Sailing 101 - Weather and Navigation for Beginning Sailors (Z-Log)

What are the most important things to know before you sail? Keith discusses the two most critical aspects of sailing in this frank z-log while also sharing some valuable resources we've used, and our tricks to streaming entertainment. If you wish to support our video efforts all we ask is that you SUBSCRIBE and share our channel with your friends! Or buy some goodies and help us get these kids off the boat and on to college! Check out our website to learn more about who we are and what makes us tick: Happy Sailing! Renee & the Z-Crew Music: Float Away - Grabbitz/Monstercat 025: Threshold ▼ Follow Monstercat Snapchat: Monstercat YouTube: Spotify: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Vine: SoundCloud: Google+: Monstercat FM: ▼ Follow Grabbitz Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: Youtube:

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What are the most important things to know before you sail? Keith discusses the two most critical aspects of sailing in this frank z-log while also sharing some valuable resources we've used, and our tricks to streaming entertainment. If you wish to support our video efforts all we ask is that you SUBSCRIBE and share our channel with your friends! Or buy some goodies and help us get these kids off the boat and on to college! Check out our website to learn more about who we are and what makes us tick: Happy Sailing! Renee & the Z-Crew Music: Float Away - Grabbitz/Monstercat 025: Threshold ▼ Follow Monstercat Snapchat: Monstercat YouTube: Spotify: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Vine: SoundCloud: Google+: Monstercat FM: ▼ Follow Grabbitz Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: Youtube:

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John Healey
John Healey - 4 years ago
Thanks for all the great tips and information big fella !! Hope to see you in Australia one day!! We love the vids. Cheers
Mark Jennings
Mark Jennings - 4 years ago
Nearly all my most interesting moments in aviation are weather related. Weather is the biggest factor on our existence both in the air and on the sea.
Rodger B
Rodger B - 4 years ago
Good one Kieth, and Renee.
Calvin Henshaw
Calvin Henshaw - 4 years ago
lots of good information
Doug Lindstrom
Doug Lindstrom - 4 years ago
I’m confused! Meteorologists don’t even know weather.
Clay Stevens
Clay Stevens - 5 years ago
Love the videos!! I've got about 5 years before I can cut loose due to parental geographical restrictions, but we are gearing up now to live a life on the ocean. Currently have a 45ft Portofino on Lake Texoma that I'm learning a lot on. Love watching people's videos and getting tips as we prepare for the future! Be safe out there!
Reginald Jenkins
Reginald Jenkins - 5 years ago
Awesome information, you covered everything precise and clear!!!
Reginald Jenkins
Reginald Jenkins - 5 years ago
Thank You!!!!
Rodney Morgan Brown
Rodney Morgan Brown - 5 years ago
Very helpful Keith.. While the bank is reviewing my yacht purchase, I'll begin my prep with your very useful info and tips. Very much enjoy your episodes.

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Nique Cherry
Nique Cherry - 5 years ago
Aww man, wish all the info was in the description box.
Sheeple Barn
Sheeple Barn - 5 years ago
reading, especially maps- tends to trigger gran mal seizures plus I have dyslexia - I plan on just using the sun moon and the stars for navigation and if I see any clouds just go the other way
Charlie Odom
Charlie Odom - 5 years ago
Plex is great, but Kodi is free! Lol

I have both for different reasons, but tend to use Kodi more than Plex.
Marc Massanari
Marc Massanari - 5 years ago
Great episode on installing solar panels.  When you get a chance can you please details what you installed and approx. cost? Thanks!
Shaun V Scott
Shaun V Scott - 5 years ago
Excellent use of the microwave oven for our electronics in an electrical storm!
quinton stewart
quinton stewart - 5 years ago
Very well explained
curacao11 (Alsino Ferreira)
curacao11 (Alsino Ferreira) - 5 years ago
cool sparky
Michael Samuel
Michael Samuel - 5 years ago
Awesome as always!! Thanks Z Crew.
fsvit66 - 5 years ago
Thank You for the inspiration!
Tumelo Motsoeneng
Tumelo Motsoeneng - 5 years ago
Sweet, welcome to the Zee. Very informative.

