Full Face Snorkel Mask

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Snorkeling 6 years ago 530,231 views

Get your CrazyRussianHacker merch! - https://shop.crowdmade.com/collections/crazyrussianhacker Full Face Snorkel Mask - http://amzn.to/2wfXsU7 Follow Taras on: https://www.instagram.com/crazyrussianhacker/ https://www.facebook.com/CrazyRussianHacker/ Follow Katherine on: https://www.instagram.com/epicsquared/ Main channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/CrazyRussianHacker FAN MAIL: CRAZY RUSSIAN HACKER P.O. Box 49 Waynesville, NC 28786 DISCLAIMER: In this video description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help support my channel and allows me to continue to make videos. Thank you for the support!

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for Full Face Snorkel Mask

Poser Panda
Poser Panda - 5 years ago
I'm going to be buying that for my birthday.
Addis Fuentes
Addis Fuentes - 5 years ago
i also have one
fr0d - 5 years ago
A men doesnt need glasses
Tajus Daugilis
Tajus Daugilis - 5 years ago
I chuse ful hed mask
Downie Tuesday’s
Downie Tuesday’s - 5 years ago
He looks like bane
Mihailo V
Mihailo V - 5 years ago
This pool looks like lake
Metsi Meru
Metsi Meru - 5 years ago
Very nice video keep it up
Dat Boi
Dat Boi - 5 years ago
Candy E
Candy E - 5 years ago
I have a snorkel mask to

10. comment for Full Face Snorkel Mask

Beer'o Four
Beer'o Four - 5 years ago
Stephen M Edels
Stephen M Edels - 5 years ago
I think they added the hole to also alow you to talk easy underwater
TheBep2009 - 5 years ago
Great video, thank you! How does it work it you want to dive a bit under, say 1 or 2 meters?
Gage Pierc
Gage Pierc - 5 years ago
Hjsdvbgfgjrjsvsd is what he said
iTzMace - 5 years ago
Donut Holes
Donut Holes - 5 years ago
How much?
Tw1ch - 5 years ago
CrazyRussianHacker is that you?
Rachelle Bautista
Rachelle Bautista - 5 years ago
Whats the name of the mask
Rachelle Bautista
Rachelle Bautista - 5 years ago
Whats the name of the mask
Ehansen2006 - 5 years ago
Is this the Atlin brand?

20. comment for Full Face Snorkel Mask

cybersonickid - 5 years ago
Hi Bane
Der Mac
Der Mac - 5 years ago
Can you breath under water with that mask without having the tube in the air
Syakir Aiman
Syakir Aiman - 5 years ago
Now you are younicord
grumpy chuck thegrumpychuckchannel
grumpy chuck thegrumpychuckchannel - 5 years ago
"nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask"
Grievousnz - 5 years ago
Great video, (as all your videos are), but subtitles would be good on this one so we can understand what you are saying while wearing the masks, hahaha..... BOOM! Keep up the good work, Taras!
Marc Lamug
Marc Lamug - 5 years ago
I like taras hair
DroneXFun - 5 years ago
It looked like the full face snorkel was fogging up.
noah stump
noah stump - 5 years ago
Livin the life
Everett Hunt
Everett Hunt - 6 years ago
How much is that full face snorkel
Amiel john L. Añonuevo
Amiel john L. Añonuevo - 6 years ago
We need captions to understand what he is saying hahaha no offence love you taras

30. comment for Full Face Snorkel Mask

Arbenz Cruz
Arbenz Cruz - 6 years ago
He’s a snork
gianni arnoldons
gianni arnoldons - 6 years ago
They sell that at decathlon in eu, always wanted to check it out
ericka huertas
ericka huertas - 6 years ago
It’s awesome
Alireza Nejat
Alireza Nejat - 6 years ago
i really enjoyed this video, good job ;) BOOM ♥
Leia Wright
Leia Wright - 6 years ago
for hours
Leia Wright
Leia Wright - 6 years ago
can you stay under water
IRON DIAMOND - 6 years ago
so he can breath underwater
Little Birdie Travel
Little Birdie Travel - 6 years ago
Full face masks are the best! I prefer them over the traditional snorkels. So easy to use.
Dj Akademiks
Dj Akademiks - 6 years ago
Half of the time I wasn’t breathing
POOJA MHAMUNKAR - 6 years ago
In most of your videos u always say 'BOOM'
Noah Lawless
Noah Lawless - 6 years ago
1000th comment
Explosive Mega master
Explosive Mega master - 6 years ago
I got one in August in Hawaii and I have the exact same one as you
Jayla Digo
Jayla Digo - 6 years ago
I also bought that and it says on the box that it is anti fog,I tested it and it really is Anti fog
Polyester Pirat
Polyester Pirat - 6 years ago
spit in your glasses for DIY anti fog nojoke
Anonymous Boy
Anonymous Boy - 6 years ago
From where you got
Noah Wolcott
Noah Wolcott - 6 years ago
I want your pool...
PolishChef - 6 years ago
We need more pool videos Taras
khalfan roblox and more
khalfan roblox and more - 6 years ago
what are you saying under were you saying wow dos berrrrrrry gooz
AMD VLOGS - 6 years ago
And one more thing I love all your videos
AMD VLOGS - 6 years ago
Hi Tara's I like your nice swimming

50. comment for Full Face Snorkel Mask

Fauzan Gusti
Fauzan Gusti - 6 years ago
After youtube update i can play videos now on 480p yay
Anshul Keote
Anshul Keote - 6 years ago
Did you know crazy Russian Hacker and Taras Kul are twin brothers

