Fiji Girls Trip 2015

Octopus Resort, Yasawa Islands, Fiji shot with sony a6000 and gopro hero 3+ black edition

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RobNZhunt - 6 years ago
Awesome video, it's got me pumped to go. I'm heading to Octopus for 7 days to do my PADI scuba cert and swim with the manta rays. :D
I'll be staying in the 7 bed dorms is that where you guys stayed? Or were you in a Bure? And how do you rate the accomodation?
Mike Preister
Mike Preister - 7 years ago
Awesome! My wife and I are going to Octopus Resort in June 2016. Can you tell me what time of year your vid was shot?
Erika Pearce
Erika Pearce - 7 years ago
+Mike Preister heya! I left for fiji exactly a year ago - so early/mid April :) beautiful weather! You will love it!

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