Sea of Thieves sail speeds and secrets revealed

Beware! Mistakes were made! Read all about it in the last paragraph of this description. Skip storytime? Go to 6:15 Everything you need to know about sail configurations, sailing speeds and probably lots of things you don't need to know about Sea of Thieves. We are using the Pirate GPS to figure out all the secrets of the seas, so you can learn how to catch up to those pesky sloops who are always trying to run away with the swag! Eventually, someone who is better at maths than me will probably figure out that something is wrong with the whole "meter per seconds" thing I got going on, and well - I did realize shortly after publishing this video that one of my timers wasn't calibrated correctly. All the speed readouts are actually in meters per 1/10th of a second, meaning that all the speed numbers should be multiplied by 10 to be accurate. This doesn't really matter all that much; it will only ever come in to play if you try to calculate how long it will take you to sail a certain distance. Like I said, one map square is 600x600 meters, and if the Brigantine really only did 2,3 meters per second at full chat, traveling a single map square would've taken you over 4 minutes. In reality, the speed is 23 meters per second, and so the journey only takes you 26 seconds.

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Beware! Mistakes were made! Read all about it in the last paragraph of this description. Skip storytime? Go to 6:15 Everything you need to know about sail configurations, sailing speeds and probably lots of things you don't need to know about Sea of Thieves. We are using the Pirate GPS to figure out all the secrets of the seas, so you can learn how to catch up to those pesky sloops who are always trying to run away with the swag! Eventually, someone who is better at maths than me will probably figure out that something is wrong with the whole "meter per seconds" thing I got going on, and well - I did realize shortly after publishing this video that one of my timers wasn't calibrated correctly. All the speed readouts are actually in meters per 1/10th of a second, meaning that all the speed numbers should be multiplied by 10 to be accurate. This doesn't really matter all that much; it will only ever come in to play if you try to calculate how long it will take you to sail a certain distance. Like I said, one map square is 600x600 meters, and if the Brigantine really only did 2,3 meters per second at full chat, traveling a single map square would've taken you over 4 minutes. In reality, the speed is 23 meters per second, and so the journey only takes you 26 seconds.

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Most popular comments
for Sea of Thieves sail speeds and secrets revealed

Anthony Walton
Anthony Walton - 5 years ago
I would love to see the images/data from 6:16 - 9:07 in an image so we could have it up on a second monitor while sailing.
I know I definitely will not remember all of the different wind and sail "combinations" off the top of my head.
SaltyColt 581778
SaltyColt 581778 - 5 years ago
kiwhen this helps a lot thank you
kiwhen - 5 years ago
u/HideoshiKaze posted a really nice image here:
The numbers next to the ships tells you what ship class has the advantage in any given situation.
Colin DuPée
Colin DuPée - 5 years ago
Just one question please... If you're in a sloop heading up (but not directly against the) wind, are you better off setting the sails straight forward, or pointing them right against the wind?
This should be a stupid question, but scenario 1 has blown my mind.
kiwhen - 5 years ago
For the sloop, the sail should always be facing straight ahead (the default position) if you are not able to catch the wind. So anytime you are sailing into the wind, at any angle, it will be faster to run the default position. Weird, but it works.
craig macmillan
craig macmillan - 5 years ago
Great work on this. Very interesting
Daniel Parreira
Daniel Parreira - 5 years ago
Dude, thanks a lot for this video... Please continue your good work and I also wish you the best success for the future!
f я o s т ı
f я o s т ı - 5 years ago
this is absolutely far too much thought put into pointless aspects of this game. why
f я o s т ı
f я o s т ı - 5 years ago
+kiwhen i see. well using algebra and putting all this research is alot of dedication to put down false theories. seems you care alot about sot
kiwhen - 5 years ago
+f я o s т ı Ooh, no, I just thought you ment the topic in general. I've heard so many false, undocumented claims about the sailing mechanics in SoT, so I wanted to dig really deep here and show the process and the numbers. Without that, there would still be doubt - especially surrounding the more illogical stuff, like the sail angels and such.
f я o s т ı
f я o s т ı - 5 years ago
+kiwhen ofcourse it is. I never said it was not important. My meaning was: this was far too complex. Not incomprehensive but rather unecessary. But maybe this is what you are known for. And obviously have a large following. Excuse my insolence
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Knowing how to catch up to or run away from your opponents is quite essential in this game, if you ask me.
KoliPoki TheBold
KoliPoki TheBold - 5 years ago
This game sucks my taint
Luddie Gamaro
Luddie Gamaro - 5 years ago
fire Angel
fire Angel - 5 years ago
Freedom units. That’s great. I’m going to use that when I’m sailing with my Ausie friends
usmcspeedy - 5 years ago
Great info! Now I can sail just a hair faster in me sloop.

10. comment for Sea of Thieves sail speeds and secrets revealed

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith - 5 years ago
It might be a nifty idea to give the devs at Rare the source code for your GPS so they could put some stuff up against it! Now that people know you can do it, likely people will try! Kickass vid. I always thought cutting was faster, sad to be wrong!
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Sadly, it is not possible to guard against intruders like the GPS program. A good analogy is the concept of stealth fighters; you can mask your plane as much as you like, but you can never beat someone with a pair of binoculars. They can still see your plane. In the same sense, you can try to mask the game data on my PC as much as you want, but if I look hard enough, I will still see it.
Kim Jong Skill
Kim Jong Skill - 5 years ago
You fool! You gave me everything thing I need. It'll go down especially well in the arena!
AtomicTitan101 - 5 years ago
Here's an idea. Lower the sails, turn them to the wind. There you go.
GTP Apex
GTP Apex - 5 years ago
Very Meta video, will definitely share around, respect the work my dude
Vampy - 5 years ago
I hope the anniversary update didn't change any of this haha. Considering how much time and effort you put into this.
Samantha Wiggins
Samantha Wiggins - 5 years ago
dude you're so fucking cool. thanks for all the work and useful info~
Jimothy Tiberius Wattsimus
Jimothy Tiberius Wattsimus - 5 years ago
Have you though of making something like polar charts for the ships? Something like this
Captain Jarrett
Captain Jarrett - 5 years ago
Nice video
mrbadwolf - 5 years ago
by far the most informative and useful video ive ever found for the game thank you! I also appreciate you not publishing the pirate gps
Ethan Bentch
Ethan Bentch - 5 years ago
Freedom units killed me

20. comment for Sea of Thieves sail speeds and secrets revealed

Logan Kordinak
Logan Kordinak - 5 years ago
Alright son keep this content coming and we'll keep watching
TenebrisXI - 5 years ago
Good content, I hope your channel grows from that brain thinking. SoT is good at what it does for a simplistic game and digging into it (pun intended) like this is quite entertaining
Justin Wilbur
Justin Wilbur - 5 years ago
@kiwhen I LOVE this video! Super detailed and had me very intrigued at the end! But I am very curious as to how you got the Pirate GPS. I've been looking online since you said it in this video. Is there another video you have created that explains how to find it? If not, can you tell me where to get this, I've always wanted to see these stats while playing - and I've been playing for a year now!
Justin Wilbur
Justin Wilbur - 5 years ago
+kiwhen Oh I see!! Very smart! And I thank you for that, i am not a gamer who follows based on cheats, and I know if that can across - I would have definitely used it Haha. Thank you again!
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Thank you! The GPS program is something I made myself, so it does not exist online anywhere, unfortunately. Like I mention in the video, the main reason why I do not want to share it, is because it is very, very easy to reverse-engineer it into a cheat that can be used for a lot of scary stuff I'd rather not see in the game.
Svetlin Totev
Svetlin Totev - 5 years ago
And you called this realistic? In literally half of all possible directions it is faster to have your sails in a way that would in the real world make your boat literally move backwards..... HOW THE HELL IS THIS REALISTIC??? I've noticed that in the game before when people who didn't care to setup their sails were catching up with me when I tried to do it in a realistic way but it's much better when you see the actual numbers. This is so fucking stupid...
Алексей Котиков
Алексей Котиков - 5 years ago
thanks for this job and video! peace from Russia :D
Luke Young
Luke Young - 5 years ago
The galleon has 7 sails, 3 masts. The sails probably arent coded differently, they just factor in that 1 mast has 3 sails on it versus 2, so 3 sails catching wind would obviously result in more speed
akave - 5 years ago
this video informed me just because you are pirate legend doesnt mean you know or are even good at the game
Brettski89 - 5 years ago
people have known this since the first pirate legend...
Seeker Goldstone
Seeker Goldstone - 5 years ago
3:30 Should have just used the banana for scale...
CrossNaught - 5 years ago
Nice video
the guariscos
the guariscos - 5 years ago

30. comment for Sea of Thieves sail speeds and secrets revealed

captainthrall - 5 years ago
So basically it's just super lazy, sloppy programming in regards to the wind's effect on a ship
Eternal Evening
Eternal Evening - 5 years ago
The only thing I heard from behind the science and stuff was: "Exploding barrel teleportation".
Sobepome - 5 years ago
no one's gonna comment on dropping down from the tavern and grabbing just the bottom of the ladder to stop fall damage?

okay then.

also even on top of being able to use your tool to cheat, I'd argue the tool itself is a form of cheating, since a huge part of playing the game as a crew is figuring out where everyone is based purely on landmarks and cardinal directions. I know you're just using it for science, but other people wouldn't be.
Ogoshdam Plays
Ogoshdam Plays - 5 years ago
This comment is entirely irrelevant. Shutup.
QuantumQ -
QuantumQ - - 5 years ago
Oh god I love this
Jesse - 5 years ago
Amazing video. Amazing detail. No wasted time.
Holy Crusader
Holy Crusader - 5 years ago
I am very impressed by both you and rare, this deserves a like and subscribe.
swapznap - 5 years ago
yo, could you make a make a video to help old players make a comeback? i was a pretty hardcore sot player 3 weeks after launch with 15 hours each day, but it died off for me as the content became more lacking. Now i`m a little afraid to jump back in it again because there is so much i don`t understand in it. what the different content is and how to effectively go through it. i think it would help a lot of old dwelling players come back. Please help? <3
J-train - 5 years ago
alright man this is perfect, you're getting a subscription
Jay Arty
Jay Arty - 5 years ago
you earned a sub for the effort you put into this. i know nothing about you but i like the effort
Spheracul - 5 years ago
I don't play the game(so no idea why i watched this) but aren't "legends hideout" and the respawn ship seperate levels? naturally all the stuff would be near 0 if it's a different level.
kiwhen - 5 years ago
They could have been separate levels, but they are actually placed in the same map file as the normal world. I assume they've done that to reduce loading time. The reason we know they are the same level is that you can faintly hear the sound if a ship would fire their cannons near 0,0 while you are standing at the Ferry of the Damned - suggesting they are directly above you.
Sion212 - 5 years ago
So if you're in a sloop being hunted by a galion unprepared just sail against the wind to out run him?
DaReal Tuck
DaReal Tuck - 5 years ago
Great video man
Adrian Vonier
Adrian Vonier - 5 years ago
Awesome video!
Jaymes Briones
Jaymes Briones - 5 years ago
Fantastic thank you for all this.
Jimmy Quinn
Jimmy Quinn - 5 years ago
Can you do a video that shows whether the front sail controls turning speed better the other sails?
EEVEEwolf1 - 5 years ago
Freedom Units, i will never get tired of hearing someone refer to our measurement system as "Freedom Units"
Daniel Lambert
Daniel Lambert - 5 years ago
Absolutely essential sailing stats for captains! Cheers, mate. You went above and beyond.
Marionette Loves Gaming
Marionette Loves Gaming - 5 years ago
now we need a graph (preferably line graph) showing the correlations between ship, angle of wind compared to travel and angle of sail compared to wind.
Fallout Didi
Fallout Didi - 5 years ago
This video is invaluable
Good work
Michael Loomis
Michael Loomis - 5 years ago
You are a hero and a scholar.