Kaitlyn McDonald
Kaitlyn McDonald - 6 years ago
I have a snorkel and goggles and when I go under it closes with a plastic flap
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel - 6 years ago
someone understood a word? LOL
Notorious Red28
Notorious Red28 - 6 years ago
if water doesn't come in can you breathe for a bit?
TheGGgoat - 6 years ago
Love it but expensive
Mr Bobby
Mr Bobby - 6 years ago
The black nigerian Prince that keeps e-mailing you
The black nigerian Prince that keeps e-mailing you - 6 years ago
If you want one of the Ninja Snorkel Mask u can buy one for a hundred bucks at a local decathlon branch
Burger Egg
Burger Egg - 6 years ago
Wow speaking in water is REAL AMERICAN
29 poop
29 poop - 6 years ago
DoN't MiNe Me
DoN't MiNe Me - 6 years ago
My neighbor has a red one
Nathan Chose
Nathan Chose - 6 years ago
Has there ever been something thag he didn’t like
Pijus Roy
Pijus Roy - 6 years ago
man miss ur BOOM
BlockSixx - 6 years ago
Jackson - 6 years ago
I shot myself in the leg.
Virgo Veena5
Virgo Veena5 - 6 years ago
I wanna try tht :O i have never swim in my life :/
Luis Perez
Luis Perez - 6 years ago
how much is the full face mask
Nick Creeks
Nick Creeks - 6 years ago
Is your pool a whole water fall on that one side?
Hamza Sajid
Hamza Sajid - 6 years ago
Nick Creeks yeah
Nick Creeks
Nick Creeks - 6 years ago
Hamza Sajid it looks li,e a water fall but it overflows into a drain and back to the filter
Hamza Sajid
Hamza Sajid - 6 years ago
Nick Creeks nope , theres a glass
Aleshotgun - 6 years ago
Activate english subtitles and go to 1:32
Darwin Janiaz
Darwin Janiaz - 5 years ago
Aleshotgun lol
Kristoph109 - 6 years ago
[Music] Hahhahaa
Bradley Chan
Bradley Chan - 6 years ago
Atleast Taras Isn't A ClickBaiter Like Some Guys I Know...
Clint Enslin
Clint Enslin - 6 years ago
Really cool
Jason Gaudet
Jason Gaudet - 6 years ago
that's just AWESOME!!!
Novice Hammer
Novice Hammer - 6 years ago
Cool gafic reevoo
Ansley Rolando Jönsson
Ansley Rolando Jönsson - 6 years ago
Put it in your suitcase, on your next VACaction
Juancho Kim
Juancho Kim - 6 years ago
If your gonna give it away give it to DALLMYD he would really appreciate it
the Random Spectrum
the Random Spectrum - 6 years ago
when he's under the pool: uuh uh eh uuu ee eeh uu uuuuuuu!
Adam100A - 6 years ago
if only snorkel tubes were way longer.
Rajani Chowdhry
Rajani Chowdhry - 6 years ago
Try playing it in 2x speed

Coach McGuirk
Coach McGuirk - 6 years ago
1:15 "glub glub glub glub... WOW, this is my favorite snorkle tube"
Marvin Matulac
Marvin Matulac - 6 years ago
Lol i have the same snorkel mask as him but mine is color yellow
Cragos Dudos
Cragos Dudos - 6 years ago
lol! Phum mm hum BOOM uh haz! Wow!
Nori Yaro
Nori Yaro - 6 years ago
1:05 anyone wants a police radio? here you go :)
ANNA Lewis
ANNA Lewis - 6 years ago
your pool is foggy its a nice gaggit
Carlos Zermeno
Carlos Zermeno - 6 years ago
I have the same one
ns51623 - 6 years ago
3:10 lol This is the most funny one everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
switch - 6 years ago
dude take it into the sea alot of videos say it's no good in the sea
Preston Gamez31
Preston Gamez31 - 6 years ago
any one notice the water O at 4:12
Hakkı Alp Tekin
Hakkı Alp Tekin - 6 years ago
Its trying to communicate with us (you are awsome taras )
Tom Tom
Tom Tom - 6 years ago
3:15 how you speak Chinese
Otter's ASMR
Otter's ASMR - 6 years ago
Thanks for testing out the products for us. Love the videos. Keep it up.
My Name is
My Name is - 6 years ago
Kovacs rules!
Ivan Li
Ivan Li - 6 years ago
people can barely understand him but under water? a whole new level
HURLEY - 6 years ago
can you breath through mouth
Katsmeaow :3
Katsmeaow :3 - 6 years ago
I can understand him just fine...
Hermanis liepins
Hermanis liepins - 6 years ago
The Interesting Youtuber
The Interesting Youtuber - 6 years ago
SplashiMan - 6 years ago
Yeah urm i didnt know you spoke that language

Bluh bla bug ugah ugh hu ug pla

Thats all we heard underwater
Wil Casey Herrera
Wil Casey Herrera - 6 years ago
Tarras can you breath under water
Skyler BC
Skyler BC - 6 years ago
3:03 taras: and then skueismfifkamamejficsorogocks!aksalwofckdskkerf.....
me:....... uhhhhh.....ok
TumbleWeed - 6 years ago
I like how he thinks we can hear him underwater lol

100. comment for Full Face Snorkel Mask

Henry Dinh
Henry Dinh - 6 years ago
Lionel Messi_fan
Lionel Messi_fan - 6 years ago
Taras, use subtitles.
Safwaan Suufi
Safwaan Suufi - 6 years ago
Have you ever wondered what would happen if you vomited in a snorkel
Cheeki Breeki
Cheeki Breeki - 6 years ago
yer mama
yer mama - 6 years ago
he looks like one of "the snorks" with the mask on!
Dominik Deobald
Dominik Deobald - 6 years ago
Bwwt bwt bwwwt pffft bwwwt woter in bwwwt.
Orhan Kulelija
Orhan Kulelija - 6 years ago
Taras 1:20 alien
Diessel - 6 years ago
Its like the pyro From TF2 xDDD
G P - 6 years ago
Wow Taras, that's Kul
Little Enduro
Little Enduro - 6 years ago
More dog videos
jo han
jo han - 6 years ago
Can you try the mask with some (small) (sun)glasses on? :)
RetsillAcM nairB
RetsillAcM nairB - 6 years ago
It's Bane!
-Ron7- - 6 years ago
he looks like bane at 2:17
Sreekar Pradyumna
Sreekar Pradyumna - 6 years ago
1:17 .. Waaooww. I am so aroused by this mask. This is my favourite 'play-time' mask.
FitAndGaming - 6 years ago
You should do a video of how to anti fog diving glasses. I usually just coat them with a tiny bit of shaving cream/gel
Alex Dang
Alex Dang - 6 years ago
why would you wanna speak underwater anyways
xePorchZs - 6 years ago
universal glaxy
universal glaxy - 6 years ago
Can plz any body tell me that ....what the type swimming pool he have ..he can fell off 0:12
Xal'anth'orn - 6 years ago
'now lets see how this works!' ~incoherent babbling that you somehow seem to understand perfectly regardless~
jesus Al filo de la Navaja
jesus Al filo de la Navaja - 6 years ago
Mexicanos aqui?
Craig Chastain
Craig Chastain - 6 years ago
full face snow calling mask
GRIMGEOMETRIX - 6 years ago
Does anyone else thinks he looks like bane from batman?
darthpayback - 6 years ago
No one cared who he was until he put on the mask
Jelte Hoekstra
Jelte Hoekstra - 6 years ago
It's like you have an air soft-paint ball mask on you
Matias Gorosito
Matias Gorosito - 6 years ago
Me dieron ganas de nadar
SNEEKONEEKO.AB - 6 years ago
" so let's try this underwater"
"Bmmmmmgggarrraahh amazinmmmggg. Wowhhfndmsmmm"
Movies Now
Movies Now - 6 years ago
were u speakin russian when u were in water ?
Casper Janiak
Casper Janiak - 6 years ago
Y'all on 360p. Meanwhile I'm on 720p
Rayne Cheong
Rayne Cheong - 6 years ago
rare footage of KGB agent snorkeling
Fly4Fun - 6 years ago
Thats a nice pool
TΩM CΔRTΣR - 6 years ago
I have a full face snorkel mask and personally I like a regular snorkel a lot more
T3L3K0M *_*
T3L3K0M *_* - 6 years ago
YotamSi - 6 years ago
If you want to get rid of fog, spit yes spit on the lenses and rub it with your hand then dip it in the water. you can also spread toothpaste on the lenses to help get rid of fog
Aero - 6 years ago
Russian spy swims away from warzone
Kimdroid 19
Kimdroid 19 - 6 years ago
What about equalizing
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson - 6 years ago
I swear to god i was swimming with that mask today , a friend owned it and i didn't know where i can buy it
Lex_CZE - 6 years ago
I have the mask too, its very usefull
Janna Galbraith
Janna Galbraith - 6 years ago
How the heck does your pool work with that drop over the edge?
Kerem Eser
Kerem Eser - 6 years ago
translation here:

woahh QW:fkalokalskdffsaljf flajfldsklfkslfsdfpsj boooğmmm akfjkdjfkajdflajıdjajıjcşakjeşoıjkşajdşasdklfjalşsdjkfdjaşsldkjj

like this gatjikt
Mino The Fish
Mino The Fish - 6 years ago
That looks like that cartoon the Snorks
sciscjobs - 6 years ago
Awesome. Boom.
Aracool_HD_ - 6 years ago
This is Ajsbsheiwbwbm... Bruh
Im_n60030 - 6 years ago
I might have to get this.
Jesse Jimenez
Jesse Jimenez - 6 years ago
You have to spit in the mask and wipe it all over the mask for it can last longer and wet it
PlayBox - 5 years ago
Jesse Jimenez huh?
Dener Ramos
Dener Ramos - 6 years ago
Thats something like Pyro vlogging
Lindsey Abts
Lindsey Abts - 6 years ago
Dude, learn how to caption your video lol!
Thomas Afterpass
Thomas Afterpass - 6 years ago
nothing to give a way huh bud
Carrie Steel
Carrie Steel - 6 years ago
Russian super soldier training with experimental water mask

(1944 colorized-Moscow testing grounds)
King Kiy
King Kiy - 6 years ago
Why does it feel like I'm drowning when he went under
YourFavoriteMartianRebirth KatsPanda-monium
YourFavoriteMartianRebirth KatsPanda-monium - 6 years ago
"In America,You get rid of Soviet Emblem"

xXPaPeRPlAtEsXx - 6 years ago
Subtitles plzz
Raymond's Vlogs
Raymond's Vlogs - 6 years ago
Thumbs up for me
VIPER410 - 6 years ago
Pretty cool wouldn't mind having one of them
Jr Manalang
Jr Manalang - 6 years ago
Can you breathe underwater
Daniel Tamayo
Daniel Tamayo - 6 years ago
Do a swimming video
_ Syanocos _
_ Syanocos _ - 6 years ago
That is a nice pool. Did you build it yourself? Do you have any videos about it?
Laika N lukie
Laika N lukie - 6 years ago
This guy reminds me of crazy Russian hacker
darkwrath999 - 6 years ago
Laika N lukie ur somstupid it is crazy russian hacker
Fa'asa Johnny
Fa'asa Johnny - 6 years ago
Because this is the crazy Russian hacker :/
Kinfizo - 6 years ago
I hope they make a technology that can turn the air inside water to pure air and we can breathe so unlimited air lol
Pamela Schramke
Pamela Schramke - 6 years ago
Really nice mask!
Sakonema - 6 years ago
Good thing the full face mask doesn't fog up at all.
The Animals
The Animals - 6 years ago
Taras are u a soilder
Ja3far SY
Ja3far SY - 6 years ago
What is he talking under the water ??
Its like oaoaoaoblablaoaoa
lola - 6 years ago
Hit like if u want it but expensive asf
Mr Teepawt
Mr Teepawt - 6 years ago
Sorry but I thought this was an English video.
Pop Gole
Pop Gole - 6 years ago
Can you equalize with it ?
Toby 101mc
Toby 101mc - 6 years ago
I own one
Maelig Gohin
Maelig Gohin - 6 years ago
I understood most of the video : blob blob blob blop blob blob bop
Crazy Dandy
Crazy Dandy - 6 years ago
what is your action camera?
Neezar ali naveed
Neezar ali naveed - 6 years ago
I really want to see him do daily vlogs ! this guy is way way wayyy awesome !
kathy kruger
kathy kruger - 6 years ago
You always have a new video and I rarely read comments because it's usually people making fun of what you say so anyway awesome job Taras
Parquimetro95 - 6 years ago
Taras, you should clean your pool, it's dirty af
Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Hernandez - 6 years ago
aaron lau
aaron lau - 6 years ago
MR.Gamer Guy
MR.Gamer Guy - 6 years ago
Food subtitles
MR.Gamer Guy
MR.Gamer Guy - 6 years ago
Moscow. Subtitles
Jun Kai
Jun Kai - 6 years ago
No one cared who he was until he put on the mask
High Score
High Score - 6 years ago
dude you need to spit inside the mask to prevent it from getting misty
Daniel Christianto
Daniel Christianto - 6 years ago
The only thing that i can understand is "WOW" :(((
Lara Zegers
Lara Zegers - 6 years ago
i like ve it!
Tabitha Antonia
Tabitha Antonia - 6 years ago
Taras I think you should do a trick shots in the pool
stinky Ass
stinky Ass - 6 years ago
in the water welcome to my labroterery... safety is no 1 preroruty
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - 6 years ago
In soviet Russia mask have special human for underwater.
Jessica Myrish
Jessica Myrish - 6 years ago
This video is pretty satisfyin....
Keep it up taras kul...
I am currently Falling off a building, hello!
I am currently Falling off a building, hello! - 6 years ago
1:00-1:30 = Dun Kurk
Esteban Cisneros
Esteban Cisneros - 6 years ago
I hope this is a joke
Sankalp Varshney
Sankalp Varshney - 6 years ago
240p is the new 1080p
Danny Cheek
Danny Cheek - 6 years ago
How do you equalize your ears with it?
Sohaib Azhar
Sohaib Azhar - 6 years ago
Bro shave your arms pits!!
MunkyChunk - 6 years ago
They're good it's just if you get water in the mask it gets stuck in the seals around the inside.
Milking Banana
Milking Banana - 6 years ago
yo mama
yo mama - 6 years ago
in the intro he looked like a pimp
sibling mercy
sibling mercy - 6 years ago
What camera do you use
Fernando Santos
Fernando Santos - 6 years ago
Underwater unicorn
Scrap5000 - 6 years ago
sorry, no, fogs up, and it's plastic; will be all scratched up in no time, if you do any amount of snorkeling
Meister Dieb
Meister Dieb - 6 years ago
Can you do more swimm/Diving breath gadget?
Eric Sharp
Eric Sharp - 6 years ago
Looks like a fart mask to me
Latrell Johnson
Latrell Johnson - 6 years ago
willicsiz le conquérant
willicsiz le conquérant - 6 years ago
artyom from metro 2033 in the real life 10 years laters...
LatvianFriends. LV
LatvianFriends. LV - 6 years ago
Where you buy?
Duru Aktürk
Duru Aktürk - 6 years ago
He is speaking Arabic when he goes underwater
Jason Madden Photography
Jason Madden Photography - 6 years ago
Tries product for the first time.

