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Faris Mee
Faris Mee - 6 years ago
Are there any quick keystrokes available e.g. - rather than have to go to the lower left sail panels to tighten/loosen downhaul?
Glup Po
Glup Po - 6 years ago
mm that's something you have to look at via the options,i do everything mouse only.
Blazed Gaming
Blazed Gaming - 6 years ago
very good tips matey over xmas i will play
GMR Sailing
GMR Sailing - 7 years ago
thank you for commenting on my video!
Glup Po
Glup Po - 7 years ago
I subbed to you,maybe you would like to do the same :)
Syd Fynch
Syd Fynch - 7 years ago
Thanks. This helps. Are there any active discussion forums that I can post newbie questions?
Glup Po
Glup Po - 7 years ago
You can have a look at :
or you can leave a question in any of my comment sections
My YouTube
My YouTube - 7 years ago
Hi Gluppo
Nice tips, thank You.
Glup Po
Glup Po - 7 years ago
Your are welcome

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