50. comment for Sea of Thieves sail speeds and secrets revealed

harrymason666 - 5 years ago
You da real MVP.
Jason Furler
Jason Furler - 5 years ago
"Freedom units" lmfao, never heard that one before, but I love it!
BSinSeattle - 5 years ago
Excellent. Just excellent sir.
Dolaski - 5 years ago
What if you use only one sail either on brig or galley with front wind? Idk, not an expert and clearly not thinking too much about it, but might be worth the shot you know... For SoT science :P
Franz Bauer
Franz Bauer - 5 years ago
9:50 yes, but for gaff sails, not square rigged ships, for these Broad reach is the best course
Zionoth - 5 years ago
This was fantastic. Thank you so much!
Fusion X
Fusion X - 5 years ago
Best yotube video ever.
Matthew Banham
Matthew Banham - 5 years ago
interesting facts! I'dd like to know how big the map is end to end
Runeskuller1 - 5 years ago
Very nice and very professionally made video! With this type of content, you could gain a lot of popularity
Fungus MTN
Fungus MTN - 5 years ago
dude you need to chill on the adderall lol youre way too smart for this
Clayton Hinshaw
Clayton Hinshaw - 5 years ago
This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Anybody of a mind to convert this info into a handy jpeg?
Akylha - 5 years ago
So.. basically the sloop is useless.
It's supposed to be faster, and it's also it's description in the game itself..

I'm speechless.
Franz Bauer
Franz Bauer - 5 years ago
Yes but its a fucking tank. the description says its not sturdy but thats a lie. last night we saved one with 12 holes in it. (we ran out of planks) and one person bucketing was enough to keep her afloat. there is NO WAY you could do that with a Brig or Galleon.
Fizzybubbler - 5 years ago
7:42 You're wrong. I've been heckling solo in the sloop for ages, galleons can never catch me. Not once.
kiwhen - 5 years ago
+Fizzybubbler I'm not quite sure what you mean. If you are trying to say that you are able to outrun a galleon on a sloop, while heading into crosswind with all sails to the side, then you must be playing a different game than Sea of Thieves. These numbers do not lie; I have hours and hours of video showing that the galleon is faster in that particular situation. That being said, we are only talking about 4,3 meters per second, meaning that the gap between you will not close instantly, and it will require the galleon's crew to actively work their ship's sails and rudder to maintain optimal speed. If you are able to outrun them, it is therefore only because they are making mistakes. You would not be so lucky if you got chased by, say, me and my crew. We would catch you in all situations except if you sail straight into the wind.
As for you other comment, I never once said that ships only move based off the sails, but that is still an accurate statement. Ships do not move based off "mass and weight" (coughs). The ships have mass, sure, but mass does not make anything move. Unless you factor in gravity, which SoT does not. Mass would only affect acceleration and stopping distance. It could have an effect on top speed - that may very well be the case too - but it doesn't matter, the speed is the speed. Again, the numbers do not lie.
If you disagree, I welcome you to provide clear footage of you overtaking a galleon that is being sailed properly in any wind conditions except head-on (because that is the only scenario where the sloop is faster).
Fizzybubbler - 5 years ago
This whole video is garbage, he's trying to tell you the ships only move based off the sails, they don't. Ship weight and mass is a factor as well. The sloop is always the fastest.
ibrahim basic
ibrahim basic - 5 years ago
Can u put a little panflit that shows all the stuff we need to know
De Durps
De Durps - 5 years ago
the goog
the goog - 5 years ago
wait.. the no go with flat sail is faster than angled no go...... that doesnt seem right to me
format - 5 years ago
0:45 If i understood you right i dont think what you said there is true because as a developer you can just set a variable for speed that can be used by multiple codes/scripts.

speed = 20
--Code that makes the Ship move using the speed variable

Awesome video though.
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Yeah, in code, it would be pretty much as simple as to attach some speed variable to each sail - but that is what I mean by extra work. It would be simpler to just have a fixed speed assigned to all sails, instead of having a different speed attached to each sail. The game then has to keep track of more information and do more calculations to determine the speed. It isn't difficult to do this, but my point is simply "why would they?", if only the most dedicated players would ever notice it. I mean, exibit A; with over 2000 hours in SoT, I didn't even notice this behavior until sometime late last year.
Zom-B-Bunny - 5 years ago
lol beam the (barrel) torpedo scotty to their ship.... boom
Fusion - 5 years ago
with headwind, how do you go faster when the sails are perpendicular to the wind than when they are parallel? surely it would be better to have them fully turned to side so you arent catching all of that headwind?
blade6321 - 5 years ago
Why is bream reach faster than tailwind?! It's claimed that the latter limits your speed and that this is realistically, but I don't see how :( If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it!
kiwhen - 5 years ago
The physics behind this is a bit complicated if you are unfamiliar with such things. You could try to think about it this way; when the wind comes directly from behind, you are just getting pushed along. You can't go faster than the wind. If you are sailing sideways, the wind is instead trying to push you "out of its way". The water is now resisting what the wind is trying to do, because of the way the ship is designed. The ship only wants to move forwards, so you are being squished in between the force from the wind and the resistance from the water. This gives you a lot more speed, and you can move forwards "faster" than the wind. Of course, when we say faster, you will not be moving faster in the direction the wind is blowing, but you are moving faster in the direction the ship is facing. It's as if the ship represents the intersection between two ALMOST parallell lines than move across each other. The lines (wind and water) doesn't need to move quickly, but the intersecting point between them (the ship) will still move very fast.
Average youtuber #13
Average youtuber #13 - 5 years ago
incredibly in depth, well done. Pretty much created a full report about this topic and they're spot on.
Stéphane FRACHE
Stéphane FRACHE - 5 years ago
Not cheating? One could argue knowing precisely how fast you're going and how to angle your sails at any moment to be able to flee or pursue better is an unfair advantage ...
Anyway, good work, very interesting video :D!
Pkthtguy - 5 years ago
Anyone who's played naval action would know :)
Bruno Kester
Bruno Kester - 5 years ago
Now i know why some people call it BrigintineMW
Jean Mahmoud Ventilateur
Jean Mahmoud Ventilateur - 5 years ago
That was really interesting and informative, I'm looking forward for the next video of that type !
Cellhawk - 5 years ago
Okay, so now I feel like I've been playing this game for a week, and not like for more than a year. Regarding the Pirate Legend Hideout, it would of course make sense that lore-wise it definitely isn't under Athena's Gate, since you can clearly see palm trees and sun, like it's underneath some island or something.
Kasper Haulund Christensen
Kasper Haulund Christensen - 5 years ago
You deserve many more subs and likes like this math blew my mind instant sub
ancient hunter
ancient hunter - 5 years ago
Hey, uhm how did you get into programming?
Frenk4 - 5 years ago
i really loved this video. almost accurate showing real infos, smooth speach and rly quiet. you have my sub.
Troller Gain
Troller Gain - 5 years ago
cd5ssmffan - 5 years ago
Has this been tested against a control group?
Santino Lombardi
Santino Lombardi - 5 years ago
@kiwhen You can use the arbitrary values and the difference between absolute top speed and 0 speed as percentages to tell how much faster each sail is than each other, and what percentage of top speed is added by each sail.
David Victory
David Victory - 5 years ago
Is that a pirate legend sail?
Matteo Foresti
Matteo Foresti - 5 years ago
0:36 what’s that ship skin
Matteo Foresti
Matteo Foresti - 5 years ago
kiwhen - 5 years ago
That is the Ghost skin. It is currently the most expensive ship skin in the game, at 1.55 million gold. You also need to be max level (10) with Athena's Fortune to buy it.
Ryan The Leach
Ryan The Leach - 5 years ago
Can you investigate how fast ships sink using the GPS to measure water volume / percentage inside the ship?
Hikingplane0 - 5 years ago
Wait why did you use the Pythagorean theorem?
Steven Roberts
Steven Roberts - 5 years ago
Welp, that's enough math for me for the year.
A Gallon of Milk
A Gallon of Milk - 5 years ago
very counterintuitive
Julian Echeverry Giraldo
Julian Echeverry Giraldo - 5 years ago
thank you its very important this investigation for the game and the players.
Damien Evans
Damien Evans - 5 years ago
Thanks, Now I can pass my math exam
Sandros94 - 5 years ago
You did not calculate the turn speed and ratios depending on which sails are up/half/down!! With this informations every combat would be adressed
Felix Jahn
Felix Jahn - 5 years ago
This was very interesting.
Asder17 - 5 years ago
1297 subscribers? is this a joke? Subscribed, nice job!
Grimmlocked - 5 years ago
It's really nice the brig has a pattern where it is faster
Super British Cheese
Super British Cheese - 5 years ago
1:08 Me when mom finds my juul
uNlock likesuShi
uNlock likesuShi - 5 years ago
And so begins the solo slooping runners and people finally using the sails the way I've been for the whole first year...thanks a lot...
LadyofHats - 5 years ago
freedom units really? i surely can see the size of your ego
Boondogle - 5 years ago
How long my...uhhhh... ship is
TheFinalGamerRN - 5 years ago
Your coding skills are awesome! Are you studiyng (or studied) software engineering or related?
Matthew Fuhri
Matthew Fuhri - 5 years ago
Can you do a video like this on the water

