GoPro: Ocean Ramsey and a Great White Shark

Shot 100% on the HD HERO2® camera from ‪ This year on Valentine's Day, celebrate the love we have for the natural world around us. Join freediver Ocean Ramsey as she shares a quiet moment with a Great White Shark. For more information on shark awareness and conservation, please visit Special Thanks to: Juan Oliphante Captn. Chris Wade Morgan Ball ( Music Courtesy of

GoPro: Ocean Ramsey and a Great White Shark sentiment_very_dissatisfied 540

Snorkeling 11 years ago 5,532,006 views

Shot 100% on the HD HERO2® camera from ‪ This year on Valentine's Day, celebrate the love we have for the natural world around us. Join freediver Ocean Ramsey as she shares a quiet moment with a Great White Shark. For more information on shark awareness and conservation, please visit Special Thanks to: Juan Oliphante Captn. Chris Wade Morgan Ball ( Music Courtesy of

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Most popular comments
for GoPro: Ocean Ramsey and a Great White Shark

John Borenius
John Borenius - 6 years ago
shark: um yes I'm trying to swim here and you're making it rather difficult
Taylor Holmes
Taylor Holmes - 6 years ago
White girls
Pro fessional
Pro fessional - 6 years ago
I once touched myself...
MauGamer42 - 6 years ago
I can just imagine the shark being like "hey lady you're adding more weight to my body, so unless you wanna start swimming with those legs of yours you should let go of my fin..."
Sound Logic
Sound Logic - 6 years ago
She’s suicidal but this is such an amazing piece of footage.
MrBoomslang88 - 6 years ago
Мисис Ноубоди
Мисис Ноубоди - 6 years ago
То, что я потресена, ничего не сказать.
Ronan Kelly
Ronan Kelly - 6 years ago
This makes me happy
Louise France
Louise France - 6 years ago
Fabulous photography! but probably best to leave it to the experts though. I love Ocean's love of Marine life. Also
marvel at how long she can hold her breath for. Great video!

10. comment for GoPro: Ocean Ramsey and a Great White Shark

Mats Mati
Mats Mati - 6 years ago
How it is possible?
David Boson
David Boson - 6 years ago
crazy lady :}
romanek shark
romanek shark - 6 years ago
cool shark ....
Buddy Hensel
Buddy Hensel - 6 years ago
Yeah she wont live long doing that
LaPieuvre Optimale
LaPieuvre Optimale - 6 years ago
What a way to proceed and prove the stereotypes wrong
Landon N Eckels
Landon N Eckels - 6 years ago
Terryl Miller
Terryl Miller - 6 years ago
pretty cool! beautiful cinematography! I swam with 21 black tip reef sharks at dawn in Thailand once; great experience, but i didn't stick around for 22. ;)
Marc Sander
Marc Sander - 6 years ago
Ocean D. Ramsey is awesome!
dabong420 - 6 years ago
Sharks are FACT Apex predators this means they are on top and they eat anything and everything, and have no natural enemys save for man, This doesn't mean there killing machines, they kill to eat and to defend themselfs. They are not however pets or play things, Ask the grizzly man about apex predators and how cuddly they are...right up unlit they get hungry or pissed
dabong420 - 6 years ago
an then it tears her apart and sharks get blamed because ppl are dumb as FK

20. comment for GoPro: Ocean Ramsey and a Great White Shark

Matěj Škerko
Matěj Škerko - 6 years ago
Looks like the coolest taxi ever
Pamela Duncan
Pamela Duncan - 6 years ago
She has such big balls. Beach ball sized balls!
So1othurn - 6 years ago
Lets see her do that with a cut on her arm. Oh thats right, she won't, because she would rather virtue signal.
Thrakgul - 6 years ago
wow ... just WOW!
ruivandaime - 6 years ago
VL123 - 6 years ago
That is like a freakin 15 ft shark..
Андрей Сарнавский
Андрей Сарнавский - 6 years ago
Before ovations you must understand that juvenile white sharks are fish eaters. Any one can sweep with them(but better not to). This weird woman leads you into delusion that Great White are so beautiful and peaceful. I want to see her swimming with mateur sharks like that. But she woun't
Dom - 6 years ago
Андрей Сарнавский There are also more free divers that swim with adult Great White like Mike Rutzen and Kimi Werner so shut up if you have zero knowledge on sharks.
Dom - 6 years ago
Андрей Сарнавский it's actually closer to 11ft. If you just see the size comparison between them. The Shark is literally double her length and granted she isn't 6ft tall she is at least 5ft. Most likely between 5ft 6 and 5ft 9. Double that what do you get? 11ft.
Dom - 6 years ago
Андрей Сарнавский That's not a juvenile you idiot. It's at least 9 ft. long GWS sizes vary from regions and that is clearly a specimen that has reached sexual maturity.
Peter Wierzbic
Peter Wierzbic - 6 years ago
Shes wacked
Vincent Bruns
Vincent Bruns - 6 years ago
mankind is happend on all places....
Rene Dallibar
Rene Dallibar - 6 years ago
This beautiful young lady has a mission to save the Shark, and she has guts

30. comment for GoPro: Ocean Ramsey and a Great White Shark

Xecnalxes - 6 years ago
Lol at everyone talking about the shark being harmless. All aninals are harmless unless they're hunting for food. This shark probably was hunting but didn't know why the hell this large-ass fish was trying hold onto its fin.
whiteboy magic
whiteboy magic - 6 years ago
This wouldnt be the easiest thing to do..
H I G H E R W ØR L D S PR OD C TI ON - 6 years ago
thats a big fucking fish
Diego Jackson
Diego Jackson - 6 years ago
Nosotros les hacemos mas daño que ellos a nosotros
Manny O
Manny O - 6 years ago
dumb lady
Beerus - 6 years ago
the balls on that women!!
Tim - 6 years ago
It has probably been fed so much that it's no longer hungry- at all.
David A.
David A. - 6 years ago
I live part of the year in Tasmania where we've had a few divers killed by great whites...perhaps mistaken for seals.
kenny knight
kenny knight - 6 years ago
I enjoy it but honestly, I don't appreciate it to tie in PR marketing of a product to the concept of "Nature" preservation.
In fact, I am not sure what kind of wetsuit the girl wears, but it is the same "color" of the skin of a seal which is natural pray of White shark.
The biggest White shark attack accidents come from mistaken identity of seal vs human. So I don't appreciate it. I would prefer it if human respect "Safe distance" with sharks in natural habitat. Any accidents occurred would have given negative impact on preservation end.

But visually, yes beautiful. ...... but beauty does not come for free! does it?
Костя Васильев
Костя Васильев - 6 years ago
h5y - 6 years ago
Ahh she was going for that elusive darwin award!
brandon mckinstry
brandon mckinstry - 6 years ago
how does she fit her giant balls in her wet suit?
JanusHoW - 6 years ago
0:40 - I'm guessing that Ramsey could pull this off because she knew the shark wouldn't bother her. She basically just hitched a ride on the nigh-unchallenged master of the ocean.
John Vincent Dantes
John Vincent Dantes - 6 years ago
Sharp whisperer is all i can say!
shae visla
shae visla - 6 years ago
a couper le soufle, vraiment superbe...
0:47 bel exemple de comparaison de taille entre l'Homme et le Grand Blanc...
DerStrauch - 6 years ago
Und dann wird/werden diese leichtsinnigen Menschen angegriffen und dann heißt es wieder "diese pösen pösen Haie"
vivshields - 6 years ago
is someone going to tell her that isn't a dolphin?
schmetty mcshmettington
schmetty mcshmettington - 6 years ago
I think she is a psycho
Ken Arnett
Ken Arnett - 6 years ago
Huge metaphorical balls
BicycleRepairMan - 6 years ago
Beautiful! How/what do you feed the shark prior to recording footage (assuming you are not using controlled substaces)?

50. comment for GoPro: Ocean Ramsey and a Great White Shark

MattIsLoling - 6 years ago
people wonder how shark attacks happen
Lorraine - 6 years ago
I get so frightened for you, one girl with huge balls..... very brave.
jackka82 - 6 years ago
Can she do that when she's on her period, too?
v11cu96 - 6 years ago
titanium ovaries.....
Veronica Gombar
Veronica Gombar - 6 years ago
Why do people insist on tempting Mother Nature.
MultiBlooperz - 6 years ago
chuck Norris dosn't watch shark week sharks watches Chuck Norris week
Wilton King
Wilton King - 6 years ago
I swam with two great hammerheads in the Atlantic while in the Navy. Sharks aren’t these damn monsters that media has made them out to be. Their just animals functioning off of their instincts in their natural habitat. Bull sharks are temperamental, so respect them at a reasonable distance. And tiger sharks are only truly dangerous when grouped up in a feeding frenzy. Catch one alone, they actually swim away.
Wilton King
Wilton King - 6 years ago
Dom as you probably should. You don’t necessarily have to panic though. Bull sharks will normally avoid you as long as you are remaining calm and not splashing around like a crazed lunatic. The faster you move within their vicinity and their newly found territory, the more likely you are to attract them. Think of it as you just moving in to your new house, and your neighbor next-door is blasting away on their sub woofers keeping you Alert and distracted. That is what it basically is for a bull shark or Tigershark. Basically, any shark goes through that. It’s just that some genus respond differently compared to others.
Dom - 6 years ago
Wilton King Finally someone that actually knows something.
I'm tired of these morons who haven't seen a real shark in the ocean. Sharks are scavengers by nature with the exception of few like Mako or Bull sharks. Even then Makos don't attack humans because they are mainly fish eaters not mammal eaters. The only sharks that I actively avoid are bull sharks.
Lucas Williams
Lucas Williams - 6 years ago
Imagine! Just imagine the action if she got her period at that moment!
UMblue83 - 6 years ago
It's all good til she ends up like Steve Irwin.
george wood
george wood - 6 years ago
Michael Petersen
Michael Petersen - 6 years ago
Amazing interaction with an apex predator....How do you know when it's safe to approach them?
Paulo Souza
Paulo Souza - 6 years ago
Just pissed all over myself watching this. Incredible video tho
mic01 - 6 years ago
Why would you show this, now kids are going to see this do the same thing when they are deep sea diving..
K.M. Stanley
K.M. Stanley - 6 years ago
I cried a little.
one love
one love - 6 years ago
This is one of the best i ve ever seen
Colin Tran
Colin Tran - 6 years ago
grow daily
grow daily - 6 years ago
if you had bitten the shark , that would be a story !
Zack Ch'
Zack Ch' - 6 years ago
shit scarry af
PrinceZuko - 6 years ago
Why would you leave the cage to swim with the shark and touch it? It looked like she was safe in the end but she could have died because of her actions.
valerio rser
valerio rser - 6 years ago
Yuri Valdeblanquez
Yuri Valdeblanquez - 6 years ago
Jonathan Arteaga
Jonathan Arteaga - 6 years ago
White people will lock their car doors driving through my neighborhood