10 seconds later: " Wow this is my favorite mask ever".
Kavir Manesh
Kavir Manesh - 6 years ago
do a fishing series
mark micheal
mark micheal - 6 years ago
where to buy it ???
MagenticArcanine - 6 years ago
Where can I buy this
Taras please start making mre videos again
AYoutubeLegend - 6 years ago
Underwater bane mask
Ryo Watanabe
Ryo Watanabe - 6 years ago
Taras looks like a human teletubby wearing that mask :)
Adam Weyant
Adam Weyant - 6 years ago
Jason boorheeb from the horror movies ''remember''
KingSuelgy - 6 years ago
Does suckle mask work under water
zaιв ĸнalιd
zaιв ĸнalιd - 6 years ago
when taras talks underwater:

Well, - 6 years ago
Uma ufrebra bra Aladin uma ure avre aladin
The Richest Bum
The Richest Bum - 6 years ago
I'm here before this goes viral and becomes a meme.
HURLEY TANAKA - 6 years ago
all i herd was moofmoffo mofmmfo
Aaron Yu
Aaron Yu - 6 years ago
Trailer for the newest cod game
Kronocide - 6 years ago
Even under water we recognize "WOW" and "AMAZING"
Riz Yuniawan
Riz Yuniawan - 6 years ago
put a lamp on that 'antena', then you'd be an angler fish :D
Riz Yuniawan
Riz Yuniawan - 6 years ago
good stuff tho, this 'rock style' swimmer kinda want one too XD
Random Guy
Random Guy - 6 years ago
Did anyone understand from 1:05 ?
The Comment Sectioner
The Comment Sectioner - 6 years ago
tejesh reddy.g
wash tshsa amazing wahufhuhah
Charisma_XP - 6 years ago
3:56 made me laugh.
Jun Dordas
Jun Dordas - 6 years ago
If someone is a filipino there that has a full face mask pls tell me where to buy that
Cameron Heslop
Cameron Heslop - 6 years ago
I want one too!!!
Kdhg - 6 years ago
Who else thought the tittle sayed: "full face smoke mask"
Take the GAMER
Take the GAMER - 6 years ago
Where did you bought it
PK Jerry
PK Jerry - 6 years ago
3:59 i usually put a bit of water in there to get rid of the fu*k
Timothy J. Powell
Timothy J. Powell - 6 years ago
Where can I buy that mask!?
Science Insider
Science Insider - 6 years ago
Bring back wood splitting
Modestas Mode
Modestas Mode - 6 years ago
I have this mask and its pretty good
preki777 - 6 years ago
hahahahaha sve sam te razumio
Le bread
Le bread - 6 years ago
I have the same mask
saras_lis - 6 years ago
When he put the snork mask and talk i hear lalbabajabababalalalalalabababababLalblababbl lababa this thing is aweso
palentinN - 6 years ago
Next time make nips censored
Angela - 6 years ago
Underwater translation: Wow! This is epic! This is amazin! Luke and Hugo pooped in here a lot and now I see I really need to clean it. Whoa look at that!
IHasWoodZ - 6 years ago
Turn on captions
MegaBluegamers - 6 years ago
Russian Submarine on its way to spy on the Americans. (1 Okt 1962)
MarshMenno - 6 years ago
Make the pipe on the mask longer so you can zwim deeper
Alexandra W-N
Alexandra W-N - 6 years ago
What brand mask is this?
Im Solo
Im Solo - 6 years ago
In Croatia we also have those but when you wear it you look qierd
CrazyBird - 6 years ago
Full face snorkel mask v?
sanic dank
sanic dank - 6 years ago
1.15 ... mbffffmbfff
Ahuttee - 6 years ago
Title: full face Snorkel Mark v
Is he gonna change it?
Retr0Active - 6 years ago
His Accent x Mask/Water = 1960's Radio Tech
Geen Commentaar
Geen Commentaar - 6 years ago
Taras where did you buy this? I want this snorkel too
C.J. Nyssen
C.J. Nyssen - 6 years ago
What is the name of the mask, and where is it sold? Also, you might want to add some captions to the vid when you have the mask on. ;p
Farhan Hussain
Farhan Hussain - 6 years ago
Rare footage of russian soldier talking under water in pacific ocean (colorized)
Samuel Castillo
Samuel Castillo - 6 years ago
Looks like It could come in handy for a paintball tournament that has a lot of water.
CB Fall
CB Fall - 6 years ago
vaibhav shahu
vaibhav shahu - 6 years ago
To day is my birthday :)
Jerry Terry
Jerry Terry - 6 years ago
I like how he tries to speak under water lol who has faith in taras kul
Ziyi Wang
Ziyi Wang - 6 years ago
How much does this mask cost and where did you buy it?
Đức Trương
Đức Trương - 6 years ago
Edit some text when you talking underwater
NoWay! - 6 years ago
Go to 1:36 and turn the automatic subtitles on. So funny
Michael Breaux
Michael Breaux - 6 years ago
I still want to see the outer edge of that pool Taras! Does the water just fall off into the grass below?
HITESH Adhikari
HITESH Adhikari - 6 years ago
Wassup everybody welcome to my swimming pool where hygiene is the no1 priority
- Fяιѕку
- Fяιѕку - 6 years ago
Underwater captions-Tutudadatutufaaadudta
Mark Serrona
Mark Serrona - 6 years ago
I just heard "mahshdjdnsjzjsndjcodksnajsidjndndkdkdksndjdjdnd"
Kpop Is my drug
Kpop Is my drug - 6 years ago
Mumble jumble :p
Kirish Maheshwari
Kirish Maheshwari - 6 years ago
Those goggles are for 10$ and the full mask is for 100$
philyfred - 6 years ago
Is the mask impact resistant so I could use it for paintball?
Nightbot MarkIIV
Nightbot MarkIIV - 6 years ago
Telle Tummies... Telle Tummies... Says hello!
Ano N. Ymous
Ano N. Ymous - 6 years ago
<muffled noises> -CRH 2017
Ben Bro
Ben Bro - 6 years ago
That is amazing
marwan _14
marwan _14 - 6 years ago
Floyd may wether won
marwan _14
marwan _14 - 6 years ago
Plzzz say boom more
marwan _14
marwan _14 - 6 years ago
Is it meor does he say boom a lot less
junior vanatta
junior vanatta - 6 years ago
That's cool
Supreme Yarok
Supreme Yarok - 6 years ago
I’m sorry I didn’t understand half of this video
Edward Bosworth
Edward Bosworth - 6 years ago
If you spit on the mask it gets rid of the Fog
Kristoph109 - 6 years ago
