's outright hilarious to me to hear someone say something like that with a foreign accent. I can't think of anyone else who speaks English as a second language who uses English slang terms with that sort of confidence. I wish I'd had the opportunity to learn a second language with that level of comfort.
mtncreekdawn - 6 years ago
"The bee's knees" is the one that impressed me.
S/V Pearl Sail
S/V Pearl Sail - 6 years ago
How about "Colder than a well digger's Bum..."?
Rooney Elkish
Rooney Elkish - 6 years ago
Not working
woodysambusa - 6 years ago
cheers mads that's sunday complete lol good night ;)
John Maguire
John Maguire - 6 years ago
Removing oil from wood - FULLERS EARTH, a talcum like powder has removed freshly spilled engine oil from a freshly sanded teak deck for me. 100% removal, no shadow or any other remaining sign. I do not know what it would do on long term impregnation such as you have. The technique on my deck was to sprinkle it on, allow a short time to observe it darken as it absorbs the oil and then vacuum it off. It would be tricky on a vertical surface.
John Maguire
S/V Outcasts
S/V Outcasts - 6 years ago
The most effective way is ... Fire! ...sadly that would not be the most efficient way in this case anywho cheerio good chap and best of luck to you!
richard y.
richard y. - 6 years ago
i was a painter most of working days, we would use to cover oil base stain is to cover it with kills but i dont know if your boat paint well stick to it Kills come in both oil base and laytx but to cover a fuel stain you would the oil base Kills..
mlmontalvo - 6 years ago
Huston, we have a problem.
Madz, get on the stick and fix this.
John Nicolson
John Nicolson - 6 years ago
Ye ha more glorious sanding. PS how are the moisture readings in the hull?
Tex Smith
Tex Smith - 6 years ago
You are not a glutton for punishment repeat not , you just like a lot on your plate
BoatworksToday - 6 years ago
Stepping up to that style sander is definitely a game changer ;-) I do wish that my Fein had a soft start like the Bosch, but oh well. Enjoy the rest of the weekend Mads
Jukka Läärä
Jukka Läärä - 6 years ago
Can’t get it. Some problems maby?
Dan Whiteford
Dan Whiteford - 6 years ago
I am not convinced that it is practical or realistically possible to get the diesel to leave the plywood. I think therefore you have two choices a) cover it with something like thin plywood b) seal it with some sort of paint sealer. However I have no clue what you might use to fix (glue?) the sound insulation in place if the wood base is "contaminated" with something like diesel.
Alan Whittinghill
Alan Whittinghill - 6 years ago
Not loading at all for me either!
Karl Grau
Karl Grau - 6 years ago
No joy on video..
RealLuckless - 6 years ago
Yay! It isn't a good Sunday without your video.

And there is nothing wrong with temporary janky setups during projects... It is when the janky setup is still in place a year later that you start to have 'issues'.
Nate Reynolds
Nate Reynolds - 6 years ago
It won’t load for me either.
jeremyrainman - 6 years ago
Mads, why can't you just epoxy a thin veneer of plywood over the diesel-stained portion? There are epoxies that will set in the presence of diesel IIRC. That will give you a clean surface to paint, and won't add too much to the thickness.

Also, with rotten plywood, if you don't care about what it looks like, you can basically inject thinned epoxy into it, rather than tearing it up. You just drill some small holes in the wood you want to treat, mix some epoxy, thin it with some acetone, draw it into a disposable needle and quickly inject it into the wood. It can get messy, but it will also structurally save wood that is rotting and essentially turn it into the strength of epoxied fiberboard (which isn't bad). For best results, inject straight acetone into the wood first, to make sure it soaks in well.
jeremyrainman - 6 years ago
acetone injections will help dry out the wet+rotten plywood.
Mrgwa - 6 years ago
This would work for a rotten but dry plywood. I'd be worried when the plywood is wet.
jeremyrainman - 6 years ago
While I know there are epoxies that will set in the presence of diesel, meaning the diesel won't dilute the mix, I'm not clear those same epoxies will adhere to something soaked in diesel.
David Spelmans
David Spelmans - 6 years ago
better to inject it as closing off from air will stop the rotting too
rcpmac - 6 years ago
If there are specific epoxies that will set in the presence of diesel then I would be inclined to just coat the surface with that epoxy to seal it. I
latitude - 6 years ago
Vid not streaming
Colin Bolton
Colin Bolton - 6 years ago
Hi Mads, we remove hydraulic fluid from matt paint finishes by mixing talc with white spirit and then brushing it on the the affected area. The white spirit will dissolve the oil and it will be absorbed into the talc as the white spirit evaporates. Other solvents may also work, but choose something that evaporates slowly to allow it to do its job, once dry the talc can then be vacuumed up with your spiffy new Bosch vacuum cleaner!