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Captain Ron
Captain Ron - 5 years ago
They Should Hire me Lol
Donald Layton
Donald Layton - 5 years ago
Ricardo Passarelli
Ricardo Passarelli - 5 years ago
I enjoy your vlogs very much They have helped me to get my family more involved in extended cruising. I am currently in St Lucia getting our new (to us) mono hull Jeanneau 57 ready to go. I think I'll spend $30-$40K this month getting this 5 year old boat back to top form. PS I'm a meteorologist who was always tasked to be the navigator so I liked your take on what you need most. Your flying skills and experience really show.
Leslie Valenciano-Lopez
Leslie Valenciano-Lopez - 5 years ago
Thank you for sharing some of your knowledge!!!
Terrence Lemire
Terrence Lemire - 5 years ago
I enjoy watching your videos but there are a couple of questions that come to mind each time I watch a new episode.
Firstly, how does someone from Montana of all places decide to get into sailing. I mean I could understand if you were living close to the water, but Montana? lol
Secondly, I'm always curious about what kind of provisions you need to take with you when you set out on your journey from place to place. There doesn't look to be enough storage just in the galley area, so are you using other storage compartments throughout the boat. Could be a topic for a future episode.
CME4 Sheepdogs
CME4 Sheepdogs - 5 years ago
One of the most important things regarding weather is the complacency factor.  I got complacent once and took off into some weather and it almost cost me my boat.  It was BAD!  I'd tell anyone that if you have any reservations about going out due to weather, follow your instincts and stay put.  Don't let yourself convince you that "It'll probably be fine".  kiss of death.
Allyn Onderdonk
Allyn Onderdonk - 5 years ago
What model NAS did you get that is able to support PLEX? The kids really want to know!!
Purvis - 5 years ago
much appreciated!
marc - 5 years ago
I've been binge watching you guys for a couple of weeks now. I have been negotiating the purchase of a 42' cat and your adventure has been reassuring. I have done little sailing but have the dream. Your story is encouraging and educational. Thank you for sharing. It is very much appreciated, I look forward to more.
OldMan Mick
OldMan Mick - 5 years ago
Keith I was surprised you have not taken your own advice......If you cant dock (park) your vessel with confidence then maybe have a qualified Captain show you how. You would likely be surprised how easy docking can be. Better still have Renee learn the docking Techniques and you provide the muscle . Great Channel

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Richard Getz
Richard Getz - 5 years ago
If you can add 3 things to your boat without cost being an obstacle, what would they be?
MultiJohnish - 5 years ago
Ha ha ha ha love your wit...
RV Curious De Warren
RV Curious De Warren - 5 years ago
You speaking Greek yet?
beuttenmuller - 5 years ago
It only gets better. Love the idea o zbudget
raphael bussy
raphael bussy - 5 years ago
Have Zatara seen this yet? "" Pretty cool what some people can do when they put their mind to it!
JT Mann
JT Mann - 5 years ago
Do you have a hand-held security system on board?
wildebtw - 5 years ago
Great info as always. Thanks Zatara crew.
AfricanFlightStar - 5 years ago
Super useful info Keith, great material thanks, and thanks to Renee for the awesome effects editing, man she is getting GOOD w all that stuff!
Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS
Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS - 5 years ago
Sailing the world, you need three things for back-up: 1. manual-wind chronometer 2. Sextant and 3. Royal Navy maps! Of course you need to be able to use all of it ;-) Go always for redundancy and as Keith correctly says: be conservative (rather than sorry)! Greta Z-log, Keith, thanks and til next time!
adamttreat123 - 5 years ago
Another Z log cause we’re not sailing. Might as well repost your dumb gun video
jan mitchel
jan mitchel - 5 years ago
Once again great video from my favorite sailor (with Johan coming in a close 2nd).
Steve L
Steve L - 5 years ago
Another great zlog. You do a great job!
Thank you
eric pearle
eric pearle - 5 years ago
Great video, thanks!
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - 5 years ago
These z- logs are great, they highlight the things I’ve never thought of. Well done and keep them coming
Kim Hynes
Kim Hynes - 5 years ago
Great Advice. "Most Excellent" Thanks
Patrick Straumann
Patrick Straumann - 5 years ago
Can you tell us more about the wifi setup and nas, does it need a WiFi subscription or does it just use the WiFi internal setup?
Brian Whetton
Brian Whetton - 5 years ago
Once again, many thanks. Wishing you & yours happy & safe sailing :)
Malcolm Lang
Malcolm Lang - 5 years ago
Great advice Keith. ✌
Fred Conde
Fred Conde - 5 years ago
Great videos! Thank you! Being a monohull sailor, I wonder how different is to sail your big cat compared to your previous boat? I guess you need to tackle the swell quite differently, both upwind and reaching?
After unloading your container to the cat, how much lower is your waterline?
Thank you and have a great sailing season in the Med!
Three eye
Three eye - 5 years ago
Hi Zatara crew,
Love the videos!!!
I've just caught up with the videos, I hope you are still in Greece, Israel is a beautiful place to visit!!!
Sorry to say this, but a microwave is NOT a good Faraday cage, this myth has been busted many times... (see this link
this link has a few good tips...
I loved the idea with Plex, I had the same idea with Kodi (it is similar to Plex)
Good luck, and sail safe!
p.s. PM me is you want more info on Israel...
Ryan H
Ryan H - 5 years ago
can i give this 100 likes?