Looks a bit silly but it looks like it's working awesome, I want one!
kuldeep rajpurohit
kuldeep rajpurohit - 6 years ago
@taraskul can we wear it with spectacles on ? .....please reply #taraskul
KrashCourseAnime - 6 years ago
When jason chases campers into the lake
Dead Inside
Dead Inside - 6 years ago
Hey that is an awesome mask I would love to have one of them. one thing I have to say,. when Teras puts on that mask and starts talking into it I am kind of reminded of Bain from "Dark Knight Rises"
Tetrahydrocannibinol - 6 years ago
Arjuna - 6 years ago
you look like cobra commander from G I JOES
Gouenji Gouenji
Gouenji Gouenji - 6 years ago
Where can I get it?
You need to put links to the stuff that you review. Else there's no point of the video.
Waloogi - 6 years ago
underwater asmr
Nater Tater
Nater Tater - 6 years ago
I do like the design though. It's pretty cool looking. How does it do in deep (8ft or under depth) just curious if anyone knows !
Vincent Lane
Vincent Lane - 6 years ago
Oh. Em. Gee! That is an awesome swimming mask! Where might I find one jolly good chap?
OWEN THE GREAT - 6 years ago
I like going upside down with mine
Thierry Van den Heuvel
Thierry Van den Heuvel - 6 years ago
I Get one
OWEN THE GREAT - 6 years ago
Anurag Dingar
Anurag Dingar - 6 years ago
I have already used it ,it really works good
Hunter Patton
Hunter Patton - 6 years ago
Only wimps need masks to go swimming in a pool
MrJust4lolz - 6 years ago
haha that's crazy, the same day I order a mask like that I see you post a video about one that you have
the mm master
the mm master - 6 years ago
Cute_pyro 12
Cute_pyro 12 - 6 years ago
No one understands ur mumblings pal :3
Bigisan Pandey
Bigisan Pandey - 6 years ago
I lost it from 0:44
totrantien - 6 years ago
He looks like thin majin buu :v
Redstonius 2
Redstonius 2 - 6 years ago
This video:
Muffled talking
Muffled talking
Muffled talking
Small review
More muffling
Even more muffling
More muffling
End of video
Alex Gilson
Alex Gilson - 6 years ago
That's pretty cool, but what about when you have to equalize your mask?
JodezJ Paski
JodezJ Paski - 6 years ago
I would pick the full faced snorkel mask
JodezJ Paski
JodezJ Paski - 6 years ago
Hi taras, good vid . Looks cool under water .
Shahab Besharatlou
Shahab Besharatlou - 6 years ago
Coreydoesvideos - 6 years ago
He reminds me of bane
Johan Setiawan
Johan Setiawan - 6 years ago
Nice teletubbies mask
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson - 6 years ago
Charlie Brown's teacher. That's what I heard. Wah waaaah wa wah wah waaaah
Omniuos - 6 years ago
A wild unicorn
Albert Y.
Albert Y. - 6 years ago
james adiputra
james adiputra - 6 years ago
Lucky he has no hair going trough the mask..
JansTheRush YT
JansTheRush YT - 6 years ago
The time he put on the mask I couldn't understand him even more. GrEat
ChaiseChan - 6 years ago
Taras, we couldn't understand you WITHOUT the mask on
Ludovic Collet
Ludovic Collet - 6 years ago
How to equalize????
For a pool it's fine, but when you go to 4-10m you will need to equalize, it's why traditional mask are design this way.
Chosen One
Chosen One - 6 years ago
Can you send me a knife
Louien Sytico
Louien Sytico - 6 years ago
Taras is much easier to understand in underwater than in above
Vince - 6 years ago
He lloks like bane
JerzykG - 6 years ago
Looks like it constantly fogging up, what good is that under water?
Benny Lam
Benny Lam - 6 years ago
What brand is it? I have H2O Ninja Mask. I think you have Tribord Easybreath.
MYZTIC GAMING - 6 years ago
Where can I buy this mask????
NICKER - 6 years ago
Need subtitles
Fabian O
Fabian O - 6 years ago
Underwater boom
cool guy044
cool guy044 - 6 years ago
Did anybody eals feel like thay where drownding?
Katrina Lackhouse
Katrina Lackhouse - 6 years ago
i saw these on amazon!
Fusion - 6 years ago
Meanwhile me here drowning
Mr. Cat
Mr. Cat - 6 years ago
He looks like some sort of Russian spy with the mask on
Rafey Jamal
Rafey Jamal - 6 years ago
Very cool taras I expect more cool videos lime this. Great job and keep making YouTube happy☺
Jay Bee
Jay Bee - 6 years ago
Made in china
AnselAlly - 6 years ago
nip slippppp
Leonardo Martinez
Leonardo Martinez - 6 years ago
Hahahahahaha I love this guy
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams - 6 years ago
I've never seen anyone talking while swimming. You are Kullll
nikeeweston - 6 years ago
I want one
Ben Dierking
Ben Dierking - 6 years ago
1:35 turn on captions
F X - 6 years ago
Costco sold them for $19.99
Who this
Who this - 6 years ago
Where can I buy it
First name Last name
First name Last name - 6 years ago
Yo i have that mask lol
Gearoid Sheehan
Gearoid Sheehan - 6 years ago
FALAQ ASHRAF - 6 years ago
Reminds me of bane he looks like a russian spetznaz scary but dope
SuperNova - 6 years ago
Turn on closed caption and watch the spelling lol
Falah Chandra
Falah Chandra - 6 years ago
Kevin Hedrawan....
Hehe Hehe
Hehe Hehe - 6 years ago
1:33 i cannot believe too how to have Moscow all over my face
Kyle Hooker
Kyle Hooker - 6 years ago
That's pretty cool actually.
SALAD ASS - 6 years ago
Understand nothing while he talks in water squad
Fred Stiening
Fred Stiening - 6 years ago
Is there a bluetooth microphone accessory?
Das Reich
Das Reich - 6 years ago
k now hes a russian nuclear submarine
Dylan ??
Dylan ?? - 6 years ago
Holes so the water can come out
Juan'sTheName! - 6 years ago
I saw this at a Hawaii snorkel store
EzioD86 - 6 years ago
SmeleeTV | Zocken aber Hart...
SmeleeTV | Zocken aber Hart... - 6 years ago
Oh No

