GoPro: Whale Fantasia

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3® camera from ‪ Alan Watts, 3 Sirens, and 3 Humback Whales dance together in a short film that will inspire you. Where you are now is your dream. What will you do? Music Dexter Britain "Light Of Life Interlude Part One" "Light Of Life" Free-Spirited" "Light Bridges" Special Thanks Dolphin Pacific Diving

GoPro: Whale Fantasia sentiment_very_dissatisfied 661

Snorkeling 10 years ago 3,753,823 views

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3® camera from ‪ Alan Watts, 3 Sirens, and 3 Humback Whales dance together in a short film that will inspire you. Where you are now is your dream. What will you do?  Music Dexter Britain "Light Of Life Interlude Part One" "Light Of Life" Free-Spirited" "Light Bridges" Special Thanks Dolphin Pacific Diving

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Most popular comments
for GoPro: Whale Fantasia

Jake the dog
Jake the dog - 6 years ago
I live the wild way. I dont go to school cause i know i will die as my wild life part at summer one day.
Alfred Gallaron
Alfred Gallaron - 6 years ago
How I wish I can swim like that
Veng3r - 6 years ago
My game's Dream Weaver Class & Seocean Race both approve of this video..!  :)
darkfire1357912 - 6 years ago
Well my dream will be without poverty and wealth. Everybody will be living in a mansion for we have enough resources to do so for everybody here! And still people are living like peasants... I wish we could just live off the land and each other...
Luis Gamboa
Luis Gamboa - 6 years ago
Denis R.
Denis R. - 6 years ago
Собрат - русалки! супер!
evilbadguystrikes - 6 years ago
how do they hodl their breath for so long... mind boggling
Emma Anderson
Emma Anderson - 6 years ago
What do you call this kind of music??
PhilipB - 6 years ago

10. comment for GoPro: Whale Fantasia

RedSonic Gaming
RedSonic Gaming - 6 years ago
Those girls look like Mermaids with those flippers and bikinis
Alice Mo
Alice Mo - 6 years ago
Maria Paula Gomes Caracante
Maria Paula Gomes Caracante - 6 years ago
This video is so wonderful... Wow
harish singh
harish singh - 6 years ago
It's my dream to swim with these divine creatures........
Maria Vanessa Chang
Maria Vanessa Chang - 6 years ago
i'm fricking crying..,.,,,,,,,...................
Veng3r - 6 years ago
Truly magical, thank you for making & sharing this video..!
Aryan Zagros
Aryan Zagros - 6 years ago
mermaids meet whales
Rex Edgardo B G
Rex Edgardo B G - 6 years ago
Gopro Settings? Please?
Ne'La - 6 years ago
I would be too afraid to swim with whales
Srivikashini K
Srivikashini K - 6 years ago
Our earth is so beautiful ...
But I still choose to go to MARS

20. comment for GoPro: Whale Fantasia

Thomas Kurilla
Thomas Kurilla - 6 years ago
did these whales start moving more? because you ladies showed up?? this must have been an experience never to top??
pipboy 4000
pipboy 4000 - 6 years ago
why can't someone put a gopro on a whale?
erika gabriela
erika gabriela - 6 years ago
i have watched and deeply listened to this video around 37 times and i show every single person i talk to it. so beautiful. everything about it: the visuals, alan watts, the beauty, the freedom, the words. everything. it's a special one
lost world
lost world - 6 years ago
That was fantastic !!
Migamer BR
Migamer BR - 6 years ago
Is this recorded by gopros?
SammaDamm - 6 years ago
It's beautiful and all until you remember a whale's sonar can cook you.
Scuba Lanka
Scuba Lanka - 6 years ago
we do free diving with whales in sri lanka , anyone interest pls contact for more details us on email
StanderSK - 6 years ago
What if it's fake
Dounia El Kadiri
Dounia El Kadiri - 6 years ago
we are in fact living our ultimate dream !!
Rossana Occhiocupo
Rossana Occhiocupo - 6 years ago
Wonderful! When they met the whales, I swear, I was excited and moved to tears! As a whale started to turn into the water as soon as saw the girls how if wanted to play and the wonderful sounds between them, great! I love nature and her creatures, really!

30. comment for GoPro: Whale Fantasia

guiraa amina
guiraa amina - 6 years ago
i really love it ❤️
Lola Cub856
Lola Cub856 - 6 years ago
i cried when i watched this because i don't live close to an ocean and i want to go there so bad and my room id ocean themed
Yilei Zhang
Yilei Zhang - 6 years ago's really like dancing ... I'm sure this will inspire a lot of works in the arts.
Lyw - 6 years ago
i wish the whole world has such peaceful environment in the ocean, yet mankind loves to destroy everything.
KrayKray Chaaa
KrayKray Chaaa - 6 years ago
The narrator sounds like Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage)
Bandar Alneami
Bandar Alneami - 6 years ago
What's the name of the fins the have please? I am looking for one for my next trip to Kauai
Lifescape - 6 years ago
Beautiful video. One can only appreciate how everything was well thought out. Nevertheless this is a testament to Alan Watts transcendental wisdom and insight.
Jay Guilloty
Jay Guilloty - 6 years ago
More Alan Watts voice overs, please. You’ve made the right decision. :)
David L
David L - 6 years ago
After 4 years, I still get goose bumps watching this
beatbykaleynicole - 6 years ago
I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying!
Liam McMillen
Liam McMillen - 6 years ago
Plain and simple whales are awesome
John Roughneen
John Roughneen - 6 years ago
Almost completely ruined by the bimbos entering the shots with the whales
AMarko Jovanovic MaVkO
AMarko Jovanovic MaVkO - 6 years ago
Very nice
rbaleksandar - 6 years ago
Such majestic creatures.
Camerons Life
Camerons Life - 6 years ago
Absolutely breathtaking
Sky'sVlogs - 6 years ago
What do you mean deep?? This is nothing. Try swimming down challengers deep and let me know if that’s deep enough
Shana Roszel
Shana Roszel - 6 years ago
This is so well done! Props to the production crew!
Walaa Sami
Walaa Sami - 6 years ago
These were amazing whales! Beautiful, beautiful creatures!
Perfect Bros
Perfect Bros - 6 years ago
3:20 that perfect bubble ring
Vasily Aleksandrovich
Vasily Aleksandrovich - 6 years ago
какие русалки

50. comment for GoPro: Whale Fantasia

Mel thor
Mel thor - 6 years ago
Those three ladies kind of looked like mermaids
Heidi Yusrina
Heidi Yusrina - 6 years ago
Amazing! Aren't they running out of breath?
szs voc
szs voc - 6 years ago
Chilly Davis
Chilly Davis - 6 years ago
This was one of the most riveting, fantastic and dreamlike things I've ever watched on YouTube
Chrissy Johnson
Chrissy Johnson - 6 years ago
H2O girls :D
Ashley Hynes
Ashley Hynes - 6 years ago
People react to things like this so strongly because it resonates with the soul. Being at one with nature feeling its power and embracing it completely.
J ay
J ay - 6 years ago
What is this guy on abt ?!
Cade Del Rey
Cade Del Rey - 6 years ago
shadan hani
shadan hani - 6 years ago
"you'll dream the dream of the life you're living today" No I won't.
Paolo Fulvio Mazzacane
Paolo Fulvio Mazzacane - 6 years ago
Perfect, by the way the voice is terrible and terribly recorded.
Water Nebula
Water Nebula - 6 years ago
Because Alan Watts is dead and they can't record new stuff :p
Mickxal - 6 years ago
Bruh I can barely hold my breath for 30 seconds.
Annika Anderson
Annika Anderson - 6 years ago
Cudi8118 - 6 years ago
I was hoping for a nip slip
Anonamoose - 6 years ago
That was mesmerizing. When the Whales began to dance I could have cried at the beauty.
Simon Kok
Simon Kok - 6 years ago
I'm so impressed to those freedivers been doing under the beautiful sea. Which this highly encouraging me to try and training for it.
Mar selene vazquez rodriguez
Mar selene vazquez rodriguez - 6 years ago
I need a Go pro right now!
Diego Moreira
Diego Moreira - 6 years ago
Que bosta
AllendeC3 - 6 years ago
I cry everytime I wach it! So so good! Go pro you do it well! Very well! Thank you :)
Mr. Gentleman
Mr. Gentleman - 6 years ago
Shiny Goomy
Shiny Goomy - 6 years ago
I can't even imagine how soaked my sheets would be after a 75 year long wet dream.
ملكة  البوب
ملكة البوب - 6 years ago
how could they stayed into water all that time without breathing !
RLS.RioLifeStyle - 6 years ago
but plz answer me!!!!!!!!!!! how these women hold their breath for this long time.
kez kezza
kez kezza - 6 years ago
Just completed this dream a few times on the Sardine run South Africa, a trully magical experience.
SolesOfPassion - 6 years ago
What an 'awesome' piece of work this is. Motto thanks for this!
AR Ti - 6 years ago
That's so beautiful.
Ardicio Galvao
Ardicio Galvao - 6 years ago
This video gave me chills
Jorge O.
Jorge O. - 6 years ago
Wow such beautiful creatures!! Then they descend into the unknown
The Confused Girl ¿
The Confused Girl ¿ - 7 years ago
Clicked here to watch another video..and watched a soothing dream !
moumen berroukia
moumen berroukia - 7 years ago
kiaracitra R.
kiaracitra R. - 7 years ago
okay this video is super beautiful and inspiring but must admit, those girls are pretty brave thoo.
I'd be scared to swim next to huge animals.
Jung Hoseok
Jung Hoseok - 7 years ago
Woah that was amazing.
Steve Rambajan
Steve Rambajan - 7 years ago
Absolutely incredible!
enes ergen
enes ergen - 7 years ago
İt is amazing,like a dream.
Kkhaled hasanov
Kkhaled hasanov - 7 years ago
Absolutely amazing video. Thanks GoPro
iam_RAMBY - 7 years ago
amazing !
GOEUN LEE - 7 years ago
how they can hold their breath so long?
is this so true?
Cold Sea11
Cold Sea11 - 7 years ago
Amazing. I will totaly try this. :)
solarisalpha1 - 7 years ago
Omg sooo freakin beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. How can anyone in this day and age still be hunting these beautiful ancient majestic sentient beings?? Please raise awareness that the Japanese still to this day in there never ending greed and ignorance massacre these beautiful creatures. om mani padme om
Laura Ioana V
Laura Ioana V - 7 years ago
This is def my favourite gopro video I would give anything to be able to swim with such a majestic creature
Kevin Handley
Kevin Handley - 7 years ago
Freakin' whoa!
Lulu Price
Lulu Price - 7 years ago
The monologue is just perfect. Everything in this video just clicks. This is amazing.
Cos mos
Cos mos - 7 years ago
what would be better having sex under the sea while watching blue whale.
Francisco Perez
Francisco Perez - 7 years ago
Charlotte Collins
Charlotte Collins - 7 years ago
立花徹也 - 7 years ago
Beautiful !
Marina Coppola
Marina Coppola - 6 years ago
Crystal Love
Crystal Love - 7 years ago
OMG this made me Have Happy Tears Wow!!
Roduit Nicolas
Roduit Nicolas - 7 years ago
Magic. You dreamed the dream of living the life that you're actually living today
Kaila Abbott
Kaila Abbott - 7 years ago
mothra singer
mothra singer - 7 years ago
how do those girl divers breath so long