But gladly ride a great white shark lol
Benni KDK _
Benni KDK _ - 6 years ago
that is a wild animal... and she risk her life for Money that is all.
DiggedieDj - 6 years ago
Where is Gordon Ramsey?
William Hanley
William Hanley - 6 years ago
She needs a sex change
Dan Rice
Dan Rice - 6 years ago
Wow! She has some big b@// $!!!!
Dragilav1 - 6 years ago
Most interesting in that its she not using diving cylinder
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse - 6 years ago
Yeah you wouldn't have been in a shark cage with just a snorkel.
Libertarian American
Libertarian American - 6 years ago
I hate to sound sappy, but it sure seems to me that the gentle power of love is the catalyst whereby humans can interact with even species like sharks without being harmed.
I'm sure a full belly is a great help, too.
Wojtek - 6 years ago
is it dangerous for the shark touched from human skin?
albert ah
albert ah - 6 years ago
she got ballz
Bo Clifton
Bo Clifton - 6 years ago
Can anyone tell me the name of the song?? I can’t find it and the link in the description doesn’t work for some reason
Tom Jones
Tom Jones - 6 years ago
That's one brave, extremely stupid woman.
yearoftherat - 6 years ago
White sharks don't need to eat that often and can go weeks without feeding. Sharks require protection, I agree with her completely, and she does illustrate that they aren't rabid killers and that attacks most often are due to mistaken identity in the water. But that cage is there for a reason... probably used for while they ascertain behavior.
w0bbl3r - 6 years ago
This is all well and good until the shark decides it wants to investigate the girl. Because the only way it can do that is with it's mouth. And the lightest touch, just to check her out and say hello, will cause pretty nasty injuries. She won't be the pretty blonde girl any more. She will be the heavily disfigured blonde girl who thought it was clever to go swimming with a wild animal with big teeth.
René - 6 years ago
Eddie Smithers
Eddie Smithers - 6 years ago
Silly woman soon to be shark poop lol
John William
John William - 6 years ago
Never thought I'd love a woman with balls
Lorac Zen
Lorac Zen - 6 years ago
cool dive with the great white. I got some videos with white sharks too !! check my channel out :)
Dave N.
Dave N. - 6 years ago
This is absolutely amazing. How can anyone be this Brave?
JRE BOB - 6 years ago
America Singer
America Singer - 6 years ago
The best thing ive learned in this video that the next time ill go diving or swimming ill do the same hairstyle
Denice Garvida
Denice Garvida - 6 years ago
it looks so fake the people are glowing
Rafael Aguilar
Rafael Aguilar - 6 years ago
Pobre tiburón tiene un problema cerebral. No se come la cena en la espalda
Der FUCHS - 6 years ago
billions years of evolotion make him perfect
Chico Azevedo
Chico Azevedo - 6 years ago
A gorgeous woman like that can pet a demon... <3
Helder Almeida
Helder Almeida - 6 years ago
She has balls of steel
Richie Serritella
Richie Serritella - 6 years ago
What is the name of that song?
Den Remy
Den Remy - 6 years ago
The editing on this is amazing! How did they edit out her gigantic balls?!
владимир лежнин
владимир лежнин - 6 years ago
Красиво и смело!

100. comment for GoPro: Ocean Ramsey and a Great White Shark

Marylou42 - 6 years ago
No mercy for shark attacks victims mercy AT ALL !!!!!!
zindi1138 - 6 years ago
go pro, white friendly since you started buying it
Jero - 6 years ago
This beauty is awesome #1
Scott McCarty
Scott McCarty - 6 years ago
Anyone who gets out of a cage to swim with a two ton, three meter long apex predator, murder junky.
Dom - 6 years ago
Or you're just ignorant of what sharks are. They're not crocodiles who attack aggressively. Sharks are mostly scavengers as well. Crocs sees humans as food, sharks don't.
thorthelionking Odinson
thorthelionking Odinson - 6 years ago
Two truly beautiful girls dancing together
western-gee321 - 6 years ago
photoshop 100%
huhu - 6 years ago
Ross Gibson
Ross Gibson - 6 years ago
A poor example ocean ramsey. Look don't touch is the motto of any diver worth their salt. If you did this on my dive boat you'd never come on it again.
Michael Weaver
Michael Weaver - 6 years ago
Either she's incredibly stupid, or she knows exactly what she's doing. Probably the latter, either way better her than me.
Michael Weaver
Michael Weaver - 6 years ago
Dom I agree with you110% which is why I gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed she's a trained diver with extensive knowledge about sharks.
Dom - 6 years ago
It's not probably, it's most definitely true. But you can go on being trapped in your bubble of fear created by Hollywood bullshit fiction like Jaws.
The only marine animal that humans should fear are crocodiles.
Michael Weaver
Michael Weaver - 6 years ago
Dom Hence why I said "or she knows exactly what she's doing. Probably the latter" learn to read first. It benefits us all.
Dom - 6 years ago
No, you're incredibly stupid. Sharks don't view humans as food unlike crocodiles. You just got brainwashed by Hollywood bullshit fiction.
attila-andrás kovács
attila-andrás kovács - 6 years ago
this shark is drugged
Elbaisland Elbaisland
Elbaisland Elbaisland - 6 years ago
One of my dream's !
Fuk Yo Say?
Fuk Yo Say? - 6 years ago
I dont know why Im crying right now.
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson - 6 years ago
Like good ol Jim, someday this girl we be eaten and not by man either.
Phil Stinton
Phil Stinton - 6 years ago
Wow, really amazing video, total respect for the athletic ability. Hope you wont become shark shit.
Liberty Construction
Liberty Construction - 6 years ago
She'll end up like the grizzly man who would hang out with grizzly bears and one day one of them killed him.
Dom - 6 years ago
Nope. Sharks don't prey on humans. They mostly scavenge as well. They're basically vultures of the sea or hyenas. A bear will attack humans 9 out of ten times. Sharks will attack 1 out of ten times.
Foolish As f/uck
Foolish As f/uck - 6 years ago
She has Balls of Steel
Hellenic Flame
Hellenic Flame - 6 years ago
yeah, yeah everyone is so exited with the brave girl because everything went ok...but what if it didn't go ok and the shark cut her in half? then everyone would ask for someone to blame...I'm not saying that the girl isn't brave, she is but sometimes braveness is mixed with stupidity
Dom - 6 years ago
Hellenic Flame I called you stupid because you were accusing this girl of acting with stupidity when it's actually the very opposite. She perfectly understands the animal and what threat it represents thus is in perfect control of the situation. But you on the other hand lack the knowledge of these animals and their inherent behavior thus end up blurting out 'stupid' comments. I was simply pointing out the irony.
Hellenic Flame
Hellenic Flame - 6 years ago
We are practically saying the same thing, you are just too stupid to see my point so its pointless to argue further with you. Btw when you are talking to people you don't know its not polite to call them names even when you disagree with them. I only called you stupid because you called me first not because you see things differently. Have a good year
Dom - 6 years ago
Hellenic Flame They don't attack humans idiot. Have you seen a Mako shark chase a tuna and strike? Have you seen a GWS breach it's whole body out of the warer to strike at a seal? THAT'S an attack. What retards like you call shark attacks are sharks investigating unknown living thing except sharks don't have hands they have teeth. Also the reason why 8 out of ten "shark attack" humans SURVIVE. You think a 21 feet long shark is incapable of killing a slow moving human? They investigate and realize humans aren't that good of a food source mainly because of low fat content and a different taste.
The only marine animal that view humans as food and prey on is the crocodile. Have you ever seen a human swim with a wild croc? Thought so.

The only real argument you can have against sharks are bull sharks and even though they are the most aggressive sharks they don't outright attack humans. There's plenty of videos ppl hand feeding wild bull sharks.
So instead coming up with pseudo intellectual smartass comment go read up and learn something. Not all animals, predators are the same.
Sharks are more of the vultures of the sea if anything.
Hellenic Flame
Hellenic Flame - 6 years ago
Oh really? Sharks don't see humans as food? Good to know, until now I thought sharks were looking at deep sea for humans because that's our natural environment, great place to live btw. Sharks are scavengers indeed but this simple fact didn't make you realize that they ATTACK humans by mistake (they don't know what we are), great hunger, by accident etc. So my clever friend at the video above the blond girl doesn't risk her life according to you because sharks attack humans by mistake and not on purpose. Who can tell you how can a wild animal will react any way? Whos the stupid now shark expert?
Dom - 6 years ago
Actually you're the one who is stupid. At least about sharks. They don't see humans as food. They also don't preemptively attack. They're scavengers by nature.
LetsGoChamp - 6 years ago
im surprised shes not sinking straight to the bottom....WITH THOSE STEEL BALLS HANGING FROM HER
yong Un Mao
yong Un Mao - 6 years ago
Weird that her giant balls arent dragging her down....
The Real Deal
The Real Deal - 6 years ago
I would normally say balls of steel but in this case...

