Sailing Lessons: The basics (part 1)

Matt Cross, a University of Kansas student and member of the sailing club, gives a 101 talk on sailing.

Sailing Lessons: The basics (part 1) sentiment_very_dissatisfied 47

Sailing 14 years ago 289,847 views

Matt Cross, a University of Kansas student and member of the sailing club, gives a 101 talk on sailing.

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Most popular comments
for Sailing Lessons: The basics (part 1)

AsTheWheelsTurn - 6 years ago
I'll find another video to watch that doesn't involve some dude coughing over and over again ,someone tapping on a desk and phasing in and out of volume,just super annoying, couldn't hang, get that audio worked out.
Wade Patton
Wade Patton - 6 years ago
The worst yo yo audio. Liked the talk but can't stand the speaker leaning in/out of the microphone. Far worse than cougher, but then I bailed at 3:39...hack
Man Bro
Man Bro - 6 years ago
MichalBoguslawski - 7 years ago
good explanation thanx
Maciej Hajbert
Maciej Hajbert - 7 years ago
i didnt notice the cough until i read the comments. thanks guys.
kfa4303 - 7 years ago
sailing in Kansas?
SaxyDan54 - 7 years ago
+Lehmann Peters Well, I've lived in Florida most of my life, so I think bays or the Gulf.
Lehmann Peters
Lehmann Peters - 7 years ago
Hell, I sailed in Iowa!
SaxyDan54 - 7 years ago
Yeah, that caught my eye, too. Next week, how to plow a farm from Jake in Key West.
Green Bear
Green Bear - 7 years ago
coughing guy probably masturbated before coming to class. That is why he is sick :) haha Don;t jack off before sailing; you need the energy.
Joel Bray
Joel Bray - 8 years ago
stop coughing you piece of shit.
David WrighT
David WrighT - 8 years ago
Probably a very good video, but you need to put the coughing guy away from the microphone, His coughing and pencil tapping are really distracting and interupts the audio, which is just as important as the video

10. comment for Sailing Lessons: The basics (part 1)

Pepe Tora
Pepe Tora - 9 years ago
Great video! The "33 sailing tips & tricks" book brought me here :)
David Rodriguez Fregoso
David Rodriguez Fregoso - 9 years ago
Z Z Zgf zZero for
KJ Aitken
KJ Aitken - 9 years ago
Nice info, I sail a lot. I race optis and its really quite fun. Thumbs up
brad s
brad s - 9 years ago
Anyone recommend a book title that covers the basics as this video does?
Nathan Burd
Nathan Burd - 8 years ago
Gonz - 9 years ago
that guy who keeps coughing needs to get out.
Norm Rubin
Norm Rubin - 9 years ago
One small error: When Matt defines Freeboard, he refers correctly to the Waterline. But when he gets to Waterline LENGTH (LWL), he misdefines it as freeboard (distance from deck to water). Half of these terms are more interesting to a sailing geek like me than a first-day student, IMO.
Thomas Lomax
Thomas Lomax - 9 years ago
Sailing a 420 with a THC sail? okay!
Mohamed Alborno
Mohamed Alborno - 6 years ago
Thats so cool!
Ken London
Ken London - 10 years ago
Great job Mr. Cross. The only thing you did not do is throw the sick guy out of your class. I hate him
Norm Faber
Norm Faber - 10 years ago
Excellent reminder of what its all about.Thank You. It wasn't the cough that was a problem it was how close he was to the microphone. Those were loud dynamics.
John Maddux
John Maddux - 10 years ago
Question Does Ku Sailing have a facebook page or a twitter? & is the club still going?
John T  

20. comment for Sailing Lessons: The basics (part 1)

Ian Edmonds
Ian Edmonds - 10 years ago
What you have is the back in the boat in your control. Push the tiller away the back of the boat goes with it. Maybe that's a personal point but I found it worked to the point that it became so engrained in my consciousness that when I moved to wheeled keel boats I spent much of the having to battle my instinct to steer the back of the boat with the wheel. Worked really well on dinghys and small keelboats tho. :-) I had a lot of fun in i420s over the years. Great boats.
Ian Edmonds
Ian Edmonds - 10 years ago
Good lecture. A few points. You should tell them why waterline length is such a big deal in a dinghy. Some early mention of the three modes of dinghy sailing would be useful even just as a reference. Telling them hull waterline length is important without talking about displacement mode top speeds is not crystallising the lesson imho. About the tiller acting in the opposite way to the wheel of a car. I came to think about the tiller as steering the back of the boat.
Kimdino1 - 10 years ago
Excellent set of talks for starting sailing. All necessary info with no extraneous crap. All applicable to cruising, racing or pottering about, Whether dinghy or megayacht. If this could be professionally filmed with the same guy presenting to the camera, instead of a noisy audience (& ideally translated to English) then I would want to give a copy of all the newbie sailors before they first get on a boat. All they will then need is practical experience. Thanks, mate.
Jack B
Jack B - 10 years ago
Tried to watch your video but between the terrible sound and the guy coughing I had to quit.
Nic - 10 years ago
Anytime you use an on-camera microphone, you have to have at least one smoker coughing up a lung in the audience. It's the law.
ceaser21i - 10 years ago
There are several lakes in missouri and kansas.
Reinis Miks
Reinis Miks - 10 years ago
Trevor Townsend
Trevor Townsend - 10 years ago
Make him the bowman, where everyone else on the boat can hurl abuse at him.
DodgyHagrid - 11 years ago
Thank you this is what im looking for! Dat coughing guy is a dick though
nadmenny - 11 years ago
THC, lol

30. comment for Sailing Lessons: The basics (part 1)

Dessertrunner - 11 years ago
Can a brother get some fuckin' claritin up in here? K&P
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo - 11 years ago
amazing.. very well done, dud. :)
soundpromaster - 11 years ago
The guy with the cough should have shut up
John England
John England - 11 years ago
Sweet man. I was just out sailing a 48ft boat yesterday and I loved it. Going out next Sunday again so I'm trying to learn the lingo a little bit.
Capitão Huzzé
Capitão Huzzé - 11 years ago
Very good. would be better to make available in English subtitles.
bamaH12 - 11 years ago
No, it is a Butterfly. The logo is similar, but the sailplan different
Cunty McShitterman
Cunty McShitterman - 11 years ago
he says its a butterfly but that is distinctly a moth logo.
Barb TheNurse
Barb TheNurse - 11 years ago
You are an excellent speaker and teacher. Thank you for posting these videos. It helped me a lot!
saabna1 - 12 years ago
That guy coughing is driving me nuts
David Hochreiter
David Hochreiter - 12 years ago
Wow, I hope the popped collar does not mean this guy is not a good teacher.
Charisse L
Charisse L - 12 years ago
awesome ... just wish the kid in class with the lovely cough didn't come to class sick!
Reilly Jensen
Reilly Jensen - 12 years ago
James Hinson
James Hinson - 12 years ago
wow i had my first lesson on a beach 5 feet from the ocean and 10 mins after starting i was on my boat!
Jonathan Newcomb
Jonathan Newcomb - 13 years ago
Thank you for this good sir. I'm going to work on a sailboat for the first time this summer, and I want to study up before the season begins. Taking notes while watching this! Just like a real course. Cheers!
Cory Wright
Cory Wright - 13 years ago
Your videos are exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for uploading them, I'm pretty sure they're the most thorough sailing basics videos on youtube (or darn close to it.) And from KU nonetheless! Looks like my Kansas State friends were wrong about ya'll ;)

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