Sailing Around the World (Sailing La Vagabonde) - Ep. 1 Intro & Sailing Turkey

Having zero knowledge or experience with sailing, or even how to furl in the head sail, we bought a yacht in Italy.. we plan to circumnavigate the globe eventually, or just get the boat back to Australia. Documenting the voyage as we go. Turns out sailing isn't always as relaxing or easy as it looks and we are forever learning new things (seems to be not always the easy way).. Enjoy the video & subscribe to follow the voyage! Ps. If you are following our adventure, like what we are doing, and would like to help us get La Vaga around the world please support us on Patreon! Every cent counts and is HUGELY appreciated. It is YOU who make these videos possible. Subscribe to our Website for updates! (no spamming, we promise) Please support us on Patreon! Checkout some photos on Instagram! Like us on Facebook! Please like and share and all that too. You guys are legends! Love Elayna & Riley Sailing La Vagabonde.

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Having zero knowledge or experience with sailing, or even how to furl in the head sail, we bought a yacht in Italy.. we plan to circumnavigate the globe eventually, or just get the boat back to Australia. Documenting the voyage as we go. Turns out sailing isn't always as relaxing or easy as it looks and we are forever learning new things (seems to be not always the easy way).. Enjoy the video & subscribe to follow the voyage! Ps. If you are following our adventure, like what we are doing, and would like to help us get La Vaga around the world please support us on Patreon! Every cent counts and is HUGELY appreciated. It is YOU who make these videos possible. Subscribe to our Website for updates! (no spamming, we promise) Please support us on Patreon! Checkout some photos on Instagram! Like us on Facebook! Please like and share and all that too. You guys are legends! Love Elayna & Riley Sailing La Vagabonde.

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for Sailing Around the World (Sailing La Vagabonde) - Ep. 1 Intro & Sailing Turkey

Sean McPrawn
Sean McPrawn - 6 years ago
Wouldn't it be great if all the morons on here too lazy to find out how Riley paid for the boat but still full enough of spite and bullshit to make claims about him having it bought for him by his parents etc actually took the time to become less ill-informed. Dipshits.
Dave - 3 years ago
8 years humping it in mines and on oil rigs. Good on him.
Clayton Boyd
Clayton Boyd - 4 years ago
Too many jealous people.
soundmined - 4 years ago
Do not defend life. Live life.
Wayne Federico
Wayne Federico - 4 years ago
If you watch the first 1 then the last 1 some dipsticks are still not getting it ~~ HAHa
ALoúkInYourEyes - 5 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde Yeah!! i'm having heaps of fun watching your voyage... Elayna is just 100% pure of heart, Beautiful. I found myself here after watching her '10 day detox in Bali. And a word for the goddess herself- RESPECT!
I'm so happy that i've found a fun series to watch from my fellow 'Stayan's!!! Lovin it
Thank you 。。• *✧☽*⋆✧*。*☮•*。∞•
Nothings TRUE
Nothings TRUE - 5 years ago
+michelle mcreynolds Thank you, I have had it for a while and it seems to fit my ideology!
Nothings TRUE
Nothings TRUE - 5 years ago
+Sean McPrawn literally took a few seconds to find and a few moments to read :) This will be my third time watching Riley and Elayna's journey.
Monte Town
Monte Town - 5 years ago
+Sean McPrawn Who cares if his parents bought it for him anyways...
beachplumb - 6 years ago
+stephencarlsbad You know what they say:  Misery loves company
stephencarlsbad - 6 years ago
+Sean McPrawn I agree, it's always the miserable ones that want to share the misery.
Sean McPrawn
Sean McPrawn - 6 years ago
Indeed. Maybe if they spent less time moaning about other people's lives their own wouldn't be so shit.
stephencarlsbad - 6 years ago
+Sean McPrawn And who cares even if someone's parents buy them a nice sailboat or they pay for it themselves anyways.
n2dabloo - 6 years ago
+Sean McPrawn Agreed. I just enjoy watching them have loads of fun. Who cares how they got what they have?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
Go get em McPrawn!
Guy Cruls
Guy Cruls - 3 years ago
not quite sure when I started following, but it's quite odd, going back to that s1e1...
Don Radcliffe
Don Radcliffe - 3 years ago
Riley and Elyana, I am so impressed by you two. I believe I've watched most of your Videos, some twice. You two are doing exactly what I've always dreamed. Riley, I saw an episode where a guy asked if you had any plans to get a captains license.. You do know that you can take the course online and they will schedule you a date, time and place for you to take the exam. Might come in good in the future. Hell, as smart as you are you could complete the course while on the helm or just anytime you have to spare. There's exam questions online as well. Fair winds and following seas...
Alex Young
Alex Young - 3 years ago
This is a redux.....Riley owned the boat outright and found Elayna singing in some Greek restaurant and took her along for a ride..this became permanent......
arda çankaya
arda çankaya - 3 years ago
5:45 sn de dalga geçen fahişe bidaha türkiyeye gelme amına koduğumunu orospusu
Napo Mordas
Napo Mordas - 3 years ago
Nice movies.
Reminds me about 10 years of sailing alone around the world.
I wish there was more info details about storms, customs, piracy, how to prevent and deal
moments of distress, etc.
Happy sailing.
Everett Padgett
Everett Padgett - 3 years ago the simplicity of these first episodes
Everett Padgett
Everett Padgett - 3 years ago
I never saw a beauty lip synching muslim prayer song before. Elayna has proven a firsties to that!!
StatTack - 3 years ago
How tall is this mass?

10. comment for Sailing Around the World (Sailing La Vagabonde) - Ep. 1 Intro & Sailing Turkey

Sailing Baylana
Sailing Baylana - 3 years ago
pretty awesome, you guys had really good cameras and editing skills back then. I am still learning how to edit my videos. any hints please.
Almost Perfect
Almost Perfect - 3 years ago
Ru really doing that??
it is sacred to Muslims, And you should respect And nice, it's calling to pray for Muslim, wtf iam watching
D Wetick
D Wetick - 3 years ago
Many boats are available for little more than a token fee...owners get weary or frightened or dead and want rid of just have to look to find them.
James Wrate
James Wrate - 3 years ago
Goal is to watch every video you amazing guys have uploaded!
John Amon
John Amon - 3 years ago
Just watched for the first time, Jan 17, 2018! OMG, this is so awesome! Cant wait to watch ALL the episodes! Cheers.
Clubs - 3 years ago
this came out 3 years ago, its been an amazing 3 years
Dusty Roads
Dusty Roads - 3 years ago
How much did you pay for the boa?
moz - 3 years ago
my my - how far you've both come in 3 years - truly astonishing and so very pleased for you both - it has been a great ride along and long may it continue
Globetrotter - 3 years ago
Watching this in 2017 all over again ❤️
Tolga - 4 years ago
which route have you used to pass from indian ocean to mediterranean sea? suez or gibraltar

20. comment for Sailing Around the World (Sailing La Vagabonde) - Ep. 1 Intro & Sailing Turkey

Rain Coast
Rain Coast - 4 years ago
Wow! Three years already! Had to come back and watch episode one again. You have traveled far in many ways. Cheers.
DAM FLA - 4 years ago
Came back to the beginning... to remind myself why I started following these guys in the first place.  It seems to be a bit lost in the latest videos to me.
Aaron Feldman
Aaron Feldman - 4 years ago
I rewatched episode 1 in honor of your anniversary. Congratulations on how far you've come and all that you've achieved, and may you have many happy and exciting, but safe, adventures ahead of you in the years to come.
DiggyDogg TV
DiggyDogg TV - 4 years ago
Yeah, go Aussie!
DONGSU KIM - 4 years ago

303 WangRimOne room,256, WangRim-ri , Bongdam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
(Hwaseong 18332 Korea)


i am need the yacht

matthew drennen
matthew drennen - 4 years ago
great video love sailing
Deuxcheveux - 4 years ago
Oh, the memories. I really love these old videos---probably more than the newer, more professionally produced ones. These are just so REAL and they made so many of us fall in love with you guys. Wishing you continued good health and good times.
abarronboy - 4 years ago
When I heard David Foster Wallace........I hit subscribe.
abarronboy - 4 years ago
The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you. _ Infinite Jest
Geoff Hazeldine
Geoff Hazeldine - 4 years ago
Great stuff guys - you are living my dream ! ! love the videos, just downloaded your lessons learnt - great read
Estron Kadar
Estron Kadar - 4 years ago
love the girl

30. comment for Sailing Around the World (Sailing La Vagabonde) - Ep. 1 Intro & Sailing Turkey

Everyday Products
Everyday Products - 4 years ago
Australians can't sail off the earth since they are down under lol
Claudio Agosta
Claudio Agosta - 4 years ago
Italy? Monopoli? Bari? I’m italian and I have my boat in Brindisi in the same region of Puglia!! Viva l’Italia!,
leland mulder
leland mulder - 4 years ago
looks like lightning strikes the mast at about a minute and 33 seconds in. cool
AnnaBella - 4 years ago
Does anyone know what the cost was? Im looking at boats but I cant get a good reading on a good deal or not.
harlan cline
harlan cline - 4 years ago
So ive watched a bunch of your videos and love them. Usually the highlight of my day lol. Ive seriously been looking at boats to buy in the next 4 years as im going to retire. I see that you have closed a deal on a cat. What is your thoughts on sailboats for oceangoing. Is a cat the way to go? Or monohull?
Bob off Board
Bob off Board - 4 years ago
That is soo good
Ben Igler
Ben Igler - 4 years ago
wow U two are great
LegendaryStatus - 4 years ago
I love your adventure. Hold onto that girl. They're really rare. You should kiss her more often. I liked that you admired her while she flew a spinnaker. Bon Voyage. I wish I had done it at your age xx
Bud Manthey
Bud Manthey - 4 years ago
Thought I'd come back and watch no 1 again .... reminds me why I started watching. I've bought a 29 ft Trimaran since then ... But of course now I'm interested in Cats .... Thanks for the journey  so far ( and thanks for keeping it G-rated with content and language .....mostly).
The Primal Nutritionist
The Primal Nutritionist - 4 years ago
Only started watching your videos about a year ago, never seen the early ones until now. What a life you've had, and what a lucky couple you are! :)
Zach Bray
Zach Bray - 4 years ago
You guys are awesome! Massive inspiration, gotta start my own saving campaign today!
Steven Lemay
Steven Lemay - 4 years ago
Loving the show
O - 4 years ago
The thing that overwhelms me is that you bought the boat with absolutely no sailing knowledge at all. You had a goal and you just went for it. Amazing.
23101979T - 4 years ago
I've seen couple of episodes by now, but I returned here again to say that I love you guys!!!
All of this is amaizing and beautifull, and you are beautifull ! I wish you all the best in time to come and looking forward to see rest of the episodes! I was just wondering.., how come you skiped Croatia?
Xoxocube - 4 years ago
Just discovered you and i can say you're my kinda people. I'm looking to do the same in a couple of years. Take it easy.
Taner Evren
Taner Evren - 4 years ago
piç karı ezanla dalga geçiyor
TheAnigai - 4 years ago
It's not hard to show a full view of the boat from the outside, really should be something you do rather than any kind of passing mention.
Kerry Paterson
Kerry Paterson - 4 years ago
couple and life goals
Jim Green
Jim Green - 4 years ago
As I said on the episode I saw yesterday when you were in the Marquesas (my 1st. one), I visited Down Under back in '87, when I landed at Perth from Singapore, then across the country by plane to Sydney, then the Greyhound of Australia up to Brisbane, Cairns (Great Barrier Reef), over to Darwin, down the track to Alice Springs (Ayers Rock/Olgas, etc.), Coober Pedy, then flew to Adelaide, bus to Melbourne, down to Tasmania by air, bus back to Sydney via ACT. I spent most of Oct. in Australia. What a great country you 2 come from.
Mike Moody
Mike Moody - 4 years ago
Great video guys!