Vigina of steel?
Guthrik - 6 years ago
Just found my future wife
Morgan Daniels
Morgan Daniels - 6 years ago
Rian Natsume
Rian Natsume - 6 years ago
Por que o tubarão sempre tem um peixinho seguindo ele?
Thebatjoeny - 6 years ago
Suicide by shark
buya shaka
buya shaka - 6 years ago
UnorthdoxCleric - 6 years ago
Silly or what!
Martyn Nooy
Martyn Nooy - 6 years ago
Any good Divemaster’s briefing always includes a reminder not to touch, tease or take anything from the marine environment. Every diver has heard the mantra “take nothing but photos, leave nothing but bubbles” at some point. Respecting the ocean is a huge part of being a responsible diver. GoPro....DON'T ENCOURAGE THIS!!!
Luiz Ulrich
Luiz Ulrich - 6 years ago
Como assim????
Scaro Morph
Scaro Morph - 6 years ago
Fucking beautiful and scary none the less
pit man
pit man - 6 years ago
She's been doing this for a while now and a few others but its just a matter of time we will see it on utube it wont be that graceful
Cornbread Cornbread
Cornbread Cornbread - 6 years ago
This lady has bigger balls ....then 99% of the men out there!
David B
David B - 6 years ago
She will get savaged sometime.
Adelene Choo
Adelene Choo - 6 years ago
Reminds me of the game ABZU
Adelene Choo
Adelene Choo - 6 years ago
I love sharks they are beutiful creatures that deserve too live with us in peace and be respected.
Alta Lopez
Alta Lopez - 6 years ago
Duh. Sharks are like puppies. They like to be petted. Duh. Sharks are my friends. Duh. God she's stupid.
DrIncognito - 6 years ago
take all of my nope
jim mick
jim mick - 6 years ago
Good on ya girl, show the world that sharks are awesome
babyys - 6 years ago
This isn't sea world .-.
Striker - 6 years ago
And I have an old naval gun to give a free round to any Fishermen that wishes to catch and kill sharks or cut off their fins.
truckeemick - 6 years ago
Fake. its only an ad.
muffin 8393
muffin 8393 - 6 years ago
Loool I thought it was Gordon Ramsey, I just thought he would cook the shark!
Larsen Villaranda
Larsen Villaranda - 6 years ago
Amazing how she can still float with big brass balls!
Lion.W - 6 years ago
beautiful animals
Jamon Joseph
Jamon Joseph - 6 years ago
Incredible. Some balls she’s got
Unum sed Leonem
Unum sed Leonem - 6 years ago
Impressive! Nevermind sharks rarely attack the human parasite - it's still impressive!
Nakia Boyer
Nakia Boyer - 6 years ago
That is one gangsta chick.
K'Ants T
K'Ants T - 6 years ago
Wow...pure awesomeness
Pacific777 - 6 years ago
The shark assumes the diver is a large pilot fish
Joseph Schneider
Joseph Schneider - 6 years ago
She has balls
thomas' bøger
thomas' bøger - 6 years ago
Who would'nt like a piece of her...!!
Colin Bates
Colin Bates - 6 years ago
Most fearless person ever!
Troy Davis
Troy Davis - 6 years ago
All of a sudden.....fuck!!!! She's gone
bambi nafiz mohammed
bambi nafiz mohammed - 6 years ago
O My fucking god. I don't know what to say
David Segarra
David Segarra - 6 years ago
If you do not act like a prey, you are not a prey
Tom - 6 years ago
Tying up the hair and covering the skin matters. Skin and hair reflects light in the water, and Sharks mistake such reflection to be of fish. And then sharks eats you thinking you are a fish. I learnt it from Bear Grylls. But that doesn't mean that a shark will not take a chunk off you if you are wearing a full Burqa. A hungry shark will eat your irrespective.
Dis Count
Dis Count - 6 years ago
awww.............thats so stupid I was in tears
ark angke god
ark angke god - 6 years ago
best video ever lovey shark . Stop the killing of sharks they are like a dog scrach its nose see what he does they love it .
Alec Jones
Alec Jones - 6 years ago
I usually swim the great white sharks and shit. I can also hold my breath underwater for approximately 48hrs (2 days) and shit. Um, I can also swim down to approximately 5,000metres below the sea's surface and shit
TabproMalaga - 6 years ago
Thanongsack Khittikhoun
Thanongsack Khittikhoun - 6 years ago
It's all fun and games until instinct and hunger kicks in and the girl decides that she wants sushi.
Syazwan Dzulkifli
Syazwan Dzulkifli - 6 years ago
White people are crazy
The Narrator
The Narrator - 6 years ago
sharks are beautiful animals that hardly ever attack people and never eat people. the myth is stupid.
Diego Saputra
Diego Saputra - 6 years ago
Is it real?
Jon Andersen
Jon Andersen - 6 years ago
Zach and Zoe Spadorcia
Zach and Zoe Spadorcia - 6 years ago
Coolest video ever!!!
Bobby Spurlock
Bobby Spurlock - 6 years ago
I can't believe this girl hasn't been eaten yet. By the shark, I mean. ;)
Farmacia G.I.
Farmacia G.I. - 6 years ago
Steven Spielberg stupid
M1TO R.C - 6 years ago
Deve tá com o Butão cheio
matthew owens
matthew owens - 6 years ago
The shark was like damn hot blond ill give you a ride if it was a guy it would have ate him
Javon Kimbrough
Javon Kimbrough - 6 years ago
Guys I swear I just got free.$ from this amazing website: (just go to)=>
mario pena
mario pena - 6 years ago
Great whites practically are mindless killers. I bet before Everytime she swims with these sharks, shes in those diving cages gauging there temperament or how aggressive they are. She doesn't just jump in and swim around until one shows up and becomes friends with it because they are docile creatures, and this video is of some idiot giving the wrong impression of great whites. People are gonna see one and think "hey these creatures are beautiful and misunderstood, and I'm gonna swim with it because I've seen videos of some blonde chick hanging on a sharks fin and the shark was giving her a tour of the shark world" and then they end up dead or missing limbs and are unable to take a bath
Haocheng He
Haocheng He - 6 years ago
Wow. It's so pathetic to see all the comments are about how much balls the woman has.... instead of admiring this beautiful moment with men and nature. Need the name of the music btw
matt R
matt R - 6 years ago
Shark probably thinks she's just a big remora
jack conway
jack conway - 6 years ago no no no.... sharks belong in the water, and I belong in the boat
Sith Lady Haven
Sith Lady Haven - 6 years ago
Its like a fairytale where the mermaid swims with the shark
boodabill - 6 years ago
It's a matter of time that another shark, with a less docile personality, swims by and gets competitive. I've experienced this while diving. Someone recently got killed by a Tiger Shark while at the surface like this diver was at one point...also, I don't like the idea of using animals as objects of play.
snd - 6 years ago
It's a good death...
adi zaidi
adi zaidi - 6 years ago
Ocean Ramsey

its RAAAWWWW !!!

