An introduction to the Hobie Bravo, a 12' mini-cat with a windsurfer sail.

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An introduction to the Hobie Bravo, a 12' mini-cat with a windsurfer sail.

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Dug Shooter
Dug Shooter - 7 years ago
Any opinions on the bravo vs. sunfish. I've been sailing a sunfish for years but I'm taking a serious look at the bravo. Any opinions on which is faster on a good reach?
Dave Robinson
Dave Robinson - 7 years ago
Hi Dug, sorry I can't help, I've only sailed the Bravo. It was a blast, but you couldn't go too far on it, it's very small.
Tim Mit
Tim Mit - 7 years ago
Needs a jib sail; That would be nice!
Chase Wakelin
Chase Wakelin - 6 years ago
the jib sail is the one in the front right? they have the t2 and the getaway, which are a little bigger than the bravo
Justin Koenig
Justin Koenig - 9 years ago
it's a little bit like an optimist isn't it? lol
or an rs tera
omg i just noticed it doesn't even have a boom!!! lol???
Justin Koenig
Justin Koenig - 7 years ago
+Vdhdhd Ffsg Thanks, but that is kinda random.
Vdhdhd Ffsg
Vdhdhd Ffsg - 7 years ago
+Justin Koenig ur cute!
Eric Shelton
Eric Shelton - 9 years ago
Were you on a broad reach when you capsized?   I saw you bring the hull down a few other times. Did you head up to do so, or are there times where it is best to bear away to bring the hull back down?    Trying to get a feel for my Bravo.
Dave Robinson
Dave Robinson - 9 years ago
Hi Eric yes I was reaching and the hull stalled to tip me over. The rudder isn't great on a lean so you're better off letting the sail out a bit and keeping your line, which I realised all too late. Heaps of fun, but I am probably a bit big for it (100kg)

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