50. comment for Sailing 101 - Weather and Navigation for Beginning Sailors (Z-Log)

KarlPogori - 5 years ago
one of my dreams in life was sailing around the world. but i never got to it, to busy I guess. Turning 50 a friend asks me, what am I doing with the rest of my life.
Without hesitation, I told him that I will sail the world. I can tell you since I have watched a lot of your videos (very inspiring) that I will get my dream come true and sail around the world next year.
You guys convinced me to do it. A lot of things have been done already, but the list is looooooooooong.
Anyway you guys are awesome
Glenn Lewman
Glenn Lewman - 4 years ago
Exchange your Wishbone for a Backbone. I did and could not be happier. Bought a Lagoon 440 and sailing all of Southeast Asia .
Ken McCadden
Ken McCadden - 5 years ago
Yeah yeah, what about the fishing? Are you going to get the kids interested in some fishing other than trolling?
Ryan B
Ryan B - 5 years ago
Can't wait for Z Budget, Thank you for sharing your experience and your opinions. It's all great stuff to learn from.
Sail Before Sunset
Sail Before Sunset - 5 years ago
Sounds like your server set up is the same as what we have planned. I'm a geek and an EE, so I get what you have installed and I would bet it works great.

All good advice on the weather and navigation stuff!
Always Learning Thank you!
Always Learning Thank you! - 5 years ago
I like your straight forward approach to everything. No sugar coating BS just good, solid information and helpful knowledge. Thank you!
Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams - 5 years ago
A handful of questions: 1- How are you set up for security? I don’t need specifics if you have a plan and (hopefully) you wouldn’t tell me anyway. 2- But, was that something you considered when first moving onboard? 3- Is it an issue? 4- Have you guys had any scary moments or near misses and, finally, 5- are there areas around the globe that you have avoided because of potential trouble or ‘word on the water’? Having just found you, you may have addressed this and I missed it but I did spend a weekend watching your videos and didn’t see it. I am a restless soul and have spent the last 10 years in one spot due to my husbands health. He turned me on to sailing and I love it. There will (unfortunately) be some changes and ‘freedom ‘ in the next year or two and I have been thinking about what I might do with myself. I retired early and am only 60. But I have become nervous about ocean sailing because of news of pirates a few years ago. And I am also curious to know what you think about this issue or if I become overly cautious. Thanks for reading through such a wordy post and I hope you have time to answer all my questions.
Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams - 5 years ago
jan mitchel - ahhhh. Went to jump to it then saw you said it is gone. He may not want the hassles of controversy again. Let’s see how it goes. Thanks!
jan mitchel
jan mitchel - 5 years ago
Hopefully they will reply. Keith put out a very good video last winter addressing this. It got a few controversial comments from a few butt hurt people but it was very informative. I just went back and can not find it. They may have taken it down.
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson - 5 years ago
Have a good week!
Richard Gallant
Richard Gallant - 5 years ago
Thanks for that realistic info to help new sailors
Richard Kaye
Richard Kaye - 5 years ago
Fast becoming the best sailing video on you tube
jrh0369 - 5 years ago
Great tips. Navigation is one of those skills that really needs to be emphasized. Knowing all the details of a map, symbols, contour lines and elevation/depth is just as important. Don’t just rely on gps navigation. Learn how to read maps and charts and use a compass along with route planning.
Nigel Donald
Nigel Donald - 5 years ago
Nice video
RedRoofRetriever - 5 years ago
Great information, and cool editing too! I have a request. The next time you have a real nice boat in the background, can you move off camera so we can see it better? ( :
Don Beckham
Don Beckham - 5 years ago
Great video!! What program did you use to rip your DVDs? And, how long did it take you to rip 1530 DVDs? :D
Dave Miller
Dave Miller - 5 years ago
Excellent show navigation, weather super important. Love your style here it is like it or not. Your kids will be great human beings good parents will make it happen.
Jack Buena
Jack Buena - 5 years ago
Two most important things to know before you sail:
1. Do you have a boat?
2. Is your boat in the water?
Luiz Schmidt
Luiz Schmidt - 5 years ago
Do you miss flying?
Rick Landon
Rick Landon - 5 years ago
love you guys and glad your back on the journey! ive been following from the beginning....ive been sailing my whole life but never further than the Chesapeake Bay! you stoke me up!
Tony Alexander
Tony Alexander - 5 years ago
Love the straight forward no BS way you give information.
John Dixon
John Dixon - 5 years ago