50. comment for Sailing Around the World (Sailing La Vagabonde) - Ep. 1 Intro & Sailing Turkey

Jon Arne L. Nygård
Jon Arne L. Nygård - 4 years ago
Ok. This is the oldest vid I could find and I look foreard to seeing many more. I hear you guys are great, and I know look forward getting entertained by you for hours. So far you guys are hellerious!!
Jeremiah Wilson
Jeremiah Wilson - 4 years ago
One thing all these travel vloggers have in common...Determined. From that Kombi VW dude to these kids.....DETERMINATION.
5dd - 4 years ago
I have news for you, Riley: the "pride and joy" of your boat is not the solar panels. It's Elayna.
Wayne Federico
Wayne Federico - 4 years ago
Ok I watch everyone of your videos..... and STILL LOVIN IT ~~
Gary Bode
Gary Bode - 4 years ago
Where is Guemueseuek Limani, Turkey? I can't find it on a map.
Charles Smith
Charles Smith - 4 years ago
I belly danced on my first visit on stage, my grandma got the pictures she laughed
Charles Smith
Charles Smith - 4 years ago
been to a few of them places, i spent two months in Malta, shipyard for USN ship. I lived in Italy for 2 years all over europe
agfesc - 4 years ago
Watching the first few videos again. It took me all of 5 days to get through them all when I first found your channel. There is nothing like hearing the call to prayer in Muslim countries. -G
fred fuchs
fred fuchs - 4 years ago
Ey you Jack Marston looking mofo
Zaris - 4 years ago
u two are awesome.. love the vids.. u have my subscription =) i recently bought a macgregor 26x. and i also have no clue how to sail lol.. wont be doing any circumnavigating or crossing an ocean.. but planning to do some island hopping once i get some experience
Donald Lord
Donald Lord - 4 years ago
Do you remember where the music on the Turkish part is from or who it is??? It is beautiful. Pardon if it is you playing Elayna. Cheers.
Donald Lord
Donald Lord - 4 years ago
Do you remember where the music on the Turkish part is from or who it is??? It is beautiful. Pardon if it is you playing Elayna. Cheers.
Donald Lord
Donald Lord - 4 years ago
Do you remember where the music from the Turkish part is from or who it is??? It is beautiful. Pardon if it is you playing Elayna. Cheers.
xl music tv
xl music tv - 4 years ago
I'm looking for a girl who loves to sail And who can become a crew on my sailboat It is a 44 foot catamaran Which is located in Cuba for the moment. if There should be someone who is interested in an adventure, Contact me. Sailing off next year 2018
Adriatic Lux LLC Marine Canvas and Upholstery
Adriatic Lux LLC Marine Canvas and Upholstery - 4 years ago
Big Fans! You inspired us to start our adventure and make us dream come true . Restoring our Morgan 45 /1966 and making planes to start cursing around World  with that Classic Beauty . Thank you 100s times . Peck and Ella
David Smith
David Smith - 4 years ago
I salute you, the courage you show for taking a life adventure that nothing can really compare too.
fishing is life
fishing is life - 4 years ago
whats the song you were listening to at the end of the video??
Jack attack Price
Jack attack Price - 4 years ago
You need more subscribers
Jack attack Price
Jack attack Price - 4 years ago
My dad and me love your channel
PatDaBunnyLego - 4 years ago
Riley always has to play with something lol
K Reed
K Reed - 4 years ago
haha DFW!
Ahmed Tibrizi
Ahmed Tibrizi - 4 years ago
Well .. just to say that I'm really enjoy watching your sailing episodes around the globe its really amazing <3, and so interesting to start self study sailing so i can do it too.

Just want to say that I watched this video your first one, and i noticed that you Elayna are dancing while you are listening Azhan in Turkey @ 06:05 ,, I dont to judge you and say this is disrespect, will say that you dont know it.

Pls respect the traditions of the countries you visit so they respect you.

All the love and the good wishes to save and happy sailing around the world.
Around The World
Around The World - 4 years ago
wow <#
Darryl Bavington
Darryl Bavington - 4 years ago
Hi there could you please show me your water maker that you have to change salt water into fresh water. Thanks Darryl  P/s Australian guy living in a 30 foot self contained motorhome but one day I might follow in your foot steps
Eric Wordal
Eric Wordal - 4 years ago
I've wanted to do this since I read " The Dove " back in high school! You guys seem like a great couple. I've watched a few episodes but finally decided to start at the beginning.
foxdown - 4 years ago
plase don't mock with azzan ,especially with bikini..please don't
Khadijah Brown
Khadijah Brown - 4 years ago
I was just looking at Elayna carrying her swim fins. Is she that tiny or are the fins that large? Goodness !!!
Larry Watkins
Larry Watkins - 4 years ago
Good on you Riley! I sailed a Beneteau 40 in SoCal USA for 15 years, and other boats before that. Kudos to you for making a plan, and working the plan. Looking forward to all your vids.
fighting1202 - 4 years ago
how long and what model? the boat i mean.tks
Khaled Nagy
Khaled Nagy - 4 years ago
lovely music... anyone knows who's playing ?
AUS BOAT FUN - 4 years ago
Keep up the good work guys! Awesome videos and enjoyable to watch! Stay safe.
Sam Byrd
Sam Byrd - 4 years ago
Best series out there by far. You guys are awesome!!!!
Depth Charged
Depth Charged - 4 years ago
Ross Carroll
Ross Carroll - 4 years ago
New fan. I'm going to catch up on the videos. Good luck on your new catamaran. I've got to update my photo, I have a whole new look. Fairwinds and following seas!
Me Now
Me Now - 4 years ago
Just wanted to go back to see an episode before Elayna's eyes and eyebrows were not so severely sculpted and and painted. So much nicer and less pretentious.
TOP FIVE - 4 years ago
Kabziu - 4 years ago
I love you just for the music of John Butler! Greetings from Gdansk, Poland;)
Tim C
Tim C - 4 years ago
Great video guys... love watching your adventures..
Peter M
Peter M - 4 years ago
Just got around to watching this first video...pretty damn good production, like the audio and the video, great all around video!
Christian Stephens
Christian Stephens - 4 years ago
Came back to watch where it all started. Your videos have come a long long way!
Jeffrey Searle
Jeffrey Searle - 4 years ago
Nice video , I bet you could turn this into a hit and jack yourselfs a free catamaran.
julian fifield
julian fifield - 4 years ago
Anyone else get the Monty Python reference made by Riley?
Amine - 4 years ago
You guys are hilarious, what is the average speed of an african mating pigeon that made me spit my coffee hahaha
ORHAN MURATOĞLU - 4 years ago
cant believe you ve stated to record from my country! i was curious if you guys have ever visited Türkiye, with La Vagabonde!
Thomas Dupont
Thomas Dupont - 4 years ago
it's cool to be rich...
Jimmy Crackcorn
Jimmy Crackcorn - 4 years ago
Only there aren't... Riley worked for something like 8 years to save up to buy the boat. He met Elayna on his journey and they've been together for a couple years now. Elayna took the initiative to create a YouTube channel and now they are making a good living from that effort. It was only about a year ago they had to stop sailing so Riley could go back to working in the oil industry to keep paying for their journey. I wouldn't say they are rich yet, but after a couple years of hard work, they are well on their way. When you create content that millions of people have watched you deserve to make a living do it. I've watched them go from around 20,000 subscribers or so, to almost 300,000 now! You should look into their story before judging to quickly!
Raghul Johnson
Raghul Johnson - 4 years ago
Did you guys make it to Australia? How long did it take you guys? How much did everything cost?
1duckDESIGNS - 4 years ago
There is just something so real and pure about this video... I love coming back and re-watching it!
RANDAL Lamb - 4 years ago
I am so glad I found this by accident via the 10 day cleanse now my husband and I have watched Several episodes! Love it!!! Thank you! <3 <3 <3 oops I am signed in on my husbands account well this is Crystal lol <3 x
Yeşeren Orhan
Yeşeren Orhan - 4 years ago
omg i think i am the only turkish follower of you and i feel likel i am supposed to fix your mistakes about place names :D firstly its not ekinsik its ekincik and sik means penis in turkish :D and its not cockertme its çökertme :DDDD
Chris - 4 years ago
Riley and Elayna, you are both freakin amazing. Here I am, and Australian in London, and I am so inspired by your story. What keeps me going is the prospect of such escapades (on a more minor scale). In fact I've just paid a deposit on a 36 footer and have the inspection tomorrow - you have calmed my nerves and reinvogorate the challenge in me. PS. love the fact you read so much - you're not the average bears.

100. comment for Sailing Around the World (Sailing La Vagabonde) - Ep. 1 Intro & Sailing Turkey