100. comment for GoPro: Whale Fantasia

Michael Valdez-Morales
Michael Valdez-Morales - 7 years ago
My lungs would have exploded staying under water that long
Rosha Anatoli
Rosha Anatoli - 7 years ago
Ava D.
Ava D. - 7 years ago
This is probably one of the most beautiful things I've watched in awhile
Gabriel Ribeiro
Gabriel Ribeiro - 7 years ago
most beautiful video ever made, no words to explain my feelings
BoBu - 7 years ago
Fucka yoo dolpheen anda fucka yoo whale
3tou6bi - 7 years ago
what would you really like to happen? everyone who'd like to spent decades in an office cubicle doing repetitive tasks, with a frustrated sex life and drifting more and more into alcoholism raise their hands! all of you, great!!!
Umar Humam
Umar Humam - 7 years ago
Eeva Foo
Eeva Foo - 7 years ago
im shook
Toriel Undertale
Toriel Undertale - 7 years ago
william freddy
william freddy - 7 years ago
the best go pro video. keep watching it almost everyday. damn i need go to meet that girls..i mean that whales
Hanh Vo
Hanh Vo - 7 years ago
Brought tears to my eyes. Absolutely beautiful.
Gio - 7 years ago
What fps were those slow mos in? I want to say 240 but the quality looked like 1080p
Sandra S
Sandra S - 7 years ago
I love whales!!! wish I could hug one of them :(
Célia Fauvel
Célia Fauvel - 7 years ago
That's incredible ! I truly love this video and the soundtrack !
Cherry Fizz
Cherry Fizz - 7 years ago
This makes me so jealous! I can just sit here all day and watch it but i really want to do it☹️
BLACKIESBOY - 7 years ago
Never thought I would see hot mermaid on whale action... Yet here I am.
Jean De La Bon de Lyon GraY
Jean De La Bon de Lyon GraY - 7 years ago
#MrsGaia I absolutely love you! 100% forever!
Kim Lee
Kim Lee - 7 years ago
what are these fins called and what sport is that?
Enriko Singapari
Enriko Singapari - 7 years ago
Kim Lee it called "monofin"
The sport called "freedive"
megi jikhashvili
megi jikhashvili - 7 years ago
Who are these girls?!
Léa Black
Léa Black - 7 years ago
Inconditionally the most beautiful video of youtube. A lot of love from france ♡
Josie Haskins
Josie Haskins - 7 years ago
Saving up to go travelling in a year got my monofin I'll be in the water all day
Hayley Rudd
Hayley Rudd - 7 years ago
I just think of Dori watching this.
Joelson Santos
Joelson Santos - 7 years ago
Perfect I loved one day my video will reach this level
Joelson Santos
Joelson Santos - 7 years ago
Perfect I loved one day my video will reach this level
Paulo Cunha
Paulo Cunha - 7 years ago
It would've been better without the pretentious monologue.
las347 - 7 years ago
Watching videos like this making me think how we humans worked really hard to create stability, safety and order in our life. We achieved that in our modern life but now we are bored and want to go face fear, have adventure again.
b dee
b dee - 7 years ago
it makes me sad to think i will die never coming close to having an experience as amazing as this.
Anna Pietkiewicz
Anna Pietkiewicz - 6 years ago
It's still possible... don't give up
MINE - 7 years ago
anyone know what the voice over thing is called? the one added into dexter britains song.
Mystearical - 7 years ago
OMG!!!!!!  Where exactly was this?  Amazing video btw
Azeem Anwar
Azeem Anwar - 7 years ago
jugulate1 - 7 years ago
i m still watching it
Shauna Brown
Shauna Brown - 7 years ago
Bea Lim
Bea Lim - 7 years ago
this is so beautiful...
badassuniverse - 7 years ago
Absolutely beautiful women, beautiful scenery & whales, plus a narration deeper than the waves. Breathtaking.
HushNightBatday - 7 years ago
We all run from our reality wishing for a world like this. a world full of love peace and harmony. and the beautiful feeling of finally understanding the world, everything around us and our true reason for being here... I wish I could make this beautiful dream a reality and if only for a moment, live...
Skye Marie
Skye Marie - 7 years ago
Absolutely beautiful...what I'd give to be in that situation!!
French Bud
French Bud - 7 years ago
You would give training, dedication, and time. Train yourself to freediving.
Eramii Anass
Eramii Anass - 7 years ago
is the best vedio
Busy Bee Leds
Busy Bee Leds - 7 years ago
Nice... Wish they hard a chance to actually touch them :)
Nikos Elizondo
Nikos Elizondo - 7 years ago
I watch this everytime I feel lonely and depressed.
ShizL - 7 years ago
Cute, but so scary.
Felipe Alcantara
Felipe Alcantara - 7 years ago
Wowww, AMAZING!!!!
Khemyce Jonesfoster
Khemyce Jonesfoster - 7 years ago
This is so beautiful
Vipere - 7 years ago
This made me cry??? Idek why
muhammad nada
muhammad nada - 7 years ago
it is a wonderful experience i see it very dangerous to come so close to these huge whales .
Walter Klinger
Walter Klinger - 7 years ago
Amazing very good shot
Brian Soricelli
Brian Soricelli - 7 years ago
Are they all using aqua lung sphera masks
William M.
William M. - 7 years ago
"You would dream the dream of living the life that you are actually living today." Such powerful words
ALLSTARDECOURO2 - 7 years ago
how are they breathing?
Bea Lim
Bea Lim - 7 years ago
ALLSTARDECOURO2 free divers train themselves to hold their breaths for minutes. :D

and they most likely took breaks between scenes.
Thomas Kurilla
Thomas Kurilla - 7 years ago
modelleg - 7 years ago
" You would dream the dream that you are living today."
Mr Garrison
Mr Garrison - 7 years ago
I really want a gopro!
PresentMoment InnerWorld
PresentMoment InnerWorld - 7 years ago
Thanks for Alan Watts wisdom.
HDvids101 - 7 years ago
" If you awaken from this illusion… you can feel yourself – not as a stranger in the world not as something that has arrived here by fluke - but you can begin to feel your own existence as absolutely fundamental. So then, let’s suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream, and that you could for example have the power within one night to dream 75 years of time, what would you do ? what you really like to happen if you really make it happen ?….
Naturally, as you began on this adventure of dreams, you would fulfil all your wishes. You would get lost in the farthest out adventures….I’m not trying to sell you on this idea in the sense of converting you to it , I want you to play with it, …I’m just putting it forward as a possibility of life to think about…
And after several nights of 75 years of total pleasure each you would say, “Well that was pretty great, but now let’s have a surprise! Lets have a dream which isn’t under control! Where something is going to happen to me that I don’t know what it’s gonna be…
And you would dig that and would come out of that and you would say “Wow that was a close shave, wasn’t it?”. Then you would get more and more adventurous and you would make further- and further-out gambles what you would dream. And finally, you would dream where you are now.
You would dream the dream of living the life that you are actually living today. "