Great info. Really like following you and your family. It has been amazing to see how the kids have grown, not physically but mentally through this experience. Y'all keep up the great Z-Logs. Thanks again John
Darrin T
Darrin T - 5 years ago
Good information provided! Which program do you use to rip your music to?
Jake - 5 years ago
Very useful and informative - thank you. Is the boat sale now final? Or are you guys still fighting the bureaucracy?
Jason Koslow
Jason Koslow - 5 years ago
Great info Keith
Jeffrey McNicholas
Jeffrey McNicholas - 5 years ago
Very helpful, thanks!
R. E. Hill
R. E. Hill - 5 years ago
I like it when you repair stuff in the bottom of hulls... you're so agile and limber... ☺ - 5 years ago
Such good advice. I will be posting a link to this video on my site
Roland R
Roland R - 5 years ago
Thank you for sharing your positiveness and wisdom.
Fredrick Rourk
Fredrick Rourk - 5 years ago
Entertainment? I thought the kids did homework 25hrs a day 8 days a week? :)
Fredrick Rourk
Fredrick Rourk - 5 years ago
Every Wednesday. Well just about every Wednesday. Sailing clubs throughout the world have races. Very often they need rail meat. Do that a couple of times and then they will start teaching you the real skills.
woolyimage - 5 years ago
In respect of your comments about met and nav, how transferable did you find your skills in these subjects from pilot to sailor. My thoughts are the basics are the same and it would have given you a big advantage over someone starting from scratch. I also applaud your comments about being conservative, excellent advice for every aspiring cruiser.
kd4ysi - 5 years ago
Anthoer great zlog keep um coming
Dennis Captain
Dennis Captain - 5 years ago
Do you use predict wind pro?
Game To the max
Game To the max - 5 years ago
Thanks for the great video
Kurt Keskinen
Kurt Keskinen - 5 years ago
Great information--Thanks
Lk M
Lk M - 5 years ago
Very nice.
Martin McCullough
Martin McCullough - 5 years ago
Hi Guys ! really love the videos, you guys are awesome and such an inspirtion not just for boating but about just doing it in general .
Considered buying a Dr Pepper today but thought that was a step to far
Martin , Belfast
Ed Rosenberger
Ed Rosenberger - 5 years ago
Gosh are really good at explaining the important information that you bring out in your z-logs.....and this was an especially good one for me! Thank you once again.....
Fred Meyling
Fred Meyling - 5 years ago
Great subject matter on your Z log. Like a briefing on given subjects. Good stuff.
VERTICAL Wisdom - 5 years ago
Wonderful video and reef early on a Mono is one thing but on a Cat ti is the key to safety. The information on your systems and day to day life is greatly appreciated. All the best to you and your family as you venture forward. Who on earth continues to hit the dislike button? Get a life already.
Rustie - 5 years ago
Here's a tip DON'T TRUST NAVIONICS.......... Have more than one nav system.......
ferod04 - 5 years ago
I look forward to watching your episodes every Thursday now, we got hooked on Satara about 3 weeks ago... and wish you the best of luck to Keith and his family (great bunch)!
Bill Fournier
Bill Fournier - 5 years ago
Awesome video and info. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for your budget series....
James Haley
James Haley - 5 years ago
Excellent, invaluable information for the novice sailor. Beautifully done.
Sailing Legend
Sailing Legend - 5 years ago
Hi, the best way to learn to sail is to join a yacht club and volunteer to crew on a racing yacht. You will start as movable ballast, but will soon learn how to trim sails and navigation, as a by product they normally dock every time you go out and so you will learn about docking. You will learn the col regs, collision regulations, which form the main part of racing rules. You will learn about the social side of Sailing and make life long friends. You will also soon see what sort of boat you would enjoy the most either a Cat or Mono, a traditional style Hans Christian or a modern yachts like Beneteau.
James Holmes
James Holmes - 5 years ago
Well. I binge watched all your videos in four days. Had to wait three days for this video. Do you guys watch YouTube channels for sailing?
David Michael
David Michael - 5 years ago
So the only web services you use for weather and navigation are navionics and predictwind?
Jared's Bucket list
Jared's Bucket list - 5 years ago
Excellent vid
palakaman - 5 years ago
How do you handle customs? Is there a passport station at every port? Do you have to visit one port in particular for each country you visit? When I fly internationally they run my bag through an xray and could possibly ask to search it. Does marine traffic have similar systems? What if you just anchor off the coast and never step foot on land? Are you still required to go through customs? Sorry, firing a lot of questions your way. Just curious. Love the channel. Keep it up.
KeeperOfTheFate - 5 years ago
Was going to ask the same and even more: Are there any agencies that takes the burden out of travelers (like arranging customs/marina fees, visas and stuff)?