morvanable - 4 years ago
bon vent !
Afonsö Marqūes
Afonsö Marqūes - 4 years ago
Should be one big adventure! Cheers from Portugal!
digitalsketchguy - 4 years ago
Why are Aussies so chilled? I think if those guys were abducted by aliens, they'd just sit back and enjoy the ride back to their planet
Fraser Browne
Fraser Browne - 4 years ago
If you’re more interested in what you have achieved or what your financial position enables you to do, then that thing that got you those things will screw you
Stephanie-Jennifer Bremer
Stephanie-Jennifer Bremer - 4 years ago
Kombi life sent me here :) thankfully! following you now! everyone who likes Sailing la Vagabonde should check out haska alasky by Kombi Life here at YouTube (Y)
sadrobotmax - 4 years ago
I have watched all your videos and rewatching them again so I can find my happy place.
Jamie C
Jamie C - 4 years ago
Estas Tonne is a great artist.
Paul Baker
Paul Baker - 4 years ago
The Oscar for most improved sound editing goes to her but Riley's comedic genius is lurking like San Fran fog just at the waterline! Tight lines wayfarers
Aaron Barker
Aaron Barker - 4 years ago
6:06 still doing the same dance!
It's fun looking back at these and seeing how much the two of you have changed in a couple years, how far you've come and how much is still the same. Always looking forward to the next video!
where is danny black
where is danny black - 4 years ago
awesome stuff guys... I can't wait to follow along!
Saffron's World
Saffron's World - 4 years ago
I could not spend any time in a Muslim country because that god-awful wailing several times a day calling people to prayer would lead me to break out my sniper's rifle and take the loudmouth SOB out.
C - 4 years ago
My god.....I need this to be my life
Hua Thai
Hua Thai - 4 years ago
You guys should really get a spare prop for your outboard, you know you will need it in about 60 episodes....
Khaled Nagy
Khaled Nagy - 4 years ago
Sailing La Vagabonde guys.... what's that music you're using ? who's playing the guitar here ?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 4 years ago
You some sort of particle physicist?
landon hohmann
landon hohmann - 4 years ago
take me sailing ⛵
Cycling Vlogs
Cycling Vlogs - 4 years ago
Dude I live in Mallorca hahahaha
MrIzmirli35 - 4 years ago
Guemueseuek Limani=GÜMÜSLÜK Limani :) anyway i hope you enjoy :)
Old Bird Wing
Old Bird Wing - 4 years ago
dump her, she didn't get the Holy Grail reference
Tobias Boye Lollesgaard
Tobias Boye Lollesgaard - 4 years ago
who made that guitar music in the middle? it fantastic
the man the myth
the man the myth - 4 years ago
John Butler
Charley Smith
Charley Smith - 4 years ago
What happened to episode 3?
nzy 4795
nzy 4795 - 4 years ago
how i just discover this now...
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 4 years ago
+nzy 4795 make sure you tell all your friends, help us out a little!
Majk Strand
Majk Strand - 4 years ago
Allah will punish you for making fun of his prayer! ;)
Admir Karalic
Admir Karalic - 4 years ago
I forgive them, because their ignorance. Insha'Allah they may be guided sometime by Allah and understand the meaning of the Athan !
Mr. sting ray
Mr. sting ray - 4 years ago
what do you do for a living
Simz - 4 years ago
So you only need to get that kinda boat to get that kinda girlfriend? thanks!
justrelax - 4 years ago
my dad, grand dad, great grand dad etc were all sailors, then i was born. although i love sailing, im getting sea sick just thinking about it :(. so myself an partner are decking out a troopy to travel overland around australia, just as soon as we have enough funds ;) great vids guys looks like all your hard work is paying off now and thats great to see. keep it real
Susan Watt
Susan Watt - 4 years ago
You two are my heroes! <3 <3 <3
deepblueyonderspage - 4 years ago
2:51   African or European?  ..."What is your favorite color?"  Blue, no - Green...   Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 4 years ago
+deepblueyonderspage hahahaha
Don'tBeEvil - 4 years ago
What's the boat model again ?!
maja Sarenbrant
maja Sarenbrant - 4 years ago
Jim Blane
Jim Blane - 4 years ago
Ah ha! Just thought I'd watch the beginning! Good question though.....if you had to do it all over would you buy a 43.4 Beneteau Cyclades again?
Андрей Лавров
Андрей Лавров - 4 years ago
Very best video! Beautiful girls. Удачного плавания и крепкого здоровья!
Dylan's Photography
Dylan's Photography - 4 years ago
eyye aussies!
Leif Nyland
Leif Nyland - 4 years ago
What licenses do you need to sail a boat like this?
Jay Hampton
Jay Hampton - 4 years ago
Leif Nyland you only need a man card
John King
John King - 4 years ago
Sailing around the world is encourageing
Martin G
Martin G - 4 years ago
If you think that water is murky, then do not go to the Gulf of Mexico.
Mike Reynolds
Mike Reynolds - 4 years ago
How much does a boat like this initially cost?
Dutch suborbital spaceflight
Dutch suborbital spaceflight - 4 years ago
+Savvy Jones yup
Savvy Jones
Savvy Jones - 4 years ago
i think for a boat like this it would be around 80-100k
fıratkırdı .fkykr
fıratkırdı .fkykr - 4 years ago
yenge de erik gibiymiş kütür kütür
pedro quez
pedro quez - 4 years ago
This is staged ....this is not 100 % real ...
Justin Fehr
Justin Fehr - 4 years ago
pedro quez I completely understand what your saying. I'm envious.
pedro quez
pedro quez - 4 years ago
2020Veritas let me re-state ..I live in the matrix hum drum 9 to 5 ...from a guy like me this lifestyle does not seem real .....from a drone worker like me , the only way this is real it if is a movie ....
2020Veritas - 4 years ago
A fool and his foolishness, sadly, are not soon parted
daedster1 - 4 years ago
hahahahahahaaha Riley er, how da flock I'm gonna say that.... er... wind in the rigging all fcuking nite hahahahaa
Jon Kallenbach
Jon Kallenbach - 4 years ago
I have started practicing alchohol-intake,- satisfied,--? I think one must be able to do that on such a journey like yours. Therefore I have drunk two Bacardi black rum with Cult cola,- And now I´ll think I`ll take something stronger: Norske brystdråber from DAK ((Norwegian tit-(breast)- drops)) and add two drops of Physio-JHP to the mixture and rearly gurgle it long and deep into my smoke - damished/resistant chest while doing some backwords bending yoga - exercises,- see thats what you can call a shot if you can keep it in, and maybe afterwords i´ll do a (neti) nose,- exersize where you pour psyciological salt - water solution through your nose (maybe nostrells) can´t spell cause I´m only one of the "Dumme Dänen"
Heilchen O-seben (little seven from Thurø)
Joey S
Joey S - 4 years ago
So you can confirm the "flat earth" is a hoax then and we do live on a globe ?
Joey S
Joey S - 4 years ago
So you believe we live in. Sphere/globe or a "flat earth? lol
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 4 years ago
+Joey S were not all the way round yet but it's certainly looking that way.
Dwayne Pennel
Dwayne Pennel - 4 years ago
i can't believe you both weren't killed in Turkey.
james daley
james daley - 4 years ago
i like what appleseedling said
Elliott Wolcott
Elliott Wolcott - 4 years ago
Great video i bet that was fun.
ebiros2 - 4 years ago
What's the make and model of the Vagabond ? Is it Beneteau 393 ?
ebiros2 - 4 years ago
Thank you ! I now plan to buy the same sailboat, but maybe an older model.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 4 years ago
Canada - 4 years ago
probably have seen every episode except for the first, i like you guys :)
GivesAMinute - 4 years ago
Randomly stumbled up a more recent upload of yours but thought I'd go back in the archives and watch from the beginning. Looks like an interesting adventure to follow along with!
Dennis Bradberry
Dennis Bradberry - 4 years ago
They are great episodes, I wasn't too fond of the one where Riley got drunk and gave Elayna a seeing to though
GivesAMinute - 4 years ago
Jake Carlisle Once you're up to date with SLV you can check out my content :)
Jake Carlisle
Jake Carlisle - 4 years ago
GivesAMinute me too. Just started today. Awesome
GivesAMinute - 4 years ago
+Hayden Hass Awesome!! You need a deck hand?
Hayden Hass
Hayden Hass - 4 years ago
yes pretty soon I'm going to do the trip around the world in about 3-4 years but I'm going to learn in that time hopefully and save money from my job :)
GivesAMinute - 4 years ago
+Hayden Hass You got plans to buy a yacht?
Hayden Hass
Hayden Hass - 4 years ago
same man watching them all over. can't wait to live this dream my self :)
GivesAMinute - 4 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde cheers folks. Did a marathon of 10 episodes. Looks like a rad time!!
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 4 years ago
Good to have you on board mate
Rich Blake
Rich Blake - 4 years ago
why don't you sleep in one of the aft cabins?
LewickiT - 4 years ago
I'm just now realizing you guys posted this first episode, On my birthday.
It was meant to be, that you'd become one of my favorite channels on here. =)
Joe Landers
Joe Landers - 4 years ago
Love following you both and your sailing adventures but it is it true that unless your a Patrone you do not get the video at all and/or have to wait how long ????? It seems like you are selling your adventures, if it is what I believe it could be that would be so sad. Thought the internet was free for everyone?
scott maytham
scott maytham - 4 years ago
moody blues ride my see saw ya sending good tides music
scott maytham
scott maytham - 4 years ago
elvis love me tender hhhhahahahhhhh
Doug Hembruff
Doug Hembruff - 4 years ago
Thanks Guys makes me want to do it again. You guys are great hope to see you on the water. get warmer clothes and a heater and check out the bc canadian coast
James Whitmore
James Whitmore - 5 years ago
riley you have one of the strongest south australian accents i've ever heard! i was watching your videos for the first time with a friend in class and after about a minute said - he's from adelaide, well turns out i was right
Row INTP - 5 years ago
you shouldn't dance on 'adan' sound it's very disrespectful
Matej Rancigaj
Matej Rancigaj - 5 years ago
David Nicholas
David Nicholas - 5 years ago
I would like to be a bit of a better editor. Where did you pick up your editing skills or do they just come naturally? Any suggestions on where to learn?
Jared Magaro
Jared Magaro - 5 years ago
John Butler's Ocean!!!! Great music choice :D
ign1te9 - 5 years ago
ok what's the deal. either you are rich kids, you saved for years or you are making money. answers please
Becket McGinn
Becket McGinn - 4 years ago
Probably a little bit of all three. I'm sure they're making good money now from just their vids. Good for them!
Go2 SherlockIt
Go2 SherlockIt - 5 years ago
Thank for sharing the video. A great way to have a quality of life at a
reasonable cost! How long did it take to realise you had made the right choice?
Timothy sterbens
Timothy sterbens - 5 years ago
"...not kids that you've stolen, but kids that would come on board..." Laughed to tears.
Ananas #
Ananas # - 5 years ago
at 5:48 do you really know what is it ! its time for pray ... and there is more when you interpreted the words it's meaning .. I approve that ALLAH (GOD) is great and his prophet is Muhammed, come to pray, come to do the best(good), time to pray, and there no God, just ALLAH ... next time knowing ! if you look at world , world also looking you.
Bon Voyage
Ananas #
Ananas # - 5 years ago
the idea is more the adventure more around world
Rutape Ruth
Rutape Ruth - 5 years ago
cuando en fuerteventura?
lebarosky - 5 years ago
Folks, Riley doesn't make the same mistake twice and he learns fast. From such beginnings he is now a true yachtsman. - 5 years ago
love it!
JORDAN JAY - 5 years ago
Amazing c
spinnaker5514 - 5 years ago
Hey Guys, I went all the way back to watch your first episode AGAIN! Because I realized that these people that come into my home via the internet everyweek, who I have come to love like family and look forward to each and every visit, I don't know your back story. did you two meet? How did you come to buy La Vagabonde? Tell us a little about you and your lives before the video. Because right now I can only imagine who you are and where you came from. Elayne I think you were a famous Aussie singer who made a forture and wanted to get away from the lime light by staring in your own sailing videos. Riley, you a bit toucher to figure out...either you were a famous soccer star or your the real life character that was the original idea for Croc Dundee. So please take an episode and tell us how you guys came to be Elayne and Riley world travelers. I know we'd all appreciate knowing more about the two of you. My most burning you plan on getting married some day and starting a family and will you stay on a boat if you do. Maybe now that your getting a catamaran you'll have room for a crib??? Good luck guys we all love you so much! Bill S.
Christopher Simonot
Christopher Simonot - 5 years ago
I had some respect for you both up until 6 minutes in
MonacoPoker - 5 years ago
What was wrong ?
Nick Benfell
Nick Benfell - 5 years ago
Whoa that is a big statement. Among other things I have respect for love and freedom and a beautiful girl doing her own beautiful dance. I respect knowledge and I respect tolerance. I do not respect narrow points of view however they are expressed.
Fugue Life
Fugue Life - 5 years ago
Yes, DWF IS the greatest person on earth. : )
ducatiist - 5 years ago
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
+Fugue Life David Waster Follace.
Sammy McPhail
Sammy McPhail - 5 years ago
I have just watched your latest video and that has made me come back to the start of your adventure. I couldn't remember why I started watching your channel because all the you tubers I watch are beauty bloggers. But 3 years ago my partner and I did a Sail Turkey with Bus About and absolutely loved it. Watching your videos has brought back so many lovely memories. Keep up the amazing work, love watching your videos. xx
Daniel Gaertner
Daniel Gaertner - 5 years ago
So cool guys!!!!!!!
Will Urich
Will Urich - 5 years ago
My girlfriend and I are thinking of getting married for her to immigrate here from Canada as her student visa is expiring soon. How do you navigate the emotional riptides, so to speak, that come when two people,who love each other but have more to learn and grow for themselves, travel together? We want to travel the world and do lots of things but I have so much more to grow for myself before I think I'm ready to lead that nomadic sort of life. I've traveld to about 20 countries and cycle toured through a couple but nothing more than a few months at a time. How do you emotionally/spiritually prepare for such journeys? Thanks for your thoughts. I want to share this story with my girlfriend later.
Martin Kiel
Martin Kiel - 5 years ago
How did she lose the tender? Wasn't she with it when she swam over??
daedster1 - 5 years ago
hahahahahahaaha..... yup that's funny, (the wind ending part, know what ya mean too! This is the vid that got me lovin your adventure Riley & Elayna, so, I went through to the current ones you posted today (19 sept 2016) I think i went on a binge and did nothing for a week........ this was a few mths ago. So, with your new boat, do it all again, love watchin the oop's bits - so funny!
Perpetual Student
Perpetual Student - 5 years ago
How long have you been sailing or how much experience did you guys have prior to the making of this video?
Perpetual Student
Perpetual Student - 5 years ago
My Air 2 won't let me pull it down for some reason. That is why I asked.
Martin Kiel
Martin Kiel - 5 years ago
read the description
Kristy Lugert
Kristy Lugert - 5 years ago
I'm not sure which of you is prettier :-)
Lo-Taren - 5 years ago
I'd love to start sailing, after getting a license where should I go to as a small trip for practice? I live on the cliffs of south England, I'd love to get into this.
Leif Nyland
Leif Nyland - 4 years ago
Lo-Taren sail around the world
Lo-Taren - 5 years ago
Yeah it is, likewise :)
John von Horn
John von Horn - 5 years ago
Nice part of the world, Lo. Oxfordshire here :)
jean-pierre Lenoir
jean-pierre Lenoir - 5 years ago
What was your sailling experiences prior to start sailling on La Vagabonde?
ARIF budiman
ARIF budiman - 5 years ago
relationship goal, yeah you guys have a beautiful life
Tommy John
Tommy John - 5 years ago
john butler, nice touch
MrCloudseeker - 5 years ago
It's not everyday you see someone pushing a Zodiac down the streets of Turkey ;)
John Hetherington
John Hetherington - 5 years ago
how much was the boat?????????
John von Horn
John von Horn - 5 years ago
I'm seeing them for sale, second hand for around £65,000-75,000. So not super cheap but you don't need to be a knob head like "Sir" Philip Green either.
kate moylan
kate moylan - 5 years ago
I've watched many episodes now...and I am charmed! My husband and I are sailors, but we haven't crossed an ocean or accomplished what you have done! We are hoping to buy a live aboard blue water boat in the near future. Thank you so much for the experience, the fun, the keen approach, the music, the talented filming (much to be learned for us on that matter), and the honesty! Very inspirational. Good luck to you both in sailing forward!
MrDedana - 5 years ago
koltukaltını bi temizleseydin bari kefere, şerbet döksek kadayıf olcak.
Peter Gregefalk
Peter Gregefalk - 5 years ago
Is this your first one?
Just started watching your show this summer as I had my vacation. It's such an amazing show guys. I really hope for a continuation for a long long time. So promising for the longest time. Keep 'em coming guys. This is the kind of stuff I could just keep on watching for the longest time Elayna and Riley!
Alexey Gavrikov
Alexey Gavrikov - 5 years ago
my plan when i get out of the military
jean-michel HERBERT
jean-michel HERBERT - 5 years ago
She already has her 'cum tribute site'on Xhamster and youporn;;;FAME!!!
Jesda Dix
Jesda Dix - 5 years ago
Nice :) i love this adventure !
I'm from Tahiti Island but i'm in France and when i look this video it's so good.
Michel Alin
Michel Alin - 5 years ago
Thank you and godspeed, I like your job.
Kiss of Martinique (FWI)
Yavuz Poyraz
Yavuz Poyraz - 5 years ago
ezan part is so disrespectfull !!!!
Shane Flanegan
Shane Flanegan - 5 years ago
Hey Riley, just going back through some of your videos and notice you have a Ukulele. Do you get to play much?? Maybe you could do a couple of numbers with Elayna... (O)=:: ;-}
Jeff Lucas
Jeff Lucas - 5 years ago
this is what I have always wanted to do.
Diogo Miguel
Diogo Miguel - 5 years ago
Firstly, many congratulations for your videos. I really value your courage and spirit of adventure. You won another subscriber (from Portugal).
You should come to Portugal, we have a country full of history, plenty of sun and great places to sail.
Keep up with your great work.
Jax Senna
Jax Senna - 5 years ago
I travel the world,looking for the one spot that says it all. find (Jax Overland)
Hailey Parlette
Hailey Parlette - 5 years ago
That underground aquaduct in Rhodes is a trip isn't it? Pitch black, you can feel the stone walls on each side and the ice cold water up to your ankles, but you can't see a thing...
Mooonraker. Com
Mooonraker. Com - 5 years ago
DRN BOSS - 5 years ago
hey bro ... I'm a iron worker in Cleveland Ohio. I'm about to do this trip next year solo and came from same back round as far as saving money and reaching my dream..
I have so many questions man ...

