Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Mudah Bernafas, Tidak Berembun, Jarak Pandang Luas dan Terdapat Port Camera Action

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Mudah Bernafas, Tidak Berembun, Jarak Pandang Luas dan Terdapat Port Camera Action

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monserat62 - 5 years ago
Mám stejnou masku-nevím kam dát ten těsnicí kroužek????
Rukhshana Ihusan
Rukhshana Ihusan - 6 years ago
tried it and its really dope like fuck yeaaaaah i would love it if it had natural oxigan allowing devices in it !!!!!!!!!!??!?!??!?!
Английские зарисовки
Английские зарисовки - 6 years ago
Great snorkelling gear and travel links are here: www.inessa.one
cleancrafter J.
cleancrafter J. - 6 years ago
Ich finde alles videos in diesem kanal gut und tolll
loosd Lolson
loosd Lolson - 6 years ago
wait so could you pass out if you were diving very deep and kept inhaling?
Now that's a LOT of damage
Now that's a LOT of damage - 6 years ago
loosd Lolson yes
Serghei Istrati
Serghei Istrati - 6 years ago
Can i use this video for advertising
Ekgar Yulianto
Ekgar Yulianto - 6 years ago
Go ahead using this video
QJ Jessica
QJ Jessica - 6 years ago
I tried this flat fronted mask since then has a flat front and have been pretty disappointed in how it distorts your field of view around the outside. I prefer the round front one with only 39 bucks https://www.amazon.com/Panoramic-Snorkel-Easybreath-Silicone-Technology/dp/B06Y65W9K3/ref=sr_1_48?s=outdoor-recreation&ie=UTF8&qid=1494856248&sr=1-48&keywords=full+snorkel+mask
Ваш Консультант
Ваш Консультант - 6 years ago
Маска для снорклинга в России на ->http://EasyBreath-24.ru/
BoleBoki77 - 6 years ago
Cool video Thank you!
I just bought it here: http://ebay.to/2qXKWbR

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CASHBACK EPN - 6 years ago
I bought a mask for snorkeling all over the face and action camera 4K at aliexpress the price is 25 $ for the mask 34 $ for a camera the quality is good(read the reviews) here is the link: http://ali.pub/16wr2h ,http://ali.pub/16wy5l
GivesAMinute - 6 years ago
Here's my review of the Seaview 180 Snorkel Mask: https://youtu.be/mtwUcQgIqns (spoiler: you cannot equalise while using it!) 15% off promo code in description too!
Eestoyen H2O
Eestoyen H2O - 6 years ago
very good information;thanks
Nasergaming - 6 years ago
Eestoyen H2O he wasn't the one to make the information

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