Side note: I'm also curious if I could ever pull that off. I'm polish and while it opens a lot of countries for me (as Poland is EU member state and all european oversees territories, I can go without visa to, like French Polynesia for instance), some have harsh restrictions. For instance US treats Poland as secondary category state, imposing harsh visa conditions and I assume, that after brexit, all british territories will be hard to get to.
Terry Jones
Terry Jones - 5 years ago
Good information thanks for sharing.
Rusty Sitton
Rusty Sitton - 5 years ago
Rusty here from SYL (50K mile bluewater sailor)  Keith I went from monohulls to cats years ago, I thought I'd share some cat versus Monohull sailing tips if your are interested.  I seem to be fairly proficient, we have had friends sail next to us on the same model boat, and SYL (Sea Yawl Later) seems to do quite well.  If you looked at the Cruiser Regatta winners plaque at the chat and chill in Georgetown, you may have seen our name on it.Sailing a monohull is much the same as a cat in winds below 8 knots.  "When in doubt let it out"  your sails will pull the best just before they luff.  Let them out till they rattle then bring them back in a smidge and lock it in.  If it's gusty and you don't want to put up with ANY sail pop, sheet in a little tighter knowing your not running 100% optimally but as you say "a boat is a floating compromise"Above 8 knots cats have some advantage to take.  Mainsail:  A mono's headsail carries much of the boats power.  A cats main power generator is the main by an overwhelming margin so pay close attention to main trim.  The first foot or so of your main sail should be the same angle as the windex on top the mast.  Use the outhaul to make that happen.  The further off the wind you go, the more important this is.  Aft end of the main:  Think of the leech of your main as jets that push you forward.  You want those jets pointing as straight aft as you can.  It's not always possible, but a good target.Use the traveler:  Once you get the mainsail shape just the way you want it, no need to change it in a shift!..  don't touch the mainsheet -- move the traveler instead.  One of the best tips I can share has to do with the traveler.  Sailing downwind - let the aft end of the boom rise in the puffs.  To make that happen sheet way out and move the traveler more toward midship so the main sheet is very long between the blocks.  Try it both ways sometimes, that's a good 1/2 a knot.  Regarding traveler trim upwind:  move the traveler under the boom and sheet down hard in high winds make the sail flat as a board, again adjust traveler in the shifts if your running rigging has the power to do so.The higher the seas the loopier the sail.  Volume = power to climb or bust into those waves.  Higher winds = flatter sails.  You'll get all the volume you want with 25 knots or better so go for windspeed over the sails.  The fastest way to get air into and out of the main will be the quickest.Apparent winds:  When boat speed approaches double digits your gonna be trimmed in tighter than on a mono.  My best speed is 17.4kts so far.  I'm sure you are aware how apparent wind changes with forward speed.  Now that you can sail closer to windspeed, you need to trim for it.. tighten up and go faster.  More so with the main than the jib.  Keep that slot between the main and jib open and flowing.  You can squelch 2 knots of speed by pinching the air off between the jib and main, especially when reaching... by hauling that jib in tight to the main.Seasickness:  Most humans handle 2 axis of motion well, that 3rd axis is the killer.  The easiest to quell is yaw.  Often you can't do anything about pitch (or lifting over swells)  and a cat handles roll 10 times better than a mono so that may be most of the solution right there.  But the best axis to control when they are queasy (that first couple days of a passage) is yaw.  It's pretty easy to keep the boat going in a straight line by hand steering.  Don't let that stern wash out in trailing seas.  I'm not saying hand steer all the time, but if you have an acute passenger and want to help out a little, don't let that keel get off the rhumb line.. at all.. and they be smilin' again soon.  Don't let your butt wobble!!!  No Baile De Macarena.. for da sailin' boat.Sorry for the long windy reply.  I have more on steering for speed (surfing) in a sea state and spinnaker setting if you want it.  Rusty and Linda on sv "Sea Yawl Later !!"
Robert Shattuck
Robert Shattuck - 5 years ago
Great video as usual ! Did you start at an ASA course or something similar ?
How long had you been sailing before you bought your first sailboat and start your journey ?