100. comment for Sea of Thieves sail speeds and secrets revealed

Dizzydluxe GregD
Dizzydluxe GregD - 5 years ago
Excellent video. Even the diagrams illustrating wind and sail direction for each ship were superbly done. Thank you for creating this informational video. Subscribed!
doubledragon - 5 years ago
Very nice video brother!
Comedian Justin
Comedian Justin - 5 years ago
How long my uh D#%k is
Jeremy - 5 years ago
Can u explore how far into the shroud you can go without taking ship damage? This would be useful for hunting shrouded ghosts/other Megs while sailing around the shroud. I could calculate the distance by counting ship lengths since you provided us with that data. Also the shroud will hurt the megs just like it hurts your ship/rowboat
Yasuo - 5 years ago
wait... they dont have anticheat? :O
Sweet MrPickles
Sweet MrPickles - 5 years ago
Wait, so does this mean it would be best when sailing head on to have the smallest sail up only? (in a galleon)
Xavier H.
Xavier H. - 5 years ago
huh... anyone else notice that a beam reach is faster than a dead run?
popicornhd - 5 years ago
That Video is so Usefull and important, your a Genius ! :D Keep it Up!
Zane Stoor
Zane Stoor - 5 years ago
"5'11 in freedom units" that got me
oZync - 5 years ago
Nice work man definitely appreciated
Gary Hudson
Gary Hudson - 5 years ago
This is amazing. If you continue to do research of this kind for sea of thieves I would definitely be catching every video. Very well put together and well researched
GoingGone - 5 years ago
This is incredible! I’m not sure what else there is you could find out but I’d love to see more videos like this
Nacho_28 - 5 years ago
This guy deserves so many more subs... great vid
Hoss Hydraa
Hoss Hydraa - 5 years ago
Please make more SoT vids!
Toxic Trkey
Toxic Trkey - 5 years ago
Feanorlike - 5 years ago
as a noob sailor i pratically wanted to know in which scenario sloop behaves the best vs galleons, since i always get chased by them, and this video answered it XD Super useful info on the game since it shows where each ship behaves the best and that is mandatory to have a good experience and be able to fight or escape when one wants! This info should be put in the game tutorial really, its both informing about the gameplay and how deep the game is!
Miqu - 5 years ago
Great effort put into this video..Please make more SoT videos!
Nognaught - 5 years ago
whilst a beam reach is absolutely the safest point of sail, if you lift up your centreboard you'll certainly go faster on a dead run
in any boat (excluding pirate ships) you can also get a heel on a dead run, which means your sail will be higher up, thus getting more wind than on any other point of sail
Raine OShae
Raine OShae - 5 years ago
So the only way to escape a Brig in a Sloop is straight on with the sails straight?
Jacob Lowe
Jacob Lowe - 5 years ago
Sup my buddy
Darkarchon05 - 5 years ago
Fantastic video. Did you do any testing with the head-wind for the galleon and brig where the sails were angled in opposite directions? Front to the Left with rear and main to the right, etc.
admiral fluffy
admiral fluffy - 5 years ago
I sail irl and I agree with all the things you said, keep up the great work.
Redmond P
Redmond P - 5 years ago
so if im trying to go upwind at the fastest speed possible... i should angle my sails so that they are facing the wind? i usually put my sails to one side but this video seems to disprove that theory.
Espen Slettmyr
Espen Slettmyr - 5 years ago
Kult, takk for info ;)
Alex F
Alex F - 5 years ago
wow bro... pretty nice! i would love to have the GPS thing... but yes i totally respect that you wont share it, what is a good thing!
Hunter Osborne
Hunter Osborne - 5 years ago
can you skip the intro to sea of thieves? it has been a year and everytime I load it up I have to go through that cutscene.
Hunter Osborne
Hunter Osborne - 5 years ago
+kiwhen that cancels. I want to skip seeing it altogether please
kiwhen - 5 years ago
If you play on PC, you can skip the intro by pressing Esc on your keyboard. On Xbox, you can press B to skip.
Tamara Hills
Tamara Hills - 5 years ago
Nice work!
ACS - 5 years ago
I imagine this took you a daunting amount of time, well done. Good ol data.
TC Prophet
TC Prophet - 5 years ago
Speaking as a Level Designer, "Rares obsession with putting tall pointy objects at 0,0" most likely comes down to that part of the object being its "center point" (which isn't always the center of the actual object in question, but actually its primary pivot point) and someone snapping that object to 0,0 and then just dropping the depth to bury it.
roger - 5 years ago
Sorry if you mentioned it in the video, but do you have an exact number of "meters" for each map square?
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Each map square is 600x600 meters. It used to be 500x500, before the Devil's Roar was added to the game. Just in case you are trying to calculate distances; be aware of that teeny tiny mistake I made with the speed readouts, as noted in the video description; all speed figures must be multiplied by 10 if you are going to calculate distances and time. The differences between the ships remains the same, though.
LordzBacon - 5 years ago
Wow, poor sloops will never be able to out fun a ship that been chasing them. Sucks. You figure they make sure a sloop being small and easy to sink would have speed on there side....nope.
kiwhen - 5 years ago
The sloop can get away safely by going into the wind, though. Not even the brigantine can keep up with it there!
c l
c l - 5 years ago
Sailing in circles doesn't seem like an accurate measurement for speed, because I'm pretty sure the turn rate is also affected differently by each sail.
Nanette Shirley
Nanette Shirley - 5 years ago
Fabulous !!!!! That was extremely informative great job .
Drukpa Kunley
Drukpa Kunley - 5 years ago
I don't know where you got your numbers but they all are terribly wrong. Proportions of speed between ships maybe right, though I highly doubt of it, but the rest is false from top to bottom. Firstofall the map is not squared, it's divided in rectangles and secondly the speed difference between sailing into or against the wind is by far greater than what you "nailed" so wrongly. Nice vid, terrible results.
kiwhen - 5 years ago
​+Drukpa Kunley I'm really not sure what you are on about. I have not made any such assesments. First of all, as explained rather thoroughly in the video, I get the speed readouts by taking the coordinates and looking at how they change over time. The interval for the readouts are (unfortunately) set to measure every 1/10th of a second, which is why the speed figures, like I said, are only 1/10th of what they are supposed to be. Or rather, they measure in meters per 1/10th of a second, not meters per second like the video suggests. This means that you cannot use these figures to calculate distances and time without first multiplying them by 10, if you are trying to figure out, for example, how quickly you will sail 5 squares on the map (knowing that each square is 600x600 meters).

Further more, I think you might want to check the aspect ratio on your monitor or TV, because you must be playing in streched mode if you think the squares on the map are rectangular. I have never seen more perfect squares in my life. Think about this; there are exactly 26 numbers on the far left side of the map, and there are exactly 26 letters on the top row. Why would it be rectangular? If you still maintain that the map is rectangular, please provide a screenshot from
Drukpa Kunley
Drukpa Kunley - 5 years ago
+kiwhen I don't know how you can calculate speed without distance and time, which I did. For the game does not feature any kind of speed number for ships, like you did actually state in your vid. Thus your results are based on assessments of distance which are certainly wrong since you did not even notice the map is divided in rectangles. If you zoom in to the max scale you will notice it really easily. Bytheway the average walking speed for a human is 4 km/h so 1.1 m/s. Looks like you need to look at your numbers once again.
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Hi! I got the numbers from the game, but you are actually sort of correct. As stated in the video description, all the speed readouts are exactly 1/10th of what they are supposed to be. That doesn't matter much in the scheme of things, it only ever comes into play if you try to calculate distances and time. However, your statement about the map being rectangular is wrong. The map is a perfect square. There are sectors on the map that are off limits (red sea), but that does not change the fact that it is 26x26 squares in size. Just count them and you will see.
Dogseatchocolate - 5 years ago
So how long does it take a galleon to travel a square if theyre going beam reach
Dogseatchocolate - 5 years ago
+kiwhen Thank you, I appreciate the fast response! Love the channel!
kiwhen - 5 years ago
600 meters divided by 20,7 meters per second is just under 29 seconds, on average.
Sam Portlock
Sam Portlock - 5 years ago
Sharp commentary
blackboard212 - 5 years ago
Cool vid nice research
Eadric Storm
Eadric Storm - 5 years ago
Great Work. Any chance you could run similar numbers with water in the hull? My Friends and I have been doing cargo runs and we feel that the ship slows down. Would be nice to have proof.
SteamPunk Junkie
SteamPunk Junkie - 5 years ago
You know nothing of Game Development (I'm a Dev) but I like that you tested this, just don't spread false info about the Development process you aren't there so you just don't know its very obvious you don't.
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Err... Hi, I'm a professional developer. What exactly are you referring to?
Kpacka23 - 5 years ago
I always wondered why the waves don't go in the same direction as the wind, wish current was a factor as well
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Redirect Alljunk - 5 years ago
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Rikology Gaming - 5 years ago
If you are a lvl 10 pirate legend and don’t know this info you have been carried, id also if you have ever been chased by a brig while on a sloop you will find out that the brig is faster any situation
kiwhen - 5 years ago
I have not been carried; quite the opposite, in fact. The reason why I lack experience with the galleon is because I've played most of the way solo, on a sloop. As such, I haven't really put myself in a position to notice this behavior.
World War 1 and 2 Buff
World War 1 and 2 Buff - 5 years ago
This is SoT, anything that looks like it would happen in real life would happen in game (unless you are lagging, where you will lag through the boat)
Jakhob Clady
Jakhob Clady - 5 years ago
Has anyone put all this information in a Spreadsheet yet? I would very much like to have that XD.
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Josh Mekalian - 5 years ago
Im sorry i commented halfway through. You did good. I appreicate it.
Josh Mekalian
Josh Mekalian - 5 years ago
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Abstract Worlds - 5 years ago
Bro this dudes so smart I felt mentally deficient watching this
Drew Fehlinger
Drew Fehlinger - 5 years ago
This man is like Aristotle. Aristotle thought that objects with a heavier weight would fall faster than lighter objects. Aristotle decided that he didn’t have to test because he claimed it was logical. About a decade later Sir Isaac Newton got interested in Aristotle’s work and decided to experiment with it. He dropped a heavy cannonball and a light cannon ball from a high point at the same time. They hit the ground at the same time. Aristotle was wrong. And Newton proved it. I find this similar to his claim in the video because at first he went with the logical reason instead of finding proof. (This is for the first part)