F**k Me ! :D
A J - 6 years ago
You shouldn't hold onto its fins it's a wild animal, so don't touch it. Yes it's amazing to swim with them and even communicate through body language but I don't agree with touching it. That's just my opinion though.
Carl Deaton
Carl Deaton - 6 years ago
Great Whites are so cool, especially when they're not in feeding behavior. Casual Great White Sharks are just so chill and relaxed animals
Mr October
Mr October - 6 years ago
Sexual harassment. #SharkMeToo
Newbie Fishing
Newbie Fishing - 6 years ago
I wonder if she can do that when is that time of the month.
sjr341 - 6 years ago
Is this supposed to prove something?
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson - 6 years ago
adrian ryder
adrian ryder - 6 years ago
admire this lady from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don Vette
Don Vette - 6 years ago
She got balls size of a whale
White Wolf
White Wolf - 6 years ago
beautiful ...........
lllFeanorlll - 6 years ago
Some people choose to play Russian roulette, some people choose to live in Baltimore. She swims with fishes. All seek death in their own way.
Mariana Marie
Mariana Marie - 6 years ago
Wow she’s very brave
Amazon Jackson
Amazon Jackson - 6 years ago
But why?
Migele G
Migele G - 6 years ago
Beautiful !!!
Songname ? Thx
Jack Black
Jack Black - 6 years ago
This is why white people control history
Shane Bray
Shane Bray - 6 years ago
I consider myself a marine life expert and i know sharks aren't man eating monsters but damn.... It just takes the wrong shark one time and she's done
White Wolf
White Wolf - 6 years ago
Yep. Indeed. All it takes is simply ONE little mistake and she's TOAST!!
But hey .... at least -- she's ''LIVING''!!
Beats being stuck in traffic during rush hour on a friday, right after work, eh ;)
MOST people 'exist' and thus are alive, simply because they indeed exist, but .... only a select few .... only a ....
.... HANDFUL can actually say that they actually .... ''LIVED'' .... if ya know what i meen, mate ;)
Big Dickkk Cc
Big Dickkk Cc - 6 years ago
If your dumb enough to swim with this apex predator like its a dolphin. Please get eaten ...smh
SouthofHeaven2013 - 6 years ago
Jane Evans
Jane Evans - 6 years ago
I swam with a rare inflatable shark from Walmart, with my hero 5 black. Super rare encounter.
Diego Puente
Diego Puente - 6 years ago
That Lady just grew some big nuts! Crazy
Justin. T Rimjob
Justin. T Rimjob - 6 years ago
I'm importing all sorts of terrorists to Canada. It will be safer to ride sharks soon than living in Canada! yeehaww
Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips - 6 years ago
She can do it ride the shark into the deep
Jazeapokergod A
Jazeapokergod A - 6 years ago
This is going to go horribly wrong one of these days. Unwise.
Thunder-Wing175 - 6 years ago
Talk about beautiful...
Jari Viitanen
Jari Viitanen - 6 years ago
Dont try this at home!
Andy Ward
Andy Ward - 6 years ago
Is her name really ocean Ramsey?
Redstone shark
Redstone shark - 6 years ago
This would be a dream come true for me..Water + sharks = Heaven....I'm an insane 11 year...Lmao...But I wouldn't be comfortable with a great white.. o.O
Emily Rhinier
Emily Rhinier - 6 years ago
If only all humans could be this connected... one day
Makc - 6 years ago
You have balls .... ;-) very impressive
KuruptxNation - 6 years ago
I've never seen this shit ever.
Girl ur too fucking fine to be hugging fucking sharks!!!!
eskoe45 - 6 years ago
Simply amazing!
eric pietsch
eric pietsch - 6 years ago
did they feed the shark first?! how the hell...
Edz Ballar
Edz Ballar - 6 years ago
What tha swiming fuck??? O.o
snd - 6 years ago
Best video on the entire www. Best female from evAr since. Human full achievements unlocked. Someone rush those nukes pls .... we ain't got shit to do more on this planet.
Ербол Тигр
Ербол Тигр - 6 years ago
Акула походу сытая
June Moriz Padrigon
June Moriz Padrigon - 6 years ago
Never seen a ball with arms and legs and hair.
Marwan Arakji
Marwan Arakji - 6 years ago
Diana Nieto
Diana Nieto - 6 years ago
Great Whites surprisingly don't like the taste of humans. We pretty much taste like un-steamed broccoli to them
The Phoenix
The Phoenix - 6 years ago
20,000 like
glen mcnabb
glen mcnabb - 6 years ago
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand she's gone.
I walk alone ok
I walk alone ok - 6 years ago
BCSEMotorWorks - 6 years ago
Only a matter of time. Keep messing around the ultimate eating machine and its luck of the draw until you loose a body part. You definately dont want to be around a Great White that looses its fear of humans. They are the alpha dog of the sea and will eventuality dominate a human.
chris butters
chris butters - 6 years ago
Such a beautiful moment, until she threw up the Shaka.
Reda Abbas
Reda Abbas - 6 years ago
this is the most beautiful thing IV seen in my life - no.. I'm serious
Tina Huston
Tina Huston - 6 years ago
She'll get eaten one day.
Logan Hessefort
Logan Hessefort - 6 years ago
What happens when the shark gets tired of that girl grabbing on to it's fin?
Rayrayray Rayrayray
Rayrayray Rayrayray - 6 years ago
More guts than most men... Damn
Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis - 6 years ago
What the heck kinda of a name is that? I love this video
Ezekiel Elliott
Ezekiel Elliott - 6 years ago
Grabbing onto a shark and swimming on it is the safest way to avoid getting bit by one
Felix Music
Felix Music - 6 years ago
Nasir Habib
Nasir Habib - 6 years ago
She is swimming with my nightmare
Arione Production
Arione Production - 6 years ago
no words
Maurice Supot
Maurice Supot - 6 years ago
dang she's hot tho
Mat leon
Mat leon - 6 years ago
Et ouais, ça se mérite. Enfin la vérité sur les requins blancs.
JamesThorn511 - 6 years ago
What is it like to swim with Sharks? I am from Pennsylvania and moving to Gulf Shores maybe...I watched the movie Sharkwater...but dont know how this stuff works?
JamesThorn511 - 6 years ago
What is it like to swim with Sharks? I am from Pennsylvania and moving to Gulf Shores maybe...I watched the movie Sharkwater...but dont know how this stuff works?
Jumpin_armour-dillo - 6 years ago
great sharks arent that dangerous bull sharks are the one u want to avoid cus they're always pissed they have testerone problems so they'll want to kill u always!
diosmiopuntocommm - 6 years ago
This can only end in a Grizzly Manesque way
Richard Henry
Richard Henry - 6 years ago
She's amazing. I'm jealous..What a thrill.
FacekidMusicGroup - 6 years ago
Now i want to ride Ocean Ramsey
Sarah Wilding
Sarah Wilding - 6 years ago
im just going to put this here again.. Sharks unlike crocodiles, lions, bears etc do not recognize humans as prey... a shark only needs to eat 3% of its body weight daily, a human is not worth the unknown energy output, The biggest problem is when people start to compare shark/marine predators with land predators. A shark cant sit around and eat the whole day like a lion, it has to have a couple bites at most and then move on. Shark attacks are almost always a case of low visibility. I scuba with sharks weekly and none ever have been aggressive, only curious as to what humans are because they cant suss us out just yet. Hollywood has given sharks such bad reputations because of things like jaws or sensationalized documentary's, if you look at shark attack statistics they are very low, look at literally ANY other stats and you will see they aren't the man eaters the media has portrayed them to be.
Nicole giada Barbieri
Nicole giada Barbieri - 6 years ago
She's not even breathing as she doesn't have a cylinder with her!
Tomas Muller
Tomas Muller - 6 years ago
Ein bisschen lebensmüde, was? Aber gut, dass offenbar nichts passiert ist.
Brandon WUuuu
Brandon WUuuu - 6 years ago
Evidence that great whites are sea doggos
Y_Valido - 6 years ago
Que preciosidad de animal, es un simbolo que deberia estar siempre.
ThatAsianDudeWhoVlogs? - 6 years ago
SVTsupercharged - 6 years ago
The shark believes that Ramsey is an annoying ramora fish.
I M - 6 years ago
No balls, just a handful of roofies
Abrakadabra y'all
MonkeyD.Luffy - 6 years ago
if it was a man he would have been eaten 100%
Ero Edd
Ero Edd - 6 years ago
Meu deus do ceu que isso cara op
The dream of many people
Mike Bloise
Mike Bloise - 6 years ago
Later. the shark ate the girl...............
Mike Moody
Mike Moody - 6 years ago
Beautiful video!
PASCOE BREWER - 6 years ago
Obviously a guy in a shark suit.. probably her boyfriend. I used to play tricks like this all the time with my ex. It's fun at first but the joke wears a bit thin after a while
Karl creativename
Karl creativename - 6 years ago
PASCOE BREWER that was too realistic to be a suit
Anthony Rook-Smith
Anthony Rook-Smith - 6 years ago
Amazing great white and the awesome ocean ramsey
Jason A
Jason A - 6 years ago
Yet...when she is finally eaten the tree-hugger/shark lovers will be like "Oh it just mistook her for a seal". Like the bear guy and the "They've accepted me as family" as it at him and his fiance.
Eve Omg
Eve Omg - 6 years ago
I can see the fear in the sharks face
Salt Drifter
Salt Drifter - 6 years ago
Jeremy Sweeten
Jeremy Sweeten - 6 years ago
I saw The Shallows. I know how this ends.
Paul Moeller
Paul Moeller - 6 years ago
Lazy Wizard
Lazy Wizard - 6 years ago
Aqua girl
umadbro haha
umadbro haha - 6 years ago
And when a shark decides to eat her we will hear her family and friends say she died doing what she loved
Danny Byrne
Danny Byrne - 6 years ago
Amazing as that must be is it really worth the risk ! .. Fair play to her like but in the words of my dear of grandmother .. ( Fck that shit ) lol
MegaKINGRICHARD - 6 years ago
I hope she survived but you can tell they cut the camera off just as it was about to attack. RIP
Max Steele
Max Steele - 6 years ago
ed ed n eddie
ed ed n eddie - 6 years ago
She's my hero
CurrencyVigilante - 6 years ago
Statements such as “you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a shark” can be misleading. For someone who never swims in the ocean, this is certainly true. Getting into a freeway accident is unlikely on any random day for a competent driver, but it becomes almost a statistical certainty over a long enough timeframe commuting every day especially in areas with high traffic density.

Immersing yourself in an environment where you’re exposed to the chaotic unpredictability of nature and at the mercy of apex predators certainly increases the probability of an attack. It’s just like how the presence of a handgun in one’s immediate proximity increases the chances of an accidental or intentional discharge.

Even though humans are not typically sharks’ primary source of food, many sharks are opportunistic hunters perfected by evolution to kill. If it’s hungry enough, some species of sharks will eat a person without hesitation. Hell, I hate vegetables, but I’ll aggressively devour a disgusting amount if I’m starved enough.
beebee - 6 years ago
Chicks got balls bigger than mine and mine are pretty big, like a large tangerine
yiltan - 6 years ago
And one day
Ben Moor
Ben Moor - 6 years ago
Ocean,what a name eh? I'm well into skateboarding,I think I'll change my name to tarmac. Same thing innit?
gregorio cardenas vazquez
gregorio cardenas vazquez - 6 years ago
well we know how her career will end
Kevin  DeLuna
Kevin DeLuna - 6 years ago
Omg is that stupid lol
jarg7 - 6 years ago
Wow so cool
CraigBMM - 6 years ago
um no thanks
MFA - 6 years ago
NET MATE - 6 years ago
Is that the same girl that jumped of the bridge on life leaks?
Justin Morton
Justin Morton - 6 years ago
I'd swim with orcas but not sharks even tho orcas are wayyy more deadly they're more evolved and we don't look tasty to them they've probably eaten enough of us to know that we aren't worth eating sharks on the other hand bite first and then make their decision but by that time we are already fucked
chris perillo
chris perillo - 6 years ago
Damn...I shit my pants watching that
yardelli - 6 years ago
To be fair to the Shark............ I'd probably give her a nibble........
Diego Rusli
Diego Rusli - 6 years ago
Chuck norris wife
stupidasso77 - 6 years ago
That shark just proved to me that not all women are mean.
aloevera74 - 6 years ago
Legend has it:
They both went down to deep sea with the sunset on their back for a romantic meal...
only one was left to pay the bill
Gianluca P.
Gianluca P. - 6 years ago
5 meters lenght x 2 tons. weight... possible?
Les Lori
Les Lori - 6 years ago
Dat bitch's crayzee!
Jacky Jacob Jacksonton
Jacky Jacob Jacksonton - 6 years ago
If sharks are naturally docile i wonder why they killed so many navalmen of the USS Indianapolis. My guess is that the wounded baited the area with their blood.
Phil Brenner
Phil Brenner - 6 years ago
Patrick Mendy
Patrick Mendy - 6 years ago
That's gonna end badly at some point!! Even your home pet can turn against you so a great white in its environment..
Mike Irwin
Mike Irwin - 6 years ago
She will be ok as long as the shark dosen't bite her.
MrGreenwizard - 6 years ago
Nice friendly shark let's all go pet them.
MrGreenwizard - 6 years ago
Chick has a screw loose.
skiingrocks00001 - 6 years ago
Good thing she's not on her period.