you can message me hear or viber app ...
Join me on Viber, a free and amazing app for calls and messages! -

curious about the being alone part first few weeks ?
how that boat Handel's?
cost seems pretty low unless boat has issues ...
is it normal to be little nervous as you know what your gonna do a year
before ? storms extra .. this have been my dream for 15 years I'm now 39 and more ready then ever ...
Holly Winchester
Holly Winchester - 5 years ago
I just can't believe that you guys had zero knowledge or experience of sailing before you bought a boat... You're crazy! :P Isn't it really complicated? I've always wanted to sell my flat and buy a sail boat and go see the world, but I assumed it would take years to learn how...?
C Menzies
C Menzies - 4 years ago make it sound so easy. I'm definitely giving it a go after that comment and this video. Thanks!
Mikeztarp - 4 years ago
Yeah. Don't worry about maps, currents and shallows, weather forecasts, or any of that – just get in a boat and go die alone in the middle of the ocean.
Dennis Bradberry
Dennis Bradberry - 4 years ago
Dude, get in a boat, put the sail up, look at compass and start steering - fucking easy
Saffron's World
Saffron's World - 4 years ago
Holly Winchester...It takes some serious knowledge to get catamaran certified. Check out a married couple who started from scratch and learned how to sail their catamaran. Them YouTube channel is Gone With the Wynns. Subscribe and enjoy.
Leif Nyland
Leif Nyland - 4 years ago
Holly Winchester it takes a different amount of time to learn to sail depending on your personality. I'm fourteen and it took me one summer to learn to sail a boat.
Jamppa - 4 years ago
i think taking a couple week courses (usually like 400$ or something like that) wouldn't hurt. They are so cheap compared to all the stuff people end up bringing with them, and you learn some important stuff quickly.
Rico Knecht
Rico Knecht - 5 years ago
Actually it isnt. Make the official licence that is requierd and go. Learnign by doing. Start with small easy trips and see if someone comes with you that allready sailed. Just for a trip or two. After you are as much prepaired as someone can be. I might do the same in 7 years
Ynk Yrd
Ynk Yrd - 5 years ago
Geri zekalılar İnsanların dini inanışları ile dalga geçecek kadar aptalmısınız... Okunan ezanla dalga geçmek sizin kültürsüz aptal insanlar olduğunuzu gösterir... Sabahın o güzelliğinde okunan ezandan etkilenmemiş olmanızda RUHSUZ OLDUĞUNUZUN İSPATI...
JUles - 5 years ago
Great video. What kind of deal did you get for the boat?
Meg Thicke
Meg Thicke - 5 years ago
eeee? bayraklar asılmamış?
Yavuz Poyraz
Yavuz Poyraz - 5 years ago
ne bayrak asıcan ezanla dalga geçiyor adamlar
Christopher Simmons
Christopher Simmons - 5 years ago
What kind of cameras do you guys use? do you keep them dry...more-or-less..?
Tim Hirst
Tim Hirst - 5 years ago
Did you get the Zodiac back or did you have to buy a second new one?
Michael - 5 years ago
hi guys.. maybe you could answer a question for me... whats the average depth of the waters?????
Tom Sherwin
Tom Sherwin - 5 years ago
SLV, I think you've convinced me to pick up my own sails :)
Paulina Kuhn
Paulina Kuhn - 5 years ago
Peeps, Omfg pressure Video really looks like heavily fabulousdetail 8)
T Logan
T Logan - 5 years ago
Great choice in music (Ocean - John Butler)
Ettore Zuccarino
Ettore Zuccarino - 5 years ago
dear Elayne and Riley, little by little I have been captured by the simple openness with which you come across. I admire your well matched beautiful youth and love the sunsets that now and then pop up. When young (I am now a young 87), I was a sea captain and made my career on the Italian Line passengers liners totaling well over 1 million miles in the open oceans. I mention this so that you believe me when I tell you have been truly two crazy kids with couple skilled helpers from up there who must love you beyond understanding. Yet, all this said, you really must be two very, very smart kids and have learned the ropes in a hurry. I have seen how you displayed a spinnaker, how you keep the sail set for best slot ( I assume you know what I am talking about) and I would have sworn you were old hats.... You fooled me.
Yet, PLEASE, beware! the sea is not kind to fools and soon or later it will bite you in the butt! I pray you will be prepared. I love your videos !!! One day I plan to lock myself in the office and watch your entire voyage. In the meantime may you have fair winds with God's blessings. Eyes open. No fear. BE safe! Peace, Ettore

PS. Heavens, kids, had been many time in Freemantle and Perth but do not recall the heavy accent Riley has. We should all speak Esperanto!
Frank Winebrener
Frank Winebrener - 5 years ago
Really a great show!  Enjoyable
CoyoteKyber - 5 years ago
I plan on doing exactly what you're doing in a few years. Your videos are amping me up! Thanks for that! All my friends are buying houses getting strapped with mortgages. I'm just like, well "good for you" but i'm going to travel the world on my sail boat.. lol Which I've yet to buy, or learn how to drive but still game plan!!.. I'm sure it'll be quite the learning process. But I'm still stoked!! Happy voyages to you two!!
Vemund Blyverket
Vemund Blyverket - 5 years ago
jeg tror jeg er in love
Choose Travel
Choose Travel - 5 years ago
If you could do it all again would you pick the same size boat? I'm considering a trip like this and trying to work out the boat bit. thanks
Dufftata - 5 years ago
so within three days I inhaled the channel, now I am starting over again
Andy Howells
Andy Howells - 5 years ago
What Camera gear are you using for your videos
enkrypt3d - 5 years ago
wow she is absolutely gorgeous.... that looks like an incredible trip! I just stumbled upon your videos and going through them now. Safe travels!
TMHonfire102 - 5 years ago
she needs to make more music videos...
Nick Roberts
Nick Roberts - 5 years ago
Get a job
Musto - 5 years ago
Hello From Turkey. Thank you for this beautiful video. Sightseeing and great beauty. have a good trip and come back soon. :)
Daniel Boulton
Daniel Boulton - 5 years ago
So jealous, I I understand there are ups and downs to going on such an extensive adventure but fuck me I'm jealous. Jel jel jelly
David Haines
David Haines - 5 years ago
Hi, it may help you to know - I peel my onions in the sink filled with water. Stops the crying! hehehe best of luck
Glenacus - 5 years ago
I just realized you were listening to Arctic Monkeys at the last bit of that video.......great taste in music.
John A
John A - 5 years ago
A long boat trip should only be attempted with a beautiful woman aboard :)
Luke LeMieux
Luke LeMieux - 5 years ago
I'm 77 years old and I think you kids are just beautiful people. Thank you for sharing your adventures!
Sean Wan
Sean Wan - 5 years ago
how are you guys able to put john butler trio and stuff in these videos without causing a copy right issue?
Sean Wan
Sean Wan - 5 years ago
whats the 2nd part though im curious now.
Sean Wan
Sean Wan - 5 years ago
Ok well that might all be true but youtube still takes down or mutes videos using computer programs to seek out the violators. Have you never seen a video that got muted and says "this video has violated copy wright law". My friends skate video with barley 300 views got muted use of a song in the video. Its possible they got permission from john butler trio so thats why i asked.
00gsean - 5 years ago
First, these two wonderful people are the inspiration for every song ever written. All musicians should be paying them royalties, just for living and showing themselves to the world.
Second, no musician, record company, lawyer, or YouTube could ever stop these two from living and acting as they see fit. They could never be rong, are always right, and will continue to live as close to perfect as humanly possible until the end.
Their lifestyle defines the frivolity of things like copyright. God, likely doesn't have the power to stop their will and force of life, let alone any man made construct.
Ka - 5 years ago
Lovely channel. I've started at the beginning to see how it all began. Best of luck to you both.
Elaini - 5 years ago
You both are so cute and you make me dream of sailing.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
subtítulos en español ahora disponibles
haga clic en 'CC'
Loren Wilt
Loren Wilt - 4 years ago
Sailing La Vagabonde
Carl Jansen
Carl Jansen - 5 years ago
Does anyone know the name of the song or artist that was playing in the background at the end of the video?
JimmyJak - 5 years ago
New fav channel
Josiah Hill
Josiah Hill - 5 years ago
You seem to read a lot of books. Have you ever read A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken? You guys' sea trek reminds me of that book, one of the best I've read. It's available on Kindle.
2StrokeBloke - 5 years ago
She's beautiful! The boat mostly, but the girl too!!
Mark Deo
Mark Deo - 5 years ago
Just started watching your vlogs. I have a lot of catching up to do.
wotan237 - 5 years ago
Enjoy your videos,,,,,,how can one make money sailing around the world? is 'trade' possible, like going ashore somewhere to buy flea market goods etc?
Equalpower - 5 years ago
Nicholas Luciano
Nicholas Luciano - 5 years ago
Love that you put "oceans" in here, had to comment as soon as I heard it. John butler is one of my favorites of all time and oceans proves that. It's amazing what he can do on a 12 string!
Our Next Chapter
Our Next Chapter - 5 years ago
What an inspiration you both are, we hope to be joining you on the waves in the near future! X
Dr Dank
Dr Dank - 5 years ago
What did you pay for the boat and what kind is it?
Onur BEŞPINAR - 5 years ago
actually it is çökertme, not cockertme guys :)
Chris Van Rooyen
Chris Van Rooyen - 5 years ago
Hi you two, keep on sailing and enjoy. Like to watch your videos.
Celine the Molecular B.
Celine the Molecular B. - 5 years ago
ezan part was kinda disrespectful but i loved the vid..
Monte Town
Monte Town - 5 years ago
What is the music at @7:40
Jaymee Murdoch
Jaymee Murdoch - 5 years ago
It's called Ocean by John Butler
Jimmy Raviolis
Jimmy Raviolis - 5 years ago
"not kids that youve stolen". thanks for clarifying. lmaooo
faridk89 - 5 years ago
You want to buy a boat with me and go sailing? I think we can compete against these guys haha
Wayne Federico
Wayne Federico - 5 years ago
Hey guys,
Just came across Riley's ear infection.. Been there swimmers ear.. Got my grandma's pass me down fix. 1/8 cup of table salt,
Heat it up in a pan , (gets very hot) Get a cotton sock pour salt in.. ( Use cotton others will melt) Test it on your wrist like a babies bottle.. then place it behind your infected ear. This will dry out any moisture and pain in that area.. Also works on tooth ache's... Best of life ~~ Love ya ~~
Beto Nas
Beto Nas - 5 years ago
Hi I really liked your video on exploring alternatives and wanted to know how do you guys deal with storm conditions, specifically the thunder storms.
I imagine you have gone over costs in anither video and I will search for it but I really wanted to know how much living on a boat may actually cost and also the cost of the boat itself!
Oh and lastly how do you guys work around the whole comunication thing (internet/phone etc).