Dave O
Dave O - 6 years ago
Yep - have to get a lighter spirit to dissolve the heavier one.  Acetone, Toluene, etc. are available in the USA.  Mads - is the plywood discolored, or does it smell like diesel?  If there is just some discoloration, you might think about trying some oil based stain blocking primer prior to painting.  If it smells bad, then you can go about an attempt at leaching the diesel out of the plywood.  If it doesn't come out easily, you may end up needing to replace it, or maybe veneering a layer on top that you could then seal and encapsulate the smell.
Henry Morgan
Henry Morgan - 6 years ago
worth a try.
werty2021 - 6 years ago
agreed, that Steel would make an awesome backing plate and catch for that diesel filter. Might actually do this for my 31ft Contest. Volvo MD2 diesel swap from an Atomic 4 happening in a few months !
haliik - 6 years ago
Video format not supported Error message.
haliik - 6 years ago
But I can watch on my phone, ha. I had a similar problem with trim (it wasn't plywood tho) in my Trimaran that had been soaked in diesel. We used a steam wand to heat and lift the oil from the wood continuously wiping with very clean cloth followed by a wipe with Naphtha solvent and repeated this process a dozen or so times. I don't feel we ever got it all out because you could still see discoloration. It has however held the spar varnish now for 8 years and counting with no flaking or peeling of any kind.
Luke - 6 years ago
Do you have any core foam left over and glass mat?  If you have spare material, forget plywood and make some new flat laminate pieces with your Vac set up.  Don't even bother trying to get that diesel out of the plywood, more time and effort than its worth.
GroverTN - 6 years ago
Another great video. The surprises may be frustrating...but your "work around the problem" attitude goes a long, long way towards inspiring others. Great job!
FrenchAM100 - 6 years ago
It is all looking pretty spiffy Mads, it will look a million $ when painted. Good for you on the free Bosch tools but don't be a slave to them, we all really prefer to see work on the boat I think. The vacuum and sander do look amazing.
Jose A. Sopena
Jose A. Sopena - 6 years ago
No way to see it
Trent Cox
Trent Cox - 6 years ago
Is anyone else having issues with the video playback?
Ken Pole
Ken Pole - 6 years ago
Not viewable on iMac, MacBook, iPad or phone. Most unusual.
Wally MacKinnon
Wally MacKinnon - 6 years ago
Video would not stream on my Apple TV but was fine on my laptop
gearingonline - 6 years ago
For those of you playing along...classic line Mads, another excellent episode
etalon3141 - 6 years ago
A sure fire way of removing the diesel soaked ply? Screw a new bit of 3mm ply over the top, and paint over the whole lot and forget about it!
Nick.conqueror4x4 - 6 years ago
I would try brake cleaner to remove the fuel in the ply
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor - 6 years ago
Cannot get the video to load!!!! Anyone else having problems?
H2Dwoat - 6 years ago
I still can't get it to load on my iPad.
William fforbes-Rutt
William fforbes-Rutt - 6 years ago
Please don’t use YouTube anymore!
Luka Martin Lican SLO-72
Luka Martin Lican SLO-72 - 6 years ago
not even on the iphone
Steph L
Steph L - 6 years ago
Vídeo Won’t load
Aston Sadgrove
Aston Sadgrove - 6 years ago
Yes no iPad action here too
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor - 6 years ago
Funny loads in Win 10 but not on IOS on my iPad
Bayani Custodio
Bayani Custodio - 6 years ago
Peter Taylor does not load for me too... ah the new net neutrality rule must be coming into effect... or some sort of hiccup.
Jj Coronet
Jj Coronet - 6 years ago
It wont load on mobile
TOM - 6 years ago
No problem here
rcpmac - 6 years ago
No problem here. watching on Chrome
John Titterton
John Titterton - 6 years ago
Mmmmmm, video does not stream!
Eric Turner
Eric Turner - 6 years ago
LOL, you talk about that sander like it's a Verticoli ;)
Gerald Thomas
Gerald Thomas - 6 years ago
Sorry, I've never heard of any way to remove diesel from plywood that doesn't involve destroying the plywood. Typically we "cook" the diesel out of soil when we replace the underground tanks at filling stations. However, this amount of heat would also delaminate the plywood and turn the veneer into charcoal.

I'd talk to your paint supplier and enquire as to a chemical method of getting the primer to adhere. I'm sure they've got some tricks that they employ.
Icykenny92 - 6 years ago
CLUB 360p :D
max New
max New - 6 years ago
Great video and a  thumbs up to Bosch, may I make a suggestion to place a cover over the hole left by the sail drive to avoid any birds deciding they have found a great nesting area (-:
MSY Kajsa
MSY Kajsa - 6 years ago
Nice video! Finally you get a Wet 'n Dry vacuum. My life turned to the better, when I got my MIRKA sander! A sander you can put on a Wet 'n Dry is sort of priceless. Greetings from Norway.