"Oooooo, that tastes good. IM EATIN HUMAN TONIGHT !"
Ian Alonso
Ian Alonso - 6 years ago
Clearly it's because that shark is only a man eater.
ben jackson
ben jackson - 6 years ago
A clit of steel she has..
Mr Dr D34TH
Mr Dr D34TH - 6 years ago
Awesome ♥
Terminate Tor
Terminate Tor - 6 years ago
sharks are either harmless or dangerous as dolphins as is...
Josh Hamlin
Josh Hamlin - 6 years ago
Anyone else think Of Gordon Ramsey For a Second.
Luter Leko
Luter Leko - 6 years ago
is it real ?
Troy Baker
Troy Baker - 6 years ago
Shark is sexist if it was a man he would have been chum.
Boby W
Boby W - 6 years ago
Looks like it's an old lazy shark. It probably doesn't even have teeth anymore..
tigros999 - 6 years ago
that's how you know she's drunk. here lil fishy ... hic..
Gary Miller
Gary Miller - 6 years ago
Tere Linkuchi
Tere Linkuchi - 6 years ago
Gred001 - 6 years ago
certainement la plus belle vidéo que j'ai jamais vu
berry colvin
berry colvin - 6 years ago
Legend has it that she never let go of the shark..
Oto Kage
Oto Kage - 6 years ago
it is generaly safer to meet a shark than any carnivorous mammalian. Wolves, bears, felines, and so on, can be quite violent if they see anyone in their territory. Ofc I would never ever approach a white shark as a curious biting could split me in half. So this woman is quite awesome.
Jimson - 6 years ago
It's Bruce. He doesn't eat meat remember?
Adalomin187 - 6 years ago
I would love to teach my daughter that she would be right after her daddy
MeargleSchmeargle - 6 years ago
I really want to do that.
Lechqu - 6 years ago
Nope nope nope
Jordan Chavez
Jordan Chavez - 6 years ago
Still safer than flying united
NoMoStatic - 6 years ago
You're nucking futz girl!
MproductionB - 6 years ago
A Mdz
A Mdz - 6 years ago
Not impressed wasn't even close to a 25ftr
Sebasss 808
Sebasss 808 - 6 years ago
0:50 that touch felt relaxing
VDog Flipmaster
VDog Flipmaster - 6 years ago
I know her
VR Studio Records
VR Studio Records - 6 years ago
Wow magnifique !!!!
Darth Vitiate
Darth Vitiate - 6 years ago
I saw someone who does this on 60 minutes he calls sharks like this "player" and can tell when the sharks are players or not
TheBigGuy3380 - 6 years ago
She's hot. I'm telling you. Sharks pick up on that. They say, "Come Ocean you can ride me any day." I'm telling you though that has to be with the same shark. It's probably not just some run of the mill Great White. Most likely the most docile studied over a great length of time.
noob group gaming
noob group gaming - 6 years ago
Dat fis dow swimin by the sharks mouth
TheBlackFrog79 - 6 years ago
MsNorm _alia
MsNorm _alia - 6 years ago
That was such a good video i really loved the harmony that comes out of this. Please Continue with your Videos and dives <3
Jake the dog
Jake the dog - 6 years ago
You cant get in trouble underwater i mean obviously you can but its unlikely because no one can see you your alone with the water
Silver54ful - 6 years ago
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally a video of a peaceful shark interaction has reached five million views. Congratulations to Ocean Ramsey and her wonderful cameraman. :)
Deni - 6 years ago
That girl has balls
EviLLivE Gaming
EviLLivE Gaming - 6 years ago
DAMN you bout made a cracka cry over here....
rohanjgeorge - 6 years ago
Bendos - 6 years ago
This makes me think of Abzu, the videogame.
Dave Li
Dave Li - 6 years ago
She asking for it
Megan7899 - 6 years ago
Sea creatures are so majestic :)
CYCO274 - 6 years ago
Dan John
Dan John - 6 years ago
She'll be food one day.
Saikat Sengupta
Saikat Sengupta - 6 years ago
Her parents had seen the future so they named her Ocean
Nicholas Gibson
Nicholas Gibson - 6 years ago
Such a majestic sea creature! Swimming with such grace in the light blue abyss.
Nathan Hogan
Nathan Hogan - 6 years ago
pretty cool, but you really shouldn't tempt faith
Nicole Turner
Nicole Turner - 7 years ago
What she's doing is amazing! All of you trolls need to shut up, and move along!
prariepunk - 7 years ago
I want to do this so bad... this is at the top of my bucket list.
Alley - 7 years ago
I always come back to this video each time I see things like this new 47 Meters Down movie. So discouraging to see sharks portrayed that way when people like Ocean Ramsey can prove it's false. We don't all need to be free diving and hugging sharks, but we shouldn't fear them and shouldn't portray them as evil.
Greg M
Greg M - 7 years ago
Pat Dorsman
Pat Dorsman - 7 years ago
This is one of the most incredible videos ever shot
m0rgoth xsK
m0rgoth xsK - 7 years ago
many crazy people in this world
Jonáš Vnouček
Jonáš Vnouček - 7 years ago
Man, that thing is huge.
drbryant23 - 7 years ago
The late, great Ocean Ramsey!
Mark G
Mark G - 7 years ago
I would much rather do that then be on a shortboard in great white infested waters in unclear water.
ATL - 7 years ago
And I'm scared to swim with dolphins
Shellie Shells
Shellie Shells - 7 years ago
So Amazing! This is Definitely on my Bucket List. Swimming with the Oceans Greatest biggest and Majestic
Coralianblue20 - 7 years ago
Killing machines huh?
mentelt - 7 years ago
Can someone please tell me the Song Name ???
contrerados - 7 years ago
That thing was probably full and uninterested in dessert...
Melly Marsh
Melly Marsh - 7 years ago
I swam with a dolphin
Cann Abis
Cann Abis - 7 years ago
Anyone else thinks the camera guys couldn t get paid enough?
Irun Mon
Irun Mon - 7 years ago
White people would swim with white great shark but refuse to sit next to a muslim on a plane
Josh Kogane
Josh Kogane - 7 years ago
Look at that size difference...great whites are such big beautiful creatures, they need more appreciation. This is beautiful
L96OZZ - 7 years ago
Stunning!! Sharks are absolutely beautiful creatures!! And she is awesome!
Stalgia - 7 years ago
I was wrong to believe in the movies
Gilbertdu62 - 7 years ago
0:45 jeez that thing is huge
Matt McAwesome
Matt McAwesome - 7 years ago
What shark ? ;)
Lindemann Oscar
Lindemann Oscar - 7 years ago
she's dead right?
Galaxy Tab
Galaxy Tab - 7 years ago
simply BEAUTIFUL!!..
Pedro Moritz
Pedro Moritz - 7 years ago
This shit is FAKE!
Ramon Martinez
Ramon Martinez - 7 years ago
cant swim feeling like a juicy hotdog :) her boobs must be balls! BIG balls gurl!!!! :)
David Snake Doe
David Snake Doe - 7 years ago
White shark? Pff, I swimmed besides a Mosasaurus. Ah no, it was just a dream.
Kyle Palmer
Kyle Palmer - 7 years ago
whats wrong with this comment section
Hans Zarkov
Hans Zarkov - 7 years ago
oh NO she didn't. that girl is kraaa-zee! (snap)
Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia - 7 years ago
Jackson - 7 years ago
she aint no shark whisperer she just got the guts to go near that shark .. sharks only attack humans cus they think we are seals cus of there poor eye sight
Trenton - 7 years ago
Ok. sharks are still potentially lethal. I have complete respect for their lives and their SPACE but I have no desire to touch them... that is just stupid people.. In the event it just decides to bite her limbs off who's fault is it? I don't need to see this video to believe sharks aren't just killing machines, this seems a bit narcissistic.
First Draft Films
First Draft Films - 7 years ago
In an alternate universe, there's a video of Mountain Ramsay riding a mountain goat.
abig ol'nipple
abig ol'nipple - 7 years ago
"Go Pro, be hero" more like Go Pro try not to get bit on the ass by a shark
Tunago - 7 years ago
Mother of pearl!!
Hun7err - 7 years ago
biggest fear. she touch it like it nothing holy crap. I thought great whites liked blondes
jhardknox - 7 years ago
tysswe1 - 7 years ago
The balls it takes....oh wait.
Joseph Bonczyk
Joseph Bonczyk - 7 years ago
She's like a mermaid who has harmonization with the shark. How does she do that? I thought that whatever the shark finds would be his next bite to eat.
immortal_technique90 A
immortal_technique90 A - 7 years ago
white people will do this but lock their car doors when a black person walks by
Kimberly Pelkey
Kimberly Pelkey - 7 years ago
H My question is how did she not die lol
Talbot6832 - 7 years ago
If she was not so fortunate looking would people still pay attention to her? I doubt it.
Jarno Datema
Jarno Datema - 7 years ago
0:45 I like how she touches the most dangerous animal in the world,

if i was that shark i'd swim away
Shaun mcinnis
Shaun mcinnis - 7 years ago
I'd say he just ate
VDog Flipmaster
VDog Flipmaster - 7 years ago
My teacher knows here
Damiano Mazzarini
Damiano Mazzarini - 7 years ago
1:05 She never came back..
Bozo Bmx
Bozo Bmx - 7 years ago
This will be forever my favorite video with a GoPro ever!!
V - 7 years ago
Sorry but i wouldnt do that with the fear of having my period than suddenly becoming food
FurryNinja2002 - 7 years ago