100. comment for Sailing 101 - Weather and Navigation for Beginning Sailors (Z-Log)

Joesph Best
Joesph Best - 5 years ago
Would have been nice to have this info 60 yrs. ago as it was alot of trial and error in my time.
Eduardo Sue
Eduardo Sue - 5 years ago
This video came just right about time.... planning to start sailing very soon, and I was asking these
questions......... thanks
Johnny R
Johnny R - 5 years ago
I'm digging this channel more everyday! The dream is coming closer my friends. Thanks for the inspiration.
James Stinett
James Stinett - 5 years ago
You guys are great, I really enjoy your vids, Im an off road guy, baja and desert racing but would enjoy an adventure like yours thanks for sharing
Michael Buck
Michael Buck - 5 years ago
Thanks Keith, love these Tech Thursdays, best outline I have seen on getting started, very simply laid out, making it something that is possible for anyone that has the Cruising Swell in their veins. I learned to motor boat at age 9 and sail when I was 15, mostly day cruising. But blue water is now in my veins and I am preparing to break free and explore beyond my local shores.

At first all this seems a bit overwhelming, so much to learn, but you made it very simple, step by step, take your time, and put in the hours you need to learn your boat. I actually took notes on this one, that's how good it was, below is my outline and take on what you taught us, I hope it's handy for others reading this:

Learning How to Sail - Weather and Navigation for Cruising

1. Weather - Need to know WHEN to sail - learn weather patterns and meteorology basics, know it like the back of your hand, try to avoid bad weather and keep yourself safe
a. Pridict Wind Website and App -
b. Iridium Go - - grib files can be downloaded and then fed into Predict Wind on computer

2. Navigation - Need to know WHERE to sail - reading charts, nautical charts, land mass, depths, shore lines, reefs, etc
a. Navionics -
i. use (3) three tablets with Navionics on them (iPads or Android) - Note: If an electrical storm is coming, put them into the microwave oven as a farady case to protect them
II. always ZOOM in to lower charts as you won't SEE very important things like reefs, sunken boats, etc at normal view. Look for restricted areas, no anchoring areas, obstacles, anything you need to stay safe and not hit something or go aground, anything that can cause problems

3. Sailing the boat -
a. Experience- trimming the sails, boat handling, mooring, docking, etc are all based on experience, number of hours on the water will help here,
b. Get help - don't be afraid to ask for help, everyone started out as a beginner, learn from another captain, from crewing on other boats or a similar boat to yours, or hiring a captain on your boat to assist in teaching you as well as attend Sailing Schools, etc...
c. REEF SOONER rather thn later- especialy if just statrting out
d. Safer on the hook then in a marina as the most difficult aspect of sailing is docking
e. How to drive the boat without the sails - learn how to motor and steer with just the engines, how to use the engines to maneuver your boat
f. BE A CONSERVATIVE SAILOR - Better Safe than Sorry
g. Safety First - always be prepared and ready for anything
h. REDUNDANCY - always have a backup plan, always have backups of all your electronic devices, have backups for navigation, weather, rudders (Hydrovane -, depth finders (have 2), sails as needed, tools, etc...