An underwater russian
Hoàng Trần Minh
Hoàng Trần Minh - 6 years ago
"The hunt for red october"
Josh Rooney
Josh Rooney - 6 years ago
SmeleeTV | Zocken aber Hart... i
Skyler BC
Skyler BC - 6 years ago
SmeleeTV | Zocken aber Hart... run!!!!!!!!!!
Phoenix Tunes
Phoenix Tunes - 6 years ago
SmeleeTV | Zocken aber Hart... AK-47 inside a plastic bag
Danyele Blount
Danyele Blount - 6 years ago
You should put links to buy the stuff you test!!
Bella Dawna
Bella Dawna - 6 years ago
That was really cool. Thank you, Taras Kul. :D
Siora7777 - 6 years ago
More videos with Luke and Hugo please. Missing them.
JRAB FILMS - 6 years ago
Just in case you get water in your mask if you get water in your mask there's these holes here just in case you get water in your mask if water gets into it
Zach Novosad
Zach Novosad - 6 years ago
JRAB FILMS it's a one way opening/valve. Same technology used in SCBA firefighter masks. When were on air we can exhale and it gets released through a one way valve but nothing gets in.
oVirtu - 6 years ago
My brain hurts.
MAS_ pilot
MAS_ pilot - 6 years ago
I am interested to get this. How can you purchase this item and ship it to Malaysia?
Mahboub Ilyas 2
Mahboub Ilyas 2 - 6 years ago
Russian accent+underwater mask =Syntax error,
Parge Lenis
Parge Lenis - 6 years ago
He is adorable
Aiden Cougar
Aiden Cougar - 6 years ago
Moroccan Daily Observation
Moroccan Daily Observation - 6 years ago
I would always take a regular snorkel mask and a tube how are soposed to regulate pressure under water
Andre Costa
Andre Costa - 6 years ago
He looks like a Pokemon
Brayden Roy
Brayden Roy - 6 years ago
I have one of these by a different company but it has a mechanism that keeps it from fogging on its own
Soaphy - 6 years ago
I need this in my life!
Mike Batty
Mike Batty - 6 years ago
how do i get one? what is its name? I WANT ONE!
Merlin827 - 6 years ago
This is slightly gross... but if you spit on the clear part of the mask on the inside, then rinse it doesn't fog up
Xsauce - 6 years ago
This reminds me of snorkel zombies in plants vs zombies 2
Joe Cook
Joe Cook - 6 years ago
Love your videos. This one could have used subtitles when you were talking underwater.
I LIKE TURTLES! - 6 years ago
Hudabada? Hubada.......Hubadabahadiba! BroooiosijoiaM
justin k
justin k - 6 years ago
Danny Boy
Danny Boy - 6 years ago
it fogs up too much
karlgabrua - 6 years ago
I want one
Tom McDaniel
Tom McDaniel - 6 years ago
Awesome snorkeling mask the only problem about this video is the audio when wearing the full face mask or when underwater awesome mask the best snorkeling mask ever
João Carvalho
João Carvalho - 6 years ago
Well at least we know that anti-fogger doesn't work.
Bentrayel - 6 years ago
3:08 once a Russian robot said
Noteight Noteight
Noteight Noteight - 6 years ago
RockinRob69 - 6 years ago
The Legionary Romanian
The Legionary Romanian - 6 years ago
Taras i know you like bees, today a bee bit me and my left foot is 2 times the size it should be. You should call that bee a hero of the motherland
Michaelt604 - 6 years ago
Pro tip, spit works better than antifog and is free, just spit in your mask, swish it around, and leave it for 30 seconds and then rinse the spit out.
A 255,255,255
A 255,255,255 - 6 years ago
RockinRob69 - 6 years ago
Taras underwater is easier to understand than above it!
Gav Art
Gav Art - 6 years ago
Jasmin Kim
Jasmin Kim - 6 years ago
Should have put captions!
Alan Arciga
Alan Arciga - 6 years ago
How do you equalize with it tho
Fleur Penders
Fleur Penders - 6 years ago
cruzvlogs 52
cruzvlogs 52 - 6 years ago
It has a GoPro attachment as well
fernando santiago
fernando santiago - 6 years ago
Is he testing the new 2017 Russian war equipment
Nexinator - 6 years ago
Quick tip as an ex-diver, spit in the goggles, give it a rub around and cover the screen, then rinse out. It works, give it a try.
Faset - 6 years ago
mask v
Jamie zhuang
Jamie zhuang - 6 years ago
i didnt understand anything, captions plzz
Dj Thakral
Dj Thakral - 6 years ago
hey make a video of your bug out bag and what all stuff you have in there
VaughnPlayz - 6 years ago
Where do you buy that?
Suzanne Ribas
Suzanne Ribas - 6 years ago
Where did you get it?????
leetlebob - 6 years ago
Ooh shirtless Taras...
Robin Campbell
Robin Campbell - 6 years ago
Did you try turning onto your back underwater? That's one potential weakness of a float ball system.
FUSE _ - 6 years ago