Oops I was wrong about kiwhen Well now you know about some history.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose - 5 years ago
Not a sail penalty but tonnage of the vessel
Michael Alfano
Michael Alfano - 5 years ago
Damn never though I’d ever need to use the pathogen theorem irl
Guillaume Fo'
Guillaume Fo' - 5 years ago
Hi, thanks for this ! what is the plugin called for positionning and speed measurement in game please ? how could I install it ?
Guillaume Fo'
Guillaume Fo' - 5 years ago
+kiwhen ohw nice ! could you maybe share it to me ? i'd like to run some tests as well ?
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Hi! It's not a plugin, it is a custom made program that I wrote for this particular test.
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Sebastian Friedrichsen - 5 years ago
You should definitely make more videos on Sea of Thieves dude!
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John david - 5 years ago
3:35 “ How long my uhh.. ship is”
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Nan Omy - 5 years ago
You are a genius! This video is a real help :) I'd love to have a reading on actual "running speed" against "bunny hopping". I do play with someone who constantly hops and claims it is faster than running. I'm not sure about that but I guess it might be, as with running you get stuck in the terrain sometimes while hopping will avoid those little dents. It also would be interesting to see how hopping works out up- and downhill against running. Maybe you have time to run a little test. That would be awesome :)
Hunter Stack
Hunter Stack - 5 years ago
Do you get different results when having the sails in a "j" so to speak versus dropping sails all the way down?
kiwhen - 5 years ago
The speed does decrease as you curl the sails, but not by much. In practice, it is hardly ever noticable. A single second of wrong sail angles will cost you far more than having a tiny curl on one sail.
David Bergner
David Bergner - 5 years ago
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Me and my friends always assumed the sails worked this way. Glad to see we were right.
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How could this guy not know this?, that being said, well done video.
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Awesome video. "Headwind" is actually called "irons" tho
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shrill bonsie - 5 years ago
Guys doing God's work
Zormis - 5 years ago
Whats the run speed vs swim speed, vs swimming fast?
Zormis - 5 years ago
Great Work matey! I am impressed. I expected you to race the same type of ship over and over again, but you went far and beyond what I expected and you confirmed a lot of my suspicious about the brig.
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Jason Stirrat - 5 years ago
The amount of brains in this video is awe inspiring. I'm going to make my kids watch this.
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Indiana Jones - 5 years ago
"Freedom units" hahahaha
ShepherdOfGrapes - 5 years ago
Sooo Brigantine best boy?
Kaptain Karrot Kake
Kaptain Karrot Kake - 5 years ago
One square an the map is about a mile in game I think so just see how fast you get from one square to another.
Javier Izquierdo
Javier Izquierdo - 5 years ago
You guys should watch Naval Action gameplay to see what it would actually look like in a more realistic game
Steel Nightmare
Steel Nightmare - 5 years ago
Where is the Ghost Meg?
David Parker
David Parker - 5 years ago
That process of using the RAM is crazy. There are squares on the map. But good on you for science.
On the topic of science, the galleon shouldn't actually be fastest in the dead run. In this scenario, each sail blocks the wind for the sail in front.
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Yeah, in terms of physics, I agree. However, my expectations were based on game balance, in the sense that each ship of the two original ships (sloop and galleon) has got a scenario where they are faster than the other, so that you always have a means of escaping if you play your cards correctly. It seems that this holds true to a greater degree than I initially thought, since the brigantine also has a scenario where it can outrun the others.
menamgamg - 5 years ago
Would be cool if you could go in more depth about how to cross waves most efficiently! It feels like keeping a 45degree angle towards the waves maintains faster speed (as i think it does in real life sailing) but i'm not sure :) Also, is it possible to figure out exactly how much the ship gets pushed and steer off course, depending on how you cross the waves?
menamgamg - 5 years ago
Wow i've been waiting forever for some smart person to figure this out haha :D Thanks a lot!
Gyrik Jaulderson
Gyrik Jaulderson - 5 years ago
This is the type of question you see asked on state tests given the way it was answered
KaguraLeader - 5 years ago
GoldStarLord - 5 years ago
This is great I can now sail better and have all my friends be like what the actual hell are you doing you idiot, I will direct them to this video.
Travis Santa
Travis Santa - 5 years ago
What sail is 3:42 ?
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Those are the Grand Admiral Sails. They can be purchased at Golden Sands and Sanctuary Outpost.
Pedro Patrício
Pedro Patrício - 5 years ago
Thank you for the time you spent explaining this to us, cheers :)
Carlsopinion - 5 years ago
All of this information has been incredibly useful! May I be so bold to ask for a cannonball physics video? Perhaps targeting tips, like range finding and motion tracking?
Levi Standley
Levi Standley - 5 years ago
Derek O’Brien
Derek O’Brien - 5 years ago
Hey you must have done something wrong the barrel should have been getting shorter each time not taller. I believe I am right correct me if I am not
Derek O’Brien
Derek O’Brien - 5 years ago
But if the ship travels at 2m/s even thought that by sight it is seemingly traveling faster I would assume that the barrel must be shorter to accommodate size in game
kiwhen - 5 years ago
That depends; in this particular case, the real-world equivalent meter keeps getting shorter. For example, when calibrated to human walking speed, 1 in-game unit is equal to 1.9 meters, but when it's calibrated to run speed, 1 in-game unit is equal to 13.7 meters. (Keep in mind that the in-game speed also changes because I switch between walking and running.)
ZondaKeN - 5 years ago
How do you display position and speed in the top right?
kiwhen - 5 years ago
+ZondaKeN No, I wrote the program myself. I would not say it's a cheat, since it doesn't give you any kind of advantage over other players. All it does is to show us how the game actually works.
ZondaKeN - 5 years ago
+kiwhen and this is some kind of a cheat or software released by Rare especially for you?
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Hi! As explained in the beginning of the video, I am using a custom made overlay. It is not something you can normally do in Sea of Thieves.
Marshall Andrien
Marshall Andrien - 5 years ago
Super entertaining while also spitting a ton of facts. Subbed.
Scarecrow - 5 years ago
I can't thank you enough for the knowledge you just gave me, sir. I'll finally be a worthy first mate from now on!
Dead Mike
Dead Mike - 5 years ago
4:43 Did he just say freedom units? xD
bob smith
bob smith - 5 years ago
Thank you for looking into this
Marcel Gysi
Marcel Gysi - 5 years ago
But how fast is the row boat? you never checked that.
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Hi! The rowboat will do somewhere between 7-8 meters per second flat-out. In context of the video, that would be 0,7 to 0,8 meters per second, because of that little error I made with the speed readouts (full explanation in the description; Basically, all the speed figures are exactly 1/10th of what they are supposed to be.). It is therefore slightly slower than the slowest sailing speed, which is the galleon's 7,8 m/s in headwind, at 6:36, but not by a lot.

It doesn't matter much how you choose to row, but longer strokes are usually more stable and reliable than short ones. There is also a limit to how short your oar strokes can be before you start to lose speed. I found that rowing with full strokes and half strokes yields just about the same speed.

What really matters with the rowboat is how much you have to correct course, since the waves will knock you about all over the place.
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Dylan Stackpole - 5 years ago
We need more videos like this
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I would love to know if slightly curling the sails on the brigantine and/or galleon, for better vision, effects the overall speed.
KoliPoki TheBold
KoliPoki TheBold - 5 years ago
Of course it does ninny
Dude Person
Dude Person - 5 years ago
The Devs already covered this if you keep up with the devstreams

The metal bracket about 12 ft high on the masts are where you can curl the sails to allow visibility while maintaining max speed of sails.
Morte Parla
Morte Parla - 5 years ago
It does, yes. The speed of the ship increase/decreases based on how much sale is unfurled. Speed is proportianite to the sales.
Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf - 5 years ago
+Merek Grimaldus same here its just never needed
Merek Grimaldus
Merek Grimaldus - 5 years ago
John Shields I have literally never curled my sails.
John Shields
John Shields - 5 years ago
+Winter Wolf When you're in the middle of a battle you don't always have time to have someone scouting out what's ahead of you, so curling is usually the best option.
Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf - 5 years ago
Barely enough to notice, tbh people could just get off the wheel to see or have 1 guy on the front of the ship or crows nest to tell you whats ahead, idk why no one knows this.
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The Anorexic Skeleton - 5 years ago
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you have my like cause of "skip storytime? Go to 6:15" i appreciate your modesty. After see the interesting things i just re-started the video, thx.
Jens Martin Hedegaard Andersen
Jens Martin Hedegaard Andersen - 5 years ago
How are you soo good at this?
K Kuhn
K Kuhn - 5 years ago
Everything made sense for the most part except the sails facing a headwind. A crewmate told me this was the fastest and I didn't believe him because it goes against common knowledge.
Tim Strupi
Tim Strupi - 5 years ago
Duane Gaskins
Duane Gaskins - 5 years ago
Also it does not surprise me the figures the reason is actually very simple. The figures are based on how ships work/worked throughout history but in the game none of the ships have triangle rigged sails which is what would determine your against the wind or angled wind speed and draw. the game graphics are all flat sails for the sake of simplicity though.
Duane Gaskins
Duane Gaskins - 5 years ago
Oh it's almost as if for a game that is 80% sailing mechanics they actually looked at how sailing ships actually work/worked...

Developers may not like to but they also know age of sale obsessives lik eme would have bitched.
rushingaming - 5 years ago
does anyone know how to turn on the positioning and speed information he has displayed at 9:15
rushingaming - 5 years ago
+Andrew Simmons he told me to skip to 6:15 and I didn't bother to watch the stuff earlier haha thanks!
Andrew Simmons
Andrew Simmons - 5 years ago
He wrote his own program. 2:58
Ryan Cooper
Ryan Cooper - 5 years ago
I’m amazed at how you, a game developer, didn’t notice this obvious and well known game mechanic.
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Looking back at it now, it seems pretty obvious. I think it boils down to the fact that I have played most of the game solo on a sloop, and I usually never chase or run away from fights. That's why my experience with the galleon is (or was, rather) so limited.
M3rlin257 - 5 years ago
If you have the time, I would be curious to see turning speeds based on Foresail, mainsail and mizzen sail.
Dutch - 5 years ago
Is it true then when being fired at by a cannon by a skeleton that moving your wheel left and right confuses the AI?
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Yes. The skeletons will try to predict where you are going, so moving in a straight line usually results in you getting hit. The most effective strategy for avoiding hits is to turn very close to when they fire, and then turn to the other side when they fire the next shot. This can be difficult to pull off on strongholds, since there will be multiple skeletons shooting at various times. Another important thing to note is that they cannot predict past a certain speed, so if you are able to catch wind, you will simply outrun the cannons - even in a straight line.
Steven Bradberry
Steven Bradberry - 5 years ago
@kiwhen If I could propose a theory to test; Ships with multiple sails will turn faster if only the front sail is down. My theory is that the front sail will catch wind and cause the front of the ship to "dig" into the water in the direction of the turn, making the turn sharper. Maybe en sharper than pulling all sails up, or at the least a faster turn than a sharper turn (if that makes sense). I have been testing this internally myself, but with your skills and programming we may be able to confidently come to a conclusion. If you need some assistance I would love to be a part of the study. Feel free to reach out to me for any other assistance if you are interested or in need of a guinea pig. Thank you for all your work, I feel like everyone who is playing this game is excited to see studies being done in a scientific manner to prove the hearsay and rumors, making this an even more fun game to play and discuss.
Awesome work sir!
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Lucas. - 5 years ago
1:09 I thought I was the only one
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Jacob Anderson - 5 years ago
Does anybody have the link for the discord?
kiwhen - 5 years ago
The official Sea of Thieves Discord can be found at
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Harrison Wilbanks - 5 years ago
This is invaluable Information. Lol damn. This changes everythingm but then again itll be the norm eventually :/
Zerow - 5 years ago
Nice video, can you do more of this? Statistics like that are extremely helpful to new players like me.
tak1216 - 5 years ago
I believe that if you have your sail slightly raised you will move faster then all the way down
MrWizard - 5 years ago
rowboat speed?
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Chris Morris - 5 years ago
Quick question, how did you create the overlay? I have tried in Java and failed.
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great stuff! Something to consider is that the mizzen sail will luff the main and fore sails in a reach or run POS.
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Impressive...most impressive, even with the error (see vid discription.)
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Clown Gaming - 5 years ago
Question on a sloop should u keep mast mid all the time
Big Bronnx
Big Bronnx - 5 years ago
Almost. Only when wind comes from back and side, adjust it. Else back to mid. Will try this out.
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Morgan Blackpowder - 5 years ago
Subbed and belled. Best video I've seen yet for Sea of Thieves!
Deacon Poole
Deacon Poole - 5 years ago
You should measure some of the really big islands! Like, the rough diameter and circumference of Smuggler’s Bay, how tall is Thieves Haven and Marauder’s Arch, or how long Wanderer’s Refuge is.

Also, find the absolute smallest marked island, by square meters
Chunky Chipmunk
Chunky Chipmunk - 5 years ago
Mate I really gotta ask, do having chests on your ship slow you down at all, me and my mate seem to have a suspicion that we slow down a bit when we put things on our ship.
E Z P Z LMN S Q Z Y - 5 years ago
I absolutely love the in-depth video, and respect the amount of time it must took to do the math. <3
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Thanks for doing the research! Was always curious about the differences since i realized the sloop was fastest against the wind.
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Amazing video
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Damn I wish they called it "Freedom Units"
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Squattingturtle - 5 years ago
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WarHeadKINGsz99 - 5 years ago
I once heard someone say, only noobs use a Brig
Mr. Chrome
Mr. Chrome - 5 years ago
I must say as an IT student that i'd be really interested in how you've been able to read the dedicated RAM to the game bypassing the System's protection (Since you're running on windows)
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Hi! For most processes running on Windows, there isn't really anything that's going to keep you from reading the memory of any other process (like games). My GPS doesn't even need to run with elevated permissions (UAC).
Crippled Kitty
Crippled Kitty - 5 years ago
I just wish Rare would have done more rigging than just square sail.
Pierre-Alexandre Hamel
Pierre-Alexandre Hamel - 5 years ago
When you have a friend firing cannons at the middle of the map, you hear the shots from inside the pirate legend hideout
Csongor Szegedi-Csinády
Csongor Szegedi-Csinády - 5 years ago
Nice. Useful video for escaping close situations. LOOK OUT SLOOPS!
Adam M
Adam M - 5 years ago
months ago my ship was sunk in the middle of the map, and as i swam down under the big pointy rock i could see different colour lights far below. that disappeared as i got closer.....
AleXizzed - 5 years ago
Just a shame that after a year there is still fuck all to do in game except grind gold.
Steiderman - 5 years ago
This information is gold! I would love it if you could try and figure out the actual distance of a Sea of Thieves nautical mile in game. It doesn't seem to be just one square on the map grid.
Keragom - 5 years ago
The very first time I hopped onto a brigatine I could tell it was way faster than the galleon.
And it makes sense since it's a low cut ship! Kinda like a race car.