Silver54ful - 7 years ago

THAT COMMENT ABOVE ME IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Jobless Man
One Jobless Man - 7 years ago
this lady has more balls than any of us motherfuckers would ever dream to have. fair play on her
MeargleSchmeargle - 7 years ago
If only I could do that...
StrigoiVampirism - 7 years ago
Could someone please tell me the name of the song that's used in this video. I'd like to use it in my scuba diving videos. Thanks
StrigoiVampirism - 7 years ago
Could someone please tell me the name of the song that's used in this video. I'd like to use it in my scuba diving videos. Thanks
Solo Rider
Solo Rider - 7 years ago
I wish she had her own YT channel.
Rylan Babichuk
Rylan Babichuk - 7 years ago
She cray cray for a Great white I say, i understand Whitetip and sandsharks and such, but not Great white
•MercyMuffins• - 7 years ago
You saw how it did nothing well the girl came up and swam with it, of that's not enough to make people see their just misunderstood, I don't know what is.
•MercyMuffins• - 7 years ago
Everyone keeps telling people 'Sharks are dangerous and deserve to die.' I say their majestic creatures that are curious and don't like people invading their homes.
Hot Dog Lost Fog
Hot Dog Lost Fog - 6 years ago
dabong420 Dude they’re only second from top, Orcas like to eat Great White Shark liver.
dabong420 - 6 years ago
Sharks are FACT Apex predators the means they are on top and they eat anything and everything, and have no natural enemys save for man, This doesn't mean there killing machines, they kill to eat and to defend themselfs. They are not however pets or play things, Ask the grizzly man about apex predators and how cuddly they are...right up unlit they get hungry or pissed
Elle Enee
Elle Enee - 6 years ago
Don't let the hollywood fool you
Emanuel Stenberg
Emanuel Stenberg - 6 years ago
Cryptid Cryae It's our home just as much as theirs you dumb oaf. Just because they happen to be very unintelligent and tries to bite off our limbs because either their eye vision is horrendous or they literally are monsters as in "investigation" means dismemberment us. Gives us no reason not to defend ourselves. Like I said, it's our home too. We have all rights to explore it. Now killing a shark before being attacked is not cool nor is the mass slaughtering.
Redstone shark
Redstone shark - 6 years ago
I agree with u! I love sharks, as u can tell by my user...They don't deserve to die! :[
Michael Goldberg
Michael Goldberg - 7 years ago
Fish at :30 had even bigger balls!
TheShinobiik11 - 7 years ago
One day a shark will drag her away from the safety of the boat and turn on her. In my opinion it's a silly stunt that has no need and just puts her life at risk. I'm pretty sure people know that Jaws is just a movie and not a documentary about something that really happened so stop blaming Steve for giving these sharks a bad name. The fact is Great Whites are a large predator that will try eat any other animal smaller than it to survive just like any other predator nothing more nothing less just nature doing it's thing.
Kevin Dong
Kevin Dong - 7 years ago
fozgoth - 6 years ago
Markus... That's just so insanely wrong.

Like, it's scientifically and objectively wrong.
BNKS AUDIO GROUP - 6 years ago
Markus Williams naw bro.... Go watch lil pumps gucci gang in 4k. Shi is madnesd
Magusjanus - 6 years ago
Judging by the upload date, this is much older hardware... pre 4k go pro models. Also, you asked this almost a year ago so... you probably forgot about it by now lol
Markus Williams
Markus Williams - 6 years ago
Personally, I find 720p no different than 4k. Once you're beyond the HD point, it doesn't really get any better...
Adam Francuzik
Adam Francuzik - 7 years ago
she's like the kid from How to Train Your Dragon.
Silver54ful - 7 years ago
They should have a new video with the score of How to Train Your Dragon playing over it. :)
trissuper1 - 7 years ago
Feeling one with the shark ooooh so amazing, no respect , will likely end up like timothy treadwell. if u love it , respect it, u are not a shark. Big ego 's get killed. You just have t touch this amazing creature, no humilty, very sad.
Flamethrower Abortion
Flamethrower Abortion - 7 years ago
So it's illegal to interact with whales but no one beats an eye when you ride a great white?
Weird sightings
Weird sightings - 7 years ago
Amazing!!! how???!!!
Miguel Nunez
Miguel Nunez - 7 years ago
That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. Imagine being able to experience that.
lai tsang
lai tsang - 7 years ago
abel diaz
abel diaz - 7 years ago
Nature is unpredictable! Remember sooner or later!
alex sheldy
alex sheldy - 7 years ago
I wouldn't mind her taking a dive onto the end of my great white !!!
Big Dickkk Cc
Big Dickkk Cc - 6 years ago
Im guessing your white lol too huh ..
Raptor Jesus
Raptor Jesus - 7 years ago
Sauna135 - 7 years ago
Danny DuBois
Danny DuBois - 7 years ago
you would get eatin alive if you tried to hold on to a shark
Ihatedonald Trump
Ihatedonald Trump - 7 years ago
So beautiful..thank you
Jesse Strand
Jesse Strand - 7 years ago
this video is absolutely amazing
Taylor Rose
Taylor Rose - 7 years ago
Wow ! So beautiful !
Oleg Domejnikov
Oleg Domejnikov - 7 years ago
Ernie McKrackin
Ernie McKrackin - 7 years ago
I'd love to jump in that blue water. If it weren't for that dam shark.
Leni Dubel
Leni Dubel - 7 years ago
If you look at their eyes and ignore the teeth, you can see how much love and curiousity all sharks have.
Calzia Didier
Calzia Didier - 7 years ago
magnifique vidéo
Bodenlose Dosenhose
Bodenlose Dosenhose - 7 years ago
One day I wanna dive with a Great White. Such an awesome creature.
LittleBillysWorld - 7 years ago
Sooner or later instincts will kick in, and then she will kill and eat the shark. JK. Awesome video!
Alpha Zero
Alpha Zero - 7 years ago
It must take a lot courage to swim with a 4-5 meters white shark with no speargun or knife on her side,at least i can't see any.Respect!
Wakipenda - 7 years ago
People go check the ending of "le grand bleue" and the similarities xD
CRAZYWILDMAN49 - 7 years ago
She's so good ta me, when I pack a fresh bowl I clean the screen.
Sal Dash
Sal Dash - 7 years ago
Any animals in the world if its not hungry he will never attacks
Sal Dash
Sal Dash - 7 years ago
Most normal animels attacks in three cases scared , hungry , for they young like mother defance her children
Steven Universe
Steven Universe - 7 years ago
Woww... Is...pfff...really amazing...
C M - 7 years ago
Beautiful creatures.
Makoto Tachibana
Makoto Tachibana - 7 years ago
wtf are these comments sharks aren't agressives they don't kill people for pleasure or eat them it's a mistake ffs
tonyfox21 - 7 years ago
Desirée Rodríguez
Desirée Rodríguez - 7 years ago
Is real
Franklin Macedonio
Franklin Macedonio - 7 years ago
just like not true
uur sar
uur sar - 7 years ago
I don't belive
Julian Simons
Julian Simons - 7 years ago
nice ass.
Anthony Mcqueen
Anthony Mcqueen - 7 years ago
She officially got the biggest BALLS in human history.
The Narrator
The Narrator - 6 years ago
small brain / Big balls. NOPE she understands sharks and knows they just dont attack humans. its a HUGE MYTH that they do. do some research.
Sarah Wilding
Sarah Wilding - 6 years ago
Sharks unlike crocodiles do not recognize humans as prey... a shark only needs to eat 3% of its body weight daily, a human is not worth the unknown energy output, The biggest problem is when people start to compare shark/marine predators with land predators. A shark cant sit around and eat the whole day like a lion can or spin and tear off flesh like a crocodile it has to have a couple bites at most and then move on. Shark attacks are almost always a case of low visibility. I scuba with sharks weekly and none ever have been aggressive, only curious as to what humans are because they cant suss us out just yet.
Turd Ferg
Turd Ferg - 7 years ago
+norman berg
I don't disagree with you, what she did was very dumb. I wouldn't risk that, they are wild animals after all. All I was saying is that they aren't anywhere near as violent. Sharks are very curious creatures that generally don't attack very often, except a couple species that are known to.
norman berg
norman berg - 7 years ago
+Turd Ferg And what's the point? This is like running across a busy highway. Maybe a semi hits you, maybe it doesn't. But your still stupid to try it.

Guess what people will be saying if the next Great White decides to bite her in half. Wow! She had really big balls? No! They will be saying: Wow! What an idiot she was.
aaron hjorleifson
aaron hjorleifson - 7 years ago
Turd Ferg I heard that it was 4 attacks on average per year? 1-2 of them being fatal. My numbers are way off
Turd Ferg
Turd Ferg - 7 years ago
norman berg crocs are way more aggressive than great white sharks..crocodiles kill like 2,500 people a year. Sharks around the U.S kill about 19 people a year, and that's all species.
Shane Haylock
Shane Haylock - 7 years ago
Anthony Mcqueen I think the men storming the beaches of normandy had bigger balls
norman berg
norman berg - 7 years ago
More likely the smallest brain in human history. Just yesterday a guy got chomped down here by a croc. Got too comfortable around them.
YourSELFISH - 7 years ago
RIP Ocean
B YM - 7 years ago
Wow...I don't think I would ever do this because I would be super nervous and animals can sense how nervous you are...This woman was probably 100% confident and had no fear at all. But great whites are smart and know what's up...It most likely just hunted and wasn't in predator mode.
hbecker - 7 years ago
I would hang me on the fin and swim around the ocean.
Lateef Lewis
Lateef Lewis - 7 years ago
At least if the shark was even hungry
Lateef Lewis
Lateef Lewis - 7 years ago
That fish was like "pls help meh" then you saved it
Rata Touille
Rata Touille - 7 years ago
0:59 And I thought that the thumbnail was a click wow...
MeargleSchmeargle - 7 years ago
+Rata Touille There's lots of videos of things at the very least similar to this.
Rata Touille
Rata Touille - 7 years ago
Its new to me.
MeargleSchmeargle - 7 years ago
Rata Touille People have done this before. nothing new, really.
Mikester954 - 7 years ago
it's a matter of time
Frisky Dong
Frisky Dong - 7 years ago
Stop doing stupid shit you can die.
Laura Bignami
Laura Bignami - 7 years ago
I hope she won't get hurt, but this is her life, this is what she loves to do. I admire her, specially because she speaks for them
Cold German Beer
Cold German Beer - 6 years ago
...and feel their teeth.