- Alan Watts
M K L - 7 years ago
HDvids101 thank you
Petros Kefallinos
Petros Kefallinos - 7 years ago
What if i told you that i have actually dreamt of this? :D
Juliana Watty
Juliana Watty - 7 years ago
I watch this video on a daily basis
dimas pramananta
dimas pramananta - 7 years ago
i enjoyed this video so much
anyaji rozz
anyaji rozz - 7 years ago
I've dreamed of having a whales nutz in my doll house... God dammit auto correct
Angélica Solís
Angélica Solís - 7 years ago
where is that place?
Tursiops - 7 years ago
Some day. I wish...
your mom is the game and i'm already playin' it
your mom is the game and i'm already playin' it - 7 years ago
the girls are always making better go pro videos for some reason
Jonathon Kearney
Jonathon Kearney - 7 years ago
what's the name of those fins and where can I get em?
Nicole Hagvik
Nicole Hagvik - 7 years ago
Jonathon Kearney the are called monofins and you can probably find them at a diving shop but just so you know they can be pretty hard swimming in them
Jano Odulio
Jano Odulio - 7 years ago
Mermaids.... are hot.
Thomas Kurilla
Thomas Kurilla - 7 years ago
the whales began playing in the ocean bc of you 3 women having fun!!>??
Thomas Kurilla
Thomas Kurilla - 7 years ago
clever !!
Salsa Colombia
Salsa Colombia - 7 years ago
I'm scared to swim next to these animals
Toby Kiefer
Toby Kiefer - 7 years ago
Did nobody catch that whale imitating the girls rolling over?
stooky bird
stooky bird - 7 years ago
Why are the chicks swimming like assholes?      Do they think the whales woulde be impressed or did gopro tell them to swim like assholes and wear ridiculous suits?
stooky bird
stooky bird - 7 years ago
Thank you! Just swim like they are I guess.!!
stooky bird
stooky bird - 7 years ago
I will watch again.
Bispak lee
Bispak lee - 7 years ago
Soo salty n edgy. *Facepalm
stooky bird
stooky bird - 7 years ago
Swimming upside down?  And I am a troll who loves whales but not upside down swimming in clown suilts, LOL!
emily gutez
emily gutez - 7 years ago
stooky bird why are you being so overly critical lmao those swimsuits are pretty common and i don't know when the last time you went swimming was but it's actually easier to swim that way, especially with the fins they're wearing
Lena lau
Lena lau - 7 years ago
how can they hold theyre breathe for so long? and how can they dive so deep without any problems? are they professionel divers or something like that?
Claudia - 7 years ago
Lena lau professional free divers meaning they dive without oxygen tanks
behemothinferno - 7 years ago
My thoughts exactly. What beastly women!
Annette Heinisch
Annette Heinisch - 7 years ago
Love to do it
BlawnD - 7 years ago
chills went all through my body watching this and i couldnt help but smile
mavargasa - 7 years ago
Hermoso y profundo...alguien lo tiene en español
Angels of the sea
Angels of the sea - 7 years ago
meetmizzle - 7 years ago
so awesome,everything about the video and in it is beautiful...
Alekya Attanti
Alekya Attanti - 7 years ago
This is by far one of my favorite go pro videos
Emma Liebs
Emma Liebs - 7 years ago
this is absolutely beautiful
samo64 - 7 years ago
wow beautiful woman totally out classed by even more awesome whales
David Johnson
David Johnson - 7 years ago
well damn. Did i just get goosebumps
Deus Ex
Deus Ex - 7 years ago
520 nature haters..
Zdzich77 - 7 years ago
Super film
Sweederland Johnson
Sweederland Johnson - 7 years ago
Sweederland Johnson
Sweederland Johnson - 7 years ago
the intro was cool until you shoved attention whores in my face
CHOWiX - 7 years ago
wow! so amazing that Hero3 can produce like this..