You Sir got a big brain there, but your buddy was right. You are a pirat legend, how did you not feel these things out before?
Max Henry
Max Henry - 5 years ago
If u put up the front and rear sail it will give you increased control and turning
Killzor - 5 years ago
I always knew the the brigantine was the fastest Avg and easiest to play solo if you just wanna run
Seppuku - 5 years ago
so as a sloop you just rarely angle sails?
Jonathan Borg
Jonathan Borg - 5 years ago
Fun fact about the Ferry of the Damned: from some angles, you can see the lanterns glowing from infinite distance under the water. Tripped me out for a loooong time until it clicked what I was looking it.
Premium Content
Premium Content - 5 years ago
Yo can u just Tell me the program u reversed in? Or did u use a sdk? :/
Premium Content
Premium Content - 5 years ago
+kiwhen bro... can I have ur Discord... I want to get better with reverse engineering (I think thats re what u did^^)
kiwhen - 5 years ago
I actually just dumped the relevant portion of the game's data, moved around a bit, then compared the figures. It took a while to narrow it down, but you can make some fairly accurate assumptions with regards to coordinates; for example, I just guessed that they were 32-bit signed, single precision numbers, because that's what most games would use. I also guessed that the sea level at the center of the old world was 0,0,0, which turned out to be correct. That means I was quickly able to determine whether or not the numbers would go up or down as I moved around.
Premium Content
Premium Content - 5 years ago
+kiwhen ?? How did u get the address then? U know if you use something like cheat engine u did reverse engineer... ^^
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Hi! I did not reverse engineer anything from the game, or use an SDK. This was all done just by reading the game's memory.
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Please can you help me make an explosive barrel teleportation device??
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Jarvis Wilson-short - 5 years ago
sorry but that mentality that you have is so delusional. How the fuck can you be a grown man and think the small sail is the same as the big sail because it's only a game? far out thats dumb
Zebastian - 5 years ago
+kiwhen Yes, you have SO MUCH experience that its taken you an entire year to figure out that different sized sales have different speeds. Pffft
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Wow, this escalated quickly. But okay, if we're going to be scientific and only stick to relevant examples: The back sail on the galleon is smaller than the front sail. In these tests, the numbers clearly show that the smaller sail is faster. Another important thing to remember is that I actually do not have a lot of experience with sailing the galleon, as I have played probably more than 80% of my total game time on a solo sloop. This is why I've never really bothered to check or even notice the variations in sail speed on the galleon.
Sharon McCorby
Sharon McCorby - 5 years ago
+Jarvis Wilson-shortexactly! I had to re watch the start of this video to try and comprehend what he just said! As if he didn't figure that out! XD he's definitely anti-trump!! what a loser. Its just a game, he says... man of science, he claims... more like: man of no brain... smh
Zebastian - 5 years ago
This is ridiculous... as soon as i loaded in and sailed my first boat i realised that the front sails are significantly slower than the main larger sail. How bad must you be to think its "just a game and sails are there because its a pirate game". you are an idiot man, must be so stupid to have a sheep like hipster mentality of "equal rights and all things are the same". Man of science? what a load of crap. taken this long to realise a 'realistic feature'. im unsubbing form you man, you are stupid.
Jarvis Wilson-short
Jarvis Wilson-short - 5 years ago
kiwhen it’s a sailing game dude. You don’t have to be educated to know that sail size directly influences speed. I just thought that you, being an intelligent person, would’ve figured that out quite quickly. Did you honestly think that smallest sail on the Galleon has the same effect as the big sail? Come on dude... my 7 year old cousin realised that straight away.

Also, you can’t use an example from a game that came out in 1992. Just because Bowzer’s size doesn’t effect his speed, that then doesn’t mean it’s a universal concept that, in every game, the size of things have no relevance. Dude, we are talking about sails here. Sails in a game that’s about sailing - not characters and their size and apparent weight. I can ask you an equally absurd question: does the loot on your boat in sea of thieves affect your speed? Come on dude... Mario characters don’t make cars slower. You already know that. Stop trying to do reverse-psychology and ask stupid questions like that, trying to make what I’m saying invalid.

Sea of thieves is a pirate game where the main game mechanic is sailing. It would be stupid to make every sail the same and you actually had to test that out man at pirate legend level. Come on dude
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Well, uh - could you explain to me why Bowser is exactly as quick in Mario Kart as Toad? Bowser is huge and weighs a lot more, so obviously he must be slower when driving the same gokart, right?
Tryaz EVE
Tryaz EVE - 5 years ago
600m is approximately one third of a nautical mile. So is one nautical mile in-game 3 squares?
Tryaz EVE
Tryaz EVE - 5 years ago
You know shit about sailing mate. Just because you've read a couple of articles does not qualify you to make definitive statements about sailing.
You're full of shit
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Apologies, I was just writing in context of the game. The rate of turn on the various ships seems to remain the same regardless of sail configuration, based on the tests I've done. The waves have a lot of impact, so it's difficult to know for sure, but just like the difference between the front and back sail on the galleon, the differences I found were well within the acceptable margin of error.
Tryaz EVE
Tryaz EVE - 5 years ago
+kiwhen turning radius and rate of turn are not directly correlated. Rate of turn is usually measured in degrees/unit of time and doesnt necessarily decrease as speed increases so no... That is not how rate of turn is measured
kiwhen - 5 years ago
That is... how you test rate of turn. The ship will turn even if all sails are up, so the sails themselves do not affect the turning speed of the actual ship. The sails controls the forward speed, which, as it increases, also increases your turning radius.
Tryaz EVE
Tryaz EVE - 5 years ago
+kiwhen I'm not wrong though am I? Lol
Also you didn't test rate of turn. You used the size of a circle as a measure of speed with a larger circle indicating higher speed
kiwhen - 5 years ago
You are making an awful lot of assumptions about my experience with sailing. First of all, I never specifically mentioned square riggers in the video, I just said that the beam reach is "generally concidered" the fastest - which is true. If you had paid any attention, you would also have noticed that the turning speed is the very first thing that I actually tested.
Tryaz EVE
Tryaz EVE - 5 years ago
Also the fact that you didn't test each mast's effect upon rate of turn shows how little you understand about sailing.

If the developers have modelled irl sail effects then the foremast will help you turn downwind faster and the mizzen mast upwind
Tryaz EVE
Tryaz EVE - 5 years ago
eg. ALL square rigged vessels of the kind seen in SoT would have their fastest point of sail on a BROAD reach irl (emphasis on broad) and would be slower on a reach
Arnaud Paugam
Arnaud Paugam - 5 years ago
thank you very much for the tips ;) i just begin this game 2 weeks ago. and u answer very well
the questions I ask myself about sailing
PhuzzyBond - 5 years ago
You are a very educated content creator, Hats off to you, and thank you for the brilliant video.
sparky eagle111
sparky eagle111 - 5 years ago
Well he must if got the ship length wrong
Lea - 5 years ago
This was surprisingly interesting.
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Caleb B - 5 years ago
Please post this on the Sea of Thieves subreddit if you haven’t already!
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Chris Bilionz - 5 years ago
You just blew my mind.
Caleb B
Caleb B - 5 years ago
Thank you for making this! Very informative and answered some big questions.
Christian Bondra
Christian Bondra - 5 years ago
Wow your insane man good shit
Moxer0112 - 5 years ago
Good job on taking your time to figurer this out. It probably took a lot of time, but helps a lot of people. Thanks for recording this for everyone.
Rekkoff - 5 years ago
There needs to be a faster single player ship... Ill happily have like one cannon or even none on it in exchange for speed.
Crippled Kitty
Crippled Kitty - 5 years ago
Mini Scout Gaming
Mini Scout Gaming - 5 years ago
Ehm dam this boi 337 IQ
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Sir Pineapple - 5 years ago
Listen Man. I didnt wanna go back to math class, I wanted to watch a video. Nah jk, you're fucking smart, love the vid!