4. Books
a. World Cruising Routes by Jiimmy Cornell
b. The Gentlemans Guide to Passages South by Bruce Van Sant
c. The Voyagers Handbook - The essential Guide to Blue Water Cruising by Beth A. Leonard

5. Entertainment
a. PLEX Server -
b. NAS System setup - 4 bay NAS system, can add up to 4 hard drives or SSD drives in it, small setup,
i. Synology DS416slim (Diskless) Network Storage (mini tower, 4 bay) -
c. Store all your movies and ebooks on NAS System, broadcast through your BOAT WIFI system Router/Network, can use your Roku, Chromecast, Smart TV, or or a Raspberry Pie or other device for sending to the big screen TV or projector.
c. Calibre ebook server - all eBooks stored here on a WIndows laptop or PC, then they are available on your Kindle or phone or tablet.
Aeroworks540 - 5 years ago
Awesome about the budget! First time I have seen a sailing channel actually share that.

Also now I want a plex system.
Juan Carlos Bugallo
Juan Carlos Bugallo - 5 years ago
Hi guys from Venezuela
S/V AIRPOWER - 5 years ago
wi11y1960 - 5 years ago
I am surprised you only have 39k subscribers. Hopefuly mine will get you closer to 40k. Of course 100k would be nice as well.
doker bohm
doker bohm - 5 years ago
good short video books to read great part and love your style always can;t wait for next espisode
Peter Wendland
Peter Wendland - 5 years ago
Wow, cool!! Great and informative video. Thanks for sharing! I just love watching this channel and your family. I'm looking very much forward to the Z-Budget episodes :-)
D S - 5 years ago
Good morning folks!

I got my 103 and 104 years ago. And that's where I stopped.

I just found a boat I like (49' luxury Cat), and I'm in the middle of closing.
I'm going to have her refitted with a boom furling main and new sail drives, then head east for a year or two before making my way to Panama.

Thanks for the words of wisdom.
I always look forward to seeing you all.
michael d
michael d - 5 years ago
Whats your next destination?
ayjay woloszynski
ayjay woloszynski - 5 years ago
Please include what you calculate your monthly boat depreciation to be in your z-Budget! My guess/example below:Boat cost: $500,000Sale price in 5 yrs: $225,000Months (5yrs*12):  60Straight Line Monthly Depreciation ($275k/60) : $4,500/month I like to think of your boat depreciation as your "rent" expense.  Since you aren't building equity in terms of appreciation like when buying a home, whatever your boat depreciates at is basically like a rent payment.
Angus Hamilton
Angus Hamilton - 5 years ago
Always an enjoyable, value adding experience. Thanks for sharing.
mike barber
mike barber - 5 years ago
Thanks for this, fantastic info, hope to see you guys on the water later this fall.
Zarih Sundberg
Zarih Sundberg - 5 years ago
Excellent info, thx!
Craig Lancaster
Craig Lancaster - 5 years ago
I did see your NAS box in your last video and was going to ask if you used plex, your more and welcome to share my library?
Fadil Zubaidi
Fadil Zubaidi - 5 years ago
Do we need to turn the microwave oven on while all these electronic devices inside it ??? :-)
Danny Wilson
Danny Wilson - 5 years ago
Yes, it charges them while you weather the storm.
SenatorPerry - 5 years ago
I suspect that you would make so many cruiser's lives better if you had an in depth explanation of your Plex setup. I use the same setup in my van for my daughters with a solar bus + battery dedicated to it.

We also use one of these:

With this you plug a USB hard drive into and it uses DLNA protocol to stream only uses the power of a USB port and whatever is powering the hard drive. We use a thumb drive, so no extra power is needed. Plex is also able to mount the DLNA protocol, so you can still use the same app. There is also an app available with it.

I think the thing that catches people is that Amazon Fire tablets call back home every so often to renew the local play licenses, which catches you off guard if you have no Internet Access for a few weeks. The Iridium Go also won't renew these licenses as it doesn't pass through the connection to Amazon's servers.