kinane amoune
kinane amoune - 7 years ago
most beautiful thing i ever seen
Giorgi Gordeladze
Giorgi Gordeladze - 7 years ago
That monologue is even deeper than the ocean you see in the video.
Matevz Lobnik
Matevz Lobnik - 6 years ago
If it would be deeper, you would even see Adele rollin in it
Giorgi Gordeladze
Giorgi Gordeladze - 7 years ago
Corrected, thanks! :)
Trevor Foreplay
Trevor Foreplay - 7 years ago
William Trent wvt
William Trent wvt - 7 years ago
Lmao was deep as shit
Joey Chavez
Joey Chavez - 7 years ago
this is Gopro's most beautiful video yet...I don't know one better
Andreas Werner Reiske
Andreas Werner Reiske - 7 years ago
... wunderbar.
cbsstyles - 7 years ago
Oh mon dieu. Juste. Magnifique. ❤️
xMergi - 7 years ago
that was the best video i ever saw.
Radu Andreyi
Radu Andreyi - 7 years ago
A Luxxx
A Luxxx - 7 years ago
In the year 2045 when we get full immersion virtual reality, this is going to be the main advertisement for it.
Vic Singh
Vic Singh - 7 years ago
One of the few times you won't notice hotties in the water
David Luk
David Luk - 7 years ago
How can the girls breath ?
fieryfoxboy - 7 years ago
If practiced a human has the ability to hold their breath for 15 minutes. I'm pretty sure these girls are able to do that or atleast more then 2 minutes.
MightyIrons - 7 years ago
David Luk I wanted to ask the same question
nickseacruz - 7 years ago
love Alan Watts. great video!
Rata Touille
Rata Touille - 7 years ago
The whales are beautiful...and so does the divers
Damian Meier
Damian Meier - 7 years ago
hat ts diese frau gut mein traum
Fluffy Socks
Fluffy Socks - 7 years ago
Breath taking.
xdiamondisasterx - 7 years ago
i want to do that
Kate Reevey
Kate Reevey - 7 years ago
Love this video! I want to do this someday
I dab every morning when I wake up
I dab every morning when I wake up - 7 years ago
I need to scratch this off my wish list one day
Link In The Description Down Below
Link In The Description Down Below - 7 years ago
maiochine - 7 years ago
Worst GoPro add I have ever seen in my entire life !
LIVING A HUMAN LIFE - 7 years ago
If you like Alan Watts and want to listen to more of his lectures, go to this site:
Here you will find hours and hours of recordings of Alan.
Karolina S
Karolina S - 7 years ago
is no one wondering how they held their breath that long???
Sam Foster
Sam Foster - 7 years ago
There were air pockets at the end of the video you can see
Robin Liesens
Robin Liesens - 7 years ago
They're most likely free divers. Those can hold their breath for several minutes at ease.
The total vid itself consists indeed out of several cuts.
Erwan Compes
Erwan Compes - 7 years ago
+Karolina S Not really 5-10 meters tops!
Karolina S
Karolina S - 7 years ago
+Erwan Compes they're so deep under water though!!!
Erwan Compes
Erwan Compes - 7 years ago
These are several cuts. They most likely only held their breath for 30 seconds at a time, filmed each dive and put it all together for a smooth, seamless experience.
Jason Plazola
Jason Plazola - 7 years ago
this is how life is supposed to be lived but sadly we live in a society where everything is centered around money and to get it, you work until you die, most of the time working so hard that things like this are beyond impossible
Water Nebula
Water Nebula - 6 years ago
I liek both moneyz and swimming
Aditya Majumdar
Aditya Majumdar - 6 years ago
That's right brother. It's like a race.
Ryan Cowan
Ryan Cowan - 7 years ago
the girls also got paid to do this
Victor C
Victor C - 7 years ago
Well I would think it would cost quite a bit of money to do something like this.
Raden Satrio
Raden Satrio - 7 years ago
things like this are impossible to do without having money yourself, probably shot somewhere in a vacationish tropical country and those 3 ladies are more than likely certified to swim near whales barely wearing any gear, now tell me you dont need money to do live like this
Jason Plazola
Jason Plazola - 7 years ago
im not saying money is bad but with some people its to the point where they cant even enjoy their own life because theyre so focused on it
MightyIrons - 7 years ago
This is not s video about capitalism but I do get your point @jasonplazola
Ignasv8 - 7 years ago
Money does not corrupt by itself. Not having values and a clear idea of what you want to do arguably does more harm. Without money, how would you get flippers, a goPro and travel to location where whales are?
Foodwarrior - 7 years ago
Bullshit. Money is neutral eople are just to stupid to understand that. Sure its not a good System but it will not change over nigh or in the next few years so what is the beast ? Free yourself. make your own business a normal or online business be your own boss make enough money and life the way life is supposed to be lived
Rosanna Eve Williams
Rosanna Eve Williams - 7 years ago
took the words right out of my mouth
Jerry Glinski
Jerry Glinski - 7 years ago
Enslave us it does. Its a tool of control. Back in the 50's and 60's productivity was increasing at such a rate that we were wondering what we were going to do with all our time. We were expecting that just one member of a household working less than 10 hours a week could sustain a family comfortably. But nope, that's not allowed. People would think too much. Question too much. So inflation was used to keep us in line and for us to remain good little slaves.
Timothy DelaThimor
Timothy DelaThimor - 7 years ago
Thats what i been trying to tell people man enslave us
imelda Samaria
imelda Samaria - 7 years ago
omg my eyes wet.. im speechless
imelda Samaria
imelda Samaria - 7 years ago
did they use any filters in this shot?
dwi kurnianto
dwi kurnianto - 7 years ago
the fact more than 2000 whales killed by Japanese research vessels in the name of research and a lot of people never care about it. we human are created by god for keeping the earth and all of the species. please speak your opinion under my comment, so they who didn't know about the fact can speak too.
Jassica - 7 years ago
where is it?
emily gutez
emily gutez - 7 years ago
I want to do this so bad but at the same time I feel like I'd shit my swimsuit and faint if I was that close to them
Felix Meme King
Felix Meme King - 7 years ago
so true!
valencius - 7 years ago
shiting your swimsuit makes the sharks crazy to eat you hahaha
JustPraiseHim09 - 7 years ago
Oh my goodness, SAME! After I watched this video, I told my family I wanted to do this and they looked at me like I was crazy. The thing is, I know I'll freak out once I get close. Maybe I'll just go whale watching instead
TheAudiotinker - 7 years ago
Aw! Once I realized everything pretty much keeps to itself, I stopped being afraid. Except jelly fish... those bastards lol
emily gutez
emily gutez - 7 years ago
+TheAudiotinker At least you would have some experience swimming with such beautiful creatures, lucky you. I have a fear of the ocean and would probably pee myself once I stepped in the water
TheAudiotinker - 7 years ago
Lol, when I went swimming with the dolphins in FL I thought I would be totally fine, but even with dolphins when you're in the water with them and holding onto them, you can feel their power. They are SUPER strong and could definitely kill you if they wanted. It was extremely humbling. I was actually shaking, so if I did this (and I really really want to) I know I would be peeing myself.
basko - 7 years ago
So beautiful
Darkness2006 - 7 years ago
Amazing :)
Review Junkies
Review Junkies - 7 years ago
is that alan watts speaking ?
J D - 7 years ago
yes it is
askmehow25 - 8 years ago
Is this the real life?
Elice Kim
Elice Kim - 8 years ago
where is this place? I love this video so much ! the most beautiful video i 've ever seen in my entire life !
Lupe Baltazar
Lupe Baltazar - 8 years ago
I feel like a hippie XD
Lupe Baltazar
Lupe Baltazar - 8 years ago
who would dislike this?!?!?!
M91 - 8 years ago
The Most amazing creatures to watch ❤️
Max Harrison
Max Harrison - 8 years ago
After this you guys should check out the GoPro Racing Extinction video.
MaxClaufield !
MaxClaufield ! - 8 years ago
This is cool and all but guys, guys i went on the 6ft side of the pool the other day.............sooo i mean this vid is kinda low compared to that......
yearning for death
yearning for death - 7 years ago
Polly - 8 years ago
What are those fish around the whale?
3star2nr - 7 years ago
mermaids they make delicious tacos;)
John Spielberg
John Spielberg - 8 years ago
probably remoras, which can attach themselves to whales and other sea creatures as a way of helping themselves to food sources wherever the whales travel
Lola meika
Lola meika - 8 years ago
Hi ! what's model of monofin is it ?? Thank you :)
Mike Kojoori
Mike Kojoori - 8 years ago
Really well put together. Well done!
Xtra.Film - 8 years ago
They were some big waves they were diving under
Micah Buzan
Micah Buzan - 8 years ago
Beautiful motions
LowLife Carti
LowLife Carti - 8 years ago
Mattison Gibson
Mattison Gibson - 8 years ago
Wtf this is probably the coolest experience you could ever have.
area51r - 6 years ago
scuba and freediving has changed my life for the better
DarkSagan - 7 years ago
seriously ...until you learn to freedive and experience it yourself.
Salvatore Altimari
Salvatore Altimari - 8 years ago
the best video I ever seen
Th3PiloT1995 - 8 years ago
Definitly a reason and inspiration i quit smoking a few weeks ago, and get back to Freedive!
Hanna Rosted
Hanna Rosted - 8 years ago
This is absolutely the most beautiful video I've ever seen.
Jake the dog
Jake the dog - 6 years ago
Emin Zec
Yeah i'm 15 and my life is like just half wild. Not much school but freedive until i die and i also dream of freediving with killer whales.
CJ P - 6 years ago
And what have you done about it to make it happen?
Adam Isaksson
Adam Isaksson - 7 years ago
Emin Zec I that is your greatest fear regarding swimming with whales I would say that you have nothing to worry about at all.
Gilbert The Vandaminator
Gilbert The Vandaminator - 7 years ago
Timothy DelaThimor what if the whales accidently eat us
pacololo 111
pacololo 111 - 7 years ago
Are you talking about the girls or the whales? Oh to be young. wink wink
birdmanbob05 - 7 years ago
Don't let your dreams be dreams.
valencius - 7 years ago
Yeees me too ! :( It's my biggest dream in the world and I love nothing more than water and the ocean. But its so far away from here and just reachable with connections to freedivers or so. I dont want to do a stupid tourist tour. Good luck to you !
Timothy DelaThimor
Timothy DelaThimor - 7 years ago
Trust me day ...u will be swimming with this creature me ..u can do it ..just need to believe it and work on it ..gud luck
Victor Winqvist
Victor Winqvist - 8 years ago
Could be one of the best videos i've ever sen on yt
#vOAa Produções
#vOAa Produções - 8 years ago
Awesome !!
PunkSkaful - 8 years ago
Seriously how could they hold their breath that long? !!!!!!!!! any technique tips?
PunkSkaful - 8 years ago
+akimbo5u wow! 5 minutes is inhuman haha but I'll try thanks@!
akimbo5u - 8 years ago
+PunkSkaful practice practice practice you can reach over 5 minutes in less than 6 months. If you work hard about 2-3 months and you are at 5 minutues even faster depending on biological factors.
Claudia - 8 years ago
You have to start on land, Google free diving and you'll see loads of tips. You can get professional lessons which is obviously the safest way to learn
PunkSkaful - 8 years ago
How do they hold their breath that long???? Are those snorkels filled with air? or they're good at holding their breath?.. I have snorkel but when I go down to check sand it will only take me like 6 seconds and then I rush back up to get some air. Any tip on how they do that?
Ana Carolina Hernández
Ana Carolina Hernández - 8 years ago
They're good at holding their breath. No, those aren't snorkels filled with air. They do that by training a lot. Of course there is the possibility that they took a breath from a scuba tank and they edited it out of the video, but I doubt it, they're probably just professional freedivers that are really good at holding their breath.
La C
La C - 8 years ago
I can see the fat thereXD
Ваня Прикрой
Ваня Прикрой - 8 years ago
Люди, не трогайте Китов, она с детёнышом была...Живите на суше ДОЛ...БЫ !!!
Ahmed Hadi
Ahmed Hadi - 8 years ago
i don't like the white balance down there, are there any filter to use BEFORE i get a gopro cam?
Ahmed Hadi
Ahmed Hadi - 8 years ago
+World Traveller so do you really recommend it? i'm thinking of the black version
Yazed Saleh
Yazed Saleh - 8 years ago
Best video i've ever seen in my entire life..
Botch Cloud
Botch Cloud - 8 years ago
The whales got a boner
Dblog001 - 8 years ago
Boaty army 4Head
Griffin Sinclair
Griffin Sinclair - 8 years ago
Griffin Sinclair
Griffin Sinclair - 8 years ago
Eliézer - 8 years ago
Nossa que belas baleia...
jonnie Vasquez
jonnie Vasquez - 8 years ago
this video always blows me away, I love it :)
Edgar Schachow
Edgar Schachow - 8 years ago
I just want to start living my dreams but Im still stuck at school for another long year...
Jake the dog
Jake the dog - 6 years ago
Edgar Schachow
I dont go to school cause i know i will die soon as my wild life part at summer
Diego Piscoya
Diego Piscoya - 7 years ago
Edgar Schachow what are you doing now?
Liza Costa
Liza Costa - 8 years ago
one of the bests videos
Rafson - 8 years ago
coś pięknego ,zazdroszczę i podziwiam ;-)
Falco N
Falco N - 8 years ago
1-10 of awesomeness... 30
Yoganut319 - 8 years ago
This is SO COOL!!!! Even though they are probably WAY too close and could risk being hit by one of those massive fins, this is STILL RIDICULOUSLY, WONDERFULLY AND FANTASTICALLY COOL!!!!!!
DFK - 8 years ago
Looks like me fighting a Ceadeus in Monster hunter.
DFK - 8 years ago
martidore - 8 years ago
+DFK Hahahaha Love that game! Ceadeus one of the best monster for me because of the scenario and also the music! I purchased the Wii u ONLY for that game and I don't regret it, I'm rank 110 and still playing from time to time :D
Ali Rezayee
Ali Rezayee - 8 years ago
By far my favorite video on YouTube
Go Videos
Go Videos - 8 years ago
it's beautifull!!
nick lawrence
nick lawrence - 8 years ago
who owns this video. i wanted to rebroadcast it
nick lawrence
nick lawrence - 8 years ago
Okay ,then you have no rights about broadcast.
We are an aqua-channel and wanted to air it
on our channel at
Layla Jordan
Layla Jordan - 8 years ago
Popoffiten - 8 years ago
Oh my god, this is almost celestial! this type of videos just makes me happy!
BarracudaProd1234 - 8 years ago
How do they breathe
Jay Cass
Jay Cass - 8 years ago
+anthony morvillo I can't even sink more than 2 feet underwater. I float right back up WTF!
Randy Boisa
Randy Boisa - 8 years ago
+anthony morvillo I am lucky to get two minutes after a few dives in blue water, really lucky after currents.
anthony morvillo
anthony morvillo - 8 years ago
They are free divers. Lots of training can get you up to 2-15 minutes under water
NICOLE cON - 8 years ago
Now that's a show!! Gorgeous animals!
Sergio Herrera-Leon
Sergio Herrera-Leon - 8 years ago
Who is this speaker ?
Ash Frx
Ash Frx - 8 years ago
Terrific insight.
Aubry - 8 years ago
This might be the best video I have ever watched.
Road2theDream `
Road2theDream ` - 8 years ago
Where is this place?
Imran Khan
Imran Khan - 8 years ago
+sara ifteqar ⚓⛵Ahoy
Zakary Wilson
Zakary Wilson - 8 years ago
That..... was pure MAGIC...!
Acella Sky
Acella Sky - 8 years ago
Nope-idy nope nope nope
Sweet Dee
Sweet Dee - 8 years ago
Wow. This is amazing. We humans have to learn to respect nature more, before it is to late.
Sweet Dee
Sweet Dee - 8 years ago
+TritonsGuard well I'm talking about the ones who doesn't give respect to nature :)
TritonsGuard - 8 years ago
+Moro thegoddess I mean no disrespect to you, but we already respect nature far more then we give ourselves credit. The creatures in this video for example, used to be on the endangered species list. Now they no longer are.
amirul salehuddin
amirul salehuddin - 8 years ago
This is actually my first video that i watched without looking at the girl and actually interested with the whales and the beauty.
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat - 8 years ago
+Mr. Whiskers the beauty of the girls? xD
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat - 8 years ago
saeed alkuwari
saeed alkuwari - 8 years ago
When they twisted...did the whale copy them or they copied him?
Ingrid Scuba
Ingrid Scuba - 8 years ago
Phenomenal video!!!
Camielle Eller
Camielle Eller - 8 years ago
Oh god I love whales
Annamarie Bornman
Annamarie Bornman - 8 years ago
Deus Ex
Deus Ex - 8 years ago
Just amazing.
Queen Mickss
Queen Mickss - 8 years ago
they crazy but that eas breath taking
Queen Mickss
Queen Mickss - 8 years ago
they crazy but that eas breath taking
Layla Jordan
Layla Jordan - 8 years ago
I know right... It's beautiful
hairlesheep - 8 years ago
Dont let the Japanese see this!! Truly weird group of people!
Bunga Rin
Bunga Rin - 8 years ago
Ezza Rose
Ezza Rose - 8 years ago
・・ERIKA - 8 years ago
did anyone else cry at this XD or is that just me
えりか - 6 years ago
I was balling. It's beautiful
shaylen sanders
shaylen sanders - 6 years ago
leonardo jacome cause it's poetic and moving?
leonardo jacome
leonardo jacome - 6 years ago
WTf why should I cry with this? cmon
Tim DD
Tim DD - 7 years ago
Same here
Marianna C
Marianna C - 7 years ago
i diiiid!
Jack Müller
Jack Müller - 8 years ago
+えりか氷室 just u
JMK - 8 years ago
that soundtrack is incredible!
Secret Shaman
Secret Shaman - 8 years ago
my most favourite video ever its got whales, Alan watts, nice music its just great :)
Jason86906 - 8 years ago
Is this some unreleased gopro that doesn't make annoying water sounds everytime you move?
mimze - 8 years ago
I just love this video <3
Single J
Single J - 8 years ago
5:58 thank me later
Greek Pasta Salad
Greek Pasta Salad - 8 years ago
The whales were showing the humans how to properly do a barrel roll under water. \ ( ^ _ ^ ) /
Stephen Caputo
Stephen Caputo - 7 years ago
+Just a talking Taco I'm dead
Mr. Meeseeks
Mr. Meeseeks - 8 years ago
aileron roll*
Amancalled Adam
Amancalled Adam - 8 years ago
This would be super much cooler if they were nude!!!
Ne'La - 6 years ago
Jake the dog Not everything needs to be porn
Jake the dog
Jake the dog - 6 years ago
Sexist moron
Ne'La - 6 years ago
Amancalled Adam Do men have to ruin everything?
Valentin Radu
Valentin Radu - 8 years ago
+Amancalled Adam The whale is nude.
Alien Environment Puerto Rico
Alien Environment Puerto Rico - 8 years ago
Ocean is so amazing!!!
S c r e e n f r e a k
S c r e e n f r e a k - 8 years ago
how do they hold their breath?...
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk - 8 years ago
+Terry Royer yeah +MintyLion was too, so what? XD they are free-divers, they have big lungs.
Conal Cassidy
Conal Cassidy - 8 years ago
+Ranè be nice man!
Terry Royer
Terry Royer - 8 years ago
+InkSpirits 〰 I think he's asking about the girls not the whales
Conal Cassidy
Conal Cassidy - 8 years ago
thousands of hours in the water!
Halli Girl
Halli Girl - 8 years ago
Halli Girl
Halli Girl - 8 years ago mom has cancer and I just saw a smile
A. Rhewpawen
A. Rhewpawen - 8 years ago
Whale evolution is a seriously amazing story. Just passing it on.
Nicholas Gonzalez
Nicholas Gonzalez - 6 years ago
Panda eyes
Marie Jo
Marie Jo - 8 years ago
I have one of those exact fins! its a waterway nemowing
ryan moeller
ryan moeller - 8 years ago
These whales are truly magnificent creatures!!! I'd love to be able to swim with them!!! Great video GoPro!!!
Lovely Hiro
Lovely Hiro - 8 years ago
I love whales so much... this video is so amazing!! Kudos to whomever who took it and compiled it . Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
John Liu
John Liu - 8 years ago
japanese please don't kill the whales .
Amanda Wild
Amanda Wild - 8 years ago
If you watch this with "Lift Me Up" by Mree, it's pretty amazing.
moonflower48 - 8 years ago
Chia-Zheng Yun
Chia-Zheng Yun - 8 years ago
I'm wondering how they made it to swim deeply in the water and hold their breath??
DreadBroot - 8 years ago
I will litteraly shit my pants if i saw that thing...
Jean Ramirez
Jean Ramirez - 8 years ago
Those girls are fine
AizenSamaKing X
AizenSamaKing X - 8 years ago
+Jean Ramirez
 I know. I see ass everywhere.
Xnothen - 8 years ago
its so beautiful(not in a sexual way) that it gives me goosebump. its the way they move underwater ,its mesmerizing.
TheWasp2392 - 8 years ago
my heart could explode for the emotion
تحلق قبالة – في السماء تحلق قبالة – في السماء
تحلق قبالة – في السماء تحلق قبالة – في السماء - 8 years ago
Когда-нибудь и моя мечта исполнится.
Sophie Rogers
Sophie Rogers - 8 years ago
Deus Ex
Deus Ex - 8 years ago
Just amazing.
Jmd fvr
Jmd fvr - 8 years ago
the wales are something... but those girls... ufff
Riley O'Brien
Riley O'Brien - 8 years ago
I can't beliveve this wonderful
Video is all just to make poeple go out and buy this stupid camra!:(
Hey Its Jei
Hey Its Jei - 8 years ago
This video wouldn't be here without this "stupid camera". The point is look at what amazing things can be captured with a GoPro in a personal view without the hassle of heavy camera equipment.
MrDidaxi - 8 years ago
Awesome. Thx!
Life Force
Life Force - 8 years ago
beautiful video.
Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing - 8 years ago
How to breath underwater?
Water Nebula
Water Nebula - 6 years ago
Amancalled Adam it's both
Amancalled Adam
Amancalled Adam - 8 years ago
+Performance “Orphan Slayer” BEAST It's "breathe" not "breath"!!!!
SuicideDog - 8 years ago
+Mei Ki