Wake up and smell the coffee, liberal.
•MercyMuffins• - 7 years ago
Laura Bignami Exactly, they don't Have a voice, we're their voice.
venomaxus - 7 years ago
I still disagree you should touch the shark. Here in Indonesia, in Komodo island, we're told not to touch any sea creature (even a docile one like Manta Ray or Whale Shark) since their skin pretty sensitive.
Jacob Gearhart
Jacob Gearhart - 7 years ago
I feel like she would still lock the car door when a black dude walks by
xj900uk - 7 years ago
She's nuts.
AgeDrain - 7 years ago
This reminds me of the guy who tried to prove bears arent dangerous. He ended up trying to live by em and got mauled to death.
iTUNE*FUNK*SOUL 80'S - 6 years ago
AgeDrain yes exactely remember
The Huwhite Huwhale
The Huwhite Huwhale - 6 years ago
Exactly. Maybe that shark had eaten prior to this cute little video, hence its disinterested, casual posture. But what if one of these days she comes across a great white with an empty belly? These are apex predators with primal instincts. They don't have a cerebral cortex like ours capable of conceptualizing right and wrong, love, mercy, reciprocity, justice and so on. It is an ancient killing machine. Nature isn't a Disney movie. The problem with these kind of misleading postmodern mockeries of nature is that one day some stupid guy or gal will jump in the water with these creatures maybe thinking they're harmless 'friends' of humans and it won't end so well...
Андрей Сарнавский
Андрей Сарнавский - 6 years ago
Blackdragon96 if you are refering to this video. And you watched all episodes. You are misleading people.. " Over the years that Vandergaw had been feeding the bears, he also sustained several bite wounds." Man who lived with them for years was bitten. Also in Russian man who studied bears for 15 + years and lived with them was killed. Also Timothy was killed etc. There is only one rule keep distance and respect predators.
Nathan Hill
Nathan Hill - 6 years ago
Like dogs that love being petted, from what I gather dogs just ride with the days some good some shocking, not many dogs need surgery after being bitten by people?
Dr. David Banner's Worst Day
Dr. David Banner's Worst Day - 7 years ago
+The Saucy Goblin Shark You're right that sharks often circle boats because they're waiting to be fed, but it's not people they're waiting for, it's chum or other forms of bait. They remember that food (actual food) usually accompanies boats. We don't actually taste good to sharks, and in terms of nutrition, there's nothing on us for them to make use of. In comparison to their usual prey, we're all skin and bone, with practically no meat on us and nothing for them to enjoy.

If someone dies as a shark attack, it's usually as the result of blood loss from one bite. They're not consumed by the shark. And it's almost always a case of mistaken identity (hence, only one bite).
The Saucy Goblin Shark
The Saucy Goblin Shark - 7 years ago
Dr. David Banner's Worst Day Back during the sailing ship days,sharks circled ships just in case someone falls off. once they learn the taste of human and understand it's easy food, they will adapt to kill humans.
Dr. David Banner's Worst Day
Dr. David Banner's Worst Day - 7 years ago
I'm a huge shark advocate. And I'm here to tell you sharks are definitely dangerous. No one should try this unless they've made a career out of studying shark behavior and have spent the majority of their lives around sharks like she has. With that said though, it's a proven fact that if you've been swimming in the ocean more than once, even just off of a public beach, chances are you've had a shark eyeball you at one time or another....and it decided to leave you alone for any number of a thousand different reasons. Millions of people every year find themselves in the water in close proximity to a shark (or sharks) without even knowing it and nothing happens to them. If sharks attacked and killed indiscriminately like the media makes you believe, most public beaches would be closed to the public because the shark incidents would be in the millions. Instead there are typically less than 10 incidents in any given year.