Good luck and I really admire you guys!
stefanattardo - 5 years ago
any pirates ?? do u guys have a rifle or handgun ?
Greg Appelgren
Greg Appelgren - 5 years ago
What do you say to the people posting videos lately claiming that the world is truly flat?
Chris Guy
Chris Guy - 4 years ago
Great documentaries
Luis Botero
Luis Botero - 5 years ago
isn't it ?
Ailerath - 5 years ago
They would probably think that the flat world is still flat but its skin rolls around the disk heh
D Toy
D Toy - 5 years ago
+Equalpower that's only one of several variations. It's called "infinite plane". there's also the "dome" theory and the one I meantioned that Antarctica is actually an impenetrable ice wall at the edge. there's also the hollow earth theory and it's variations. ridiculous stuff but interesting to learn about and say what if
Equalpower - 5 years ago
They think there are no edge or universe, only ice forever. I'll love it when they can Space-X around the globe.
D Toy
D Toy - 5 years ago
they need to sail to the edge
Miguel FOX
Miguel FOX - 5 years ago
Greetings from Brazil.
Chris Walls
Chris Walls - 5 years ago
Good on you both.
Larry Watkins
Larry Watkins - 5 years ago
Nice boat. I had a Beneteau Oceanis 400 for a number of years. Are you two a couple, or just friends?
barrylyndon80 - 5 years ago
Wow, she has a great voice....
robert suter
robert suter - 5 years ago
hi back in the 80s I had a 45ft hunter I miss sailing .
TodaysRealHealth - 5 years ago
Beautiful Boat.
Bob G
Bob G - 5 years ago
when customs come aboard to search  the boat and check papers and she is prancing around in her thongs I don't think there is a lot of searching going on
Lowlandweller _
Lowlandweller _ - 5 years ago
Ocean by John Butler, what an awesome song you chose!
Gerardo Varela
Gerardo Varela - 5 years ago
What kind of boat is la Vagabonde??? I lookee it in the web page and Couldnt find it
Sarah Jeffries
Sarah Jeffries - 5 years ago
Benetu 43
Garundi P. McGrundy
Garundi P. McGrundy - 5 years ago
Elana sounds a little hesitant on where she's from. Maybe she forgot? Or, maybe she's making it up. Or, maybe too much marijuana! I think this whole thing is done with photoshop! I think you are both landlubbers!
Connor Mckeown
Connor Mckeown - 5 years ago
what year is the boat?
tim tran
tim tran - 5 years ago
You are both good adventurers, I would love to sail the old school by compass and looking at stars or moon to work out direction, technology helped a lot. Enjoy the trip, hope to meet you one day.
Jon Kallenbach
Jon Kallenbach - 5 years ago
Riley White (lam?) (lem?) How do you spell your name?
Andrew Misiura
Andrew Misiura - 5 years ago
Anyone else about to do a La Vagabonde binge marathon?
Proximity Symbol
Proximity Symbol - 5 years ago
If you had zero knowledge of sailing, I must assume you had no experience
reading a chart, charting a course, reading a compass etc. How could
you possibly chart a course from say, Panama to the Galapagos
Islands without knowing where the hell direction you going?
Proximity Symbol
Proximity Symbol - 5 years ago
Sounds good to me.
Tim Hirst
Tim Hirst - 5 years ago
+Minor Preference Best to do it on a paper chart, less likely to co wrong on you. Maps are not complicated or difficult to use, it just needs a bit of study time.
Proximity Symbol
Proximity Symbol - 5 years ago
I suppose with GPS tracking
Tim Hirst
Tim Hirst - 5 years ago
It's not that difficult, thousands of others have done it so with a bit of study you can do it too!!!
Chad D76
Chad D76 - 5 years ago
you two are truly living life and not just existing. True happiness is shared.
Jimmy Naraine
Jimmy Naraine - 5 years ago
Really cool videos guys!
Ret tich
Ret tich - 5 years ago
I love what you are doing! I'm currently in Australia, working really hard and savingm oney to buy my own yacht :)
But I got a question: I did a lot of research online about how much it costs to maintain a yacht and I found always this 10% of the ships the new priece p.a.. I don't want to ask you how much money you spent a year (that's something you don't talk about my mother tought me :)), but could you confirm that?
Like if I buy a used yacht, which was worth 150.000 new, I still need to calculate 15.000 per year just to keep it running?
Ben Wes
Ben Wes - 5 years ago
great song! love JBT. got to see them play that track live in Austin. Best show EVER.
Claude C
Claude C - 5 years ago
It's amazing how good this video is considering it's their first. I tell everyone I meet to check out this Episode #1 and I know they will be immediately hooked.
Kelsey Case
Kelsey Case - 5 years ago
LOL! So strange I found your channel today after talking to a patient (in Adelaide) today whose family comes from barrie in italy!! :D Big hug to you :)
Scott Dayton
Scott Dayton - 5 years ago
how much money do you need to spend monthly?
William Marcoux
William Marcoux - 5 years ago
Like this video i will sub but i sure hope the audio is not like this on every video.
Madheart LJ
Madheart LJ - 5 years ago
Did you guys ever get the boat back?
Just avoid the horn of Africa, don't want to captain phillip your adventure.
shpluk - 5 years ago
where you stick'em children :)
My Wild Dreams
My Wild Dreams - 5 years ago
Marcos 989
Marcos 989 - 5 years ago
Too much boat for you. First time watching so I don't know if you're reckless or uninformed.
Assuming both of you are excellent sailors for you needs I see no reason to go above 36'ft max....34-32 much better.
Perhaps you did this with the idea of selling it and making money or the deal just fell into your lap and you could not pass it up.
Am I wrong?
We will see.
From what I see you are not utilyzing 60% of the cabin.
That being said you're both so much smarter than me, I should have done this.............though for me it would have been alone.
subscribed, TU look forward to seeing more.........
Ryan Gelston
Ryan Gelston - 5 years ago
What type of boat is this
CockatooDude - 5 years ago
Fun fact, when my mother was in Turkey, she was about 14 years old, it was the late 70's, and she was in the Bazaar with her mother. And a guy, at one of the booths, offered to BUY her! Like WTF!?
CockatooDude - 5 years ago
+CK Hedges Well unless the foreign local customs violate basic human rights.
CK H - 5 years ago
It's very disrespectful to belittle foreign local customs. A liberal explained that to me.
anfr - 5 years ago
+Marcos 989 Thats sad! nobody said anything ?
anfr - 5 years ago
A couple of years ago in Egypt a guy offered a man staying in the same resort we were a lot of camels to buy a his wife ;) They were shocked and pisses off.
Marcos 989
Marcos 989 - 5 years ago
Lucky for me I stayed aboard the boat, on of the few. I had a sense I would not enjoy my time with them. Had I been there I would have been ashamed of us Westerners. No one spoke up and confronted the man on his bad behavior.
CockatooDude - 5 years ago
+Marcos 989 Damn, that must have been really strange. 
Marcos 989
Marcos 989 - 5 years ago
+CockatooDude I worked with a White British ROV supervisor (man) in a group of 30 that walked up to a local man in Indonesia and offered to rent his 13 year old daughter.
Reddsmorris1 - 5 years ago
you guys are crazy.
Bahadır Gergin
Bahadır Gergin - 5 years ago
You can not playback with strange movements in Muslim Turkey as an accompaniment Athan made ​​me very uncomfortable. Azan the Muslim world is a value widely respected . If you behave more sensitive to this issue I would be very happy. I wish you a good trip .
Canavarification - 5 years ago
you shouldn't say what they can or cannot. you should just advise them that its a religious call to prayer, dancing and playing music at the background is considered disrespectful so they should respect the culture and religion.
Natasha7321 - 5 years ago
I agree I found that very disrespectful.
Khadijah Brown
Khadijah Brown - 5 years ago
I thought you'd been in SE Asia?
King Solomon
King Solomon - 5 years ago
+Khadijah Brown don't go there, should come to sri lanka, specifically galle.
Khadijah Brown
Khadijah Brown - 5 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde Right, I found your website. I thought I read something about you going to Dubai at some point. Please becareful in the ME. They will throw you in jail for nothing. have fun. I'm Muslim and know things can get dangerous there.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
Hey +Khadijah Brown! We're currently in the Marquesas Islands! You can keep up to date with us on our website or our twitter:
justaman6972 - 5 years ago
come to Pensacola Beach Florida, I'll put you up for a few days if you want. Better than Turkey, especially now days.
justaman6972 - 5 years ago
+anfr yeah birds of a feather... Germany certainly knows a thing or two about genocide.
anfr - 5 years ago
+thekaduu Germany just became the 27th Nation to reconise the Armenian genocide.
justaman6972 - 5 years ago
+thekaduu don't be sad, we've learned not to trust those types and not to engage with them, so we don't, very simple.
thekaduu - 5 years ago
+justaman6972 Fact remains... Very funny. You can be a very good tabloid journalist... It is a simple case of causality; if you put your dick in a wasp nest, it will be very painfull for you. What they have been doing in this context is bitching and moaning about wasps. Do you have any idea how many pregnant women Armenians stabbed in the womb when they first started killing people in the border cities? What were Turks supposed to do? GIVE THEM CORN, SQUASH... ETC. SO THEY WOULD STOP KILLING PEOPLE? HOW DID THAT WORK OUT FOR YOU? TELL ME.... Apperently they reeled you into this way of thinking too.. I'm sad for you.......
justaman6972 - 5 years ago
+thekaduu yeah...thanks for the history lesson, I don't engage in commerce with Germany or with the US either. I'm Lakota Sioux native American. The fact remains, Turkey killed millions of women and children. I've nothing but Condemnation for the khazar Turks, Germans, and euro trash. All are a cancer upon the earth.
thekaduu - 5 years ago
+justaman6972 Armenians start killing Turkish people in bordering cities FIRST after Russia promising part of the Turkey "if" they win the war. The idea was that the Turks military efforts would shift towards the east so the Russian Navy would go through Istanbul to the "warm seas" a.k.a. mediterranian with little or no clash with the Turks. So the Armenian puppets obeyed beliving in Russians.When Armenian bullshit put out in east Turkey, similar minded Armenians from Istanbul and other places extradited. Some of them hid in east and southeast Turkey. The terrorists blowing shit up in Turkey now are the grandchildren of these people. Look it up...So, you tell me... Ottomans ruling eastern Europe for 400 years, do you think there would any Greek, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Albanian... etc. be alive now if Turks were genocide minded? Same goes for north Africa and Arabic Peninsula... Think for yourself. Read both side of the story and do not be tricked by "some" Armenians whose breath still smells of Russian cock.Besides, there were many Armenian officials in Ottoman empire before, during and after the so called "genocide" and there are many of then in Turkey now. Can you say the same for Jews about Germany?Get your shit right before condemning an entire country. And yes, Pensacola sucks ass compared to Turkey. If it wasn't for white sand beach, this place would not be any different than any other shithole midwest town.
justaman6972 - 5 years ago
+thekaduu there's plenty of things to do in Pensacola and surrounding areas. I've traveled extensively and wouldn't go to Turkey if it were the last place on Earth. I do not engage in commerce with nations who commit genocide thanks.
thekaduu - 5 years ago
+justaman6972 I live in Penacola also... There are million things to do in Turkey. In Pensacola, there is only the beach and several restaurant. You need to get out more...
justaman6972 - 5 years ago
how was the hashish in Turkey?
George Finnell
George Finnell - 5 years ago
hi, i'm interested in Elayna's you have any issues with corrosion, beyond the strings, or neck warp? asking because i plan on taking my Martins when i set sail in a couple years upon retirement. thanks...
Maddie Karcher
Maddie Karcher - 5 years ago
what was the acoustic background song? was it Ed sheeran?
Robert Clarke
Robert Clarke - 5 years ago
What i am so amazed at is how you all can find your way around being so stoned all the time.How do you hide it from customs? It is one great feat.Must hide it in the bilge under plastic.LoL.
anfr - 5 years ago
Whats a Bilge ?
lf true enough good hiding places on a boat but in that case they should avoid the ME.
Mario Z
Mario Z - 5 years ago
Beautifull girl!!!
Gerald Duncan
Gerald Duncan - 5 years ago
+Mario Z absolutely
William Galladryn
William Galladryn - 5 years ago
That tender just wanted to be free ;)
gandalf - 5 years ago
i'd love to sail around the world.
Andrea Ryan
Andrea Ryan - 5 years ago
This is so cool! I really want to learn to sail. I grew up boating but not on a sailboat. This is so inspiring!
Clarisse Mancion
Clarisse Mancion - 5 years ago
whats the name of the guitar piece?
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass - 5 years ago
that girl is so hot
Sven Hoek
Sven Hoek - 5 years ago
+harry escarole it's ok to be gay, brah
marion cobaretti
marion cobaretti - 5 years ago
+Mark Z no , i better check with your mother before i cheat on her 
Sven Hoek
Sven Hoek - 5 years ago
You'd better check with your boyfriend first. He might get jealous.
Charles Duncan
Charles Duncan - 5 years ago
Riley just a friendly bit of info for you, if you chew gum while cutting up onions you wont cry, try it mate it works!!
My Wild Dreams
My Wild Dreams - 5 years ago
+Charles Duncan Could also just wear some goggles that they certainly have aboard
Shanks - 5 years ago
Thumbs Up for -> John Butler - Ocean
Shanks - 5 years ago
You're welcome sir.
LewickiT - 5 years ago
+Shanks You sir, are a legend. I've been looking for the name of this for ages! Cheers man! =)
myfipink - 5 years ago
looks simalar to my friends 14m yacht used to sail to rotnest but don't any more because i got sea sick 3 times love your video realy well done
matrix49A - 5 years ago
Most important "piece" of gear is......
DeeV8night - 5 years ago
Is that some John Butler Trio I hear? :D <3
Raaplexis - 5 years ago
I'm sure this is nice and all, but as a penny pincher and economics cunt, all I'm seeing here is insane numbers of expenditures, the boat itself had to cost around $250,000 USD at the bare minimum, all the food, passports, gear needed, plus having to find a tour guide or someone to help you buy shit in countries you don't speak the language. Plus, it's highly dangerous, especially when you plan to cross the Atlantic.

I would love to fucking do this, but I don't have that kind of money and I'd bring a pal not a woman, women aboard a ship is bad luck.

Just kidding, I'm a prick and women hate me, so my choices of first mate are severely hindered. ;^( lmao