haha that question though:D
Mei Ki
Mei Ki - 8 years ago
They are holding their breath
Chelsea Zou
Chelsea Zou - 8 years ago
I was holding my breath the whole time
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat - 8 years ago
+Chelsea Zou just ACTUALLY go to the sea then !!!
Life Force
Life Force - 8 years ago
That's fantastic.
Chelsea Zou
Chelsea Zou - 8 years ago
+Геннадий Горелик yes. Yes i was
Life Force
Life Force - 8 years ago
+Chelsea Zou Were you able to hold it for 6+ min ?:))
MrSupernova111 - 8 years ago
I think about this video everyday. I have so much to live for and to make up for in my life. I don't know where to begin.
Olivia Dehoog
Olivia Dehoog - 6 years ago
You can do it....
Drew Harris
Drew Harris - 7 years ago
Buying the plane ticket is the hardest part, just do it!
Kaef Cast
Kaef Cast - 8 years ago
amazing ❤
FeistyFinsGaming - 8 years ago
I want to say waterway Monofins but one of them looks like a competitor. Either way they're amazing Monofins
Kelly xD
Kelly xD - 8 years ago
Co existing with humans in such a peaceful way.. absolute amazement
SeriousHaggler - 8 years ago
Could someone tell me what monofin model they are using? This is absolutely stunning!
Norman Bates
Norman Bates - 8 years ago
+SeriousHaggler They are using the Monofin 3000
T.P.K. - 8 years ago
The fins they are using are waterway monofins...ranging from $220-Idk expensive.
Oz_and_Welsh - 8 years ago
This is beautiful.
Reah R.
Reah R. - 8 years ago
This is gorgeous ♡ truely inspirational
R Lj
R Lj - 8 years ago
Ils vendent du rêve chez GoPro <3
Elad Hadad
Elad Hadad - 8 years ago
Someone can explain me how the girls breath under the water?
Amancalled Adam
Amancalled Adam - 8 years ago
+Elad Hadad The don't breathe but hold their breath. This video is obviously not one dive but rather a series of dives edited together. Typically a trained freediver can hold their breath in excess of 3 minutes but the more physical they are the less time they can last. I would say these girls are diving for around one and a half to 2 minutes per dive with significantly longer on the surface to recover between each dive.
Amancalled Adam
Amancalled Adam - 8 years ago
"Inmersion" is not a word. There is a discipline in competitive freediving called "free immersion" that involves pulling oneself down a rope. Obviously not what they are doing here.
Alberto Sánchez
Alberto Sánchez - 8 years ago
+Elad Hadad They actually cannot breath. Free inmersion
Aaron Agassi
Aaron Agassi - 8 years ago
+Elad Hadad I'm also curious
Tanner Edge
Tanner Edge - 8 years ago
Practice ;)
Dyaa Belal
Dyaa Belal - 8 years ago
Out of this world, Amazing
Ruby Jones
Ruby Jones - 8 years ago
Atash Maz
Atash Maz - 8 years ago
That's friggin incredible.
brandysumtime - 8 years ago
Kateřina Píšová
Kateřina Píšová - 8 years ago
This is one of my biggest dream! Really so incredible! <3
Andrew Frinkle
Andrew Frinkle - 8 years ago
There was a dance mix type video using this same video clip. can't seem to locate it on youtube anymore...
Ricardo Mqd
Ricardo Mqd - 8 years ago
Just amazing!!! When we think everything is wrong... comes a dream come true!
Everardo Cervantes
Everardo Cervantes - 8 years ago
Where can I get a pair of those mermaid flippers?
Noah Frs
Noah Frs - 8 years ago
BeautifuL! ...But How do they breathe?
Dane - 8 years ago
2:32 to 3:00 is amazing!!
Jonathan Catala
Jonathan Catala - 8 years ago
Who said, mermaids don't exist.... Look at those 3 beautiful one!!!!
Vanessa - 8 years ago
Lindo - perfect...É um pouco grande, mas só ir passando o mouse pra ver as cenas em off!!!
Vanessa - 8 years ago
Que bom, eu amei também, mas só repetir umas 5 vezes +zeus... 
zeus - 8 years ago
+Toquita Teixeira vc precisou ver em off?! nossa amei cada cena que fiquei vendo o video todo umas 10 vezes
Craziestweather - 8 years ago
5:59 girl on the left got hard nips
Manuel Hernández-Sepúlveda
Manuel Hernández-Sepúlveda - 8 years ago
Son't be that close to their tails. If they hit you you are dead.
Elenya will find you
Elenya will find you - 8 years ago
+Mr. Whiskers worth it
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat - 8 years ago
+Frida Nyberg I dunno, risking your life with years to come of fun and games :)
Frida Nyberg
Frida Nyberg - 8 years ago
+Manuel Hernández-Sepúlveda Would be totally worth it.
Amancalled Adam
Amancalled Adam - 8 years ago
+Manuel Hernández-Sepúlveda I think Mandy-Rae knows what she's doing!
Capt John
Capt John - 8 years ago
I have a link to this one on my this video
Hi I'm Nigel
Hi I'm Nigel - 8 years ago
Ok thaks now i son't die now
Xavier - 9 years ago
How to and where to do that kind of diving? It looks like it's very costly.
Nani - 9 years ago
Strawberry 〈/3
Strawberry 〈/3 - 9 years ago
that must be one of the most inspiring videos ever made ,ok ok this one and alot of the other gopro under water videos lol #guilty
Conal Cassidy
Conal Cassidy - 9 years ago
This is a wake up call for allot of people, I hope people are ready to wake up and see the world the way it actually is.
Ben Vegel
Ben Vegel - 9 years ago
So great with Alan Watts!
emerald eyez
emerald eyez - 9 years ago
I'm jealous.. Really jealous. I'm gonna watch nat geo wild
merkin22 - 9 years ago
Shame people kept getting in the way of our seeing the whales; love the clarity of these cameras!
Vinu Vijayan
Vinu Vijayan - 9 years ago
roux_ga_roux - 9 years ago
this is beautiful I cried
Mary _nottoshabby
Mary _nottoshabby - 9 years ago
Sometime I just wish to live in the ocean.
brandi mckenzie
brandi mckenzie - 9 years ago
where was this filmed?
askain111 - 9 years ago
AMAZING CREATURES!!!! The whales are pretty neat too....
WillnConnor - 9 years ago
Great Video. I can't even imagine how beautiful and breathtaking (literally) this would be.
Samira Aden
Samira Aden - 9 years ago
1958Eagleeye - 9 years ago
So surreal.
Betty Davies
Betty Davies - 9 years ago
ridiculously cool!
Gavin Xu
Gavin Xu - 9 years ago
if i can
Katie Marmo
Katie Marmo - 9 years ago
why are peopling disliking this video? This video is A M A Z I N G WOW!
Kamille - 9 years ago
I've been surfing for around 15 years and this video reminds me how scared I still am of the ocean.
Gene L.
Gene L. - 9 years ago
Humans are the only animal on earth that will wear a GoPro camera on their head while pretending to be mermaid.
Water Nebula
Water Nebula - 6 years ago
Monofins are designed for fast swimming and high surface jumps, I don't think the mermaiding thing came around until after they were invented
Felicia Caroline
Felicia Caroline - 7 years ago
Gene L. this is the dumbest comment so far. those called monofin. go google it
Bec Hill
Bec Hill - 7 years ago
they're freedivers...using your research
Mopsy Wopsy
Mopsy Wopsy - 7 years ago
i thought the same thing, i kinda found this video a little cringey
Ebrahim Motawea
Ebrahim Motawea - 8 years ago
+Gene you've just removed the goose bumps lol
Drew Johns
Drew Johns - 8 years ago
+Gene this video is obviously part advertisement for GoPro.
Layla Jordan
Layla Jordan - 8 years ago
Way ta ruin the moment
Amancalled Adam
Amancalled Adam - 8 years ago
+Gene L. I should have said "statement". Ironically, that I didn't use the correct word means my statement also made no sense!
Gene L.
Gene L. - 8 years ago
+Amancalled Adam What question?
Amancalled Adam
Amancalled Adam - 8 years ago
+Gene L. Well given that there are no real mermaids your question makes no sense.
mariam - 9 years ago
the music that starts playing 0:43 reminds me of a trailer or movie with a similar song. If anyone knows what I'm talking about please let me know.
Amanda Fall
Amanda Fall - 9 years ago
I can only imagine how humbling it would be to experience what they did with those whales. Truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.
Sarah Yasue
Sarah Yasue - 9 years ago
Videos with this kind of music like this are what makes your eyes teary because of its epicness and intense emotions you get from them. Such videos and music like this are exactly what this planet SHOULD and DESERVE to BE. Such videos with music like this are what makes you feel ALIVE and that these such videos give off the sensation of being so Heavenly.

