Bora Bora Snorkel

Snorkeling trip in Bora Bora

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Snorkeling trip in Bora Bora

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Bigfoot Buffalo
Bigfoot Buffalo - 5 years ago
Gotta love rich pieces of crap who don't respect nature but are the only ones who can afford to go to these incredible environments...
Andrés De Francisco
Andrés De Francisco - 5 years ago
Why do you take the animal? It is stupid.
Renegade Compass
Renegade Compass - 5 years ago
theres a guy on youtube that has a toe for a thumb now because he too thought he could play with the wild eels.
Hércio Arantes Filho
Hércio Arantes Filho - 6 years ago
In 2:33 the man wished to catch a shark? Is he crazy? rsss.......
Whitney Alexander
Whitney Alexander - 6 years ago
Yea, grabbing that moray eel shows a lack of understanding and respect for wildlife. Not cool
Bosingr - 6 years ago
You sure it's such a good idea to manhandle that eel that way?
Benjamin Lock
Benjamin Lock - 7 years ago
That guy should be handless!
Benjamin Lock
Benjamin Lock - 7 years ago
You evil person! Shame on you
mattyp80 - 7 years ago
that guide deserves to be bitten, trying to force that moray to do something he didn't want to!!!!!!!!!
Sjaak van der Vijver
Sjaak van der Vijver - 7 years ago
So Sad . ;(

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