Edit: Just saw the boat was only $100,000, and you bought in Italy because it's cheaper. You did your research. That same vessel in America would have been double the price.
anfr - 5 years ago
Most Europeans speak English!
Gerald Duncan
Gerald Duncan - 5 years ago
+Raaplexis Ok, so the boat was only $100,000 - but where does a young guy/ couple get that kind of dough and more to feed the voracious financial hunger of boating and touring? I saw in a later episode where they took on a passenger as a patron who gave them some $, but I'd imagine that would be rather scarce. Even the sailing jackets they have cost around $300 -$400 AUD.
I'm sure it'd be a great adventure and I too don't have that sort of dough, but I'd rather have her on board than a mate but in reality a 43 foot boat is generally more than a couple can handle especially if the weather turns sour. I've raced on a 45' Beneteau and we had a crew of 6 guys all experienced and everyone was working hard. Maybe a few couples who got along extremely well would be nice.
Anyway, nice videos to watch.
Danny - 5 years ago
She is gorgeous
One Stop Shop
One Stop Shop - 5 years ago
John Butler's ocean. what an amazing song!
Tara Dalli
Tara Dalli - 5 years ago
Neal Berg
Neal Berg - 5 years ago
you will need asim card great for world travler, the best, I sailed all over the world, lot of times I just drop anc, bimini in, do what I like, hardly ever shown my passport, that is for peoply who fly
wyleFTW - 5 years ago
Came from pka! I'll be binge-watching this tomorrow, it sounds awesome
Justin 5455
Justin 5455 - 5 years ago
pka giving you guys some love
Adamthegreat984 - 5 years ago
I'm straight but what a handsome moustached bastard :) I'm here from pka.
kaleb Gonzales
kaleb Gonzales - 5 years ago
I envy your lives in a good way. Best inspirational video guys, and cheers from the Philippines!
Mitch Hornby
Mitch Hornby - 5 years ago
also here from pka. you guys are awesome!
Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush Threepwood - 5 years ago
No idea what PKA is, just wanted to see sailboats.
vGannon -
vGannon - - 5 years ago
+Guybrush Threepwood hahaha , PKA is a podcast they were on about a week ago.
Lee Cobb
Lee Cobb - 5 years ago
I've followed you since September 2015. Loved every episode. Seen how you guys have grown, your following and your online savvy. Every episode is a smile on my face. Thank you.
jmhANNIHILATION - 5 years ago
PKA sent me. You guys where awesome guests. These are awesome vid you have.
yaqub azid
yaqub azid - 5 years ago
from woodys channel
Glenn Beames
Glenn Beames - 5 years ago
Funny how the two Glenn's asked for a price, Go Glenn!
Glenn Beames
Glenn Beames - 5 years ago
IF you don't me asking, how much did you pay, in Ozzie Dollars?
CockatooDude - 5 years ago
+Glenn Beames He got a good deal, he paid about 100k for the boat.
william tell
william tell - 5 years ago
So you think it's better to get a big boat and anchor out instead of smaller boat and stay in marinas ? 55 feet to big of a boat ? Can you always find a place to anchor out? Cheers
Roknica - 5 years ago
Bendy fandroid
Bendy fandroid - 5 years ago
Özge Akça
Özge Akça - 5 years ago
show haberden geldim
Jerome OfMarmite
Jerome OfMarmite - 5 years ago
RSK! Loved you on PKA
TuphSteel - 5 years ago
Here from PKA!
gangsterkami1 - 5 years ago
EvFlp - 5 years ago
PKA sent me ;) looking forward for many eps of new life goals :D
الشريف احمد عثمان
الشريف احمد عثمان - 4 years ago
EvFlp the
Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker - 5 years ago
Christopher Savill
Christopher Savill - 5 years ago
Setashi - 5 years ago
+Charlie Parker PKA is shit.
Matrix8369 - 5 years ago
+Charlie Parker Yep, on Eps 3 and planing on watching all of them today if possible. Such a great channel of content.
Tony Schmitt
Tony Schmitt - 5 years ago
Yeah buddy lol
Mostafa Darwish
Mostafa Darwish - 5 years ago
please don't make fun of our pray calling ( Azan ) , and try to understand it first cause i'm pretty sure u gonna love it if u do ... Great video anyway , i like what u r guys doing with ur life , maybe u can come to Egypt , it will be a nice adventure to add
DurdenTyler3 - 5 years ago
Is it dangerous? Do you have a gun with ya? I mean.. you know.. bad people, get robbed / murdered / raped..?
sorry for the bad vibe:(
den dre
den dre - 5 years ago
dude witch is better sailing around the world catamaran or monohull?
Luftbubblan - 5 years ago
Living the dream, living the dream :D
kukkik prapaphan
kukkik prapaphan - 5 years ago
Colin MacGrath
Colin MacGrath - 5 years ago
What does a boat like this go for?
dylan hamilton
dylan hamilton - 5 years ago
£53,000 but with extras and that around £70,000 to be ready to sail ect
Nicholas Sessions
Nicholas Sessions - 5 years ago
silyrabbit68 - 5 years ago
found you guys on daily mail snapchat. your vids are great!
sduru - 5 years ago
I come from Turkey and live in Melbourne now. I enjoyed your video logs very much. I want to go back to Bodrum and retire now.
MrLora69 - 5 years ago
Greetings from Poland. Incredibly August to watch. You are beautiful and great with realize their own dreams.
Collin Dibb
Collin Dibb - 5 years ago
If you really think about it..this adventure and your life now happened because of Riley's mustache from my understanding (x <3 lololol
Steven stott
Steven stott - 5 years ago
Riley they is plenty of fish in the sea
Todd Douglas
Todd Douglas - 5 years ago
fuck she's hot
Allen Tran
Allen Tran - 5 years ago
Keep it up! you two are awesome! just a quick question. How much did riley get the boat for?
tommibv - 5 years ago
thanks, you remind me boats summer holydays! beautiful sensations and tranquility
TAWNY - 5 years ago
pick us up in marseille france...... =)
Henrik Falk
Henrik Falk - 5 years ago
but if we go sailin ima lose all my gains brah
Britney Live
Britney Live - 5 years ago
Contact me My Producer would like to make this a TV series.
Joan Palmer
Joan Palmer - 5 years ago
This is what I wanted to do years ago. Great to see you doing it.
Katie lacenflour
Katie lacenflour - 5 years ago
My husband and I are planning on doing this in 10 ish years when my youngest is 18, just the two of us. I'm a little nervous about (safety and storms) but we deserve it and can start enjoying life as a couple. Thanks for sharing your adventure!
Maha per-ree
Maha per-ree - 5 years ago
What's the length of the Vagabond?
Terry Smith
Terry Smith - 5 years ago
Top Classy duel. Glad to see no bad language
Bud Manthey
Bud Manthey - 5 years ago
+Terry Smith Was disappointed by a one word at the end.
Gregory Whoee
Gregory Whoee - 5 years ago
don worry bout nastiness its cause yur australian- unfortunately lots ugly anti-australianess about usually from very envious resentful yanks, Brits, canucks, euros, nzrs etc, etc. who knows why? considering all th wars theyv thrown us into yuod think a little mor graciousness wld b forthcoming. unfortunately our 'convict past follows us.
Oh by th way agree with u on david foster wallace [even though he was an american!]. Time to rid ourselves of that stupid english head of state for our own -Republic!
Gregory Whoee
Gregory Whoee - 5 years ago
you guys R great luv your laidback Aussie nature!
Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush Threepwood - 5 years ago
So if pirates retired early they'd be beautiful!
Andrew James
Andrew James - 5 years ago
+Guybrush Threepwood Probably all that fresh sea air, fresh sea food, easy, laid back living....
Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush Threepwood - 5 years ago
What are they? Models? Why are they so pretty?
hunterfishernz - 5 years ago
Of the places you have visited, which would be the best in terms of spear fishing and big palagic fish?
dave runner
dave runner - 5 years ago
She is so pretty it hurts.... Best of luck guys.. sail on.
Chris - 5 years ago
Aren't these boats about 250k?
Sch lurf
Sch lurf - 5 years ago
I love the jackets! espacily the red one. Can you tell me wich brand it is or where to get it?
thank you
MISTERComaToes - 5 years ago
"What is the average speed of an African mating pigeon" Ohh that's easy... ZERO...
When it's restin'!
wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more!
Collin Dibb
Collin Dibb - 5 years ago
I just love watching your adventures!I just bought a beanie with Riley's face on it!!I look up to Riley and adore the two of you.You two remind me what life is really about!!!!I can't wait to go out and see the world myself,I'm only 15 so watching you two keeps my morale high until I can sail myself!<3 Favorite people !
Alicia Wanklyn
Alicia Wanklyn - 5 years ago
I love you guys! Keep going!
Andy Ayala
Andy Ayala - 5 years ago
a lot of fucking in that boat
Davydko Alex
Davydko Alex - 5 years ago
Через 2-3 года планирую так же путешествовать.
Dr. Steve Brule
Dr. Steve Brule - 5 years ago
those foot paddles are gigantic!
DeathDealeR - 5 years ago
insane very cool but watch out for pirates be safe
Yves Pelletier
Yves Pelletier - 5 years ago
Sail my dreams!
I had a sailboat for 15 years and I never left.
Evan97 - 5 years ago
well yeah you did. at the end of the 15 years
Yves Pelletier
Yves Pelletier - 5 years ago
J'étais basé au Club Nautique Deux-Montagnes à Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac de 1989 à 2004. Je l'ai vendu en 2004.  Je n'ai aucune idée où il est rendu.
Yves Pelletier
Yves Pelletier - 5 years ago
+Denis Baulite
Les enfants, la séparation, les études, la job et pas la bonne femme.
Glen Smith
Glen Smith - 5 years ago
Im curious to know how much a boat like that would be worth, not that I could afford it but I can dream cant I ?
anfr - 5 years ago
+Ryan Lowe Do you know How do they pay for all of this?
Ryan Lowe
Ryan Lowe - 5 years ago
70k usd
Glen Smith
Glen Smith - 5 years ago
Haha thanks I think I am.
Glen Smith
Glen Smith - 5 years ago
Cheers Chris I will check it out.
Glen Smith
Glen Smith - 5 years ago
You know that's cheaper than I thought. cheers.
Rough Rider99
Rough Rider99 - 5 years ago
Wonderful! Awesome! If there is/was another life at some point, this is how I would want to live it.....
Caitlin Roberson
Caitlin Roberson - 5 years ago
The song is Ocean by The John Butler Trio
anfr - 5 years ago
ah thx!
Human Footprint
Human Footprint - 5 years ago
Beneteau 43.3?? - EXPENSIVE boat! (they can donate to US!, ha ha .. ); so awesome, would love to retire on your same route! :)
Terrance Ramsay
Terrance Ramsay - 5 years ago
Your adventure is fabulous. You are living my never ending dream. Giver.
paulos garyfallou
paulos garyfallou - 5 years ago
i just saw your fisrt video!!! before going to the next I wanted to tell you how motivating couple are you!!! keep going!!!
neonben76 - 5 years ago
How long did you spend learning the ropes sailing round Med before leaving for larger seas. Loving your vids, i live in Thailand and would love to sail east Med to Phuket not particularly far or large oceans but obviously an idea of hrs experience be good.
Paranoiasnfm - 5 years ago
You're awesome!
I would love to do the same too! It's a dream... but there is missing the most important part, you know...
I will watch all episodes!
Ailer Aguilar
Ailer Aguilar - 5 years ago
Question: is their a port fee
sail268 - 5 years ago
Awesome Beneteau 43.3 What year is it? Good Sailing. Thanks
James  Moseley
James Moseley - 5 years ago
Who ever you are you obviously have a problem with me and I love the Lord God with all my heart I live in east Texas if you want to keep running your mouth your a little flea im gonna duck and let God punch you and if you still want to come to Texas and get your face rearranged flea
Dexter Volt
Dexter Volt - 5 years ago
this is cool and she's a charm, ima subscribe
rsuriyop - 5 years ago
Nice big ol' boat you've got there. Judging by the need to have two large steering wheels I'm assuming that it's at least a 40 footer.
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
SuperKam OG
SuperKam OG - 5 years ago
Dancing through Azaan is so funny! The girl is so hot!
Andre Lopez
Andre Lopez - 5 years ago
I would love to visit Australia it is very beautiful place and I love the Australian accent
Finding Simon
Finding Simon - 5 years ago
stuck in Oregon in a huge rain storm and I really could use some sunny ocean vids. loving it.
James  Moseley
James Moseley - 5 years ago
Sailing lavagabonde you guys let me know when I can go on a voyage with y'all I would love too I bet I could learn a lot from y'all thanks
James  Moseley
James Moseley - 5 years ago
Sean mcprawn you outta watch your mouth your the only moron you fuck stick looks like to me he works offshore and makes big money in a short time as myself I work in the Texas oilfields unlike you .You probably work in a gas station and live with your mommy!
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
+James Moseley​​ God doesn't exist and Jesus was a heroin addict.
James  Moseley
James Moseley - 5 years ago
+Anarchist who are you to tell me to chill out fuck stick
James  Moseley
James Moseley - 5 years ago
+Anarchist eat a turd
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
Chill out.
Vrushabh Chotalia
Vrushabh Chotalia - 5 years ago
YOu GUYS!! are fucking inspiration man
Mike Hill
Mike Hill - 5 years ago
I totally get Riley's constant fidgeting. I can't think unless I'm holding something in my hands. Maybe it grounds me in reality so my mind doesn't wonder?
AREA BR WAR CoC - 5 years ago
Tô.OP Likee, Nicee ;)
oldschoolskaterful - 5 years ago
to handle , or go out from the boat , use kayak or stand up paddle (twice ) , fix them in catmaran with bar to handle big load , it's faster , quiet , et and really economics !
Seth Warner
Seth Warner - 6 years ago
You guys seem really fun and quirky lol. We would get along famously! I can't believe that company who sold you a Dingy didn't offer you to use a Dolly or anything!
Sailing Magic
Sailing Magic - 6 years ago
Hi Guys.. i Just decided to boar a plane on 1st March 2016. I will quit my job as an investment banker, sell everything i have in South Africa and im going to charter our families Swan in Azores and Caribean. Im leaving society to persue my dream to live out loud! you guys inspire me! maybe we bump into each other somewhere around the globe... watch out for a lid south african dude on a swan ;)
Ultrastoner 420
Ultrastoner 420 - 6 years ago
Put the snorkel mask on while cutting the onions... Problem solved :D
Erhan Ozpinar
Erhan Ozpinar - 6 years ago
and you guys doing real great deal! admire!
Erhan Ozpinar
Erhan Ozpinar - 6 years ago
Elayna is very prety name! isnt it!
Harvey Bacon
Harvey Bacon - 6 years ago
I just realised its almost a year since your first video was uploaded-pretty impressed!
Cozmic Knight
Cozmic Knight - 6 years ago
Nice video. I really enjoyed that!
from Florida
Cpt Snake
Cpt Snake - 6 years ago
I enjoy the program because it is something that looks like fun. It's obvious the that Ryley is very rich, which is OK. He could never have gotten a girl like Elayna unless he had deep pockets. She is gorgeous even without makeup and wet, and that is a hard combination. What I really want to know is why Australian never finish a word? They start out OK, but drop the ending. Why can't the English speak English? Just curious?
Cpt Snake
Cpt Snake - 5 years ago
lol, Grrrrrrrr!
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
He worked in the mines,smartass. You don't have to be rich to own a sailboat. Living on a sailboat is 5x cheaper than living on land.
MrRocknrolla4u - 6 years ago
If sailing back to Aus, look out for pirates on the way back.. Avoid Red Sea route off the coast of Yemen and Somalia also through Indonesian archipelago... Other wise they (the pirates) will be posting up the next video (with a demand for ransom!)
Johnny chingas
Johnny chingas - 6 years ago
ocean hippies! !! WOW
helmetwhiteheart1 - 6 years ago
Whats that music starts 7th minute?
Paul .Austin
Paul .Austin - 6 years ago
Great start to a great adventure.
Mehmet Boztepe
Mehmet Boztepe - 6 years ago
good job guys. i desire to get a bloat like that.
but don t make fun of ezan you moyherfuckers. respect. please respect...
Los Angels
Los Angels - 6 years ago
I am so surprised Turks did not try and steal their stuff and rape the girl
Brian Richardson
Brian Richardson - 6 years ago
Great video! Nice intro. Great luck to your adventures.
Kathy Smith
Kathy Smith - 6 years ago
you guys might enjoy the bums (bumfuzzle). enjoying the videos!
stephencarlsbad - 6 years ago
I really want to go to turkey now...
marc cheynne
marc cheynne - 6 years ago
I like your femail's zest for everything. That is endearing. Good show. Nice video. Thank you.
Ernie P
Ernie P - 6 years ago
How do you guys go through the immigration process of each country you visited? I must assume that we cannot just land in somebody else s country and roam around without checking in first. Sorry for my maritime ignorance.
owen546 - 5 years ago
+Ernie P
When I lived aboard, Customs and immigration actually show up on your boat and you get processed there. That's also a chance for them to check your boat for anything illegal.