lol I always imagine myself swimming through the oceans with beautiful scenes of the oceans with the most beautiful creatures. lol With my wildest imaginations, I always see myself having gills on my neck in order to breathe water, while swimming with the gentle sea creatures, like the Manta Rays, The Kings & Queens of the Stingray Kingdom and The Guardians of the Seven Seas; Whalesharks who are like Watchers among the Kingdoms of The Oceans; Whales who some are like Freedom Fighters while others are like Peace Makers; the Dolphins who are well-known as The Angels of The Seas and Protectors of The Sailors; and their friendly partners, who are known to be like Dogs of The Ocean Waters due to their playfulness, the Seals or Sea Lions.

I ALWAYS have such sense of curiosity, the wildest imagination, and of course a strong sense f wonder. :)
Ariel Martin
Ariel Martin - 9 years ago
This was absolutely amazing to watch. I got goose bumps.
Tess Hahn
Tess Hahn - 6 years ago
Ariel Martin ii
DarkSagan - 7 years ago
Yes it was
Ariel Martin
Ariel Martin - 8 years ago
+Javier Ferrer um, are you ok?
GoPro Duo
GoPro Duo - 9 years ago
come watch our sick vid and channel! Dont forget to sub
Neongummybears100 - 9 years ago
Pardon me but does anybody have a recommendations as to where I can get one of the mono-fins seen in the video?
GoldenFlute88 - 9 years ago
This is one of my favorite videos on YouTube.  I come back to watch it every once in a while when I need a pep talk and this always gives me goosebumps.  Wonderful wonderful work!
Fyrhp - 9 years ago
Mermaids disquised as humans pretending to be mermaids.
Roger Perpete
Roger Perpete - 9 years ago
Absolument MAGNIFIQUE  !
Et il faut du courage également.
Compliments à toute l'équipe et MERCI pour ces superbes images .
Avec toutes nos amitiés du centre de la France.
PepsiMouse1 - 9 years ago
WOW! I would love to do this, so amazing!
Ben Grimm
Ben Grimm - 9 years ago
This video blurs the line of art and advertising
N.S. B.Chicoine
N.S. B.Chicoine - 9 years ago
Wow! La danse des baleines avec ses sirènes, j'aimerais y être...
Sammy Arora
Sammy Arora - 9 years ago
why do they wear different flippers?
Myrna Murphy music videos
Myrna Murphy music videos - 9 years ago
Anyone wanna by me a mono fin? :)
Mei Ki
Mei Ki - 8 years ago
Myrna Murphy music videos
Myrna Murphy music videos - 8 years ago
+Andrea T. lol rude
Boujeeass Yute
Boujeeass Yute - 8 years ago
No one knows you here.Hell no
DALE G. PEKEL - 9 years ago
yupitsme09 - 9 years ago
love it!
BillClintonWasDum - 9 years ago
The government needs to lift its ban on whaling so we can hunt these animals for there blubber and meat. Whale oil is some of the best oil there is and shouldnt be wasted. We need to use our resourses and hunt these whales. I have heard that whale tastes like moose or elk but how will we ever know if we can't hunt them? Its not fair to mankind.
Cheeky Spoon
Cheeky Spoon - 8 years ago
ayyyy lmao
Gunjan Shah
Gunjan Shah - 9 years ago
U never tasted whale? Haha.. I eat them every year and with its oil I set camp fire. I feel pity for ur miserable life.
Burnt Ketchup
Burnt Ketchup - 9 years ago
How could they hold their breath for tht long I didn't see no oxygen tanks
Jose CDC
Jose CDC - 9 years ago
wow amazing
Jordi De bruijn
Jordi De bruijn - 9 years ago
Very cool video very much liked it
Homonym Antonym
Homonym Antonym - 9 years ago
I dreamed a dream that my GoPro camera slipped off of its mount with the lightest touch and fell into the lake. 
Then I dreamed I nearly capsized trying to grab it.
Then I dreamed that I got hypothermia trying to dive for it.
I dreamed that I left the camera lost in the mud at the bottom of the lake with irreplaceable footage on it.
Then I dreamed that it took the rest of the day to warm back up again.
$500 for a $40 camera?  I don't think so.

