Bikini Girl Flowrider Wave Fail

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Bikini Girl Flowrider Wave Fail sentiment_very_dissatisfied 796

Snorkeling 7 years ago 2,032,878 views

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for Bikini Girl Flowrider Wave Fail

Scott ??????
Scott ?????? - 4 years ago
Well there's aways poles you can swing on. You have that going for you.
Sr. Sergio
Sr. Sergio - 4 years ago
I love this girl.....power and superation
Brian H
Brian H - 4 years ago
Was that bush? Lol.
Ritchie Navarro
Ritchie Navarro - 4 years ago
كاسر القيود
كاسر القيود - 4 years ago
ههههههههههههههههه ههههههه
L B - 5 years ago
i was hoping for some nipples
Servant to Be
Servant to Be - 5 years ago
why do women feels its ok to be nude in public?
Comin2gtcha - 5 years ago
It's funny how when ppl are being thrown around the 1st thing they want to protect is their clothing lol. Forget protecting the head or bracing for safety.
chris dillon
chris dillon - 5 years ago
so stupid

10. comment for Bikini Girl Flowrider Wave Fail

flyhound97 - 5 years ago
I'd f*** her again.
LaFlama Blanca
LaFlama Blanca - 5 years ago
I lold hard
DarKKnightt07 - 5 years ago
She is sexy.
Nick Hammer
Nick Hammer - 5 years ago
Good try , I couldn’t do it
networkbike543 - 5 years ago
The pool boy didnt mind.
Sai Sanguila
Sai Sanguila - 5 years ago
Gotta love that butt crack! XD
junior third
junior third - 5 years ago
I have something she can ride thats just as fun. Hahaha
akeino xiong
akeino xiong - 5 years ago
I almost couldn’t watch the whole thing because I know how she feels because it happened to me before. Most embarrassing moment ever.
akeino xiong
akeino xiong - 5 years ago
VVB BVV aww why you deleted your comments?
BVV VVB - 5 years ago
akeino xiong Up your arse to everyone's joy
akeino xiong
akeino xiong - 5 years ago
VVB BVV your mom should’ve swallowed and never bred again... to everyone’s joy
akeino xiong
akeino xiong - 5 years ago
Nvm I just watched it and that is honestly nothing. She got lucky. My whole top came off once
deno zed
deno zed - 5 years ago
Wifey material.
jbass66 - 5 years ago
they should just let her do it nude. more efficient.

20. comment for Bikini Girl Flowrider Wave Fail

97warlock ismyname
97warlock ismyname - 5 years ago
the guys have THE coolest job on the planet even at mim wage.
007 pipo
007 pipo - 5 years ago
3stas grande xa tanta pavada.
바꿀까뭘로 - 5 years ago
Rudy Banuelos
Rudy Banuelos - 5 years ago
바꿀까뭘로 57u7
Nick Hammer
Nick Hammer - 5 years ago
What’s the trick ?
Valtiel Rodríguez
Valtiel Rodríguez - 5 years ago
kidrobot - 5 years ago
wow.. thats awkward..
selphie - 5 years ago
Cunt smegma
Tony Cook
Tony Cook - 5 years ago
I was hoping she was going to lose her Nicholas Van Hoogstradens
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler - 5 years ago
Dumb white girl!
Joey Gonzales
Joey Gonzales - 5 years ago
Swiggity swooty