Great video as always. Talk about the full download of Wikipedia sometime as well. ;-)
FreedomForce100 - 5 years ago
Fantastic information. This information is priceless and coming from real life experience. Great presenter, very articulate. THANK YOU!
Side note: Who could possibly dislike this video? I think that tells more about themselves than the video.
SquishBangBlow - 5 years ago
Go Keith!
David SANSEBASTIAN - 5 years ago
Congrats....Very good video as usual...
William Bays
William Bays - 5 years ago
If all else fails, did you learn how to use a sextant? And use it to manually confirm position?
asimsparks - 5 years ago
I learned to use a sextant, back in the day in Merchant navy. These days, with all the technology, learning to use sextant is just a waste of time. Nothing more than hangover from the old days.
Tim Goddard
Tim Goddard - 5 years ago
This is great stuff for us as we just bought our Leopard 43 in March. I am currently progressing through each system making repairs, replacements, adjustments, or just cleaning up. You get the picture. Oh yea, I'm a Commercial SEL&S, MEL, Rotorcraft, CFII. So some common ground there as well.
justcruisin109 - 5 years ago
I enjoy watching your shows, both for the content and also the enthusiasm with which you share it. Great job. Cheers
Preston Covell
Preston Covell - 5 years ago
Thanks for answering my question Keith. I had a feeling that’s how you did your movies. We have the same setup at home.
Dennis Brach
Dennis Brach - 5 years ago
Good information, thanks for sharing.
Cyclomaniac - 5 years ago
Great info... thanks Keith!!!
Atilla Kircelli
Atilla Kircelli - 5 years ago
I think u r in marmaris now, you should visit hisaronu gulf, bozburun and selimiye. There are lots of gorgeous bays that you could stay and also its near to you.
Sam Parker
Sam Parker - 5 years ago
Love it when you guys post a new video :)
longgowhereto - 5 years ago
UScits have this "tomorow is a better day" attitude. I wish I could have that these days!
You made a nice video about avoiding debt, but save at all corners to become financially independend - so I shoot this question on you:
In a world drowning in debt, how do you maintain peace of mind?
Is it: "Before my wealth will be eaten away by inflation, lets spend it!" or is the wealth somehow "rescued" (no need to explain how or where) or is cashflow still greater than costs?
My point is not to hear your privacy out, but to understand where your relaxation comes from. I feel not brave enough to ditch working as this cashflow might be needed in case of losing parts of wealth (crash or meltdown or confiscation or devaluation or bankrupt banks or states etc.).
Richard Russell once said: "In a depression everyone loses."
While I see this world going totally haywire into a longterm depression and cannot save again Draghis printing machine, you put your belly in the sun. What´s the secret? Meditation? Ignoration? Drugs? ;-)
Shaun Toomey
Shaun Toomey - 5 years ago
longgowhereto assumung I get your drift, if the system crashes your wealth and bank accounts will just evaporate whether you are sitting in a house or a boat.
Old saying "Live to work or work to live".
I think these guys are on the living chapter now.
Lyle Payne
Lyle Payne - 5 years ago
Where is that lady.
Miz Visionaire Productions
Miz Visionaire Productions - 5 years ago
Awesome far the best sailing channel out there......Canada salutes you!!
rcorn8114 - 5 years ago
One of the best and most informative (for someone whom hasn't purchased a boat yet) sailing videos EVER.  THANK YOU!
Joesph Best
Joesph Best - 5 years ago
Very good Information for anyone going to sea.
Sea Travel
Sea Travel - 5 years ago
Great video. Really appreciate how y'all encourage people.
Jeffrey Chrisman
Jeffrey Chrisman - 5 years ago
Thanks for making more detailed videos! I would love to see a video on meal planning/shopping for a crossing and such a large family!!
riwi tribawono wirjono
riwi tribawono wirjono - 5 years ago
When u guys gonna sail to Indonesia?
Mikey Cawley
Mikey Cawley - 5 years ago
I've never been this early.
steven uk1
steven uk1 - 5 years ago
Geezergamers - 5 years ago
Great stuff. I have the cornell book too. The others I didn't know about. Maybe you could get those technologically advanced whippersnappers to but an amazon or other link in to those items, I am interested in the NAS PLEX thing. Nice KISS video about weather and routes.
beachplumb - 5 years ago
I was a little distracted by that gorgeous boat behind you.
Jo - 5 years ago
lol i got exactly the same words on my mind and yes its the russian flag
doker bohm
doker bohm - 5 years ago
i was more than distracted watched it two times just to look at the boat
Alex Smith
Alex Smith - 5 years ago
Me too! BTW, what is the name of that SV under Russian flag?
Granturismo - 5 years ago
Love you guys thank you for the upload!
Steve's Vids
Steve's Vids - 5 years ago
Great quick guide..welldone. Any thoughts on route weather planning services?
Finn Barassi
Finn Barassi - 5 years ago
R u guys ever gonna come back to sydney

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