Eric Hoffman
Eric Hoffman - 6 years ago
this is super bowl sunday and im happier seeing this video then the game
Archibald Tuttle
Archibald Tuttle - 6 years ago
Is this the same as bowel?
Jeffrey Wood
Jeffrey Wood - 6 years ago
Me too...Just got in from driving for 8 hours and I tuned into Sail Life and didn't even check out the game. :)
Mum Blic
Mum Blic - 6 years ago
Actually I'm watching it right now, and I'm trying to understand it. But most of the time I see 4 guys in suits chitchatting and trying to be funny!
Mac Silvey
Mac Silvey - 6 years ago
Mum Blic
Mum Blic - 6 years ago
I believe it's a competition between advertisers They all try to make the best Tv commercial. I guess the winner gets a big bowl instead of a cup ;-))
Aston Sadgrove
Aston Sadgrove - 6 years ago
Super bowl? Is that some sort of bowling competition?
scott brian
scott brian - 6 years ago
Hey mads ,replace the plywood soaked in diesel then seal it up with epoxy coating ,paint,soundproofing .
WreckDiver99 - 6 years ago
One thing to be aware of. If the paint does peel from that plywood anything adhered to that paint will peel as well...which means...yea, you're sound dampening will let go as well....
WreckDiver99 - 6 years ago
Good idea..A 6mm thick piece of ply bonded to that ply might work. Believe me though...those are some tight quarters. 6mm might be too much (Mads will know best). I just know from the experience on my boat that I literally have 6mm in many places of pure clearance, and adding 6mm would eliminate that clearance. Another thought...a layer or two of fiberglass...not sure if that will bond through the diesel though.
Jerry English
Jerry English - 6 years ago
Yea that was my thought. Think I would investigate gluing or mechanically fastening a thin sheet of wood to that area before painting. As far as the rotten plywood by the rudder post if the wood is sound where it meets with the vertical plywood I would just add some horizontal pieces to the rotten area after treating the rotten area with stop rot. No need to remove that entire piece of wood. Just reinforce that end.
Dean S
Dean S - 6 years ago
Awesome windchimes!
Hillcountrysawdust - 6 years ago
Video would not stream on my iPhone but played without issue on ipad
Sauli Liirus
Sauli Liirus - 6 years ago
Soooo. Video not loading.
bob boo
bob boo - 6 years ago
It's not loading properly
stotas2 - 6 years ago
Not good it won’t load help
Gaspard de la force
Gaspard de la force - 6 years ago
Not working here
John Ringo
John Ringo - 6 years ago
Andreas Weber I can’t see it either. It just has the spinning circle like it’s try to load but never plays ☹️
rcpmac - 6 years ago
Working for me
SY Rubicon Dehler Optima 92
SY Rubicon Dehler Optima 92 - 6 years ago
Video doesn‘t play
rcpmac - 6 years ago
Works as normal for me
Colin Evans
Colin Evans - 6 years ago
William Baker
William Baker - 6 years ago
Yippee its Sunday!
William Baker
William Baker - 6 years ago
He just uploaded, It will be HD in a bit. Weird way that Youtube works.
billiondollardan - 6 years ago
360 for me too
R S - 6 years ago
Dude, you live on a sailboat, where in the world do you store these great tools ??? LOL I'm impressed !
JOHN SHOUREAS - 6 years ago
He has a third boat for storing all the tools.
Stephen Gibson
Stephen Gibson - 6 years ago
Gooood morning guys...I love this.
TheMajorRuin - 6 years ago
I'm only getting this video in 360p is that just me ?
James Kirk
James Kirk - 6 years ago
It's only 360p.
Left Flamingo
Left Flamingo - 6 years ago
It's just because you're early. Youtube get's the lower resolutions live fast, the hi res takes longer to render etc. They'll be available in a few hours probably.
Jacob Mogensen
Jacob Mogensen - 6 years ago
Not loading...
Sail & Live
Sail & Live - 6 years ago
Me too:(
lguenther5 - 6 years ago
Mine won’t load either
mlmontalvo - 6 years ago
TheMajorRuin , I’m not getting it at all. It won’t load.
Leo Star
Leo Star - 6 years ago
thomas white
thomas white - 6 years ago
Will not load latest YouTube
Jonathan Tithecott
Jonathan Tithecott - 6 years ago
Wow you are fast
jessi lopes
jessi lopes - 6 years ago
Yata mads ..... about time.... now I can start the week off right.
etalon3141 - 6 years ago
Hi guys!

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