30. comment for Bikini Girl Flowrider Wave Fail

Michael Moretti
Michael Moretti - 5 years ago
Wait wait wait ... so, she's not an expert at riding a board on her very first attempt? #Shocked
Stan Stuben
Stan Stuben - 5 years ago
She should be doing this naked!
jeff Hardin
jeff Hardin - 5 years ago
Would it kill her to eat a sandwich occasionally.
googleisshit googleisshit
googleisshit googleisshit - 5 years ago
jeff Hardin not everyone wants to be a fat ameritard
Axel Axis
Axel Axis - 5 years ago
She’ll be back.
Just went to get the cat waxed.
Kellz The one and only Lefontae
Kellz The one and only Lefontae - 5 years ago
At least she took a "Crack" at it.
Black Boy Soup
Black Boy Soup - 5 years ago
Kellz Lefontae Fuck these people that was cleva
P R Fitness !
P R Fitness ! - 5 years ago
Yea that was really dumb
Jeremiah Elijah
Jeremiah Elijah - 5 years ago
Kellz Lefontae Get outta here
middleclassic - 5 years ago
How was that a “FAIL”?
I fail to see how her showing some ass and her obviously having fun is in any way a fail?
It’s not like she’s training for the Olympics or any other event. Most people would do just as well as she did so ... huh? Fail?
My ass ... well, her ass ... this just isn’t a fail.
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet - 5 years ago
I was waiting for the bottom to be pulled off, lol.
Vince Ruland
Vince Ruland - 5 years ago
She looks like she has plenty of other quality traits besides body boarding.
Charley Vee
Charley Vee - 5 years ago
Best job to see amateur pussy
You Tube Magzum
You Tube Magzum - 5 years ago
вау иди нхуй
Greasy nPoor
Greasy nPoor - 5 years ago
nice body. bet her pussy could swollow a softball bat without tryin.
X V - 5 years ago
That's a win, not a fail
90s lost
90s lost - 5 years ago
Nasty Fuck
Nasty Fuck - 5 years ago
Kefka Taus
Kefka Taus - 5 years ago
I seen muff
Adnan lexus
Adnan lexus - 5 years ago
Very Nice how much
Rogue Drone
Rogue Drone - 5 years ago
25BEDFORD - 5 years ago
Too bad the rushing water didn't wash some of that red in her hair.
That Guy
That Guy - 5 years ago
These guys have the greatest job of Their lives and don’t even know it
Kevin Park
Kevin Park - 5 years ago
Awesome machine