Paper Chaser
Paper Chaser - 6 years ago
Who else thought he was in a lake in the beginning
Allen Lewis
Allen Lewis - 6 years ago
We're did you get that
STVoyagerFan - 6 years ago
Where can I get it
Arsyi Aziz
Arsyi Aziz - 6 years ago
Didn't know taras could speak German
iRedondoGaming - 6 years ago
spit stops them from fogging up
Big Fan
Big Fan - 6 years ago
Its 01:32 in my place and i am watching a russian with a full face Snorkel
Apathy ._.
Apathy ._. - 6 years ago
Gareth Tucker
Gareth Tucker - 6 years ago
My face is too small so I couldn't fit in mine and I got it at the start of the year
Untitl3D - 6 years ago
N8 Smith
N8 Smith - 6 years ago
I got one of these at the beginning of the summer and there so fun
Samuel Vargas
Samuel Vargas - 6 years ago
Liked before the video even started keep up the great work taras
Noah Bailie
Noah Bailie - 6 years ago
what brand??
Angry Bulldog Gaming
Angry Bulldog Gaming - 6 years ago
did you say boom! underwater?.
This is a name
This is a name - 6 years ago
for the past 3 1/2 years i just realized his face is an egg shape.
DiyaCake - 6 years ago
ME! Haha! LOL
Cow Hearder 34
Cow Hearder 34 - 6 years ago
Who remembers the "how to peel an egg the Russian way" video?
ITZ BRIAN - 6 years ago
LemonRoi Juice Finnaly An OG Remember When "Boom" Wasn't A Meme
the Russian dumbass
the Russian dumbass - 6 years ago
Definitely a sponsord video
Foofy - 6 years ago
My Papa has one of these (Grandpa) i use it when i swim but underwater it makes it realy heavy to breath.
Noah's Outdoors
Noah's Outdoors - 6 years ago
I will choose the full face. Thank you for showing it to me.
Sheep TV
Sheep TV - 6 years ago
you can even go upside down without water leaking in!
Indiankiller Vlogs
Indiankiller Vlogs - 6 years ago
Dude...my dad had this mask earlier than him...hahah
Maxence Jouaud
Maxence Jouaud - 6 years ago
les masques décathlon x)
Brock paper scissors
Brock paper scissors - 6 years ago
I have that
MonkeyBone - 6 years ago
Thomas Gaming12345
Thomas Gaming12345 - 6 years ago
I bought this mask 4 months ago
Benji - 6 years ago
'I've been 'testing' it for a long time' he says.... 'testing'
Jay Ro
Jay Ro - 6 years ago
Nice. Taras in a pool. LikeLikeLikeLikeLike
RGB League
RGB League - 6 years ago
Double Vision
Double Vision - 6 years ago
Russian Accent + Underwater = wut???
Juaquin Bro Bro
Juaquin Bro Bro - 5 years ago
Double Vision .
Sam does gaming
Sam does gaming - 6 years ago
Double Vision x
R.I.P PEEKO - 6 years ago
Da swim in des ad cany so anyonh
Jay - 6 years ago
= soviet guy talking to the walkie-talkie in a secret warfare mission
Zak McCarthy
Zak McCarthy - 6 years ago
Empty Static Is
Fauzan Gusti
Fauzan Gusti - 6 years ago
Empty Static dood dat was Roshan pyro. Taras can be an impersonator lol
Darkexsitense - 6 years ago
3mpty Static nono it = submarine LOL
Tony Two Times
Tony Two Times - 6 years ago
Blah blah blah he says
ash_tml - 6 years ago
Going to be subbing to every person who likes this comment and suns to me!!! Comment when done!!!!!! ( I promise ).
CARLOS CASTILLO - 6 years ago
Like your videos !!!
CARLOS CASTILLO - 6 years ago
Use a tripod. You look clumsy operating with one ✋
James Millard
James Millard - 6 years ago