You have to generally arrive in the country in a registered port that has an immigration office
Robert Clarke
Robert Clarke - 5 years ago
+Ernie P Funny i was thinking the same thing.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+Ernie P more info on our website mate.
Kieran Sadler
Kieran Sadler - 6 years ago
lol i thought he* , bought a boat in Italy...
SOSOGOOD - 5 years ago
+Kieran Sadler i translate.. there s always a girl shaking her ass off when money is passing by
LewickiT - 5 years ago
+Kieran Sadler Alright now you two, kiss and make up. We're all friends here. ;) :P

Haha Cheers guys, just having a laugh. =)
Kieran Sadler
Kieran Sadler - 5 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde god?? that you?
aeronaut 01
aeronaut 01 - 5 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde I can't help it, he's so charming :-D
aeronaut 01
aeronaut 01 - 5 years ago
+Kieran Sadler Never said it was
aeronaut 01
aeronaut 01 - 5 years ago
+Kieran Sadler What about my straight?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 5 years ago
+Kieran Sadler stop flirting you two.
Kieran Sadler
Kieran Sadler - 5 years ago
and thats still not your helicopter.
Kieran Sadler
Kieran Sadler - 5 years ago
your straight?
aeronaut 01
aeronaut 01 - 5 years ago
Cute? I'm flattered, but I'm straight, thanks for the compliment all the same.
Anyway... my caps lock is not broken, caps were used to emphasise single words in the sentence. If I was yelling it would all be in caps, can't remember ever hearing someone only yelling three separate words at different points in one sentence, maybe you yell differently from most people.
You know exactly what I meant by reading too much into what was said, now you're just trying to be an obtuse, pedantic smartarse. As for your comment about having to be financially invested to be part of a purchase, I must have missed the bits where Riley claimed that his was the only name on the contract of sale, or the bit where Elayna claimed that hers was on there too, for that matter. You're right, I am a helicopter type, whatever you meant by that, I also own properties and vehicles including a boat. You know what else? I purchased a helicopter last year, I went on behalf of my employer and friend, I handed over a cheque, took delivery of the aircraft and flew it back to our base. I didn't pay a cent of my own money, but I was most definitely involved in the purchase.
So, what, are you first year law or something and trying to look like you know everything by nitpicking people's word choices on the internet? It's not working, all you're doing is making yourself look like a b grade first year student with a lack of imagination (and very poor grammar and punctuation). You seem to have taken Riley saying he bought the boat and then "met" Elayna as meaning he met her for the first time at that point. How do you know he didn't mean that he met up with his girlfriend somewhere else after he had purchased the boat for the two of them? That's right, you don't, you're just looking for reasons to argue over little, unimportant details.
Maybe you should try thinking in more than one dimension, you'd be surprised at all the actual information you're missing out on while you're desperately making uninformed assumptions.
You have yourself a lovely day at school, now ;-) 
Kieran Sadler
Kieran Sadler - 5 years ago
+aeronaut 01 ....thats really cute . to be honest i havent read into anything. not a page. but i did watch the videos. where riley explains that he bought the boat, then met elayna. Also, i dont know if your a boat owner/home owner..any owner ( you seem more like a helicopter type) but normally you need to be financially invested, to be at all part of any purchase (in a real sense) and i think your Caps Lock is broken...makes your typing seem "yelly"
aeronaut 01
aeronaut 01 - 5 years ago
+Kieran Sadler yeah, I think you're reading too much into it. She doesn't have to be financially invested to be involved in the purchase, besides, you have no idea if she contributed or not, maybe she did. Maybe HE bought the boat and now THEY consider it THEIRS since they're a couple. What's your point?
Kieran Sadler
Kieran Sadler - 5 years ago
I know that man. - in the description by Elayna it says "we bought a boat", insinuating she was with him at the time of purchase/ financially invested in the vessel.
aeronaut 01
aeronaut 01 - 5 years ago
+Kieran Sadler He did...
Jay Shrivastava
Jay Shrivastava - 6 years ago
That is fantastic! I need to do this one day . . .. and I will!
Tim Allen
Tim Allen - 6 years ago
I love you guys!
can basates
can basates - 6 years ago
blue and green :) I miss turkeys  Aegean sea cost , thanks for great images from back home
jeremy jameson
jeremy jameson - 6 years ago
Guy on the beach had your mustache shirt on. He had no idea what it was lol
Ferdi Celebioglu
Ferdi Celebioglu - 6 years ago
09.13 name is not Cockertme Name : Çökertme :) im from çökertme village
Anthony Patterson
Anthony Patterson - 5 years ago
looks like fun.god bless..
Ferdi Celebioglu
Ferdi Celebioglu - 6 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde enjoy your life bro i am very envy you :)
gomezdomaldogez - 6 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde have u guys sen Any better spot than gokova cove? I heard from people whom sailed n circelled around the world gokova area is the best.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+Ferdi Celebioglu WOW your from an awesome spot mate. Thanks for the correction although I don't think we can change it sorry.
Stuff 'n things
Stuff 'n things - 6 years ago
That waters not murky. I've swam in lakes where on a sunny day the water is black.
Mahsun Kalay
Mahsun Kalay - 6 years ago
Ezanla dalga geçilmez. sikerim hepinizi
davelabine1 - 6 years ago
what a wonderful trip that must have been watched most of your vids. Elaina you are gorgeous too!!! more videos please
ymp5000 - 6 years ago
Stick your tongue out while cutting onions. It helps.
Rod Dahl
Rod Dahl - 5 years ago
Professional cooks just squirt a little lemon juice in their eyes when cutting onions. Then the onions hardly bother at all.
Nur Basak Albeyoglu
Nur Basak Albeyoglu - 6 years ago
it must be awesome i admire ofcourse but to be guide i have to say that place you wrote something like p.s. is actually 'çökertme' (cokertme) and the other one i saw 'gümüşlük' (gumusluk). :)
And now i m starting watching whole episodes. Stay ok.
tww1491 - 6 years ago
I suppose they are using GPS to navigate.  Back when I sailed a 28ft sloop on the Chesapeake before GPS you plotted a course on a map of the bay.  On the ocean, dead reckoning with a sextant which presumes some expertise.  Always had a great time on a several day trip on the bay back 40 years ago.
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
Pls luv me.
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
+aeronaut 01 I sucked your mom's balls.
aeronaut 01
aeronaut 01 - 5 years ago
+Anarchist Riiiight...
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
+aeronaut 01 I tried to spur a fight.
aeronaut 01
aeronaut 01 - 5 years ago
Don't give up your day job, comedy ain't your thing.
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
+aeronaut 01 Again,I was joking.
aeronaut 01
aeronaut 01 - 5 years ago
+Anarchist so why did you ask?
aeronaut 01
aeronaut 01 - 5 years ago
+tww1491​ I read your comment just fine. You may know what a sextant is, but you don't seem know how YouTube comments work. My comment wasn't for you, it was a reply to Anarchist, you can tell this by the +Anarchist at the start of the comment.
Hope this helps you avoid getting all grumpy over nothing in future.
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
+tww1491 I was joking. I'm not autistic.
tww1491 - 5 years ago
+Anarchist Ridiculous is more appropriate. An off-hand comment gets a tutorial.
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
This post is funny as hell.
tww1491 - 5 years ago
+aeronaut 01 I know what a sextant is and how it is used.  Did not spend almost 30 years in the USAF not to know.  Had enough exposure to navs back in the old days. I guess you did not read my comment.
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
+aeronaut 01 I know what a sextant is.
aeronaut 01
aeronaut 01 - 5 years ago
+Anarchist Allow me to explain.  

You wanted to know what a sextant is, I pointed out that you have Google at your fingertips, the implication being that you could get on Google and find out what a sextant is with great ease without having to wait for a reply on Youtube.

Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
+aeronaut 01 Huh?
aeronaut 01
aeronaut 01 - 5 years ago
+Anarchist You're on a computer with Google at your fingertips.
Captain Capitalism
Captain Capitalism - 5 years ago
What's a sextant?
Abra Cadabra
Abra Cadabra - 6 years ago
There use to be Dan Bilzerian....
Beril Mert
Beril Mert - 6 years ago
Your videos are cool but i cannot understand Riley's accent :) it sounds different than usual, at least for me :)
Wes Myers
Wes Myers - 6 years ago
Love you guys! Will definitely follow your journey. How fascinating and enjoyable to watch. Awesome! Just saw my first video this morning. Got to get a T-shirt for me and my girl. Have fun guys...
Jared Prestwood
Jared Prestwood - 6 years ago
You are both funny as hell.  Good luck and keep the videos coming for those stuck in our homes.
舉動現代的 - 6 years ago
Gardeners Beehive The big fly in
Gardeners Beehive The big fly in - 6 years ago
Wow !! Guys !! That green glow in the sky is me green with envy!! Great vid!! Keep them coming
Roy Colley
Roy Colley - 6 years ago
Hi guys I love the boat how old is it ? and please don't think Im being too nosey but how much can you pick this kind of boat up for. I have been looking on boat sale sites But the only one I can fined is the Beneteau Cyclades 43.4, but you say yours is a Cyclone ?
james salisbury
james salisbury - 6 years ago
lovely boat & lovely guitar & sun X
peter pan
peter pan - 6 years ago
Wicked. Will be doing the same before Nov this year. Looking for boats now.
YoadRapper - Recitly
YoadRapper - Recitly - 6 years ago
turkish. :DSD:AD:SA
kris schirmer - designer + artist
kris schirmer - designer + artist - 6 years ago
hi Elayna + Riley

your videos are great appetizers! ;) i love being on the water .... the wind, the water, the air, the wide open view, being a part of the elements ;) .... just amazing. may you always be safe, healthy and happy on your trips!