Don't buy a GoPro folks.
Operative - 9 years ago
OMG mermaids! Awesome vid!
Ian Liegeois
Ian Liegeois - 9 years ago
My god, this video is beautiful.
Jenna Mumford
Jenna Mumford - 9 years ago
I love this video so much, I don't even know how many times I've watched it. Whenever the whales first appear I tear up????
Celine Lee
Celine Lee - 9 years ago
Nola - 9 years ago
wow that's amazing!!
John Mcnulty
John Mcnulty - 9 years ago
Allen Watts..... makes everything amazing
Sergio Galan
Sergio Galan - 9 years ago
OneWonderfulWorld - 9 years ago
This is incredibly beautiful
Jack Bowles
Jack Bowles - 9 years ago
If i could dream any dream and it make up 75 years... I would defiantly go swimming with mermaids who have strap on gopros.
Sharell J
Sharell J - 9 years ago
Somewhere around 2:35 my mind was blown, then enter whales. Brain mush on the floor explodes. Is there a school or class for this because this is on my bucket list now. 
Taylor censored
Taylor censored - 9 years ago
I wish I had Alan Watts on tape ❤️
MickeyyyMars - 9 years ago
Truly inspirational.
Anna Banana
Anna Banana - 9 years ago
Wow amazing video, the words gave me chills! Go Pro videos are always awesome.
Alicia Felix
Alicia Felix - 9 years ago
At around 2:32 it looks like they're falling from the sky or flying... It looks amazing!!
DarkComet360 - 9 years ago
Tis awesome. Nice.
Nadine Huerta
Nadine Huerta - 9 years ago
This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, I hope one day I can live an experience like that
emlaai3b - 9 years ago
nipples at 5:58
flipper404 - 9 years ago
Think how cool it would be to harpoon something that huge! 

LOL...just kidding.  ;-)
Lucas Kussowski
Lucas Kussowski - 9 years ago
Beautiful <3
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken - 9 years ago
I'f only we can be both humans and mermaids................
sanjay khaleed
sanjay khaleed - 9 years ago
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Google up: the Truth Contest -website
Oscar Johansson
Oscar Johansson - 9 years ago
shrek is life, shrek is love !
Phil Carter
Phil Carter - 9 years ago
Will do man!
Charles, TheBarber
Charles, TheBarber - 9 years ago
WOW ! I wish, I could do that also !
lexi obrien
lexi obrien - 9 years ago
i got super excited when alan watts started speaking, he's my favorite philosopher
Miltodan689 - 9 years ago
How long can they hold their breath
Pen Hallowell
Pen Hallowell - 9 years ago
This is the best youtube video I have ever seen.
Ji Pi
Ji Pi - 9 years ago
the man talking in the background, what is that from?
r dehn
r dehn - 9 years ago
this is a masterpiece 
Polly Ticks
Polly Ticks - 9 years ago
Poetry in motion, what a great video, thanks so much for sharing.
Ruby Doomsday
Ruby Doomsday - 9 years ago
I bought my dad a GoPro for his birthday! Now every time I see him, he makes me watch a movie of the walk to the mailbox or something. Hahaha. Maybe one day he'll capture something this beautiful. Until then, at least HE's having fun. :)
Alexander Caaamal
Alexander Caaamal - 6 years ago
That's cool it would be so amazing to catch images like these and majestic creatures whales are so beautiful
Kaila Abbott
Kaila Abbott - 7 years ago
too true
Damaris Cortes
Damaris Cortes - 9 years ago
+Ruby Doomsday  this made me smile
Emma Lang
Emma Lang - 9 years ago
I love this comment<3
Eric Yang
Eric Yang - 9 years ago
+Willa Jabir :)
Willa Jabir
Willa Jabir - 9 years ago
Maybe he did and you just don't realize it yet........
Kelly Web
Kelly Web - 9 years ago
wow that was stunning
Hakan - 9 years ago
3:57  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oli B
Oli B - 9 years ago
the best video ever
Clint Golub
Clint Golub - 9 years ago
Just like STRFKR, the wise words of Alan Watts always take me to a deeper place than those who add him in may always intend.
Crickett - 9 years ago
Dear GoPro,