Operation Bigfoot is ago
Critter Jones Gaming
Critter Jones Gaming - 6 years ago
I'm sorry Taras but I couldn't really understand you. It was difficult to hear you with the mask on but other than that great video!!
Donna Oliquino
Donna Oliquino - 6 years ago
Lol no subtitle when he's wearing the snorkels..
Diego Del rio
Diego Del rio - 6 years ago
What i couldnt understand you under water
A Majestic Goose
A Majestic Goose - 6 years ago
1:32 turn on s
MosesGamer - 6 years ago
1:10 We can TOTALLY understand what you're saying
Danny Villarreal
Danny Villarreal - 6 years ago
This is all I heard when he was under the water blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Antonio Coelho
Antonio Coelho - 6 years ago
I think you should send me one since I love being underwater. Longest I held my breath was 3.23sec.
Adam Davis
Adam Davis - 6 years ago
It’s. Called a try top snorkel I have a standard looking one.
Minecraft Noob
Minecraft Noob - 6 years ago
Lol i have that thing to its really cool
Nestoras Papoutsas
Nestoras Papoutsas - 6 years ago
I spit on the inside of my mask and rub it all over the glass. Never gets foggy!
MovieWatchTime - 6 years ago
That's cool...
tariq omari
tariq omari - 6 years ago
shave you arm pit!! grose
Jacob 10
Jacob 10 - 6 years ago
Where to get that from?
RoseGold - 6 years ago
Can you breathe under water with that thing?
Hunt3r Gориiк
Hunt3r Gориiк - 6 years ago
-Be russian
-Try to speak underwater
DR. Skillz
DR. Skillz - 6 years ago
What a kul gadjick
Jack Scott
Jack Scott - 6 years ago
You look like Bane Turas
LEMMINO - 6 years ago
V means five kidos
Jacob Rosenthal
Jacob Rosenthal - 6 years ago
I know someone who helped design that
Alex Adam
Alex Adam - 6 years ago
Fill the snorkel with activated charcoal and you got yourself a gas mask
nvyy - 6 years ago
Subtitles ? xd
Hans fr
Hans fr - 6 years ago
we want to see what is it across the limit of your pool !
oyounes - 6 years ago
0:50 I legit thought he was swimming in a lake when looking at it from this angle
YY ILLYLYIY - 6 years ago
In Soviet russia snorkel mask snorks you!!!
22Medders - 5 years ago
In Soviet Russia, YouTube watches YOU.
Ananthakrishnan jayadevan
Ananthakrishnan jayadevan - 6 years ago
Taylor Nguyen
Taylor Nguyen - 6 years ago
I Killed The Legend27
I Killed The Legend27 - 6 years ago
Manuel Carreira
Manuel Carreira - 6 years ago
PIE PRODUCTIONS TM - 6 years ago
Green Tiger Studios
Green Tiger Studios - 6 years ago
Βασιλης Καραμητσιοπουλος
Βασιλης Καραμητσιοπουλος - 6 years ago
Who else love crazy russian hacker?
STARLARS010 - 6 years ago
there's a better version in the Netherlands from decathlon for like €15 i think
Steven Qiao
Steven Qiao - 6 years ago
Denzel Blackman
Denzel Blackman - 6 years ago
when the snorkel gets full of water you blow and the water will come out
Adam Shaikh
Adam Shaikh - 6 years ago
Turn on the captions it's funny
Asutlank - 6 years ago
I can barely hear anything he's saying
DeFaLt - 6 years ago
Bane is looking pretty good
Cross - 6 years ago
Finally I can be a perv and hide my face when snorkeling
Harvard - 6 years ago
Only people with dig bicks can like this.
Higgo91 - TTG
Higgo91 - TTG - 6 years ago
taras looks like sledge
Sizzle Sizzle
Sizzle Sizzle - 6 years ago
Bruh the mask is ok because when your breathing it make the mask foggy
Zachery Vicari
Zachery Vicari - 6 years ago
Have one of those
Deadpool 1928
Deadpool 1928 - 6 years ago
in decathlon is same
max k
max k - 6 years ago
Can you do your new studio review
Stefan - 6 years ago
in that mask you look like Bane :D xD
cicco - 6 years ago
Lov it boom bro and thank you so much for video..
Rishabh Jain
Rishabh Jain - 6 years ago
Get rid of the fog by using toothpaste
Big Emo Torpedo
Big Emo Torpedo - 6 years ago
Russian accent vs underwater
Silvia K
Silvia K - 6 years ago
Speak under water, BOOM !
williamisgood - 6 years ago
Taylor Nguyen
Taylor Nguyen - 6 years ago
SKHPlays he's rushing
BloodyTomato ROBLOX
BloodyTomato ROBLOX - 6 years ago
SKHPlays There is a huge gap between a man and a Russian Man
pabloortegacadav - 6 years ago
SKHPlays * a Russian man
Average GamerYT
Average GamerYT - 6 years ago
Do you know how to put subtitles? Cause you should
Bruno Orešić
Bruno Orešić - 6 years ago
Yooooo this mask i see in the shop
Ayoub Kaichouh
Ayoub Kaichouh - 6 years ago
Can you breathe ander water
Pop Gole
Pop Gole - 5 years ago
Ayoub Kaichouh yes
Kriztian Bgood
Kriztian Bgood - 6 years ago
VioletCompass Boii no it doesn't...
VioletCompass Boii
VioletCompass Boii - 6 years ago
Nscope no u can breath under water, it recycles ur oxygen...
Nscope - 6 years ago
Ayoub Kaichouh No. its a normal snorkeling mask. The only difference is that its fullface
Hunter Patton
Hunter Patton - 6 years ago
Every time I dream I can magically breathe underwater
Kriztian Bgood
Kriztian Bgood - 6 years ago
no. where would the source of oxygen come from
Slav Serbian Soldier SSS
Slav Serbian Soldier SSS - 6 years ago
Ayoub Kaichouh Yes until it runs out of air
Nomaly_Xd - 6 years ago
It looks like a gas mask from future xD
Lanmater - 6 years ago
You forgot to spitting on it!
Daniel Anica
Daniel Anica - 6 years ago
So what happens if u inhale while the whole mask is fully underwater
Mohammad Samin
Mohammad Samin - 6 years ago
3:18 taras, you are so funny and lovely XD
Famas Mufasa
Famas Mufasa - 6 years ago
Milli 173
Milli 173 - 6 years ago
3:33 shiter tooter
Rob Binnenmars
Rob Binnenmars - 6 years ago
i have one and there came water in the masks from the sites
The Destroyer 1
The Destroyer 1 - 6 years ago
I want one
Asapx - 6 years ago
when he tries to talk under water hahhahahah
_Apostolis _
_Apostolis _ - 6 years ago
i literally understood what he said underwater
Liudvikas Grigas
Liudvikas Grigas - 6 years ago
but how you gona eakvalize presure in your ears so thats why i choose older diving mask
Pokemon Go Master [ Gaming and More ]
Pokemon Go Master [ Gaming and More ] - 6 years ago
Berrie - 6 years ago
im sure the suction is great on his bald head
Paggy - 6 years ago
Sledge from R6
Sarah Bearheart
Sarah Bearheart - 6 years ago
Amit Bar-Noy
Amit Bar-Noy - 6 years ago
V squad?
PIPPINGAMING - 6 years ago
I might chop the top off and use the mask as a prop, cuz the mask itself is DOPE
Milk Animation's
Milk Animation's - 6 years ago
google translater anybody?
imranfire GT
imranfire GT - 6 years ago
Teamshaney - 6 years ago
Jhinxanity - 6 years ago
"full face Snorkel Mask v"
CimlyAnimations - 6 years ago
Wassap evrybody welcom back to malabaratoy where safty is numbur on priority
ThunderBoy 777
ThunderBoy 777 - 6 years ago
Where can buy?
john duerden
john duerden - 6 years ago
ThunderBoy 777 ebay have them on
Batman - 6 years ago
Papa Jake already found this
Batman - 6 years ago
And 4000000 other ppl but crh is the best so it's okay
Batman - 6 years ago
Lol he always puts v at the end of the title
random hacks
random hacks - 6 years ago
I'm early
Daniel Baig
Daniel Baig - 6 years ago
Can he breath when he is completly submerged underwater?
Mansour - 6 years ago
Mortal Kombat Ninja mask
munchnEl - 6 years ago
nobody cared who he was before he put on the mask
Christian Carreon
Christian Carreon - 6 years ago
Who else didnt really hear what he was saying but just kept watching
Jonas Liehmann
Jonas Liehmann - 6 years ago
CrazyRussianNipples lol
Timothys Fraud!
Timothys Fraud! - 6 years ago
Do they have a full face scuba mask?
CimlyAnimations - 6 years ago

Kul ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
David Byrne
David Byrne - 6 years ago
Great snorkeling mask perfect thanks
Ares Uchiha
Ares Uchiha - 6 years ago
I need subtitles XD
Fabian Arellano
Fabian Arellano - 6 years ago
Russians can swim? I thought they just sank
CimlyAnimations - 6 years ago
Mask v?
ChucklingCard3 - 6 years ago
You can barely understand him when he goes under! xD
Turddle Gamez
Turddle Gamez - 6 years ago
ChucklingCard3 iii
Itz Sans104
Itz Sans104 - 6 years ago
ChucklingCard3 XD
Daniel Russell
Daniel Russell - 6 years ago
ChucklingCard3 basically what he said was hhhhbhhhhbhhhhnn hhhhbhhhhbhhhhnn nnnh wow nnnhggh
Rowdy Jr.
Rowdy Jr. - 6 years ago
So what ?? That makes the product KUL!
Gabe Mello
Gabe Mello - 6 years ago
You can here him say wow
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 6 years ago
Thomas dechants
Then put on captions
Thomas dechants
Thomas dechants - 6 years ago
ChucklingCard3 you can barely understand him in general
Lisa Lynn
Lisa Lynn - 6 years ago
You cannot equalize with this mask, you have to be clean shaven, and even though it does say anti fog it definitely fogs up.
Okasha Qadir
Okasha Qadir - 6 years ago
1:05 till 1:29 can any one explain me what he said
gospizana - 6 years ago
Underwater Bane.
Baki - 6 years ago
i understand hom better underwater than with the snorkel
Martin Pusar
Martin Pusar - 6 years ago
Chromosome #47
Chromosome #47 - 6 years ago
woot dis snoorklee waaaaaaa

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