Edit: "Freedom Units"
Thank you for this
Pigeon Productions
Pigeon Productions - 5 years ago
You should try to figure out if there is an invisible boundary at the end of the red sea using your coordinates.
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf - 5 years ago
Yeah, I was really disappointed when we black screened, we were ready for a creature or hard storm to deal way more damage, we prepared for the worst but nothing we could do would have stopped the dreaded black screen
1000 Subscribers with a video
1000 Subscribers with a video - 5 years ago
me and my friend did it and you teleport to an outpost after a while but we didnt hit any boundary
Red Zebra King
Red Zebra King - 5 years ago
there is a boundary out in the red sea that black screens you. not sure if that is what you mean but it's a thing
sparky eagle111
sparky eagle111 - 5 years ago
You got them length wrong
DanielFAILED - 5 years ago
Awesome math, this is proof of what i've known since launch of the game, now no one can argue with me because i'm certain i'm right and have always been right, so thanks for that kiwhen, but i cant help but think its kinda hilarious you didnt know the bigger sail is the faster sail LMAO
XZODEAK - 5 years ago
Awesome video dude!
Jesse Langdon
Jesse Langdon - 5 years ago
id love to learn to make cheats, not too actually use them but just the satisfaction that i could make a program that interacts with a game.
Fishtastic - 5 years ago
man. you're like, way more fucking smarter than me.
Notmy Reelname
Notmy Reelname - 5 years ago
Can you share the font you used when talking about the speeds for different wind types? also thanks for the video i have been looking for something to clear this up and it did that in spades!
kiwhen - 5 years ago
The font used in this video is called Booter:
T M - 5 years ago
This is fantastic information. I must be honest though, when you started describing speeds and the best way to turn the sails to achieve the highest speed, I became lost. Would you be able to provide a simplified image or list of best sail settings based on wind and ship type? Thanks
T M - 5 years ago
+kiwhen You are a king among men. Take my sub already :). Thanks
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Thank you! If you pause the video at around 10:23, I've put together the summary. The list is sorted by top speed. Reddit user Lymonator also made this handy graphic:
fds - 5 years ago
oh oh oh only if he knew why the center was so important, why de opening sequence is there and others a like hahahah
Malcom The One
Malcom The One - 5 years ago
You are amazing !!! This is pure gold to better learn how the game works and all the attention to details behind this amazing game. Thanks you !!!
Marwin - 5 years ago
Great Video! Thank you :)
Captain Falcore
Captain Falcore - 5 years ago
Great work dude! Been wanting to tackle this for a while now, you've saved me the job :D
Scarecrow - 5 years ago
Ahoy captain!
sparky eagle111
sparky eagle111 - 5 years ago
With the length of the boat no way it that size black pearl 34 meters long and it dont look like the sloop at all
sparky eagle111
sparky eagle111 - 5 years ago
LARRY LARRY he says ghus guy is wrong
Kylo/ Ben
Kylo/ Ben - 5 years ago
I love that SPIDERMAN 1 joke cheers 4 the heart
Foysh Anderson
Foysh Anderson - 5 years ago
try slow walking in game and compare it to the average walking speed, i think that normal walking in game is running and pressing shift is sprinting
o0squid0o - 5 years ago
Was looking for this very information the other day great work awesome production quality keep it up.
Hidden Desire
Hidden Desire - 5 years ago
Well this’ll certainly come in handy. Thank you for all your time and effort put into this.
tman489 - 5 years ago
Thanks for this video man, helped with alot of arguments between me and friends! I do have a question though
Ive heard that if you start a game with a sloop as long as you don't change the angle of the sails it will have constant full wind regardless of the air direction. Personally it feels like it works but that could just be me.
Guillaume Lafleur
Guillaume Lafleur - 5 years ago
this is about to become my fav SoT channel !
Carter Leadbeater
Carter Leadbeater - 5 years ago
:Harvard Yo bro u want a scholarship?
WojtekSoldierBear - 5 years ago
If I could give you 100 likes
Pavel Valkoun
Pavel Valkoun - 5 years ago
Very nice video, thank you.
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg - 5 years ago
Hurry up and get to the point...your talking way to much
kiwhen - 5 years ago
I'm sorry you feel that way. I am aware that I take a while to get to the good part, but seeing as the technique isn't part of the regular game mechanics, I figured it warranted a full explanation. This is why I put the timecode for the results both in the beginning of the video, and as a link in the top of the video description.
wisdomgames84 - 5 years ago
You could very well trigger the games anti cheat system with that mod. They don’t look for what the program is just that you have a third party code running so I would use that sparingly
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Unfortunately, there are no reliable ways for a program, especially under Windows, to determine if another process is accessing its memory. To put it simply, my GPS program is working on a lower level than the game, and it is currently not possible for a program to look beneath itself in the process hierarchy. As long as I control the hardware the game runs on, it can never detect this sort of thing. It's only when you start changing data that the program has any real chance of detecting a breach.
Eutropos - 5 years ago
Got my sub and thank you
fat chigga
fat chigga - 5 years ago
how do u only have 355 subs tho
Music Playlists
Music Playlists - 5 years ago
Jerky Bones
Jerky Bones - 5 years ago
Pirat GPS?
B0N3SAW and Hoochie Wife
B0N3SAW and Hoochie Wife - 5 years ago
Excellent details! My crew will definitely be sailing differently now, though it may take some time. On another note, what sails are the ones with the trophy on them? Never seen them.
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Thank you! The orange sails with the trophy on them are the Overachiever Sails. These sails were given to players who completed the pre-nerfed versions of certain delivery-achievements in the game (x number of villainous skulls sold, for example). At launch, the number of deliveries you had to make for these achievments were significantly higher than they are now, so Rare wanted to recognize players who completed them with the original requirements. So, players who fly these sails have no life, basically.
Juan Manuel Muñoz
Juan Manuel Muñoz - 5 years ago
Wow, thank you!! I tried to do rough measurements but my crew didn't share my scientific spirit. This study is amazingly well put together, congrats!!

I have one question, though: in the video, you mention (10:03) that sailing into the wind is actually faster than tacking at 45 degrees. Have you tried (or would you be interested in trying) exploring other ways of tacking, to see if there's any that outruns the into-the wind configuration? Somewhere in between, where there's a tradeoff between the penalty for into-the-wind sailing and the penalty for the increase in the distance travelled?

Thank you!
Juan Manuel Muñoz
Juan Manuel Muñoz - 5 years ago
+BucksterMcgee Very nice analysis, indeed!!! That 2/sqrt(2) = sqrt(2) factor is way too much to handle, yeah. I was thinking of something more subtle, like somewhere tighter than 45 degrees, such that one finds a sweet spot between the into-the-wind penalty and the increase in distance. If you have ever computed some optimisation or done higher level physics, you know how it goes: if a function is decreasing on an interval and another one is increasing in that same interval, usually the combination of both (except for highly non-linear combinations, at most) will yield an optimum somewhere inside the interval. However, as you say, it's quite likely that whatever that optimum might be, it'd be effectively cast out by the fact that you have to maneuvre and that's usually a dominant effect.
BucksterMcgee - 5 years ago
Oh and if you're curious, tacking at an angle to try to get a better beam reach is also slower than going directly with the wind in a dead run (tailwind) as you have to again cover extra distance which (significantly) outweighs the increase of speed, even at max beam reach which is the fastest possible speed.
BucksterMcgee - 5 years ago
If I did my math correctly, when tacking 45 degrees you end up traveling 1.4142 times further than if you just went directly straight. Therefore you need to travel greater than 1.4142 times faster when you are tacking than the speed going directly into the wind (assuming instant turning and other impossible perfect actions).

Going into the wind with the sail forward in-game is 1.05 m/s in a sloop and a maximum of 1.26 m/s going into a near sideways crosswind. First since you will be going 45 degrees you'll be going slower than near sideways speed of 1.26 m/s and faster than 1.05 m/s directly into the wind. I'm not sure if a simple averaging works here but if you did that would be 1.155 m/s. Regardless, you need to be traveling at greater than 1.4849 m/s to be traveling the necessary 41.42% faster if you could instantly and perfectly tacking back in the opposite direction, which is impossible in the game, so you would need to travel even faster.

Given that the maximum speed with the wind coming at you in a sloop is 1.26 m/s, you will never be able to travel fast enough to reach the above 1.4849 m/s necessary to tack faster, not even close, and again this ignores that you can't instantly be turing the other direction to tack back nor could you maintain a perfect enough tack so it would have to be even faster.

You might be tempted to think that since the gally and brig do travel faster with a close reach (into crosswind) than their needed maxium speed (unlike the sloop) that it might be possible, but going into the a cross wind at 45 degrees would be slower and depending on if it scales linearly or not, it would still be below the needed threshold of 1.3152 m/s for gally and 1.4142 m/s for brig. If we again just average out no-go max speeds with close reach max speeds, we get 1.29 m/s for gally (under the necessary 1.3152 m/s) and 1.265 m/s for brig (also under the 1.4142 m/s needed to make up for the longer distance).

The gally gets somewhat close to breaking even but factoring in impossible and impractical maneuvers/control necessary to even maintain that, the difference only widens in pratical use. Every small turn and course correction would just had further distance to your tacked route and you'd never be able to perfectly change the sails fast enough or perfectly tack to not add even more extra distance. Winds change directions and so you could lose speed on your tacked routes and there's no guarentee you'd have the chance to make it back up on the other route.

This all only happens in game because you can travel straight into the wind unlike real life. The base speed going directly into the wind is high enough in game that going the 1.4142 times further to tack isn't worth it. If you couldn't sail into the wind in game just like real life, then tacking would make sense as really any speed would be significantly fast than not moving at all. :)
Jose Benitez
Jose Benitez - 5 years ago
I came here with low expectations and you have surpassed them, for that a like, I want more so you got my sub. Well done!
Max Orbit
Max Orbit - 5 years ago
Thank you for this. I'm buying the game in two days. I think this game is very close to what I've been looking for in terms of gameplay, and I'm glad it has enough semblance to real sailing that the sails can be used "tactically". ;)

Bluetrooper Grey
Bluetrooper Grey - 5 years ago
At 12:59 what sails are they?
Bluetrooper Grey
Bluetrooper Grey - 5 years ago
kiwhen thanks they look sick
kiwhen - 5 years ago
The orange sails with the trophy on them are the Overachiever Sails. These sails were given to players who completed the pre-nerfed versions of certain delivery-achievements in the game (x number of villainous skulls sold, for example). At launch, the number of deliveries you had to make for these achievments were significantly higher than they are now, so Rare wanted to recognize players who completed them with the original requirements.
Thaelyo - 5 years ago
Bruh...... you're smart. I'm dumb.
Timm TVz
Timm TVz - 5 years ago
That is pretty insane. You got skills bro, very impressed! Everytime i thought of something you answered it so good job on the video! And great info!
thomas roethel
thomas roethel - 5 years ago
This is a severely underrated video, and channel. I play on a 60 inch and always felt a slight difference but almost no one besides a select few would agree with me. Nice to see some solid evidence i wasnt spreading misinformation.
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith - 5 years ago
Lol rare said they will fix the sail facing the wind will slow it down soon at games con so have to wait if they do it lol
Approved joey
Approved joey - 5 years ago
Please do this for rowboats to measure different ways of rowing!!
Aaron A
Aaron A - 5 years ago
I'd be interested in knowing if adjusting the Sails to different Lengths other than half affect the Speed. It seems that a quarter will pick up speed a lot slower, but will eventually give the same speed as Half does. Or for the people who constantly "Raise the sail a bit to see"... is actually going against them.
yar tar
yar tar - 5 years ago
So if I'm getting chased by a galleon and I'm in a sloop go head on into the wind?
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Yes, but you must angle your sails straight forward, like the default position.
FiringallCylinders - 5 years ago
Really good stuff
AnimationReincarnation Gaming
AnimationReincarnation Gaming - 5 years ago
Putting the sail straight against the wind when it is fully against you to get better speed baffles me, even I thought I could see a huge difference with speed in the waves when I have the mast to the side
reid rob
reid rob - 5 years ago
Also the “walk” you say is actually a jog as you can see when running beside a shadow. You can walk on Xbox by slowly pressing the joystick
Crippled Kitty
Crippled Kitty - 5 years ago
Also on PC by holding control while moving.
reid rob
reid rob - 5 years ago
Mid sail: 50% Back and Back: About 25% more or less
FlyinHome - 5 years ago
damn bro u only have like 300 subs
Synicall - 5 years ago
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Journey Fauble - 5 years ago
Amazing work on the video and all the detailed research! This video is going to blow up! Definitely subscribing for future content!
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Kudos on some thorough analysis fellow Pirate, may the RNG God's bless your chest digs and skull smashes.
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Thank you for making this video, it has been vary helpful
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Dirty Dupree - 5 years ago
Very good video I’m shocked you don’t have more subs
peter schmitt
peter schmitt - 5 years ago
Any chance you can run the same program on Atlas
kiwhen - 5 years ago
In theory, one could do that, but unfortunately I do not play Atlas. :(
Pub x Stompa
Pub x Stompa - 5 years ago
Ok how does this dude only have 282 (at the time of posting this comment) subscribers?!? This video was superbly well done and the research put into this is far too great for total amount of views he must have expected to get based upon his subscriber count. I guess this is a case of "dress for the job you wish you had, not for the one you do have".