If all advertizing was like this, I'd turn off my adblock and stop fast forwarding through commercials. Please start doing like Paid programming with just clips like this.  I'd record them and just watch. 
K4113B4113 - 9 years ago
I love the incut of Alan Watts speech to the video :)
Русский Мир
Русский Мир - 9 years ago
...жаль их акулы не сожрали! ТПёзды, русалки блеадь!
CorsetGrace - 9 years ago
Now I need to find some mermaid flippers and learn how to swim like that. This is such a beautiful work of art and Alan Watt's spoken words are inspiring.
Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray - 9 years ago
Baq - 9 years ago
They are wearing a mask that is up to their nose and eyes area with a air pocket of air, they breath from that if you go back you can see the mask
William A-D
William A-D - 9 years ago
Why is it one big fin
MerJade - 9 years ago
Sounds like tyrien lannester
shayna sinclair
shayna sinclair - 9 years ago
I love this video it made me cry the first time i seen it ...... thank you..... it is a priceless peice of art
alrismany abigail
alrismany abigail - 9 years ago
Carol Mariana Dominguez Gómez
Carol Mariana Dominguez Gómez - 9 years ago
Que le pasa a ese seyor
Cristina Rodriguez
Cristina Rodriguez - 9 years ago
Se ve muy real
Carol Mariana Dominguez Gómez
Carol Mariana Dominguez Gómez - 9 years ago
De nada
Cristina Rodriguez
Cristina Rodriguez - 9 years ago
Me. Encanta
Carol Mariana Dominguez Gómez
Carol Mariana Dominguez Gómez - 9 years ago
Si te gusto mi vídeo
William Clements
William Clements - 9 years ago
This video is amazing, and that shot at 2:44 is freaking magical. She looks like an angel diving down from the sky.
Jon Inman
Jon Inman - 9 years ago
Alan watts is the man. Please everyone give him a listen and be freed
Mr Emelya
Mr Emelya - 9 years ago
nuggz503 - 9 years ago
eww gross, whales....kill it....kill it!!!!
candice lumpkin
candice lumpkin - 9 years ago
This was absolutely astonishing!
Godscountry - 9 years ago
We have lots to learn from nature,we need to start giving back.because,when that last species disappears,were next
GOPromotion - 9 years ago
check out my whale video guys :P
Karen Phillip
Karen Phillip - 9 years ago
Them white people crazy
uonganv234 - 9 years ago
The swimmers are sexy!
Poet Mountain
Poet Mountain - 9 years ago
Truly priceless and beautiful beyond words. Thank you for this creation.
VeRnSquad5611 - 9 years ago
How could someone kill that, we've wiped out 90% of these things
TUMBLR - 9 years ago
i bought a go-pro for my move to south africa, its so perfect and so affordable 
Emory Keel
Emory Keel - 9 years ago
How did those girls breath
gladioalato - 9 years ago
Sorry for ruining the poetic moment... Was I the only one who has been fashinated by those three chicks' asses?
Mysticvenomgirl - 9 years ago
This is just simply amazing. After watching this video, I came to the conclusion that dreams really do come true.....
Elora Elizabeth L. D. H.
Elora Elizabeth L. D. H. - 9 years ago
Wow, this is just stunning.
xblackbloodangelx - 9 years ago
the most gorgeous short film ive ever seen
megan Hardy
megan Hardy - 9 years ago
I have goosebumps thinking about how cool it would be to be in the water with such a huge majestic animal that is older than me by over 300 years!
Nate Westman
Nate Westman - 8 years ago
+megan Hardy Same here. Could've sworn I've shed some tears viewing these lucky divers swimming majestically within under water world, overseeing it's beauties.
Kearress - 8 years ago
Woops, you're right about that! I'm from the Netherlends and i kinda mixed the cm's to inches thing up XD
pooizle63 - 8 years ago
thanks for the biology lesson lol but +Kearress  I just looked up the diameter of a basketball its 9.55 inches so going off what you just said there's a minimum of one animal with bigger eyes....
Kearress - 8 years ago
+pooizle63 That whale was a humpback whale. Their eyes are as big as a grapefruit. There is no animal on this earth with eyes the size of a basketball. In fact, the Giant Squid has the largest eyes in the world, measuring 11 inches..
Frida Nyberg
Frida Nyberg - 9 years ago
And bowhead whales can reach 200 - but no whale gets older than that.
pooizle63 - 9 years ago
friend of mine was the diver who free'd the whale from a fishing net in san francisco said it was the most humbling and amazing experience looking into an eye the size of a basketball
TheTechnobaseFAN - 9 years ago
300 ? The life expectancy of a humpback whale is about 40 years.
Whale sharks (which are no whales of course) can reach a maximum lifespan of 100 years; blue whales 90 years, tops.
Maurício Rodriguez
Maurício Rodriguez - 9 years ago
Show demais!
PatB - 9 years ago
The most beautiful video on this channel
Carolina Henriquez
Carolina Henriquez - 9 years ago
Absolutely beautiful!  Thank you!
Federico Conte
Federico Conte - 9 years ago
Damon Argy
Damon Argy - 9 years ago
What are the fins they are using called?
Damon Argy
Damon Argy - 9 years ago
Thankyou :)
Nile Brooks
Nile Brooks - 9 years ago
mono-fins :)
Erin - 9 years ago
This inspires me and I love that they look like mermaids
Jake Smith
Jake Smith - 9 years ago
Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews - 9 years ago
Yea the whales r used to seeing mermaids did u see how they acted
KillerOfDolts - 9 years ago
All I can say is WOW!!
JODY CRAWFORD - 9 years ago
Such beauty,,,,wow!
Pedro L. Cogoy
Pedro L. Cogoy - 9 years ago
Mermaids do exist.
Christian Maczik cimachh
Christian Maczik cimachh - 9 years ago
cimachh was here at Freitag, 14. November 2014 (KW 46) 15:47:03  (Winterzeit)
Striker Thunderlick
Striker Thunderlick - 9 years ago
That i s awesome im very jealous
Stephanie Stiller
Stephanie Stiller - 9 years ago
Johnnie Johnston
Johnnie Johnston - 9 years ago
How can they stay underwater for so long periods, just dont get it
saltwindful - 9 years ago
+Kyriakos Constantinou Ok. That is true in some circumstances. PADI advises not holding breath because if you (a recreational diver) take a breath at depth, and then go towards the surface, you could damage your lungs because you won't notice the pressure increasing, and you will then damage your alveoli.  This is true. However trained stunt divers are taught how to manage this through careful, timed exhalation. There is a world of difference between recreational diving and professional diving. My point is, this is not difficult to do with some training, and it is commonly done. If you don't believe me, please.. take a look at it with respect to filming underwater.
K.J C - 9 years ago
+saltwindful Indeed I have, I'm a certified scuba diver and if you hold your breath while scuba diving it will affect your lungs.
saltwindful - 9 years ago
+Kyriakos Constantinou I think you need to think about what you are saying here.. have you done SCUBA? This technique is routine for underwater filming. What I am not saying is that they definitely did this, only that it is one possible way.
K.J C - 9 years ago
+saltwindful You can't do that. You can't take a breath under the water then hold you breath for as long as you can then take a new breath under the water.
peyton - 9 years ago
they're freedivers. freedivers can swim to around 100 feet below and hold their breath for up to 7 minutes. it takes tons of training and they have to slow their heart rates down and try not to move a lot because it conserves their oxygen.
saltwindful - 9 years ago
1) The fil is in slow motion.. (2) They probably had a chase SCUBA diver (or several) with spare air to give them if they needed it.
Rhino Zerose
Rhino Zerose - 9 years ago
João Quinto
João Quinto - 9 years ago
Jan atLMB
Jan atLMB - 9 years ago
Nice, I wonder where was it shot is it Hawaii. Lovely beasts.
tradez tradez
tradez tradez - 9 years ago
vava'u island in Tonga
harith MrGreed
harith MrGreed - 9 years ago
but.. err.. how... did they.. errm..
did they leave thier lung inside icebox?
Zoltán Szányi
Zoltán Szányi - 9 years ago
Which Alan Watts's speaks this one? I would like to hear the whole one.
KyleActive1 - 9 years ago
The dream of life
shayna sinclair
shayna sinclair - 9 years ago
I love this videooooooo
jungwoo choi
jungwoo choi - 9 years ago
-Pharadise -
-Pharadise - - 9 years ago
This is one of the most beautiful things that I have seen in a long time. Thank you for this.
ffhefhewfehifeihefihefehefe - 9 years ago
Honestly, those girls can hold their breath for so long, they go so deep and stay for a minute.....
Emelin Oville
Emelin Oville - 9 years ago
James Goatman
James Goatman - 9 years ago
"You would dream the dream of the life that you are actually living today."
It's just so wonderful. 
Whal_bi's Ink
Whal_bi's Ink - 9 years ago
This whole piece is beautiful, all the components compliment each other to make something magnifcent. It is a work of art. 
Алексей Наумов
Алексей Наумов - 9 years ago
Прекрасный клип!
miami4lyfe - 9 years ago
is it harder to swim with the fins attached vs the single style?
Mojo Risin
Mojo Risin - 9 years ago
Beautiful creatures those whales. I hope they will not become extinct by mankind, and the fact that they are older than humanity.
Jake the dog
Jake the dog - 6 years ago
Mojo Risin
Well if it happens it happens. Just don't interfere with the work of nature. We are greatest of nature moron
JerryKanMan - 6 years ago
Nothing is ever lost, and nothing is ever gained. Energy never dies, it just transforms.
TritonsGuard - 6 years ago
Humanity is fully capable of wiping out anything and everything we wish. Fortunately, not even those that hunt these creatures want them gone.
Aditya Majumdar
Aditya Majumdar - 6 years ago
They can't be extinct by mankind. They live in the deep. That's a distant dream for us to reach there comfortably !!☺☺
Ashley Miller
Ashley Miller - 6 years ago
All life will go extinct, one day.
SirVolkerStein - 9 years ago
They'll never go extinct. Thankfully.
WolfWave - 9 years ago
How to they last so long without breathing lol
Jessica Nagy
Jessica Nagy - 9 years ago
holy cow
Gareth Cornish
Gareth Cornish - 9 years ago
beautiful ad
Spencer Hivner
Spencer Hivner - 9 years ago
I didn't think it was possible...but I finally managed to jerk off until the end of the video, before I came gloriously upon my 6 foot inflatable whale pool toy. The video was beautiful..... (I love whales)
JontuuPresent - 9 years ago
Todd Kaime
Todd Kaime - 9 years ago
Okay, I gotta get me one of those! The camera would be nice too...
mehdi6433 - 9 years ago
elles ont des poumons d’éléphant 
Ano Nymous
Ano Nymous - 9 years ago
Mermaids with the whales, this is fantasia in its best!
liam abbott
liam abbott - 9 years ago
needs more beards. pretty sure if there were beards the whales could have been tamed and ridden.
Sidney Macedo
Sidney Macedo - 9 years ago
I watch this video every single day when I'm still in bed. 
George Novak
George Novak - 9 years ago
Great fusion of meaningful dialogue, sweeping music and amazing imagery. I found this to be a wonderful video on many levels.

For those that do not like the dialogue, perhaps you should look up "The Nature of Consciousness" Alan Watts 1960. Read the whole article, then try the video again. If you still don't get it, well, too bad.
chizoioioi - 9 years ago
probably so fake, but a quality advert I guess
АЛЛАХ - 9 years ago
я б вдул
Monica Jimenez
Monica Jimenez - 9 years ago
I love this video... Totally relaxing!
Mb45 - 9 years ago
I love this so much, they are like mermaids!
Keven Shumate
Keven Shumate - 9 years ago
This vid is great. And the chicks are good lookin
amee2amee - 9 years ago
What a dream. They have a lot of guts haha
FantaSea Entertainment
FantaSea Entertainment - 9 years ago
Still setting the bar high for all to aspire too. Well done both of you ;)
long le
long le - 9 years ago
Roald Velden - tomorrow original mix brought me here
Каштанов Виктор
Каштанов Виктор - 9 years ago
Странно , что нет не одного коментария на русском языке . Видимо русских в жизни интересуют другие вещи - война с Украиной , свое Имперское предназначение в этом мире . Вот на эти темы они русские любят писать коментарии о своём Величии в планетарном масштабе .Та нация , которая не может восхищаться Прекрасным не имеет в своём развитии Будущего . Убожество нации на лицо ! ! !
Иван Петинов
Иван Петинов - 9 years ago
Ты не прав.
Каштанов Виктор
Каштанов Виктор - 9 years ago
Не войны , ни наличие ядерного оружия делают человека Величественным . Он - Человек становится Величественным и Божественно Прекрасным , , когда он не убивает живую природу , а в ЛЮБВИ СЛИВАЕТСЯ С НЕЙ В ОДНО НЕПРЕРЫВНОЕ ЦЕЛОЕ . Спасибо Огромное авторам за кадры , которые они подарили всем жителям планеты Земля , которым не безразлично как человек относится к окружающему его Миру .
Arab & Vegan don't MiX!
Arab & Vegan don't MiX! - 9 years ago
Is it normal to be shaken by waves of tears on watching this??!!! Brilliant
Kaitlyn Jane
Kaitlyn Jane - 9 years ago
5:00, favorite part! Amazing edit!
Yazan Kondakji
Yazan Kondakji - 9 years ago
I believe the whale part is fake
SlenderFuker - 9 years ago
its probably fake because anybody can hold the breath as long with tube
mclo109 - 9 years ago
Chun Chau
Chun Chau - 9 years ago
This is beautiful.
Paola Maral
Paola Maral - 9 years ago
Adoro este vídeo, sobre todo las palabras de Alan Watts <3
MARIBEL MENDOZA - 9 years ago
How do you people hold your breathe that long? i can barley hold my breathe for 2 min
Posty Æ
Posty Æ - 9 years ago
This video was a big plus because of alan watts
jenny naing
jenny naing - 9 years ago
so beautiful(:

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