Shark attacks are EXTREMELY rare.....they're not mindless killing machines like movies and media portray. They're very cautious and calculated hunters, and we are not their prey. But no matter how rare it is, accidents do happen and that is always something to consider.
VGlauren - 7 years ago
These people aren't trying to live by the sharks... that guy was living by the bears in a dry season when they were starving. These guys probably observed this shark's behavior first and saw that she was disinterested in food or hunting before deciding she was safe to approach.
TheBlackdragon936 - 7 years ago
That was one but there is another man who has been doing that for years and hasn't been killed. He has a wife and made a cabin in Alaska. It's on NAT GEO I believe.
Pacem Terris
Pacem Terris - 7 years ago
no he actually got eaten fyi it ate him and his wife/girlfriend
Dilana Karatas
Dilana Karatas - 7 years ago
That's the problem with humans. They don't understand just because some animals aren't mindless killers that doesn't mean they aren't dangerous.
steitisch - 7 years ago
Such a beautiful animal, the Great White!
Esleyter mora
Esleyter mora - 7 years ago
no es la q busco .yo busco esta igual pero con una musica q salio en q videos sport
Sebastian Case
Sebastian Case - 7 years ago
beautiful and crazy
Coda57 - 7 years ago
Does anyone know the song that plays?
Coda57 - 7 years ago
Ocean and her shark Bella <3 <3 <3
Guillerma Ventura
Guillerma Ventura - 7 years ago
that's awesome go pro
Will Hopson
Will Hopson - 7 years ago
That chick has a nice ass
Muhammad Rahadian Ramadhan
Muhammad Rahadian Ramadhan - 7 years ago
one of my dream I want to diving in calm sea like this so satisfied
Austin Dmitrieff
Austin Dmitrieff - 7 years ago
Steel Ovaries.
Dquan Porzel
Dquan Porzel - 6 years ago
This comment needs more attention lmao
Akademie Raddy
Akademie Raddy - 6 years ago
She is blonde. She thought it was a dolphin.
pickles _
pickles _ - 6 years ago
Joshua 08
Joshua 08 - 7 years ago
XD dead
규영 - 7 years ago
Is it safe?
Desirée Rodríguez
Desirée Rodríguez - 7 years ago
Tom Hepp
Tom Hepp - 7 years ago
I once swam in a pond with tadpoles in
Ron Howard
Ron Howard - 7 years ago
erik wallin
erik wallin - 7 years ago
and they wonder why they get there legs bit off
MICHAEL MONFREDO - 7 years ago
thats crazy but really cool lol
҉K҉N҉ I҉G҉HT҉F҉ I҉ ҉R҉Ế҉6҉6҉
҉K҉N҉ I҉G҉HT҉F҉ I҉ ҉R҉Ế҉6҉6҉ - 7 years ago
before the Clip they shot a Liter of morphium on the shark
M. Marcus
M. Marcus - 7 years ago
This broad is cray-cray
Brendi - 7 years ago
0:11 when you about to flame someone and your squad got your back
Albert Potgieter
Albert Potgieter - 7 years ago
Air bubbles actually scare them away that's why she prefers free diving
Carlsson Benz
Carlsson Benz - 7 years ago
she has more balls than me..:O
Timmy Dubrocq
Timmy Dubrocq - 7 years ago
she is so hot tho
Mick Mcloughlin
Mick Mcloughlin - 7 years ago
Larrypint - 7 years ago
lovely footage
RAMMSTONE - 7 years ago
She probably woo be atacked if she had a a scoober tank blowing air bubbles.
Coda57 - 7 years ago
Not necessarily
Captain Economize Unboxing
Captain Economize Unboxing - 7 years ago
Zombaecorn 23
Zombaecorn 23 - 7 years ago
Props for the cameraman
Michael Wahl
Michael Wahl - 7 years ago
Stop white people 2k16
Roger - 8 years ago
How great thou art
pugz4life gaming
pugz4life gaming - 8 years ago
cool saftie
kcv53 - 8 years ago
The first thing that came to mind was "are you stupid?".
Félix Bachiller
Félix Bachiller - 7 years ago
If she had done that only by stupidity and in fact sharks were mindless killers, the shark would have attacked her. That didn't happen.
Frank Carlo
Frank Carlo - 8 years ago
now if the shark bit her it would be the sharks fault
christain chausse
christain chausse - 8 years ago
I wonder how it feels to touch it
Jack Black
Jack Black - 6 years ago
This is why white people control history
Bary Baragon
Bary Baragon - 6 years ago
Sharks have smooth skin if you rub it from head to tail to help with speedy swimming, but if you rub it from tail to head then it's rough like sand paper.
Rhidian D
Rhidian D - 6 years ago
Tough but smooth in one direction, like sand paper in the other direction. At least that's what other sharks feel like to touch.
Matt Mckeon
Matt Mckeon - 7 years ago
christain chausse id imagine it feels glorious lol
William Freeze
William Freeze - 7 years ago
Cold apple pie?
VGlauren - 7 years ago
Probably kind of like fine grit sandpaper. Shark skin is basically made of tiny teeth that makes it kind of rough.
janna graham
janna graham - 7 years ago
i would be more worried how it feels after a bite
Elizabeth Yanes
Elizabeth Yanes - 7 years ago
+Andrew Embestro lmao u killed me
Andrew Embestro
Andrew Embestro - 7 years ago
It'll be both rough and smooth like Uranus...
Darkmesna1 - 7 years ago
It would be smooth like silk one way but would be rough like sandpaper the other way, mainly because of the "denticles".
Clint Patac
Clint Patac - 7 years ago
+krisanthemum H. You're too funny!
krisanthemum H.
krisanthemum H. - 7 years ago
+Clint Patac not to you!
Clint Patac
Clint Patac - 7 years ago
That's what she said..
Adam Corraliza
Adam Corraliza - 8 years ago
How do you fit into your wet suit with those King Kong sized balls you have?
Kirin0r - 8 years ago
KnifeCatcher - 8 years ago
Incredible video, yet incredibly stupid.
KnifeCatcher - 7 years ago
+christianrusgnach Jump in with her then.
christianrusgnach - 7 years ago
Millions of people swim every day and i guarantee you hundreds of sharks swim past them with no attacks
JurassiCoprolite - 7 years ago
+Ayoo Haley If there were a Darwin Award for Youtube comments, you'd win hands down! I love sharks as much as anyone, and I appreciate how awesome this video is, but saying that flying coach is more dangerous than riding a great white is frighteningly dumb.
Perico De Los Palotes
Perico De Los Palotes - 7 years ago
+Ayoo Haley
That's not true
Obiouly a few people die because of sharks because just a few people interact with them.
But the amount of flights during the year is enormous, so obviously the nomber of deaths because of a plane crash will be bigger.
Now if the number of shark encounters where the same as the number of flights I guarantee you that at the end of the day more people will have died because of sharks.
Sargent Baker
Sargent Baker - 8 years ago
that's assuming you don't go out of your way to interact with sharks...
Ayoo Haley
Ayoo Haley - 8 years ago
marlito166 - 8 years ago
This is soo fake!!! Anyone knows with huge balls of steel you"ll automatically sink to the bottom!!
aiolosgr - 8 years ago
Very romantic, but the dream can easily turn to a nightmare considering the king of sharks. Of course the chances of a great white attack to a human are extremely small, even smaller than the chances of a plane crash. That doesn't change the fact that great whites are responsible for the most horrific and freakish attacks to humans in history. The cases are very few, but
the terror is unbelievable. Related movies may show many exaggerations, especially in size, but the truth is that there are cases that great white sharks devoured humans from head to waist, nearly sunk small boats , even there was a case of dragging a woman from a depth of only 3 feet of water. So, no matter how glorious they look, they are not a pet, nor a toy. Not wise to ask for it.
Silver54ful - 8 years ago
LOVE THE CHOICE OF MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They finally gave sharks the score they deserve. :)
David Walker
David Walker - 8 years ago
This is nuts if i even saw one i would get out of the water. This woman has a pair. Maybe she is a tranny
Mighty Mike Midget Murga
Mighty Mike Midget Murga - 8 years ago
very cool
azam khan
azam khan - 8 years ago
safer then driving down south somewere in the boondocks at night time, esp if u aint w...e !!!!
WILD THINGS - 8 years ago
C.K. Gould
C.K. Gould - 8 years ago
That is one scary man eater, oh wait, never mind. #SharksAreAwesome
Joe Tao
Joe Tao - 8 years ago
If at any point that shark decides that it doesn't want to be touched, she is fucked. It's not a dog where you'll get a nip. It will literally cut her in half. Respect the ocean and it's critters
Ethan Kinerso
Ethan Kinerso - 7 years ago
She is, she's had interactions with the shark before
Sir Moneybags
Sir Moneybags - 8 years ago
titanium balls
The Big Lebowski
The Big Lebowski - 8 years ago
she has more balls than me and im a guy
Alyssa Fry
Alyssa Fry - 8 years ago
They are so beautiful!! I want to swim with one so badly
Tntpker - 6 years ago
Alyssa Fry And risk the chance of getting eaten? Nty.
Hassan Syed
Hassan Syed - 6 years ago
Make sure it's pectoral fins aren't down that indicates it's in hunting mode.
exo tica
exo tica - 8 years ago
this girl got more balls than 10 versions of me!
Katie 123
Katie 123 - 8 years ago
I know ur friend Eimer In sea life she told us all about u
DJ JUSTIN - 8 years ago
You better be sure that whitey ain't hungry before doing that shit
predwarlord - 8 years ago
+Justin McNab Great white's normally hunt at night/dusk, this was midday so its reasonable to assume it wouldn't be hunting/hungry
Shea Z
Shea Z - 8 years ago
There is a fine line between ballsy and stupid.Take what you will from that.
Félix Bachiller
Félix Bachiller - 7 years ago
I think she isn't stupid. I can completely understand her.
Manny Ozorio
Manny Ozorio - 8 years ago
poetical underwater dance with death...
niwink - 8 years ago
I'ved touch a lot of crabs!
Jhonnatan Galeano
Jhonnatan Galeano - 8 years ago
Waooo eso es lo mío!
a m
a m - 8 years ago
i have a huge fear of the ocean why am i watching this
MeargleSchmeargle - 7 years ago
yikes lauren I wanna go explore the ocean, among other things. I also wanna have a pet shark (seriously).
Thijs Koster
Thijs Koster - 7 years ago
same here, but honestly look on youtube and take all the video's on sharks 90% is OMG SHARK ATTACKS MAN where the title should have been OMG THIS SHARK DID NOTHING ELSE THEN ATTACKED SOMEONE WHO WAS BOTHERING HIM FOR WAY TOO LONG, but video's like this are the truth about the sharks, and people see sharks as deadly animals, well they are but only 1/4 shark attacks is lethal, so no they are not killers, sometimes just a bit curious, and given the chances of being attacked are 1 in 3.5million and only 25% is lethal that makes the chances of dying to a shark about 1 in 12million, while the chance of dying to falling coconuts is only 1:1million so if your on a beach with palmtrees, head for the ocean, you will be alot safer, i hope you can shake of your fear
Félix Bachiller
Félix Bachiller - 7 years ago
To stop having a huge fear of the ocean.
Ryan Saulus
Ryan Saulus - 8 years ago
Amazing experience.
René Hernández Castro
René Hernández Castro - 8 years ago
She looks like Lara Croft, Tom Raider...
ThePauseman417 - 8 years ago
As the the GoPro diver surfaced, he found it odd that a circle of red water began to form a few meters away
Emanuel Stenberg
Emanuel Stenberg - 6 years ago
Karl creativename They have the capability to easily rip us apart. They also have poor eye sight and are stupid enough to investigate with razor teeth. In conclusion: They are unpredictable and very dangerous.
Karl creativename
Karl creativename - 6 years ago
ThePauseman417 do you hate sharks or are you just joking?
Zander Fertig
Zander Fertig - 8 years ago
What is the name of the song?
1notgilty - 8 years ago
This video made me think about Grizzly Man Timothy Treadwell who thought he had a "Special Relationship" with the bears.  Well, nobody told the bears and one day when the salmon ran out Timothy and his girlfriend were next on the menu. The park rangers who shot the bear that killed Treadwell said they removed seven bags of human remains from the bear's stomach.  Sharks, bears and other WILD animals are unpredictable.  They aren't evil when they kill people.  They are just doing what comes naturally as their instinct to survive. If you ever forget that you have lost your caution and your common sense and you are in great danger.
Dom - 6 years ago
Bears and sharks are totally different. If you're going to compare land and marine animal then crocodile is a better match with a bear. Sharks are also mostly scavengers they do not aggressively attack humans.
Bears and crocodiles will most definitely attack humans.
I get that what you're trying to say about wild animals but to label every animals in the same category is just ignorant.
1notgilty - 8 years ago
+I been blazinggg  I certainly regret that Timothy Treadwell was killed by a grizzly bear.  Apparently the bear that killed and ate Treadwell and his girlfriend was not one of the bears that were usually around his campsite.  Those bears were already in hibernation.  However, Treadwell knew that this other bear was there and he made the fatal error of thinking it was still okay to camp there.  In my opinion that shows tragically flawed judgment.  His girlfriend was reportedly terrified of the bears.  Unfortunately she was killed along with her misguided and rather dopey boyfriend.  Wild animals are unpredictable at best.
U wot m8?
U wot m8? - 8 years ago
Of course, it was a new, strange bear that killed Timothy treadmill; not one of the bears he had lived among for years. Treadwell was under no illusion that bears were dangerous, he just wanted to escape society. To be honest, though, he did have a pretty special relationship with those bears. Don't strip that from him.
Vitalia Blanco
Vitalia Blanco - 8 years ago
¡Es tan hermoso! :')
TopKek - 8 years ago
I wish I had the balls
Alec Eisenbeis
Alec Eisenbeis - 8 years ago
Still safer than taking a walk around the block in Detroit...
Sound Logic
Sound Logic - 6 years ago
Alien Outpost and black people should have never left Africa. Be grateful white people exist.
I'm Peng God
I'm Peng God - 6 years ago
kenrick Tucker kys
Germán Rivas
Germán Rivas - 6 years ago
Or walking alone at night in Caracas.
ekim andersom
ekim andersom - 6 years ago
Statisticly its probably even safer then driving or flying
Alien Outpost
Alien Outpost - 6 years ago
Alex Eisenbeis White people should have picked their own cotton.
Andrew Davies
Andrew Davies - 6 years ago
Alec Eisenbison ,
Luter Leko
Luter Leko - 6 years ago
Sterlingstroebel i dont think most of the people understand what it mean to act on basic instincts.
Na'xia Xi'Larn
Na'xia Xi'Larn - 6 years ago
kenrick Tucker wtf are u talking about... White people left Detroit.
Petra Jurkovic
Petra Jurkovic - 6 years ago
i dont get it?is it bcuz of gangsters?(im from europe)
sterlingstroebel - 6 years ago
JohnLeePedimore Orcas are no doubt the top of the oceanic food chain but absolutely never prey on humans unless it is a case of mistaken identity. Orcas, as with most whales have intelligence similar to that of a 6 to 8 year old human. Great White sharks are dumb animals that act on basic instincts.
Tai Pan
Tai Pan - 6 years ago
JohnLeePedimore not to humans... Orcas are too smart to attack Humans usually
kenrick Tucker
kenrick Tucker - 6 years ago
White man is most deadly animal on the planet looks docile but is very vicious and cunning
ilaiv etnad
ilaiv etnad - 6 years ago
Alec Eisenbison or Compton
criss lost something
criss lost something - 6 years ago
Alec Eisenbison Heard that.
Pickeledcoconut - 7 years ago
Alec Eisenbison most definitely
Solo Rider
Solo Rider - 7 years ago
Alec Eisenbison
Lmfao! Great comment
Kevin Dong
Kevin Dong - 7 years ago
Well, unless there is no cars nearby...
chevy327sm - 7 years ago
Lol, or Baltimore
Herpa Derp
Herpa Derp - 8 years ago
+Alec Eisenbison Given the two options.. I would have to take my chances with the shark.
Reawer - 8 years ago
0:58 lol def will NOT dare call
Larissa Gillum
Larissa Gillum - 8 years ago
Teliqua 13 is so so right. AMEN !
Larissa Gillum
Larissa Gillum - 8 years ago
PLO 8 - 8 years ago
the shark is very brave, the human easy could kill him.
Eric Gruntfuttock
Eric Gruntfuttock - 8 years ago
That shark had a full tummy so lucky for her....
Zander Fertig
Zander Fertig - 8 years ago
humans are not on the Sharks' main meal program. We don't smell like any of their common food choices

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This episode Nellie Benner snorts a white crystalline powder: Cocaine. The active substance is cocaine hydrochloride...

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