I applaud you sir for your monumental efforts and the time you must have put into the research and editing of this very well done video! Cheerio good chap!
Seth Cravens
Seth Cravens - 5 years ago
1.5k now
Fuxwit Chu
Fuxwit Chu - 5 years ago
+Tryaz EVE, there's always gotta be that one dickhead who can't differentiate between a game and real life. Congratulations, this time it's you who looks like the idiot.
Zil - 5 years ago
And now he's got 1.5K subs in less than a month, good job :D
And here I am struggling to get a 100 each month !
Robert Vizcaino
Robert Vizcaino - 5 years ago
+Tryaz EVE nobody is here to understand real world sailing physics, just how it works in the game.
Why cant you just appreciate the work someone did to benefit players trying to up their game? lol
Tryaz EVE
Tryaz EVE - 5 years ago
This guy did MINIMAL research into the real world physics of sailing.
He was told that different masts affected speed differently so he investigated only that...
Doing only the minimal amount of Wikipedia staring to sound like he knows what he's talking to you lot
Blue II
Blue II - 5 years ago
Let's raise it one by one then :D
Tyler Goll
Tyler Goll - 5 years ago
I experienced what you pointed out with the Brigantine and the cross wind! We had 2 sloops and 2 brigantines in an alliance and we were all sailing in the same direction, same sail orientation (except one of the brigs as they were new to the game), etc. The brigantine went considerably faster than the rest of us. At a faster rate than it usually does anyways. We were tracking down a galleon :D
PassionDPete Modich
PassionDPete Modich - 5 years ago
Idk everyone I outsail the best galleon players on a brig no problem
Nathan Kendall
Nathan Kendall - 5 years ago
When did you test the sails into the wind trick? I heard that they patched it recently, and putting your sails into the wind no longer allows you to move faster. I don't know if that's true though.
Nathan Kendall
Nathan Kendall - 5 years ago
+Will Hunnisett I meant the fact that you move faster with you sails directly forward than at the side. It doesn't seem like an obvious feature to me. Realistically, shouldn't it create more drag and slow you down? People were telling me it was a bug that you moved faster and that they patched it recently.
Will Hunnisett
Will Hunnisett - 5 years ago
Putting your sails in the wind is not a "trick". It's obviously part of the game
coolfeet - 5 years ago
This video doesn't have NEARLY enough views.
coolfeet - 5 years ago
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Nathaniel Saxe - 5 years ago
Amazing vid!! EZ Sub.
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Asher Morin - 5 years ago
you cant sail up wind with a square rig
Keith HELENO - 5 years ago
@captainfalcore get this guy some coverage
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Great stuff. I'm actually studying programming right now and game development is a direction that really interests me. Seeing this is all able is incredible and a huge inspiration! Take my sub, good sir!
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Tom S - 5 years ago
Thank you for your effort
Jason Burfitt
Jason Burfitt - 5 years ago
Awesome work, really appreciated. You answered so many questions here.
MxM_Prime - 5 years ago
People still noscoping with rifle, it still works or is the footage outdated?
MxM_Prime - 5 years ago
+kiwhen I see, thanks so much for the reply and also, very good job on this video. Definitely sharing this with everyone I know that plays this game
kiwhen - 5 years ago
The clips in this video are taken from a lot of different patches, but the fight scene is actually post-nerf. It does still work, but you will either have to be lucky or stand very close. The funny thing about this particular clip is that the bullet very clearly misses the target. If you slow down the footage, you can see that the bullet hits the deck behind the enemy player on the left side. He still died, for some reason.
Gazooke - 5 years ago
Honestly a really interesting video
Martin Dornauer
Martin Dornauer - 5 years ago
So the only thing that's unbalanced is the brigantine with wind sideways, the galleon should go faster then...everything else as expected
But very good video
Wylie28 - 5 years ago
Wrong. Each ship needs to have a scenario where it can out run all the others. This is a requirement for balance as both the galleon and sloop have ways to run away. The Brig needs one too otherwise it's got a disadvantage.
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AlmostPirate Legend - 5 years ago
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Geyote Pilkington - 5 years ago
Thanks, I caught up to 3 sloops running from my sloop thanks to this video. So much more money to be had! Thought the sail forward thing was bs.
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Ludwig Matt - 5 years ago
Has rare reached out to yet to employ you lol
Buddha23Fett - 5 years ago
Skip to 6:15
Viklin - 5 years ago
I saw this summarized on reddit, but now I can remember it better. Brigantine OP.
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Jacob Nicolson - 5 years ago
this was very informative, this must have taken a lot of work and I personally think you deserve a medal. you deserve a sub from everyone here to have spent your time on this and informed us of this. Thanks so much! I will be telling all my friends about this!! :)
cam 101
cam 101 - 5 years ago
that is cool to know
WinTheWarOnPants - 5 years ago
One thing that I think you should try(if you didn't) would be the speed for the galleon/brig into the wind with 1 or 2 of the sails raised. Does having just one sail up into the wind make it faster? If so are you faster with the smaller sails up or the mainsails?
SCI - 5 years ago
The brig front sail speeds up faster
The DeBator13
The DeBator13 - 5 years ago
Bravo good sir... Bravo
Ash Irrelevent
Ash Irrelevent - 5 years ago
Well done
thebraintooth - 5 years ago
5 map blocks is 1 nautical mile . rear sail on gally is for maneuvering mid is for speed front down will hurt your turning radius what else do you want to know @kiwhen
Two Nine Alpha Romeo
Two Nine Alpha Romeo - 5 years ago
Great video , As a yachtsman in the real world myself (I have raced 1/4 tonner yachts over 25 years) Im stunned how well Rare have coverd sailing in the game, Having sailed over 26.3 million M on the map I had worked most of the content in this video out myself, To have you put my thoughts in to facts in the way you have is a job well done , Many thanks .. For me the best part of the game is the Yacht v Yacht aspect of the PvP, The yacht race in the game :) .. Ape 29AR
Buster - 5 years ago
Yup lol. I have been boating off the coast of maine for years and I've caught myself using real techniques and tricks in the game and they work extremely well. The physics and effects are on point.
BSWMagic Gaming
BSWMagic Gaming - 5 years ago
You have no idea how long I've been looking for a video like this! I'm a developer myself, and the in depth resources for this game are essentially nonexistent which really bothers me. I was planning to really dive in myself once I built my new pc later this year. Some other values I've wondered about, how much health does your character have? How much do bananas heal you for? How much damage does each weapon do? How much xp is required for each rep level? And finally how much xp does each type of item provide when turned in?

Wonderful content. Subscribed, and I hope to see more videos from you in the near future! Hoping some of my other questions can get answered before I have to dig in myself
BSWMagic Gaming
BSWMagic Gaming - 5 years ago
+Dreadlist Awesome info, thank you! Any clue about the blunder? I've heard 15% per pellet and I know there's 10 pellets, so assuming that's correct you'd need 7/10 to connect for the 1 shot kill. Also what do you mean by sword dash clip for 20%? If you just skim them?
Dreadlist - 5 years ago
You character at full health is 100% (No real number but bear with me) the cutlass does 20% per slash 60% per combo and 50% per dash and 20% for a dash clip (I HAVE TESTED THIS) the flintlock pistol does 50% per shot, and eye of reach does 70% per shot (Used to be 80)
FuDaVan - 5 years ago
that 1 dislike is a hacker who's angry, that you don't share your code.
FaceYourDemons - 5 years ago
Amazing video please post it on sea of thieved forum you must send the word to everyone
Sgt Palooggoo
Sgt Palooggoo - 5 years ago
Great analysis mate!
Well done!
Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger - 5 years ago
Wow this is an incredible discovery and I've never been a big fan of math but knowing this information, as a captain of my ship I think I'll finally be able to estimate distance and speed of other ships now. Thank you so much!
Nano Technician
Nano Technician - 5 years ago
Likes; many happy boi's:
Dislikes that one salty boi
the social fencekey
the social fencekey - 5 years ago
"In freedom units" lmao that got me in some kind of way
Andrew Slovak
Andrew Slovak - 5 years ago
Holy crap, this is incredibly thorough and well made. I love the nitty gritty technical stuff behind games and your explanation of everything was extremely clear and easy to understand. It looks like you put an insane amount of work into this, and it shows. And that's not even mentioning the fact that this is an absolutely amazing service to the community, who can finally, definitively agree on what the best sailing conditions are. Now to take the numbers and do a little math to determine at what distance tacking could actually be faster
Peter Dove
Peter Dove - 5 years ago
As both a programmer, a bit of a maths nerd, AND a sailor on a real tall ship, I find this so impressive! Well done, Sir! I would love to see your findings published as a reference document.
kiwhen - 5 years ago
All of my timers run in a separate process from the game itself, so I'm counting real-world seconds, not game time. There is an argument to be made about what effect this has on accuracy, since I won't be able to account for lag; but then again, there are so many other variables that affects the results anyway, so I figured this was not worth fixing. I still maintain that the numbers are as close as you can get without reading the game's source code. The only BIG screw-up I made is the thing mentioned in the description; all the speed readouts are exactly 1/10th of what they are supposed to be. So far, only one person has actually noticed it (as far as I can tell), but if you try to do any speed-time-distance calculations with my numbers, you will quickly realize that something is wrong. But like I also wrote in the description, that only matters when you try to calculate distances and time; the differences in speed between the ships remains the exact same. All the numbers are just supposed to be x10 of what the video says.
Peter Dove
Peter Dove - 5 years ago
When you considered walking speed, were you counting m/sec in REAL seconds; or in GAME seconds? ....remembering that time in the Sea of Thieves passes at 60 times real world time. :-)
Peter Dove
Peter Dove - 5 years ago
Damn you! You blurred the bits of the code that showed where addressX, Y and Z come from! Curses! Foiled! :-)
Sugg Studio
Sugg Studio - 5 years ago
Excellent! Thanks for all that hard work!
VisionaryDrag0n - 5 years ago
u deserve some kinda SoT award for this c:
Quacks of Fire
Quacks of Fire - 5 years ago
i want to know if staggering sails on multisailed ships like the brig and galleon has any effect instead of just aligning them all one way or the other. my friends have said having front and back sail tacked full left with midsail tacked full right can help better than all forward. id love to see you test this. thank you for this video its already going to end many a debate on forums
The Affect
The Affect - 5 years ago
Earnedd a sub
Lats - 5 years ago
Came for the numbers, stayed for the "Freedom Units"
Duck - 5 years ago
I just need a little clarification, A sloop can outrun a Galleon sailing against the wind? (No-Go wind)
kiwhen - 5 years ago
That is generally correct, yes. The only exception is if the sloop has angeled their sails all the way to the side, and the galleon has all their sails in the default, forward position. If that is the case, the galleon will catch up to the sloop eventually. If the sloop angeles their sails forward (the default position), there is nothing the galleon can do to catch up.
Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me
Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me - 5 years ago
Very nice, thanks for the info!
CaptDreadsea3rd - 5 years ago
Could you find out one more thing related to this issue? At which angle of wind direction to the masts would it be beneficial for a galleon to switch from scenario 1 to scenario 4 to avoid getting into scenario 2 and 3 and losing speed. How big are the spectrums of wind angle for No-Go and Close reach? At which angle does the first change into the other.
I'm participating in races in Sea of Thieves and this would be very helpfull information.
CaptDreadsea3rd - 5 years ago
+kiwhen Thanks a lot!
kiwhen - 5 years ago
Let's say that a straight headwind is 0 degree wind, and straight crosswind from one side is 90 degree wind. According to my numbers, on the galleon, you should turn your sails to the side when the wind goes past 20 degrees. On the brigantine, you should turn your sails when the wind goes past 35 degrees. Unfortunately, this is not very easy to determine with perfect precision in the game, as you do not have access to a compass that is accurate enough - but you can get pretty close.
Skinra - 5 years ago
Wow. Lot of work in this video, good job mate !
Dreaming Nomad
Dreaming Nomad - 5 years ago
One of the most amazing and informative videos I have ever seen. I think even the devs would be please with this.
BSBroderick - 5 years ago
Fantastic video, thank you for all of the information!
M4dKrAut - 5 years ago
Fantastic Video! Thank you!
Jack Squid
Jack Squid - 5 years ago
Good stuff. You might be the first SoTologist
Travis Green
Travis Green - 5 years ago
Very impressive work! Thanks for sharing!
BerserkPk - 5 years ago
No wonder they took 4 years to develop this game and it came with no content...
WaTsNoTgUdD - 5 years ago
+KoliPoki TheBold Really. Thats shocking kid considering the new additions to the game
KoliPoki TheBold
KoliPoki TheBold - 5 years ago
+WaTsNoTgUdD who would know better than him
KoliPoki TheBold
KoliPoki TheBold - 5 years ago
It still has no content
Nabium - 5 years ago
+WaTsNoTgUdD I literally said the reason SoT is good is because of the interaction with other players, and PvE was the thing making it repetitive - and you go on and accuse me of being a PvEer!? xD

Hahaha, well thanks for proving my point. You don't understand shit of what we're talking about, and that point has been proven extensively by your dumb arse xD hahaha, what an idiot yeez.
WaTsNoTgUdD - 5 years ago
+Nabium You guys are beyond pathetic. Move on already I have my opinions and y'all have yours goodbye PVEers
Nabium - 5 years ago
+WaTsNoTgUdD You completely missed the point.