love kris
Сергей Терещенко
Сергей Терещенко - 6 years ago
Thanks for you!
quelin1 - 6 years ago
Gosh dang I want to do what yall do
Nelson P
Nelson P - 6 years ago
Just heard about you guys from The Sailing Podcast (great episode). Came across one of your videos a while back while surfing YouTube but have just now subscribed. Wish I had done all the things I wanted to do while I had the chance (and the time). I'm happy you both are living your dreams. Keep it coming.
brad porter
brad porter - 6 years ago
rahmad ariefama ashyari
rahmad ariefama ashyari - 6 years ago
i hope u soon go to indonesia :D
Hui San
Hui San - 6 years ago
5:46 That was Athan/ for prayer :)
Nobby Barnes
Nobby Barnes - 6 years ago
elayna is so stunning, i note in some scenes she is absolutely are a very lucky guy...., she's the most important thing in the universe....the font of all life love and happiness.....
Darwin Portman
Darwin Portman - 6 years ago
Hello, I just started watching your videos.You are Awesome!!!
Shannon Hultgren
Shannon Hultgren - 6 years ago
This is so awesome, Elayna!
TREVOR LABARGE - 6 years ago
Where's that damed album?
2TEN90 Brewing
2TEN90 Brewing - 6 years ago
They have blue crab in Greece? Here in Maryland (Chesapeake Bay) the blue crab is king! :-) Great video journal!
Scott Ehm
Scott Ehm - 6 years ago
Nice shout-out to DFW. Luv your vids.
Suenos Azules
Suenos Azules - 6 years ago
Hello, I just started watching your videos. I came from this life living aboard my own 34' Gemini 105Mc Catamaran ("Pura Vida") and have been living back on land for a few years. I miss it terribly. I own and operate my own marine surveying firm in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, but hope to return to this lifestyle in a few years with another boat. Be safe, and be well. Sincerely, Capt. John Banister, AMS
ChefGiovanni - 6 years ago
Cool video. Opening the wine is a great way to wrap up the day.
GrumpyOldMan - 6 years ago
Boat too clean and chick too cute for a "vagabonde" sailing trip. There must be some serious external funding in play. By the way, how ever did she manage to slip by those horny Somali Pirates?
Maximiliano Henrique
Maximiliano Henrique - 6 years ago
" Simplesmente MARAVILHOSOS " Essa é a definição mínima desse casal.
Fiquei extasiado com tanta alegria e diversão nessa apaixonante aventura.
Assisti a todos os vídeos e adorei.
Our Adventure
Our Adventure - 6 years ago
I loves your video so much! Btw, did you guys meet any pirates ?
Muhammad Ardiansyah
Muhammad Ardiansyah - 6 years ago
Sail to banda (spice island) it will be unforgetable moment for all of you :)
Roy Clare
Roy Clare - 6 years ago
Go, you guys! I've been afloat all my life and really admire nuggety newcomers ... planning a long sail of my own, good to see you enjoying yours. See you in Auckland as you pass through!
Thomas Conroy
Thomas Conroy - 6 years ago
You two are to be admired for what you are doing, well done. I hope you are having a great adventure.
Fvkin Amazed
Fvkin Amazed - 6 years ago
you're g/f wife whatever is hot as fuck. no disrespect intended. Peace
Island Insanity
Island Insanity - 6 years ago
Hey guys! Love your channel! It's awesome! Love your boat! Looking to buy one as well! Your accent isn't easy for me to understand. What kind of beneteau is it? Also, how do you budget for a life style like this? Do you work? Live off of savings? Thanks in advance :) will pass on your videos as they come :)
Island Insanity
Island Insanity - 6 years ago
Thanks Miguel! You're the man!!!
Miguel Peters
Miguel Peters - 6 years ago
+Island Insanity Its a Beneteau Cyclades 43.4
69 amateur
69 amateur - 6 years ago
I like the boat very much! Wondering what model the boat is?
tubeguiller007 - 6 years ago
6:56 Thanks for sharing...loved the music, scenery and all.. Thanks keep making this vids.... Thanks for mentioning and introducing me to John Buttler's music..
Panthers1521 - 6 years ago
You both look in good shape, do you work out? or just a lot of clean eating.
Mats Alehed
Mats Alehed - 6 years ago
They listen to Arctic Monkeys! OMG Thats Reeeeeeeeeeel nice.
whitewarmaker - 6 years ago
Cmon folks,less of the hatred please,we're all in this shit together!
eternal m0nk
eternal m0nk - 6 years ago
john butler music?
eternal m0nk
eternal m0nk - 5 years ago
hope you guys make it to curacao and aruba ! john butler is awesomeee
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+Ruben Arends yeah mate, Elaynas favorite.
Sean McPrawn
Sean McPrawn - 6 years ago
I had a boat in the early 90s in Gib and Spain. ( a Sarum 28, twin keeled, aluminium, 10 foot beam. Called Libre.) Gave it all up for the wrong girl, as it turned out. Now landlocked and 46 I love watching these vids. Good on you both and if you ever see Libre in a marina somewhere let me know :)
crikycrocky - 3 years ago
You did it once you can do it again. I am thinking the same myself...
8Lion TV
8Lion TV - 6 years ago
+Sean McPrawn very cool to see you've been tracking it down! Good luck on your search and getting back into sailing! I am interested in learning to sail; 27 years old and have done nothing with my life for 10yrs - All I do and am accustomed to is work, I want a break from it all and I think living aboard is a great way to do this. Still on the fence about either a powerboat or a sailboat though, but I look at either as a fun activity and as long as I use it often it will be worth every cent
Sean McPrawn
Sean McPrawn - 6 years ago
Also found my old boat. Well a pic at least. It's somewhere in Portugal. I'm on its trail.
Sean McPrawn
Sean McPrawn - 6 years ago
Thanks to your inspiration I bid on a yacht on ebay yesterday. Bargain but just lost out at last second. But I'm back on it baby!
Sean McPrawn
Sean McPrawn - 6 years ago
Happily married with a little girl now, so it's all good :) Recently went back to Gibraltar (where I bought my boat back then) and it got my sailing bug going again. Your video has also inspired me. Got my eye on a 30 footer here in Bristol. Boats are cheaper now than then! Thanks for replying. Where are you right now? I'm up to you being in BVI. Great fun to watch.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+Sean McPrawn That is a sad tale McPrawn. Why don't you try again?
Everett Jesse
Everett Jesse - 6 years ago
This is my dream! Thank You for posting these videos! It really helps move me through the day at my shit corporate job while dreaming and scheming about sailing the globe. Till I see you on the seas mate! Cheers!
Weird Wacky Wonderfool
Weird Wacky Wonderfool - 6 years ago
How do you guys work whilst you are travelling? or perhaps the question should be how do you afford this? Its amazing, I'd love to do this after my degree in adventure and outdoors :)
EmpressCrane - 5 years ago
+Weird Wacky Wonderfool A family called the "bumfuzzles" sail around the world with their pets and kids. They wrote a book about how they afforded to do it. If you just googling sailing bumfuzzles, plenty of information will come up with their blog and their amazon link to their books.
AmerikanGrizzly - 5 years ago
+Sean McPrawn strong comment, starts with some grade A knowledge followed with a swift kick to the head. Comment game on point, good hunting.
Avrox Black
Avrox Black - 6 years ago
+David Hutch I think my Avatar pic serves you just about the minimum justice your require...!
Sean McPrawn
Sean McPrawn - 6 years ago
+David Hutch He actually worked offshore and in mining towns to save up for it for 8 years. But don't let that stop you remaining ill-informed.
Dan Jordan
Dan Jordan - 6 years ago
+David Hutch Bit jealous David... One of the most unenviable traits one could desire.
David Hutch
David Hutch - 6 years ago
+Weird Wacky Wonderfool How do you think; Mommy and Daddy...!
AlcoholicKiwi - 6 years ago
whats the name of the sailboat?
karlheinzJstefek - 6 years ago
thx, got certina action diver meanwhile...counting hours, til going on track...need to sail badly :) tc u guys
Görkem Gizer
Görkem Gizer - 6 years ago
its not cockertme guysss :) its COKERTME :)
Levent Orun
Levent Orun - 6 years ago
it was an awesome video until the mocking at the call for prayer of Islam, shame on you, hope you learn some respect
Sean McPrawn
Sean McPrawn - 6 years ago
+Levent Orun How do you people get through life with no sense of humour?
James Hurst
James Hurst - 6 years ago
+Levent Orun +Sailing La Vagabonde 
Oh come on now. Having some fun and enjoying some experiences, does not mean they are in anyway trying to mock something. I love dancing round to music from the local baptist church, because i like the music. Does this mean that me myself is mocking them.

One does not think so.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+Levent Orun We really loved the call for prayer. Meant no disrespect.
DarthBalrogTV - 6 years ago
W O N D E R F U L !
I'll do the same! ...sooner or later. ^^

btw, what kind of camera did you use?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
msmusik2 - 6 years ago
+DarthBalrogTV whats the music in the background? it's so relaxing I love it!!
DarthBalrogTV - 6 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde ty! Is your powershot model waterproof? Or do you use go pro for your marine shots?
Do you edit your video? If so, what editor do you use?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+DarthBalrogTV Cannon powershot mostly but go pro as well
max ciampoli
max ciampoli - 6 years ago
Wish that you had your web site up. Love the videos. Please don't stop!
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+max ciampoli Check out my blog mate. Its got a bit more info
Maria Mariani
Maria Mariani - 6 years ago
May I ask a question?
Thomas MS
Thomas MS - 6 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde I also have two quick questions! What did you find was the most challengig sailing-wise? And how long are you sailing for? Thank you! Amazing vids! :)
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+Maria Mariani Of course Maria.
sayterslam - 6 years ago
great vid!
WaterAid - 6 years ago
This is amazing guys!
Gee Skywalker
Gee Skywalker - 6 years ago
What sail boat is that and what size?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+Gee Skywalker Check out my blog mate. Its got a bit more info
Raymond Fong
Raymond Fong - 6 years ago
Great video
Nils Werner
Nils Werner - 6 years ago
That aweful sound is probably the boom lift rope. Tie something heavy to it and the noise will stop. :-)
Subguy686 - 6 years ago
You most definitely need to film Elayna in a bikini more often! She's gorgeous!
OMG Tc - 6 years ago
Please do not mock prayer
OMG Tc - 6 years ago
+Cawfee Dawgg Human Rights what means I know , ppls must not hurt my feelings , ppls must not hurt other people's feelings too , please read again my first message , what i said ? I said PLEASE.. Regards and ^5's
OMG Tc - 6 years ago
+Edward Snowden Edward , you are how bad person , your God and my God same , I live from Turkey , I can invite you to my town then you can learn more about me and you can learn more about we Turks .. Are you keyboard bully ?
trev5150 - 6 years ago
or demanded. 
trev5150 - 6 years ago
No reason to get upset about it. 
OMG Tc - 6 years ago
+5150tt Saund of prayer calls and Islam too deserve respect like other religions , I think not need to bad mock .. If need ?
trev5150 - 6 years ago
+kapyali kale How much time do you spend surfing the internet looking for things to be offended by? You could be more productive doing other things.
cemicalali - 6 years ago
hey guys 
which type of sailboat is? who is the maker?
cemicalali - 6 years ago
+Sailing La Vagabonde very nice riley. What was your job before you went around the world? really nice to watch your clips. You guys are awesome =) Helo from Slovenia
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+cemicalali Check out my blog mate. Its got a bit more info
Ed Forbes
Ed Forbes - 6 years ago
Now that's rockin' a 'stache!!!
cory allen
cory allen - 6 years ago
Great video! So are y'all boy friend and girl friend or are y'all married.
joses box
joses box - 6 years ago
If you guys make it to Alaska let me know.
Sailing Free At Last
Sailing Free At Last - 6 years ago
Thats awesome!!!  i had a 35 coronado.. im  looking for  another sailboat!! how is it out there??
Ricardo Meleschi
Ricardo Meleschi - 6 years ago
Your trips is amazing, and igniting all sorts of wanderlust in my soul...  Are you playing the guitar that's featured throughout this video?  If not, who is it?
Roy Thomas
Roy Thomas - 6 years ago
Whats the song that plays in this video?
kirthguntaghl - 6 years ago
How much did you buy your boat for?
I've dreamed of doing the same thing.
Some day...
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+kirthguntaghl Check out my blog mate. Its got a bit more info
Michelle Tomadin
Michelle Tomadin - 6 years ago
Hey Riley and Eliana!

Guys, it's so cool to discover you both! My boyfriend and I are from Australia too, sailing from Darwin to Indonesia in a couple of weeks!!! The adventure is going to be epic and I want to film it to share it with the world just like you two have done :) !
Seeing this video made me laugh so much coz I can relate to the things that have happened to you from the previous adventureswe had on the boat up the East Coast of Oz.
Would love to keep in contact with you guys as we set sail! 
Keep keeping it real ;) x
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+Michelle Tomadin Goodluck with the sail guys.
Cycgnr - 6 years ago
Epic, beautiful and inspiring collection of vids guys. And thats coming from a pom. Wicked!
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+stoppsi Nice mo mate.
Mr. Thomas
Mr. Thomas - 6 years ago
☆Just living the sailing dream☆
Good luck mate, i look forward to the next video
Guidos Sailing Channel
Guidos Sailing Channel - 6 years ago
cool stuff mates ... ahoj !
Cancell Euw
Cancell Euw - 6 years ago
That´s not how you use an screwdriver! :D anyways best of luck on the seas!
Chris T
Chris T - 6 years ago
If anyone wants to do a similar trip I am planning a round the world trip for 4 people visit my fb page, Do you want an Adventure of a lifetime? I also have a web page  which  the fb page will take you too. Love your videos guys take care!
jacob freemans
jacob freemans - 6 years ago
Oh no is that Ron Jeremy?
randalljames - 6 years ago
I think HE should do all the filming... :)
jpnm81 - 6 years ago
alainer? er?aussies
Danton Mouille
Danton Mouille - 6 years ago
Nice video! Greetings from Louisiana! Keep em coming
Emre Topal
Emre Topal - 6 years ago
First 9:12 it's çöketme not cocketme second what are you pouring to sea ? If thats oil you are polluting the sea :(
trev5150 - 6 years ago
+zomembire gaming & stuff Excuse the world for not knowing how to make all the squiggles and dots and shit.
Ben Steel
Ben Steel - 6 years ago
Have watched all the vids and all I can say is ... insprirational
Savreh - 6 years ago
Great videos, great voyage! Looking forward new videos. Be lucky!
the1beard - 6 years ago
What camera are you guys using?
Guy Cruls
Guy Cruls - 6 years ago
so it's 43ft - the boat. what year?
Jim Ryan
Jim Ryan - 6 years ago
The French Polynesian Islands. Beautiful seas, beautiful islands. Danielle's Bay, to name one, is a place I would very much enjoy visiting myself. :) one heck of a trip, though!!
john smith
john smith - 6 years ago
Nice vid am sure I may have seen your boat in Malta recently?
Susan O'Grady
Susan O'Grady - 6 years ago
Living the dream, sailing around the world with an absolute hottie!! You're easy on the eye too Riley!! Keep on enjoying and sail safe!
TOMZHOG - 6 years ago
You are living mY dream 9 years until retirement
I can't wait
alantois - 6 years ago
I wanna be where you are . . . wait up!! Ingrid and I are coming!!
Sameer Balani
Sameer Balani - 6 years ago
Nice! Which boat is this?
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+Sameer Balani Check out my blog mate. Its got a bit more info
Santi Hernandez
Santi Hernandez - 6 years ago
what model boat is this???
Me Now
Me Now - 6 years ago
No... the "pride and joy" of that boat is not the solar panels. It's Elayna.
Heopful - 6 years ago
Sick as guys
Sh0t - 6 years ago
Inspiring stuff. I may email you guys, as I am in the market for a sailing vessel myself. I've owned a few powered boats previously and I have a maritime security background. I hope the waters are lovely for you guys today
tenacioj - 6 years ago
I really dig your journey.  I'm new to sailing and fully hooked.  I bought a 27' sloop without knowing one thing about sailing.  The best part is pointing it out to sea and figuring it out.  Italy, Turkey and Greece looks amazing.  Good luck and fair wind.
christian schulz
christian schulz - 6 years ago
whats the name of the artist playing around 8:30 ? please! :)
agjtsoftley - 6 years ago
Love it!  I have no idea how you can afford it, but what the heck, I don't care.
Sailing La Vagabonde
Sailing La Vagabonde - 6 years ago
+agjtsoftley Check out my blog mate. Its got a bit more info
Lost - 6 years ago
Rich kids they don't have to work for money

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