50. comment for Bikini Girl Flowrider Wave Fail

Don Keydik
Don Keydik - 5 years ago
Stupid yourselves a favor, just stay in the kitchen.
Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter - 5 years ago
Best job in the placew
Dareis Nogod
Dareis Nogod - 5 years ago
robert zosa
robert zosa - 5 years ago
what i did on my summer vacation, then i went home
cihan kurucu
cihan kurucu - 5 years ago
freedoooommm to the bobsssssss
Dave Caron
Dave Caron - 5 years ago
Nice bum where ya from
Rusty Nail
Rusty Nail - 5 years ago
I knew A girl that worked at one of these rides and she said one time some girl lost everything she was wearing and her bikini went up into the filtration system and so the girl ran around bare ass trying to cover herself with her hands until they found her a towel.
dutch971 - 5 years ago
Guys 'work' for free.
Carlos  Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez - 5 years ago
ron glass
ron glass - 5 years ago
she is the type that gets hurt and sues the hotel
Johnny Parterlee
Johnny Parterlee - 5 years ago
Got madsengill???
Timmy Too Turnt Up
Timmy Too Turnt Up - 5 years ago
vegena and bobbs plz
CARLOS MERIDA, pintor - 5 years ago
Well, she tried
armando casas con cosas
armando casas con cosas - 5 years ago
Tiene pinta de loca y puta
Mr.rm250 Rodney Lynn
Mr.rm250 Rodney Lynn - 5 years ago
jim h
jim h - 5 years ago
More water pressure...
brianmathew09 - 5 years ago
@0:50 your welcome : )
Bob Dillion
Bob Dillion - 5 years ago
So many old perverts in the comments haha
Se7vinDeadlySins - 5 years ago
Sexy little thing
Ted s
Ted s - 5 years ago
Bob Dillion you will like girls when your older. I remember when i was 6 too
Marcello Dupond
Marcello Dupond - 5 years ago
Bob Dillion I’m a pervert too and I’m 20
GOD - 5 years ago
Im pervert but not old
HeartlandRanchTV - 5 years ago
Women dress in bikinis for attention. She just got what she asked for.
whiteribbonman1 - 5 years ago
+Bob Dillion I am betting each is more your age.
I Hate Trump
I Hate Trump - 5 years ago
Banging little body on her and she's a good sport.
googleisshit googleisshit
googleisshit googleisshit - 5 years ago
Ian Brown every man is a pedo
Kids are Dumb
Kids are Dumb - 5 years ago
Says the pedo
Izzi Michaels
Izzi Michaels - 5 years ago
jokes on you, post a photo of yourself, ill bet youre a real beauty......
James - 5 years ago
Better than Stormy Daniels....LOL. Now I know why you hate Trump.
jokes onyou
jokes onyou - 5 years ago
I Hate Trump she's a butter face
Lbolting005 - 5 years ago
Somehow you just know her pussy stank
Bob Dillion
Bob Dillion - 5 years ago
Lbolting005 or are you just thinking of yours
I Hate Trump
I Hate Trump - 5 years ago
Lboting You're just thinking about the only kind of girls you can get.
chrisn365 - 5 years ago
bikini seems to be a concern to her staying covered up. dress accordingly and it won't happen
Bob Dillion
Bob Dillion - 4 years ago
chrisn365 no mate you’re looking to much into it she can wear what she wants
chrisn365 - 4 years ago
+Andy Cheatle no but a dime store hooker?
chrisn365 - 4 years ago
+Bob Dillion perhaps a one piece suit. your looking too far into it stupid
Andy Cheatle
Andy Cheatle - 5 years ago
She ain't your Muslim bride pal so - nope
Justin H
Justin H - 5 years ago
Yeah, she really needs to cover up with that awful body
Bob Dillion
Bob Dillion - 5 years ago
chrisn365 I know who the fuck goes swimming in a bikini so stupid
jeff Hardin
jeff Hardin - 5 years ago
World's largest bidet!!
Max MAX - 5 years ago
Learn how to take a fucking video
Stephen C
Stephen C - 5 years ago
This scene reminds me of when I shoot me load
Open Your Eyes B42late
Open Your Eyes B42late - 6 years ago
she winked at me
ANTHONY SOPRANO - 6 years ago
I would eat that ass like an onion until I cried
kesayo - 6 years ago
I bet you have to pay to be an employee here.
Daniel Libich
Daniel Libich - 6 years ago
She knew it would be enough for her turn at the flowrider wave as if she had one more turn she likely would have lost her panties before they slipped off her body.
Ella Vader
Ella Vader - 6 years ago
Don Berry
Don Berry - 5 years ago
Ella Vader i liked the red head.
Teabag Johnson
Teabag Johnson - 5 years ago
Cockatiel ouch wow that must of hurt
rsao100 - 5 years ago
Ella Vader you are a sexual deviant - nice one
OneShane - 5 years ago
A Channel
You don’t tell people to kill themselves. After all, would you like it? No. Really shows how immature people like you are nowadays.
Russell Moore
Russell Moore - 5 years ago
Please name your firstborn son Darth. Sincerely,
The Universe
Hortense Weinblatt
Hortense Weinblatt - 5 years ago
0:15 to 0:23
Hi-def, at .25 speed
~ Full-screen, of course ~
And, play this as the soundtrack (in another tab) during all of this video :
A Channel
A Channel - 6 years ago
Ella Vader kys
Eric - 6 years ago
I'd eat that backdoor all day long
Chaos Paddlers
Chaos Paddlers - 5 years ago
braveheartbob lol
braveheartbob - 5 years ago
this is the greatest exchange EVER on youtube of witty comments that actually make me LOL
Speaking Truths
Speaking Truths - 5 years ago
Of course you would, you fat, old perv.
Bob Dillion
Bob Dillion - 5 years ago
Eric from the look of your pic you would eat any back doors you could
xaenon - 6 years ago
Not a fail at all. Just havin a good time. It's no fun if you're 'perfect' at it...
Ono Udont
Ono Udont - 6 years ago
wash dat pussay
daquan94 - 7 years ago
uuuw she fine

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