SoT is one of the best games I've ever played, but that's mainly because of the player interactions, and the beauty of the game itself(from sunsets, to lovely beaches, to wave dynamics). The content of the game itself besides that has always been known to be poor, and anyone with their head in the right place knows it. Why you don't get it, I don't know, but you seem to be a querulous souls who just want to be right, and don't have the capacity to accept when you're wrong.

If you compare SoT with Monkey Island, I'd say Monkey Island is a better game than SoT in many ways. The humour, the capturing of pirate stereotypes, the varying content. SoT has such potential in these ways.

I think the creators of SoT did an amazing job, the game is absolutely beautiful, and the way they keep updating the game to give it a little more content makes it obvious they are self-aware of the lacks of the game themselves(even though you aren't).
WaTsNoTgUdD - 5 years ago
+That guy from next door don't know what pretending your talking about. Well whatever. Hopefully April 30th will make you less bored. Take care
That guy from next door
That guy from next door - 5 years ago
+WaTsNoTgUdD didn't take long. and also i love the game. I just wished it actually had content. Because i got bored after 4 hours. But it was probably the coolest for 4 hours I ever had in gaming.

I am just saying that you should be ready to accept criticism. It is good to like something but don't pretend that it has what it doesn't.

And no i am not asking for too much. The game is literally empty. Even no man's sky had more content than this after a year. If you don't believe me than look up the amounts of updates no man's sky had (also that's an indie game while Sea of thieves is owned by microsoft).

I am pretty hyped about the next update tho. It is by far the biggest update they will release. Looks awesome.
WaTsNoTgUdD - 5 years ago
+That guy from next door Your asking for way too much from a game. This isn't fortnite mate. Keep hating but we fanboys all know you just need that attention. Plus how long did it take you to put that shit together lmao
That guy from next door
That guy from next door - 5 years ago
​+WaTsNoTgUdD but it is. what he means is that different stuff to actually do. Not missions that are almost exactly the same thing than the last mission you just did.

Lets check how many things there are.

1. Normal enemies: Only skeletons just different types of skeletons
2.Unique enemy encounters: only 3, one of which is recycled content aka the skeletons but on a ship
3. Unique area in the map: the volcanos and normal islands so 2
4.Number of ships: only 3 again
5.number of different weathers: 3 again, fog, rain and normal
6.number of unique missions: around 4, including fetch missions, treasure hunting, and skeleton slaying
7. number of truly unique loot: there are 4, Tear chest and normal chest (with varying design and gold amount) and lastly mermaids and skulls.
8. Number of shit you can capture in boxes: 2 snakes and pigs

You can count the amount of truly unique shit almost on your fingers 1 year after release. There is only 19 truly unique thing in the game but then copy pasted throughout the entire map and game.

And no, skeletons with slightly unique stats and shit that they wear doesn't make it unique. Although i could consider the skeletons with explosive unique because it does offer different gameplay as you don't want to be anywhere near them as opposed to other skeletons.
WaTsNoTgUdD - 5 years ago
So you spent that long playing the game and now you say it's content less. Lmao kid
Forzi o
Forzi o - 5 years ago
BerserkPk goddamn that was the best thing I’ve seen all week.
Kazuiyo Senpai
Kazuiyo Senpai - 5 years ago
Omg man did his research. SOT has alot of fan boys youre totally right though. The game didnt have enough content at release its a good game now though.
RDR911 - 5 years ago
+BerserkPk lmao owned
BerserkPk - 5 years ago
​+WaTsNoTgUdD Acutally it looks like I play a lot more than you...
WaTsNoTgUdD - 5 years ago
Yep you don't play the game.
Malicious Mug
Malicious Mug - 5 years ago
all the content was actually secretly hidden in the details
Hatano Reyhas
Hatano Reyhas - 5 years ago
Like anthem... smh
DarthNehimis - 5 years ago
I dont comment often. This is a good damn video.
Gromek999 - 5 years ago
well i'll be damned, learned something new!

Great video and great production quality :)
Aurelio Enrique Valery Trabucco
Aurelio Enrique Valery Trabucco - 5 years ago
You are a god among men.
The Best Username
The Best Username - 5 years ago
Instant subscribe. This is a very well done video and I'm very glad you've made this video
EG Gamer
EG Gamer - 5 years ago
This is amazing. Thanks dude!
SOT Wolverine
SOT Wolverine - 5 years ago
Awsome video keep up the good work!
JohnnyCacao - 5 years ago
You congratulated them on their good research on sailing but what is sails to the front in head wind doing in the game? Am I missing something because that makes 0 sense IRL and I would assume it's an easy fix, why have they still not fixed it or is it actually a real thing?
Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me
Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me - 5 years ago
+JohnnyCacao It's ok.
JohnnyCacao - 5 years ago
+Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me You still don't make any sense let's just leave it here
Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me
Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me - 5 years ago
+JohnnyCacao it's a world designed with mechanics its designers wanted it to have. Your premise that there is something wrong with it is wrong.

Apropos, tacking would be a major killjoy.
JohnnyCacao - 5 years ago
+Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me What a dumb reply. You dont prove anything with your stupid example
Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me
Another Virtual Identity of Someone Who Isn't Me - 5 years ago
Where IRL are you challenged by skeleton ships raising from the water while sailing? They should fix it. Oh wait...
chancecthompson - 5 years ago
10/10, awesome information!
Kevin Bank
Kevin Bank - 5 years ago
Amazing video! Also, can look into gunpowder barrel blast radius/knockback (to ships)? This video is one of the best in depth videos I've seen on SoT :) Keep it up!
Hans Hansen
Hans Hansen - 5 years ago
what a great video. thank you!
What Does It All Mean?
What Does It All Mean? - 5 years ago
But what does it all mean?
Vin Delanos
Vin Delanos - 5 years ago
Excellent video
chaos - 5 years ago
Dude this is INCREDIBLE
Gory Receptacle
Gory Receptacle - 5 years ago
Superb breakdown!
Geoffrey Morrison
Geoffrey Morrison - 5 years ago
Fantastic video. Great work.
HauntSlider - 5 years ago
Great video. Thanks for the information.
EddieTheBear - 5 years ago
Rare has truly outdone themselves with all the details. SoT so far is my favourite game, and I can't wait for future content. <3
KoliPoki TheBold
KoliPoki TheBold - 5 years ago
+Han trust me. I would love to play the game, im just biased due to injustices
KoliPoki TheBold
KoliPoki TheBold - 5 years ago
+Han im just mad cuz i still to this day am getting that disconnection error. Had my friends try to figure it out. Sent tickets to rockstar. Etc. I literally cant play the game is why im bitching lol. Kicks me out almost instantly.
Han - 5 years ago
KoliPoki TheBold have you ever played in since the new update? It’s so much better than it was before, trust me.
KoliPoki TheBold
KoliPoki TheBold - 5 years ago
+EddieTheBear sorry but i gotta say it. No shit.
KoliPoki TheBold
KoliPoki TheBold - 5 years ago
+Han i hate fornite but this game is worse by far. Almost everything about it blows
KoliPoki TheBold
KoliPoki TheBold - 5 years ago
This is literally one of the very worst and most pointless games ive played. Also very buggy, laggy, and boring as ever living shit
Bradlee Apodaco
Bradlee Apodaco - 5 years ago
Sailing and having naval battles is really fun but the rest of the game really sucks. there's only like 3 missions types that hardly change it up. Sword and firearm battles are so lame with their terrible animations, no point in exploring all the islands as there's really nothing to them. To make this game great they need to add missions and I'm talking 100+ missions, voice actors to dialogue the npcs, better animations, and maybe s inventory system
rusty banana
rusty banana - 5 years ago
+Han whats that got to do with anything lol
Han - 5 years ago
rusty banana but it is good unlike fortnite
rusty banana
rusty banana - 5 years ago
+Han a game has to be good to be underrated bud
Falcon - 5 years ago
+RDR911 You just want to shit on a game you havn't been following. Been plenty of content updates. It's a pvp game anyways, it's not about how many types of chickens there are.
RDR911 - 5 years ago
​+Jumli Nah, you just wanted to shit on someone for having a different opinion on your barren game lmao
don't lie
Massimo Sela
Massimo Sela - 5 years ago
+SnizzleTheSnail lmaoooo watch out many sot fanboys get really pissed when you say anything about the content in the game
Lea - 5 years ago
EddieTheBear oh but im sure it is. You cant excuse the lack of content by telling people that have legit criticisms ”the game isnt for you”

The devs even acknowledged the lack of content by pumping out more content as fast as possible. And even more with the big update coming in April.
EddieTheBear - 5 years ago
+taco 644 Then honestly I don't think SoT is the game for you.
taco 644
taco 644 - 5 years ago
Jumli you know he’s kinda right although rare has been adding content it never has really filled the void for me and I have found myself already getting bored only 2 weeks after they have added content.
SnizzleTheSnail - 5 years ago
Or any content at all really <3
hortonj63 - 5 years ago
I was gifted the game when friend codes existed, and i loved it. Its extremely fun, challenging and time consuming but keeps interest.
Han - 5 years ago
SoT is a good game but it’s underrated sadly. SoT definitely is a better game than Fortnite.
Jaffo Rivrod
Jaffo Rivrod - 5 years ago
This will resolve many of my crew arguments. Thank you.
Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf - 5 years ago
For real man i cant tell you how many people i have to tell front facing sails on gally with no go winds is faster...Makes me wish this was around when i first started lol
Martin Malmqvist
Martin Malmqvist - 5 years ago
spot on
Ozwiz - 5 years ago
Is there always the same wind direction for each spot on the map? seemed like there was always the same wind during the wanderers refuge reapers run
kiwhen - 5 years ago
In short: No. If you drop anchor and look at your ship's flag for a while, you will eventually spot a change in the winds.

As far as I can tell, the wind works off of a set of hidden nodes that are laid out in a grid across the world. I'm not quite sure how many such "weather nodes" there are, but there are a fair few of them. These nodes are essentially just points in the world that controls the wind and waves in that area. The conditions for each node changes at random, but they do tend to stay the same for a good amount of time before they change. Wherever you are, the weather for your location is then interpolated from the surrounding weather nodes. This way, the wind and waves will change gradually as you move around, but if you stay in the exact same place, the conditions will remain the same - until one of the surrounding weather nodes decides to change.
Alex Koehler
Alex Koehler - 5 years ago
Great video, i was always told that front sails in head winds was faster but this explains it where others could not. Have my sub.

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